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Ramen Close Encounter's

It was a late Tuesday evening. My flow of customer's was nearing it's end. Everyone had been served, and my last customer was getting up from their stool. Business had been decent for a Tuesday. It was nearing closing time, so I was going to start closing up. Earlier, I had noticed a Salaryman standing across the street watching my Ramen Stop. I hadn't given it too much thought, because this was a busy city, and you see lots of people. Being close to Akihabara, you see lot's of...eccentric people... I looked to where he had been earlier, and it seems he had been waiting for the last person to leave. He was crossing the street, and waving towards me. Lifting my eyes in astonishment, the Salaryman seemed to be timing it just right to dodge all the cars without getting hit! Hearing Cars, Trucks, and Buses blaring their horns to this crazy Salaryman! My mouth fell open and I felt my toothpick fall out of my mouth to drop to the floor! I covered my eyes, so sure I was going to see a grisly accident! In front of my shop to boot!!! A few moments went by, and I heard a knock on my counter! I jumped, startled at the noise expecting instead to hear tires screeching, and the sound of a vehicle impacting a body! I peeked through my fingers, and was astonished to see the Salaryman alive and well sitting and my counter and smiling brightly! Shocked, I blurted out “Are you insane???” “You almost died!!!” “Don't you know how to cross the street?” “Only at crosswalks!” “Buffoon!” I was exasperated that the Salaryman seemed unaffected as I berated him! I grumbled to myself “Ugh, this generation!” Seems I had one more customer for the night!

“I Would like a Ramen!” The Salaryman proclaimed on the edge of giddiness still smiling broadly. Sighing, I asked “What kind of Ramen?”

“I would like a Ramen!” He said emphasizing the word Ramen.

“ehh?” I said.

Pausing The Salaryman seemed to consider for a sec, then smiled broadly and replied, “I would like a BOWL of RAMEN!” again emphasizing those words.

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