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Simple and Short

By E.E. Evans

Smashwords Edition

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Simple and Short

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Simple and Short is a collection of verses of love and many words that
maybe once in a life time can be said and this time is the only moment to get them out and let destiny take charge of their purpose.

I have a Problem;

It starts with you.

I have a need;

To kiss you.

I have a dream;

To be with you.

I don’t need money.

I don’t need fame.

I just want you for myself.

I remember our first Kiss;

It was not what I waited of you.

I am getting old waiting for you to decide on love or heartache. Just love me baby.

You broke every single promise you said you would never do…

Here we are once more fighting for the love of us.

And one more night;

I am in bed dreaming you are my hero…

How could you keep playing with my mind even when you are not here?

Even the wind stops to see you

Come back so it could move free.

Maybe you are my own dirty secret,

But such a big mistake.

Is ironic my stupid heart keeps waiting to see you walk back,

When he was the one that walk away.

And my heart keeps holding on to see you come back.

I tried,

Is not so easy letting go.

Of the other half of my heart forever.

The pain in my heart

Is more deep that the lost of your love.

Every word you never said was a shot to my heart.

Every promise you broke was a punch to my soul.

Tonight I may die,

Just let me dream of you one last time.

And then we were strangers in a word of lovers.


When dreams come alive and words get a new meaning.


Wishes for hopeless souls.

A tear that fell from her eyes

Was a dream that came true.

He wanted someone with a purpose in life.

She was his miracle.

Our tears won’t go unnoticed to God.

Him they are our story and our victories.

She dance slowly, gratefully, elegantly

Till her heart was empty and her soul was at peace.

Is very simple, I Love you.

Even if you think you don’t deserve me.

She’s dancing in a thin threat,

Slowly lifting her to the sky.

He’s watching his heart going with the starts.

We want to live a life in peace,

When we make so much noise.

I still think of you,

I don’t care much for it,

But I still think of you.

Maybe we care too much.

Then again maybe I only care about you.

She kept dreaming of him,

Hoping that one night, just one,

She would wake up and he is there by her side.

She doesn’t have him,

He doesn’t have her.

They both want each other,

Yet life keeps them apart.

After the memories

All that is left is avoid

That only silent tear can fill.

At night when the world was sleeping,

She was praying for him.

And somewhere else he was dreaming of her.

She welcomes him in her dreams.

Even when it ends in nightmares.

Time over again the thought of love keeps us insane at the right edge.

The end may be the start of a wonderful life.

In the silence of the night,
In my dreamless sleep.
Making you

my wish come true.

bout the Author

Emma E. Evans is a 25 year old girl. She loves poetry and romance books. Her passion is love stories that through hard times they came out more strong and in love.

Hopeless romantic , and believes more that anything that love is all there is to need to be happy in life.

She has come from a long line of writers and debuts with her short stories and poems in smashwords.

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