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Perfume by Kitty Boyes Perfume by May 06, 2016 2301 words Sample 10%
This is a short 5 minute read with a twist.
Beautiful Ugly Beasts- Free Sample by Trabex Books Beautiful Ugly Beasts- Free Sample by May 06, 2016 7803 words Read a sample
In the year 1859, a young, ambitious alchemist locked himself away in his London manor to conduct a series of strange experiments. His goal: to create the world’s first, living homunculus.
Mother and Son Help Each Other Out, Part 3: The New Deal by James Richardson Mother and Son Help Each Other Out, Part 3: The New Deal by May 05, 2016 6190 words Read a sample
Nancy and Scott are now living in a small 2-bedroom apartment with his aunt and cousin after a divorce sent him and his mother were forced to move across the country after Nancy's divorce. The 4 adults had their space reduced to nothing and are forced to bunk up together. Read along as we find out with happens when hormones override judgment in this naughty taboo tale.
A Matter of Taste by James Hold A Matter of Taste by May 05, 2016 1134 words Read a sample
Sometimes treasure can be lying at your feet. You just need to know what to look for.
Shhhh!  Sounds So Soft by Malisa Khoi Shhhh! Sounds So Soft by May 05, 2016 430 words Read a sample
I am so happy that you are our baby girl. I can't wait to tell papi what I just learned.
Family Tradition by Cora Baylor Family Tradition by May 05, 2016 4751 words Read a sample
Joshua just wants a peaceful weekend finishing at the lake, but he's been asked to take his step-cousin, Carley, along for the ride and that puts a damper on things. Carley's just not the outdoorsy type and she HATES fish, but can these "cousins" find some common ground and maybe start their own family tradition?
Dragon Born by Travis Simmons Dragon Born by May 05, 2016 13700 words Read a sample
It was a night consumed in dragon fire, when the baby with serpent eyes was born.
Trekking On by Robert Turtle Trekking On by May 05, 2016 70993 words Read a sample
Trekking On is the sequel to the ecological fantasy Beasts of the Open Space. Prehistoric herbivores Nama and Westwind are together again after a time of crisis and separation. Their former way of life has been swept away, and they set off with their daughter Acacia and her pal Shadow to seek new opportunities in new places. This book may not seem suitable for younger readers.
Jen Air: Springheel by John Coutelier Jen Air: Springheel by May 05, 2016 13270 words Read a sample
In the town of Irongate, a new threat has appeared, terrorising families and especially children. Already people are likening this creature to the Victorian boogeyman who began a reign of fear in London's churchyards and alleys almost two centuries ago, Spring-Heeled Jack. Our heroines, Jennifer Airhart and Kaya Cade, are called upon to put a stop to his mischief before more are hurt.
The Assignment by Osthanes The Assignment by May 05, 2016 3186 words Read a sample
Just a recalling the voicemail ... "Stephen, I left an envelope for you taped to your refrigerator. There is an address written on the front, and a key inside. As soon as you return from work, fetch the envelope and immediately go to the address and let yourself in with the key. On the inside of the front door will be a note with your instructions. Be sure to follow them to the letter, Stephen."
The Joker - Unauthorized by Jack Napier The Joker - Unauthorized by May 05, 2016 57566 words Read a sample
When a man has nothing, he has nothing left to lose. It is a simple concept, but many people miss it. When he has lost everything, he is afraid of nothing. There is no risk he won’t take. There is no extent to which he won’t go to take back some tiny remnant of all that is lost.
Moondancers (Sample) by E. Van Lowe Moondancers (Sample) by May 05, 2016 12659 words Read a sample
There is a creature haunting the swimming pools of Beverly Hills. Is there a connection between the creature and the beautiful girl Josh is falling head-over-heels in love with? Secrets, lies, true love, and murder are at the heart of this action packed paranormal romance.
Asteroid Zirxon Will Destroy Earth In October by Mario V. Farina Asteroid Zirxon Will Destroy Earth In October by May 05, 2016 3138 words Read a sample
The President announced that an asteroid had been discovered headed straight for Earth and would make impact in October. Life on Earth, as we know it, would be destroyed. World leaders were at a loss knowing how to avoid having this calamity occur. Finally, Wilma Brown found herself next to this asteroid faced with finding a method of avoiding the catastrophe. Was she able to measure up?
Mother's Day by Dinkleberry Mother's Day by May 05, 2016 10089 words Read a sample
When Greg’s new mom, his stepmother, caught him getting to know himself better—using her catalogs—he knew he was gonna have to let his fingers do the talking. He understood, “To get outta this jam I would to have to give my mother, as Carol wanted me to think of her, a song an’ dance better than the great Gene Kelly ever performed. The question was, ‘How was I gonna pull off that magic?’”
Sure Shot: The Hystericals Series Six by Wolfen Saunderson Sure Shot: The Hystericals Series Six by May 05, 2016 330 words Read a sample
In the midst of a recent and surprise bust while in a full on war with the international "Untamed" Russian crime syndicate, Jewel and the rest of the crew are really getting down to the nitty gritty to find the origin of where the mob is currently shipping the goods and bring it down to the low bottom depths of the inner harbor along with the rest of the Reds and their entire operation.
The Puzzle Factory -- Part One of A Butterfly in Philadelphia by Bruce Hartman The Puzzle Factory -- Part One of A Butterfly in Philadelphia by May 05, 2016 5225 words Read a sample
“The Puzzle Factory” forms the first part of A BUTTERFLY IN PHILADELPHIA, a satirical comic novel centering on two young people—Spencer Casey , a 20-year-old high school dropout who works in a failing puzzle factory in Philadelphia, and Lindsay Pangborn, the overprivileged teenage daughter of the factory’s owner—as they navigate through the chaos they inflict on the world.
Knock Knock: The Hystericals Series Five by Wolfen Saunderson Knock Knock: The Hystericals Series Five by May 05, 2016 285 words Read a sample
Looks like the reds are being given the fight of their lives they ever so wanted which soon leads to a discovery that's a bit more than bargained for over on one side of the playing field.
Roxanne and the Cosmic Climax by David Tran Roxanne and the Cosmic Climax by May 05, 2016 598 words Read a sample
The third short poetry collection by David H Tran.
The King of the Land by Justin M. King The King of the Land by May 05, 2016 2738 words Read a sample
The King of the Land is a short story parable about embracing the virtues of wisdom and patience while avoiding the flaws of greed and short-sightedness.
Diane, Bootstrap by Christian Exenberger Diane, Bootstrap by May 05, 2016 5547 words Read a sample
Diane is the guardian of the vessel E.S. Horizon, but things are not quite as they should be. There is a two century gap in her memory, her space suite seems to be optional and everyone is looking at her strangely. But she has a job to do, and she will do it no matter what.
Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah by Jeremy Stevens Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah by May 05, 2016 18227 words Read a sample
Jamey Jones is a slightly mischievous, highly intelligent thirteen-year old colonist of De Novo, a colony on the planet Kepler-438b. Jamey and the other colonists have been living under blackout conditions, with no electricity and no communication with the people back on Earth. The adults have their story, but Jamey and his friends decide to investigate. What they discover is a game changer.
Protectors by Claire Leong Protectors by May 05, 2016 984 words Read a sample
What if the monsters under your bed were protecting you?
Mummy Nature - books 1,2,3 by Rebecca Bielawski Mummy Nature - books 1,2,3 by May 05, 2016 1028 words Sample 10%
Mummy Nature Series – nurturing children's curiosity. Book 1 - Meet Bacteria! Book 2 - Bees Like Flowers. Book 3 - Travelling Seeds. LEVEL: Preschool - 6yrs. An ideal resource for the home or classroom. Each book in the series is one mini nature lesson wrapped up in colour and rhyme.
Directly in my way by Claire Leong Directly in my way by May 04, 2016 4370 words
This is the story of a boy who wanted the pain to end. He didn't want to die, no. He wanted the pain to end, but death seemed like the only way out. This is the story of a girl who wanted to die. She didn't want a way to stop the pain. She just wanted everything to stop. This is the story of how the both of both met, minutes before they planned to kill themselves.
"When Universes Collide: A Star Wars Fan Fiction--COMPILATION” by May 04, 2016 10218 words Read a sample
Finally, in one Ebook! In what could only be considered taboo, this Star Wars FanFiction takes us to planet Earth! Where, Jacob, a young human in Chicago, is befriended by a Sith, Darth Harest. Her hopes of adding him to a new struggle of the emerging Sith power on Earth!
Dead Man's Shoes by David R. Stookey Dead Man's Shoes by May 04, 2016 1627 words Read a sample
You've just inherited a pair of shoes from a friend of the family that passed away. You like the shoes, but never really cared for the man who owned them. He had always seemed mean and aggressive to you. By wearing them, will you allow his hostile nature to possess your own?
Mayhem by Karen C. Webb Mayhem by May 04, 2016 9565 words Read a sample
A collection of poems and flash fiction stories, with commentary by the author.
The Helpful Neighbor by David R. Stookey The Helpful Neighbor by May 04, 2016 1636 words Read a sample
Ever had to deal with that friend or neighbor who insists on "helping" you with a project? No problem if he's actually competent and knowledgeable, but what if he isn't? It's an awkward predicament, ending anywhere between hurt feelings and extensive property damage. This short story takes a humorous look at this scenario from the skewed perspective of the "Helpful Expert" himself...
Teacher's Pet by Geoff Lynch Teacher's Pet by May 04, 2016 20759 words Read a sample
Linda is a lonely woman who spends her Friday nights alone with the many toys she has purchased over the years, and fantasizing about college men beyond her reach. But a run in with a defective pleasure toy and an ill advised video recording has her in hot water with her boss and the teachers pet Cherry.
Restless (Guessing Tales #2) by Kate Krake Restless (Guessing Tales #2) by May 04, 2016 18319 words Read a sample
Struggling with the demands of their studies, a group of students dabble with an occult solution to staying up all night. When the spell goes awry, Travis takes the demon into himself and glimpses unimaginable power. At a cost
Silent Key by Erin Leland Tuttle Silent Key by May 04, 2016 36544 words Read a sample
Foster Farraday knows she witnessed a murder. She saw the smiling predator walk away from the scene. Just when she thought it was behind her, the sadistic game he was playing comes to find her. If she can't unmask a killer, she could be next on his list. Some other young woman might run. Foster Farraday isn't most women.
Arcade Game An Expose´ by Mario V. Farina Arcade Game An Expose´ by May 04, 2016 956 words Read a sample
The writer of this piece has discovered that almost everything is fake. When one finds a parking spot for his or her car, someone always appears as if by magic to take it before the person does. That person is created out of thin air as part of an Arcade Game. You can learn how to win this game when you find out how it's played!
The Four Cock Solution: Story 1 by Candace Mia The Four Cock Solution: Story 1 by May 04, 2016 1253 words Read a sample
These nerds know that men often finish before women. There is an obvious solution.
Times of Peace: Volume 1 of the side adventures to The Mercenary's Salvation by Anthony M. Johnson Times of Peace: Volume 1 of the side adventures to The Mercenary's Salvation by May 04, 2016 149109 words Read a sample
A collection of two stories in the hit thriller series: The Mercenary's Salvation. To begin is the story of a retired soldier, hired by the FBI to assassinate a drug dealer picking off cops in LA. The other is of a chess player in his dying months and his desire to learn the meaning in his life. For fans of The Mercenary's Salvation, read the side volume today and learn the tale of Jack and Seth!
Knights of Seven Oaks by Wolfen Saunderson Knights of Seven Oaks by May 04, 2016 6922 words Read a sample
Take a bit of a mini flashback thrill ride to the time when the Seven Oaks were one of the most ruthless organized crime groups to ever terrorize the northern most region of the east coast and the day to day lives of the badges who busted their asses constantly to put them all in their respectful places.
Shades of Valhalla - Inner Origins Book One by Ellis Logan Shades of Valhalla - Inner Origins Book One by May 04, 2016 85296 words Read a sample
Enter the hidden world of the fae, the most ancient race on the planet and uncover the inner origins of humanity. There is an unseen war going on between the Light and the Dark, and seventeen year old Siri Alvarsson holds the fate of the world in her hands. Which side will she choose? Can one girl really save the world alone?
The Family Trust S1E1 by Michael Campbell The Family Trust S1E1 by May 04, 2016 26994 words Read a sample
All summer long, average Tom's biggest worry was keeping the women who own him happy. It was a cushy gig as long as he didn’t mind wearing an apron by day and a collar by night. But then, a .22-caliber bullet and a dark truth change everything. Can this non-traditional family survive when beset on all sides by those who want to take what's theirs?
Alice and the No-So Wonderful Land by Sabrina Adcock Alice and the No-So Wonderful Land by May 04, 2016 956 words Sample 20%
Alice expected that the Diversity Fair wouldn't be a blast, she didn't expect it to be that awful.
The Wolf Pack : Power, Money, Corruption by Gerald Sathiyasiva The Wolf Pack : Power, Money, Corruption by May 04, 2016 8214 words Read a sample
In a world where power dominates, two alpha males in their prime go head to head in this thrilling and exciting book. This Book captures the real world struggles and ruthlessness for power. One of them is motivated to keep the power he has, the other to gain as much power as he can on the way to the most coveted office in all the land. But both of them are connected in a way they can't admit.
A Not So Very Fairy Tale by Peter Kellington A Not So Very Fairy Tale by May 04, 2016 714 words Read a sample
A lovely damsel in distress, three worried cats and a happy ending.
The Interview by William Petersen The Interview by May 04, 2016 2754 words Read a sample
The leader of an enigmatic and secret cult arrives at a television studio to reveal his message: "They Are Close."
The Horse Dreamer by JD Helfert The Horse Dreamer by May 04, 2016 3789 words Sample 20%
1st Chapter of The Horse Dreamer by JD Helfert A dream sets Jessy Falcon in motion for answers to a haunting past. She struggles to find the little girl that she was; as mysteries forces guide her to a forgotten dream; the horse her father promised her…and what it all means.
Disputed Charges by Deena Staples Disputed Charges by May 04, 2016 2181 words Read a sample
Mira receives a bill from her credit card company with massive charges she claims she never made. The mystery really begins when she learns that all signs point in her direction after all.
The Untamed: The Hystericals Series Four by Wolfen Saunderson The Untamed: The Hystericals Series Four by May 04, 2016 579 words Read a sample
Temperatures rising and bodies are soon to be piling. A well known member of the team may be down, but definitely not out as the ongoing skirmish between good and evil continues like the festering wound of suffering and injustice that ever so fuels it deeply.
Quig Rises by Robin Trinca Quig Rises by May 04, 2016 9759 words Read a sample
Middle-age is not for the faint-hearted, as Quig, the central character of these short stories, discovers. Join him as he attempts to negotiate the mine fields of memory, dealing with adult children and living alone without losing his sense of humour.
On The Planet Of The Jesters by Daphne Yakinthou On The Planet Of The Jesters by May 04, 2016 17814 words Sample 20%
Follow Giggles on his search for true feeling, discover with him a love that transforms the one who feels it, face treachery in the midst of bliss and find out how a single person that doesn’t give up can make a difference! A book for all those young and older children that don’t want to conform and believe our world can become a better place.
But I'm Your Teen Sister, You Perv! - Part 1 (Reluctant, Bareback, Fertile, Incest, Brother Sister, CIM CIA, Deepthroat, Facial Abuse, Teen Virgin) by Elizabeth Thorn But I'm Your Teen Sister, You Perv! - Part 1 (Reluctant, Bareback, Fertile, Incest, Brother Sister, CIM CIA, Deepthroat, Facial Abuse, Teen Virgin) by May 04, 2016 8613 words Read a sample
Everyone knows Cynthia is that gorgeous teen nerd who never puts out. That's why she is known as The Ice Queen. The bookworm with the centerfold body who is saving herself for Mr. Right. That isn't Marty, though. Marty the Stud. Also Cynthia's brother, recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan as a special forces operative.
Uber And Under by Mike Bozart Uber And Under by May 04, 2016 1315 words Read a sample
On a whim, the author (Agent 33) calls up Agent 889 to ask him about his Uber driving experience in the Charlotte area. Another tale in the psecret psociety pshort pstory pseries. Approx. 1300 words. Real-life accuracy: 98% Sorry, no Mr. Malloy. Sex: None. Violence: None. Drug usage: Mentioned in passing.
The Fanshawe Murder by Guy Thorne The Fanshawe Murder by May 04, 2016 58071 words Read a sample
Violet Milton is working as a shorthand typist in New York when she inherits the largest paper mill in Europe. Feisty Violet decides to take over the running of the English company, and is warned by a well meaning employee that something mysterious and dangerous is being manufactured in secret in a hidden part of the factory. This thriller with a touch of romance was written in the 1920s.
Akula - El niño sin nombre by Adael Hazan Akula - El niño sin nombre by May 04, 2016 32348 words Read a sample
Primer libro de una épica mística en forma de cuento que describe el extraordinario viaje del alma. Un niño sin nombre que se convertirá en Akula, un pueblo que es destruido por cuatro calamidades, una flauta mágica, un viaje hacia lo Desconocido en el que Akula descubrirá los secretos del Universo y se conocerá a sí mismo.