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Peter’s Fire Water

By David Jensen

Copyright 2017 by David Jensen

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Daniel drove through downtown Muskegon with a very dark cloud hanging over him although the day was warm, sunny and not a cloud in the sky, and normally it wouldn’t bother him that the traffic was just as bad here as everywhere else. His grandfather had called a couple of days ago and had asked Daniel if he would come and visit him on Saturday. “Sure grandpa, I could stop by and visit.” he had answered. But his grandfather had told him to bring some time with him because he had to tell him something important which would take some time. Well, it wasn't as if he had anywhere else to go! His photo business had gone bust after holding on for so long, but with the invention of digital photography nobody used regular film anymore, due to the cost from beginning to end. He understood and it was a revolution in photography: no film, bad pictures could be deleted immediately and you took pictures till you had a good one, and no expensive developing of the color film rolls. This of course sucked the life blood out of his business. In the last few months the only regular customer was Smithy, the retired fanatical bird watcher, and the only thing he bought was black and white film for his Hasselblad. The developing he did himself in his basement. Once he proudly showed Daniel a black and white photo of a Red Headed Woodpecker, but seeing that he was the only paying customer as of late, Daniel had humored him and didn’t laugh in his face. (A non-color photo of a Red Headed bird, was the old man serious?) So he made his deal with the devil, (the bank manager), and started the process of his going-out-of-business sale, and he nearly went nuclear when he had just hung the sign in the shops window with the first two pieces of tape, when the customers started to stream into the store. He even saw Smithy almost get hit by a car when he saw the sign and ran over the street. And because it was all so dirt cheap now, he bought one of Nikon’s top of the line Digital SLR’s, and the cheapskate even paid cash for it! So he had finally disposed of it all and closed the doors for the last time and knew that he had to start looking for a place to live, for the house was owned by his grandfather. When he had gone into the retirement home, he had asked Daniel if he would like to keep the place in order and live there, which he did and turned the bottom floor into his photography business. He even renovated the big kitchen into his laboratory, with all the equipment he needed for developing film. He had done three years at MSU studying chemistry but although he was good at it, it simply wasn't his thing. He wanted to be a photographer, so when grandfather had asked him, he had jumped at the deal. After meeting and eventually marrying Sylvia, who was a genius at mathematics compared to him, the business had started to blossom. And now his business was like every flower, it had wilted and died.

He pulled his beat up Chevrolet Malibu into the parking lot and went inside 'Sunshine Estates' to find his grandfather. Even though he was now relegated to sitting in a wheelchair, the old fart really got around, and Daniel knew exactly where he was when he heard the women laughing in the living area. He may be over ninety but his grandfather never seemed to loose his desire to hit up on the women, regardless if they were blind, crippled or crazy! As he walked into the living area he saw that his grandfather had both hands occupied, tenderly caressing the hands of the two women sitting at his sides. He was literally surrounded by the female residents of Sunshine Estates, and he even had one of the nurses sitting there listening to him! Daniel had a strange thought at the moment and wondered if he could even get it up at his age, or maybe Sunshine dispensed Viagra to keep the residents 'Sunny'! He walked over and stood at the fringe of the group and listened to him telling another story about how the recession of '37 and '38 had taken place after America had rebounded somewhat from the Great Depression. Looking around at all the older women, he noticed two things. First, they all seemed dressed up for the occasion, and secondly, he would bet against the bank that every elderly woman who was capable of motion was present here. Seeing his grandson standing there at the back of the group, he told the ladies that he would continue tomorrow, which produced lots of moaning and complaining among them. “Daniel, be so kind and bring me back to my room so we can have a little palaver?” “No problem grandpa Jake”, Daniel said. “But it's not as if you don't race around here the whole day in your Porsche!” “Daniel, if I did have one, I'd be a catching more sparrows here!” he said laughing. Daniel rolled his eyes and said; “You never get old do you?” His grandfather turned in his chair and winked at Daniel, saying; “so long as the trouser snake is alive the brain don't die!” 'Well that answered that question for me!' Daniel thought.

In Jake's room Daniel sat on the bed and Jake told him he might want to take a real chair for a change, because what he needed to tell him would take a while. Daniel got up and walked over to where the chair was pushed between Jake's antiquated TV and the window. Wriggling he chair away from the curtains, and almost knocking the TV off of its stand, he put it down at the little table in the middle of the room. Sitting down, he asked just how long this was going to take because the chair was some kind of uncomfortable, as he knew from previous visits. Jake just waved his hand in the air to brush the question away, and then he got serious for a change of pace. First he asked Daniel how the business was getting along, and when he answered that it was doing great, his grandfather looked him in the eye and called him a liar. “I already talked to Sylvia and she told me what the deal is, as you would say it. So why are you dishing me up a lie?” Daniel blushed with shame and answered meekly; “Because now that the business closed, I'll have to move out of your house soon so you can hire a Realtor to sell it.” Jake laughed and said; “Son, that house was already yours before you moved in! That you actually own it would first be noticed when I'm cold in the ground and can't pay the yearly taxes on it anymore!” Daniel was in shock, and quietly said; “Wow, thanks!” Jake made his waving motion in the air again and said; “Now what I'm going to tell you, I'll tell you only one time, for it’s a pretty long story. Maybe you might want to record it with your phone there so you can watch it later on to remember what I'm going to say.” Daniel took his new iPhone out, courtesy of last years tax deductions before the business going bust, hit the video recorder and leaned it against the ashtray on the table to face his grandfather. Another weird thing that he noticed from the beginning was why there were ashtrays in the rooms when smoking in the building wasn't allowed!


Jake was at first silent and Daniel wondered what the problem was, till Jake apologized for drifting off into the past. Leaning back in his wheelchair, he started his narration.

In the summer of '32 the parents of my good friend Peter both killed themselves after the great depression had crashed everybody and Peters parents apparently seen their future dwindling away as fast as their bank account. He'd asked me if I wanted to move in and help with the farm, and I agreed. His other friend Oakley also moved in with us and the three of us did a fairly good job with the crops that fall. We were a far way from being well off, but not as bad as other people were doing at the time. The winter came and went, and during that time Peter had started acting pretty peculiar sometimes as we done repairs on the barn and wood shed. I believe it was about March when he really became quiet and reserved, barely talking or making jokes with us. At that same time he had started buying all sorts of strange things and building something up in the barn. Day after day Oak and I would speculate just what in tarnations he was constructing on the makeshift table he had built during the winter. He had taken to walking in the woods for hours at a time and when we once asked him if he was counting the squirrels coming out of their winter sleep, it was as if he had just woken up from a deep sleep, and he was ornery when he said that it is no concern of ours. Well, we knew where we had it good and Peter’s farm was a good place to work and wait for Roosevelt's New Deal to make a difference. You got to remember now that at that time people had near to nothing anymore, and shutting up so we could stay there was a hell of a lot better than living in the woods and eating clothes for food!

We had noticed that when he walked out to the woods, for whatever he was doing there, he was empty handed. Not even the shotgun and believe me Daniel, in those days we had it all in the woods. Some bears, quite a few wildcats, hell we even had wolves, and the worst animal ever created, the wolverines. Ole Oakley and I watched him walk deep into the woods and Oak had said once that only a damn fool walked the woods without a shotgun. The damn wolverine would climb a tree like a monkey and when you walked under him, he'd pounce on you. A wicked animal from the devil is what they are. Daniel rolled his eyes and said; “Be serious now, climbing trees? And I've never heard of anyone seeing a wolf or a bear in our woods!” Jake waved his hand again and said; “You get what I'm trying to say, and in those days, when the old snake was more up than down, there were lots of wild animals out there. And Oakley wasn't shitting the bull either; nobody went into the woods so deep without a gun of some sorts! Now let me get on with the story!”

So like I was saying, Peter went in empty handed, which was more than strange, but, when he came back he always had a small black box. With the box in his hands he always walked to his delivery truck and drove off, only to come back after about an hour, again empty handed! Naturally Oak and I tried to figure out what was going on, but you see, Ole Oakley's papa must have beat him on his head a few times too much, for Oakley wasn't much on the thinking part upstairs, so I only had my own theories to go on, and it wasn't much. At least at the time, for later on I had found out a lots more tidbits of information.

Oakley and I were in the barn one day that summer, and it was a hot one for sure! Anyways, I was sitting in the cool hay and Oak was standing by Peter’s contraption, just leaning on the hay fork and switching a weed from one corner to the other corner of his mouth, and the whole time he not once took his eyes off of that contraption while we talked. I had talked about how I wondered how Peter could afford such expensive things for his contraption, when his parents had just last summer committed 'Bankers Suicide', where he had the money for gasoline for the delivery truck, and just where did he keep getting those small black boxes in the woods. Oakley had nodded his head once and awhile and here and there said a “Huh” or a “Ayah”, but he wasn't talking that day for some reason. Then I loudly said that I really wondered what was in the boxes that he took away as soon as he was back, and Oakley had mumbled; “Money, what else.”

That was when I got up and walked past Oakley and over to Peters contraption. I was just going to check it out, see what it was or would do, but when I started to reach for it, Oakley was like a scarecrow coming to life. He pushed me away using the tines of the hay fork, and believe me; they were sharper than a whore’s tit in winter! I had backed up real quick like and Oakley ordered me to keep away from it because he was supposed to guard it with his life. I was stupefied Daniel, because old mush-for-brains Oakley ordered me, in a tone like some man of the military would do! Well, I was real cocky in those days and I took a step forward to give Oakley a damn good piece of my mind, not to mention whooping off on his dumb ass for almost sticking me with that damn fork. As I took my step forward and had my fist balled up and ready, he already had the fork at my neck and I pulled the handbrakes on real quick! Oakley said nothing as I almost shit my pants full, because I felt the sharp tine pressing into my neck. So I raised my hands real slow and took a few steps backwards, and Oak stuck the fork back into the dirt and resumed his position, exactly like a guard would do. Me, I went into the house, because Oakley was acting real spooky like, and he had that damn hay fork. But I knew now what I had to do, and that was to follow Peter through the woods and find out where his hidden treasure was buried. Now go and get us some coffee from downstairs whilst I go and drain the snake. Fucking bladder isn’t what it used to be anymore! Daniel had stopped and look at his grandfather with surprise, and Jake said; “I know what the word fuck means because that's all the old biddies talk about downstairs! Now run and get that coffee and no sugar in mine, thank you very much!


Daniel had brought the coffee and Jake was still on the john. When he finally came out he was somewhat pale in his face and his hands shook as he maneuvered his wheelchair back around the table. Taking a careful sip of his coffee, he smiled and said; “Ah, damn if that don't taste good, it's something I've missed out on lately.” Daniel looked over his coffee and raised his eyebrows in question. “Yeah, that damn doctor forbids me from drinking coffee now, as if it will kill me.” Daniel said nothing and Jake continued with his story.

So, as I was saying, that evening when Peter was back from wherever he goes with his little black box, Oakley was again the normal dumb-ox that he usually was. Peter had called us into his barn and said he wanted to demonstrate his contraption. I had asked him what it was called, and what he said was very strange, for he said that he can't pronounce the word for it! He had brought water from the well on the other side of the house and had poured us each a glass. He said that we should taste the water, and seeing the cautious look on our faces, he guaranteed that it was only well water, nothing else. So Oakley and me, we picked up our glasses and took a sip, and it was only well water, nothing more or less. Then Peter took our glasses and poured the water into his contraption, hit a switch, and the top half of the thing started to slowly turn. He placed the glasses underneath where a hose was hanging out of the thing and slowly water started to flow out of the hose and into the two glasses. The water was still running when he gave us the glasses and asked us to take another sip of water, and being naive as we were, we did. It was still water although I could have sworn that it had a different taste to it, not bad just different! Then Peter took a spoon out of his pants pocket and let a little of the water from the hose fill the spoon, and when it was full he carried it out to the front of the barn to set it on the ground. He pulled a Diamond Red Tip match out of his shirt pocket and using his fingernail, scratched the head to light it. He brought the match down to the spoon full of water, and guess what happened. Daniel hunched his shoulders meaning that he had no idea. Jake laughed and said; “Exactly what one would expect! The match went out!” And Jake continued: So you could imagine the look on his face when nothing happened other than the match drowning in the spoon of water, and although we registered the anger on his face, Oakley said that it was a good trick for the traveling circus, and I started laughing like a braying donkey! Peter had jumped up and was ranting about 'they said that it would burn'! Of course Ole Oakley stupidly asked him if it was a magician or a witch, and I was having stomach cramps from laughing so hard. That is until Peter blurted out; “No you wheat heads! The gray people told me what to do and said that the water would burn!” Drinking his coffee at exactly the wrong second, Daniel almost dropped his cup as he blew coffee through his nostrils onto the table and spraying his grandfather. “Damn son! Jesus Christ on a crutch! I'm enjoying my coffee, but I don't want a shower from yours!” Daniel finished coughing and asked; “What did you say he said, Gray people?” Jake did his waving again and said; “I know what you're thinking and you're probably correct! Now let me do this story from A to Z and then we can discuss the possibilities.”

So we both left Peter in the barn where he burned a lot of lamp oil till late in the night. Probably tinkering with his funny contraption and trying to get it to do something. The next morning as I was going to the well for water, I saw Peter walking into the woods again. This was strange because normally he went only once in a week and now it was two days in a row. So I dropped the bucket and ran like hell into the house, snatched the LeFever double barrel off the hooks above the door frame and ran after him. When I entered the woods and walked in further, I realized that I had lost him. But let me tell you Daniel, in my childhood I seen what was left of a farmer who had gotten ripped to shreds by a wolverine, and after that it was no woods without a loaded gun. I walked around for some time and seen neither hide nor hair of him, and had decided to go back to the farm. So I turned around and started to walk back real slowly while keeping an eye out for him. Now, at my age, I'm half incontinent, but with what happened then, well it was the only time in my life that I actually pissed in my pants for fear.


Daniel looked over at his grandfather and said; “Wait a second while I attempt to drink my coffee without any surprises.” Jake looked into his paper cup and set it back onto the table, and then pushed it over to Daniel. “Drink mine while you're at it. It's making my guts hurt just looking at it.” Daniel had a worried look on his face and Jake laughed; “If I croak tomorrow this place will throw a party in my honor. I'll bet they didn't think I would last long enough here, paying my fixed flat-rate, and that they now go daily in the red numbers for my room!” Now he was cackling and suddenly stopped when he put both arms around his stomach. With tears of laughter still in his eyes, he said; “Let's get this story finished before I fall over dead like an Owl in a winter snowstorm!” Daniel consoled him by saying; “You aren't going to fall over dead yet because you still got too many women waiting for you downstairs!” Jake gave Daniel that sly smile he always had when he was up to no good, and said; “You should have seen the doctors face a couple of days ago when I asked for a Viagra prescription! I thought he was going to faint! Now let me continue.”

I had walked maybe fifteen to twenty yards and suddenly Peter was there in front of me. And by suddenly I mean quicker than you could blink your eye, he simply popped in front of me out of thin air! And he yelled at me about me following him! I was so in shock that I fell backwards on the ground, let both barrels fly, and laid there with my pants growing wetter by the second as the leaves slowly flattered down from the trees. Lifting my head and not knowing what to expect, I saw that he was already walking towards the farm. I got myself up and was more curious at the spot where he had appeared from than the spot on my pants, but I seen nothing out of the ordinary. And as the shotgun was now empty, I kicked it open and let the shells fall on the ground, and then I ran as fast out of the woods as I could. Jake said; “Now Daniel I know that look you're giving me, and believe me, I'm not senile, or crazy. It was like when you watch TV and 'Click', another picture is there in front of you, but although that was how it was, I have nothing but my word to prove it true!” So I ran past Peter who was making his way towards the barn, and this time he had no black box with him. I went into the house and put me on a clean pair of trousers, and then walked out to the barn where I found Peter working on his contraption and Oakley leaning dumb as a brick on that hay fork. Well, after being shocked and chastised by Peter in the woods, and seeing Oakley with his hay fork, I stayed by the barn doors in case I needed to make a run for it. Peter tinkered around with something on the backside of his contraption for maybe ten minutes, and then he told Oak to get a bucket of water from the well. I saved Oakley’s poor brain the difficult problem of finding the bucket by telling him it was already by the well.

When he was back, Peter told us to again taste the water, and Oakley snorted with laughter. But Peter was serious and said either we taste it or leave the farm! We looked at each other and then did it again, because hell, it was only water. Then he prepared his magicians trick again by pouring the water into the contraption and again hit the switch. As it slowly turned Oakley looked over to me and had scared look on his face, but I kept my eyes on the machine, and as the water started to flow out of the bottom hose, Peter shocked us both by cupping his hand and taking a drink. He then filled some into the spoon which was still sitting on the table from the last time, took it outside again and hit his match. And what happened when he held it to the water again? Daniel said; “Nothing again.” Wrong Daniel! From the spoon rose a flame three quarters of a foot high! And I can attest to the fact that it was fire, because Oak and I was both stupid enough to hold our hand in the blue flames. Daniel, now you can say that I'm insane, or believe what I tell you, your choice. But we watched that spoon in fascination until the water was gone and the fire died. Daniel had this skeptical look on his face, but Jake continued.

Now he had it working Daniel! I don't have the faintest idea what the hell it was, but water went in and water came back out. In nothing but well water, out came well water that was drinkable, but at the same time, it burned just as good as Gasoline! During the next couple of days Peter was making about ten gallons a day, for free! And to this day I have no idea how that damned thing turned because the farm was too far away from town to even think of having electricity. One morning Peter was earlier awake than we were and when we looked out the kitchen window, we seen him underneath the truck, so we went out to see what was broken on it. When we asked him what he was fixing he only mumbled something. Then he pulled on something and gasoline started to pour out onto the ground, which made Oakley groan and complain that they had no more gasoline in the canister to fill her up again. The gasoline stopped flowing and Peter was busy fixing the line again. As he was working he told Oakley to get one of the canisters of water from the barn. When Oakley was back Peter was already finished and cleaning his hands on his handkerchief. Fill her up Oak, Peter told him. But Oakley started to complain that it would ruin the motor. I wasn't born stupid, and I had already figured out what he was going to try as Peter grabbed the canister and started to pour the water into the truck. And take a guess what happened! Daniel had to play along and said; “The truck ran on the water.” Of course it did, and we never put another drop of Gasoline in it, not once.


Now Peter was anyways very good with mechanical things, and as summer turned to fall, he had invented a drip system heater for the house. Of course we still had our Franklin wood stove but when the evenings started get just a little cooler, he tried it and it worked like a dream. Someone else had the same idea many years later and it was the revolution of the heating systems in houses. So Peter was now producing more 'fire water' than he could ever think of using himself, and although I said that he only needed to make it when our supply ran a little low, he was totally obsessed with it. He told me that the gray people wanted him to show everybody how to use and make the fire water. Oh, and his reference to it as fire water really was related to the old Indian name for Alcohol, just in case you didn't figure it out yourself. We had it good for about six months because Peter was trading his fire water for eggs, flour, meats of all kinds, and anything else we might need or was worth trading for. Now naturally he only traded with our relations in the general area, and they were all sworn to secrecy about it, sort of like the Italians with their Omerta, a code of silence. But our living like kings would be short lived. “Did the government come and take it all away or what?” Daniel asked. Oh no, it wasn't the government boys. But I'll get to that in a minute. On my trips into town people were asking me how Peter was earning so much money that he could go to the bank or buy things. And I was wondering the same thing about the black boxes. One and one makes three, and so I did what I do best, I dated the banker’s secretary and screwed her till she could take no more. Daniel smiled and shook his head in dismay, but then remembered that grandfather was a young man at the time, so it would be normal. Jake continued: She started to really trust me and from her I found out about the gold nuggets, which were in the black boxes, from the gray people in the woods. He had made a deal with the banker to swear to secrecy and therefore the banker only paid the half of what the gold prices were in those days. Daniel looked at him and said; “He found gold in the woods?” No, he got them from the gray people. And now hold onto your seat so you don't fall off. The banker became sick like, with his skin almost rotting away from his body, and not to mention that he was now very thin and sick all the time. She was also starting to get these strange blotches on her skin, and she started puking all the time, and if you are smart, you'll already know the answer as to why. Daniel shook his head no and Jake said; “Radiation poisoning!” Daniel rolled his eyes again. Jake looked at Daniel and said; “Gray people, gold nuggets, which was probably kindergarten stuff for them to make, and after seeing the films about Hiroshima, I recognized the radiation sickness. And what happened in New Mexico a little more than ten years later? Come on son, put the puzzle pieces together! So I asked Peter one day why he didn't go into the woods anymore, and why he wasn't sick like the banker or his secretary. Know what he told me? He did what they said and never looked longer than a second at the gold, but the banker in his greed stared at it everyday, and probably his secretary too! And with what I have researched on the internet downstairs, it all fits together. Instead of H2O he probably had H4O, and on YouTube I seen a guy from England pouring water into the gas tank of his motorcycle and driving around town. That is, until he suddenly died of unknown circumstances! His motorcycle and the water he had were missing.

Daniel said that it all sounded paranoid and just too weird to believe. Jake kept on with his story. All good deeds come to an end eventually, and one day Peter was sick and he sent Oakley and me on the run to deliver their fire water. That was a fateful mistake, for Oakley forgot about keeping the fact a secret, and while he was tanking up the truck in town from the gallon glass jugs we had, I watched in shock as he stopped and took a good long swig to quench his thirst. And guess who was watching us like a hawk, the men visiting from Standard Oil. They were in town after visiting the Mt. Pleasant oil fields which had been discovered.

I told Peter and he said it made no difference to him, he would continue making his fire water. Well, one evening when I couldn't handle it anymore and needed a woman, for the bankers secretary was already on her death bed, I got on my horse Winter and rode over to pay a visit to the new French lady called Belle who had moved here from the city. It wasn't a secret what she had and still did for money, and as I had enough, I paid her a visit. I had offered her twenty dollars to get between those legs, but she said that for that much money she had another idea, so being that it was a warm Indian summers night, we went out on the front porch. Daniel was looking down and shaking his head, and Jake said; “It's the second oldest profession on our planet! And why not take advantage of it when opportunity knocks on your door!” So I was sitting on the porch swing and Belle had her head between my legs when suddenly three cars drove by, and at that time of night there was normally nobody on the road to our farmhouse. Daniel was staring in shock again, and asked; “She was giving you a blow-job on the porch swing?” Now that is one thing I don't understand, why do you all call it that when it is totally false? It's not blowing! But Belle could suck the yellow off a lemon with those lips! “Oh my god!” Daniel said and had to laugh. Anyways, I seen those cars and also the Standard Oil label on the side doors, and it could only mean big trouble for us at the farm.


I pulled my trousers up and said thanks to Belle, and then ran over to Winter. Let me tell you, I almost killed that poor Mare while taking the shortcut across the fields to get home. I came around the corner of the barn and Winter was shaking on her legs, and that was when I seen one of them men in a suit with a shotgun pointed at me. The bastard shot and poor Winter took most of his buckshot, but the rest literally blew me off of Winter as she was going down. When I hit the ground I was going to grab the rifle from its side holster but Winter was lying on it, dead as a doorknob. So I played dead until he turned around and then I rolled underneath the truck. The other two had Peter and Oakley at gunpoint and they started to pour our fire water everywhere. I heard Peter screaming at them not to destroy the machine while they tore it apart with crowbars. I was bleeding pretty bad and couldn't help them even if I wanted to. They had rifles and shotguns; we had nothing to fight back with.

I got to watch the whole thing as the barn was engulfed in a fiery inferno from hell and they laughed at Peter and Oakley begging for their lives. Hell, they didn't even show any mercy and shoot the poor boys before the barn collapsed in a pile of embers and flame.

Daniel was silent and waited for Jake to go on. So you see how powerful the oil companies had already become, and they knew our fire water contraption would put them clean out of business. Think of all the air pollution we could have spared the world if we had that contraption instead of oil, coal and natural gas! “But it's gone now; it was all destroyed in the fire along with your friends. And your friend Peter was the only one who knew how to build it.” Daniel said. “Yes and no,” Jake continued. Because a couple of days ago when I was sitting outside and just watching the traffic go by, take an educated guess who walked by? Daniel had no idea. “Peter”, Jake said. And he hadn't aged as much as I have that's for sure. “Look at how old you are, and you think that Peter somehow survived the fire? It could have been someone who closely resembles him?” Daniel asked. Jake shook his head for a no, and continued. When he walked by and seen me, he slowed down. I greeted him and he said; “Hi Jake!” And then he walked away. So if it wasn't him then how did that man know my name? Daniel had no answer for that one, but said that with everything destroyed in the fire there was no way to follow up on it.

Jake smiled and reaching underneath his wheelchair pillow, he pulled a folder out and handed it to Daniel. I wasn't good at mechanical things, but I could draw like Picasso. These are what I copied from Peter’s notes and more than enough drawings of his contraption. See what you can do with it in your backroom laboratory, now that you don't need it anymore. Daniel looked at the drawings and the equations, which was first year chemistry stuff in college. I'll see what I can do and get back to you when I have something. With that he left because time had really gone by and it was already dusk.

Two days later while he was in his laboratory, he received a call from Sunshine Estates. His grandfather had passed away, but he had told the doctor something strange before closing his eyes. He had said that 'now Daniel had the ball, and he hoped that he scored a goal with it'. The nurse said that it was normal for old people to fantasize in the last few moments before passing on and Daniel agreed with her, and then replaced the phone in its charging station.

He turned around and took his cigarette lighter out of the drawer where he had thrown it the day he had quit that nasty habit, and holding it to the Petri glass, lit the water and watched its beautiful blue flames.


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