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Sad Times by Kennie Kayoz Sad Times by Oct. 19, 2017 1298 words Read a sample
Going through a breakup, yea that's hard. I know mine ended after being with someone for 11 years. Perhaps you can feel my pain too, get to see a side of me that you haven't seen before. Perhaps even view me as pathetic, who knows.
Sire Bound: Part 1 by Edith Warner Sire Bound: Part 1 by Oct. 19, 2017 6402 words
After being abducted by a vampire and forced to drink his blood, Selene Evans is bound by the sire bond to obey his every command. Not only does she have newfound feelings for him, she also craves to explore the fine line between pleasure and pain. He is happy to oblige, but in the midst of it all, she begins to lose her sense of self. Are her feelings for him just a product of the sire bond?
Transhumance by Andrew Shilcock Transhumance by Oct. 19, 2017 30264 words Read a sample
A short collection of some even shorter stories where the familiar meets the unfamiliar for a half hearted wrestle. Why do some roadworks last forever? What good is a dome shaped lake? Crime fighting Georgian fops, dream wanderers, grief counselling trains, fallen angels, talking sheep from space and others feature in a just-about-alright diversion from the quotidian.
New Dawn by Attila Orosz New Dawn by Oct. 19, 2017 62379 words
A man is running for his life. An army is deployed to hunt him down. He has no right to be there. He has no right to live. He is not considered human. The year is 2058. The world's powers have been stabilised, the citizens of the newly formed super-states are safe, living in peace. But for those, born on the wrong side of The Wall, peace must be paid for, and the price is higher than ever before.
Slow Fishing the Fresh Waters of Italy by Michael Lawrence Sena Slow Fishing the Fresh Waters of Italy by Oct. 19, 2017 111196 words Read a sample
Trying to make his way in a complex world, a talented but preoccupied young man’s love of fly fishing leads him to learn how to enjoy life’s moments and pleasures, unhurried.
The Crown Crescent Chronicles by Guy Bullock The Crown Crescent Chronicles by Oct. 19, 2017 69242 words
A humorous account of the quirky antics of the tenants at 48 Crown Crescent. There is a gun loving husband who upsets the neighbourhood; a small time corner-cutting electrician who barely escapes with his life when he is hunted by thugs; feuding hair stylists ; an eccetric parrot owner who rides around on a moped and many other zany characters.
Before the Mellowing Year, Book One, Part I by Jeffrey Anderson Before the Mellowing Year, Book One, Part I by Oct. 19, 2017 60650 words Read a sample
At age twenty, Zachary Sandstrom leaves his small-town farming community along with his newlywed wife Allison in search of--something. Over the ensuing years and in places as diverse as the Wyoming wilderness, the Boston metropolis, and the North Carolina piedmont, he eventually finds it, though by paths of discovery he neither anticipated nor chose.
The Heart of Love : stories that celebrate the human spirit by Marcetta Davis The Heart of Love : stories that celebrate the human spirit by Oct. 19, 2017 2680 words Read a sample
The Heart of love is a collection of stories that celebrate of emotions that we all feel.Take a journey of what happens when you wrong two women. Heart of Love celebrates the emotions that we all feel and deal with every day.
Lost In Dreams by Colette Faraway Lost In Dreams by Oct. 19, 2017 29004 words
She was about to marry the love of her life. Then fate sent her the man of her dreams.
Music Only We Know: Collected Love Poems of Paul Hina 2013-2016 by Paul Hina Music Only We Know: Collected Love Poems of Paul Hina 2013-2016 by Oct. 19, 2017 13069 words Read a sample
Music Only We Know is Paul Hina's fourth installment in his continuing Collected Love Poems series. In his follow-up to 2015's Origami Moonlight, Hina uses his unique, impressionistic voice to take the reader on his journey to harness the whimsy, joy and frustration of man's desire.
The Gag Gift by G.A. Jahn The Gag Gift by Oct. 19, 2017 25953 words Read a sample
A satire on some of the things our Liberal education takes for granted.
Ship of Secrets: Part 1 by Russell Bernstein Ship of Secrets: Part 1 by Oct. 19, 2017 7509 words Read a sample
In the near future, humanity is thrust into the Great War, a nuclear holocaust that destroys all but one ship. That repurposed battleship, the last bastion of humanity, is capable of carrying its five thousand passengers, all that is left of mankind.
De Geschiedenis van Blozende Barend by Jeroen de Lang De Geschiedenis van Blozende Barend by Oct. 19, 2017 889 words Read a sample
Een kort kampvuur verhaal dat vertelt waarom jonge meiden moeten uitkijken voor Blozende Barend.
Greneth: Halloween Hijinks (Tales of the Executioners) by Joleene Naylor Greneth: Halloween Hijinks (Tales of the Executioners) by Oct. 18, 2017 8327 words Read a sample
A cartoon vampire on the “haunted house” advertisement catches Greneth’s eyes. Then, a couples-only discount sweetens the deal, if he can find someone to take. Griselda seems the perfect choice, but when she starts asking silly questions – like just what is a haunted house, anyway? – and talking about so-called real ghosts, he wonders if he’s made the right choice.
Honour Thy Father by Theresa Hollis Honour Thy Father by Oct. 18, 2017 32461 words Sample 20%
Ten years ago Linda Morton escaped the hell that was Setekh, but not without consequences. She was about to discover that escape was not on the cards and Hell would have its revenge/
Thirst, 3/4 Full by Kae Bell Thirst, 3/4 Full by Oct. 18, 2017 48080 words Read a sample
Novel is 3/4 done! Here is chaps. 1-31: Escaped convicts. The FBI. A monster. A kidnapped girl. A truck chase. A farmer. A bone pile... When the daughter of a local family goes missing, the FBI seeks a connection between the missing tween and the convicts. A dangerous creature destroys a truck at the County Fair, angering locals and complicating the FBI's investigation. Conclusion in November.
The Vile Kind by Chad Prior The Vile Kind by Oct. 18, 2017 2091 words Read a sample
THE VILE KIND is a flash fiction collection centered around the vileness of humanity. There are plenty of short story collections in the world's circulation, but this is slightly worse then others. The worse being the situations the characters are put through. You will either be enlightened with some truths or disgusted by the rancid lives these people have lived.
(I Want to Thank) All the Little People by Victor Allen (I Want to Thank) All the Little People by Oct. 18, 2017 4505 words Read a sample
All the best people have gathered in Rainbowburg to celebrate their accomplishments. They're better, brighter, more beautiful and informed than you and I. There are giants among them, built up bigger than life by their adoring fans. And that is as it should be. They know better what is best for you and woe to any who dare disagree...
Cuentoscuros by Mary Zetina Cuentoscuros by Oct. 18, 2017 10197 words Read a sample
Dos cuentos cortos que se quedarán con el lector después de apagar las luces.
Ezra and Gus by Darryl Hurly Ezra and Gus by Oct. 18, 2017 58725 words Sample 15%
In this prequel to Rage! I invite you to buy a first-class ticket to a world gone by. Climb aboard and relive the danger-filled life and times of the stalwart railroaders who manned the mountain divisions in the Montana Rockies. Relive a time when youngsters stood next to a hissing, panting locomotive, and stared up in awe at the engineer – the airline pilot and astronaut of yesteryear.
Everything Follows by Gabe Sluis Everything Follows by Oct. 18, 2017 26059 words Read a sample
A collection of ten science fiction and fantasy short stories by Gabe Sluis.
Shattered by Claire Lalique Shattered by Oct. 18, 2017 43837 words
When Krystal McKenzie was rescued from the Rattler King MC, she was broken. She’d lost her voice, her memories, and her innocence in a brutal three days which would have repercussions for the rest of her life. After meeting Samuel Donahue, her knight in shining armor, they embark on a sensual, powerful relationship to give Krystal back her life.
I, THE HERO by William White-acre I, THE HERO by Oct. 18, 2017 84460 words Sample 20%
Dr. Sarah Greene takes on another murder case and is unaware just how dangerous the circumstances are.
Another Man's Baby by Shelby Horne Another Man's Baby by Oct. 18, 2017 7196 words Sample 40%
While working as a plumber, Lenny gets sent on a job to the home of a lonely housewife whose marriage is on the rocks because of her husband's infertility. With a customer needing to be satisfied, Lenny takes the chance to become both lover and sperm donor!
Hoagie & Katie by Rio Koviak Hoagie & Katie by Oct. 18, 2017 8053 words
Hoagie finds himself in a strange world after his hamster ball rolls a bit too far from home. Adventure ensues as Hoagie makes an unlikely friendship with Katie, the capybara, who has also wandered away from her family. The two embark on a journey that leads them through wonder, danger, and surprise as they meet a memorable roster of characters as they search for home.
Kisah Hikayat Nabi Adam AS Utusan Allah SWT Yang Pertama by Muhammad Vandestra Kisah Hikayat Nabi Adam AS Utusan Allah SWT Yang Pertama by Oct. 18, 2017 14372 words Read a sample
Kisah Hikayat Kehidupan Nabi Adam AS Leluhur Umat Manusia & Utusan Allah SWT Yang Pertama Abu Dzar bertanya kepada Rasulullah SAW tentang Nabi Adam AS: "Apakah ia sebagai nabi yang diutus?" Beliau menjawab: "Benar." Beliau ditanya: "Ia menjadi rasul bagi siapa? Sementara di bumi tidak ada seorang pun?" Beliau menjawab: "Ia menjadi rasul bagi anak-anaknya."
Kisah Hikayat Ular Gua Tsur Yang Rindu Bertemu Dengan Nabi Muhammad SAW by Muhammad Vandestra Kisah Hikayat Ular Gua Tsur Yang Rindu Bertemu Dengan Nabi Muhammad SAW by Oct. 18, 2017 917 words Read a sample
Kisah pertemuan ular gua tsur yang rindu menunggu selama ribuan tahun untuk bertemu dengan Nabi Muhammad SAW kekasih Allah SWT Sang Pencipta Alam Semesta.
Matt Vol I by Ahmad Ardalan Matt Vol I by Oct. 18, 2017 17282 words
"Matt Vol I" is the beginning of a Short Thriller series "They murdered my wife two years ago... Tonight, you die. I am Matt, your nightmare!" On a quiet night like any other, Matt, a successful entrepreneur, returns home to his gorgeous villa, only to find his wife brutally murdered. A soft verdict against the culprits, a gang of violent teenagers, spins Matt's relatively calm and collected de
To Carry Me Through: Poems by R. S. Oswald To Carry Me Through: Poems by Oct. 18, 2017 2763 words Read a sample
The author's second poetry collection. Mostly free-verse with a few rhyming poems.
Genesis by Conner Walworth Genesis by Oct. 18, 2017 54728 words Read a sample
Sasha is the youngest scientist of this new generation and has pioneered the way to a whole new level of genetic engineering… but little does she know, that’s going to spell trouble. All actions have consequences, and she's going to have to face hers, literally.
Gem Magic Adventure: Book One by Russell Bernstein Gem Magic Adventure: Book One by Oct. 18, 2017 6196 words Read a sample
When Norman and his family move into an old mansion, Norman is instantly drawn to explore its many secrets. His curiosity leads him to discover an ancient and magical secret that will forever turn his world upside down. Gem Magic introduces Norman to an ability that is only limited by his own imagination and grants him with a power he must learn to control.
The Rise of Ersyla by J.M. Sullivan The Rise of Ersyla by Oct. 18, 2017 13664 words
Before she was the sea witch, Ersyla was a simple girl with an unfortunate secret. It wasn’t her fault magick was a part of her, or that the King’s heartache turned the world against her. Struggling to understand how she could be put to death just for living, Ersyla must learn who to trust before her dark secret turns her heart even darker.
Spank Me, Please by Timothy Spears Spank Me, Please by Oct. 18, 2017 6276 words Read a sample
She arrived exactly on time; seven o’clock. I heard the doorbell ring and felt a small rush of adrenalin. With Lady Heather, I had learned to expect the unexpected. Thus, the adrenalin. I opened the door to all 5’11” of her, and smiled. She was so good at this. Standing there with her massage table and linen bag, dressed in loose‐fitting pants, a collared work shirt and tennis shoes, she looked ev
The Wicked Earls' Club by Tammy Andresen The Wicked Earls' Club by Oct. 18, 2017 7867 words
Meet twelve of the most wickedly sinful earls in all of Regency England. Together they make up the Wicked Earls’ Club. A secret group, marked with a single golden W; it is a place where these deliciously devious earls can indulge in their darkest desires. Though fate may have something else planned for them entirely.
A Motley Crew by Wolf Sherman A Motley Crew by Oct. 18, 2017 43793 words Read a sample
In a not too distant future, Artificial Intelligence linking to two opposing and enemy-like Super Computers, perfectly mimics man's hard-wired traits - which have already seen to a devastatingly unequally balanced world, for hundreds of thousands of years. Occupying an obscured sid
Alyce Leaves Wonderland by Nataisha T Hill Alyce Leaves Wonderland by Oct. 18, 2017 26723 words Sample 20%
Every Family has a Secret, But What Happens When the Secret Becomes Bigger Than the Family?
Counterfeit Wife by Mario V. Farina Counterfeit Wife by Oct. 17, 2017 1751 words Read a sample
Julie and I had been married a little over a year and she was now pregnant. One day she told me something that upset me greatly and I called her a counterfeit wife and decided to get a divorce. Bruce, a divorce attorney, discussed my case with me. He couldn't believe some of what I told him. However, at the end, he made me see something that I had missed and gave me some good advice.
Thirst, The 3rd quarter by Kae Bell Thirst, The 3rd quarter by Oct. 17, 2017 13824 words Read a sample
Two escaped convicts. An FBI manhunt. When the daughter of a local family goes missing, the FBI seeks a connection between the tween and the convicts. Later that night, a dangerous creature destroys a truck at the County Fair, angering locals and putting the FBI on edge. Continued from The First Half.
Miss-Taken Identities: An Anthology of Feminization Fantasies by Sally Bend Miss-Taken Identities: An Anthology of Feminization Fantasies by Oct. 17, 2017 35032 words Read a sample
From the authors of the Lipstick for Her Leather and Futa Explosion anthologies comes an all-new collection of Feminization Fantasies. Join us for an erotic reading experience like no other, as they turn their talents to feminizations that are forced, encouraged, and accidental.
Up The House by J. Lewis Celeste Up The House by Oct. 17, 2017 7467 words Read a sample
Whatever America means to you, it meant something to so many that are no longer here to speak...
Breeze Whisperer by Garry Halden Breeze Whisperer by Oct. 17, 2017 1246 words Read a sample
Breeze Whisperer 5 Contemorary Poems that are musical in style! List of poems: 1. Turning on the line 2. Got to understand 3. Glitter Mask 4. Fruity tuttie 5. Lull Enjoy!
Stranger Paths Magazine 1 by Raymond Towers Stranger Paths Magazine 1 by Oct. 17, 2017 57806 words Read a sample
The first issue of Stranger Paths Magazine, for November, 2017, features fiction written by Raymond Towers. This issue focuses on science fiction, including 3 chapters from the military novella Roaches In The Attic 0 and 3 short stories from future release Variant Worlds 2. Also in this issue are 2 short stories and 1 poem for future fantasy release Savage Lands 1. Rating: HIGH controversy.
Grey's Echo by Edwin Betancourt Grey's Echo by Oct. 17, 2017 5825 words Read a sample
Judias Grey is an openly Gay Witch who has been living his Immortal life in New York City for the past five Centuries. When an old friend is murdered, new threats will arise threatening not only the life of Judias but also the Mortal and Magic Realm. With the help of a mysterious Knight named Nathaniel Echoes it is up to Judias to save both Realms and uncover forgotten secrets from his past.
The Lost Orphans: Book 0 by J.S. Donovan The Lost Orphans: Book 0 by Oct. 17, 2017 33505 words Read a sample
In the winter of 1992, a family was attacked on their drive into Highlands, North Carolina. The parents were gunned down. The children were reported missing. The case went cold. Until now…
Friends & Lovers by Dennis Hays Friends & Lovers by Oct. 17, 2017 2471 words Read a sample
Friends gather every Sunday morning for breakfast and go their own way by lunch. Drake and his wife join in, but leave weeks later when the weekly breakfasts feel more like an obligation. He and his wife, Jennifer, divorce and Drake puts his all into work. Months pass and, while running an errand, he gets into an auto accident, re-uniting with Serena, another member of the breakfast club.
Bloodbourne by Sasha Pruett Bloodbourne by Oct. 17, 2017 103365 words Read a sample
Being at the top of the food chain doesn't cross your mind... until you're on the menu. Lured to a hidden mansion and held captive Calynn is waiting to die. Served up as a sacrifice to beings that shouldn't exist. Only things don't go as planned... for her or her captors. She has one chance to escape, but the plan might trap her deeper into a world of nightmares.
The Skinny One by Charles Rocha The Skinny One by Oct. 17, 2017 6637 words Read a sample
A short collection of poems by an inexperienced poet who is not really a poet.
The Roadrunner Cafe by James Zerndt The Roadrunner Cafe by Oct. 17, 2017 56992 words Sample 20%
The Roadrunner Café is a unique novel told from multiple points of view about loss and the lengths some will go to heal the human heart. Ultimately, it is a story about what it takes to go on living even when everything in the world might be telling us it isn't possible to.
The Adventure of the Amorous Football Field by D.L. Marsh The Adventure of the Amorous Football Field by Oct. 17, 2017 4895 words Read a sample
Who buries a clock in the middle of a football field on a college campus? And why? The college calls in Tanner and Rhiana Brown, owners of the Sun Detective Agency to investigate a theft on campus. Both crimes are related. The Browns set a trap for the thief and find the reason for the buried clock. Rhiana uses a novel approach to the punishment of the thief.
The Grand Attraction by Enoch Enns The Grand Attraction by Oct. 17, 2017 75248 words Read a sample
Join Carls Locke as he is thrown into a reality he has neither seen nor believed to be possible. Vacating to a grand mall of human totality, Carls finds himself victim--for man's greatest attraction is often his greatest illusion. Wishing so much to live in one while forced to endure the other, Carls must fight off the monsters seeking to overcome him, all while trying to keep his daughter safe.