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Rudolf Hess’s Lost Treasure Map

V Bertolaccini

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The Lost Treasure

Clouds of powdered dirt came down on top of him as he hit the ground at the bottom of the well, swirling through thin beams of light in gusts of air, and he felt heat from the air.

The well was strange now and looked as if it had been filled in, but most of it had not been dug yet, and he swiftly checked the walls of the well to make sure he had not made a mistake and realized that the wall with the metal box was not buried beneath the ground.

He realized that Hess must have found the well and thrown the treasure down into it, and perhaps not even known if it was a well! There was little on what was there and he realized why they had such a bad time searching.

He recalled all the faint lines on the map, and scribbles, and was sure it was a map drawn quickly and was almost incomprehensive! It was a map of there and had a mark on it that was where they were digging.

He had considered having it dated and having it compared with Hesss writing, to get who had written it.

He suddenly removed his harness and threw the rope away from him and started examining the surrounding well wall going around him and examined it in detail and recognized the part of the wall, covered in a thick layer of dried muck.

When he pulled chunks of it away he eventually found a black slab embedded in the dried muck, and that it looked like some form of shiny black stone, measuring a foot by half a foot, and it interested him greatly and he wondered why they had not properly searched the whole wall first, and realized how careless they were.

He grasped it furiously, and felt the weight of it, and it seemed too light now, and he wondered if he imagined it!

He was sure it had been on the ground at one point and that the well had been flooded and it and the muck had become embedded on the wall.

Cameron cleaned the muck from it and found its keyhole, and proved the metal box was locked, and for fifteen minutes he patiently used a piece of wire to unlock it and successfully did it while examining the hole they had been digging.

Clouds of powdered dirt came rushing down and some swirled about through the well in torch beams as he raced to pull the rusted metal box apart, and as he examined a hammer and chisel on the ground it started shifting up and he wondered if he had made a mistake as he now recalled examining the pieces of glass and was sure he proved that they were, and he wondered what the outcome of it would be.

Cameron heard the army truck go by, above the well, as it went to collect him at the pool of muck, as he watched in amazement as he wrenched it up and wide open and stood with his mouth wide open as it opened to reveal incredible valuable sets of jewels with large rare diamonds and abundant precious stones packed into its interior, and he straight away valued them as being worth millions, with historical sources.

Part I

The Lost Treasure Map

Chapter 1

The Lost Soldier

While Dave Cameron awoke his vision was strange and utterly unbelievable, with a hazy metallic bronze, and he studied it everywhere trying to grasp what it was and he heard increasingly extraordinary sounds!

He could feel little and his fingers probed the cold ground and he used his arms to clean his eyes and saw immediately he was lying in a farm field in a pool of muck, surrounded by cows, and as he choked and spat out muck and dung he started to realize the real problem and that he had entirely lost his memory of his identity, and he found a nearly empty bottle of whisky in his jacket pocket and examined it trying to grasp why it was there!

He recognized a distant road over on his left side that he knew was Floors Road and a bright blue building near it that was Linn Products, but again he could not recall why!

He crazily jumped up and down and the cattle everywhere ran from his shouts and screams and he fought to remove muck and water away from his sight while trying pull his embedded legs out of mud, and he realized again that he had been asleep in a pool of stinking mud, and he could not get why or what had happened!

Some form of rare occurrence had taken place and he struggled to force his mind to grasp it out or give him a suggestion of an answer but he never got it and all he could see was farm fields about him and some trees directly behind him, and he heard cars on the A726 road behind the trees!

Annoyed he started shouting and screaming again, wondering who the hell had dumped him in the pool of mud, and spotted a farmer watching him on a tractor and trailer in the distance and he started shouting, when he acknowledged him he started swearing and making obscene gestures until the farmer stopped and stood up and looked at him bewildered, as he waved his arms wildly, and the farmer shrugged and jumped into his seat and drove on.

Cameron shrugged back and started cleaning the muck from his clothes and stood staggered when he realized he was wearing an army uniform, and he slowly shifted away and sat on the solid field nearby contemplating what had happened and what to do!

At one point, to his surprise, a moving object on Floors Road to his left side moved into a field, beside Floors Wood, and shifted in his direction and he saw it was an army truck and he wondered if he was connected to them and he considered if he was running away from them, which justified him being in the field and that he could have fallen and damaged his head.

Desperate for answers he started jumping up and down again, and shouted over at the vehicle, and it increased its speed and he acknowledged its arrival and stopped, and as it drove up to him he stood looking at it bewildered, not realizing what to do next.

When the army truck stopped he saw it was full of soldiers, who all stared at him confused, and the driver jumped out and marched up to him and stood smiling, examining the mess he was in and the mess in the pool – looking as if he had a mud fight with himself – and Cameron gasped at his body’s impression in it where he had been lying.

“What in the hell are you doing?” a sergeant in the passenger seat finally moaned, as he lowered his window, unable to control himself and stay silent any longer.

“I don’t understand how I got here!” he moaned back, unable to see what else he could do.

All the soldiers in the truck shifted out the end of the vehicle to see what was happening.

“Come off it, buster!” the sergeant shouted, and examined a piece of dung on his mouth with disgust. “What have you been doing here?”

The sergeant examined the nearby cows with slanted eyes and all his footsteps and movements in and around the pool.

“What’s your name, private?” he shouted.

“I don’t know!” he finally admitted, seeing that he couldn’t avoid it.

“You have to be kidding me!” he gasped. “You don’t even know your own name?”

Suddenly an army Land Rover raced up behind the truck and an officer, called Lieutenant Waring, jumped out from the backseat, and shouted at the sergeant, “What’s going on, Sergeant Malone?”

“This private doesn’t even know his name!”

“How could that be? He had to give it to get in the army I assume! Well soldier what have you to say?”

“I’ve lost my memory, sir!”

All the soldiers at the truck stood startled and Malone got out the front of the vehicle and they all stood in front of Cameron.

“Alright then! Has anyone here got his name?” Waring moaned.

To Cameron’s surprise three of the soldiers immediately shoved up their hands and eagerly waited, and Waring smiled brightly, just as a beam of sunshine beamed down over him through a hole in a large cloud, and he walked up to Cameron and studied his face, still covered in a thin layer of muck.

“I’m sure I’ve seen you ...”

“His real name’s Dave!” one of the three soldiers who knew him shouted.

Malone removed a pen and paper, and moaned, “What’s his second name, private?”


“Is that right!” he groaned loudly, and sighed and firmly held his forehead in his hands and stayed that way for a few minutes and returned to what he was doing, entirely ignoring the problem.

Cameron tried to recall the name but could not, and thought the soldier looked familiar though and tried to recall his name.

Suddenly Waring gasped and looked at his watch and realized something and that he was late for something!

“Well, Malone, handle this man would you! I’ve business to attend to! And try to find a way to give him his memory back!”

“I’ll surely do that!” Malone muttered sadistically, and they saluted and Waring rushed away.

Malone ordered Cameron to go into the back of the truck with the other soldiers where he sat slouched and grasped the gravity of the situation and that he could not recall anything and sat dazed and confused and shifted next to the three soldiers that knew him, as they were the only ones that knew anything, and he soon got their names – as Tod Simpson (who was the soldier who had told him his name), and Johnny Fogler and Harry Hanks.

As the old truck slowly bumped up and down through the field Cameron’s name went through his mind rhythmically, vanishing and reappearing, and he failed to recall a single thing. What was he doing there? Simpson treated him like he was part of a crime, with Simpson and the other two soldiers, which they refused to say and which they were sure he would eventually recall.

At a field (behind where Rudolf Hess’s plane had crashed during the Second World War), he saw a large group of big army tents and he examined them in detail trying to see what they were doing there, as he expected to be taken to a real army base.

From their conversations he pieced together that they were all new recruits and on an army mission there, which he never grasped, and the others gave occasional gasps at, which grasped his imagination and he wondered why he could have done such a thing as join the army as he was sure he had no interest in it.

As the truck rolled into the army site he even wondered if they were playing a joke on him and that they had not known him!

The situation was unbelievable! He did not know what the future held and if he was in danger!

In the sleeping tent he examined everything about his bed looking for clues and found little and realized the three soldiers had been close to him as his bed was in the middle of theirs and they communicated regularly as though they knew him well.

Yet when he went away and got cleaned up, and washed away all the muck that had been covering his face and head, and put on new clothes and returned, they sat on their beds gasping and examining him, giving occasional whispers, staggered mainly at his face, and the other soldiers sat staring over for long periods contemplating things and carrying out silent conversations.

In the end they laughed and cracked silent jokes that he was unable to hear, leaving him wondering what the hell was happening and what the future was.

One of the men eventually entered the tent, after having left a few minutes earlier, and walked straight up to Cameron and stared right in his face, and moaned, “Malone wants to talk to you!”

“What about?”

“Don’t know! Probably to do with what happened today!”

Cameron jumped up and drank what was left of a can of beer beside him and rushed out.

When he entered Malone’s tent Malone was sitting in a seat at a desk moaning to someone on a phone, with another soldier standing in front of the desk, and Cameron stood beside him.

Malone glanced over and gasped, stopped talking and continued, and examined him looking straight into his face as if he saw something he did not fully want to see and could not quite grasp and studied him and left it.

Once he hanged up the phone he instantly dismissed the other solider, who left moaning about him not allowing him to speak.

“I want to ask you some questions!”

Cameron stood straight and copied one of the soldiers he had seen saluting and he waited.

“Why did you join the army, Dave?” he asked, studying him with great confusion and annoyance, while sipping tea from a cup.

“I can’t remember!”

“You can’t remember why you’re in the army!” he gasped, blowing out all the tea in his mouth, in a massive spray, covering the table.

When Cameron offered to clean it, he shouted, “Leave it!”

“Of course, you lost your memory ...” he spoke, recalling the occurrence.

“Why do you think people join?” he finally asked.

“To get out and about! To see the universe!”

“Wow! The whole universe!”

“Or visit places one normally never sees!”

“Let me explain!” he explained, staring into his face, staggered by something, and putting his elbow in a large ashtray. “In the old days, a century ago, people joined the French Foreign Legion to forget things! Problems! Things they wanted to escape from! Escape from weary existences! Even hide away from crimes they had committed!”

“Well, I’m sure I’d have gone further away!”

“Really! How do you know?”

“I have no recollection of anything! So I can’t answer that!”

Suddenly it struck him that he was trying to suggest something and he realized he could have done something and that he could have found out about it! Then he gasped as he realized his mind was blank and he had no memories of anything of himself!

“Have you done something to me?” he gasped, recalling waking up in the pool of mud in the field. “I’ve no memories ...”

He thought of all the things used by the military on prisoners and if they could have done it.

Malone made strange faces, as though in deep pain, and bent over and put his face in his hands, and his shoulders quivered as though he were sobbing, and he remained doing it for minutes until he recovered, and Cameron watched the top of his head shuddering and rise and him calmly return to normal.

“Just leave!” he moaned firmly, no longer looking at him, and Cameron left confused and realized his goal was to find out who the hell he was no matter what!

“I’ve another question!” he quickly asked before he left.


“What the hell are we doing out here? Surely the military doesn’t need anyone out here?”

“We’re searching for a killer lion!” he replied, now amused at Cameron’s face expression changing to horror.

“A killer lion is roaming about here! Why are we in tents and out in the open? How the hell did it get out here?”

“We’ve guns! It escaped from a nearby village circus I think! We’ve not confirmed anything yet though!”

Cameron realized some of his memory was returning and he considered how dangerous the lion was and wondered what a circus was doing with a killer lion! He was sure it was illegal to have such an animal!

“What proof is there that it exists?”

“Farmers have reported seeing the thing to the police! We’ve just arrived and are to investigate the incident!”

A shiver ran up his spine as he considered the danger he had been in out in the field in the pool of mud and he considered if it had anything to do with how he ended up there.

Chapter 2

The Treasure

Cameron’s gaze went out into a field through the small group of trees, searching for any disturbances and signs that the lion was about. The thing would surely give itself away there, and he took comfort in there being no signs from the crows flying overhead reacting to anything!

Malone said he was going to visit one of the farmers that had witnessed the killer lion and he wondered what the hell they were talking about! The whole incident seemed strange now!

His gaze returned to the well, and its large circular hole at his front, going deep into the ground.

The top had clearly been recently dug away from being buried under rotten wooden planks and soil, hidden away in the middle of the small group of trees, and he studied Simpson who had a rope and harness tightly attached around him as Fogler and Hanks arrived and brought a torch, from the road on the edge of the trees, on Floors Road, and Cameron wondered why the hell they thought there was anything there! Then he realized that Rudolf Hess had parachuted down there or at the other side of the road, at the farm!

His close inspection of the tunnel showed it clearly had been an ancient well and had been covered over a long time ago, and he wondered why they had not used a nearby stream and if it were something else.

“What’s the hell’s there?” he conclusively moaned, after waiting for them to say something, with him almost screaming for them to tell him! They refused to give him anything about anything, and what they had been doing there before he had lost his memory!

They had secretively left the army camp when the others had not been around, and all four of them were at the mysterious hole searching for signs of what was there.

“Am I the only one going down there?” Simpson moaned, sadistically.

Seeing the other two were not interested in going down, Cameron decided he would like to see what was there. Anything that could give him anything on what he had been doing before he had lost his memory was of more value than anything else!

He announced it, searching them for any sign of disagreements.

He was surprised that they all nodded in agreement and one removed another harness and rope for him and he realized that he might have been down the hole already, going by their reactions, and he had become aware earlier that they had been down the hole searching for treasure.

The hole was large with more than enough room to fit both of them at the bottom and when Simpson left and vanished into its darkness he started attaching the harness to him, and gasped at how he knew how to fit it, and not know why, and he realized that he had to have done it recently.

He swiftly entered the hole once he was ready as he did not want to miss anything, and the action, even though they had been there before, and he wondered again what exactly they were doing.

“What exactly will I be doing down there?” he asked Fogler casually, desperate for anything, and any clue.

But again they totally ignored his request and insisted in not saying a thing, leaving him dazzled, but more determined to get to the bottom of all the mysteries.

What were they after? What in the hell would soldiers want?

He had to leave it and gasped as he released the rope, edging him downwards into the deep abyss, inhaling gasps of air, eagerly seeking the unimaginable and what was hidden away.

As he went down he chuckled as he recalled a story a young soldier had told them in their tent and that a teacher had once asked their class what organ of the body could expand itself ten times its size when stimulated.

When nobody had put up their hand she had asked a girl, and she had stood up blushing furiously, and had shouted, “How dare you ask such a question! I going home and I will have my parents report you to the headmaster and the police ...!”

The teacher had ignored her reaction and had asked the same question over, and a boy had stood and replied with, “The correct answer is the iris of the human eye!”

“Very good!” she had replied, and had turned to the girl and had announced, “I have three things to say to you! Firstly, it’s clear you never did your homework! Secondly, you have a dirty and vicious mind! Thirdly, I fear someday you’re going to be disappointed in willies expanding!”

“What the hell are you doing?” Fogler hollered down, staring at him, and Cameron realized that he had stopped lowering himself, and had been laughing to himself, and he watched his distant face studying him as though he now thought he had gone mad!

He yearned to explore so he quickly continued, while he tried to grasp shapes buried away down in the dimness just below, and he could not figure out what could be there! There was not any suggestion and it reminded him of his memory of himself! What could cause such an occurrence?

He recalled once watching archeologists at work at the top of a construction but he could not recall what he was doing there and certain other things, and it confused him and left him staggered at the dangers he could confront.

Suddenly he flew down the shaft uncontrollably and crashed into the ground and immediately jumped to his feet as the rope above him fell on top of him.

The fall had been a large one and he was staggered at the impact, but he was even more staggered that he had not broken anything and he seemed to have no damage to his body.

The end of the rope, where it had broken, had clearly been worn away for a long time and he could not believe that they had not even seen it, and going by the two soldiers above they had not even noticed.

Simpson examined him in the dim torchlight gasping at him crashing into the ground where he had been earlier, and that he would have been flattened by it, and to Cameron’s amazement he found another thick metal torch smashed into pieces where he had landed on his back, and he examined his back unable to find a bruise or sore.

How could he have fallen so far and not be injured? He surely should have broken bones!

He considered it as he tested areas of his body but there were no signs of anything!

“That was some fall, Dave!” Simpson eventually replied, focusing the beam of light from the torch up the shaft to where he had been, and Fogler and Hanks showed themselves at the top of the well and shouted down.

It looked as if they had been examining the surrounding fields, away in the distance.

Even though Cameron was not sure what would be accomplished anywhere it was mysterious and fascinating now! They were clearly searching for something of value down in the tunnel, and he could not even imagine what!

Cameron removed objects about him that had been dug up from the muck at the bottom of the well and he played with them seeing what they were or if he could find anything, while Simpson dug away with a spade with some expertise, clearly from being at work there for a while.

In the corner he spotted an old rolled up jacket, and asked Simpson, “Whose is that?”

“Yours!” he replied firmly, while stopping digging. “Has none of your memory returned yet?”

“Nothing about myself! I wondered what happened!”

Simpson continued and started chipping away at a giant boulder with chisel and hammer to break it up, and shoved it over into the muck that he was throwing out at this side.

Cameron played with jacket wondering why he could not imagine wearing the old tattered thing, and decided to check the pockets to see if there was anything.

He groaned in despair and shoved the remains of the rope away from him and he dug his hands deep into the side pockets of the jacket and found nothing, but he felt a hole in one where he could shove his hand into and played around in the lining and finally felt a piece of paper and removed it.

It had smudged lines and writing and he could not see it properly in the dimness and shoved it into his trouser pocket to examine when he could see it properly in normal light, and considered how long the torches would last.

Cameron examined the end of the rope to see how it broke and realized that it broke as he and the others had been moving around a lot while coming down, and he realized that they had not even examined it properly.

He ignored it and returned to watching Simpson enthusiastically rolling parts of the boulder out the hole! He realized the rope could have been cut on a sharp rock by them rushing about, and going up or down the tunnel.

Above him, in the black shaft above, he examined the other part of the rope dangling about, in occasionally gusts of wind blowing in, and he searched for a sharp rock on the side of the tunnel, and then he looked for anything that could do it but in was far too dim, and for some reason he thought he could easily climb there, even though it was completely vertically with nothing to really grip.

He was sure he could do it, and wondered if he had been some form of climber, and he was so enthralled in finding his own identity he decided to see what would happen if he started to climb it, and if any memories returned to him.

So he stared to climb and to his amazement his mind and body seemed to alter and he climbed the wall of mud and rocks in massive leaps, as though gravity never existed, not knowing how he managed to remain up without falling, and as he swiftly reached the rope he watched Simpson below staring up, staggered by his speed and strange ability, and Cameron grabbed the rope and leapt up it and was soon at the top of the well.

Chapter 3

The Wood

The whole account of the lion was now incredible to Cameron and he could hardly believe the events of the past days and that they were on the trail of a massive killer lion!

The last of the sunlight was vanishing within the small wood, in front of them, into the western horizon, with the night there engulfing them, and he studied his surroundings and the bright blue Linn Products building through the trees, trying to explain why the small wood could actually shelter the beast.

Perhaps the lion was hungry and waiting to get a human alone! Sightings clearly gave the wood as the location of it!

Fifteen of their armed soldiers were there, and a few police, and he kept wondering why the police had not been used in the first place. They had weapons! They could have used animal handlers!

There was something different about the lion that was extraordinary and vastly dangerous that he could not grasp! All the soldiers and police were in a line through the wood and they were nervous and ready with their guns as they started searching!

Cameron marched on with his rifle pointing at the undergrowth directly ahead, while he watched Simpson, Fogler, and Hanks at his side, and saw their eyes wide and alert, ready for action.

As they moved on they heard a helicopter appear in the distance and they increased their speed, but they slowed as it emerged with its sound beating heavily everywhere, as it started circling the above wood with its searchlight beaming through the trees, and he wondered what the hell had they done! The lion would go crazy and he expected the thing to come flying straight out at them through the dark wood, and he was left considering if they could even shoot it accurately in the environment and dimness at such a speed! He was unsure if they could hit such a moving dark target!

“What the hell would that lion be doing here?” Fogler moaned, trying to get an answer, and Cameron saw that they did not fully believe it was there.

The wood looked empty of animals in all the places he saw, and he considered their search for it.

Though the adventure brought them to life after a long rest earlier and from inactivity! The information was little and no evidence had been given, and in the end everything seemed to add up to little, and yet he still thought they would find something, but it was strange. His memory loss confused him! At times he seemed go from one character to another as though he had been two different people, and deep within him he sensed something was hidden away. It was also as if he was gasping over its discovery! Which was stupid unless it was of great danger!

The vegetation around them was thick but suddenly his eyes darted about and spotted something, as if he was looking for something there at another part of his brain, and he searched what was there and he was surprised as the plants and undergrowth were withered and burnt as though a terrific heat had blasted through there.

To his surprise when they moved further into the region all the soldiers started talking of it and he saw it all across his front, as though something of tremendous heat had been ahead somewhere, but the strange thing was there was nothing ahead and he searched the entire front area for signs of a fire and found nothing!

Had someone nearby been working on something, with some form of rocket propulsion, and the blast had gone straight through the wood?

How could anyone over at the blue building not have noticed?

He spotted an old gravestone and fence and saw by the soldiers there that there was nothing there! The source seemed to be near the furthest away point from the building and road, and he gasped for no reason and started examining there and saw something had done incredible damage! Something had exploded or something!

“Looks like kids have been camping out over there?” Simpson uttered, examining where his eyes were on, wondering what his startled look was for.

While they neared the spot their reactions altered and they seemed to forget the killer lion and started examining the place with great interest!

All the soldiers approached the place searching everything they could see! Looking for explanations!

“What the hell happened here!” one of the soldiers replied, approaching the place first. “Looks like someone exploded some form of bomb!”

“Bomb!” Simpson replied. “Like a miniature atomic one!”

All the ground, rocks and dirt, was melted deep into the ground by intense heat, and the center point was covered in a strange substance and metal.

“What happened here?” a police sergeant continued, wandering up to them, picking up loose bits of the ground, and Cameron wondered if the police would investigate it!

Chapter 4

The Discovery

Early the next morning Malone took them back to the site to investigate what was there more decisively and to try and answer unanswered questions that had accumulated on the previous night!

Military scientists arrived and they all marched into the wood to the site, where they were going to carry out examinations of what they could find, and remove samples.

What astounded Cameron was that only within visible distance of there that their attitude drastically altered! The heat from it had had more of an effect than the soldiers had realized in the darkness! Things somehow took a different perspective than the damage from normal fire and heat damage and they all looked closely in detail for why.

“I was just thinking!” one of the aged scientists stated. “Could it have been the energy surge that was detected in this region?”

“But we do not fully know what or of the amount detected!” another scientist stated, staring over where the occurrence took place, with his mouth wide open.

The soldiers were dazed and wondering what and how they had detected anything, and what they were going to unravel there and just how dangerous it was! Why were the scientists reacting so peculiar to it?

“Its powers have incredible properties,” the first scientist continued. “There are many peculiarities here!”

“It looks like something sent out an energy surge!” he replied, after he examined powerful damage to the trees, with many trees blown over.

“Could that not have just been a massive wind surges?” Simpson finally moaned.

Cameron gasped and examined a slight look of horror on the scientist’s face, and watched him moan back, “A weather disturbance wouldn’t do that like that!”

“I’ll believe the theories when I have proof!” Simpson uttered to the other soldiers.

“They’re probably altering an explosion of some unknown explosive ...” Fogler replied. “Someone could have been testing out something from where they worked!”

Simpson gave a short burst of laughter, and replied, “Someone has removed some classified explosive and tested it out! I don’t know what it is but I somehow think it could be far more confidential for anyone to remove anything and detonate it in a public place! Why not go up on the moors near the army camp?”

“It’d be an incredible military innovation if it did!” the scientist remarked, while listening in, making them all go silent wondering what they were actually talking of!

“What happens if it is something new?” Fogler replied confused, and they ignored him and moved in slowly to where the occurrence had occurred, and they stood in a circle around its circular shape, with most of them gasping at the sheer magnitude of what something had done there.

Cameron stood staring with his eyes wide open beside the gasping startled scientists, who were now at a loss of words!

Fogler finally could not help reply, “What the hell was it then?”

The region was covered strange melted unknown substances and looked like nothing they had seen before.

“Are we going to go through with releasing it to the media?” Malone firmly asked the head scientist, to clarify the situation.

“How can they keep it a secret?” the scientist moaned, startled and annoyed that his discovery might be hidden away. “The whole place may be at the center of attention of the world media when the media arrive!”

“We could chase the media away and claim it was something else?”

The scientists just stared at him with shock not believing what had heard, and replied, “Alright! It could be a military secret or part of a confidential project!”

“We’ll allow them here at the moment anyway! There’s nothing that can be identified with anything! It is not customary to classify anything without an order anyway. And if we show the media it someone may recognize it and turn up! While they may never know of it if we don’t!”

“Correct!” one of the scientists acknowledged.

Away in the distance Cameron heard a car and a voice and he was sure it was someone from the media driving there. Even though he could not understand how he heard it! He was sure he had never heard someone in a vehicle before!

Chapter 5

The Media

Television and newspaper reporters and cameramen arrived at the site to capture what they had found and Cameron watched on shocked! One of them was one of the people he had overheard in the car driving there and looked as he imagined him!

They were amazed at the large military presence and could not get to what was there, and then were more startled at the scientists and their keenness and secretiveness!

At the edge of the crash site they stood confused trying to work out what it was and what had occurred, and Cameron was amazed by how it looked and how incredible it was in bright sunlight now blasting through the trees.

At the army camp the night before he had become convinced that it had only looked like something in the darkness and dim torchlight. Yet what the hell could crash almost vertically with such force and power?

Cameron realized after a few smiling glances from reporters that they found his facial appearance amusing, and he wondered why almost everyone saw him at a certain distance gasped and studied his face and appearance. It was like for almost a few seconds they thought he was someone else and someone famous! Someone they considered amusing! One woman reporter even moved in close to him and started questioning him, after being unable to ignore his resemblances, and he coolly ignored it and behaved like a soldier and gave information of the discovery and a detailed account of what had happened when they had found it.

What confused him more was that she recognized his voice too!

When the police started carrying out investigations nearby he soon forgot their reactions, and they reported to the increasing media presence their reported accounts of an identified flying object crashing down there, which he had a hard time believing and he realized later that they had meant unidentified aircraft.

The police investigations also told of the giant killer lion that had been witnessed nearby and they realized that it could exist again and Malone soon joined the police making a more detailed investigation!

Accounts of what was believed to be an earthquake tremor, an immense explosion, and sounds of what sounded like an airplane crashing down were the most reported! Some were startling and of a giant meteorite impact, and of a bright light shooting down! Sightings of fierce light and smoke from burning in the wood was later told by people nearby and on the main road. Many thought it was some form of social gathering!

Yet nothing solved what had actually happened, and what had crashed into the wood! Yet the media was sure that something would be found and they had the police carry out a national investigation, and especially to locate any missing planes and anything that had been in the vicinity.

The mysteries kept accumulating, instead of decreasing, and soon everyone Cameron met never had a clue what was going on!

What the hell had he been doing? Why had he lost his memory in only certain places? What treasure were they looking for in the well in the trees by the road? Why did the three soldiers he was searching with never tell him anything no matter how far he questioned them? What form of air accident occurred vertically? Had something hit there or been exploded? Why had all the occurrences that had been witnessed not been investigated by any of the witnesses?

At one point the only thing that added up was they were all up to something and hiding it from them!

The press at one point seemed to know what was fully happening to their surprise and they were sure something was found that altered things, which they never told, and the story circulated around the globe!

Chapter 6

The Horse

The whole event was a muddled mess, which now seemed to have no conclusion, and Cameron believed he would never get the opportunity to get his memory back, but he kept trying!

In his army bed he examined everything about him always looking for clues about anything, but found little, and he kept realizing that the three soldiers had been close to him and had put his bed in the middle of theirs, but he could not get them to communicate on anything.

The killer lion was strange now! Like a mythical creature! After all the accounts of it there was nothing about it that seemed normal! Even the first accounts had confused it, as why were they claiming it was a killer lion? What was a killer lion doing out there? If it had been part of a circus or zoo it should have adapted to there, and why would they have a killer lion? He had not heard anything of killer animals being used! Even though some animal parks insisted in getting new active animals.

What got him was that they were the most vulnerable as everyone else was indoors and protected! He was even sure that it would go for their tent due to the noise and smell! He even considered that they had deliberately put them there as bait for the thing! They were soldiers and paid to be used in such deadly scenarios!

Other things bothered him! Was there a treasure? And what was he doing in the pool of mud? He had thought something would have arose to give a suggestion of what was going on! Now it seemed he would never know!

He recalled his arrival at the army camp and when he got cleaned and washed in the toilet and had seen his face in the mirror and had not recognized himself! Who the hell was he? Was there a form of illness that affected certain parts of his memory?

He sat at the edge of his bed watching the other three soldiers around him and their habits, and them occasionally examine him, giving occasional whispers to each other, sometimes staggered at his face, and other soldiers stared over for long periods, contemplating things, and carrying out conversations about their home life.

He groaned in despair and recalled the piece of paper he had found in his jacket pocket at the bottom of the well and he searched deep into his pocket and found where he had shoved it and played around with it against the lining and finally removed it and examined the smudged lines and writing in the bright light for the first time.

He saw that they were not as smudged as he had originally thought, but he could not make out what it was and shoved it back into his pocket, and he tried to recall and realize what it was.

He listened to Simpson and Fogler having an argument over racing horses, and which would win, and in the end laughed at it and cracked a silent joke that they were unable to hear, and they eventually asked him what horse he thought was better, with them trying persuade him that their horse was better than the other, and he eventually gave up listening in the end and wondered what the hell would happen in the future.

Hanks, the third soldier, who was normally silent, sat beside him on his bed, and showed him horses being sold on the internet on a device.

“What do you think then?”

“They’re alright! What are you thinking of buying one?”


“What for?”

“To race!”

“What! You race horses?”

“Yes!” he replied smiling. “I was a jockey! I’m still thinking of racing in my spare time!”

One of the other soldiers entered the tent after leaving minutes earlier and he walked straight up to Cameron and stared straight his face, and moaned, “Malone says he wants to talk to you!”

“What of?”

“Just don’t know!”

The soldier left the tent after carrying out his order, and Cameron sat wondering what it was about.

“Look at this one! What a beauty! What do think, Dave?”

“Can you make good money from a good horse?” he asked, considering if it was an easy way to make money, and Hanks nodded in agreement.

After examining them, and realizing that they were basically all the same, he wondered how Hanks could tell a good horse and in the end he chose what looked the fittest horse.

He was surprised Hanks instantly agreed, and thought it was a winner, and was so sure he offered Fogler and Simpson a wager on it, and they instantly came to a halt with their argument and marched over and started examining the horses and eventually broke into another argument.

Hanks eventually got bored listening, and showed Cameron the horse again.

“Want in?”

“Where’ll you keep it?”

“I’ve place at our farm! We’d split the money!”

On his reply the other two came to a complete stop and started shifting over to him, and they all started debating the horse and what they could make.

Cameron acknowledged that he would go along with the deal, even though he was not entirely sure!

He wondered if the treasure was a fantasy scheme that one of them had come up with, and that they were the ones who had come up with searching there and not him, and that they had been so secretive with him to get him to go along with it! But he could not see why as all they were doing was wasting time there, and as soon as the military was sure the lion was not around anymore they would have to move away.

The problem he would eventually have to face was he did not know where he lived or anything. So when the soldiers were on leave where the hell did he go! He would be there the rest of his life wondering if he was being waited on by someone to arrive back! Hanks had a farm and he realized why he never minded the rural region! And he was sure that he had been living indoors somewhere! But where? Where?

Yet the military had to have information on him, and he wondered if he was married or something! Yet what if he never remembered the woman like he had with the three soldiers?

The soldier that had informed him that Malone wanted to see him later entered and walked right up to Cameron and stared straight his face, and moaned, “Malone wants to see you in his tent right now!”

Cameron realized he had to do something and grabbed a bottle of whisky from beside his bed and downed as much as he could, and gasped, and he shifted out the tent!

Chapter 7

The Well

When Cameron arrived at Malone’s tent he was told to enter and Lieutenant Waring jumped onto his feet and downed the last of his rum and rushed towards the entrance, examining Cameron’s face from the side of his eyes gasping, and stopped himself asking him something and rushed out the entrance.

“Sit down!” Malone ordered, clearly annoyed about something, which Cameron could not grasp.

He was sitting trying to contemplate some thought when the phone rang and he instantly grabbed at it and listened without hearing anything, and when someone spoke he launched into an argument with someone over not doing what he wanted and started thumping his desk with his fist, and shouted and hung up, and banged the phone down.

“Cameron!” he eventually forced himself to whisper. “What are you doing?”

He stared deep into his eyes, trying to penetrate into his mind, and saw his face and looked away, while trying to contemplate some thought.

“Nothing as far as I know!” he moaned, not knowing what to think or do, or what he meant.

“There has been a complaint about you already!” he announced loudly, seeing if he would react.

“About what?” he gasped, wondering who complained about soldiers and wondered what they would complain about.

“That’s it Cameron! People don’t like you! They complain everywhere and you just keep ignoring it! Don’t you?”

Cameron realized that there were people complaining about him everywhere and did not like it, and he wondered what they were complaining of and why they never liked him. Then he realized that Malone must have people complaining all the time with them being there, and he wondered what he was up to!

“You’re a born villain! You’re a menace to civilization! The people of this country could do without you!”

“Yeah! So why do most of the men get annoyed at you? Not me! At least I’ve not annoyed any soldiers ...!”

“You’ve not annoyed ...!” he stared deep into his eyes again, and looked away.

“Did you go to the golf club up at the moor?” Malone curiously asked, calming himself.

“Yes!” he joked, annoyed, and even more annoyed at their persistence in not telling him anything. “There were hundreds of people drunk all over the place, lying in bushes, and vomiting on the greens, and throwing beer cans! The whole place was totally covered with people drinking and making it with woman, and there were wild orgies everywhere!”

“Great! Remind me to visit there! What else was there? Was there any physical action?”

“Physical action! Yeah! There was this woman on the local golf course who hit her ball and it shot sideways and went into a foursome of men, putting at a green, and the ball hit one of the men in the crotch!”

“That sounds fun! What next?”

“She realized it was her new boss!”

“New boss! And what happened?”

“She rushed over to him and told him she was also a physical therapist and that she knew how to relieve the pain! So she gently took his hands away and loosened his pants and pulled them down to his knees and started massaging his sexual organs in the middle of the golf course!”

“Good god!” Malone gasped. “What will they think of next?”

“She continued on going, even in the middle of the green, with all the crowds and them watching, with reporters and cameras!”

“So what!” Malone shouted, furiously.

“He told her that the golf ball had hit his little finger, at his pocket, and that he had only put my hands between my legs to quench the pain!”

“Great! But what the hell has that to do with what I’m talking about ...!”


“Cameron pull yourself together! This country needs you to do your job! Not to hang about perverted golf clubs!”

“Why did you want to know if I was there for?”

“I was checking if you played golf! As I thought you may want to play with me and some of the lads here!”

“Thank you! I was there! I’ll think about it!”

“Wrong! The game’s cancelled! I was checking if you were there! There was a complaint about you! Someone said that they saw you at the golf course, and walking from there!”

“There’s not!”

“There is!”


“Apparently Cameron ... Everywhere!”

“That’s where you’re wrong! I’ve not been everywhere!”

“Yet! You don’t actually have to go everywhere! It can be done with the media!”

“I’ve been in the media? When?”

Malone bent over holding his head in his hands, and rested his head on the table, while moaning, and swiftly straightened, while Cameron realized he had heard something about him in the media.

“The whole country seems to know of you ...” Malone announced, and stopped himself.

“I can assure you that nothing really happened! That golf club has some strange people hanging around ...”

“We’re not talking about that! So you have lost your memory! Well, this time I have you! A complaint was made to the police about you!”

“While visiting the golf club?” he replied, astonished and confused. “Alright! I know I’m not a member ...”

“It’s nothing to do with your blasted golf club!” he screamed.

“Well then it is about time you told me!”

“I will! I’m coming to it!”

Cameron gasped, wondering if he could go to prison for the crime! Yet why did he not recall anything? If he had done something surely he would have noticed it? What was he talking about? Was it something he had done before he had been found in the pool of mud in the field? Was he actually a wanted criminal, and had the people of the media, in the wood, or on the golf course recognized him!

He could not have! He was sure he was not like that, and he could tell by all the people who knew him that he had not been!

How would he handle the police without a memory? They would think he was covering something or was insane!

Malone took his official pose and sat upright studying him, as though a judge about to sentence him for a serious crime, which he would regret for the rest of his life, and he wondered what he was up to when he never and just sat staring at his face with deep emotions of something!

Cameron wondered what the outcome of it all could be!

“You remember what you did after you left the golf course road, I presume?” Malone casually spoke.

“Yes! I kept walking and ...”

“Right! Where did you go next?

Cameron stared blankly and shrugged.

“You went to a small roadside wood! Didn’t you?”

Cameron just pleaded guilty and wondered what he was being accused of!

“You were seen climbing down a well in the middle of the wood on Floors Road! You had no right to be there and the farmer complained of you digging a giant well on his property!”

“What! I’m to be charged for digging a well there?”

“No! I’m to warn you not to do it again, and tell you to go over there and cover it over! Someone’s dog could’ve fallen into it!”

Cameron realized someone must have left the cover and covering to hide it off and realized he saw it being covered over!

Chapter 8

The Agreement

Cameron could not believe he had not realized his own identity, and it was worse now as he could not see himself answering it, and he rested sulking on his bed.

It was incredible the soldiers in the tent kept getting him drinks and drunk, and had immediately handed him cans of beer as he had entered the tent.

“What was that all about?” the soldier that had taken him to Malone’s tent asked, sitting on the end of his bed, bouncing slightly, testing the springs, and Cameron gasped and decided just to say something.

“Someone reported me for digging a tunnel ...”

“Digging a tunnel! What to escape from here?”

“I don’t know!”

“I know this place is rainy at times ...”

“What is happening about that racehorse you’re going to buy?” he moaned over at Hanks.

“We’re going to go over and buy it ... Are you in?”

“I’m interested!”

Cameron thought it over for a few seconds, wondering why there was four of them in the deal, and why he needed them in the deal, and why he never just bought it himself and took the full profit! He was sure it was a gamble and Hanks would have to win on a horse that he had not ridden. How would he be able to check the horse out?

They all sat thinking about it on their beds, and Hanks eventually replied, “Do you know I recalled seeing you going to meet someone somewhere before you vanished! Just before you ended up in that pool of mud in that field!”

Cameron wondered why he had done that, trying to recall, and trying to work out why he would do such a thing!

“What the hell will I do?” he eventually moaned.

The soldier at the end of his bed looked over at him, and told him, “You’ll remember someday ... I’m sure!”

The soldier looked over at Hanks, and asked, “Have you any room for anyone else investing in that racehorse?”

Hanks nodded with satisfaction, and Cameron wondered what it was worth now and what the outcome of it would be!

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