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Selling the Diamond Sunrise by Tom Lund Selling the Diamond Sunrise by July 17, 2018 3,050 words Read a sample
A small getaway on the far side of explored space, the Diamond Sunrise gives its visitors front-row seats to the most breathtaking spectacle in the galaxy. But when its aging owner decides to retire, will the new owners embrace the vision, or change things and risk losing what made it so special?
Judias Grey: 'Heart of Lies' (Vol. 2) by Edwin Betancourt Judias Grey: 'Heart of Lies' (Vol. 2) by July 17, 2018 15,520 words Read a sample
Picking up right after the events of Vol. 1, Judias Grey and Nathaniel Echoes meet a vain Prince named Ezra who needs help looking for his missing fiancé but instead of hiring the Witch and Knight to find him, Prince Ezra wants Judias to create a love potion-which is against the law in the Magic Realm. Meanwhile flashbacks reveal the day Judias and Nathaniel met. And a familiar face returns.
Atmospheric Pressure by Aaron Frale Atmospheric Pressure by July 17, 2018 68,990 words Read a sample
Olson lives in a city that has been sealed from the outside world. He’s an Eleven Year and close to citizenship. His life is upended when one of the few adults who cares about him commits suicide - or so it appears at first. While investigating, Olson meets a girl named Natalie snooping around his school. He soon learns that one of her friends died under similarly mysterious circumstances.
Daddy Takes Me... To The Beach by Candie Cox Daddy Takes Me... To The Beach by July 17, 2018 2,670 words Sample 10%
She knows it's wrong, to be lusting after her daddy's touch. But she can't shift the thought from her head - that daddy could be the perfect man for her. And if it's so wrong, then why has daddy brought her to a lavish resort? Why has daddy chosen to forgo girlfriends to spend time with her? And why has daddy been pretending not to be looking at her all weekend?
Sex & Survival #1: Woman of the Wasteland by Misty Vixen Sex & Survival #1: Woman of the Wasteland by July 17, 2018 8,860 words Read a sample
Fifty years after a catastrophic biological agent mutated over half the Earth's population in ravenous undead, and about half of the survivors into various sub-species, a man named Mike Walker is just trying to keep going. A human in his mid-twenties who is reasonably good at survival, he finds himself living in a post-apocalyptic world alongside several different new mutations.
Lust & Adventure #1: Healer Wanted by Misty Vixen Lust & Adventure #1: Healer Wanted by July 17, 2018 12,370 words Read a sample
Alan lives a simple life in a simple village as a healer, but he wonders if maybe there's more out there. Deciding to finally act on his thoughts of at least trying out life as a wandering adventurer, he pus up an ad, offering his services as a healer. When, within hours, an attractive cat-person felis shows up to hire him, it feels like fate...
A Bizarre Collection of Male Cat's Doodah's by Frankie Lassut A Bizarre Collection of Male Cat's Doodah's by July 17, 2018 38,870 words Read a sample
That’s the trouble with being a bizarro writer (I can’t help it), but anything normal that I write seems bland. Normal is a funny word to describe anything with; know what it means? Well. Today is your lucky day, because I’m going to tell you (that’s actually bloody nice of me, don’t you think?)
Wearied and Condemned by Richie Neville Wearied and Condemned by July 17, 2018 7,910 words Read a sample
Tommy had given the war as little thought as possible in the sixty years since he came home and his friends didn't. When he starts being targeted by a group of local thugs however, Tommy finds himself thinking about his friends and the man he was. When these thoughts suddenly take physical form, it sets in motion a terrifying chain of events.
Hot Slut Wife by Isa Adam Hot Slut Wife by July 17, 2018 2,520 words Read a sample
When I agreed to marry Tamara, I had no idea just what I was getting myself into. Being the trophy husband I'm supposed to be, I have no idea if I should enjoy accept my fate or at least try to save my fake marriage to Tamara. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Hot Houseguest by Isa Adam Hot Houseguest by July 17, 2018 2,500 words Read a sample
Just when Blake decides that he had had enough of women, Ray's cousin, Miranda visits them. Despite their past conflicts, Blake has feeling he doesn't think he would be able to resist Miranda, who has grown from an awkwardly shy girl to a stunning woman most men would kill to have. Mature Readers Only (18+)
The Woman Next Door by Isa Adam The Woman Next Door by July 17, 2018 2,550 words Read a sample
A new neighbor just moved into an ordinary suburban neighborhood and is changing it like a storm because of her unworthy and crazy occupation. What makes it worse is when this unwanted new neighbor makes a young boy with a staunch Christian background fall in love with her. The woman next door comes with many tribulations and problems. Mature Readers Only (18+)
The Night with Best Friend’s Dad by Isa Adam The Night with Best Friend’s Dad by July 17, 2018 2,500 words Read a sample
Jeremy has always preferred me to his own son. He pays more attention to me, talks to me and actually enjoys my company. You can't blame him when his son is nothing but trouble. A night out searching for his son make me realize the real reason he feels this way for me. Mature Readers Only (18+)
The Swimming Coach by Isa Adam The Swimming Coach by July 17, 2018 2,540 words Read a sample
After Kate meets a swimming coach who she thinks is the worst man in the planet, she can't seem to get him out of her head. Giving in to her urges, she succumbs and tracks him down desperately. It isn't hard too fall for him after that even against her better judgment. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Neighbor In Need by Isa Adam Neighbor In Need by July 17, 2018 2,490 words Read a sample
A recently divorced Eva, is just not used to being on her own. That's why she can't help but call on Jamie every time she needs something done. Jamie, on the other hand, does not think he could go another day controlling the urge to be with her. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Lonely Wife Meets Pool Boy by Isa Adam Lonely Wife Meets Pool Boy by July 17, 2018 2,500 words Read a sample
I never thought I'd be one of those unhappily married women who would gladly cheat on their husbands with any worker, but that was before I married Alex and way before I met Jack, my pool boy. Now however, my principles seem to have shifted thanks to my pool boy. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Husband’s Friend by Isa Adam Husband’s Friend by July 17, 2018 2,530 words Read a sample
Lynn feels that she has a lot in common with Jack. Both of them work together and on top of that both are struggling with dead unhappy marriages. When the two of them get involved with each other it, is with little care for their spouses. However, things don't seem to go quite well for them. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Contract Expired by David Horn Contract Expired by July 17, 2018 7,550 words Read a sample
Sex and violence - what more can a mover want? Possibly, surviving it all. A dystopian journey into a bleak universe, not so far away from our own as we might hope.
EIGHTH TIME: PREDESTINY ERA 2; 2nd prequel to Destiny?? by RAMS EIGHTH TIME: PREDESTINY ERA 2; 2nd prequel to Destiny?? by July 17, 2018 1,510 words Read a sample
A police officer witnesses several bike robberies and is desperate to nab the culprit, despite being unsuccessful.
Gem by John Gordon Jenkins Gem by July 16, 2018 78,850 words Read a sample
The battle for awareness is played out in all societies. Kell Naper is faced with such a fight with his inner guide to lead him. Star Black consumes life aided by the pleasure houses and Inchanda Teen. Slave or master will be determined by their choices.
Desire #1: Loose Ends by Misty Vixen Desire #1: Loose Ends by July 16, 2018 8,920 words Read a sample
Derek Parker has just been offered the job of a lifetime. As a twenty two year old fresh out of college, he feels as though he's won the lottery: he is going to be a technician, living and working on Desire, a city-sized space station that is essentially one giant brothel...
Parish by Shawn .X. Parish by July 16, 2018 3,550 words Read a sample
Finding out the person that you invested your entire life to isn't actually whom they appear to be would leave anyone devasted. What decisions would you decide to make after coming across this truth? Would you let the situation change who you were?
The Playbill (Circus Quest Series Book One) by Maureen Crisp The Playbill (Circus Quest Series Book One) by July 16, 2018 6,890 words Read a sample
Circus Quest Series- Book One: The Playbill A strange letter and code propels the circus into a tour they will never forget. The mysterious Puzzle Master has invited Circus Charles to once again compete to find the best circus in the world. But not everyone wants them to win. Will they be stopped like last time? Join Kestrel and Skye on a circus tour filled with codes, villains and danger!
My Mother's Boyfriend by Rose Anamgba My Mother's Boyfriend by July 16, 2018 5,620 words
After the death of her father, her mother remained single for many years before she befriended a young handsome man called Ahmed. Gloria then became jealous and attempted to snatch the young man from her at all costs. She seduced him severally but failed to win his love. When Gloria discovered that her mother had known her intention, she quickly packed her belongings and left the house in shame.
APPtitude for the arcane by Chris Norgate APPtitude for the arcane by July 16, 2018 7,890 words Sample 50%
Like a spider sitting in the center of a gossamer web, the demon Tar'Kor had lured its prey into its trap and is ready to begin its feast. A new APP had been discovered it promises all your hearts desires and the power to be whoever you wanted to be, it sounds fun, it sounds easy and with a few simple signs to spray paint on a wall it would be easier than actually studying towards your exams.
Gay Confessions 1 - My Brother's Friend: A Gay Romance and Erotika Short by Lucas Loveless Gay Confessions 1 - My Brother's Friend: A Gay Romance and Erotika Short by July 16, 2018 4,080 words Read a sample
On a weekend getaway, my brother's friend and I would cross all romantic and sexual boundaries.
Her Best Friend's Keeper by Calle J. Brookes Her Best Friend's Keeper by July 16, 2018 88,390 words Read a sample
The case had remained unsolved—the killers were still out there. ​ And they knew who Gabby was. Where she lived. Who her friends were. They knew everything about her.
Jake Armstrong, Licensed Armed Security Guard by Jeffrey Estrella Jake Armstrong, Licensed Armed Security Guard by July 16, 2018 2,770 words Read a sample
A classic hero with a modern age twist.
Asymmetry (A Fate of the Fallen Standalone) by R. Phoenix Asymmetry (A Fate of the Fallen Standalone) by July 16, 2018 12,070 words Read a sample
One fledgling vampire. One nearly-powerless witch. Two underdogs in society. Will a chance encounter between two should-be enemies lead to anything but violence?
Time Sleuth: The Adventures of Jack Smack, Detective by Jeffrey Estrella Time Sleuth: The Adventures of Jack Smack, Detective by July 16, 2018 9,960 words Read a sample
The long awaited culmination of the time stone series. The adventures of the legendary hero Jack Smack, Detective.
Chi e' la peste di Signa? by Suzanne Venezia Chi e' la peste di Signa? by July 16, 2018 120 words Read a sample
Un libro per ragazzi che potranno identificarsi con personaggi e luoghi di una vera citta' italiana - Signa - in provincia di Firenze. Frasi brevi e semplici per chi sta imparando a leggere. Un piccolo libro pieno di immagini per pensare, per ridere e per far volare la fantasia. Altri libri dello stesso genere, anche in piu' lingue, seguiranno.
abandoned (part one-the plot) by Levi John Atkins abandoned (part one-the plot) by July 16, 2018 5,950 words Read a sample
abandoned Part one of five a ghost of a orphans who died after beaten by nuns, priest and burned in unmake grave leaves mist of  darkness and a shadow of black mass  sometimes in the most unlikey of settings captured past and comes to present.  When were the mass graves discovered?At least 420 youngsters’ bodies were found at the burial plot where a family move into a new house.
The Time Stone: Friends by Jeffrey Estrella The Time Stone: Friends by July 16, 2018 17,340 words Read a sample
A new group of friends wields the time stone to right wrongs in time.
Unquiet Minds by Catherine Micqu Unquiet Minds by July 16, 2018 10,100 words Sample 20%
Explosions of emotions written by an unquiet mind. A collection of poems written over the course of the last 6 years.
Nancy's Thug by G.A. Jahn Nancy's Thug by July 16, 2018 19,480 words Read a sample
When Grandma Nancy was a cheerleader, no one ever needed passwords, privacy was possible, and the Beatles wanted only to hold you hand. Love, however, was just as dorky -- and daring -- as it is today.
Mis suicidas predecesores by Headless Starfish Mis suicidas predecesores by July 16, 2018 830 words Read a sample
Poemas sobre cuatro artistas y su relación con el suicidio y la autora.
Nurses Cum To Heal by Gabriella Vitale Nurses Cum To Heal by July 16, 2018 5,750 words Read a sample
Buy One! Get One! Vic Simone didn’t plan on getting sick, but he most certainly did. He had a long list of various ailments that had him spending a week in the hospital. When recovered however, he returned home to rest as doctors ordered. That being said, the hospital sent over a bevy of health care professionals to take care of his every need. The sexy horny nurses took it from there.
Protest At The Tower by David Butterworth Protest At The Tower by July 16, 2018 84,190 words Sample 20%
Joe Saunders, a literature and history enthusiast, is a man with a mission, but he is faced with a problem, how to determine the truth, the innocence of a wronged king. After delving into a minefield of compelling evidence about Richard III, Joe stumbles on an idea. He decides to stage a protest with a couple of sheets – right inside the Tower of London. But will he get thrown out?
The Longest Drive by Aedan Sayla The Longest Drive by July 15, 2018 22,620 words Read a sample
He watched me. He wanted me. He stalked me. I asked him to leave me alone, but does a tiger leave its prey? In the end though it was my choice to go with him. Erotic Christian Apocalyptic Fiction at its best!
A Lady's Submission by Aedan Sayla A Lady's Submission by July 15, 2018 34,150 words Read a sample
A Lady’s Submission is the beginning of a five book journey into the exotic realms of a place that has never been spoken of and is now just beginning to be realized through the lives of the five remaining blood heirs of the House of Arn, of the kindred of people known to the ancient world as the Ar’morians. This is a tale of overcoming faith and erotic conquest. Erotic Christian Fiction!
Adventurous Part I by Misty Vixen Adventurous Part I by July 15, 2018 16,120 words Read a sample
After years of working alone and needing almost no one, Liz, a lizard-person living in a land populated mostly by idiot racist humans, suddenly finds herself in need of a young human man named Steven. She is seeking an ancient ring of great healing power, and Steven may have the key to its lost location locked somewhere in his head. As the pair begin questing, things start getting hot and heavy...
Amazonian's Love #1 by Misty Vixen Amazonian's Love #1 by July 15, 2018 16,330 words Read a sample
Paige is a seven foot tall warrior woman, genetically engineered by the military to be a super soldier. Ethan is a twenty year old hacker. Both of them have a desperate and sudden need of a partner. Both of them have been alone for years. Both of them are remembering what it's like to be around someone else. And both of them are positive that the other can't possibly be interested in them.
A nyomozónő 5. by Giuditta Fabbro A nyomozónő 5. by July 15, 2018 73,360 words Read a sample
Jane Forrest, Amerikából települt haza a szülei halála után még 17 évesen, az eltelt húsz év alatt Magyarország leghíresebb nyomozója lett. Flegma stílusa és durva kihallgatási módja miatt egyre több panaszt tesznek ellene ami miatt Hargitai Tibort leküldik a minisztériumból, hogy megfigyelje Jane-t. A férfi első látásra beleszeret a kissé nyers modorú nyomozónőbe, de a munkája miatt mindent megte
Paranormal Passions #1: The Girl Next Door Has Fangs by Misty Vixen Paranormal Passions #1: The Girl Next Door Has Fangs by July 15, 2018 9,270 words Read a sample
Jason is a twenty-something man who has just tried to reboot his life. He moved to a new town, found a new job, and lives in a brand new place. He is intent on making himself better, and on kickstarting his writing career. But this new life looks a lot like his old life, except for one thing... The woman living next door to him happens to be a hot vampire, and she's very interested in him...
Scorpion's Sting Part One by Stephen J Coey Scorpion's Sting Part One by July 15, 2018 79,110 words Read a sample
Ever since the mysterious Saviour came to the Kingdom’s rescue ten years ago, peace has reigned. But now the land’s deadliest assassin is at large. Women and children vanish mysteriously from the city of Nydar. Civil war looms. Preternatural beasts threaten to overrun the land. Behind the scenes, pulling all the strings, is an evil sorcerer of great power. And the Saviour is nowhere to be found.
Fracula and Hamkenstein by Frankie Lassut Fracula and Hamkenstein by July 15, 2018 18,540 words Read a sample
It is thought that Mary and Bram were turning in their graves after hearing that some author has written a tongue-in-cheeky ‘tribute’ to them. They, not being very happy with this actually got a copy (please don’t ask how; it’s complicated … ok, from the pound shop at midnight). However, after reading it, they both realised that the work is brilliant, and everyone should read it.
Wounded Hero by Julia Sykes Wounded Hero by July 15, 2018 9,460 words Read a sample
Addison is looking for companionship after escaping her abusive marriage. Scott needs to connect with someone, to feel something. For one passionate night, they'll hold together the broken pieces of each other's souls.
January 7th: The Day Nobody Was Born by John Callaghan January 7th: The Day Nobody Was Born by July 15, 2018 57,080 words Read a sample
January 7th: The Day Nobody Was Born is a giddy mixture of unsanitary silliness, compelling heroes and dastardly villains while also introducing elements of the YA genre such as corporate conspiracies and survival of the fittest challenges
The Prophecy (The War of the Gods Book 3) by Pablo Andrés Wunderlich Padilla The Prophecy (The War of the Gods Book 3) by July 15, 2018 76,040 words
Book 3 in The War of the Gods Hexalogy. Light and Chaos, life and death, the balance is fragile and could tilt in either direction. The forces of evil, however, have been conjuring evil deeds for nearly 400 years, and have the element of surprise.
*This book is a character guide for the Kill Girls series* “The game is to be sold, not told.” Kill Girls is a series that brings the game to life in a major way.
A Vergara Wedding (Novella): The Young Billionaires by Maricruz Rosales A Vergara Wedding (Novella): The Young Billionaires by July 15, 2018 23,340 words Read a sample
Five young Billionaires. They are the best of friends. They are used to getting what they want. They are arrogant as well as breathtakingly handsome and they love fiercely. Dylan Vergara: He belongs to one of the most affluent families in the country. This is his story.