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When Bonnie first approached me at a bar last week, I was immediately smitten. She was tall, with an athletic body and powerful legs, a huge but firm ass, blonde hair and enormous tits. Plus I soon came to find out she had an attitude to match; super-opinionated, take-charge, straight-forward, no bullshit. Not to mention, she was a freak in the sack. In addition, she was seven years older than me, which has always been a fetish of mine. There’s just something about older women that gets me going like no tomorrow. All in all, she was pretty much my dream girl.

While still at the bar, we came to an agreement that we’d spend one night together, and if I could handle everything she dished out, then I’d earn another night with her, one where I could run the show. I quickly agreed and we went back to her place.

Once we got back to her place, she was in total control, running things from the get-go, never letting up, getting me to do things that I’ve never done before and having her way with me. It was an incredible night, one of my favorite ever, and in the end, I made it through unscathed.

Afterwards, we set decompressed, then set up a date for the week later, at my place, where I’d have the opportunity to turn the tables.

After a week that seemed to last upwards of a year, our second night together finally arrived.




There was a knock on the door right at eight o’clock. My stomach fluttering, I answered it. It was Bonnie, wearing an extremely short white skirt, a black t-shirt with no bra on underneath and clear fuck-me pumps. She was looking as sexy as ever, giving me a hard-on just from looking at her.

“Come on in,” I said, opening the door wide.

“Nice to see you again,” Bonnie said, stopping to give me a kiss on the cheek before striding past.

“You too,” I replied, closing the door.

Bonnie headed straight to the couch and sat down, dropping her purse on the table.

“Do you want anything to drink?” I asked, looking down at her from behind.

“Maybe later,” she replied, turning to look at me. “Right now I just want to get things started.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, coming around and sitting down next to her on the couch. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” I asked.

“Positive,” she replied. “Are you?”

“I’ve been looking forward to it all week,” I said. “Ever since I left your house.”

“So you been thinking about what you’re going to do to me then?”

“Pretty much twenty-four-seven,” I said, smiling.

“Then what are you waiting for?” she asked, pulling her shirt off to free up her ridiculous tits then slipping off her skirt and panties and leaning back on the couch, naked except for her heels.

I didn’t have a good answer, so I dropped to my knees in front of her and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh.

I started Bonnie off slowly, with two fingers inside her pussy, moving them back and forth, rubbing the underside of her clit, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed. After I was banging away at her pretty good, I curled my fingers, allowing me to hit her G-spot while continuing to work my hand inside her, moving it more quickly with every thrust.

“I have to say, this wasn’t quite what I was expecting,” Bonnie said softly between moans.

“I learned this little trick from you,” I said, grinning up at her.

“What’s that?” she asked. “How to finger a woman’s pussy? I don’t think I taught you that one.”

“Not that,” I said. “The trick of making your partner feel good early on so they’ll be more willing to do what you want as the night gets later.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, flashing me a smile. “That’s a good one.”

“Which is exactly why I’m borrowing it,” I said, going back to work on her pussy.

Once Bonnie was nice and warmed up, I threw one of her legs over my shoulder, changing the angle of penetration. She lifted her hips up to help the cause, granting me deeper access to her insides.

Low groans were coming from her mouth and her breathing rate was increasing with every passing second. She was obviously enjoying herself, which was good. It meant that my plan was working so far.

Reaching around her leg with my free hand, I grabbed one of her huge, amazing tits and gave it a rough squeeze. Her eyes opened wider for a moment and her face glazed over with excitement.

“You like that, do you?” I said.

Bonnie nodded.

“That’s good to know,” I said, switching over to her other breast and giving it the same treatment while continuing to bang away at her insides with my fingers.

I released her tit and reared back and gave it a slap, right on the nipple.

“Fuck yeah,” Bonnie said, staring right at me. “Do it again.”

So I did, harder this time.

“That’s right,” she said. “Smack my fucking tits. Slap me around like I’m your little playtoy. Do whatever you want to me.”

“I’m going to,” I said as I continued smacking away at her tits, one and then the other while her groans grew ever louder and more intense.  

Wanting to push the envelope even further,  I slipped another finger inside her pussy, eliciting a sharp gasp of pleasure. I grabbed her ankle and pushed her leg back towards her head, pressing it against the back of the couch, folding one side of her body in half, then I forced my fingers deeper inside her, pushing through the tightness caused by my third finger.

“Goddamn that feels fucking good,” she said as I slammed my fingers into her pussy hard enough to make my forearm burn. “Right there, right fucking there!”

Lots of women got off more quickly from fingers than from cocks, especially when done right, and Bonnie was no exception. With me finger-fucking her with reckless abandon with one hand and my other hand roughly working her tits, it wasn’t long before she was cumming.

Her body tensed beneath me for a moment—her legs freezing and her breath catching in her throat—before releasing. As the orgasm passed through her, Bonnie let out a series of curses and her legs twitched and her head shook from side to side.

But I didn’t stop finger-banging her. I didn’t even slow down. If anything, I sped things up, hammering away at her harder than ever.

“Holy fuck!” she cried, still not quite recovered from her orgasm. She grabbed my arm, presumably to pull my fingers out of her pussy, but I yanked it away and held it down at her side.

“No, no,” I said. “I’m not through with your pussy yet. Just sit back and take it. Understand?”

Bonnie nodded her head vigorously. Her eyes were opened wide and sweat was gathering on her forehead and her hair was all messed up.

“Do whatever you want to me,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “I intend to.” Just to punctuate the point, I slipped a fourth finger inside her pussy.

“Holyshitmotherfucker,” she said breathlessly, making it all sound like one word. “They don’t all fit in there.”

“Yes they do,” I said, slowly working my fingers, loosening her up more and more, stretching her pussy out. “See, they fit in there just fine.”

Bonnie started shaking her head back and forth but I knew she wanted to be controlled like this, to be made to do whatever I wanted. And even if she didn’t, we agreed beforehand that this was my night to do what I wanted. Her discomfort was all part of the plan. And it was working to perfection.

“Take it,” I said, staring down at her as my fingers moved further inside her, constantly seeking out deeper access.

“I can’t,” she said.

“Yes you can,” I replied. “You’re a big girl. You can take whatever I can dish out, remember?”

“I was wrong,” Bonnie said.

“No you weren’t,” I said. “You’re doing great. You can handle it.”

“Okay,” Bonnie said. “I’ll try.”

She closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. Her face and chest were bright red from exertion and her breath was labored and her whole body was quivering.

“That’s it,” I said.

She seemed to be getting used to four of my fingers inside her, which meant it was time to take things even further.

“Grab your fucking tits. Squeeze them. Give yourself something else to think about.”

Bonnie did as she was told.

“There you go,” I said. “Good girl. Now anytime you feel like you can’t take it anymore, squeeze them harder. Or slap them. Anything to take your mind off of how good my fingers feel in your pussy.”

“Why?” Bonnie said, barely able to get the words out. “What are you going to do?”

Instead of answering, I dropped my head down and buried my face in her pussy, my mouth right above my fingers.

“Oh Jesus Christ,” she said, her voice reaching a whole new level. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

But I wasn’t, and I went to work on her clit with my tongue while continuing to work her pussy proper with my fingers.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” Bonnie screamed while I went to town on her.

Looking up out of the corner of my eyes, I could her groping her tits hard enough that her fingers were white from the lack of blood flow. And a few seconds later she started smacking away at her tits, hard enough that the room was filled with the sound of gunshots.

But apparently it wasn’t enough to distract her.

“Okay, okay!” she screamed. “Enough! Enough! I’m done!”

“No you’re not,” I said, lifting my tongue off her clit and holding my fingers deep inside her but not moving them anymore. “You’re not done until I say you’re done.”

“Yes I am! I can’t take it anymore!”

“You can’t take what?” I asked. “The pleasure? Because that’s all this is. No pain, just pleasure.”

“But there’s too much of it,” Bonnie said, starting to calm down a bit now.

“Too much pleasure, is that what you’re telling me?” I said. “Is that really what you’re saying?”

“Yes,” she said, but doubtfully.

“You said you wanted me to push the envelope,” I said.

“I know,” she said, barely able to get the words out. “But this isn’t what I meant.”

“Yes it is,” I said. “This is exactly what you meant. It just wasn’t what you were expecting. It’s different, I know, but that’s what makes it so fun. It’s truly pushing the envelope, not just giving you what you—and I—already know you can take.”

“I guess,” she said, conceding the point.

“So if you want me to keep pushing your limits, then I will. But you have to let me. Otherwise just say so, and we’ll go play to playing things nice and safe. It’s your choice.”

“Fine,” she said. “Finish doing your thing. But I have to warn you, I’m going to make you pay for this next time.”

“I know you will,” I said, grinning at her. “In fact, I’m counting on it.”

She couldn’t help but smile back.

“Now grab your legs and pull them back by your head,” I said, my voice regaining its demanding tone. “It’s time to finish off this first part of the evening once and for all.”

Bonnie did as she was told, taking things a step further, even, by grabbing her legs and wrapping them around her head, so her ankles were crossed behind the back of her neck.

“There you go,” I said. “That’s what I’m talking about. Now sit back and relax.”

“I’ll try,” she said.

I went back to working her pussy with my four fingers, stretching out the side walls of her vagina, pounding her with as much force as I could muster, my hand disappearing inside her. Shortly after that I started in on her clit with my tongue, flicking it and licking it and sucking on it.

After a couple minutes of banging away aggressively, Bonnie was getting close to where she was before we’d taken our little break to talk things out.

“Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit,” she said, practically in tears, her leg muscles taut and rippling, her skin shining with sweat. Her head was thrown back, her eyes towards the ceiling and her hands firmly attached to her tits.

Bonnie was still in a bit of distress, but she was dealing with it better than before. Which just meant that I had to turn things up even more.

I rubbed a couple of fingers from my free hand over her pussy, getting them lubed up with her juices, then let them wander downward, towards her asshole. As I continued working her clit with my mouth and her pussy with the fingers of my right hand, I started rubbing around the outside of her asshole with the index finger of my left.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, what the fuck is this!” she cried, her voice quavering as a humorless laugh escaped from her mouth and her tension returned to the place where it had been before our break.

Smiling, I took this as a sign I was once again truly pushing her boundaries, and pressed on, tinkering with her asshole for a few more seconds before sliding the tip of my finger inside it.

Bonnie yelped and followed that with a low, guttural moan that was a mixture of pleasure and discomfort, exactly what I was going for. But even though she was back in the same spot as before, she handled it better, not begging me to stop every five seconds.

So I pressed on, slipping a second finger into her asshole, then a third, then a fourth, all the while not letting up on the other parts of her at all.

After working both her holes with four fingers and her clit with my tongue for a good two minutes while she screamed and moaned and groaned and shook and shimmied beneath me, another orgasm reared its head.

“I’m gonna fucking cum again holy shit here it comes, fuck, fuck, ohmyfuckingod!” Bonnie cried.

As she came I pulled my fingers out of her holes and rubbed her clit with serious aggression, eliciting yet another sharp gasp from Bonnie. A few seconds later she was trying to back away from me, to escape my fingers.

But I wouldn’t let her. I’d told her I was going to push the envelope and this was a major part of it, taking things further than I had any reason to.

So as Bonnie tried to back away I again slid three fingers back into her pussy and grabbed her ankle with my other hand to keep her from escaping.

Screaming wordlessly, Bonnie tried to spin away but I stayed with her, using her momentum to flip her over so her chest was on the couch.

From here I was easily able to hold her down and slam my fingers into her from behind, finishing her off once and for all while she grunted like an animal beneath me.

Laughing, I gave her a slap on the ass and yanked my fingers out of her snatch and quickly stood up and backed away, out of range.

Bonnie leapt to her feet, her face a mask of sweat and runny makeup. Glaring at me, she shook her head and said, “One of these days you’re going to pay for that, mister.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I said, grinning widely. “I know, I know. But not today. Do you know why?”

“Because you’re still in control,” Bonnie said reluctantly.

“That’s right,” I said. “And considering how much attention I just spent on your pussy, I think it’s time you repay some of that on my cock. Now drop to the floor and crawl over here.”

Still glaring at me, but with a hint of good-natured humor behind her eyes now, Bonnie dropped to her hands and knees and started crawling towards me.

Once she made her way over to me, Bonnie wrapped one hand around my shaft, opened her mouth, and slipped my cock inside. She sucked on the tip and stroked my shaft at the same time, taking her time at first but eventually picking up steam. It wasn’t long before her mouth was dropping further and further down my cock with every thrust.

“That’s a good girl,” I said. “Suck that cock like you mean it.”

Her head continued bobbing on my cock, moving faster and faster, working it hands-free now. She was taking nearly the whole thing in her mouth with every thrust. Her hair was flying everywhere and saliva was running down her chin. The room was filled with gagging and slurping noises.

“That’s it,” I said, pumping my hips forward slightly. “Give me what I want. Take that cock all the way down your throat.”

Staring up at me, constantly maintaining eye contact, Bonnie bobbed on my cock a couple more time before making it disappear, slamming it deep into her throat and holding it there, choking on it.

She started to cough and gag and then went to pull her head back but my hands shot out and grabbed the back of her head and held her in place.

“Where are you going?” I said, looking down at her. Her eyes were closed and her face clearly displayed her struggles. Choked, slurpy sounds were coming from her throat.

“I didn’t say you were done yet,” I said, pushing her head towards me, forcing her to continue deepthroating me.

She gagged again, then coughed, tickling my cock. Her face was starting to turn red and there was saliva everywhere and snot was coming out of her nose.

“Three more seconds,” I said. “Then I’ll let you go. Three. Two. One.”

I released her head and it went shooting back. Bonnie coughed and sucked in a lungful of air and coughed again, then glared up at me with evil intent.

“Hey, you wanted me to push your boundaries,” I said, giving her a sly little smile. “Don’t give me that look.”

Bonnie’s look didn’t change one bit, nor did I expect it to. But it was still fun to give her crap.

“What’s the matter?” I said. “Are you giving up on our little game.”

“Fuck no,” she said, practically spitting the words out.

“Then stop your pouting and get yourself back over here,” I said. “We’re not even close to done yet.”

Still glaring at me, Bonnie did as she was told.

“Spit on my cock,” I said.

She did, gathering up a ton of saliva and making my cock all wet and slippery.

“Now jerk me off,” I said.

She did that too, still looking defiant but obviously enjoying being bossed around. Otherwise why would she do what I told her to?

“Is this what you want?” she asked, spitting the words out.

“To start.”

“And what else?” she asked.

“Play with my balls,” I replied.

She grabbed my sack with her other hand and squeezed them, a bit more roughly than I’d been expecting, although in hindsight, it should have been obvious. But I just rolled with it, not giving her the pleasure of seeing my discomfort.

“Take them in your mouth,” I said.

She dropped a little lower and slid her body further underneath mine. She pressed and held my cock against my stomach then proceeded to lick them and suck on my balls, one at a time.

“That’s it,” I said. “Work those balls with your mouth. Don’t be afraid of them.”

Bonnie took my comment and ran with it, gripping my ballsack just under the base of my cock, creating a tight little package with my balls in the middle. Then she took both my balls into her mouth, sucking on them like she was trying to pull them out the bottom of my sack.

I shuddered and sucked in my breath quickly. I just couldn’t help myself. Looking down on Bonnie, I saw that she’d noticed it to. A satisfied little smile had crept onto her lips.

It was time to wipe that smile off her face.

Grabbing Bonnie by the hair, I lifted her up until her face was right in front of my cock. “Open your mouth,” I said, still gripping two handfuls of her hair.

Her sly smile was still present as she opened up wide.

“That’s right,” I said. “Now take a deep breath and get ready to get your face fucked.”

As soon as Bonnie sucked in some air I thrust my cock into her mouth. As she held her mouth open, I pumped my hips forward and back, pulling her head towards me as I came forward, allowing me to slam my cock deep into her mouth with every thrust.

Wet, gurgled sounds escaped from her throat as I fucked her face with everything I had, slamming my cock into her mouth, jamming it into her throat. My balls slapped up against her chin with every thrust and her nose bounced against my stomach before I pulled back to slam it into her mouth again.

“It’s not so funny now, is it?” I said as I pummeled her mouth. “Now that you’re on the receiving end, you don’t like it so much, do you?”

Bonnie obviously couldn’t answer, as she was too busy gagging and trying get a few sucks of air whenever she could. But she was taking it like a champ, not trying to pull away or anything. I was impressed.

This went on for a full minute before I’d finally had enough. I was having so much fun that I knew I didn’t have long before I was going to blow my load. So I had to get things moving if I wanted to do everything to Bonnie that I had in mind.

Yanking on her hair, I pulled her to her feet and roughly led her over to the couch. Once there I gave her a shove, spilling her onto it, her ass on the cushion and her legs spread. She was smiling now, clearly used to being tossed around. This seemed to be the kind of rough sex she was used to.

After getting her situated properly, I sidled up to her, squatting down a bit so my cock was at the same level as her pussy.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” I asked, smacking the inside of her thighs hard enough to make her flinch and leave a red mark on her skin.

“I’ve been waiting for it all night,” she said.

And with that, I grabbed my cock and slid it into her soaking wet pussy, shoving it all the way inside her right away.

“Holy shit,” she moaned as I started pounding away at her, slamming my body into hers right from the get-go.

I grabbed ahold of her legs and threw them up over my shoulders and started to hammer away, my body slamming down into her, my balls slapping up against her asshole as I pounded her pussy.

“Give me that hard cock of yours,” she said. “Fuck me like you mean it.”

Bonnie’s dirty talk turned me on. Not only was it hot as hell, but it made her seem like more of a slut, which would allow me to get even more aggressive with her.

“Keep talking,” I said. “Tell me how much of a slut you are.”

“I’m the biggest slut ever,” she said. “All I want is to get fucked all the time. I’m a filthy fucking whore and all I want is to get pounded and punished. Give me what I deserve.”

Hearing such filth from her mouth was like opening the floodgates. I grabbed ahold of her ankles and yanked her legs off my shoulders and pushed her legs back and down towards her so her knees were pressed onto the couch, one on each side of her body, folding her in two. Standing straight up, I put one foot on the couch and left the other on the floor to maximize my leverage. Then, holding her legs in place, my body well above hers, I slammed into her with everything I had, pounding my body down onto hers, trying to break her in half.

And Bonnie was enjoying it completely. Her face was a mask of pleasure, her face red with exertion, eyes staring at me with focused intent. Her hands were grasping the cushions of the couch, squeezing tightly enough to leave marks.

“Give me that fucking cock,” she said, still talking even though she could barely breath between her heavy grunts. “Treat me like your little fucktoy. Punish me. Fucking punish me!”

So I did, letting go of one of her legs and starting in on her tits, squeezing and groping and slapping them as I fucked her.

“That’s what I’m fucking talking about,” she said. “Just like that. Just like that!”

Bonnie’s hand flew down to her clit and started furiously rubbing away while her moans  and grunts grew louder and more insistent, practically animalistic. We were staring at each other, our eyes locked together. Bonnie was totally into it, her eyes wide with intense pleasure, her breathing labored, her face flushed.

I was locked into the moment, enjoying myself immensely, but still I wanted more. I wanted to push the envelope, see if I could take things further. From what I’d seen of Bonnie so far, she would have no problem with anything I did, and I was pretty sure she wasn’t anywhere near her limits yet.

With this in mind, I released my hold on her breast and slid my right hand up her chest and towards her neck. I gripped it softly at first, just to see how she’d react.

Just as I’d suspected, she reacted with a devilish smile and a nasty little gleam in her eye. So I squeezed a little harder. Her smile grew a little wider. This got me a even more excited, something I’d not thought possible. I decided it was time to turn things up a notch, see how far I could go before she shut me down.

Still fucking her with everything I had, I tightened my grasp on her throat, not enough to hurt her but enough to severely constrict her flow of breath. Her face reddened further and her mouth opened and closed a few times as though searching for oxygen. Her eyelids started fluttering softly.

I choked her for another couple of seconds, taking her closer to the edge of passing out before finally letting go of her throat.

Bonnie breathed in deeply, filling her lungs, her eyes wide now, the color coming back to her face. Once she’d regained her breath, she started bucking against me harder than ever before, obviously turned on by the experience.

Bonnie snatched a handful of my hair and pulled my head down towards her. Then she stuck her tongue in my mouth and started aggressively exploring it. A few seconds later she yanked my head backwards, pulling out lips apart. Staring directly into my eyes from mere centimeters away, her voice full of need, she said, “Do it again,” in a demanding tone.

I decided to ignore the fact that she was demanding anything from me on the night when I was supposed to be in control and obliged her, once again grasping her throat with my hand. I hammered my cock into her pussy, tightening my grip on her throat with every thrust as she slammed her body back into me.

Just like before, I took Bonnie right to the edge of passing out before releasing her throat. She gasped for breath, smiling and laughing the entire time, her excitement palpable, infecting me so much desire that I had to pull my cock out of her before things went too far. No need for it to get too excited. I was having too much fun to end this session so soon.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pulled back, taking a moment to catch my breath.

“Is everything okay?” Bonnie asked, her face a mixture of concern and satisfaction. She knew exactly what had happened.

“Fine,” I said. “I just need a few seconds to gather myself.”

“Fair enough,” she said. “So when we get started again, where do you want me? Still on my back? Or hands and knees.”

“Definitely hands and knees,” I said. “Ass up, face down. I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Like this?” Bonnie asked, turning over and getting into the doggy position on the couch, her perfect ass sticking up in the air and her head buried in the cushions.

“Exactly like that,” I said, marveling at her huge but firm ass. I figured I should probably wait a little while longer before starting up again, but I just couldn’t resist. Her ass was too delicious-looking, sitting right in front of me, staring at me. I simply couldn’t hold back. So I approached her, stopping only once my cock was resting atop her ass, sitting in the little groove between her ass cheeks.

I dry-fucked her for a few moment, bouncing my balls against her ass without sticking my cock inside her pussy. It felt good but it was an even better visual; for some reason it turned me on like crazy and always had.

Bonnie seemed into it too, groaning and breathing more heavily with every thrust.

And then I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed ahold of my cock and slid it into her sweet, dripping wet pussy and started fucking her from behind.

“Fucking-A,” I said under my breath as I hammered away at her, my hips slamming into her ass, making it jiggle and shake while she moaned in pleasure beneath me. “Your ass is so fucking perfect.”

“Yeah?” she said between breaths. “You like fucking it from behind, do you?”

“I love it.”

“So do I,” Bonnie said. “I love the way your cock fills me up, how it touches my insides in the perfect spot. I love getting fucked doggy style.”

And I loved fucking her doggy style. The level of control, the angle of penetration, the incredible visuals; it was by far my favorite position. Unfortunately it was also the one that made me cum the quickest, which was becoming a real concern right about now. But I didn’t slow down one bit; that simply wasn’t an option. I was way too wound up to be thinking clearly. My body wanted what it wanted and it was beginning to overwhelm my brain, forcing me to fuck Bonnie harder and faster with every passing second.

Bonnie’s asshole opened wider and wider every time I slammed my cock into her, and now it was staring me right in the face, a little black hole in the center, just begging to get some attention paid to it.

I desperately wanted to fuck Bonnie in the ass, but it just wasn’t worth it right now. I figured she’d be fine with it but I didn’t want to take any chances of blowing our fledgling relationship too early by making a serious misstep. Besides, if I stuck my cock into her asshole I’d be done within seconds, maybe even before I got it all the way in. I was simply way, way too wound up to go there right now.

So I settled for sticking my thumb into my mouth to get it lubed up a bit, then using the tip of it to rub around the outside of her anus, testing the waters for next time while having a little fun myself.

“Holy fuck,” Bonnie groaned as soon as my thumb made contact with her asshole. I could tell by the way she’d said the words that she was digging it. And that point was made even more obvious when she started bucking her ass back into me harder than ever before.

“You like that, do you?” I said, pumping my hips forward in time with her backwards thrusts, allowing me to penetrate her more deeply than any other time all night. “You like it when I play with your asshole?”

Bonnie turned her upper body so she could look back at me and nodded her head.

“Yeah?” I said. “Do you want me to play with it some more?” I was no longer concerned with having my way with her, I was too far along to worry about who was doing what to whom; right now it was all about making both of us happy and setting things up for next time we got together.

“Fuck yes,” she said.

Smiling, I slid the tip of my thumb inside her anus.

Bonnie let out a deep, guttural moan and her entire body shivered. She let out a wordless cry as I worked her asshole with my thumb while continuing pounding away at her pussy from behind.

She was obviously close to cumming but so was I, and I wanted her to get there first, so I helped her out even more, grabbing a handful of her hair with my free hand and yanking back on it, forcing her chin towards the ceiling and her back to arch, increasing the tension between us and allowing me deeper access to her insides.

The combination of everything was enough to put Bonnie over the edge. Her screams climbed to a previously un-reached level and she bucked back harder into me and let out a low animalistic growl. A few seconds later her body tensed up for a moment, then she froze in place before releasing in a rush, shimmying and shaking and breathing deeply as the orgasm passed through her.

Bonnie’s gyrations put me over the edge too, and pretty much just as soon as she was done, I simultaneously cursed under my breath and slipped my cock out of her pussy and thumb out of her ass and released her hair.

She knew exactly what was going on, and spun around on the couch and situated herself so that her head was at the same level as my cock. Without me saying a word, she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking on the tip while aggressively working the shaft with her hand.

“Holy fuck,” I said. “Open up, baby. Here it comes.”

Bonnie popped my cock out of her mouth opened wide, still jerking me off as I came, shooting sperm all over her face and into her mouth while I groaned and shivered.

Her face was splattered with my cum and a pool of it collected in her mouth. She used her hand to extract the last few drips from me and deposit them into her mouth too, then used her finger to clean up the leftovers of cum from her face and maneuver all that into her mouth too. Then, without a word, she gave me a wink and turned her chin up and swallowed my seed down in one gulp.

“My god you’re one nasty fucking slut,” I said, shaking my head, marveling at her.

Bonnie smiled and said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Grinning back, I said, “You’re welcome.”

“You’re a pretty dirty fucker yourself,” she said.

“I true,” I replied. “But I can’t keep up with you.”

“You do better than most men,” she said.

“That’s good to hear,” I said, sitting down next to her on the couch. “I take it you liked that anal action.”

“I loved it,” Bonnie said.

“So I’m guessing next time you won’t mind if we get a little more anal involved?” I asked.

Bonnie gave me a nasty smile. “It’s not about what I mind,” she said. “It’s about what you mind. Or rather, what you can take.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, following it up by barking out an ironic little laugh. “I forgot about that. You get to be in control next time.”

“You’re damn right,” she said, her smile growing wider. “And I’m not even going to bother asking you how you feel about getting your asshole played with. I’m just going to do what I want with it. Or to it, should I say.”

“Uh-oh,” I said, trying to sound scared. But really I was ecstatic. I had no problem going that route; I had no issues with my manliness. The way I saw things, as long as I was with a women, anything goes.

“That’s right,” she said. “It’s going to be a long night for you next time,” Bonnie said.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I replied, smiling, changing up gears real quick, taking the seriousness down a notch. There was no longer reason to play games, at least not tonight, now that we were all through.

Apparently Bonnie agreed. She broke out in a wide, genuine smile and her voice lost its hardcore edge. “I know you wouldn’t,” she said. “Which is the only reason why I know I can do it to you without it being a problem.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking tonight,” I said. “You enjoyed yourself, right?”

“Immensely,” she replied. “And you?”

“It was awesome. But I think next time is going to be even better.”

“Yeah, you like being on the receiving end more, don’t you?”


“Me too, but it’s good to mix it up. Keep things fresh.”

“I totally agree,” I said.

We climbed to our feet and headed towards the shower. It was time to get cleaned up.





Tina was a size queen. She liked cocks that were big enough to fill her up, ones that she could feel pressing against her vaginal walls, ones that poked their tips up against her insides while she was being fucked.

To be fair, she enjoyed cocks of all sizes. But she loved big cocks. The bigger the better. And she’d been with some men that had huge ones. Cocks that were 10, 11, 12 inches long. Cocks that were as wide as a Maglite. And some that were both.

But none of the cocks she’d ever come across were as big as Dennis’s. It was monstrous.

As soon as Tina saw Dennis at the club she had a feeling that he had a big cock. She had a sixth sense about these things as was rarely wrong.

And when she glanced down at his bulge, she saw that her suspicions were confirmed. But it wasn’t until she “accidentally” brushed her hand against it that she realized just how big it was. Certainly within her range of enjoyment with the potential for even more.

From the moment she brushed her hand against Dennis’s cock, Tina just wanted to touch it, play with it, fondle it. Suck on it for a bit. Then stick it in her pussy. And quickly.

Whether it was in the bathroom or in the storage closet or in the back parking lot of the club, she didn’t care. She just needed it. Right now.

“Hey baby,” Tina said, whispering into Dennis’s ear. “I know this is crazy, being that we don’t even know each other, but I really want to get a closer look at your cock. What do you say?”

If Dennis was surprised, he didn’t show it. Tina guessed that, due to his looks, this sort of thing happened to him on a fairly regular basis.

Dennis glanced over at Tina and gave her a good look-over, then smiled and nodded his head. “That sounds like fun,” he replied.

This didn’t surprise Tina any more than getting hit on had surprised Dennis. With her cute face and stunning body, she rarely got turned down by men.

“Where to?” Tina asked.

“Out the back door,” Dennis said. “There’s a loading dock that’s pretty private.”

“Sounds perfect,” Tina said. She took his hand and led him through the crowd, snaking her way through the people towards the back door.

Tina was already wet from excitement. She knew they wouldn’t be able to get too freaky in a public place, especially one as uncomfortable as a loading dock, but that was perfectly fine with her. She didn’t think they’d be able to get too crazy anyway, not with the size of his cock. She hadn’t got a good look at it yet, but from what she could tell from feeling it behind his pants, it was huge. Potentially the biggest cock she’d ever been with, which was saying a lot.

Once they reached the back door, Tina popped it open and pulled Dennis outside. They were going at it before the door had even closed behind them.

Tina slipped her tongue into his mouth and explored around while immediately running her hand down to his cock and rubbing it through his pants. It hardened beneath her touch, going from large to enormous within seconds. She decided she needed a closer look at it right away.

Dropping to her knees, Tina undid Dennis’s zipper, reached into his pants, and carefully negotiated his cock through the hole created by the open zipper. It wasn’t even fully stiff yet and it was already immense. At least twelve inches long and nearly as wide as a water bottle.

“Holy shit,” she said, laughing to herself.

“Not bad,  huh?” Dennis said.

“It’s fucking incredible,” Tina said, grinning up at him. “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Just wait until it reaches its full potential,” Dennis said, smiling down at her.

“Let’s help it get there,” Tina said, opening her mouth and sticking the tip of his cock inside of it. She had to open as wide as she could just to get her lips around it.

“That’s a good girl,” Dennis said. “Open wide, baby.”

Tina pushed her head forward, swallowing as much of his cock as she could but couldn’t even get half of it inside her mouth. She was used to sucking on big cocks but Dennis’s was just ridiculous. She only had a couple dildos bigger than it and they were mostly just used as props, not actual toys.

After bobbing on his cock for a good thirty seconds, Tina pulled her head back to catch her breath. Tears were dripping down her cheeks from the effort, but she was thoroughly enjoying the challenge of Dennis’s cock.

“You okay down there?” he asked.

“I’m fucking great,” she said, looking up at him from her knees.

“It’s quite a load, isn’t it?” Dennis said.

“It sure is,” Tina replied. “But I’m not done yet. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

“I’m sure you do,” he said, laughing softly.

Tina gathered up a bunch of saliva and spit on his cock, then worked it into his flesh, jerking him off with both her hands on his cock at the same time. She spit on it again and jerked him off with more speed as his cock hardened up further.

“That’s right, baby,” Dennis said. “Work that fucking cock. Get it nice and hard.”

It was definitely coming along, but certainly not completely hard yet. So Tina decided to up the ante a bit.

Pulling one hand off Dennis’s cock, she reached into his pants and grabbed ahold of his balls. After fondling them for a bit while still jerking him off with her free hand, Tina pulled them out of his pants too. They were just as proportionally large as his cock, a couple of low-hanging fruits that were just waiting to get sucked on.

Dropping her head down further, Tina scooted forward and took Dennis’s balls in her mouth. Still jerking him off, she sucked on his testicles, one at a time at first, then both together while Dennis moaned in pleasure. With his balls still in her mouth, Tina looked up at him from behind his cock and could see how much he was enjoying himself, which turned her on even further.

With her free hand, Tina went to work on her pussy, slipping her fingers under her skirt and beneath her panties and sliding them into her already wet snatch. She released his balls from her mouth and went back to work on his cock, jamming it as far into her mouth as she could while she played with herself.

Her excitement allowed her to push further, forcing more of Dennis’s cock into her mouth. She had nearly swallowed three-quarters of it when she finally pulled away, gasping and heaving, saliva pouring out of her mouth and three fingers planted deep in her pussy.

“Not bad,” Dennis said. “Not bad at all.”

“Thanks, baby,” Tina said, her hand still grasping his shaft tightly as she climbed to her feet. “But now I want to know how your huge fucking cock feels inside of me.”

“Yeah?” Dennis asked. “Are you sure you can handle it?” He sounded serious but the smile on his face betrayed his true intentions, which were to tease more than challenge her.

She glared at him. “I live for cocks like yours. Show me what you can do with it.”

“If you insist,” Dennis said. He spun her around so her ass was to him and pushed her up against the wall of the building. Using her hands to brace herself, Tina slid her feet apart and stuck her ass out towards him.

Casting a glance back towards Dennis, Tina lifted up her skirt, revealing her tight, toned ass that was hidden only by her black g-string. She grabbed ahold of her panties and yanked them to the side, freeing up her wet pussy for Dennis’s cock.

And he took advantage, sidling up to her and grabbing ahold of his cock and slipping it into her pussy without any pretense.

Tina let out a low, deep groan, part pleasure and part pain as Dennis forced his humungous cock into her pussy. She was used to having big cocks in there but he was in a different world completely, and even though she knew from brief experience how large his cock truly was, it still was a surprise at how much it stretched her pussy out when it was inside of her.

“Ohmyfuckinggod,” Tina said, saying all the words in a single, breathless burst.

“Are you okay?” Dennis asked, concerned at her tone. He paused with his cock halfway inside of her.

“I’m great,” Tina said. “Don’t worry about me. I’m having a wonderful time.”

“Are you sure?” Dennis asked.

“Positive,” she said, still barely able to talk. “Keep going. I can take it, even if I sound like I can’t.”

“If you insist,” Dennis said, pushing his hips forward some more, forcing more of his cock into Tina’s pussy.

“There you go,” she said, careful not to concern him with her tone. She wanted to feel his whole cock inside her. The pain was just as important part of the experience as the pleasure, and she didn’t want him to worry that she couldn’t take it. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Dennis got almost his entire cock inside her before he started working his hips back and forth, moving gently against her at first, giving her a chance to get used to his size.

And she was getting used to it, little by little. Tina’s pussy was stretching out to accommodate him, and even though she knew she wouldn’t get totally comfortable with his cock inside her, she was fine with that. It was all part of the experience.

“Harder,” Tina said after half a minute of Dennis moving slowly against her. “Fuck me harder. Like you mean it. Don’t be afraid. You won’t hurt me.”

Dennis shook his head in amazement and laughed under his breath but did as she asked, pumping his hips faster and faster, fucking her more aggressively with every thrust.

“That’s right, that’s right,” Tina said. “Just like that, just like that!”

Dennis was grunting now as his body slammed up against Tina’s ass. His hands were on her hips and he was pulling her towards him every time he came forward, forcing his cock deeper inside her with every single pump.

“Holy shit, holy fucking shit!” Tina said as Dennis continued to pound her from behind. His cock felt incredible inside of her pussy, just the right amount of pain to go along with the pleasure she was experiencing.

It felt so good that it wasn’t long before she was right on the edge of an intense orgasm. She thrust one hand between her legs and started rubbing away at her clit to help bring it along.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Tina cried as Dennis worked her insides with his enormous cock while she worked her clit with her fingers. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

And cum she did, her body stiffening for a moment before releasing in a rush, her legs nearly buckling as Dennis continued hammering away at her pussy, only slowing down once her orgasm had passed.

“I want to taste your fucking cock,” Tina said, looking back at him.

“What was that?”

“I want to lick my pussy juices off your cock,” she said.

“Beg for it,” Dennis said, flashing her a little grin.

“Please,” Tina said, changing the tone of her voice per his request. “Please let me taste my pussy juices off of your hard, enormous cock.”

Laughing softly, Dennis shook his head in amazement. “How can I deny a request like that?” he asked.

He took two steps back, slipping his cock out of Tina’s pussy. She turned around and dropped to her knees and opened her mouth wide and slid his cock inside of it.

Tina went to town on it, sucking her juices off Dennis’s cock with reckless abandon, taking as much of it into her mouth as she could and holding it there, halfway down her throat, for a full ten seconds before pulling off.

“Holy fucking shit,” Dennis said, smiling down at her. “That was awesome.”

Tina winked at him then starting licking his cock with her tongue, running it up and down his shaft, completely cleaning his cock of her pussy juices while she maintained eye contact the entire time.

“That feels fucking incredible,” Dennis said as she finished cleaning his cock.

“That’s the idea,” Tina said, flicking her tongue up against the tip of his cock a couple of times. “How about we finish this up and go back inside for a bit,” she said.

“Already?” Dennis said. “I’m having too much fun to end now.”

“Not for good,” she said, still jerking him off while she talked. “Just a capper on the appetizer. Then we’ll head back inside and hang out for a while before going back to my place to get real freaky later tonight.”

“That sounds like a great plan,” he said.

“I think so too,” Tina said. She grabbed ahold of his ballsack and gave it a squeeze and ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft, eliciting a little shiver of intense pleasure from Dennis. “And when you cum, make sure you cum in my mouth,” she added. “That way I won’t have to get cleaned up before going back inside.”

Dennis laughed. “If you insist,” he said.

“I do,” Tina said, smiling up at him. “I do.”

And with that, she went back to work on his cock, sliding it into her mouth and sucking on it with more aggression than she had at any other time all night while simultaneously working his balls more intensely than ever before.

“Goddamn that feels so fucking good,” Dennis said.

“That’s the idea,” Tina said, pulling her mouth off his cock for a moment before diving right back in.

She went back to work on his cock and balls, bobbing her head as quickly as possible, wet, gagging sounds coming from her mouth and saliva dripping down her chin. Her hand was cupping Dennis’s balls and pulling down on them, heightening the pleasure for him and bringing him ever closer to orgasm.

Tina could feel Dennis tensing up, bringing him right to the edge of cumming, so she upped the ante even further, forcing her head forward until she was all but deepthroating him.

She held his cock there, deep in her throat, unable to breathe but loving every second of it. His member completely filled her mouth, the tip pushing against the back of her throat. Tina could tell he was about to cum but she didn’t have much more time before she needed to breathe. She wanted to finish him off first, so she squeezed his balls even tighter and pressed her head forward even further, until her nose was pressing up against his stomach. That last little bit did the trick.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Dennis said under his breath. “Here I cum, baby, here I fucking cum.”

Tina yanked her head off his cock and quickly caught her breath while continuing to jerk him off and play with his balls.

A few seconds later, Dennis’s body tensed up in preparation for orgasm. Tina opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and began to milk him with her tongue and hands.

After working him for another ten seconds, a massive stream of white sperm shot from Dennis’s cock and directly into Tina’s mouth. It was a huge load, catching her off-guard, but she quickly recovered, which was a good thing because there were plenty more where that one came from. Five more, in fact, each nearly as big as the one before.

By the time Dennis was done cumming, Tina’s mouth was completely filled with his sperm, almost to the point of overflowing. With her mouth open, showing Dennis how large a reservoir of cum he’d created, she gave him a wink, then tilted her chin up and swallowed his entire load down in one gulp.

“Holy fucking shit,” Dennis said, smiling as he looked down at her. “Nobody’s ever been able to do that before.”

“Which part?” Tina said. “Deepthroat you or swallow your whole load?”

“Either one,” he said. “Let alone both in one night.”

“I wasn’t sure I’d be able to either,” Tina said, climbing to her feet and putting herself back together. “But now that I’ve done both, I can’t wait to see what else I can do.”

“Neither can I,” Dennis said, stuffing his cock back into his pants and zipping them up. “Neither can I.”

He opened the door and held it for Tina. After she re-entered the building, Dennis did too, both of them anxious to say their goodbyes to their friends and head back to his place for round two.





Larry Jackson was on the way home from work one night when he stopped at a little Irish-themed hole-in-the-wall near his house.

When he arrived at just after 10pm there was a decent-sized crowd, a mix of men and women, all different ages, all different lifestyles. Two and half hours later, he was only one of two people left, save for the bartender.

The other customer had been there for almost as long as he had, sitting alone on the opposite side of the bar, drinking alone just like Larry. They’d made eye-contact a couple times but it was always fleeting. From the looks of things, she was just as down in the dumps as he was.

With her long blonde hair, tan skin, big brown eyes, full lips and meticulously applied makeup, she was an incredibly attractive woman, far too good looking for Larry to even consider making a move on under normally circumstances. But after 9 beers and 3 shots of Jack Daniels, he was feeling less like himself than usual. Plus he figured things couldn’t get any worse than they’d been recently, so he asked the bartender what the lady was drinking and had one sent over to her.

Shortly after receiving the drink, she stood up from her side of the bar and walked over towards him.

Larry watched her intently as she approached, unable to take his eyes off her. Up until now, he’d only seen her face. And while it was extremely cute, it was no match for the rest of her body. Thin frame, toned arms, perky breasts, flat stomach, narrow hips, long, sculpted legs—she was the full package. And dressed to impress in a short black cocktail dress and black heels.

He tried to act casual as she stopped in front of his stool but he could hardly breath. His stomach was doing somersaults and his head was spinning.

“Thanks for the drink,” she said in a high-pitched, sexy voice. “I’m Roxy.”

“I’m Larry. Pleased to meet you.”

“Same here,” Roxy said. “Mind if I join you?”

“I’d be honored,” Larry said.

“Ah, aren’t you sweet,” Roxy said as she sat down. “I was wondering when you were going to get around to noticing me.”

“Oh, I noticed you a while ago,” Larry said.

“Then what took you so long to make a move?”

“That sort of thing just isn’t my style,” he said. “Besides, the way you were all dressed up, I figured you were on your way to meet someone.”

“Actually, that was earlier in the evening,” Roxy said.

“Well, considering you’re here drinking alone, I’m guessing it didn’t go well.”

Roxy laughed humorlessly and took a drink. “That’s the understatement of the year.”

“Sorry about that,” Larry said.

She shrugged. “What can you do?”

Larry finished his beer and ordered another. “Oh, I wouldn’t sweat it too much.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Surely a woman like you has no problem getting her way.”

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