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Watching Her First Time

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How I Became a Manwhore (sample)

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the events and characters portrayed in this book and real life is a coincidence. I encourage all readers to practice safe sex, respect their partners, and have a good time – PB Rider


By PB Rider

I came to high as hell and kind of vague as to where I was and what was happening, but as the room spun back into shape it was clear that this was the reality: My wife, Jenn, was on all fours getting pumped at both ends by two guys I didn’t know, while I was tied to a chair getting my cock sucked by some big-titted Amy she went to school with. It took a few seconds to remember how we got here, and how it all began.


Last year we moved to Newton, a town on the coast near where Jenn went to college. I’d never been there before, but she got a job and we decided to make the change. I work online, so I’m easy, and I liked the idea of a new scene, especially with sun and surf. Plus we were in our 30s, and it was time to move out of the city, be bigger fish in a smaller pond.

Sounds kind of dull, right? But let’s not be coy - this is one of those ‘slut wife stories’, with plenty of sucking, fucking and cum in her hair. If that’s not your thing, then you picked the wrong book and I hope you didn’t pay for it, and maybe you’ll be upset or offended at what comes next, which is me, Jenn, a few guys and a girl called Amy with tits like you wouldn’t believe.


It was Saturday morning about two months after moving in. We were sitting on the balcony drinking coffee, sharing a joint, taking stock of what our new lives seemed to be.

“I like it here,” Jenn said.

“Me too.”

“It hasn’t changed much, but I have.”


“Well, I don’t feel like I need to party all the time.”

She reached out and held my hand.

“I’m happy at home, you know?”

“Yeah,” I said, and wondered again about her ‘party years’, and what that meant, exactly. I knew there’d been two other women, Amy and Celine, and the stories Jenn had let slip about those. But herself, what she got up to – I had no idea.

She passed me the joint. I took a hit, held it, while she picked up a pair of binoculars and scanned the beach, looking for somewhere to play.

“I saw this good-looking kid the other day, maybe 19, 20. He was with his mom, and she could’ve been one of my friends.”

I moved behind Jenn, kissing her neck and holding her breasts though the robe.

“You know what I realized? That I could fuck this guy – like one of my friend’s kids. Not that he’d be interested, I guess.”

“Bullshit. Given the chance he’d fuck you all night.”

“Well, my nights are for you now, hon, and a lot more sleeping than fucking.”

“Afternoons, then.”

Jenn laughed, and went inside to get ready for the beach.


About ten minutes later she was back, standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

“How do I look?”

She looked good. The bikini was cut to show off her long legs, firm ass and high tits. She’d put on some lipstick and eye shadow, had her hair up. She came over and kissed me, was wearing perfume.

“I make you hard, right?”


“You think any of the guys on the beach might want a piece of this?”

“You don’t think so?”

She smiled.

“Look, I’ll take my walk on the beach, do some yoga, come back and then we can make love. A full work-out.”

“Just yoga on the beach?”

She was looking through the binoculars.

“Yes, and…that group, by the volleyball nets.”

She passed me the binoculars and I saw a few guys with a cooler.

“Keep an eye on them.”

She went back into the living room, picking up a sarong, her shades and a sunhat, putting them on and checking the mirror.


“Don’t worry, hon, it’s just a game, then I’ll come back and we’ll have sex.”

“What’ll I do?”

She took the joint off me and hit it, held it in.

“Just watch. You’ll see.”

She kissed me, and I breathed in the smoke.

“And try not to jerk off.”


Jenn left the apartment and went to the beach. I stayed on the balcony with the binoculars and picked up my tablet to look at some porn and warm up. I went to a site to find someone who reminded me of Jenn.

It wasn’t difficult, she has that look, and soon I found a few sets that I could flick through while keeping an eye on the beach. I was feeling good about how the day was going. Not yet noon and stoned immaculate, waiting to get my dick sucked.

I looked up from a picture of a woman with a cock in each hand and cum on her face and saw Jenn and her big hat moving along the beach, the guys not far away. I adjusted the binoculars and settled in to watch.

A bunch of frat-looking guys, drinking before noon. Jenn was much better than they were, but the idea of them looking at her got me excited. I began thinking about the whole gang running a train on my wife, a hard cock in each of her holes and one in each of her hands, just like the women onscreen.

It didn’t take long for me to see Jenn in action. She was all glammed up and posing, seemed to be throwing stoned smiles from behind her sunglasses, putting her sunhat and sarong on the sand, stretching her legs and showing off her body a few yards from the guys.

Someone picked up a ball and they were tossing it around, and then I noticed one of them, the blond guy, Matt, whose cock she was sucking less than an hour later, threw it straight at Jenn’s feet.

She picked up the ball and waved at the guys, shaking her tits and ass, then walked over and handed it back. That blond guy offered her a bottle of beer. Jenn took it, held it in one hand and moved the other up and down the neck between sips, jerking that fucker off like I wanted to do to myself.

Two of the guys were beside her now, and as they talked she would touch their arms and smile, and I thought, yeah, of course, she’ll think about this later when we’re fucking, and I liked how that made me feel.


I kept watching, and not much happened, but two things stuck in my memory.

One is when Jenn turned and seemed to point at me, and for a moment I forgot that I was safe, just stoned and far away behind binoculars. The other is it looked like one guy had his hand on her ass, but I couldn’t tell for sure. The blond guy who’d thrown the ball and started talking to her seemed pissed at his friend, and then the grab-ass guy said something, and Jenn covered her mouth, in shock or laughing. Then he tried to pull her closer, but she pushed him away, and then turned and walked back down the beach, heading home, the guys all watching her go.

She looked in my direction and waved.

I went to take a shower, and thought about cumming in her mouth.


When I came out of the shower my dick was hard.

Jenn was naked on the couch, holding a joint, listening to some music, looking at her phone and playing with a vibrator. She showed me the screen. A woman getting fucked at both ends.

“She’s got better tits than me, right? But I like her shoes.”

She put down the phone, I went over and she started blowing me, mouth full and clit getting shaken. This was one of our favorite ways to get started, as Jenn liked to feel overwhelmed and I liked getting my cock sucked.

I picked up the joint and inhaled, put a hand on my wife’s head while I gently fucked her mouth. The weed hit and I watched her working the vibrator, building herself up. I looked in a mirror and enjoyed her tits shaking as she blew me.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Later,” she said, taking her mouth off my cock and then licking my balls. “Just let me slut out first, those guys on the beach got me hot.”

“I think they wanted to fuck you.”

“Well, I’d let them.”

My cock jerked in her hand. She continued to lick it, then stopped and looked at me.

“That turns you on, doesn’t it?”

I didn’t know what to say, but my dick gave another leap – the idea was now in her head. Jenn put my cock back in her mouth and waggled her head from side to side, her tongue soft and wet, then pulled back, watching spit stretch and break, hit her chin and land on her breasts.

“You like that, hon?”

“Yes,” I said.

She pushed herself forward and swallowed more of my cock, and her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked it, then she pulled back and flicked her tongue back and forth across the shaft, getting it wet, easing her stroking, rubbing her lips on the tip when they reached the end.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to suck my cock.”

“Is that all?”

I kept quiet, close to the edge. What I wanted was to cum in her face.

“You want another guy with us, hon? A girl?”

She dragged her tongue from my balls to the head of my cock, and then opened her mouth and took in as much as she could.

I pushed deeper, and she took it all.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum soon.”

Jenn moved her head back and wiped the spit from her lips.

“Not yet, I want you inside.”


She was just bending over the couch, ass in the air, when the doorbell rang.

We ignored it, then it rang again and again and again.

“Fuck,” said Jenn, “it might be important.”

She got off the couch and pressed the intercom.


“Hey, Jenny, you forgot your hat.”

“Fuck,” then louder, “OK, kid, just wait a moment, let me get something on.”

She turned to me.

“It’s Matt, one of the guys.”

“How’d he find this place?”

“I pointed out the building, said we were the top floor. I guess he found it that way. Smart kid, eh?”

“Can’t he just leave it in the lobby?”

“Come on. This is hot,” she said, putting on a bathrobe. “And anyway, wasn’t this your idea?”

Was it?

“What about me?”

“Get in there and watch,” she said, pointing to the bedroom, “then come out and fuck me.”

It was a good idea. The bedroom door had a full-length one-way mirror built into it. If you were inside and the curtains were drawn you could see straight into the living room, and even out onto the balcony. Sitting in there it would be possible to see and hear everything, without being seen at all.

Then the moment hit me. Here was Jenn, my wife, naked under a robe and ready to fuck, asking me to hide while she was getting ready – checking hair, reapplying lipstick – to see another guy, someone younger and hotter than me.

She took my dick and led me to the door, opened it.

“Now get in there and watch.”

“What if he gets too excited?”

“Oh honey, don’t be dull.”

The bell rang again.

“And one more thing. Don’t freak out if I call him ‘son’, OK?”


She kissed me, stepped back and closed the door while she was talking.

“I’ve got fantasies, too, you know.”


I stepped back and watched her walk to the door. I could hear the music playing and had a good view of the couch with, fuck it, that vibrator poking out from under a cushion.

She pressed the buzzer

“OK, kid. Top floor, some Chinese writing on the door.”

I went through the possibilities in my head. She’d say thanks for the hat and flirt a bit, get turned on being sexy with some young guy, then he’d leave and I’d swoop in and finish the job.

It had all the makings of a great day.


The door opened and the blond guy from the beach, this Matt, stepped in and handed Jenn her sunhat.

“Here you are.”

“Thanks, want to get high?”

“Sure,” the guy said.

Jenn went over to the drawer where we kept our stash, bent over and moved her ass to the music while she rolled a joint, then gave it to the guy along with a lighter.

The guy lit it, took a couple of hits.

Jenn sat down on the couch, right in front of the mirror. She crossed her legs just high enough to show a glimpse of her thighs.

“Come on, sit and keep me company while I see if I’m going to burn.”

“You look OK,” the guy said, sitting down just a few inches from her.

Jenn took the joint off him, hit it.

“Just OK?”

“No. Maybe yes. I don’t know. This is good weed. Where’s your husband?”

“He’s at the store.”

“When’s he get back?”

“Oh, a while. He’ll call before he does, see if I need anything. He’s good like that.”

“Damn,” the guy said, throwing his head back and letting out a groan, the smoke hitting hard. “This is great.”

Jenn smiled.

“I know, isn’t it? And thanks again for the beer, and the hat, of course.”

“Sure, and I also want to apologize for that guy down there, Andy, the one who grabbed you. He can be a dick sometimes.”

“That’s OK, sometimes those can be fun. Now relax, I wanted to say thanks, and I’ve done that, but also ask you a question. This is a big opportunity for me.”

“Sure, what?”

“It’s a little embarrassing. You could almost be my son, right?”

I tensed up.

It was happening.

“It’s OK,” Matt said, with a dumb grin. “I’m so high now. Mom, son, whatever, it’s all good.”

“Sure, that’s my point – when you see me you think ‘mom’, right? And that makes the question kind of awkward.”

“It’s OK. You can ask me anything.”

“Well, I was talking the other day with a friend of mine, you’d like her, everyone does, about whether it’s true that young guys are into older women now. Guys your age, women my age. And then I thought – well, I may as well just show you.”


Jenn opened the bathrobe and showed him her tits, and then it all happened very fast.


“Fuck,” the guy said, “are you for real?”

“Touch me and see.”

The guy put his hands out and touched my wife’s breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, stroking the nipples. She moved a little, so she was looking at herself in the mirror, showing me everything. She blew a kiss while this Matt guy put his face between her tits, then opened her legs as his hands began to explore her body, and the bathrobe fell open, and he could see that she was naked.

How far was this going to go, and was this already cheating?

“Wait,” Jenn said, and I thought that was it, she’d made her point and would send the guy back all hot and bothered, then I’d go in and fuck her, while he went away and jerked off about it the rest of the weekend.

But instead she leant forward and kissed the guy, moving her hands through his hair and down his back. Then she pulled away and slipped off the robe, put her legs up and apart on the couch, and began stroking her neatly trimmed pussy, lips full and wet.

“Come on, son, you know you want to.”


Matt moved onto his knees and put his head between my wife’s legs. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I knew. Jenn put one hand on his head as he was eating her, and with the other she reached under the cushion for that vibrator, turned it on, and worked it over her nipples.

The guy looked up at the sound.

“The idea of fucking mom turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” he said, “a lot.”

“Then be a good boy and get me wet for your cock.”

I watched as Jenn put a hand on the guy’s head and gently pushed him back to her cunt. She looked in the mirror, blissful, and mouthed the words “I love you.” This went on for some time, and then she moved, directed the guy to stand up, and when he did she kissed the front of his shorts.

“It’s your turn now, don’t you think? And take off your shirt, I want to see your body again.”

The guy pulled his shirt over his head, and Jenn put her hands on his shoulders, chest and abs.

“Now show me what a big boy you are.”

The guy pulled down his shorts and his cock sprung out.

It was a good size and already hard.

“Wow,” Jenn said, "I guess you do like mommy."

The guy shivered with delight.

“Want me to suck your cock?”

The guy moaned and shook again.

“Good, because I want to see how much you’ve got in these balls.”


“I’m going to make you cum, Matt. Right here,” she pointed at the mirror, “so we can watch it, OK?”

She leant forward and licked the end of his cock with the hard tip of her tongue, then pulled back, looked up, and ran her fingers over the thick shaft.

“One more thing: call me mom when I suck your dick, it’ll be good for you.”


“OK, what?” She said, holding his hard pole in her hands, her mouth a few teasing inches away.

“OK, mom.”

She put her head forward and began to kiss the end of his cock, which jumped up as she ran her mouth over it, up and down, her tongue poking in and out, one hand on his balls, the other working the shaft, but never putting the head in her mouth.

And all the time her eyes stayed locked on the mirror, watching herself and showing off to me.

“Tell me what you want,” she said.

“I want you to suck my cock, mom.”

Jenn put the head of his cock in her mouth and began rolling her tongue around it, turning a little, to give me a better look. I saw her cheek stretch as she played with his balls, and then she winked at me as she flashed her tongue out under his shaft.

“Wait, what if your guy gets back early? Is there some place to hide?”

Jenn popped his dick out of her mouth, looked up and stroked his body, her breathing getting heavy and slow.

“Don’t worry, kid, we’ll just hide this.”

She put his cock back in her mouth, grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him closer, getting as much of his dick in her throat as she could, so his balls swung and hit her chin. She stuck out her tongue and licked them. The guy looked like he was about to cum, but steadied himself by putting both hands on my wife’s head and fucking her soft, wet, mouth.

As I watched my wife suck off some guy she’d met that morning everything else seemed to vanish.

Was this what she wanted?

Was I supposed to watch, or go in and make a scene?

Did she want me to join them?


I looked back and it was clear that the guy was getting close now, and Jenn could sense it too – he was about to cum in her mouth.

“No,” she said, pulling back and squeezing his cock. “I want you inside.”

They moved around so my wife was laying on the couch, and the guy slipped his cock straight, smooth and deep inside her.

Jenn was kissing him, grabbing his ass, holding him tighter. Then she looked over into the mirror and smiled, and I didn’t know if it was for me or at seeing herself being fucked hard by a young guy, the couch rocking back and forth with the thrusts. The guy knew what he was doing, going harder but not faster, gradually building her up, until there was nothing left but to fuck the last strokes into oblivion.

I wanted to go in there and put my cock in her mouth, a distraction from the one in her pussy.

I wanted to cum in her face.

And that’s how I saw Jenn have an orgasm with another guy for the first time, her hands digging into his ass, eyes closed and face and neck strained with pleasure, me sitting in another room and not sure what to do.

The guy had no such problems, though, and just kept ploughing into my wife while she was cumming. Then when her hands let go of his ass he pulled out and moved up, wanking his dick near her face.

Jenn was still shaking, but she opened her eyes to see what was happening, saw this big pussy-fresh cock right up close, and then opened her mouth at the exact moment the guy began cumming.

“Cum to mommy” she said, “shoot it all over my face.”

The first shot went in my wife’s mouth, the next landed on her cheek. Jenn grabbed his dick and a few more thick gobs came out as she rubbed it against her face, then she it slipped in her mouth and shook it around, draining the last of the jizz onto her tongue.

She swallowed what she could and then drooled it back out again, dripping down her chin and onto her tits. Now the guy was in control, on top of my wife and fucking her spunky tits and face, while I watched and she just moaned, begging for the young cock she’d surrendered to.

There was no doubt at all the guy was just using her now, making full use of the opportunity to pig out with an anonymous, cock-gobbling slut. And that so-called slut was my wife, slick with this guy’s cum and letting her tits and mouth be fucked as he quickly worked up another orgasm, once again aiming each shot at her face.

I looked at Jenn. She was loving it, lost in the moment, eyes bright and sputtering with jizz lips – two facials in a couple of minutes.

She had never looked more beautiful or accomplished.

I grabbed my dick and started shaking.


I was so high and came so hard I blacked out, and when I opened my eyes I was slumped on the end of the bed with cum in my hands, and there was my wife looking at me, some of the guy’s jizz still in her hair.

“I guess we lost control, eh? How about you?”

“I jerked off and came,” I said, still reeling. “What was all that ‘mom’ stuff?”

“It turned me on, that’s all, and he seemed to like it, too.”

“Want me to call you mom?”

“Come on, you’re too old for that, but you can call me ‘slut’, if you like.”


“Yeah. I mean after today, it’s kind of true, right?”

Well, that was OK then, I guess.

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By PB Rider


A lot of this I’m going to be vague or lie about, but the basic thing is all true.

When I was still a kid my mom died, and when I was in high school my dad, in most respects a monumental fuck-up, married this 25-year old, a woman called Jenny. He was already over 50, and she was gone less than two years later, but in that time she’d made quite an impression.

Two things I can tell you about Jenny might explain this, beyond that she was hot as fuck – long legs, slim figure, great smile and wardrobe like a hooker: the time I found her porn, and the time I caught her screwing the pool guy.


Now I was into my stepmom, but I was a regular high school kid and had other interests, so when she and dad went away for a long weekend I made the most of it by getting some weed and settling in for many hours of porn and jerking off.

I knew where my dad kept his stash, and had watched those movies until I knew each scene inside out, but that weekend I found a new, plain white plastic case hidden behind stacks of old bills in the filing cabinet. I knew this was going to be good, because inside, along with a burned DVD with a J inside a heart scrawled on it, was a set of Polaroids, all of Jenny naked.

I put the disk into the machine and lit a bowl.

Now I’m not going to recount every scene, but suffice to say they showed Jenny getting dicked every which way, by a whole bunch of guys and a few girls. There was Jenny in what looked like a hotel room with an Asian girl about the same age, twenty-something, tits high. They both looked great, kind of nervous sitting side by side on the edge of the bed. Then a woman’s voice off camera told them to start and they turned to face each other, kissed a little, then pulled back and laughed.

“Take your clothes off,” the woman said, “let’s make some money.”

Jenny started undressing.

“No, do it to each other.”

They undressed each other quickly, and underneath there was standard fetish lingerie that looked good, fishnets and lace.

They started kissing. Slowly at first, then pulled back to take a look at each other, then back in again, then faster, hands moving with more purpose, until they ended up with Jenny on her back and the Asian girl working her way down her body, until she paused at her snatch and began working it over with her fingers and tongue. There was Jenny looking at the camera, pushing her hair into a pile up on her head and touching her breasts, putting on a show.

Another scene was a gangbang. It was shot in the same room, just Jenny and more guys than I could count, a parade of ordinary men and some ringers – good bodies, big cocks – taking their turns with my stepmom.

The last scene was a blow job to the cameraman, and she teased his balls until he drained them all over her face.


By the time I went to college they had divorced and Jenny had left town, but she was the kind of woman I wanted, and I went through a whole lot of girls who had that look in some way or another, and that’s what I found I was into. Any woman who looked good in her late 20s, 30s had that appeal, someone who was confident, who could teach me things, but who was also excited to find themselves in bed with a young guy like me. I got off on their gratitude, to be honest, and it gave me a great sense of freedom and irresponsibility.

But the videos weren’t the only thing.


A few months later dad had to go away on business, and we were left alone for two weeks. I was walking around on cloud 9 or egg shells, and most of the time just thinking about my stepmom and those videos, about how much she seemed to like sucking cock and how much I wanted mine sucked.

Those two weeks were the first time we got high together, when I caught her smoking a joint and she gave me a hit, taught me about blowbacks and we touched tongues.

I was 18 then, and getting ready for college, and they were only a few months away from divorce, not that I knew it at the time. But I knew something was up when she went out one evening and came back with a guy, not much older than me, who cleaned the neighbor’s pool. I’d seen him down by the beach – he liked to surf, too, and now he was in my parent’s bedroom with his cock in my stepmom.


She thought I was staying overnight with a friend, but they had to cancel and I came home to an empty house, went upstairs, got high, and fell asleep. Sometime later I woke up and heard her and this guy in the next room, talking loud and drunk.

I was curious, so I sat next to the wall, lit a bowl, and began listening.

There was some chit-chat, a whole lot of kissing sounds and moans, and I could hear them snorting something, talking nonsense, then back to kissing again, and then Jenny asked if she could suck the guy’s cock.

I kept my ear to the wall as she was blowing the guy, and after a few minutes she asked him to fuck her, and she was really vocal as he did, getting off on cheating, telling him to “bust her married butt” and so on. I wanted to go in and confront her with my own dick and see if she’d keep quiet and suck it.

She came and he came and then they talked some more, snorted, smoked, drank and started fucking again. This went one for a good hour or two, the screams interrupted by showers and bong hits like New Year, all the while me sitting close to the wall in my room, smoking weed, cock in hand, jerking off into a towel.

The had sex again in the morning, and I just waited it out until it sounded like they were eating breakfast, then went downstairs to see the look on her face.

“Hey,” she said, all casual, and probably still high on weed, dick and whatever she’d been snorting. “When did you get back?”

“This morning, real early. I went to bed. Just got up.”

“Great. This is Mike, my cousin. Had to crash here last night. Our moms are real close.”

I bet they were.


We hadn’t seen each other in about eight years, not since she left town, but we had the Internet, so she knew something about me, and I knew something about her. She’d remarried, a guy called Steve who looked age appropriate and clean, an obvious improvement on my old man.

I was in grad school, which is a fancy way of saying I was mostly broke, but I had a scholarship and made some money tutoring, and when I wasn’t doing that or studying I was usually at the beach. It was a nice life, and I had some women I was seeing, and sometimes the moms of the kids I was teaching came onto me, and I let them blow me or I fucked them.

I kept following Jenny online, checking out the albums for beach vacations, pool parties, Halloweens and that kind of thing. Bottom line – my stepmom was still hot, and maybe hotter than ever. She was only in her mid to late 30s, and I was 26 – no reason we couldn’t have met at a party or bar, no reason why we couldn’t fuck, except for her husband, of course, but then I knew she wasn’t big on monogamy.

We kind of stayed in touch, like-ing things and birthday greetings, then a few months ago she posted that was moving back to Newton, hoped to see old friends and so on. I sent a message saying that’s where I live, and she seemed surprised. She told me she had moved on with her life, that she was with a guy who didn’t know much about her first marriage, and she wanted to keep it that way. She’d love to meet me, but I couldn’t expect to be part of her life. She said she hoped I understood, and not to take it personally.

There was silence for a few days and then I got a friend request from Amy, this Latin-looking woman who liked showing off her tits in photographs, and when I accepted she wrote back said that she knew my stepmom, and that Jenny wanted her to check me out first, lay some ground rules before getting back in touch, make sure we kept things legit.

Of course, I ended up fucking them both. Why else would I be telling this story?

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