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The Breakfast Tart Princess by Tag Cavello The Breakfast Tart Princess by April 27, 2017 3133 words Read a sample
A young girl, working as a baker’s apprentice in the king’s castle, is tasked to make a plate of breakfast tarts for the king. But when the tarts turn out to be awful, the king becomes most angry indeed. Now the girl must make amends, and soon finds there is only one person in all the land who can help her: the most hideous-looking little troll she has ever seen.
Halfskin (The Vignettes) by Tony Bertauski Halfskin (The Vignettes) by April 27, 2017 19268 words Read a sample
A synthetic stem cell called a biomite can replace any cell in your body. They are infallible. As our percentages of biomites rise, we become stronger, we become smarter and prettier. We become better. Can we resist the temptation of perfection? Are we still human when our bodies are replaced by synthetic replications?
Seeds of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski Seeds of Foreverland by April 27, 2017 36678 words Read a sample
Harold Ballard's breaking point came in the sixth grade. John Lively was a mouth-breather that no one cared about, an over-sized sixth grader voted most likely to see jail. In Harold's opinion, God had wasted a body on John Lively.
The Making of Socket Greeny: A Science Fiction Saga by Tony Bertauski The Making of Socket Greeny: A Science Fiction Saga by April 27, 2017 32914 words Read a sample
Socket Greeny is not normal. His funny name and snow-white hair are the least of his problems. When a devious prank goes bad, Socket and his friends realize they are about to lose everything they’ve worked for in the alternate reality universe of virtualmode.
Whittiford Cures by Chris Perera Whittiford Cures by April 27, 2017 5312 words Sample 20%
For fans of folklore, fun and farce. A fictional guide to the cures, salves and herbal remedies once prevalent throughout Whittifordshire - County of Mirth.
Before You Leave by TwoLoveBirds Before You Leave by April 27, 2017 5024 words Read a sample
We had only tonight before Joanne left for a month. Only one more night... I wanted it to last forever.
The One With The Stories by Chanelle Pina The One With The Stories by April 27, 2017 2922 words Read a sample
THE ONE WITH THE STORIES by Chanelle Pina is a collection of deep and dark flash fiction stories. The realism of these psycho-thrillers will have anyone asking, "Have I lost it yet?" ​
Broken by AnAnonymousSomebody Broken by April 27, 2017 41 words Read a sample
Revealing the truth about how I feel and cope.
Please, Help Tony by Ethan Delapenha Please, Help Tony by April 27, 2017 5390 words Read a sample
PLEASE, HELP TONY by Ethan Delapenha is a collection of bizarro stories revealing the crazy world of cereal mascots.
Across the Table by Jade Brown Across the Table by April 27, 2017 2194 words Read a sample
ACROSS THE TABLE is a compilation of three short stories ranging from couples struggling amidst complicated situations to awkward truck rides with strange clowns.
Virgo 97 by Italo Maragò Virgo 97 by April 27, 2017 36139 words Read a sample
La scomparsa di un reporter in Russia lacera la monotona routine della polizia parigina. Due fratelli rapinano un laboratorio biologico a San Jose, tentando il colpo di una vita. E' il 2024: il nostro tempo sulla Terra è agli sgoccioli. Le api sono estinte, le piante sono sterili, la fine del genere umano è imminente. Virgo 97 è l'astronave che dovrà salvarci, ma non è tutto oro ciò che luccica...
Ravensdale by Lucinda Elliot Ravensdale by April 27, 2017 93538 words Read a sample
When the disgraced Earl turned highwayman Reynaud Ravensdale becomes fascinated by the hoydenish Isabella Murray, she agrees to marry him, on the condition that he help her become a highwaywoman. This hilarious spoof of a favourite theme of traditional historical romance - disgraced Earl turned highwayman - has recently won the B.R.A.G award for outstanding self-published fiction.
Angels by Pooja Chauhan Angels by April 27, 2017 3083 words Read a sample
About the book: ‘Gold Coins’ story of Parita, a cute and cheerful girl living with his father Mohan and grandma. She is fond of studying and curious to know new things in the world. On a day, Mohan was blessed with treasure by luck, after which Mohan falls in bad company.
Boyfriend Dilemma (Dilemma series, Book 2) by Michelle Leyland Boyfriend Dilemma (Dilemma series, Book 2) by April 27, 2017 28613 words Read a sample
GINA is happy with Chad but when her ex-boyfriend Lee begs her for a second chance, she’s not sure what to do. CHLOE is annoyed with her boyfriend Dave. He’s always jealous and telling her what not to wear. KATE is worried that something is going on with Jamie, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. VANESSA loves Matthew, but her mates say they’re spending way too much time together.
The New Girl: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones by Tamara Hart Heiner The New Girl: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones by April 27, 2017 13528 words Read a sample
What's special about Cassandra? Absolutely nothing. She's as ordinary as any other fifth grader. And yet her ordinary life is riddled with hilarious and sometimes heart-breaking mishaps as she guides herself through the world of pre-teens on the brink of adulthood.
Solid Black by daleterrell Solid Black by April 27, 2017 3459 words Read a sample
A truck driver follows a mysterious series of clues, before encountering something inexplicable. First chapter of a book I am writing.
Blackmailed Virgin: New Adult Erotica by Virginia Love Blackmailed Virgin: New Adult Erotica by April 27, 2017 5694 words Read a sample
Chaste Sarah can’t believe it when the sexy twins who moved in next door turn out to be meanies. She gets tortured by the devious hotties until they finally leave for college, but when they return for the summer break, they catch Sarah in an embarrassing act they promise to share with the world. There’s just one way she can get them to keep their silence, and it involves being twice filled, raw!
Clock Disaster by Torch Hard Clock Disaster by April 26, 2017 1636 words Read a sample
A world before ours without time, when a Scientist invents the first clock with high technology. when Disaster happens!.....
Forbidden Fruit by Akhadya Forbidden Fruit by April 26, 2017 2681 words Read a sample
Rohan got the strong fragrance of Aparajita’s body which was enough to make him a mad boy of twenty.xxxxxxxOn his way back home, Rohan was wondering how Aparajita knew about his relation with other ladies!
Happy Birthday: A Short Story by Martin McConnell Happy Birthday: A Short Story by April 26, 2017 1284 words Read a sample
Sometimes, the worst day of your life isn't the worst thing that can happen. Sometimes, it's the best thing that can happen.
Greed by Xavier Stewart Belle Greed by April 26, 2017 5277 words Sample 20%
It's hard to get ahead in a city like New York. Paul, a young broker at a small Manhattan firm, thinks he can give himself an edge if he gets creative with his mouth. But when his creativity causes tension in the firm, he finds himself making an ungraceful exit. Mark, one of his best friends, tries to help him relax, and together they realize there may be a better way to employ his talents.
Hope Is Within by Patrick Allen Howard Hope Is Within by April 26, 2017 8312 words Read a sample
This my life journey to you. In this poetry you will know my heart. You will know my walk with God. May it inspire you on your journey. You need only to look within to find hope. Be well my reader. May you always walk in the Light.
Finding Finn by Lynn Crandall Finding Finn by April 26, 2017 11186 words Read a sample
The only brother of three to remain simply human, not a were-lynx, research scientist Finn Monroe loves his life. But when a group of violent were-lynxes arrives in town and threaten his research partner Nissa Bellow, his life is changed forever.
Uno Moss by Axel Howerton Uno Moss by April 26, 2017 26382 words Read a sample
From the hilariously hard-boiled world of Axel Howerton’s Arthur Ellis Award-nominated HOT SINATRA! Uno Moss is a trip back into the weird and wild Los Angeles of Mossimo Cole and friends. A collection of both previously published and brand-new adventures featuring the thugs, heroes, lost souls and lovable rejects that make the world of Hot Sinatra go round!
The Ant That Found God by Zubin Mathai The Ant That Found God by April 26, 2017 94477 words Read a sample
A worker ant hears whispers as she picks up a fallen petal. She begins hearing the same whispers on the wind, in the sunshine filtering down through the trees, and in the dangers her colony faces. Soon, unable to ignore the whispers any longer, the ant leaves home and goes on an adventure into the deepest and most unknown parts of the forest.
A Light on Hill by O.z.9.TherTyin™, Sr A Light on Hill by April 26, 2017 579 words Sample 15%
Just read for yeh-self. Life is Energetic-ART-in-Harmoy Metaphysical Speak Moor In-Tel-Lectual views
South By Th-Ferry by O.z.9.TherTyin™, Sr South By Th-Ferry by April 26, 2017 786 words Sample 15%
By the habor in South Ferry, Manhattan, the truth takes sail. Life is Energetic-ART-in-Harmoy Metaphysical Speak Moor In-Tel-Lectual views
Attendant Interviews by Arla Coopa Attendant Interviews by April 26, 2017 972 words Read a sample
In the future, the highly intelligent rule the world. And they have needs to be attended to by the general population.
Virgo 97 by Italo Maragò Virgo 97 by April 26, 2017 34849 words Read a sample
A French reporter mysteriously disappears in Russia. Two brothers sneak into a cutting-edge research facility in San Jose to score the heist of their lives. It's 2024 and life on Earth is coming to its end. Bee extinction, plant infertility and consequent human decimation: all this is now a reality. Only the astronauts on Virgo 97 stand between humanity and the Apocalypse. Will they be enough?
The 85 Year Old Dot to Dot Detecrive by Bill Russo The 85 Year Old Dot to Dot Detecrive by April 26, 2017 20436 words Read a sample
Retired Police Chief Rick Bates is always eager to dive into a case - usually a case of wine. He didn't start drinking until he was 75; but now he's making up for lost time. But it's not all play and no work for Rick, Even in his 80s, he is a one man stone wall against the waves of crime that wash up on the Cape Cod beaches.
Nhà Bulemann (Theodor Storm) by H. Giang Nhà Bulemann (Theodor Storm) by April 26, 2017 9485 words Read a sample
Truyện cổ tích kiểu mới. Cuộc sống bí ẩn trong ngôi nhà luôn khóa kín của một người đàn ông keo kiệt, nhát người cùng hai con mèo to lớn và một bà quản gia.
Inhuman Contact by Dan Davis Inhuman Contact by April 26, 2017 47391 words Read a sample
A mysterious alien space station appears beyond the orbit of Neptune. A pioneering mission of first contact is launched. And disaster strikes the spaceship UNOPS Ascension. Now, the genetically engineered reserve crew are all that remain. To survive the mission they must overcome their conditioning, unlock their potential... and become truly human.
The Cheating Wives Club: Shade by Candace Mia The Cheating Wives Club: Shade by April 26, 2017 978 words Read a sample
In this series, a group of married women meet and tell their tales of infidelity.
How to Play the Game: My Rookie Mistake (Part 3) by DK Fire How to Play the Game: My Rookie Mistake (Part 3) by April 26, 2017 8461 words Read a sample
Justin Cuthbert is a handsome 25-year-old man who loves to sleep around. He is your typical player who’s incredibly successful at what he does; Justin knows all the rules. Until one of his games goes horribly wrong and he’s left to face the consequences of his actions. Justin Cuthbert—the narrator, takes readers on a journey of his naughty adventures, and views of women and sex
Baba Yaga's Derde Kus by Tais Teng Baba Yaga's Derde Kus by April 26, 2017 8680 words Read a sample
In Çulpan's droom raast ze in Baba Yaga's vijzel door de hemel met een kielzog van bliksems. Ieder ander meisje zou dat een gierend nachtmerrie vinden, maar ze wil zelf dolgraag een heks worden, Al snel heeft Çulpan ieder vonkje van haar magie nodig als Arachne, de godin der spinnen, haar vader en broer in haar dodelijke web vangt om ze leeg te zuigen als spartelende bromvliegen
Боль для Выживания by Olivia Grein Боль для Выживания by April 26, 2017 4598 words Read a sample
Книга повествует о брате и сестре, которые, несмотря на весь ужас, что происходит в России, пытаются выжить любой ценой.
A to Z – Poem for an Idiom by Prakash Hegade A to Z – Poem for an Idiom by April 26, 2017 1652 words Read a sample
This ebook puts everything together from A to Z. There is an Idiom, its meaning and then followed by an eight line poem. I hope you enjoy reading them all. If you ask me my favorite, I would go for one done for the letter – ‘V’.
On The Night Of The Christmas Eve by Gowtham Gurunath On The Night Of The Christmas Eve by April 26, 2017 1811 words Read a sample
When a tragic road accident cost's the life of Anna's boy friend, Brian, her mind gets messed up and her life almost becomes a disaster, but only till the night of the Christmas eve, when she experiences an incident that makes her blood rush through the veins, giving her new hopes and perspective of life.
The Russian Nurse by Brian Friedkin The Russian Nurse by April 26, 2017 5304 words Read a sample
In the tale's 1st pg. Violetta, a Russian Nurse, runs into a friend who says: “Life has lost its meaning for me. I'm going in this drugstore to buy sleeping pills to kill myself.” “What? You're going to kill yourself?” Violetta asks. “Yes, life has no value for me.” “Well, in that case, why not kill yourself like we do in Russia?” “How do you do it in Russia?" -Read & see the Russian way to do it.
As Above So Below by Richard Lawther As Above So Below by April 26, 2017 51635 words Read a sample
A failed pharmaceutical is reborn as a cult recreational drug. A paralyzed hospital patient discovers he has acquired a unique ability.
The Darkness Within by Mira Black The Darkness Within by April 26, 2017 1761 words Sample 20%
PEREGRINAJE DEL ALMA SOLA by Jerónimo García Pérez (Jegarpe) PEREGRINAJE DEL ALMA SOLA by April 26, 2017 4723 words Read a sample
Crónicas viajeras escritas en forma de diario. Relatos y opiniones sobre un monumento, un paisaje, una ciudad, un lugar… y otras narraciones más personales
Model Wife by Mario V. Farina Model Wife by April 25, 2017 1031 words Read a sample
Laura Cranston was elected Model Wife in the small town of Springdale in Upstate New York. She nominated by her husband. The contest was based on the basis of honesty, kindness, articulation, law-abidingness, and intelligence. She won honor, a small amount of money, a certificate, and much acclaim. On the day after the election, there were two articles in the paper. This story reports them,
Death, Please Wait I Have to Collect My Paycheck by Pasumarti Harika Death, Please Wait I Have to Collect My Paycheck by April 25, 2017 7828 words Sample 20%
Subbarao has waited all his life for this particular day. It's upon him now, he is beyond ecstatic but would the impending doom strike him before he achieves his goal? Or the Gods of death shower him with benevolence allowing him to complete what he has dreamed of since he was a callow eyed youth? Middle class sentimentality of a quintessential Indian family portrayed in the story
Mikey and the Chickadee by Kid Boise Mikey and the Chickadee by April 25, 2017 86704 words Read a sample
3.8/5 on Goodreads with 52 ratings! FREE. *Interracial M/M with some sexually explicit scenes.* Wyatt and Mikey are young, fresh into their careers—and still have a lot to learn about themselves. A chance encounter on the bus grows into something infinitely more meaningful. "It's an intelligently-told, sensitive and sexy novel about choices, life, love, and the painful process of growing up."
Noahs Nuclear Niche by Anthony E Thorogood Noahs Nuclear Niche by April 25, 2017 43685 words Sample 15%
With Thorogood's hallmark brilliant dialogue the plays in this collection come alive. They are entertaining enticing and laugh out loud funny. A cross between Noel Cowards* Hay Fever and the Marx Brothers* Duck Soup they are a mad romp into the surreal. A fantastic collection of truly comic plays.
Hope Breaks: Hope Trilogy Book 1 by Stella Blaze Hope Breaks: Hope Trilogy Book 1 by April 25, 2017 35244 words Read a sample
Hope Jones has two problems: one is new, the other is depressingly old. The new problem: the bestselling author the publisher she shoots romance novel covers for hates her newest batch of covers. She has until the end of the week to come up with a breathtaking shot or she’ll be replaced. And there’s a sudden model shortage; they’re out of season.
The Land of the Laoch by Joe Andreucci The Land of the Laoch by April 25, 2017 121550 words Sample 30%
After the events of The Shields of Vale, Josyf Jada and his team are summoned by the Emperor to the center of the world of Vale. The Cobalt Tower. The news of Galdur Voids re-emergence deeply troubles the Emperor and he decrees it's time for the legendary heroes of the Quadra War, The Guardians of Vale, to once again rise up and protect the world.
Frankie Fey by Rigby Taylor Frankie Fey by April 25, 2017 157708 words Read a sample
Frankie approaches life head on with a logical brain and healthy contempt for everyone not as smart as him, so it’s natural that his life isn't straightforward. A death in the family, abduction, theatrical success, life-threatening encounters with property developers, run-ins with gender-equality fanatics, outsmarting a gang of con-men and women, are mere preludes to a trip to India where...
PEREGRINAJE DEL ALMA SOLA  III by Jerónimo García Pérez (Jegarpe) PEREGRINAJE DEL ALMA SOLA III by April 25, 2017 5219 words Read a sample
Crónicas viajeras escritas en forma de diario. Relatos y opiniones sobre un monumento, un paisaje, una ciudad, un lugar… y otras narraciones más personales