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I Will Always Love You by Mario V. Farina I Will Always Love You by June 26, 2016 501 words Read a sample
This is a love story. We had broken up but before I left I told Lynne that I would always love her. I felt it was not appropriate for a loving couple to call each other after they had broken up. Neither of us did. But there came a time when I could not longer hold off. This story tells what led to the call and what happened after that. The story is short but I think You'll like it.
Inside the Fire by Heather Glidewell Inside the Fire by June 26, 2016 89001 words Read a sample
Dawn was born into the world of Heaven and Hell. After learning of her father's lineage she runs away to join her mother in a search for answers. After the disappearance of her step-father Dawn and her mother move to a small town in the Midwest. Her world begins to unravel and the constant lies are unveiled. There is far more to this world than Angels and Demons.
Visiting Annabelle Act I: The Hunter by Adrian Fall Visiting Annabelle Act I: The Hunter by June 26, 2016 4205 words Read a sample
Welcome to 1870 Bucharest. A father copes with the loss of his daughter. A scientist tries to break the laws of nature and a scholar proposes to his loved one. At the center of it all, is an enigmatic woman named Annabelle Blake. In Act I: The Hunter, discover the New Capital City and follow detective Cristina Iordache as she tries to recover the things stolen from her. A Short Story
The Dopple-Bot Corporation by L. E. Henderson The Dopple-Bot Corporation by June 26, 2016 4248 words Read a sample
“I hesitate to say never, Cassy. We may change superficially and within strict limits. But few delusions frustrate us more than free will. We are all running programs. Fighting our genetic personality wiring brings about guilt, frustration, and anxiety. We are told to adapt, but in some cases, we must adapt, not to our environment, but to ourselves. To do that you must know yourself as well as...
Liars Truth by Dorian Scott Cole Liars Truth by June 26, 2016 41326 words Read a sample
A corrupt governor dies in a fit of stupidity. He is uncertain of his life standing, so journeys in Hell, where he feels like he doesn't belong. Given a second chance, he is assigned to find damaged and lost, but wonderfully colorful souls in Hell, from any time period, who might redeem themselves through a second chance, and bring them into situations to better themselves.
Suitable Diaries by Josh Buloushi Suitable Diaries by June 26, 2016 784 words Read a sample
An unnamed man describes his horrifying experience with a psychotic murderer as a child.
Sacrifices by Joanne Surridge Sacrifices by June 26, 2016 2586 words Read a sample
Kay has spent years in prison, and she is desperate to get back to the man whose power and charisma pulled her into a world of desire and destruction. She has had a long time to plan her return, what will she find when she reaches the place she has dreamed of all those years?
Everything Pans Out In The End by Theodore A Henning II Everything Pans Out In The End by June 26, 2016 1594 words Read a sample
Diedra Prost is a research Ph.D. candidate in Egyptology working at a Philadelphia museum. While relaxing with a group of friends at a salad mixer, a topic of discussion touches upon a myth foreign to her way of thinking. The material so disturbs her, she determines to research it further in order to dispel the apprehension that has come to grip her.
Beyond The Hero's Chamber by Ian Newton Beyond The Hero's Chamber by June 26, 2016 76832 words Sample 20%
Pure Fantasy Adventure that takes off from the very first page! 5000+ readers have spoken about how this story grabbed them, pulled them in and transported them to a place that isn't just creative, it's pure imagination. You'll be moving at a fast pace along an epic journey that can only be described as incredible. Everything you're looking for in a "can't put it down" weekend read is right here.
I Grew Up in Dodge City in 1875 by Bill Russo I Grew Up in Dodge City in 1875 by June 26, 2016 3791 words Read a sample
Contrary to popular belief the ‘Wild West’ was not nearly as violent as it was depicted in the newspapers of the late 1800s and still is, in today’s modern stories and films. But it did have its bloody moments, as you’ll see in this tale that mixes reality with fiction. The setting is Front Street in Dodge City - home to the Long Branch Saloon where the beer was cold and the women were hot.
Daugher of Sparta: Chapter Seven by Kristen LePine Daugher of Sparta: Chapter Seven by June 26, 2016 3647 words Read a sample
Set in ancient Greece, Daughter of Sparta follows Gorgo, the real daughter of King Cleomenes of Sparta and the events leading up to the Ionian Revolt. In Chapter Seven, Gorgo reluctantly takes the foreign man, Perseus for a tour of Sparta that turns out to be more adventurous and revealing than she expected. Chapters One through Six are available for free.
For Locals Only by Robert A. Van Buskirk For Locals Only by June 26, 2016 2334 words Read a sample
A short story set in the not-so-distant future where coastal gangs ride sharks. One such Wetgang must defend its "turf" in a street fight beyond the surf when smugglers cross their territory.
Deathless by Andy Leavens Deathless by June 26, 2016 404 words Read a sample
Death comes to for everyone..............Or does it?
More Money than Sense by Alannah Foley More Money than Sense by June 26, 2016 11478 words Read a sample
Baxter may be stinking rich, but he has no concept of money - and he’s oh-so-gullible! When he squanders his dwindling millions buying the Tower of London from a con artist, it’s the last straw for his long-suffering accountant. Determined to change, Baxter sets off on a quest to do just that!... But will he have the sense to decide on the best course of action?
Manorama by Hiranya Borah Manorama by June 26, 2016 3741 words Read a sample
She was divorced by her husband alleging that she was not a woman. I found her a complete woman when I spent one night with her. Please read the tragic story of an unfortunate woman.
Saving for my Wedding: Story 3 by Gina Candy Saving for my Wedding: Story 3 by June 26, 2016 2350 words Read a sample
These men are sick. But they pay very well. And sick has been working for her lately.
Lora vind geluk by Chantal Pretorius Lora vind geluk by June 26, 2016 6820 words Read a sample
Lora sit verveeld die modetydskrif terug op die houttafel. Sy staan op uit die leerbank en verlaat die ontspanningssitkamer. Dan stap sy vinnig kombuis toe en maak ’n toebroodjie. Sy vat ’n paar happe daarvan en gee die res vir Spottie, haar hond. Gou hardloop sy badkamer toe, druk haar vinger in haar keel en kots alles uit; want kos is haar gif.
Small Town Groupie Threesome by Sophie Sin Small Town Groupie Threesome by June 26, 2016 5124 words Read a sample
In Small Town Groupie Threesome a young man is saddened by the disparity between the reality of being a musician and the fantasy. Tonight that young man is going to experience everything that he's been missing and then some. Super hot threesome action!
World Shards: Redo I by Mike White World Shards: Redo I by June 26, 2016 713 words Read a sample
What if you could choose to redo a day as many times as you wanted, whenever you wanted? What if the only memento you had of the Redos each time was a number?
Karma by Jaz Karma by June 26, 2016 33488 words Sample 30%
A Karma korkép és kórkép. Okok és okozatok egymásba fonódásának egy lehetséges természetrajza. A kerékpározás filozófiája és a küzdelem filozófiája. Jód és fertőtlenítő folyadék szagától átitatott, bepólyált-begipszelt, vérfoltos történet. Krimi. Az eltűnt idő keresése. Mese barátságról, szerelemről és önmagunk épülésének-szépülésének, nemesebbé válásának áhításáról.
Seven Days by Brian Cain Seven Days by June 25, 2016 44310 words Read a sample
The final chapter in the Stanton chronicles. At the turn of the third millennium, a defence system born of rebellion a thousand years before gives humanity seven days to avoid extinction. In a world devoid of religion, governance, violence, pollution or excitement, why?
The Language of Winter by Gavin Green The Language of Winter by June 25, 2016 76294 words Read a sample
The life and times of Dan Rylander, a polyglot with a calm fascination for snow.
The Bridge Over Miller's Creek - Dark Soul Trilogy - Book 2 by Paul Donaldson The Bridge Over Miller's Creek - Dark Soul Trilogy - Book 2 by June 25, 2016 30294 words Read a sample
A drifter came into town, behind the wheel of a white 1960 Impala. Two fuzzy dice hung from the rear view mirror. He called himself Joey. Joey fell from Miller’s Bridge to his death on the rocks below, Now, five years later, another drifter comes into town, driving a white 1960 Impala with dice hanging from the rear view mirror and the grave of Joey the drifter is empty
#1 Birth of The Lady FBI by Arthur Banzhof #1 Birth of The Lady FBI by June 25, 2016 11544 words Read a sample
"Birth of The Lady FBI" The day was a beautiful day. Today, the ‘hiking group’ girls were planning to go swimming at Jefferson Pool. Jefferson pool is a beautiful natural pool. One with a cave like grotto surrounding it. As they started to cross over the small wooden bridge. A man came running from the direction of the grotto. Local paper Next morning: BODY DISCOVERED AT JEFFERSON POOL Yikes
The Hummingbird:Feet On The Ground by Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon The Hummingbird:Feet On The Ground by June 25, 2016 16584 words Read a sample
Crony capitialism has lead to the end times in this story featuring an all disabled cast who must fight for their lives in a dying world with only one bleak unspecific called "The Fix", but for all anyone knows it's glorified euthanasia. Legless Pre-Op Transwoman Michelle must decided whether or not to take her own life faced with the horrors of the dying world and the impossibility of transition.
A Nation Once Again: The Irish Chapbook by Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly A Nation Once Again: The Irish Chapbook by June 25, 2016 110 words Read a sample
A small chapbook dedicated to the history of Ireland; Tragic, funny and told with love for the nation!
Time Travel Visit to Schenectady by Mario V. Farina Time Travel Visit to Schenectady by June 25, 2016 3188 words Read a sample
I was having dinner when I was suddenly cast to State Street in Schenectady, with the date being 1937. Within a few hours I was being interrogated by a librarian, a police officer, and a detective. Everyone seemed as puzzled as I was as to what had happened. Eventually, I discovered that Professor Collins of RPI had been at the bottom of it all. This is a time travel story that will amaze you.
The Gantean by Emily June Street The Gantean by June 25, 2016 104965 words Read a sample
After she is violently kidnapped from her stark existence on the cold island of Gante, Leila must learn to survive in a foreign culture her native people hate. In this new society, exotic temptations greet her at every turn, including a dangerous love affair with a man she never should have known. When civil war threatens, Leila must choose between southern love and northern rituals.
Tied by Mary Catherine Gebhard Tied by June 25, 2016 16768 words Read a sample
There is a never-before-seen sneak preview of my secret project at the end of this book! Charlie is a sick bastard. He likes to kill and he’s made his fortune doing it. Vera’s been kidnapped and fully believes she’s going to die in her cement prison. She has no idea what to expect when Charlie shows up to save her, but quickly discovers he’s no angel. Warning: Has situations that may be a trigger.
Sacred Stones: Book III of The Babylon Road Chronicles by Noah Brown Sacred Stones: Book III of The Babylon Road Chronicles by June 25, 2016 105021 words Sample 20%
Book Three of Noah Brown's supernatural thriller series continues to follow the remaining castaways on their quest for survival and atonement. With the desert behind them, they are soon to discover that the desert is merely the starting line of a long and arduous trek. For those who remain, the journey of a lifetime lays ahead.
Banged In The Ass By A Younger Man by Misty Rose Banged In The Ass By A Younger Man by June 25, 2016 6020 words Read a sample
There’s an impression out in the world that older ladies are not only more experienced in bed, but nastier; willing and able to do all sorts of things that most younger woman are unable or unwilling to do. Well, I don’t know for sure if that’s true in all cases, but it certainly is in mine. And tonight I'm in the mood for anal sex. So I find a sexy younger man to give me what I need. Adults only.
The Vow: Dangerous Suggestions Book 1 by Ella Price The Vow: Dangerous Suggestions Book 1 by June 25, 2016 51992 words Read a sample
She moves through her life like a ghost. She has everything she wants; all she has to do is ask. No one ever seems to notice her presence, unless she makes it known. She never considered herself normal, not compared to the other humans she meets.
War Crimes: Book II of The Babylon Road Chronicles by Noah Brown War Crimes: Book II of The Babylon Road Chronicles by June 25, 2016 102761 words Sample 20%
In the second installment of the Babylon Road Chronicles, the remaining castaways are faced with a dark force – one which knows everything about them. From their darkest secrets to their deep rooted fears, it has plans to systematically dismantle them piece by piece. With the guidance of the enigmatic Adam, the castaways will march into battle against this new enemy.
The Dark Love Vampire Series: Book 1 by Ella Price The Dark Love Vampire Series: Book 1 by June 25, 2016 74917 words Read a sample
When their adventure to a popular club turns into a terrifying ordeal and Alana goes missing, Isabella is in for more then she bargains for when she tries to search for clues in the case of her missing cousin.Isabella is plunged into a terrifying world she never imagined existed.
Before The Lucy Walker Chronicles by Michael Ables, Jr Before The Lucy Walker Chronicles by June 25, 2016 2689 words Read a sample
Two separate stories leading to the upcoming "The Lucy Walker Series" Find out their stories a week before they met. Find out what happened to Lucy and her brother when they tried to get help in town. Learn what led Lee and his family to move from their home, and hide.
Lillian Rayne Trilogy: Book 1 by Ella Price Lillian Rayne Trilogy: Book 1 by June 25, 2016 72501 words Read a sample
Lillian Rayne, a vampire hunter on top of her game, is forced to follow a new set of rules when the hunters call a truce with the vampires, Lillian is trying to find her place in a world where it is no longer the hunter vs. the hunted.
The Century Coven by S.E. Casey The Century Coven by June 25, 2016 5152 words Sample 50%
Once a century, the coven of the sleepy town of Berkshire play a Halloween game, a sadistic contest with its own rules and etiquette. With its insistence on masks, costumes, and other tricks, it is easy to lose sight of the night's essence, distracted by the theatrics. However, a new witch to the coven plays a game within a game, reminding her sisters of the true spirit of Halloween.
Misty Moon: Book 1 by Ella Price Misty Moon: Book 1 by June 25, 2016 34595 words Read a sample
Kylie is a young werewolf who is sent to live in her father's pack. Her life becomes complicated as she tries to find her place in the pack and overcome the challenges she faces.
Kay the kangaroo by Elizabeth Nakou Kay the kangaroo by June 25, 2016 925 words Read a sample
Kay is a happy little kangaroo that loves jumping around. But she feels she is different; her feet are small and she can't jump high like the other kangaroos. Feeling discouraged, she decides to go for a walk into the woods. There, she makes a new friend. Her new friend is different too. Will Kay overcome her doubts?
The Laws of Physics by Al Stewart The Laws of Physics by June 25, 2016 19662 words Read a sample
Romantic, kinky story about an older gay porn star and a much younger man.
Wandil Land by Victor Allen Wandil Land by June 25, 2016 161121 words Read a sample
David Moore had already thought it to himself on his way to Vister: Some things are best left to vanish in the mists of time. Some things are best forgotten. As he becomes ever more ensnared in the twin webs of the bewitching Wilma, and the fundamentalist Whisper Storm and the ladies of the Crystal Sphere League, he must choose a dangerous path to save not only himself, but the town.
The Pensioner's Pursuit by Heron The Pensioner's Pursuit by June 25, 2016 146285 words Sample 20%
bizarre, absurd, surreal and a romp all the way through
One Night Stand by Sophie Sin One Night Stand by June 25, 2016 3877 words Read a sample
In One Night Stand a older man enjoys the allures of a younger blond with a few surprises included. Hot from beginning to end.
And Silent Were The Stars - Part 3: Nightmares by Kate Amedeo And Silent Were The Stars - Part 3: Nightmares by June 25, 2016 4714 words Sample 20%
* The 3rd part is finished! Will be out on the 25th June! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! After receiving a distress signal from the mining colony a sole survivor is brought back to the ship. The atmosphere aboard Syracusae gets more tense with every passing moment as crew members start to go missing.
Episodes 1 - 10 Illustrated Compilation by Nicolette Jinks Episodes 1 - 10 Illustrated Compilation by June 25, 2016 103330 words Sample 20%
When Brandy Silver stumbles into a Bliss den, she becomes entangled in magic, love, and a criminal investigation that delves into her own and others' past-lives. Part romance, fantasy, horror, and mystery, Blissed is full of twists and surprises.
The Five Aspects of a Witch by Porphyro The Five Aspects of a Witch by June 24, 2016 10945 words Read a sample
Five stories about five different types of witches. Because there ARE different types of witches...didn't you know? Well if you didn't, there's the Witch, the witch; there's the witch, the wife; there's the witch, the troublemaker; there's...but you get the idea. Some stories are in play format. Other stories are in story format. Most stories could have been written by a drunk.
The Flame Squad: Sly Prince by Jessica E. Larsen The Flame Squad: Sly Prince by June 24, 2016 7264 words Sample 35%
Blaze Romano’s life has gone exactly according to plan. He managed to get away from his miserable life on the streets of Manila. He won the heart and married Luella, a wealthy heiress of the Mondragon family from Cebu City. There’s just one thing left, kill Luella, and get all that wealth for himself.
They Were Just Being Polite by Mario V. Farina They Were Just Being Polite by June 24, 2016 1062 words Read a sample
I did not retire until I was 90. The reason I didn't was because I never thought about it and nobody ever suggested it. Fred finally did. I wanted to see what being retired felt like. Angie and I went to a restaurant we had never been to before. I did not wear my hair piece the first time but I did the second. Nobody noticed the difference! This made me mad. In this book
Last Tuesday by Willa Tale Last Tuesday by June 24, 2016 1886 words Read a sample
Alex is having a bad day and it got even worse when she came home to find her husband with another woman. But will this make the day worse or will it turn around completely for her?
His Harpy by Crystal Dawn His Harpy by June 24, 2016 50038 words Read a sample
Matt and Ina Sue have been married for years but there are still secrets between them. She's tried to confess, but he thinks she's joking whenever she brings up supernatural discussions. How can she share her deepest secrets when he won't take things seriously?