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The Facility.

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Author: Sheela B.

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Chapter 1

Kani Frandis feels nervous as she approaches Laboratory two-hundred at ‘The Facility’, in New Harjes, on planet Frandis. The Facility is like a city, with more than one-thousand laboratories sprawled over the complex. Although some may view her arrival as an insignificant event, just another ambitious scientist trying to make a name for themselves. Others secretly hope she can be the pebble if thrown correctly, that sets off an avalanche.

She feels her stomach churn as she steps off the bus outside of laboratory two-hundred. It’s always difficult being new at a place that has been established a long time. She wonders whether they'll like her, but more importantly whether she's be able to persuade them to her way of thinking. The outer doors look like any other, gray and dirty. Taking her ID badge she swipes the reader and waits.

As the doors slides open to Laboratory two-hundred, Kani meets an unexpected taun from her past. An old-school friend called Jinta, back from when she was young. A flash of mischief immediately crosses his face as he sees her.

He flashes her a smile. "Kani? I heard you were coming to work here."

"Jinta Cufba? How on Prantas did you end up here? I thought you doesn't qualify for higher learning?"

She said this to deliberately make him feel bad and judging by the frown he develops, it worked. I see she’s as spiteful as ever, he thought feeling his stomach drop. "I work for Pima Lags, the head Veterinarian in this lab."

Kani laughs. "Oh, you clean out the cages, how quaint. Can you direct me to Pima Hilts office, he’s expecting me and you’re holding me up."

Jinta’s face goes dark for a moment as he wrestles with telling her where to go. She isn’t his boss, even if she does outrank him being a scientist. However, he thought better of it. Who knows, when she’s feeling her heat coming on, old Jinta may get lucky, he thought.

"That door over there," he said pointing to a white door on the far-right side of the room. "I had better get going, work to do."

"Yeah, bye."

She had already begun walking toward the door when she said it. Stuck-up bitch, Jinta thought, she’ll come running when she needs it, just wait and see Jinta old friend. So he shrugs and leaves through another door that shut silently behind him, however, she doesn't see it.


Kani straitens her pristine white jacket and licks her palm to smooth the fur on her face. She taps on the door and after hearing a deep voice say enter, she does. Pima Inlo Hilts sits at his desk, the taun in charge of the laboratory. He looks at her as she enters with violet eyes, his tan fur now showing a gray tinge. He wears a monocle over one eye nestled beneath the prominent brow ridge common for their race. Hilts sniffs the air taking in her sweet scent, so he stands politely offering the chair in front of his desk. She’s beautiful looking, so hot, Hilts thought feeling his dangle stir.

"Ms. Frandis, I’ve been looking forward to your arrival. You look as pretty as you sound on the link," he said with a slight bow.

Kani bows back, as is customary in official greetings. "The virility of your voice also matches your taunly appearance, Pima Hilts. Please, call me Kani."

"Kani, please sit, we have much to discuss."

She sits as his eyes devour her tuun form. They tell him she's a looker, and he’s not disappointed. Her fur is black, her eyes are yellow with specks of red flashes in the light, a startling contrast. Her breasts looks perfect too, a nice handful, and he senses her rear equally perfect. After she sits, he continues straightening papers on his desk to emphasize his importance, to impress her.

"So your trip to this world was satisfactory?" he asks conversationally.

"Six weeks in hyperspace is always a chore, but the excitement of this challenge kept me occupied, Puma Hilts."

"Well, with the success you had saving the Zarlk’s from extinction, I only hope you can perform the same miracle here. This species is in a sorry state, I’m afraid."

"How many are left now?"

"All told around fifteen-hundred, divided into three laboratories," Hilts said leaning back into his chair pompously. "The Emperor sees it as a kotaunitarian project of utmost importance. I think it’s a waste of money, resources, and time, myself. This species will never recover. It’s been a millennium, and we’re still no closer to solving the riddle."

"Why does the Emperor take such an interest in this species?" Kani asks.

Hilts shrugs. "Ours is not to question the will of His Majesty. Besides, ‘The Stapo’ have eyes and ears everywhere these days and love nothing better than to ruin a career for loose talk. All we can do is our job, and leave the questions to those with a higher pay grade."

Kani nods. A typical middle management response, she thought. "True, may I see the creatures, err, Hooma's? Did I say right, it’s such a strange word to me."

"Sound's right to me. Come I’ll give the full tour."

They stand and head out the door.


He takes her to a viewing area overlooking the domed compound. The layout reminds her of a zoo, more than a research laboratory. This compound has three large cages surrounded by a concrete path. The Hooma's are separated into two groups. Each group occupied an outer pen, the middle pen stands empty. They huddle together in groups. Poor creatures, she thought, they look totally bored out of their brains. She had seen pictures of them in her briefing documents, however, the sorry sight of them made her feel sad. They are mostly a fur-less creature with only thin smatterings over their small bodies. Their skin color varied from dark brown to pale white.

They’re much shorter than a Kotaun. The tuun Hooma's only have two breasts because they only give birth to one offspring at a time. The taun Hooma's have dangles like her species, with fur around their heads and faces, and short sparse fur on their bodies (except their groins). It makes them look wild, which excites her.

"The reports I read coming here said they have intelligence. Is that true?" she asks Pima Hilts.

Before Pima Hilts can say a word, another mature voice answers from behind. "Their intelligence is overrated, young tuun. At best, it equates with a child of our species. They can be devious, though, so watch yourself with them."

Pima Hilts face develops a deep scowl when he sees this newcomer. "Ah, Lags, meet Ms. Kani Frandis, she's a Xenobiologist who specializes in sexuality and reproduction. Ms. Frandis, meet Par Lags, our head vet."

Pima Lags eyes practically jumps out of his sockets as he looks her over. "Yeah, I read your paper on the Zarlk’s. Outstanding work, Ms. Frandis," Lags said with a smile. "But alas, Hooma's don’t have pheromone glands as best we can determine. So your work with Zarlk’s will mean little here."

Kani smiles, ignoring his put-down. "Pima Lags, it’s a pleasure to meet you." They briefly touch paws. "Can I ask, why do you keep the sexes separated? How are they expected to mate, if they don’t have access to each other?"

"Every time we put them together they fight like Zeenlebs. It baffles us, maybe you can see something we’re missing."

The way he looks at her makes her think he doesn't really think she will. Kani has experienced this before in labs, the newcomer who might challenge the status quo is always met with resistance. Sometimes with covert dislike, and sometimes open hostility. A game will now begin where the entrenched staff will try to get her to become like them. Adopt their attitudes and approaches with the promise of being accepts and liked in return for abandoning her ideals. She has to try to affect some change without ruffling everyone’s ego simultaneously. It’s a complicated game that most of the time the newcomer loses, meaning they either accept the way of the entrenched staff or leave feeling bitter about the lab.

"I’ll do my best," Kani said lightly. "I’m sure you’ve been very thorough in your observations. So I look forward to reading your reports."

Pima Hilts coughs to draw attention back to him. "Well, there’s plenty of time for that. No one is expecting you to solve everything on your first day. Now if you’ll excuse us Par, we have an orientation to get through."

"Certainly Inlo." Bowing slightly to Kani, he said, "If you need anything, and I mean anything, don’t hesitate to contact me, Ms. Frandis."

"Thank you Pima Lags," she said, her lips glowing a pleasant purple-blue that indicated an attraction to him.

Hilts noticing quickly ushers her away from the Vet. If anyone is going to pfloug Kani around here, it’s going to be me, he thought angrily.

Chapter 2

After a month spent buried in reports and observations about the Hooma's, trying to find some clues about their sexual behavior Kani still can't seem to come up with anything concrete. In her other studies, she had come to realize all creatures, especially those with some intelligence, have strong sexual urges. These urges are a constant factor in their consciousness. You just have to look at the way all the taun’s in the lab gravitate around her whenever she's around them. Wanting to please her, talk to her, be close to her; all in the hope they can pfloug her. Sex has been her ticket to promotion for most of her life until recent developments made it easier for her. Most tuun’s who has made Pima always pflouged their way there. Her culture is dominated by taun’s, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Besides, she’s not one of those ‘Tuun Liberation’ types, not in the strictest sense anyway.

She has a way to go before she can start doing what she wants to do, though. The first step is to win favor with her superiors, the ones who count anyway, so she can gain their trust. It’s the only way for a tuun to get special treatment in the workplace, and bypass all the boorish paperwork. Pima Hilts is more an administrator these days than a scientist, but he’s her boss so he should be first she seduces, and she knows it won't be hard.

So after she feels he has pestered her long enough, she finally accepts Pima Hilts offer for dinner. He takes her to a fine restaurant in the city merely to show off he's dating the most attractive tuun on the planet. The other taun’s in the restaurant eye him with such hatred he practically beams happiness. It’s the old mating dance most tuun’s barely tolerate these days, thanks to changing attitudes in kotaun society.

Kani really feels bored by the old taun, because he’s so stuffy, but for her career, she pretends he’s the most virile taun she's ever known, and like most taun’s, he believes it. The problem with taun’s, she thought, is they think with their dangles and not their brains. After dinner he takes her back to his apartment for drinks, unlocking the door and pulling Kani inside.

"Welcome to my home," Hilts said, with an arm sweep.

Kani steps inside and utters a low whistle. "Whoa, nice."

Hilts apartment has a large open plan living area, with high walls leading to exposed beams in the ceiling. A large panel of windows on one wall gives an excellent view of the city below. A well-equipped kitchen in one corner and a corridor Kani supposes leads to bedrooms and bathroom.

"This is much better than the one I was assigned," Kani said coming in and looking around.

Hilts laughs. "Yeah, being management has its perks. Excuse the mess, you know what we taun's are like."

Your place is cleaner than mine, she thought sarcastically, but I guess you get a maid here too, with your damn perks. As Hilts goes to the kitchen to open some wine, she pulls a small white aerosol can from her purse and sprays it on herself. Taking a seat on the couch she waits for Hilts to return.

Hilts comes back with a couple of glasses of purplish wine and paws one to her and sits next to her taking in her scent. He hopes the alcohol will make Kani more open to his advances.

"You look troubled?" Hilts said, noticing her caution.

His hand suddenly rests on her leg. She ignores his hand, and asks, "Can I ask you something?"

"Ask away."

"I’d like a private lab with its own pens, as some of the work I do is very, ah, intimate. I find constant prying eyes make it more difficult to motivate my subjects."

She drinks a huge gulp of wine, anxious for his reply. He looks thoughtful for a moment. "Shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you tell me what you’re doing in there."

Kani folds her arms across her chest and pouts. "Don’t you trust me?"

Hilts thrust his chest out and holds his chin high. "Sure I do, but you must understand we still have protocols to adhere to. I can be of great help if you’re willing to cooperate with me to the fullest."

"You know I’m a very cooperative tuun, Inlo?" she said unashamedly running her finger over his leg toward the bulge forming in his pants.

Hilts let out a generous burst of laughter. "Yes, I kinda figured you are." Hilts licks his lips. "My dangle has aches for you since we first met. You’re the most beautiful tuun I’ve ever seen."

"You’re not the first taun to say ," she said and laughs softly.

If she has been paying attention to Hilts’ face, she might’ve seen the lusty flash in his eyes as he looks over her body. He can barely suppress the groan threatening to betray his efficient middle management appearance. The smallest things about her are driving him wild with lust. Her golden eyes, her sexy smell, her laugh, and the way her fur shines in the light makes his body sizzle and his dangle twitch in expectation. He has to adjust himself often to mask his growing arousal.

"Inlo, are you alright?" she asks, merely to tease him.

Hilts tries a huge smile. "Your presence is so intoxicating, my dear. What is that perfume you wear? It’s making me feel so randy."

Kani laughs softly, snuggling into him. "It’s my secret blend. Do you like it?"

She brings his face close to hers and takes in her scent deeply.

"I love it."

"You’ll like this scent even better," she said seductively.

Suddenly she sprays something into his face making him frown and blink. His head spins and his vision becomes blurry. Then to his surprise, an eruption of sensuality washes over him making his body quiver and tremble.

Suddenly he cups her face in his paws and deeply kisses her, needing to further explore her mouth. Hilts unfastens his pants and slides them off exposing his hard dangle, it aches so much. An average-sized dangle that fitted him well as he’s an average taun.

"Kani," he said with a purr. "You’re so beautiful, I have to pfloug you."

She looks at him, his eyes have a primal glint she has seen before. His dangle now dribbles clear liquid as he strokes it, enjoying the moment to its fullest. Hilts’ eyes follow her tongue as it sensually slides around her lips.

"Taste it," he said trying to sound taunly.

She gets on her knees in front of him. Hilts’ dangle is thick and looks more than thirteen lintos long. It has a bluish knob, which oozes its own lubricant and a light spattering of fur. Kani stares at him; her yellow eyes flashing, the perfect balance of innocence and impishness.

"Inlo," she whispers, "I want my own lab, no strings attached."

She bit her bottom lip nervously. He smiles warmly at her. "I know you do," he said huskily. Hilts’ body feels on fire. He needs to feel her near him. "It’s all yours."

When she finally grips him gently in her hand, he utters a low moan. He nearly cums right there from the first touch he feels so aroused. Kani leans forward and plants a soft kiss on the mushroom like head. Her tongue licks the underside of his head before she takes it into her mouth. Hilts groans and grabs her head as his hips rocked forward. She opens her mouth wider to accommodate him. Kani starts to bob slowly, using her thumb and forefinger to jerk him off. Not being sure of what he likes, she tries to listen to the sounds he makes, to work it out. When her tongue laps at his balls, Hilts lets out a low moan. So Kani takes them into her mouth. Kani groans, the vibrations of which send tiny sparks shooting out from all directions, making Hilts intake short gasps of air. Again, nearly shooting his load.

Her eyes goes to his, and he knows he’s not going to be able to hold it back much longer. Damn those eyes, he thought, how can a taun control his lust with such beauty sucking his dangle. Hilts feels the familiar tightening of his scrotum, as she continues to tongue it, and suck on it. Her hand moves along his dangle with smooth, quick strokes.

"Kani, I’m gonna cum."

Her mouth going back to his hard dangle, making his hips jerk. She looks up at him once more before whispering softly, "Cum in my mouth."

Hilts growls, releasing his spitz into her waiting mouth. Kani swallows it eagerly. She licks at his head and cleans the rest of him until he gently moves her away, his dangle too sensitive for any more of her attention.

Taking her hand, he pulls her from her knees to sit next to him on the couch. He kisses her deeply, taking her bottom lip into his and sucking it hard. Kani whimpers, her clopus begging for relief of the fire now burning inside. Her fingers dive into her panties, stroking her soaking sex. She gasps her surprise when she feels him push her fingers aside and take over, his fingers curling inside her clopus and hitting that wonderful hidden spot, her clit.

"Oh yes," she mewls seductively.

Her head rests on his shoulder as she humps his fingers.

"I want to be inside you so bad," Hilts growls. "Do you want me to pfloug you, Kani?"

When his thumb pinches her clit, she nearly cries from pleasure. "Oh God yes, Inlo. I want it so bad"

Hilts fingers thrust deeper into her. Kani let out a small moan. Her body twists to the side as she drapes her top half over the armrest. Her gaze drifts back to him. His knees are on the couch as his fingers are slowly pushing her toward orgasm. Hilts moves closer, practically lying on top of her with his fingers still inside. She can feel his dangle swelling once more as he kisses her side.

He pronounced with pride, "You’re going to look so good on the end of my dangle."

Kani’s eyes rolls back as she orgasmed on his fingers. He slips his fingers out of her wet clopus and brings her close to him. She kisses him roughly before seizing his paws and sucking his fingers into her waiting mouth, tasting herself on him.

"Please, pfloug me," she said to him softly.

She gets to her feet shakily before unclasping her bra, making her four breasts bounce free, and Hilts gulps audibly. She slides her panties down and steps out of them. Hilts stares at her beauty, taking her in, burning her into his brain. Her beauty so amazing, as she stands in front of him naked, he nearly orgasms at the mere sight of her.

"Let’s go to bed," he said.

Hilts takes her hand and nervously leads her down the short hallway to his bedroom. They sit on the bed and Kani unzips her boots. Hilts kisses her once more, his paws traveling to her breasts, rubbing her nipples with his flat palm. Raking her nipples with his sharp claws, making them turn hard and red. He pushes her gently back on the bed, their mouths still connected. He can feel her trembling slightly beneath him.

"Are you okay?" he asks. His violet eyes searched hers and can see the discomfort in them.

She asks, "Are we moving too fast?"

"We can’t stop now, we’ve just reaches the good part." He pushes her to the top of the bed, resting her head on her pillows. He spread her legs before positioning himself at her entrance. "Oh Kani," he moans.

His dangle twitches with anticipation as he nears her sex. "You’ll give me my private lab, and not interfere with my work?" Kani asks softly.

What does he care about work at a time like this? Just say yes to shut her up, he thought. Give her whatever she wants as long as I can pfloug this tuun as much as I want, I don’t care. What Hilts can give, he can also take away. Hilts sighs. "Yes, my sweet tuun. The lab is yours."

Hilts mouth rises in a lopsided grin. He lifts her knees slightly as he eases his dangle into her warmth. His hips begin to move at a steady pace. Kani fills the room with a low primal growling sound, as she responds to Hilts motion. Her hips rise to meet his thrusts, her back arching her nipples as if on offer. Hilts obliges, tonguing the dark red buds before taking each completely into his mouth. Kani’s eyes are shut tightly, her mouth slightly open, little cries of pleasure tumbling out. He leans close to her ear.

"How do I feel?" he asks.

He feels her tremble beneath him. "S-So good," she moans. "S-So pflouging good."

Hilts grins. "You want more?"

He punctuates the end of the sentence with an even deeper stroke, arching upward.

"Oh pfloug."

Her legs spread even wider.

"Tell me, tell me what you want, Kani?"

"I want more. Faster, deeper, please."

He slides out of her wetness and plunged in once more. Grabbing the headboard with both paws, he takes her hard. He watches her writhe beneath him, her legs wrapping around his waist, her beautiful breasts pointing heavenward. He fucks her so hard and fast, the bed shakes and creaks beneath the strain.

Kani’s paws claw at his chest as his hard dangle thrust repeatedly, unforgiving, into her clopus. "Inlo, I’m gonna—" she begun to say.

"Cum with me," he moans. He feels her clopus clench around his dangle tighter and tighter. One last torrent of hard thrusts has him growling her name. "Kani! Kani! Kani!"

For the second time that night, Hilts ejaculates inside her. Kani orgasms with a loud whimper. Her arms and legs wrap tightly around his body, enveloping him in such softness he nearly cries out. She shudders and jerks as her orgasm radiates from her clopus over her whole body. She peppers his face with kisses as he rolls over, taking her with him. When she tries to move off him, he holds her in place with his arms.

"You might’ve cum, but now it’s my turn," Hilts said as he continues to pfloug her as hard as he can.

"Only if I can have my own lab without you or anyone snooping around," Kani said.

"Alright, alright, shut up about the damn lab and let’s pfloug!"

He becomes a taun possessed by the spirit of Carlinza and a lust boils in him. Hilt’s fucking becomes animalistic, he forgets about her as a tuun and thinks of her only as a clopus to be pflouged again and again without mercy.

Kani sits back in a chair watching him as his hallucination of sex brought on by the special scent she sprayed in his face takes full effect. "You’ll give me my own lab, won't you Inlo," she shouts at him.

"Yeah, y-yes, l-lab," he replies, froth forming around his lips as his body quivers in constant orgasm.

Hmmm, I don’t think Inlo is going to be able to handle my mating-mix, she thought. I better tone it down, I don’t want to injure the poor taun. Reaching into her bag she takes a spray can with a purple cross on it and sprays it on Hilts face. After a few minutes he calms down, so she helps him to his room and put him to bed to sleep it off. As she's leaving, she turns and looks at him romantically snuggling a large pillow. She knows in his mind he believes it’s her he's cuddling, not a pillow, and it makes her giggle.

"Oh well, Inlo, at least you’ll have a good story to tell your friends," she said sarcastically. "Even if none of it actually happened, except in your mind."

She leaves, hopeful her new lab will be coming soon.

Chapter 3

It doesn't take long before Hilts came good on his promise. The lab is small, with a workstation connecting her to the facilities database, an examination table, and some bench space holding scientific equipment. Not a lab in the strictest sense, more an examination room the vets use sometimes. Still, it suits her needs. Importantly, it has two smallish pens at one end connected to one's the Hooma's are kept in. Now all she has to do is get a few healthy specimens into the pens so she can begin. She’ll have to wear an air mask among the Hooma's, a small price to pay, but the isolation protocol is strict in this lab. So strict, in fact, to break it means instant dismissal.

The welfare of the animals is Pima Lags responsibility, so she needs his permission to begin working with specimens. She waits for him to drop by so she can ask him for it. That’s why she wears her special perfume and unbuttons the top buttons on her lab coat to show off her cleavage. I know he wants me, she thought, so hopefully, he’ll be easy to seduce. She pulls out a small aerosol from her pocket and sprays its contents on herself, and puts it away.


She sits to read some reports, waiting for Lags to arrive. The Kotauns have been working on the Hooma's for a long time now, more than a millennium. This last remnant of the species are all clones, none of them have been born naturally. Kani thought this is part of the problem, even if they can get them to breed again all the Hooma's culture and survival instincts are long gone. We may be better off sending them to a Zoo, she thought.

From what she has observed in her first month at Lab two-hundred, the taun Hooma enjoy frequent masturbation. She's also observed clear signs of same-sex attraction in each group. Kani decides the same-sex attractions are because they’re segregated from the opposite sex, meaning attraction becomes focused on whom is available, rather whom they preferred. Something observed in millions of species across the galaxy.

Remarkably, some of the Hooma's files are classified, and she doesn't have the clearance to read them. It bothers her, as she's never encountered anything like it before in her work. The classified files have the Royal Seal on them, so if she tries to break into them she can be executed. Why would the Emperor want information about this species concealed, she wonders? Holding back information is a sure way to make sure we’ll never succeed at this.

"You shouldn’t be looking at ," a mature taun voice said next to her.

Pima Lags had entered without her noticing. She jumps. "Oh, Pima Lags, you frightened me."

"We’ve all tried to discover why the Royal House have classified files on this species, it leads nowhere, so I suggest you drop it."

Lags stares at her with glowering eyes. Ye Gods, I only had them on my screen, I didn't try to open them, she thought frustratingly.

"I’m not here to upset anyone. It’s not my fault they appear on the screen when you look at the archive data. If they want to keep people from wondering about them, maybe they shouldn’t make them so obvious," she tells Lags in a pleasant, but firm voice.

"Maybe." Pima Lags glances around the room tired of that avenue of conversation. "This is a backup exam room. I don’t know why you want to work out here, it’s—isolated," he said with a snarl.

"I’m finding the attention from some of the taun’s here distracting, so this place is perfect for me."

She lied, but she needs to boost his ego, again.

"Still, if a Hooma attacks you in one of these pens you might be dead before we miss you. There’s a lab near my office that'll be better."

"Pima Hilts approved my use of this lab, and that’s what matters. Thank-you anyway."

She holds her gaze, knowing he’s trying to bully her. In fact, it makes her lips tingle every time he asserts himself over her. Something about Lags seems so sexy. He goes into one of the pens looking at it with pronounced boredom.

"So why am I here exactly?" he asks.

Kani rises and enters the pen and stands close to him. She knows exactly why he has come. "I want some Hooma's to work with, I’m told I need your permission."

He stares with narrowed eyes. "What do you plan to do with them?"

"Study them closer, to see whether I can get them interested in breeding," Kani said.

Lags laughs. "You want your own animals to play with, is it? What’s in it for me?"

"My undying gratitude," she said with a faint smile.

Suddenly, Lags spins Kani so her ass cheeks rests against his crotch. She can feel his hard dangle pushing at her already.

"If you want my approval you better convince me of your credentials," he hisses.

Lags pushes her out of the pen and bends her over the examination table kicking her heels apart. Her skirt stretches tightly across her ass. He slides a paw beneath her skirt and strokes her leg from calf to thigh, reveling in the luxurious feel of her silky black fur. He presses his fingers into the gussets of her panties and pushes inside the lips of clopus.

"If you want your pet animals in here, you had better do as I say," he said while rubbing his fingers over her clopus making her squirm.

Kani can feel the large lump of his erection rub against her. "You’re so virile, Lags. Not like Hilts," she cooed.

"He’s a weak taun. Now open your legs," he orders kicking at her heels but they can't open any wider.

"I can’t. This skirt is too tight," Kani said, shaking with sexual nervousness.

"Take it off," he snarls.

He watches as she pulls her skirt off and drops it on the floor. "Panties too." She pulls them down to reveal her puffy pink clopus covered in fine black fur. "You’re pflouging beautiful."

Lags leered at her, licking his lips. Kani shudders and swallows a moan when Lags unbuckle his pants and drops them around his ankles. Lags dangle is large, and she can't help but stare. Her eyes bulge at the sight of it. So large, even by her race’s standards. His dangle looks more than twenty-five lintos long, she thought in amazement.

"Like what you see?"

"It’s impressive, Pima Lags. I’d expect nothing less from you."

He spins her again and pushes his groin against her buttocks and begins to dry pfloug her. Lags revels in the feel of her soft fur rubbing against his sensitive glans as he moves along the crevice of her ass.

"You like this don’t you?"

Kani can't stop herself gasping as Lags dominates her in a traditional mating display. She looks down and at his erect dangle, so long and thick and ready to take her. Lags kicks her feet further apart again. He positions himself between her legs and forces his body over hers to hold her in place. Lags positions the head of his dangle at the entrance to Kani’s clopus and parts her labia. He pushes forward, and the head of his dangle slides inside Kani’s wetness. He groans. Kani whimpers.

Lags slowly nudges his dangle, pushing at the walls of her clopus. Kani inhales explosively as she feels the taun’s appendage filling her with pulsing hard meat. The biggest dangle she's ever had inside her, and it feels so good. His chest pushes on her back, while his paws grab her breasts and squeeze them roughly. Lags knows he can't hold back his orgasm for long, he holds Kani’s hips and slowly pflougs her, steadily increasing his intensity. He nuzzles her neck; inhaling her special perfume making his senses come alive. The scent intoxicating him in pure sexual lust. He turns her head and kisses her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue as forcefully as his dangle explores her womb.

Lags begins to quicken and Kani responds by matching his thrusts with hers. Pushing her hips out to meet his jabs, so his balls slap her clit with each thrust. He pounds his dangle repeatedly into her tightness, making her breasts jiggle when Lag’s reaches the point he can go no farther. The limit of her clopus. He begins gripping Kani’s hips, pflouging her as hard as he can. She gasps and pants as he dominates her. Her legs are spread wide and her high heels scratch at the concrete floor as she fights to maintain her balance. Kani can feel Lags dangle expand inside her, and she knows what’s about to happen.

Lags suddenly pushes himself deep inside her, as far as he can go. He grunts loudly, growls even. She can feel the warm spitz splash against the walls of her clopus. This feeling of absolute fullness, created by Lags large dangle and his spitz, triggers her orgasm. She can't control herself any longer. She let out a long low moan as her muscles contract in waves, starting at her clopus, moving over her whole body. Her clopus tries to clamp on his large dangle but there’ nowhere for it to go. Lags holds her close as his body sways in orgasmic pleasure. They collapse on top of each other, panting and sweaty, on the exam table. Ye Gods, what a wild pfloug, she thought as he gets off her and goes for his pants. He really knows how to treat a tuun.

As he put on his pants, he said, "Let Jinta know what Hooma's you want and he’ll deliver them here."

Kani sits there showing him her well-pflouged clopus as an act of submission. His spitz already dripping out of her clopus. In these traditional type mating sessions, the female has to remain submissive to the end.

"I’m pleased you’ve allowed me such indulgences, Pima Lags."

He looks at her gaping clopus and smiles. "It’s the least I can do. In the name of science and all."

She nods and he leaves the lab. Kani going to her bag and retrieved some moist washcloths to clean herself. Things has gone better than she hoped.


Several days later she arrived at her new lab to find Jinta waiting for her at the door. "The Hooma's you requested are in the pens, so you’ll have to suit up before you go in there," he said coldly.

The one condition she hated about the job. Lab protocol dictates when they’re in a shared space with the Hooma's, they have to wear self-sustaining Biohazard gear with its own source of air. Kotauns and Hooma's breathe the same kind of air, so it puzzles Kani why The Facility insists on this extreme measure. If air born vectors are a concern, then why not use a filtering mask, she wonders?

They have these small bottles of compressed air that last twelve hours attached to the suit. Expired air is passed through several inbuilt filters, before being released to the outside. Kani’s curiosity gets the better of her.

"Jinta, has anyone ever been around a Hooma without the Biohazard gear?" she asks.

"Sure they have."

"What happened to them?"

"They got fired. Lags is very unforgiving of mistakes."

He rubs his jaw after he said .

"But has anyone you know of ever got sick, or caught some disease from a Hooma?"

Jinta glances around and moves closer to Kani. In a whisper, he said, "Don’t tell anyone I said this, but we Techs often break this stupid protocol, and no one has ever gotten sick as far as I know. Just don’t get caught, as it’s all: ‘by Royal decree’ crap, meaning they have no mercy on offenders."

"Really?" she asks with a frown.

"The last taun who got fired for breaking isolation procedure is a buddy of mine, and he still can’t find a job," Jinta said. "He said he has a ‘royal’ black mark against his name now."

"I’ll remember . Thanks, Jinta."

She begins to enter the change room to get into her Biohazard gear when Jinta calls out to her. "Say, what do you want with these stinkin’ dirty Hooma's anyway?"

"It’s science, you won't understand. That’ll be all, Jinta," she said as the door closed.

It's science, Jinta echoes in his mind in a mocking tone, uppity bitch! He storms off.

Chapter 4

Kani enters her lab to find the two taun Hooma's she had requested. They’re dirty looking beasts, their heads covered in long black fur, with thin pale skin bodies with a sparse fur covering. They're wearing gray shorts over their dangles, but she knows they have another tussle of fur around those. The two Hooma's are sitting in the corners of their pens watching her suspiciously eating some fruit. Are Hooma's intelligent, she wonders? A question she needs to answer for herself, at some stage. Hooma's can be toilet trained, they obey some commands, understand routines, and make noises to each they seems to understand. Are they talking to each other, she asks herself? She brought this up with Pima Lags once and he laughed at her.

"Hooma's don’t talk, young tuun," he said in a superior tone that made her lips tingle.

Lags is a taun’s taun, and she can't help feel attracted to him. Much to Hilts dislike who often counters by bragging about their night of passion. Kani does her best to avoid Hilts requests for dates but has to give in once in a while to keep in his good graces. The night always ends with her sending him to erotic heaven with one of her pheromone sprays. Her first job on this project is to discover whether the Hooma are fertile. If the beasts are infertile, that may explain much. The best way to discover this effectively is to collect samples of their spitz. So she grabs a specimen jar and a treat, going to one of the pens, and calls a Hooma toward to her.

"Come on. Over here. Good taun, come on," she coaxes it in a baby voice.

A Hooma, seeing the treat in her hand, gets to his feet and moves toward her. It comes close to the bars and she paws it to him; a bar made of honey. The Hooma's love sweet treats, so he takes the candy and sniffs, then begins chewing on it.

"Good taun," she said, stroking its head with affection.

He doesn't mind this at all, being used to the presence of kotauns. Her hand trails down its chest and into its shorts feeling its dangle. The Hooma looks at her with a deep frown. She begins to stroke its dangle which feels smallish in her hand, like a babies dangle. Kani expects the animal to run off at this point, but to her surprise it stands there, chewing its treat.

She pulls his shorts down to expose him. The other Hooma laugh and chatter in the next pen, yet her Hooma ignores him. Kani returns to stroking the Hooma's dangle watching it grow bigger in her hand as she does. She feels amazed a Hooma dangle, though smaller, looks the same as a Kotaun's dangle minus the fur. At full mast now, the Hooma grunts as she strokes its dangle through the bars. He has eaten the treat, so now he holds the bars with eyes closed, concentrating on her ministrations. Pre spitz oozes from it, so she knows it won't be long. So she lifts her specimen-jar in readiness and with several loud grunts, the Hooma blows a large load of white spitz into it. She milks the dangle until the Hooma pulls away having had enough. The other Hooma jumps about chattering at her loudly. When to her surprise, it suddenly drops its shorts and pokes its dangle through the bars. Already as hard as he can get.

Why not, she thought? Collecting another specimen-jar, she goes to work on the next Hooma. Stroking his hard dangle, until he also shoots a load of white spitz. She paws it a treat, and each Hooma settles on their bedding quietly after. She put a sample on a slide and takes it to the microscope on the bench. Looking at the spitz beneath magnification there, in the mixture of fructose and enzymes, the genetic material swam quite vigorously in each sample. Indicating the Hooma's are fertile. A good start, she thought. She empties her samples into special containers, placing them in a liquid nitrogen tank to store them.

After she tidies, she sits at her desk to write a report, entering data she has uncovered. Especially her surprise each of the animals seemed willing to have the experience. Proving to her again, a lack of sex drive isn’t the problem here. Also, the taun’s are fertile enough to breed. She'll have to take more samples of spitz to establish whether it’s true across the whole group, and to show which taun’s she can use in the next phase of her work. The mating.

The more difficult job is going to be testing for fertility in the tuun Hooma's. At least for now, she has much more taun Hooma's to milk first. Playing with all these dangles is going to affect her, especially with Carlinza not far away. All she can think about lately is sex, and she knows Carlinza is to blame. Her species yearly mating ritual when all tuun’s ovulated.

At least I can replenish my supply of pheromones, she thought. I need to make some more spray.


As Carlinza approaches, it gets more difficult for Kani to concentrate owing to her hormones kicking into overdrive. Lately, taun’s everywhere are sniffing her and smiling. Her determination to finish the spitz study before Carlinza drives her to work hard. So she keeps herself isolated in her lab collecting samples from the eager taun Hooma's. On the day Carlinza arrives she finds herself down to the last five taun Hooma's, and decides to finish the study before the ritual mating ceremony begins in the evening. There’s enough time, she tells herself, if I push myself. Carlinza will start the early evening on Farbinis, around seven-thirty to eight pm.

Her watch reads six thirty PM, and she has just one more sample to process before she's has to leave to meet Par Lags. As she looks through the microscope to check the fertility of the Hooma sample, the lights suddenly go out, followed by the emergency backup lighting coming on. She pokes her head up and peers around the room.

"Oh, pfloug," she said.

Guess means my day is done, she thought. Luckily she had already frozen the rest of the sample, and just has the slides to view, and put some agar plates in a warmer that has battery backup. So she put the slide in a cooler and going to the door to leave. The door won't open. What the pfloug, she thought? She swipes the lock with her card, it still won't open. She’s locked in. Kani sits at her desk, the computer won't work, everything is dead.

"Oh great," she said banging her fist on the monitor. "Now what do I do?"

Pulling out her phone, she calls the front office, but no one answers. She thought about phoning Pima Hilts, but decides against it. So she hit Jinta’s number instead.

"Yeah?" his response cold.

"Jinta? Where are you?" she asks.

"Having dinner with Dalag from lab one-hundred and six. It’s Carlinza you know." He sounds irritated about being disturbed with a night of wild sex ahead. "What ya want? Can’t get a partner for the night?" he said and laughs.

"No, I’m at work, and the power went off. I’m locked inside."

He doesn't answer her at first, which filled Kani with anxiety. Then he laughs hard.

"Why are you laughing?"

"The labs in lockdown. There’s no way out until morning, I’m afraid, you’re stuck there for the night."

"But what about—" Kani begins.

"You’re stuck there until the lockdown is over," Jinta said.


"Ye Gods, tuun, they sent a notice to everyone saying we had to be gone by six. They even put it up on the notice-board in the meal room at the lab."

"I never saw it," Kani said feeling her stomach drop.

"Looks as if you’re there for the night. Now I gotta go, Dalag is serving dinner," he said and ended the call abruptly.

Rage boils inside her, and she thought about throwing her phone when it suddenly rings.

"Where the pfloug are you?" Lags shouts down the phone in anger.

"I’m at work," she said, waiting for his angered response.

"You’re WHAT?"

"I’m sorry, I didn't know about the lockdown. I’m told I can’t get out now."

"You stupid, stupid tuun. What about Carlinza?" Lags sounds thoroughly pissed.

Kani starts to cry. "I’m sorry, I mucked up. I promise I’ll make it up to you. Find another tuun, I’m sure you have tuunfriend’s all over the place."

"At this late hour? Everyone is paired up by now. I’m very disappointed in you, Kani. To leave me high and dry on our most sacred night of the year. It’s unforgivable."

"Can’t you get me out?"

"Not even Pooma Sa can get you out now," Lags shouts. "Don’t call me again, don’t even speak to me again, if you know what’s good for you. Pflouging bitch!"

He disconnects. Her heart breaks for him, and she cries. She has ruined his Carlinza and ruined hers too. One of her races most holy of nights. To spend it alone, knowing everyone is pflouging like crazy, is to truly know the meaning of loneliness.


The Hooma's are restless, though, bellowing at her, and she realizes they’re hungry. While she has them in her lab it’s her job to feed and water them, but being locked in means she can't get the food they’re used to. She does have some fruit and other treats, so she decides that'll have to do them for tonight. Kani paws out what she has to the four taun Hooma in the pen. They seem satisfied for the moment and start to eat. At least you’ll get to eat tonight, she thought, feeling her hunger grow. I had such a nice dinner planned too, she thought dreamily. Tukkus Fowl stuffs with fruit, with roast vegetables, smothered in a rich gravy makes from berry wine. Mmm. Follow that with Braccus pudding and ice cream. Par would’ve loved it, and pflouged my brains out afterward.

She sighs deeply, and tears make her facial fur wet. Peering around at the stark lab, with its cold marble floors, and stainless-steel countertops. She knows the night ahead will be uncomfortable. At least the Hooma's have mattresses to sleep on. She sits in her office chair leaning back, and shuts her eyes. It’s getting close to seven thirty PM, she thought. She can feel her body humming along, her heart races, fingers and toes tingle, and her breathing quickens. Though mostly, her clopus feels hot, nearly ready for sex.

There’s nothing like Carlinza sex, it makes ordinary sex seem second-rate. Each participant going through a chemical and physical awakening heightening every sensation to near intolerable levels. Carlinza is nature’s way of ensuring Kotaun's breed. On one night, every Prantas year, the whole race (of breeding age) pfloug like crazy.


Kani dozes off and suddenly wakes with a fright, gasping for air. She can't breathe. Looking at the gauge on her respirator she discovers it's empty. Oh pfloug, that’s all I need, she thought, as she rips the mask off. She takes a deep breath of air, immediately assaulted by the awful smell. The Hooma's smell.

"Ye Gods, Hooma's stink," she said to them from her chair, screwing up her nose at them. "I don’t know how this night can get any worse."

The Hooma's chatter at her, and she stands going to the cages to see what they want. One lay bent over on its mattress, appearing to holds its stomach. The other three stand around it chattering to her and pointing to the Hooma lying still.

"What’s wrong with you? Too many candies eh?" she said and smiles.

The Hooma just groans. It looks sick, she thought. If one of these gets sick, Pooma Sa will be escorting me out of the building at gunpoint, she thought anxiously. So she unlocks the door, goes to the sick Hooma, and squats next to it. The others back off but watch her closely.

"What’s wrong, eh?" she asks it kindly, stroking its head to show she cared and means no harm.

Suddenly, it rolls over, and he's not clutching his stomach but stroking his erect dangle. It seems to growl at her, and before she can realize what's happening, the Hooma lunges at her pushing her over. The other Hooma chatter excitedly, yelling encouragement to his friend.

Kani hit her head on the floor, dazing herself for a moment. The Hooma starts ripping her suit open and pulling it off her. It squats to sniff the air around her, all the time stroking its dangle furiously. Kani looks at him feeling afraid. It sniffs her crotch, smacking its lips as it does. Ye Gods, it’s reacting to my pheromones, she thought in wonder, this means I can save these animals. Her heart leaps for joy in her chest. She grabs her panties and pulls them down to watch what the Hooma will do if it sees her clopus. It leans in close, as she spread her legs, and smells her tuun scent. Its dangle hard as a rock. She pushes her fingers inside herself, wetting them with her juices, then holds them out to the Hooma. It sniffs them, then licks them tasting it. Kani points to her clopus, and the Hooma abruptly drops and begins licking her out.

At last, the Hooma between her legs stares into her beautiful clant. It wastes no time, quickly applying its tongue to her moist flesh. Kani responds with a loud groan, ending in a heartfelt, "Yeaaaahhhhh."

The Hooma licks her some, but not too intense, just a light, leisurely stroke designed to tease her, to drive into a lust-crazed frenzy. He keeps at her this way for some time until she’s squirming frantically and making wonderful little whimpering noises.

Kani’s Carlinza is coming on her very strongly now, as the Hooma prods its fingers deep inside her clopus, while licking her engorged clit. She’s like a different person. Gone is the dominant young tuun from the lab, replaced by this frantic sexual being feeling new heights of passion and pleasure. Forbidden pleasure, her favorite kind.

Her pathetic, mewling sounds beg for more as the Hooma's tongue works mercilessly over her tender parts. Kani trembles, writhing about on the floor, the Hooma's fingers pulling on her nipples, her head jerking back and forth. Kani grabs the Hooma by the fur on its head and pulls it so its dangle positions over her clopus. The beast doesn't really understand what she wants. It isn’t the Hooma's fault, it’s been keeps separated from tuun Hooma’s its entire life. Her clopus is probably the first it's ever seen. She reaches down and grabs its dangle. The Hooma thrusts in her hand, but she holds it firmly guiding it into her clopus, almost sucking it inside her, such is her need.

The Hooma looks dumbstruck, for a moment.

Her hot moistness surrounding his dangle is something it has never feels before. It smiles at her like a child who just tasted their first candy. Kani grabs it by the hips, and starts to pull its body up, then push it down. To teach it how to pfloug her. The Hooma soon gets the idea and starts to do it independently, reveling in the sensation of her moist clopus.

A Hooma dangle isn’t as big as a taun’s from her race by a long way, but because it’s Carlinza she's very sensitive anyway. The Hooma enjoys the way her clopus clamps around its dangle, and grunts loudly with each thrust. A Kotaun's clopus has a way of sucking on a dangle, uncommon in other species. The wild Hooma bucks and grunts as it drives its dangle hard with each thrust. Kani moans loudly, trying to keep her mind on what’s happening. She can't get carried away, which can be easy in her current state of arousal.

She feels her orgasm building inside her like a spring being wound tighter and tighter, fighting for release. The sound of sex permeates the air, the smell of it too. The smell is mostly her powerful pheromones that all tuun’s secrete on Carlinza. The other Hooma's are stroking their dangles, touching her tits and pulling her nipples, as they watch their friend pfloug her. She cries out. Her body shakes, and her clopus gushes. An orgasm ripples through her in wild contractions, in never-ending surges of pleasure.

"Ohhhh—ugggg," she moans and grunts.

Her clopus now clamping the Hooma dangle tighter than ever as he pflougs her. It becomes too much for it. With a huge grunt, she feels it spitz hitting her insides, this set-off another climax, causing her to moan loudly. Then the Hooma pulls out of her and gets off her. Her orgasm continues, though, and for another ten minutes, she lies rubbing her clitoris and moaning on the floor while all the Hooma watch her wide-eyed. Eventually, she opens her eyes and sits up.

"That was wild," she said to the Hooma who didn't respond. "I think you’ve just helped me make a breakthrough."

She climbs to her feet and going into the lab, shutting the pen door behind her. Getting a syringe and needle she feels for a scar on her stomach. Once she located it, she pushes the needle down deep, closing her eyes to the pain, gritting her teeth. Once she feels the tension release in the syringe, she pulls the plunger back and fills the syringe with a clear liquid from her body. Pulling the needle out, she holds a wad of cotton over the spot until the bleeding stops. She looks at the liquid and smiles.

"This stuff saved the Zarlk’s too," she tells the Hooma's in the pen watching her. "But let’s keep that our little secret, eh?"

However, Carlinza isn’t over yet, and her clopus lips practically hum with sexual desire. Not the kind that can be satisfied with masturbation. So she unlocks the pen again and re-enters. She grabs one of the other Hooma's paw and leads it to a mattress. Lying down with it, she plays with its dangle. Stroking it into full hardness. Not long after, the new Hooma starts pflouging her as the first Hooma did. Making this the fourth Carlinza Kani had spent pflouging an alien species. The other three alien animal's were saved because of this, and she wonders if the Hooma's will join them.

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