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Forbidden Tastes

By John Smith

Copyright June 2017

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Forbidden Tastes

Katie sat quietly nibbling on her lunch as she listened to her dorm mates talk. She shifted slightly in he chair as her panties soaked up her wetness. Her friends always seemed to be talking about sex and boys, something she had very little experience with, but made her wet every time she heard the stories.

"I let Bobby blow in my mouth last night. I swallowed it this time. It was not as bad as I thought it might be." Robin said casually.

"Really!!" Karen gasped. "I had not thought you guys were that far along. You just met last week didn't you?"

"Yeah but I like him and besides it had been a while since I had sucked a cock. I love the feel of a warm cock in my mouth. I just never have swallowed before." Robin replied

I am surprised you had not. I do it with most guys I am with." Ginger added. "My mom told me that if I get a guy to cum and swallow it then they will not be so demanding on fucking me. So far she has been right. As long as I suck them off they seem happy."

You don't fuck?" Karen asked. "I am not sure I could get by without a nice dick every now and again. I love that feeling almost as much as Robin likes to suck." Karen giggled.

"We know, we can hear you down the hall." Robin laughed back.

"Well I don't think I could swallow. It seems so gross. I am happiest when Jason cums inside his condom and flushes the thing down the drain before I can see it. I love the feeling, just not his sticky goo all over me." Karen replies

"I'm kinda on Karen's side of this one." Lydia added. "Though I did get really wet watching a girl at a party suck off and swallow five or six guys in a row. For some reason watching her kneeling on the floor, in front of everyone, taking random dicks seemed really hot at the time. Still gets me wet thinking about it."

"I heard that some girls go to this place downtown and get paid to suck guys through a hole in the wall. I don't know where it is but that sounds hot to me. I heard of glory holes before but did not think there would be one in this town." Robin said quietly.

"I heard that too. Though I heard that the girls don't get paid, they just do it for fun." Lydia added.

Katie sifted in her seat. She never had been with a boy, let along do the things these girls talked about. They knew of her background and, thankfully, did not chase her away. She was home schooled in a highly religious family. She never lived outside her home till she headed to this college a few months ago. It was only a couple hours from home but seems a whole world away from the closed minds and structured life she always knew.

"Well if I knew where it was I definitely would try it. And Lydia? I need to talk to you about where you party, giggle, I would love to see what you got to see. I might just kneel next to her." Robin laughed

"For some reason I do not doubt that for a minute. You would probably try to make it a contest on who could suck off guys the fastest." Lydia giggled.

"I want to know how you get by just sucking guys Ginger. You don't feel the need for the guy to return the favor after you are done with him? Karen questioned.

"I never said I get by just sucking guys. There are lots of ways for a girl to get her needs met. She does not need a cock to do so." Ginger replied. "I have a good safe way to take care of things. Another thing my mom suggested was that I find a girl friend to play with."

Karen just stared at Ginger in disbelief. "You are bi?" she manages to stammer out.

"Of course. It is the safest way to play. I cannot get pregnant from a girl." Ginger says with a smile. "You can join me and my fiend if you like, she would not mind a third. I don't think I would either." Ginger giggled

"Girls are ok but I still prefer to play with a nice cock." Robin added

"Yeah, thought I can see Gingers point. I might just need to find the right girl." Lydia added

Karen looked around the table. "You all are bi? You all do it with women and men? I am speechless."

"There is a first" Robin laughed

Karen gave her a dirty look before turning toward Ginger. "I might have to take you up on your offer. I have been curious about what it would be like and Jason has mentioned bringing in a girl to our play. I always balked because I did not know what to expect."

Katie had never been so wet from listening to her friends before. It seemed they lived all her fantasies. She felt so out of place sitting there without having anything to add. It was almost like she was eavesdropping on a naughty conversation. She had to head to class soon and did not want to leave for fear of missing something.

As Katie walked to class she wondered if she was missing out on something. It seemed all her new friends in the dorms were at least exploring if not enjoying sex with boys and, in some cases, girls. She had her chances to go on dates but have turned down the boys who asked so far. Her parents asked her to focus on her studies while here and she has honored their wishes. But her wet panties kept telling her there was more to life than studies.

Focus on school was becoming harder as Katie's mind kept wandering. She managed to make it through the day and was able to make it to work on time. She worked at the mall in a small upscale clothing store. Business was slow now that Christmas had passed. Only she and Gwen, the assistant manager, were working tonight. It was nice when it was slow as Gwen let Katie study at the counter when the store was well maintained. This was Katie's first job and she was determined to keep it.

Gwen was only a couple years older than Katie but had worked at the store for a few years. The other manager was much older and not as easy to work with. Katie enjoyed the lower stress level in the store when she worked with Gwen. They got along well ever since she started working at the store as part of the seasonal hiring and Katie was very happy when they decided to keep her as regular staff after the holidays.

An attractive middle aged gentleman walked into the store and up to the register. Katie looked up and smiled. "How can I help you?"

"I am looking for Gwen, is she in?" He asked

"Yes she is." Katie said as she surveyed the store. "She must have gone to the stockroom. Let me get her for you."

"Thank you dear." the man said with a smile. For some reason Katie felt a little wetness as his smile penetrated into her. He carried an air about him that she could not understand. She walked toward the back room and could feel his eyes following her as she walked. She peeked back and saw his lick his lips as she entered the stockroom.

"Gwen, there is a man here to see you" Katie called.

Gwen came out of the office and followed Katie back to the sales floor. She quickly passed Katie and embraced the man. "Mr. Gonzalez, it is so good to see you. I did not expect to see you today."

"I had a free moment and wished to see my sweet little one." Mr. Gonzalez said as he leaned in kissing Gwen on the forehead. "I need my precious" he growled into her ear.

Gwen kissed him on the lip, took him by the had and headed toward the dressing room. "Watch the store for a few Katie. I have to talk to Mr. Gonzalez privately." Gwen said with a sly smile.

"No problem, Gwen. I will call if I need you." Katie said

"Don't need me, you can take care of things." Gwen replied as she walked into the dressing room area.

Katie returned to her studies as no one was in the store. Curiosity, however, was a stronger draw so she started to straighten the store, working her way toward the entrance to the dressing room area.

"Ohhhh, you do that so well." Katie heard in a deep growl

"That's because you are so nice to play with." She heard Gwen say. Katie moved closer and looked into the doorway. There were 4 dressing rooms, two on each side of the wide all way. At the end was a large floor length mirror. All the doors were open except one and it was still slightly ajar. She moved to the other side and noticed Gwen's reflection in the mirror. She did not see all of her but could tell she was on her knees. Katie could not see Mr. Gonzalez but could hear his soft moans.

Katie looked around the store and saw it was still empty. She slipped into the doorway a little more and could see Gwen better. She had her lips around Mr. Gonzalez cock, stroking him with her hand as her tongue swirled around the head. Katie has not seen a cock before and was amazed by the size. Mr. Gonzalez ran his hand through Gwen's hair and grabbed a handful. He pushed her head onto his cock hard. Katie watched as most of his cock disappeared into her mouth. He held her there for what seemed like a long time before letting it slide out. The cock was covered with her spit as he withdrew. Gwen coughed roughly but used both hands to spread the spit over the length of his cock. It glistened in the light of the dressing room. Katie felt her pussy drenching her panties as she watched.

Katie heard movement behind her and saw a couple teens enter the shop. She bit her lip, hoping they would not stay long. She did not want Gwen to have to stop. The girls checked a few racks and a couple price tickets before turning and heading out. Katie let out a deep breath as she returned to her viewing spot.

Mr. Gonzalez had both hands on her head now, holding it steady as he rocked his hips, thrusting is cock into her mouth. Gwen looked up at him, her hands at her sides, as he buried his cock over and over deep into her throat. She could hear his breathing increasing as he pumped. Suddenly he stopped and Gwen grabbed his cock, stroking it vigorously. She held the tip near her open mouth as she stoked him.

"Cum for me Daddy. Cum in my young mouth. Let me taste your sweetness." Gwen begged. Almost on command Katie watched as Mr. Gonzalez erupted and sprayed his seed into Gwen's mouth. She watched as Gwen rolled it over her tongue as if savoring a fine wine and then swallowing the prize.

Katie heard him zip up his pants and quickly moved back toward the register. A few minutes later they came out of the dressing room, Mr. Gonzalez giving Gwen a quick peck on the cheek and then hurrying out of the store. Gwen walked over to the register with a huge smile on her face and a white dribble on her cheek.

"Umm, you have something on your chin, Gwen" Katie told her

Gwen took a finger and wiped cum off her chin, licking her finger clean. "Thanks, that might have been embarrassing."

"May I ask who that was?" Katie asked quietly.

"He is a friend. I take care of some of his needs and he helps take care of some of mine." Gwen replied as she straightened out the counter. She leaned down and looked Katie in the eye. "You like the show?" Gwen asked with a smile. \

"You saw me?" Katie gasped

"Yeah, I noticed you. I had left the door open hoping you would. I like being watched." Gwen replied. "Mr. Gonzalez does not know it but I love when there is a chance at being seen being naughty. If he fucked me today I would have cum probably 3-4 times." Gwen looked around and turned her back to the mall entrance. She lifted her skirt to show Katie her panties. They were white but showed a big dark patch where her wetness soaked through. "Look how wet I am, these are soaked." Gwen added.

"Mine are too" Katie whispered as she blushed and turned away.

"Are you shy?" Gwen giggled. she dropped her skirt. Katie straightened the counter nervously. Gwen kept pressing the question. "You have never sucked a cock before have you?" She asked with a sly smile.

"No." Katie whispered. "Never."

"Wow, I don't know if I know any girls our age who have not at least tried sucking a guy off." Gwen wondered. "Have you done anything with a guy?" she inquired

"No. I was home schooled and never got a chance." Katie replied. Gwen seemed honestly interested.

"What about girls? Ever play with girls?" She asked softly, a slight air of hope in her inquiry.

"No, never with girls either." Katie giggled. "I am a virgin in every way. Today was the first time I have ever even seen sex."

"That was not really sex, just play but I guess it was very sensual. I think you need to spread your wings and find a cock to suck if you liked what you saw me doing." Gwen replied in a serious tone. "Guys love it and I find it fun. I think almost any guy you ask would let you do it. Maybe not the gay ones but the straight ones definitely. "

"I don't know. It seems so different. I would not know what to do anyway." Katie replied.

"Don't worry about it, just watch and wait for the opportunity. It will come to you and you will know when the time is right." Gwen smiled. "I think you will find it fun when you do."

"Maybe" Katie smiled back. Gwen moved away from counter and started straightening the store. Katie let her eyes follow her as she moved away. She bit her lip as her mind wrapped around what she had seem and her short talk with Gwen. She shifted again behind the counter, her wet panties binding a bit in her jeans. She headed to the restroom to get comfortable again.

Katie got her focus back and spent the coming week working and studying. She put what she had seen behind her though she did find she thought about is often when she was in the shower. Gwen had not brought up the topic and she did not have any visits from Mr. Gonzalez at the store.

"I am heading to the food court for some dinner, Katie. I will be back in a bit." Gwen calls out as she heads toward the entrance of the store.

"Take your time, it has been so slow." Katie replies as she looks up from the text book she has been studying. She returned to her book as Gwen bounded off toward the food court.

A couple customers came in and left before a mature gentleman walked in. In his suit he looked out of place in the shop that catered to teen to mid 20's girls. Katie walked out from behind the counter to see if she could help him.

"Can I help you sir?" Katie asked

"I hope so. My daughters birthday is coming up next week and I want to get her an outfit. I never thought it would be this hard to dress a teen girl." He said with an air of exasperation.

Katie smiled at him. "I am sure I can help you. Tell me about her, how old is she and what does she like to wear now?"

"She is in tenth grade, dresses dark all the time. Not really goth as she does not wear much make-up but close." He replied.

"My name is Katie by the way and I think I know just what might work." Katie replied "Do you know her size?" she asked as she headed to a rack of skirts.

"Size? Shit I did not think to look. My wife used to do all this kind of stuff before she passed. She is about your height but a little thinner, now much, just a little." He replied.

"That is ok, Sir. I am sure we can figure it out from that." Katie said with a smile. She worked through the rack and pulled out a short black skirt. She headed to another rack to find a compatible top. She pulled out some black leggings to go with the skirt and set everything on the counter. Katie laid out the outfit to show the man what she felt would work.

"Sir, I think this skirt with the leggings along with this top would give her a look she would enjoy and make you look like a cool Dad." Katie said, very proud of her selection.

"Call me Clay. I think she would definitely like this. It seems like you already know her. Ring it up." Clay replied

Katie rang up the sale and took Clay's credit card for the payment. She bagged up the sale and handed it to him and he turned toward the store entrance. Before he stepped into the mall he stopped. "Do you have a night free this week? I was thinking you might help me finish the gift shopping. I could meet you here at the mall, get you dinner afterwards if you like." he asked

Katie thought about the offer. She had not had a nice dinner in a while and the guy did seem nice. "Sure, I am off on Thursday night. We can meet at the food court if you like and start from there."

"Sounds good. I will see you there around 6 after I get off work." Clay answered.

"That works for me. See you them" Katie replied and waved as Clay headed into the mall.

Katie returned to her book and attending to the random customer. Gwen returned a short time later. The rest of the night went by slowly giving Katie a lot of time to reflect on Clay and their "date" a couple nights from now. She thought back to Mr. Gonzalez and wondered if Clay could be her older man. She shook off the idea as he did not seem to be the type.

Katie showed up on Thursday night early, found a seat in the food court near the main walkway and opened a book to study. She was not sure if Clay would actually show of if he would be on time so she brought some of her studies with her to make the best use of her time. Clay showed up only 10 minutes late but was excessively apologetic for making Katie wait.

Clay took a seat next to Katie as she closed her books and put them into her backpack. "Ok, tell me of what you had in mind for gifts." Katie asked.

"She has been mentioning some kind of card to get music for her phone. I am not really into that so I don't know what is safe. Plus she asked for better headphones she could hook up to her phone so she could listen to her music." Clay replied.

"I am not overly into that either but I am sure we can figure it out. What kind of phone does she have?" Katie asked

"It is like mine." Clay replies showing her his phone.

"Ok, I think I know were we can get what you need." Katie answered as she stood. Clay followed her lead and they headed into the mall to search for the needed gifts.

Small talk filled their walk to the other end of the mall to an electronics kiosk she had looked through often. The boy who ran it was nice to her and they shared breaks when they could. Clay questioned her on school and what brought her to this town. He seemed genuinely interested. She blushed when he asked about boyfriends.

"No, I do not have a boyfriend. I don't have a-lot of time for that." Katie whispered softly.

"You should find one. You cannot live your life always in a book." He replied with a smile.

Katie smiled back. "What about you? You have a girlfriend" She shot back with a giggle.

Clay laughed. "Well played. No I do not have a girlfriend. Work and a daughter seems to fill all my time."

"You should find one. You cannot live your life always watching over her." Katie giggled

They approached the kiosk. "Tommy, can you help me out? My friend needs a couple things for his daughter. I know you can help him." Katie calls.

Tommy took Clay around the kiosk and watched as he explained the options and benefits. Katie stepped back and looked Clay over. He had taken off his suit coat and she could see his well kept shoulders filling his pressed shirt. He obviously stayed in shape. She wondered what he did in his spare time.

Tommy rang up the sale and provided some gift boxes to save Clay the time having to wrap the gifts. Clay smiled wide as he thanked Tommy and turned to Katie. "Thank you for your help. I was totally lost as to where to find these things. I had no idea there were so many options or choices. Tommy was great. Thank you again." Clay gushed. "I guess I owe you dinner. Do you like Italian? There is a nice place not far from here."

"You are very welcome and I love Italian." Katie replied back with a big smile. The two walked leisurely out to the parking lot toward Clays car.

Clay opened the passenger car door and let Katie take a seat in the roomy sedan. He quickly walked to the drivers side and slipped in. As he put his keys in the ignition Katie spoke. "Wait, before we go I what to ask a favor." Her voice was soft and she looked down at her feet as she spoke obviously not sure of what to say.

"If I can I will gladly help you. You helped me so much this week." Clay replied

"Umm, I have never done this so please forgive me if I overstep my boundaries. There is something I really want to try and I do not know anyone to ask. You can say no and I will understand." Katie said softly as her eyes moved up toward Clay's.

"What is it dear. I will help if I can." Clay said with worried look.

Katie looked into his eyes and blurted out "I want to suck on your cock" She looked as his look changed from worry to shock. "I have never done it before and really want to do it with you." she added

"Are....Are you sure?" Clay stammered.

"Yes I am sure. I want to do this now, in your car with you. Before I chicken out" She answered with a soft smile.

Clay looked around the parking lot. His mind obviously taking in what he as being asked to do. "There is too much traffic around here. I think I know of a better place. Can I drive there?" Clay suggested

"Yes please do." Katie said with a smile. She let her hand over to rest on his thigh and gently massaged it as he started the car and drove.

Clay drove a short distance to an office complex mostly empty of the days workers. He headed to a back corner and parked where he had a good view of any oncoming traffic. He put the car in park and looked over at Katie. She smiles and let her hand move up to an already hardening cock that pushed hard into the fabric of his dress pants. Katie licked her lips and she felt how big and hard it was. Her pussy started soaking her panties as she thought about what she was about to do.

"Are you sure you want to do this? You say this is your first time and I would think you would want that with someone special to you." Clay asked softly as he reached out and gently stroked her hair.

Katie reached for his belt and started to unfasten the buckle. "More than you know." she whispered.

Clay reached down and helped her loosed the belt and unfasten his trousers. He slipped his pants and boxers down allowing his cock to spring free. Katie let out a low gasp as she looked at his swollen cock waiting for her lips. She slowly reached out and let her fingers explore his shaft, feeling his warmth and softness. She licked her lips as she tried to stroke him as she had seen Gwen do before.

"You have a soft touch. It feels so good. It has been a long time since anyone has touched me." Clay moaned softly.

Katie let her finger tips glide over his smooth head brining forth more sweet sounds from Clay. She loved how her touch made him sound. She did not know what she was doing but something inside her seemed to be guiding her on the right way to go. She leaned over and gently kissed the tip. She let her tongue slide out and taste his swollen head. She felt the warmth that invited her to savor more.

Clay watched as her lips parted and she let his cock slide into her mouth. She suckled on the head before letting it slide out. She let her tongue and lips explore the shaft tasting all of his cock. Drops of precum ozzed from the tip encouraging Katie to taste something new. The sensation of knowing she was causing this made her panties drenched with her own juices. She had never been this wet before.

Katie let her lips open to take him in again. She took him deeper this time trying to do what Gwen did. She struggled as his cock his the back of her mouth to go further. She tried more as Clay's moans kept her trying harder. The feel of his warm cock was intoxicating. She was starting to understands Robins enjoyment with playing with a cock. Katie really did enjoy the feel of his cock in her hand and in her mouth. She felt empowered by what her mouth could do and pushed one last time onto his cock.

The joy she felt at that moment relaxed her body. She felt Clay's cock slide deep into her throat. Clay let out a deep moan as the warmth of his cock filled Katie's mouth. She held him there for as along as she could but needed a breath and quickly let him slide from her mouth, saliva dripping from her lips over his head and down the shaft. She stroked the shaft with her hand, now slippery with her spit.

"You taste so good." Katie said softly before suckling on the head again.

"You seem so at home doing this." Clay gasped, "I would never think this was your first time."

Katie let out a little giggle and took Clay deep again. Clay ran his fingers through her hair, grabbing a handful and started guiding her up and down on his shaft. Katie relaxed and let him guide her as she had seen Mr. Gonzalez do with Gwen. He was both gentle and yet firm as he moved her head up and down on his shaft. He started moving her faster as she listened to his breathing getting shorter.

"Yes sweet girl. Yes you are doing good. You feel so good." Clay repeated as his hand made her mouth ride his cock hard. She rested her hands on his thighs and relished in the feeling of bringing this man such pleasure.

Clay pushed down on her head. Katie felt his cock seem to swell in her throat. "I am going to cum!" Clay groans. He pulls Katie up off his cock and she pulls herself back down onto him. She wants to feel him cum in her mouth like Gwen. She craved to taste what Robin spoke of. She wanted to experience the full forbidden taste of his cum for herself.

Katie wrapped her lips firmly around the head of his cock and stroked him aggressively. Clay let out a deep moan and she felt him erupt in her mouth. The force of his cum caught Katie by surprise. It splattered against the back of her throat and seemed like it would never stop filling her mouth. Katie let the fluid swirl around her tongue as she let his cock slide from her mouth. She swallowed quickly and licked the cum that she missed off his head.

Clay gentle massaged her scalp as she cleaned off his cock with her lips. "You are a very special girl. That was incredible. I truly enjoyed that. It has been so long." he said warmly. "You are truly special."

Katie sat back into her seat and smiled. She wiped her lips remembering the dribble on Gwen's chin when she finished with Mr. Gonzalez. "Thank you for letting me do that. I really liked it too." Katie replied. I might like to do it again sometime. Now how about that dinner." she added with a smile.

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