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Chronicles of Oni: Chapter 3 Kali by Dave Rudden Chronicles of Oni: Chapter 3 Kali by Sep. 27, 2016 7897 words Read a sample
Oni and Barbara head to Japan and team up with a demon changeling named Kali to stop a demon army from terrorizing local villages.
De Anima: The Calibration by Roi Anthoni De Anima: The Calibration by Sep. 27, 2016 77596 words Read a sample
This science fiction novel is inspired by Aristotle’s De Anima (On the Soul)—“Aristotle holds that the soul (psyche) is the form, or essence of any living thing; that it is not a distinct substance from the body that it is in. That it is the possession of soul (of a specific kind) that makes an organism an organism at all…” And tells the story of a cyborgs adventure into another dimension.
Forced by the Greek Billionaire by Julia Forced by the Greek Billionaire by Sep. 27, 2016 3921 words Read a sample
Jinna couldn’t understand how just one week before her wedding, she was ordered by her monstrous boss, Demetrio Zarakis, to call it off. He gave her another option—go to jail for robbing his personal safe. Jinna thought there must be a misunderstanding because her merciless boss would never fake a robbery to stop her from marrying somebody else . . . or would he?
Lilacs and Vanilla (Crossing Paths: Book One) by CS Patra Lilacs and Vanilla (Crossing Paths: Book One) by Sep. 27, 2016 40802 words Sample 5%
A young woman begins working inside of a lingerie store and finds herself growing more and more attracted to the mysterious owner. However, it doesn't seem like the owner notices her...or does she?
Cinzas e Neve by Célia Correia Loureiro Cinzas e Neve by Sep. 27, 2016 6022 words Read a sample
Conto publicado pela autora na plataforma Goodreads a 01.12.2012
Cum for Everyone by Jay Harden Cum for Everyone by Sep. 27, 2016 5218 words Sample 50%
An erotica short story with lots of oral sex for couples.
Snapchat 51 by Mitchell Jespersen Snapchat 51 by Sep. 27, 2016 1721 words Read a sample
Reading about a couple's love life, a stranger online becomes part of it. "Mitchell later told me that Naomi was an attractive woman and going to bed with her would be fun. He eventually admitted he'd wanted me to understand the jealousy he'd felt when I talked with the guy on the wharf, who he said reminded him of a dog straining at the leash." Short chapters. New episode almost daily.
Learning To Fly (Preview Edition) by Dana Burkey Learning To Fly (Preview Edition) by Sep. 27, 2016 11970 words Read a sample
Max Turner is a tom boy through and through. Her favorite activities include hunting, fishing, playing sports, and running around with her neighbors Peter and Kyle. But, when Max meets some girls at the local trampoline park she gets introduced to a whole new world. With her dad's encouragement Max finds herself in a place she never imagined she would be: an all star cheerleading gym. TNT Force is
The Adventurous Time Adventures of Doctor When by Arielle K Harris The Adventurous Time Adventures of Doctor When by Sep. 27, 2016 5997 words Read a sample
The Adventurous Time Adventures of Doctor When: A Steampunk Time Drama in Eight Acts will delight and divert discerning readers. Prepare to journey hence with Doctor When through space-time on a Very Important Mission to save the world from untold chronological havoc!
Psychic Smyles ~ Jonas by John Park X Psychic Smyles ~ Jonas by Sep. 27, 2016 3521 words Sample 20%
A guy who loves women, not love. The first installment in the Psychic Smyles Series
Oteo by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena Oteo by Sep. 27, 2016 470 words Read a sample
A new bundle of joy, relief, and and fighting spirit joins the ranks deep within our recently rejoiced and now rejuvenated crew, but of course, when it comes to standing up for all the homies in your species group and community and all the mother fuckers who constantly try and destroy and bog it down, there's always at least some fuck shit kinks that are no doubt bound to once again get in the way
SEX: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage by Ella Gottfried SEX: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage by Sep. 27, 2016 10109 words Read a sample
2 Books Special Bundle: Rough Fits and Messy Finishes...
New Beginnings Conclude by Limey Lady New Beginnings Conclude by Sep. 27, 2016 11980 words Read a sample
Up until only weeks ago Mikki thought she was a straight girl with a low sex drive. Big mistake! A chance encounter at work turns her life upside down. Scales fall from her eyes. Suddenly she’s in love . . . with a girl!
Side Effects 3 by Horny Lady Side Effects 3 by Sep. 27, 2016 4676 words Read a sample
Driven by an uncontrollable lust I've signed up for this exclusive sex party that is in full swing now. Join me and find out what I experience...
Kratos Halloween Adventure by Brett Droege Kratos Halloween Adventure by Sep. 27, 2016 1153 words Read a sample
Kratos is on a new adventure! He sees kids dressed in funny costumes getting treats and he decides to set off with Bandit to get some treats of his own. Kratos and Bandit learn all about Halloween!
When a Man Bleeds by Andrew Mowere When a Man Bleeds by Sep. 27, 2016 3814 words Read a sample
Persius is a woodsman. It is all he knows and all that his father has ever taught him. In some ways, his craft depends on his bond with Chiron. This all changes when Chiron reveals that not only is he not Presius' real father, but that the youth may not be entirely human.
The Gardener's Fantasy by Dick Powers The Gardener's Fantasy by Sep. 27, 2016 2701 words Read a sample
In a world far gone a black gardener is treated with a firm hand by the white head of servants on an estate in the deep South. Some would say this harsh treatment would cause harm, but our white master is handsome and his hand sexual in its intent. No black man was given better.
Yes by Meredith Miller Yes by Sep. 27, 2016 4100 words Read a sample
A short story about arranged marriage within a traditional turkish neighborhood in frankfurt. When Miryem's home is visited by Masrur and his family, she is oblivious to their intentions until her father confronts her with the fact: She is to be the young boxer's wife. She rages against this decision whereas the young man seems content to sit back and accept like a slave. Can she escape her fate?
Post Mortem, Inc. - livre 1 : Tout ira bien by SAID Post Mortem, Inc. - livre 1 : Tout ira bien by Sep. 27, 2016 9263 words Read a sample
Post Mortem, Inc. est l'entreprise funéraire 2.0. Elle rachète votre vie virtuelle et l'utilise à votre mort. Toutes les stars décédées ont des comptes actifs, alors pourquoi pas vous ?
Il Papa Nuovo by Mario Pacchiarotti Il Papa Nuovo by Sep. 27, 2016 12161 words Read a sample
C'è agitazione tra i cardinali. Quella che doveva essere solo una votazione interlocutoria, la prima del Conclave, ha invece dato luogo a un risultato inaspettato. Spetterà a Suor Paola, un tempo missionaria e ora collaboratrice di uno dei più stimati tra i cardinali, cercare di portare al cospetto del Conclave l'unico uomo che forse è in grado di rispondere alle loro domande...
Swiftopia Survival Pack by Ryan Starbloak Swiftopia Survival Pack by Sep. 27, 2016 4089 words Read a sample
The end of the world as prescribed by an overtly catchy Taylor Swift album.
Sun on the Rocks - The Shabby Sheik by Somers Isle & Loveshade Sun on the Rocks - The Shabby Sheik by Sep. 27, 2016 42740 words Read a sample
Watched by a ceiling camera inside a Macao casino, Clarity Nice joins videographer Plum Bailey, boarding Heir Force One, the plane of Sheik Hari Al-Najib, after offering to him a ring that points to an ancient sorority. Rejected by his family, known as the dumbest loss-making machine of the Emirates, Hari seeks the help of Clarity to sort his love life and make his first dollar on his own.
Le Point de Non Retour by John Francis Kinsella Le Point de Non Retour by Sep. 27, 2016 95965 words Read a sample
Fitzwilliams regardait le ciel bleu clair d’été et respira profondément. Il ne s’était jamais senti aussi bien. Mais la sensation de bien-être avait peu à voir avec la qualité de l’air, qui était tout, sauf bonne, le puissant système de climatisation fonctionnait sans arrêt, silencieusement, dans les entrailles de la tour loin en dessous des pieds richement chaussés du banquier.
Don't Pick Up The Phone (Short Paranormal Thriller) by M.D Khamil Don't Pick Up The Phone (Short Paranormal Thriller) by Sep. 27, 2016 3411 words Read a sample
A teenage girl killed her best friend after answering a phone call from a stranger. No one knows who made the calls, from where and what's the caller's intention. Detective Inspector Claire invited two experienced demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warrens to help her in solving these mysterious cases, something related to paranormal activity.
Freedom Bound, Prologue: Episode 1 by Jayne Fury Freedom Bound, Prologue: Episode 1 by Sep. 27, 2016 2544 words Read a sample
Firefly meets Buck Rogers and a bit of boudoir. Corrie Scott isn't a fainting female in need of rescue. Follow the serial on convoluted romps through space with smart, super sexy females and their companion. Prologue serves as introduction to the Solar Flame universe where corporate suzerains control our heroine's lives.
The Girl In Red by Mario V. Farina The Girl In Red by Sep. 26, 2016 1274 words Read a sample
I introduced Dave Turner to Gina Lopez at my birthday party. I'm the girl in red on the cover of this book. They fell in love and became engaged to be married. Dave was hurt in an auto accident and lost his memory. After Gina failed to bring it back, I asked to try. As I tried, I felt that he was falling in love with me. This must not happen. This story tells what did happen.
Nefaliem (Part I) by Kelvia-Lee Johnson Nefaliem (Part I) by Sep. 26, 2016 47128 words Read a sample
When Kalverya Nindo heads to another planet with alluringly sexy Dante. She hardly expected to be of royal linage, let alone one that ruled over those under the Emerald Hierarchy. With scaly armoured knights of energetic majic her world is turned upside down. Kalverya knows that there is a limit to her human form - her idol form but breaking from it may prove to be more than just another challenge
Shangazi Swift by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena Shangazi Swift by Sep. 26, 2016 421 words Read a sample
Tired, hungry, and still overall gloomier than hell after the wake of our dear friend and comrade, our crew and I's world seemed to be damn near at the point of crashing down right up along with the very town of Charlotte and pretty much the whole rest of the South side of the North American continent as well. Until, one gratifying event changes all of our lives forever and eternity.
Voidstone by CS Miller Voidstone by Sep. 26, 2016 128345 words Sample 20%
The last Shadow Sister is dead, and the Voidstone she kept has appeared. Three quite different creatures seek it. One claims it as ancestral property and a badge of office. One claims it so as to keep a blood promise to its final keeper. One claims it in order to heal her lands, and break an ancient curse. But the dead woman was not the last Shadow Sister - and hers was not the last Voidstone
Tangled Web (The Arrynna Doe Trilogy #1) by L.W. Tichy Tangled Web (The Arrynna Doe Trilogy #1) by Sep. 26, 2016 68104 words Read a sample
When fifteen year old foster kid and diagnosed schizophrenic, Ryne, bumps into a strange man only she can see, the carefully constructed pretenses of her life start to crumble, forcing Ryne to choose between the safe, mundane, mortal world that’s labeled her crazy, or the magickal world of nightmares she has spent her life pretending doesn’t exist.
Jen Air: Out There by John Coutelier Jen Air: Out There by Sep. 26, 2016 16078 words Read a sample
Astronomy proves a dangerous hobby, as while out camping Jenny Airhart and her friends are drawn into an adventure by paranormal investigator Lionel Baker - Gentleman, adventurer and purveyor of mystery... and who is pursued by a very dangerous gang. And there are even dangers awaiting where they're going, to a vault buried beneath the earth where deadly secrets lie in wait...
Disillusion: Ahe'ey, Book 3 by Jamie Le Fay Disillusion: Ahe'ey, Book 3 by Sep. 26, 2016 9622 words Read a sample
“You know, it would be much less trouble if you were willing to bat your magic eyelashes.” “She is a human Gabriel. She is not worthy of you. In the end, this infatuation will hurt her.” "Why would I risk the safety of Ahe’ey to respond to the whims of a spoiled coward? Go back to your rich city penthouse Ange’el."
Don't Judge Me by Sheilane Nadia Don't Judge Me by Sep. 26, 2016 19549 words Read a sample
Want to know why I slept with my best friend's husband? Or why I hired a hitman for my husband and his mistress? Or why I hate my unborn child? and so many more. Read the shocking reasoning that these different (fictional) women give for their questionable actions. Will you forgive them? Or will you be quick to judge?
Heroes by Andrew Mowere Heroes by Sep. 26, 2016 5029 words Read a sample
The mightiest party ever formed aims to bring everlasting peace to Cierta. Arkheld the Paladin, Seida the elf, Jarlex the necromancer, and Mekt the dwarf must sneak into the demon lord's beast infested castle, protect the seal around it ,and destroy the foul fiend once and for all. Can they fight through a horde of monsters, survive the night, and break free from the glowing castle?
Questions by Ulf Wolf Questions by Sep. 26, 2016 2230 words Read a sample
I cannot help myself: as long as the world refuses to make sense to me I will ask questions of anyone within earshot, especially Grandma. And still they keep coming, these endless questions.
Betrayed by andre' mwansa Betrayed by Sep. 26, 2016 5874 words Read a sample
When Bryan survives a shooting by an intruder inside his own home, detective Simon brown steps in and make a shocking discovery. Find out in this short story of Betrayed.
The Kiss by TWScott The Kiss by Sep. 26, 2016 6931 words Read a sample
This Novella is a peek into the lives of the two main characters in “SandyCat and PurrfectPuss’s Adventure. Before she moved to Phoenix, what prompted the move? Why is she so willing to give Denis’s lifestyle a chance? What is it like to come out of the closet?
Três Dedos de Morte by EX! Editora Independente Três Dedos de Morte by Sep. 26, 2016 7346 words Read a sample
Este e-book traz três contos que têm como fio condutor aquela para a qual caminhamos todos os dias, sem cessar. Cada história aborda um aspecto distinto da morte.
Experiments: A Gifted Series Prequel by Char Webster Experiments: A Gifted Series Prequel by Sep. 26, 2016 28051 words Read a sample
The Gifted Society, a race of people with special abilities, have survived for thousands of years by hiding their special powers from the world. Now, someone is trying to manipulate human DNA to create the gene mutation that triggers these abilities. Nick, Robert, Jason and Ryan, newly graduated from the Gifted Society’s Elite Academy, are tasked with stopping whoever is behind these experiments.
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 26, 2016 370 words Read a sample
Birthday, a poem inspired by all the well wishes for Avril L. on her 32nd birthday, still so young. Enjoy and feel free to use this trick and others when it is your birthday.
Agent Hill Book 0 by James Hunt Agent Hill Book 0 by Sep. 26, 2016 31461 words Read a sample
Betrayal always leaves a nasty scar. And when a former GSF agent who sold out the agency resurfaces after two years of staying off the radar, Agent Sarah Hill can’t wait to bring him down. But the former mole looks to be doing more than just mercenary work for terrorist groups, and Hill will face an opponent like nothing she’s ever gone up against before.
Something New by Legend Brook Something New by Sep. 26, 2016 576 words Read a sample
Something New is an Amser Studios short story that falls just before the science fiction apocalyptic series, UNBELIEVE. (Namely the first novel in the series, New World by: L. W. Brook) Isaak Kazimir has been locked away in an institution for the unstable and forgotten. It's not until Miss Amser, the founder of the astute Amser University, stops by that he has any chance of being remembered.
Snapchat 50 by Mitchell Jespersen Snapchat 50 by Sep. 26, 2016 1307 words Read a sample
Reading about a couple's love life, a stranger online becomes part of it. "I felt so friendly toward my coworkers visiting I brought out some of the writing I’ve done, handed around a collection bound as a book. Along with the words, there are pictures. All at once it occurred to me the volume might include some photos of Akemi, revealing ones." New chapters added almost daily.
The Princess Of Amaryllis by Legend Brook The Princess Of Amaryllis by Sep. 26, 2016 1260 words Read a sample
The Princess of Amaryllis is an Amser Studios short story that falls just before the novella, Lucifer's Symphony: Movement One, The Lost Kingdom, Amaryllis The princess loved a lot of things. Jewels, silk, gold... but she loved her handmaiden more than anything her kingdom could offer her.
The Little Banana that Started to Wonder by Kieran Jones The Little Banana that Started to Wonder by Sep. 26, 2016 2279 words Read a sample
A little banana left all alone in a lonely fruit bowl grows a pair of eyes, legs, arms and a mouth and climbs out. Subsequently, he travels on a path of self-discovery meeting a friendly spider and family of birds along the way.
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 26, 2016 435 words Read a sample
Truth by morning light, a poem written in the essence of the truth brought on by the first light of the day. Many times this truth shocking and yet for some a lesson never learned. Please enjoy the read and the flashback that is going to incur.
Fright Night II by Tunbridge Wells Writers Fright Night II by Sep. 26, 2016 14778 words Read a sample
Thirteen new tales of horror and the supernatural from The Tunbridge Wells Writers
The PET by Mistress Zara The PET by Sep. 26, 2016 19188 words Read a sample
Zoe, a lazy submissive girl decides to give up her freedom and independence for a life of idle slavery kept caged as a hucow by her boyfriend Steve. Little does she know how permanent her situation will become.
The Pains by John Sundman The Pains by Sep. 26, 2016 32757 words Read a sample
Set in a universe that is part Orwell's 1984, part Ronald Reagan's 1984, and part who-knows-what, The Pains tells the story of a decent man upon whom the universe, or God, or simple chaos, has decided to visit unending torment. If he can prevent one soul from going bad he can save himself and thereby save the world. Or can he?
The Road Less Travelled: A Blood Moon Rising Anthology by S.K. Gregory The Road Less Travelled: A Blood Moon Rising Anthology by Sep. 26, 2016 38353 words Read a sample
A collection of horror and fantasy stories from top authors