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Time's Zone by Benjamin Meredith Time's Zone by June 23, 2018 46,740 words Read a sample
Meet Ben, a small-town boy from the States. Then there's Kyah, a British schoolgirl from London. Crossing paths in high school, both their thoughts on what a "friend" could be was forever changed. When most eighteen-year-old's graduate, they party down in Panama. Ben though, thought that traveling to meet Kyah was the way to do it. From backwoods USA to big-city London, follow them on their trip!
Operation Phoenix Book 1: We're Not Alone by Don R. Budd Operation Phoenix Book 1: We're Not Alone by June 23, 2018 88,680 words Read a sample
The last of the human survivors must reach the only place left to survive. They learn We're Not Alone as they battle an alien race that seeks to enslave them. Maj. Gen. Michael C. Richards must lead them to safety while battling an inner battle that threatens his mission. The past pays a visit on the way. Will the survivors reach their destination in peace or in pieces? Will they reach it at all?
The Package & Other Tales by J.A. Sink The Package & Other Tales by June 23, 2018 4,820 words Read a sample
For the first time ever, J.A. Sink has brought together an ultimate collection of shivering tales. These fictional stories are brimming with suspense and a dash of horror.
My Wife For Yours • • • Part 9 by Gabriella Vitale My Wife For Yours • • • Part 9 by June 23, 2018 1,090 words Read a sample
This saga begins with Vic and Pat Simone. After almost forty years of marriage, they’ve grown tired of each other's sex play. The same is true for many other senior couples who frequent Murph’s bar. All these people are looking for something new and exciting in the bedroom.
My Wife For Yours • • • Part 8 by Gabriella Vitale My Wife For Yours • • • Part 8 by June 23, 2018 1,360 words Read a sample
This saga begins with Vic and Pat Simone, a senior couple, who after almost forty years of marriage, have grown tired of each other's sex play. The same is true for many other senior couples who frequent Murph’s bar. All these people are looking for something new and exciting in the bedroom.
Dorothy Does Oz Again: The Humpy Road to Oz by Aimee Nichon Dorothy Does Oz Again: The Humpy Road to Oz by June 23, 2018 6,660 words Read a sample
At 19, Dorothy is still a bit naïve but sexually adventurous as she demonstrates on her return to Oz. No tornado to get her there this time, just a long humpy road that leads to the Emerald City. She shares her erotic odyssey and her many charms with a new group of oddball characters. Arriving at the Emerald City, she finds that Oz is ruled by Queen Ozmerelda whose aunt was the witch she killed.
I Walk On Gilded Splendors by David Widlan I Walk On Gilded Splendors by June 23, 2018 79,340 words Sample 10%
The psychologist is running amok. He is simultaneously on the verge of an artistic breakthrough and an emotional breakdown. Narrated therapy sessions guided by rhythm and color reveal poignant and evocative stories. These contrast with his own twisted life and his attempts to write a novel about it.
Cumming Home to Daddy: Bonus Scene by Karina Dalton Cumming Home to Daddy: Bonus Scene by June 23, 2018 1,740 words Read a sample
When Dan and Kaylie had their first illicit lovemaking session, he made her a promise. Today is the day he delivered.
Writing Notes by Catherine Micqu Writing Notes by June 23, 2018 3,490 words Sample 15%
Writing Notes are short insights and one-liners about love and love that is not reciprocated. It is about emotions and insecurities, written in a moment of creative inspiration. They were first published on my blog but edited for this book.
Четвертый Тихоокеанский туристский форум by Alex Kos Четвертый Тихоокеанский туристский форум by June 23, 2018 2,940 words Read a sample
Viagem Feliz com a Mala Ruidosa by Hallett German Viagem Feliz com a Mala Ruidosa by June 23, 2018 2,400 words Read a sample
Tradução adaptada ao português: Olivia Plymouth é uma consultora de moda que viaja mundo afora organizando desfiles para jovens. Ela é de uma energia e entusiasmo radiantes, sempre navegando as ondas da vida com coragem e alegria. Acompanhe suas aventuras nas Bahamas, onde uma senhora lhe revela o princípio das viagens felizes e um xamã tem premonições incríveis sobre seu futuro.
The Moon Is Always Bisexual by Bethany Ebert The Moon Is Always Bisexual by June 23, 2018 5,990 words Read a sample
Screeching from the Midwest like a vampire bat, Bethany Ebert presents us with a book of poetry unlike any other. Obsessive crushes, serial killers, poverty, and Godzilla all find a home in this ballsy feminist collection. Non-rhyming poetry is the norm, along with a few pages of haiku.
Benvolio: Poetry from the Abyss by Bethany Ebert Benvolio: Poetry from the Abyss by June 23, 2018 1,120 words Read a sample
A short collection of free-verse poetry on such topics as romantic doubt, third-wave feminism, grief, heartbreak, and the loss of friendship.
Deathskull Bombshell by Bethany Ebert Deathskull Bombshell by June 23, 2018 36,860 words Read a sample
In rural Wisconsin, latch-key kids Nick and Brooke try to navigate life without their parents. Nick works as a dishwasher. Brooke plays guitar. But one summer day in 2003, Brooke runs away, seemingly forever. This book is told out of chronological order. It contains some explicit language. Deathskull Bombshell is a tale about love, morality, and the circumstances which dictate our decisions.
Месть под солнцем by Boris Wagner Месть под солнцем by June 23, 2018 710 words Read a sample
Короткая история. Немного юмора, немного грусти. Легче прочитать, чем пересказать смысл.
It's Timey-wimey nonsense! by Vidal D'costa It's Timey-wimey nonsense! by June 23, 2018 16,120 words Read a sample
A sequel to It's Sciency Wiency stuff! An aspiring inventress arrives all the way from Poland to show of her latest inventions. But what happens when she turns out to be someone from Martin O'Reilly's past?
Los libros eróticos de Hamaya Ventura by Hamaya Ventura Los libros eróticos de Hamaya Ventura by June 23, 2018 20,410 words Read a sample
¡Atención! No pagues nada por este libro. Lo voy a distribuir de forma gratuita por tantas plataformas, librerías online y webs como me sea posible. Es un regalo que hago con mucho gusto a mis lectores ;-) "Los libros eróticos de Hamaya Ventura" es un compendio de los primeros capítulos de todas las obras literarias que ha publicado Hamaya Ventura. Contiene, además, un relato inédito extra.
Marciano Reyes y la Cruzada de Venus by Historias Pulp Ediciones Marciano Reyes y la Cruzada de Venus by June 23, 2018 42,560 words Read a sample
Sean testigos, en esta aventura que no se ata a géneros, de hasta qué punto puede el sentido caótico de la existencia del universo tomar la forma de una sola persona. La de un ser mitad hombre, mitad máquina, que se queda solo a la hora de liarla parda.
Demon Sex Group 24 by Arla Coopa Demon Sex Group 24 by June 23, 2018 1,090 words Sample 20%
Twelve victims of demon possession meet and discuss the sexual acts demons made them do.
Girl Talk 22 by Candace Mia Girl Talk 22 by June 23, 2018 830 words Sample 20%
Girls do naughty things sometimes. And when they do, they like to talk about it.
Erotic Babes Who Like It Rough - 8 Naughty Stories by AE Publications Erotic Babes Who Like It Rough - 8 Naughty Stories by June 23, 2018 33,540 words Read a sample
From AE Publications comes 8 naughty stories, featuring hardcore graphic sex, anal, alpha males, femdom, lesbians, threesomes, romance, bdsm, rough sex and more. Adults only. 18+
Mountain Peak by Emma Ambers Mountain Peak by June 22, 2018 2,690 words Read a sample
Maxine is tired of her boring life. She works so hard and she does so much. She wants to take a vacation to clear her head. She goes to the nearest ski lodge and gets a room. On a whim, she signs up for skiing lessons. When she sees her instructor, her whole mindset changes. He is hot and single and wants her to have a good lesson. And a little something extra in the cabin...
Colorado Dreaming by Lindsay Debout Colorado Dreaming by June 22, 2018 6,990 words Read a sample
The summer heat raises temperatures all round, with unexpected but very welcome results for Alice. A female-friendly short story for adults.
The Neutralization Reaction by Il'ya Milyukov The Neutralization Reaction by June 22, 2018 2,410 words Read a sample
Sometimes strangers, mentioned in a famous song, could be dangerous. And sometimes...
An Untimely Birth by Alison M. Tomlinson An Untimely Birth by June 22, 2018 57,200 words Read a sample
An Untimely Birth tells the amazing story of nineteen-year-old Beckie, who learns from her newly converted Christian boyfriend that she might be HIV-positive while she is pregnant. As Beckie is moved into surgery for a C-section, she finds herself transported back in time to Classical Greece into a community of third-century Christians.
Final crono by james milano Final crono by June 22, 2018 1,130 words Read a sample
The confused solider experiment cloud meets a rejected robot robo from another future tied to his. Discovering the link between their world and time.
Connected Through Music by Albert Oon Connected Through Music by June 22, 2018 3,780 words Read a sample
The land of Operetta is a demonic wasteland. The Church is keeping the threat within its borders to contain the threat. While they plan out how to help Operetta's people, two lovers are stuck in the middle of it all. They are separated from each other and can only communicate with one another through song. The two travel to meet each other. Will they survive the journey to reunite with each other?
I'll Never Listen to You Again! by Andrew, G Faniku I'll Never Listen to You Again! by June 22, 2018 2,630 words Read a sample
Two boys, one stove and several matchsticks … what could possibly go wrong? The ten-year-old twins are fed up with their daily beans and desperate to be big boys. One afternoon, these mischievous boys find themselves home alone with the chance to smoke things their way. But what will they learn from their crazy experiments?
Payback by Amber Knit Payback by June 22, 2018 1,340 words Sample 20%
Trying to comprehend what just happened to her, Aravae is out for revenge.
Solo Tu by Tinnean Solo Tu by June 22, 2018 10,470 words Read a sample
When the man known as Mr. Freeze meets the woman called the Ice Princess, what else could result but sparks flying?
The Mortina Dynasty: Trials and Triumphs by Danielle Maressa Mortimer The Mortina Dynasty: Trials and Triumphs by June 22, 2018 44,510 words Read a sample
The book is SimLit, describing life and all its highs and lows in the one family house, building the Mortina Dynasty. The seventh generation of Mortinas has just taken over the house and will carry on the dynasty. Their faith is a help in all the trials and triumphs of Sim life.
The Change by Tengafinibigha Ogolo The Change by June 22, 2018 10,180 words Read a sample
Awongo, a driver looked relaxed in his job, until his wife wanted to divorce him because he was satisfied with the driving job. He picked up courage, made changes in and was appointed to a higher office in Ogoweland. To show his happiness he declared a very big party, the first of its kind. The Ogoweians viewed him as a role model for those who are determined to make a change in their lives.
Anointed - A David and Goliath Novel by Greg Baker Anointed - A David and Goliath Novel by June 22, 2018 68,910 words Read a sample
A David and Goliath novel. Book one of the Davidic Chronicles immerses you a young David's world. Witness the titanic collision between Goliath's gods and David's faith in Jehovah.
I Should Have Known Cheddar by James Hold I Should Have Known Cheddar by June 22, 2018 4,980 words Read a sample
Detective Frank Bureau returns as he teams with Akkadia to solve a baffling string of robberies committed by a mad inventor and his killer robot.
The 15% Solution: How the Republican Religious Right Took Control of the U.S., 1981-2022 by Steven Jonas The 15% Solution: How the Republican Religious Right Took Control of the U.S., 1981-2022 by June 22, 2018 175,240 words Read a sample
Written as "true fiction" The 15% Solution's focuses on the threat of fascism, "American style," posed now by Christian fundamentalism operating within the confines of the Republican party.
Echelon by Z.A. Waterstone Echelon by June 22, 2018 74,900 words Read a sample
A pregnant rebel must escape those who want to use or enslave her, aided by a cynical bounty hunter of the same species as those who took over her world.
Misapplied Magic by Farleven Misapplied Magic by June 21, 2018 6,780 words Read a sample
Today was just another wild day for Maggie. She'd always had the ability to see magic and tame it. Now she hunted down outbursts, to grow her power. The magic she hunted enchanted people, making their sexy daydreams come true. To catch it, she had to let it enchant her, to become part of the dream. To catch it she had to enjoy the pleasures that only magic could create.
Chandra by Crystal Dawn Chandra by June 21, 2018 40,350 words Read a sample
Harley, a New Jersey pack alpha, visits Boomer’s pack to get away from all the bad memories of his marriage and how it brought Chief into his life. When he meets Chandra, he’s immediately drawn to her but how can he trust his feelings after the mess he made with his ex-wife?
23/08/1993 14/07/2017 by H.C. M. 23/08/1993 14/07/2017 by June 21, 2018 34,570 words Read a sample
"Este objeto es un sepulcro, aquí se encuentran parte de los restos mortales de un individuo. Las piezas de carne se mezclan con el papel y la sangre con tinta impresa. Usted puede tener la oportunidad de ignorar su estado de descomposición y grado de deterioro exhumándolo para usted. Discreción " - El editor.
First Time by Amber Knit First Time by June 21, 2018 980 words Sample 20%
Milo a young guy is bored of watching the same porn over and over again and gets intrested in gay porn.
Dark barney by james milano Dark barney by June 21, 2018 140 words Read a sample
Everyone's favorite dinosaur comes out of his shell and rebels.
No Man's Land by A. W. Hudson No Man's Land by June 21, 2018 42,870 words Sample 20%
"I wrote this novel based on my time at boarding school in the 1990s. I wanted to write something that reflected not only the experiences I had at the time, but to explore the anger, fear and isolation that can take hold of adolescent men when they're exposed to physical abuse and violence at a very young age." A. W. Hudson on writing No Man's Land.
September by K. M. Higginbotham September by June 21, 2018 84,490 words Sample 20%
September Jones is everything Reed Davis needs and everything he's dreamed of. Combined with their two best friends, Jack and Mark, they make a great team—until September announces that she's moving across the world. As September packs her bags, Reed is faced with a heart-wrenching decision: asking her to stay for his sake, or letting his first real love go.
Keeper: The Book of Aon by K. M. Higginbotham Keeper: The Book of Aon by June 21, 2018 83,990 words Sample 20%
After accidentally finding herself in a fantasy world called Aon through a book she found on the street, Elizabeth Knight is faced with protecting those she loves, saving a kingdom, and protecting herself, knowing that one accident could send her spinning through the darkness, leaving Aon behind forever.
Piquant! (Bonus): How I Met Your Vampire by Q. Queen Piquant! (Bonus): How I Met Your Vampire by June 21, 2018 2,390 words Read a sample
Zeev is a private eye, living in his office and trying to make the ends meet. Even though his life seems hard enough, he has to deal with some supernatural problems as well, given the fact that he’s a werewolf. One day, he encounters someone who seems even less human than him. He finds out that not only vampires exist, they also have an appetite for much more than blood.
Cadence by Eduard Joseph Cadence by June 21, 2018 3,650 words Read a sample
A collection of poems to celebrate a decade of writing.
Titan by Eduard Joseph Titan by June 21, 2018 6,740 words Read a sample
Set 300 years after the events of "Age of Men", a group of astronauts from Eljavic return to the solar system to establish a colony on Titan and begin development of a nostalgic holiday destination, but earth is what is known as a water world. Their mission takes an unexpected turn when they pick up a radio transmission from a seemingly deserted earth.
Hollow by C.T. Marleau Hollow by June 21, 2018 69,250 words Sample 20%
Paiden Singer is a heretic, a priest to a noble deity. Rihonne Aagen is a scarred sorceress, forced to keep her true nature a secret. Joined by their childhood friends Bayne and Ren, they are forced on a journey to seek sanctuary. These young adventurers must brave not only the dangers of the road, but also their own flawed, growing personalities and the trauma of their youth.
Revival by Greg M. Hall Revival by June 21, 2018 5,980 words Read a sample
The crew of the Leavenworth discover a century-old satellite in a sector of deep space where it doesn't belong. Even worse, there's a frozen body stuffed inside that satellite. Can they thaw him out and get some answers? And if they can, will they wish they hadn't?
Dark Strangers by James Pelikan Dark Strangers by June 21, 2018 7,890 words Read a sample
DARK STRANGERS: A FLASH FICTION COLLECTION is a compilation of James Pelikan's earliest flash fiction stories that bridge the gap between science-fiction, horror, and comedy.