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I’m lying on the bed in my hotel room outside of San Francisco, drinking a Jack and Coke and catching up on baseball games on the television when there’s a knock at my door. I amble over and look out the peephole. I always like to check out what I’m getting before letting them in the room, just to build anticipation. So I look out and see two women, just as I ordered. One has long brown hair. She’s standing up. The other has long blonde hair. She’s kneeling on all fours.

Usually I like take a nice, long, look before letting them in the room. But not tonight. I’ve seen enough. I scramble to open the door and beckon them to come inside, lest someone walk by and see them in the hall like that. 

Once the door opens I see that the brunette is holding a leash that’s connected to choker collar on the blonde’s neck. Like a dog. The brunette walks in the room first. She gives a tug on the leash and the blonde follows, crawling on her hands and knees, her back arched and ass sticking up in the air. I quickly shut the door behind them.

I ask them their names so I can keep them straight in my own head.

“I’m Misty,” the brunette says. “And my pet here is named Tanya.”

I could already feel a stirring in my pants; I’d just ordered two women, nothing more specific than that. But I like what they’ve sent me. A lot. I had a feeling this was going to be a very interesting night.

Both women are incredibly hot but in vastly different ways.

Misty is slutty but elegant, the sharp lines of her face framed by her long hair and accentuated by her pouty lips and a heavy dose of black mascara around her eyes. She’s dressed in all black, from blouse to skirt to stockings to heels. Her body is thin and rock hard, toned but not muscular, from her arms to her washboard stomach to her firm legs and ass. She stands almost as tall as me in her 4-inch heels and holds herself like the world begs at her feet. Which is undoubtedly does.

Tanya is her exact opposite. Cute and young with an innocent smile and big, blue eyes, she’s wearing a white button-down blouse and an ultra-short, red and black plaid skirt that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. She’s thin but her body is softer, not as sharply-lined but still very shapely.

Misty bends down and unclips the leash. “Go over to the bed and start playing with yourself,” she says to Tanya.

Tanya turns and heads towards the bed, still on her hands and knees. Her ass is sticking up in the air and her short skirt gives me a full view of her round, perfect ass, which is obscured only by the black dental floss g-string.

Misty takes my hand and leads me to the couch while Tanya climbs up onto the bed. Misty sits me down, heads over to the table, pours us both a glass of wine, then comes over and sits next to me. She hands me one of the glasses.

I turn my eyes to the bed, where Tanya has started going to work on herself. She is sitting up, facing us, her legs curled beneath her, one hand rubbing her pretty little shaved pussy while she fondles her exposed breast with the other. Her head is arched back and her eyes are closed. She’s lost in herself.

Misty is watching Tanya but her hand is on top of my crotch, gently rubbing my cock beneath the robe.

“Faster,” Misty says.

Tanya obliges, rubbing her pussy with increased intensity.

“Now finger yourself,” Misty says as her thumb caresses the tip of my cock.

Tanya sticks two fingers in her pussy. She lets out a little moan as they slide in.

“Faster,” Misty says.

Tanya’s fingers start moving more rapidly. In and out, in and out, in and out. Her moans become louder, more intense.

“Another one,” Misty says.

Tanya sticks another finger inside herself. She gasps as her fingers fill up her pussy.

“Now fuck yourself some more,” Misty says.

Tanya’s fingers work her way in and out of her pussy, from her fingertips to her knuckles,  slowly at first, then picking up speed. Slapping sounds carry across the room she’s so wet. Her groans increase with the intensity of her movements.

“Harder,” Misty says. She’s still watching Tanya intently but now her hand has slipped under my bathrobe and wrapped itself around my cock.

Tanya does as she’s told, yelping now with every thrust.

“Now taste yourself,” Misty says.

Tanya pulls her fingers out of her pussy and slides them into her mouth, engulfing them. 

“That’s so fucking hot,” Misty says. She drains the rest of her wine and sets the glass on the table, then slips off the couch and onto her knees. Facing me, she pulls her shirt over her head, revealing large, beautiful tits. She spreads my legs apart then slides in between them, her head right at my crotch, her mouth mere inches from my dick. She unties the belt holding my bathrobe closed and pulls it off. Then she opens the bathrobe, revealing my rock-hard cock.

Misty grabs my cock and starts to stroke it. Over her shoulder, she says to Tanya, “Keep fucking yourself until I tell you to stop.”

Tanya does as she is told without a word, her hand diving back into her pussy with reckless abandon.

Misty leans forward and takes the tip of my cock in her mouth while she strokes my shaft. I lean back and enjoy the view, flickering my eyes from one girl to the other, one stroking and sucking my cock, the other writhing on the bed, fucking herself with her fingers. Life is good.

And it gets even better as Misty takes my cock deeper in her mouth. Moving up and down with her lips while her hand still works my shaft. And then my cock disappears as she deep-throats me with ease. She holds it there, my cock being constricted in her tight throat, tongue flicking out and licking my balls as she continues to hold it, hold it, hold it, then gags and slides it back out.

Misty gets up a little higher on her knees and lets an ocean’s worth of saliva slide out of her mouth and onto my cock as she jerks me off. The saliva coats my cock, makes it glisten as she continues moving her hand up and down my shaft. She dives back in with her mouth, taking the tip of my cock between her lips and sucking it off. She pops it out a few seconds later and sticks out her tongue and slaps it with my cock.   

“You taste so fucking good,” Misty says as she goes back to work on my cock.

On the bed, Tanya now has both tits hanging out of her shirt. They are glorious specimens, perfectly proportioned, especially perky. They bounce naturally as she continues to fuck herself, her fingers deep inside her pussy, moving quickly in and out, in and out, stretching out her snatch, her moans growing more intense, her entire body moving in time with her thrusts. She sees me watching and smiles and pulls her fingers out and sticks them in her mouth. With her other hand she slaps at her pussy, once, twice, three times, her body convulsing slightly with every slap.

Misty slides my cock out of her mouth and turns her head towards Tanya. “Stop playing with yourself and get over here.”

Tanya pulls her fingers out of her pussy and climbs off the bed.

“Get on your knees,” Misty says.  

Tanya does as she’s ordered.

“Now crawl,” Misty says.

Tanya begins to crawl over towards us. Her back is arched and her ass is sticking up in the air. Misty sees me watching Tanya.

“You like that, don’t you?” Misty asks.

“Yeah,” I managed to say through a parched throat.

Misty laughs and continues to jerk me off as Tanya arrives.

Now I have two gorgeous, scantily-clad sluts between my legs. I think it can’t get any better than this. And then it does. Tanya and Misty start kissing inches away from my cock, which by now feels like it’s going to burst out of its seams.

They make out for a few seconds, getting into it, tongues deep in each others throat, grabbing each others tits, and then Tanya is moving down Misty’s body, kissing her neck, then sucking on one of her nipples. Misty grabs Tanya’s fingers—the ones she had in her pussy a minute ago—and sticks them in her mouth, sucking the juices clean. With her free hand she grabs my cock and starts stroking it. Then she moves on from her friend and again sticks my cock with her mouth.

Communicating via some primal methodology beyond speech, Tanya detaches from Misty’s tits and slides in closer to me, running her finger up my leg as she moves. She cups her hand around my balls and fondles them as Misty continues sucking my cock.

Then Tanya arches her back further and takes one of my balls in her mouth, sucking on it, gently at first, then with more force, rattling it around in her mouth, popping it in and out, then switching balls and giving it the same treatment. Misty slides up onto the couch so she’s sitting next to me, giving them each more room to work. She digs down deeper on my cock, moving quickly up and down, her lips creating a tight seal, as Tanya works both of my balls into her mouth. The pressure is growing as each girl works her own brand of magic. I try to relax but the sensations are too powerful, too wonderful.

I look down and see nothing but the back of Misty’s head. She has completely engulfed my cock. I look at the mirror across the room and can see the back of Tanya’s head in the reflection. She’s completely engulfed my balls. I imagine their lips are touching in the middle.

“Oh. My. God.” I say. I take a deep breath, let it out as slowly as I can.

Misty slides my cock out of her mouth, spits on it, jerks it some more. Tanya is still going to town on my balls.

I feel guilty, like I should be returning the favor, so I reach over and start rubbing the Misty’s pussy through her panties. She immediately starts soaking through them. She bites on her bottom lip, starts to moan, then leans over and sticks her tongue down my throat while still stroking my cock. I slide my fingers inside her panties and start working on her pussy proper, rubbing up and down on her swollen lips. She breathes harder and starts moving against my fingers. She’s soaking wet. She leans back a bit, changing the angle, allowing my fingers to easily slide into her pussy. I hold them there, rigid, while she gently bounces up and down on them, harder and harder, her hand moving faster and faster on my cock, her breath growing more ragged, until finally she stops and lets out a shuddering breath. She slips off of my fingers, grabs them, and sticks them in her mouth, sucking her juices off of them one by one.

When she’s finished tasting herself she grabs a handful of Tanya’s hair and pulls her head up.

“Sit on his cock,” Misty says.

Tanya giggles and looks up at me and smiles. Her eyes are huge as she wraps her hand around the bottom of my shaft and wiggles her way up. She straddles me and strokes my cock while her pussy hovers directly above it. Still firmly grasping my shaft, she sticks the tip of my cock against her pussy lips and rubs them against each other for a moment before finally sliding my dick into her. She starts to bounce on my dick, moving up and down slowly but rhythmically, her shaved pussy tight but soaking wet, her tits jiggling. She leans into me and sticks her titties in my face. I grab them, start working the nipples, then stick one of them in my mouth and start to suck. She moans in pleasure and starts riding me even harder, her hands grasping the back of the couch to add leverage.   

Misty stands up on the couch and pushes my head deeper into the cushions, then tilts it back so I’m looking up at the ceiling. Then she throws one legs over me and straddles me and sits on my face, all but smothering me. She grinds against my face, allowing me just enough air to breath, her juicy wetness drenching me. I stick me tongue out and she rides it with her pussy, moaning the whole time, grinding harder and harder against me while Tanya rides my cock like a Bronco, bouncing on it faster and faster. Tanya’s high-pitched yelps as she slams against me combined with Misty’s deeper, more guttural growls of pleasure create a cacophony of pleasure that excites me even further, pushing me closer to climax, which at this point is mere seconds away.

Misty seems to sense how close I am, as she slides off my face. “Not yet you don’t,” she says as she climbs off the couch.  “You don’t get to cum until after you fuck me.”

Misty grabs Tanya by the hair and pulls her off my cock.

“My turn,” Misty says. She throws Tanya aside and climbs astride me, impaling herself on my cock.

Misty’s pussy is glorious; not as tight as Tanya’s but even more wet. She works my cock slowly, moving up and down with well-practiced assurance. She sits atop me like a conquering hero, staring down at me, her face serious, all business, her brown hair spilling over her eyes, her bottom lip between her teeth. With her hands on my chest for leverage, she grinds on my cock, owning me, using me for her own pleasure. Which is perfectly fine by me.

“Grab my tits,” she says.

I obey, one hand on each. They are the perfect size, a little more than a handful, firm and perky.

“Squeeze them,” she says.

Again I obey.

“Harder,” she says. “Like you mean it.”

I squeeze as hard as I can, her nipples between my fingers. Still bouncing on my cock, she moans and starts to shake. I squeeze harder. She bounces some more than slams down into me one last time and then sits there with my cock deep inside her, shuddering and moaning and breathing deeply and shuddering some more as I squeeze her tits even tighter, and then she closes her eyes and arches back and lets out one more deep groan and a final orgasmic shudder and then takes a moment to catch her breath. She slides off me, stands up, grabs my cock with her hand, and pulls me off the couch. 

Tanya is on her hands and knees on the bed, waiting for me, her ass sticking up and facing me.

Misty leads me to Tanya like a horse to water, her hand still wrapped around my cock. And then I’m my thighs are up against the edge of the bed. I’m standing over Tanya, staring down at her perfect, willing, waiting body, my rock hard cock poised mere centimeters from her glistening pussy. Tanya has turned her head to look at me. She’s biting her bottom lip, watching me, waiting to get fucked.

Misty drops to her knees and takes my cock in her mouth, bobbing on the tip a couple times while jerking my shaft, getting my cock all wet and slippery and hard. She releases my cock and spins around and starts licking Tanya’s pussy, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her lips. Then Misty moves aside, leaving the way open for me.

I slide my cock into Tanya’s dripping wet pussy. She gasps and moves her ass back against me, pushing my cock in deeper, holds it there for a moment, and shudders just a bit.

With my hands gripping her ass cheeks, I start to work her pussy, moving slowly in and out of her, giving her my entire cock, from the tip of the head to the back of shaft. Misty has stood up and taken a position behind me, rubbing up against my back, her left arm wrapped around me, her hand caressing my pectoral muscle.

“Harder,” Misty whispers in my ear, her voice seductive and nasty. “Fuck her harder.”

I start working it faster and faster, until her ass is slamming up against me and she’s groaning with every thrust.

“Spread her ass,” Misty says. “I want to see her gape.”

I do as instructed, spreading Tanya’s cheeks apart, widening her pussy.

Tanya is completely into it; her palms are flat on the bed and her elbows locked, her back arched, her head thrown back in ecstasy her hair lying on her back, beckoning me. I reach out and grab a handful of her hair.

“That’s right,” Misty says, her voice getting nastier with every word. “Now yank it back.”

I do as I’m told.

Tanya yelps and starts to moan louder as her back arches even further. The leverage is great now and I’m pounding her pussy deeper than ever before, her tight ass bouncing against me with increased rapidity and pressure, her moans growing ever faster and more intense.

“That’s right,” Misty says. “Fuck her. Harder. Punish her. Make her your bitch.”

Her words turn me on even more and I crank back on Tanya’s hair, nearly yanking back off the bed, but still I pound away, slamming into her pussy, going deeper, deeper, deeper as Misty continues to egg me on, practically shouting at me now.

“Fuck her harder,” Misty says. “She can take it.” With every thrust she says it again.






And then I can’t take it anymore and I say, “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum on her,” Misty says. “All over her back.”

And with Misty egging me on I’m pulling my cock out of Tanya’s pussy and she turns her head and looks at me and smiles and I can’t take it anymore and I spasm and feel a great release of tension and then my seed is squirting all over her back, once, twice, three times, long arching streams reaching her neck.

And then I’m shuddering. jerking the last few drops out of my cock, milking it, while Misty comes around and makes her way onto the bed and starts lapping up the small pools of milky liquid that have gathered in the hollows of Tanya’s back. I shake my head and watch as Misty collect all my cum in her mouth. She flips Tanya on her back and climbs until her face is above Tanya’s and lets the sperm drip from her mouth into Tanya’s waiting mouth. Then Misty they switch positions and Tanya returns the favor, letting the sperm drip back into Misty’s mouth and then they kiss, sharing my cum between them. It ends up in Tanya’s mouth and she looks at me and smiles and swallows it down.

Misty and Tanya giggle and I shake my head, disgusted a little bit but turned on too, then sigh and head over to the couch to pour a couple glasses of wine for the girls. I hand them the wine and head into the bathroom to rinse my face with water. By the time I get out the girls have downed their wine and started collecting their clothes. I grab my wallet, drop a thousand dollars on the table near the door and bid them goodbye.

No hassles, no weirdness, no bullshit. Just sex. Straight up. Just the way I like it. Escorts. Don’t leave home without them.






There’s a knock on my door. I take a deep breath and walk over to it and open it up, eschewing the peephole. I want to be surprised. And I am. In a good way.

The woman at the door is far more beautiful than I could have ever hoped for, standing just a few inches shorter than me with a slim, athletic body beneath her tight raincoat. Her long black hair is pulled back, showing off the perfect lines of her face. Narrow chin, high cheeks, big brown eyes, small nose, and thick, dick-sucking lips lined with dark maroon lipstick. Her skin is incredibly tan, golden brown, hinting at some exotic family background.

She holds out her hand, palm down. I take it and kiss the top of it, then lead her into the room.

I close the door behind us and by the time I turn around she’s already undone her raincoat and dropped it to the floor.

She’s wearing a tight, lacy black lingerie top that ends just below her perfectly proportioned, large but not too-large tits. She’s got a black bikini bottom and black lace stockings on her incredibly toned, muscular legs. She spins in place, showing off a tight, absolutely ridiculous ass and revealing little bows on the back of her stockings. She undoes a clip in her hair, letting it fall down her back, almost all the way to her waist.

Still facing away from me, showing off her ass, she turns her upper body and looks back at me.

“Do you like what you see?” she asks, her voice laced with the remains of an unfamiliar accent that confirms her exotic origins. Her smile is wide and appears genuine.

“Very much,” I say, stumbling even to get a simple sentence out. She’s so ridiculously gorgeous it’s throwing me off.

I’m used to getting a certain kind of woman, namely one with a specific flaw. Cute with only a so-so body, or an insane body with a decent face, or perfect except for jacked up teeth, something like that. But not this girl. She is just flat-out gorgeous, like a movie star, only with a slightly slutty edge. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect attitude, and just waiting to get fucked by me. It’s almost too much to handle.

“I like what I see too,” she says, stepping towards me. She grabs ahold of my arm, squeezes my bicep. “You have very big muscles,” she says. “Let’s see about the most important one.”

My heart is pounding as she runs her hand down my chest, over my shirt and jeans, coming to stop right at my crotch. She runs her hand over my jeans and starts rubbing the outside of my already rock-hard cock.

“So far, so good,” she says. “Do you mind if I take a closer look?”

“Not at all,” I say, trying (and failing) to control my breathing.

She unzips my fly and reaches in and pulls my cock out. “Oh my,” she says under her breath, her smile growing even wider. With her hand still wrapped around my shaft she says, “You have a very beautiful cock.”

Despite having done this sort of thing many times, I can’t help but blush. For some reason getting a compliment from her (even though it’s one I paid for) excites and embarrasses me.

“Thanks,” I say sheepishly.

She laughs. “What’s the matter? Is this your first time with someone like me?”

“Not even close,” I say.

“Then what is it? Are you just shy?”

“Not normally,” I say, laughing nervously under my breath. “But right now? Yeah. A little.”

“That’s okay,” she says. “You just relax and let me do the work. And when you’re feeling up to it, you can take over.”

“Sounds good to me,” I say, barely able to get the words out, highly doubting that I’ll ever feel up to taking control. Not over her.

With her hand still wrapped around my cock, she leads me over to the couch. Then she spins me around and gives me a little push, dropping me onto the cushions.

She reaches down and undoes my belt then pulls my jeans off. She drops down onto the floor, spreads my legs, and crawls in closer to me until her head is right in front of my stiff cock.

A thin sound escapes from my throat as she wraps her lips around the tip of my cock. She sucks on the head for a few seconds before pulling her mouth off with a pop. Then she starts working my cock over, never staying in one spot for more than a couple seconds, running her tongue down the length of the shaft, caressing my balls, sucking on them for a short time, then licking the tip, all while looking up at me, her big brown eyes locked onto mine.

“You want me to suck it?” she says.

I nod, unable to trust my mouth to form even the simplest of words.

She smiles again then takes my cock in her mouth and starts moving her lips up and down the shaft, hands-free, making it disappear with ease, her eyes still looking up at mine. Her hair is thrown back, allowing me a perfect view of her beautiful face as she sucks my cock.

And she sucks it like a pro, constantly varying the pace and the pressure and the depth to keep things fresh and keep the sensation heightened.

She takes my cock all the way down her throat and holds it for a few seconds, then pulls off, leaving it glistening with her saliva. She takes a couple of deep breaths, still smiling up at me, her hand now jerking me off, moving quickly along my slippery shaft.

After catching her breath she slips my cock back into her mouth and moves it in conjunction with her hand, sucking and jerking me off at the same time, her mouth making slurping and gurgling sounds as she goes to town on my cock. Her free hand runs down my thigh then comes underneath my balls and curls around my sack, caressing and jiggling my balls while she continues to suck my cock.

She pulls her mouth off my cock and slips her head further down beneath my legs. Her eyes still locked on mine, she takes my balls in her mouth, suckling and gurgling them, first one at a time, then both together, her hand continuing to jerk me off the whole time.

It feels so good I can hardly contain myself. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in an attempt to regain control. I’m a visual person and I’m hoping that by not watching her suck my cock it’ll keep me from getting too excited. It actually works, at least for a short time. But then her tongue bypasses my balls and ventures even lower.

I shudder and mutter a low obscenity the moment her tongue makes contact with my asshole.

“I take it you like that?” she asks, looking up at me from behind my balls, a little smile plastered on her face.

“I fucking love it,” I say.

“Do you want me to do it some more?”

“Yes please.”

She laughs and then goes back to work on my asshole, licking it like a kitten lapping up milk, moving slowly from back to front while she continues jerking me off with her free hand.

She suddenly shoves my legs even further back, pushing my knees towards my chest, giving her easier access to my asshole. She gathers up some saliva and spits on my asshole, then starts attacking it more aggressively with her tongue, putting more pressure on my sphincter, then sliding the rigid tip of it inside of me.

“Holy fuck,” I mutter, my fists curled up into balls in an attempt to counteract my excitement. I’m breathing hard by now, barely able to keep myself under control as she continues tonguing my asshole with reckless abandon. I’m perilously close to cumming but it just feels so damn good that I don’t want to tell her to stop.

I turn my gaze to the ceiling and try to count the little holes to distract myself just enough to stay on the edge without going over it. But my attention is thrust downward with the onset of a new sensation.

She has gone back to sucking my cock but there’s still pressure in my asshole. I realize with a start that she’s slipped one of her fingers in there and is sliding it in and out of my asshole while she blows me.

It feels incredible. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The pressure and the mixture of slight pain and intense pleasure in my rectum combined with the pure bliss of her mouth moving up and down on my cock is quickly pushing me over the edge. It’s all I can do to keep from exploding right there, all over her face and into her mouth.

With a deep sense of reluctance I crawl away from her, back into the couch, forcing her finger out of my asshole and her mouth off my cock.

“What’s the matter?” she asks, a look of confusion on her face. “You don’t like that?”

“Actually I like it too much,” I say. “Any more of it and I’m going to be finished way too soon.”

“Ahhh, I understand,” she says, smiling. “You need a little break, right? A chance to gather yourself?”

I nod.

“Okay, you just sit back and relax. I’ll give you a little show.”

So I do, leaning back on the couch as she drops onto the floor, her back to the carpet.

She slips her panties off and spreads her legs wide so her wet, shaved pussy is staring me right in the face, then slides her hand down her stomach, stopping at the top of her pussy.

With two fingers she starts rubbing her clit, moving slowly in a circular motion, staring directly at me the entire time. With her free hand she’s fondling her breast, squeezing and pinching her nipple.

Her fingers start moving faster against her clit and her breath is coming harder and harder now. She bites down on her bottom lip and makes soft but intense groaning sounds under her breath. She slips her fingers inside her pussy and starts banging herself, her juices making a sloshing, sucking sound as her fingers fly in and out of her pussy.

My dick is still standing straight up and it’s all I can do to keep my hands off it. I desperately want to jerk off as she plays with herself but I’m trying to exhibit a little self-control. But soon I realize it’s pointless.

She slips a third finger inside her pussy and I just can’t hold out any longer. My hand goes down to my cock and I start stroking it, slowly and gently, not wanting to increase my excitement too much further. After all, this is supposed to be when I’m cooling down a bit in preparation for what’s to come next. But she’s just so hot and sexy and obviously into what she’s doing that I can’t help myself.

  By now, she’s working herself with both hands, one with four fingers inside her pussy, slamming in and out, while the other rubs at her clit. It’s obvious from her face that she’s close to cumming but she still makes relatively little noise.

She increases the intensity until it’s about to boil over, then suddenly tenses up, her eyes wide, her neck straining as she reaches orgasm. She lets out a little gasp and her body shakes and shimmies a couple of times before falling still.

Smiling, she pulls her fingers from her pussy and brings them up to her mouth, where she proceeds to suck them dry of her pussy juices.

“Did you like the show?” she says once her fingers are clean. Her eyes are locked on mine, her smile as genuine as ever.

“Very much,” I say.

“Are you ready for me to sit on your cock now?”

Matching her smile, I nod.

She stands up from the floor and saunters over towards me. She climbs atop me, one leg on each side of my body, and lowers her pussy onto my stiff cock. It slides in easily, having been expertly warmed up already.

I utter a soft groan as she takes my cock all the way inside her, engulfing it, her pussy warm and wet and inviting.

She works her pussy muscles, expanding and contracting them, altering the pressure on my cock without moving up and down against it.

“Holy fuck,” I say softly, doing everything in my power to keep from cumming immediately. I’m holding my breath, afraid to let it out for fear that it’ll be all the excuse my body need to release.

Smiling, obviously enjoying the control she has over me, she leans over and sticks her tongue down my throat.

This does nothing to relieve the pressure; if anything, it ramps things up even further. For some reason I’ve always been turned on just as much if not more from kissing as from fucking, and when both are happening simultaneously it’s all but unbearable. Making out while fucking a girl is often the final thing that puts me over the edge. And that’s almost the case here. But her lips feel so good I don’t want to pull off. So I just tighten my reins a little tighter and try to hold on.

Luckily she breaks off the kiss right before it’s going to be a problem for me. Then she leans her body back and starts bouncing on my cock, slowly at first, working the entire thing from tip to shaft inside her pussy. Taking it right to the edge of popping out before slamming it back down.

Paradoxically, this relieves some of the pressure I’m feeling. I’ve always had an easier time not cumming when the fucking is fast and aggressive as opposed to slow and intimate. I’m not sure why but it holds true here too.

She slams her body into me harder and harder, riding my cock like crazy, her tits bouncing in my face, her hands pressing down on my chest while she stares directly at me. It’s perfect; I’m thoroughly excited but in no immediate danger of spilling over.

With my cock still planted deep in her pussy, she spins around so she’s riding me reverse cowgirl, her body turned slightly sideways towards me, one foot flat up on the couch, outside of my leg, and the other on the ground, inside of mine.

She’s riding me faster and faster, the new position allowing her to slam her body down onto mine with more force than ever before. But still I want more.

Her body is turned towards me just enough that her right tit is bouncing directly in front of my face, tempting me, taunting me. I crane my neck forward and start sucking on her rock-hard nipple while she rides my cock.

She moans and starts riding me even more aggressively, her body now slamming down on top of mine hard enough to make me flinch. But I like the pain so I bite down on her nipple so she’ll ride me even harder.

She obliges, uttering something in her native language under her breath and shaking her head from side-to-side and slamming down onto me with everything she has, our bodies coming together with an audible smack at the bottom of every thrust.

Despite the intensity that we’re going at it, she remains mostly quiet, which is fine by me. And actually it’s a bit of a relief considering how most of the escorts I’ve been with scream as loud as possible, perhaps thinking that’s what men want to hear. Which is correct, most of the time. But not always. Sometimes quiet intensity is preferable, especially when the girl is gorgeous and talented, like this one obviously is. She doesn’t need to scream to prove she’s having a good time. Her actions do it for her. And more effectively, I might add.

In fact, she’s so effective that I’m having trouble loosening up and letting things go. I feel like I’m back in high school and it’s one of my first times; I’m still slightly embarrassed by her beauty and even feeling a bit unworthy, even though I’ve paid her for her time. She’s so gorgeous it’s really kind of intimidating. I feel like a kid again, making it almost impossible for me take control.

She does her best to counteract this by taking the lead, but this just makes things even more pronounced, making me feel even more out of my league. It’s far easier to pummel a girl into submission when you see them as lesser than you, a view which most escorts are all too ready to enforce by their looks and outfits and attitudes. But a woman like this, so beautiful and sophisticated and sure of herself makes it almost impossible for me to get comfortable. I want to take control and fuck her like I fuck all the other escorts, but there’s something deep down inside me that isn’t allowing me to do so.

Luckily for me she seems to be used to having this kind of effect on men, so she has no trouble continuing to take the lead.

She climbs up and off my cock, spins around, and positions herself on her hands and knees on the couch. Her perfect ass is sticking up, just waiting for me to take her from behind.

I clamber to my feet and position myself with one leg on the couch and one on the floor, giving me the perfect leverage to take advantage of her.

I slip my cock into her, taking her doggy-style. I move slowly against her at first, wanting to savor the first few moments of penetration from this, my favorite angle, but it isn’t long before I’m slamming my cock in and out of her pussy. I just can’t help myself.

Our bodies slam together, my cock going balls deep inside her pussy, the outline of her spine showing against her tanned skin.

I adjust my position so my hands are just above her hips, pushing her mid-section down to bring her ass up, slightly altering the angle of penetration and allowing me deeper access.

Her ass is bouncing right in front of my face as I fuck her from behind, mesmerizing me with its jiggly movements, tempting me, taunting me with its perfection. I can’t let it go untouched. It’s just too inviting.

I slide my hands down and grab ahold of her asscheeks and spread them wide, revealing her tiny pink little asshole. It’s staring me right in the face, slightly open but not gaping, beckoning me, just begging to get played with. And based on her foray into my nether regions earlier in the evening, I’m guessing she’s up for some anal play, and possibly even a whole lot more. Time to find out for sure.

Normally when I hire an escort I just take what I want from her; that’s kind of the point. I know they are going to give it up willingly so there’s no apprehension on my part. But tonight I just can’t get over my (relative) shyness and take what I want. I have to make sure that she wants it too. So I take things slowly, gathering up some saliva before spitting on her asshole and start working it with my thumb. She lets out a little gasp of pleasure and her entire body starts to shimmy, her breath coming more quickly now. 

Based on her reaction to my playing with her asshole she seems to like it, so I take things a step further, rubbing the outside of her sphincter for a little bit, varying the pressure to keep her guessing, continuing to fuck her from behind all the while.

Then I venture a little deeper, pressing my thumb in the center of her asshole, not quite hard enough to penetrate it but right on the edge.

She starts bucking harder against me, her ass slamming into my hips. It’s as if she’s trying to force my thumb into her ass. She obviously wants it in there, so I oblige, sliding it in to the first knuckle and start working it around. She utters a deep, shuddering moan and her body shakes.

Taking her excitement as a good sign, I slip my thumb deeper into her asshole and continue fucking her, picking up speed, inspired by her increased gyrations. I pound her a few more times then pause to catch my breath, keeping my cock in her pussy and my thumb planted firmly in her ass.

She turns her upper body so she’s looking back at me. Her eyes lock onto mine. They are shining with intense pleasure.

“You like my ass, don’t you?” she says.

“I love it,” I reply.

“You want to stick your cock in there, don’t you?”

“Very much so,” I say.

“Then what are you waiting for?” she says.

It’s a good question. One I don’t have an answer for. So without saying another word, I pull back a little, slipping my cock from her pussy, then lift my hips just a little bit and stick my rock-hard cock into her gaping asshole. It slides in easily, with very little resistance.

I go to work fucking her asshole, moving slowly against her in long, rhythmic strokes, giving her my entire cock, from tip to base.

“That’s it, baby,” she says, her accent slightly more pronounced. “Fuck my tight little ass with that beautiful cock of yours.”

Her voice is like an aphrodisiac; just hearing it gets me more excited. Almost too excited, really, keeping me from turning the aggression up too much. Normally I go at it pretty rough but tonight things are different. This girl is so hot, so exotic, and so high-class that I’m having trouble totally laying into her. I’m fucking her gently, or at least as gently as possible considering my cock is in her ass right now. It just doesn’t seem right to be fucking her any other way.

Seeming to sense my reluctance, she starts taking more control, backing her ass into me with more and more force, until eventually she’s slamming back into me, her ass bouncing off my hips, my balls slapping up against her pussy as my cock goes balls deep into her asshole.

“You like that?” she says, turning her upper body so she’s looking back at me. “You like it when I work your cock with my ass?”

Unable to speak, I can only nod. She smiles and starts backing her ass into me even more aggressively. Then she tilts her head back, arching her spine and sending her silky black hair spilling over her back.

Is she trying to tell me something? Giving me an opportunity to take control without explicit saying so? I think she is. So I gather up a handful of her hair and take the lead, shifting my legs to give myself a little more leverage before I start hammering away at her asshole.

“That’s right,” she says, breathing more deeply now. “Pull my hair and fuck me like you mean it.”

Inspired by her talking, I start giving it to her harder, my hips slamming against her ass, causing it to ripple with every thrust. I wrap my hand tighter around her hair and give it a good tug, arching her back even further and allowing me deeper access to her asshole.

“There you go,” she says, her voice still low and seductive and intense. “Give it to me, baby. Right there. Right fucking there.”

And so I do, turning her body so I’m standing now, my cock still planted firmly in her ass. I reach down and push on her shoulders, forcing her face into the cushions of the couch. I hold it there, pressing down on the side of her head while I pummel her ass, my body slamming against hers, my cock disappearing all the way inside her.

She grabs ahold of her asscheeks with her hands and spreads them wide, stretching her asshole, allowing me deeper access. Seeing her this into it excites me further and I hammer away at her ass with everything I have, right at the edge now and not caring. Thousands of years of evolutionary instincts have taken over; I’m no longer concerned with prolonging the session, all I want to do is propagate my seed.

“Holy fucking shit I’m gonna cum,” I say.

She immediately pulls off my cock and spins around and drops to the floor, her mouth right in front of my cock. She takes my cock in her hand and jerks me off while her mouth sucks me off, heedless of the fact that it was just in her ass.

She doesn’t have to work it for long before I’m at the point of no return. My legs tighten up and my body tenses for a moment, then releases.

She pulls my cock from her mouth but continues jerking me off as the cum rockets out of my cock, spraying all over face and tits and neck, covering her body with milky whiteness while she stares directly into my eyes.

She continues working my cock with her hand, squeezing out every last vestige of cum before finally letting go. She drops my cock and starts to laugh. Her face is a mess, completely covered with my sperm, like she’d dunked her face in a bowl of milk.

“Pretty damn impressive,” she says, still giggling.

“Thanks,” I say, as embarrassed as ever.

She climbs to her feet and heads towards the bathroom.

The session ends as all they all do, with her cleaning up real quick and then leaving without much fanfare. This is one of the things I love about escorts, the lack of any emotional awkwardness afterwards. It’s done, time to move on. But today it’s bothering me more than usual. It’s as though I want something more, something meaningful. I feel empty without it.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to order up another girl tomorrow to take care of my sorrow.





Tonight I’m doing something different. Well, sort of. I set up an evening with Roxy Steele, a pornstar who escorts on the side. Although I’ve never been with her before, I feel like I know her well, having jerked off to way too many of her movies over the past few years.

Normally I don’t set up sessions with pornstars, mostly because they use their notoriety as an excuse to charge three times the average going rate. But I figured what the hell. Roxy is one of the most popular pornstars in the world, and from what I understand—not to mention what I’ve seen on screen—an incredible fuck.




My stomach is full of butterflies as I wait in my hotel room, working on my eighth beer of the evening. Normally, a session with an escort doesn’t make me nervous at all, but the fact that I was going to spend the evening with a pornstar instead of a normal escort had given me a good case of the nerves.

I’m reasonably certain it won’t affect my performance, but I’m sure it will mess with my personality a bit. Even with all the beers I’ve already finished, I’m still feeling a bit on the shy side. Although I doubt it will matter at all. Roxy is known for being a heavy talker, plus she’s undoubtedly used to being men who are a bit star-struck, so I’m sure she won’t care that I’m most likely going to keep my mouth closed all night.

There’s a knock on the door. I pound the last of my beer, take a deep breath, and head over towards it. After taking another deep breath, I open the door.

Standing there, in the flesh, is Roxy. I take her in with my eyes all at once, staring at her for what seems like an hour but is really only a second.

When I called I asked that she come over dressed normally instead of all decked out in a typical pornstar outfit and she’s obliged, wearing a pink and white striped short-sleeve sweater that exposes a little strip of tanned skin at the bottom of her washboard stomach, a pair of blue jeans and heeled sandals. Her long blonde hair covers half her gorgeous face and her makeup is relatively subtle, compared to some of the getups I’d seen her wearing in the movies.

Her big, blue eyes were ringed with just a little eyeliner, she has a stud in the side of her nose, and subtle lipstick that matches her sweater. Her tits are small and perky but her legs are long and toned. She’s a beauty to behold, one of the most fuckable girls I’ve laid my eyes on in some time.  

My breath catches in my throat and my heart starts to pound. Not just because she’s so freaking hot (although she is) but because it’s actually happening. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes when the girl standing out there waiting to come in and fuck me is a pornstar instead of a normal escort. It really shouldn’t matter, after all the principle is exactly the same, but it does. A lot.

“Do you mind if I come in?” Roxy says, taking my shyness in stride, just as I figured she would.

“Of course not,” I manage to say. I stand aside and she walks by me. I peek at her ass as she walks by. It’s as tight as it always appears to be onscreen. I close the door and turn to face her. 

She’s standing there, staring at me with an expectant look on her face. It takes me a moment but I eventually figure out what she wants. I dig into my pocket and pull out a wad of cash and hand it to her.

She gives me a little nod of thanks, then counts it and slips it into her purse. “You seem a little nervous,” she says. “Is this your first time doing something like this?”

“No,” I say. “But it’s been a while.”

“Just relax,” she says, dropping her purse on the coffee table. “I’ll take care of everything.”

She steps towards me and leans in and kisses me. I kiss her back, opening up my lips to accept her tongue. As we explore each other’s mouths, her hands drop down to my waist. She deftly undoes my belt and the top button of my pants, followed by the zipper.

As I take a deep breath to keep myself under control, she drops to her knees, pulling my pants and boxers down as she goes.

With my pants down around my ankles, I watch Roxy as she grabs a hold of my cock and holds it up against my stomach and runs her tongue lightly over my balls. Smiling, she looks up at me.

“You like that don’t you,” she says. “You like it when I lick your balls.”

I nod.

Smiling up at me, she goes back to work on my balls, taking them in her mouth and bouncing them around with her tongue while her hand moves up and down on my cock, gently jerking me off.

Eventually she releases my balls and lets go of my cock, allowing it to hang naturally, or as natural as a rock-hard cock can hang. It’s sticking straight out, parallel to the ground.

“You’ve got a very nice-looking cock,” she says. “Do you mind if I take it in my mouth?”

I shake my head.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you would,” she says.

Roxy opens her mouth and wraps her lips around the tip of my cock. With her hand gripping the base, she sucks on the head for a few seconds. She pulls her mouth off my cock, gathers up some saliva and spits on it. Her eyes still looking up at me, maintaining eye contact the entire time, she  jerks me off, working the saliva in.

“Do you like how my lips feel around your cock?” she asks.

I nod again.

She laughs. “You don’t talk much do you?”

I shake my head.

Her mouth turns up in a little half-smile. “Feeling a little shy, are we?”

I nod.

“That’s okay,” she says, still working my cock with her hand. “I’m used to it. Besides, I’ll talk more than enough for the both of us. Unless you don’t like that sort of thing, of course.”

“No, I like it,” I say.

“Good,” Roxy says. “Because my mouth has a mind of it’s own.” She pops it open, her lips creating a big O. She slips my cock into her mouth, taking it almost all the way down before sliding it back out. “See what I mean,” she says once my cock is clear of her lips. “I just can’t seem to keep it closed.”

Smiling, I laugh softly and shake my head.

“Oh wow,” she says. “You do you have a personality after all.”

I raise my hand and bring my forefinger and thumb close together. “A little one,” I say.

Roxy laughs. “That’s okay,” she says. “The size of your personality isn’t what’s important right now. The size of your cock is. And it’s certainly not a little one.”

She takes my cock in her mouth again and starts bobbing her head forward and back, taking it three quarters of the way down every time, sucking me off at a good, solid, medium pace, her hand working in unison with her mouth.

She slides her knees back a little bit, until she’s in the traditional doggy-style position, giving me a much better view of her ass.

While she continues working my cock, I bend over and grab ahold of one of her ass cheeks and give it a squeeze. It’s soft at the surface but hard just underneath, big and shapely and extremely well-maintained.

Roxy pulls my cock out of her mouth just long enough to say, “You like my ass, don’t you.”

It’s not a question, not really, but I nod in reply anyway.

“Well then, let’s give you a better look.” She quickly slips out of her jeans and tosses them over by her purse, then climbs back into the same position as earlier; on her hands and knees, my cock in her mouth, her ass sticking up in the air. Now she’s wearing only a red g-string that barely covers her holes and leaves the rest of her round, bubbly ass exposed.

It’s such a perfect ass that I can’t help myself. I reach back and give it a little smack.

She lets out a yet little yelp of surprise followed by a moan of pleasure.

Taking this as a good sign, I switched my hand over to her other ass cheek and give it a smack also.

Roxy reacts the same way, punctuating her enjoyment by going after my cock with a little more urgency.

Enjoying the way things are going, I smack her ass again, a little bit harder this time. She ups the energy even more. So I smack her again, and again, and again, trading off ass cheeks, my slaps getting a little more intense every time, my cock growing harder and harder inside her mouth as she continues matching my aggression.

Once both her ass cheeks are good and red, I stand up straight once again and look down to watch her suck my cock.

She sees me watching and gives me a wink then rises up a little higher. Putting her hands on my thighs for balance she pushes her head forward, taking my entire cock in her mouth, and holding it there, deep in her throat.

“Holy fuck,” I moan under my breath as she deepthroats me for a good five seconds before pulling her head off.

“Do you like that?” she asks after catching her breath. “Do you like it when I swallow your entire cock and hold it deep in my throat?”

I nod.

“Do you want me to do it again?”

“Yes please,” I say.

“Oooohhhh, you actually spoke,” she says. “You must really like it.”

I nod.

Laughing softly, she wraps her lips around my cock and again deepthroats me, this time maintaining eye contact the entire time.

I put my hands on the back of her head and force my cock even further down her throat, until her nose is pressing up against my skin and her bottom lip is touching my ballsack.

Roxy gags and coughs and tries to back away but I don’t let her, holding her head in place with my hands for another couple seconds before finally letting her go. Her head flies back and she gasps for air.

Once she’s caught her breath, she gathers up a bunch in saliva and spits it on my cock and starts working it in with her hand. Looking up at me, her eyes filled with excitement and her lips turned up in a big smile, she says, “You like taking charge, do you?”

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