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La Verne Writers' Group 2019 Anthology by Scott Skipper La Verne Writers' Group 2019 Anthology by March 22, 2019 32,070 words Read a sample
Collected works of the La Verne Writers' Group and writing contest winners. Herein you'll find humor, adventure, horror, fantasy, poetry, and even a little murder. Contributors are Lisa Griffith, Toni Eastwood, Sharri Cohen, Carol Eleks, Holly Scott, Tamara Miller, and Scott Skipper
The Clearing by Les Cohen The Clearing by March 22, 2019 5,720 words Read a sample
Sometimes it's the most ordinary things in nature that we should be the most worried about. "The Clearing" is written in the form of emails between a concerned father and his son who is away on a camping trip – and whose life may be in danger. This is a PG-13 short story, loosely based on hard science. It's a quick read, a little scary, but without explicit violence.
Legacy of Kain: Mortality by Andreas Leachim Legacy of Kain: Mortality by March 22, 2019 125,830 words Read a sample
Based on the Legacy of Kain series. Mortanius was only ten years old when the vampires turned him into a Guardian of the Pillars. But little did they know that he would change the world of Nosgoth forever. This is the story of Mortanius, the one who led a rebellion, the one who betrayed the Circle of Nine, the one who resurrected a man known as Kain. This is the story of the Guardian of Death.
The Tragedy of Knowing by Rori O'Keeffe The Tragedy of Knowing by March 22, 2019 550 words Read a sample
What better way to greet spring in the Northern Hemisphere than with claxons blaring? These six poems take a look at the issues that have made America's grotesque would-be Putin inevitable, and leave it to the reader to fill in the blanks for possible answers. No adult-only content.
This Dark Town I: When You're Gone by Marguerite O'Callaghan This Dark Town I: When You're Gone by March 22, 2019 55,650 words Read a sample
Eighteen-year-old Lydia Stone wakes up one morning in the north London gothic mansion she shares with her family, to find that her twin sister Kate has disappeared off the face of the earth. CCTV footage shows Kate entering a night club in south London on the night she went missing, but there is no evidence that she ever came out of the club.
Crazy Street by Archie McFee Crazy Street by March 22, 2019 11,710 words Read a sample
Growing up in the old family home in New Zealand was an amazing adventure, although Archie didn’t realise it at the time. This particular suburb was on the country’s least desirable list where a high level of crime was reported daily to which he, and a few mates, contributed depending on the weather and other circumstances.
The Accident by J.T. Evergreen The Accident by March 21, 2019 3,440 words Read a sample
My mother was thinking of hiring a surrogate to accomplish her penchant for grandchildren. Then – the accident. I’m a lawyer and was on my way to court when the accident happened. She fell down, I lost my balance and joined her on the sidewalk.“Why don’t you watch where the hell you’re going?” “Do you need a lawyer?” “What?” “I may sue you.” “For what? “Breaking my heart.” "You're kidding?"
POETRY with NO FILTER by RJ Williams POETRY with NO FILTER by March 21, 2019 2,800 words Read a sample
29 free verse poems; Poetry with No Filter
Love the Cook by Daria Parker Love the Cook by March 21, 2019 760 words Sample 30%
Love Goldenheart was a teenage girl who owned a restaurant and her life was normal until she met Luke Windfall. Shortly after meeting Luke, Love was strangled by her uncle and so her aunt and uncle were imprisoned. Due to Love's parents being dead and no other family to live with, she moved into Luke's house. Please enjoy this romantic short story.
The Vita Collection by J.L. Solomon The Vita Collection by March 21, 2019 3,660 words Read a sample
A collection of poetry about life.
Jigsaw Jill: LAPD by Gary Hancock Jigsaw Jill: LAPD by March 21, 2019 7,880 words Read a sample
Jill is back in Los Angeles and a series of brutal murders start that beg for her solution. Throw in the FBI, some professional assassins and a phony psychic and you have a soup of mystery murder and mayhem. How this comes out has Jill’s life hanging by a thread. This story goes from the highest to the lowest of her career.
Grandma Rose by J.T. Evergreen Grandma Rose by March 21, 2019 4,440 words Read a sample
The funeral for Nama was very boring. I was standing with my parents at her graveside when I noticed someone standing at a distance from us. It was an elderly woman who looked vaguely familiar. I assumed it was one of Nama’s friends. She saw me watching and threw me a kiss. I saw the woman again as we drove away. This time she waved to me. I returned the greeting and wondered who she was.
Crystal Guardian by Amy Radbourne Crystal Guardian by March 21, 2019 79,400 words Read a sample
Predators from a faraway world rampage across Atarikka. People are being savaged and a traitor is to blame. Thirteen year old Aldric and his three new comrades adventure across the worlds of the Kalanian Galaxy. Their aim: to get home and stop the force of Incursio, a madman who will do anything in order to survive.
Corpers' lodge by Inuwa Usman Corpers' lodge by March 21, 2019 4,420 words Read a sample
Oboy yeee! Too much gbege dey happen. The Story of Corper soji gives us an insight of what happens during the service year.
Shake's Pier: By Any Other Name by M.A. Martin Shake's Pier: By Any Other Name by March 21, 2019 78,500 words Read a sample
In the town of Shake's Pier, Illinois, tragedy is the ever growing theme for its residents. Betrayal, heartbreak, love and death, the tales of William Shakespeare are as captivating as ever before.
Alice by J.M. Sullivan Alice by March 21, 2019 78,980 words Read a sample
Alice Carroll hardly remembers life before the plague. When the undead first crawled from their graves, it was like a nightmare. When they killed her mother, the nightmare became shockingly real. Now her sister Dinah has contracted the ‘un-deadly’ virus and without a cure, soon she’ll be worse than dead. She’ll be Momerath
Seat 1A: An Andy Teague Short Story by Paul Watson Seat 1A: An Andy Teague Short Story by March 21, 2019 3,970 words Read a sample
A short story and third in the Andy Teague series. Andy boards a plane home after a long day. He checks in and gets a seat in the front row, which is about as good as the flight gets. The sinister Dr Mowbrey is also on the plane with plans for Andy.
Out of Tune (Wynter Wild Book 2) by Sara Creasy Out of Tune (Wynter Wild Book 2) by March 21, 2019 133,160 words Read a sample
Wynter is struggling to find her place in the world. Now in foster care, her only desire is to move home with her brothers. While she finds success by putting together a rock band with some boys at school, she fails at the social rules required to befriend the girls. When Wynter discovers the world won't bend to her will, she takes matters into her own hands.
The Priest Who Never Was by J.T. Evergreen The Priest Who Never Was by March 20, 2019 7,160 words Read a sample
It was seven years since they met when Pat told Charlie he was leaving. His explanation centered on his devotion to God. Charlie listened but did not understand. God had won and was ripping Pat from his life. And then Pat was gone and Charlie was alone. It was a typical foggy, cold morning when Charlie stepped onto the main span of the Golden Gate Bridge to put an end to the pain of being alone.
Immortalized in Death by Albert Oon Immortalized in Death by March 20, 2019 7,350 words Read a sample
Die Forever with Me Allie becomes friends with a strange girl named Ellie. She goes over her friend's house in the middle of the forest only to be killed and trapped in it. Now Allie must go through a deadly series of rooms with strange monsters and traps ready to kill her over and over again to wear her down and keep her from escaping. Will she give in or persevere until the end?
The Mysterious Inn by Matt Sorensen The Mysterious Inn by March 20, 2019 2,030 words Read a sample
A sequel to Conversation In The Shade Of An Oak, The story follows the young atheist and the sage to an Inn where, through study and conversation, the atheist is led to discover the identity of the sage and comes to accept Jesus as his personal savior.
The Skye City Chronicles parts 1 to 4: The Trials of Arturo collection by R. D. Hale The Skye City Chronicles parts 1 to 4: The Trials of Arturo collection by March 20, 2019 249,330 words Sample 10%
Religious extremists won The Great War and an oppressive societal structure was imposed under the law of their goddess. The lowest official tier – Level Three Citizenship is one step away from slavery and the majority of the population opt out of the system altogether. These 'bottom levellers' struggle for survival in a world where technology is almost indistinguishable from magic and...
Falling for You: Contemporary Romance Sampler by The Wild Rose Press, Inc. Falling for You: Contemporary Romance Sampler by March 20, 2019 30,750 words Read a sample
Sample Chapters of Contemporary Romance from The Wild Rose Press Inc.
Consolidation by Mu Pi Chan Consolidation by March 20, 2019 3,460 words Read a sample
A selection of poems written between 2000 and 2012, which is NOT to be distributed through APPLE.
Record Temperature by Rufus Halloran Record Temperature by March 20, 2019 15,490 words Read a sample
Sydney, a city full of sun-seekers. However, when the temperature continues to rise, even the surf at Bondi isn't enough to cool the sweltering crowds.
Uma Floresta Fantastica by RIVER White Uma Floresta Fantastica by March 19, 2019 43,710 words Read a sample
Where It All Began by Lorana Hoopes Where It All Began by March 19, 2019 59,110 words Sample 20%
After an abortion, Sandra has to learn to forgive herself, but will she ever let anyone else in? When she meets Henry Dobbs, a strong Christian man, will she share her secret or will her past tear them apart?
Diary of Lisha by Beth Hoyer Diary of Lisha by March 19, 2019 8,990 words Read a sample
Diary of Elizabeth Zeskaya told entirely without words gibberish in original version of the story "A Hayu's Dream." This is the diary of Lisha as told by Elizabeth Zeskaya while sick with the virus and what she read from her Mother writing to her.
Susan's Denial by Beth Hoyer Susan's Denial by March 19, 2019 2,250 words Read a sample
Fan Fiction to "Chronicles of Narnia" series by CS Lewis. This scene takes place after the last seventh book "The Last Battle." This story is told in Susan's point of view.
Spring Break by Cameron Beyrent Spring Break by March 19, 2019 13,840 words Read a sample
Spring Break takes you on a wild ride through the unreliable memory of author Cameron Beyrent. After being forced to spend his first Spring Break in his “white-bread munching” hometown, our narrator quickly falls head-first into an unexpected circus of bat-crazed characters, proving that you can still have the best night of your life—even if you’re stuck in the last place you want to be.
Bits of Life by KJ Mullins Bits of Life by March 19, 2019 3,360 words Sample 20%
Bits of Life are random thoughts on my life as a writer, poet and human in this ever-changing world.
Hindbury’s Run: An Illustrated Animal Story by Madeleine Watson Hindbury’s Run: An Illustrated Animal Story by March 19, 2019 11,310 words Read a sample
Hindbury’s Run is an animal story starring sheepdogs who fear a raid on their farm. But this is no ordinary story. A sinister message runs beneath every paragraph. Almost 40 years after the penning, I would discover a horrific truth about myself. This truth has snuck into this and my other children's stories.
Farallon by Mike Bozart Farallon by March 19, 2019 6,080 words Read a sample
In 2017 on the central California coast, a proprietary, just-developed prototype, first-of-its-kind quantum computing chip is stolen. A nautical chase ensues. And then an unforeseen calamity. Suspicions emerge and take hold. A lone man is stranded. Will he survive until sunrise? If so, he'll be rich beyond his wildest dreams. Here comes a boat ... Approx. 6K words. Rating: PG-13 (foul language)
Aaron+Henna:Dirty Float-Social Whirl by Kevin Williams Aaron+Henna:Dirty Float-Social Whirl by March 19, 2019 9,570 words Read a sample
9500 wds of chapter nine in the arron+henna saga: the elfin princess has left with the invisible apprentice, adventuring. Henna is expecting and travel to deliver a slightly-used great-book is hard. Mindy is not thrilled with everyone heading to her mountain
The Script Borne In Anarchy: THE COERCIVE DRAW-IN: LOADED! by Michael Pibo The Script Borne In Anarchy: THE COERCIVE DRAW-IN: LOADED! by March 19, 2019 28,330 words Read a sample
Tiny Moses; an African immigrant who happened to head the most powerful crime syndicate was trying to steer his associates towards legitimacy. He however finds out the hard way that some ties are too deep to sever when he is dragged back into what he endeavored so hard to avoid.
Ruth, Love and Understanding In a Troubled World by John Kirkwood Ruth, Love and Understanding In a Troubled World by March 19, 2019 22,810 words Sample 15%
"Ruth" is a creative nonfiction look into the future of our planet and the enlightened people that will inherit our new world. A joyful, hopeful, tearful look into what I believe the bible points us to. Peace, and may love abide with you. JMK
The Script Dementus by Michael Pibo The Script Dementus by March 19, 2019 33,520 words Read a sample
The human mind is a peculiar phenomenon. Humans have the most developed mental capacity in the animal kingdom. However, someone discovered that the very same beings of superior intellect are ironically the easiest to manipulate. For an astonishingly driven man with an insatiable thirst for vengeance, that could be the ultimate weapon.
Hunger Strikes by Stephen Kunkler Hunger Strikes by March 19, 2019 910 words Read a sample
An ocean blue grue searches the desert for something... can he find it or will he have to eat his own words?
Small Dragon Egg But Big Expectations: AabiLynn’s Dragon Rite- Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction #17 by Kristie Lynn Higgins Small Dragon Egg But Big Expectations: AabiLynn’s Dragon Rite- Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction #17 by March 19, 2019 2,640 words Read a sample
AabiLynn's Dragon Rite: Small Dragon Egg But Big Expectations Type: Flash Fiction and the word count is about 270 words This short-short story in the Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction series is a peek into the world of AabiLynn's Dragon Rite, and it is about a girl, Cara, who dreams of freedom when she sees a dragon lay a dragon egg. Cara, a girl who life had rejected, was born...
Love Poems for Shawn Mendes by Rolly Ongco Pasilan Love Poems for Shawn Mendes by March 18, 2019 5,910 words Read a sample
Love story in poetry. Poems from the heart. A must read poem collection. The author surmises the poem as the world's longest single love poem. So girls, get ready to be in love. Prepared to get swooned as bolt of sensational currents electrify every nerve and blood vessel of your oh so-damned-gorgeous-glorious-body.
Alma: The History of My Soul by Diana Romerotéllez Alma: The History of My Soul by March 18, 2019 78,730 words Sample 15%
This is the history of a soul from “beginning” to “end”. After passing, Alma learns about its creation and the cycle of reincarnation. Tired of it, the soul embarks on a quest to reach the Source of its initial origin. This is the story of its adventures, battles, searches and missions, and the being that accompanies it on its journey to liberation.
Areli, las grietas de una mente adolescente by César Gabriel Rodríguez Ordóñez Areli, las grietas de una mente adolescente by March 18, 2019 66,040 words Sample 20%
Basada en hechos reales, esta novela retrata a Areli, una joven de escasos recursos económicos que vive en un barrio de clase media en el México de finales del siglo pasado. Su caótica y disfuncional familia, así como una serie de hechos desafortunados, la convierten lenta pero inexorablemente en una mujer depresiva, desubicada y con una mente al borde del desequilibrio. Primera parte de tres...
A Warm Goodnight by Christopher L. Coffee A Warm Goodnight by March 18, 2019 900 words Read a sample
In a quaint, provincial town in the Deep South there exist a place called Starleaf Ranch where once, long ago, a star fell and made what came to be called Stardrop Pond. Located at latitude starlight and longitude wonder. . .
Elizabeth Skousen Supplemental 6: Rukast Nations by Cai Olan Elizabeth Skousen Supplemental 6: Rukast Nations by March 18, 2019 1,090 words Read a sample
This supplemental is a brief examination of a couple viewpoints about the Rukast Nations, an organization dedicated to facilitating diplomacy between the various nations on planet.
River of Stars by William Wresch River of Stars by March 18, 2019 88,320 words Read a sample
Book 8 - Jessica agrees to help with another movie. This film stars six women who served in Iraq and are now canoeing the route used by Jolliet and Marquette as they discovered the Mississippi. As they paddle hundreds of miles, the women reflect on their time in Iraq and their life since their return, while Jessica helps with the film and searches for love.
چامه های فصل خاکستر by علیرضا خالو کاکایی چامه های فصل خاکستر by March 18, 2019 7,260 words Sample 20%
“Songs of the Ashes Season” is a title of poem book that written by Ali reza khalo kakaee شعرهای این کتاب در سال ‌های پر مخاطره‌ی ۱۳۶۰ تا ۶۵ سروده شده‌ اند؛ سال های تیرباران دسته جمعی آزادیخواهان در ایران، سال های تازیانه زدن های خیابانی، سال هایی که در آنها خمینی تنوره می کشید و جوانان ایران را به تنور جنگ می ریخت.
The Girl with the Blue Balloon by J.S.R. Rayburn The Girl with the Blue Balloon by March 18, 2019 1,110 words Read a sample
A photographer comes across a little girl standing at an old abandoned train station, holding a blue balloon.
Wanted in Paradise by Kate Ashenden Wanted in Paradise by March 18, 2019 61,960 words Sample 10%
Wanted in Paradise is an action-packed romantic suspense novel about forbidden love, alpha male rivalry, and the glamorous lifestyle of swoon-worthy wealthy men - all set in a tropical location!
The importance of sport physiotherapy in current generation. by Calvin Goh The importance of sport physiotherapy in current generation. by March 18, 2019 810 words Read a sample
People who have never visited the physiotherapist will certainly have queries regarding their job profile and benefits. For the general population, their work may look somewhat as a physical trainer.
Dear Future Boo by aremotobi Dear Future Boo by March 18, 2019 10,840 words Sample 20%
Every girl has that dream guy they want to spend their lives with. This books is a real and honest account of ladies who share their desires about the man of their dreams!