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The Flesh of Others 7

By Arla Coopa

Copyright 2017 Arla Coopa

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The Flesh of Others 7

Billy Newb had a gift. He could teach complicated mathematic principles to college students who otherwise would have never understood. But as much as he’d helped students over the years, he had never been able to help himself. He was a very fat man, because he couldn’t control his eating. So he’d decided to just go with it. Teaching would be his life’s passion. Food would be his pleasure.

But then the visions had started. He’d thought they were dreams at first, but then he’d found out the characters in the dreams were real people. He’d killed one of them. But that was okay, because he’d saved at least one other life by doing it.

Now that he’d killed the killer, he had to wonder if the visions were done.

They were not.

That night, he ate an extra large pizza, then went to bed. He fell asleep, but then woke up unable to move.

He was thrilled by this. He wondered where he was going.


The young woman standing in front of Billy couldn’t have been much older than twenty. She had long brown hair and big brown eyes. She was slender, with big breasts.

She looked at him as if astonished.

“You have the most amazing eyes,” she said. Then she took off her dress and stood there in her bra and panties.

Billy stared at her for a few seconds. Then he looked down his body. He was tall and slender, but with a little muscle packed on. He looked around. They were in a bedroom. The walls and décor had a sort of country feel.

Billy pulled off his shirt.

The young woman came up to him and started kissing on his chest. And she was kissing it all over, like it was a thing to be cherished. How different this body was from his. He doubted any woman would willfully kiss his chest like this.

She made her way down, kissing his six-pack belly. She unbuttoned his pants like she was in a hurry.

He helped her take those pants down and the underwear too.

His cock was already hard. He looked down the back of her and saw her taut but round butt.

Then she looked up at him.

He looked at her face.

“So beautiful,” she said. She was rubbing his cock, but her thought it was his eyes she was talking about. She kept looking at him while she licked his cock.

That felt so good. It was hot and tender, and she kept looking at him. She even looked at him as she nestled the cock against her pretty face.

Then she took his cock into the heat of her mouth.

She sucked it like she liked doing what she was doing. She took it into her mouth and into her throat.

She took it out of her mouth and said, “Your eyes just melt me.”

Then she took off her bra, and big perky tits poured out.

For a few seconds, he only stared. Then, when she pushed her tits together, he pressed his cock between them.

She still looked at him.

It felt so good to have his cock in that smooth, resilient flesh.

His cock burned with too much pleasure. Cum shot out of it.

Some of it got on her face, but she just smiled. She liked it. He thought she would like anything he did to her.

Everything went black. He felt the rising sensation.

But this time, he heard voices.

“Wow. I don’t know what just happened.”

“What do you mean?” the young woman said.

“Um, nothing. Hey, how about you stay the night?”

“Really. I’d love too.”

“Okay. Well. I have to let my mother know. I’ll be right back.”

Billy was gone


Billy came to in his bed, in his body. He got out of bed to change his boxers. He was happy now. It was starting up again.

About the Author

Arla Coopa is the author of many paranormal erotic stories, including tales from the Coveted Seed and Ghost Fetishes series. She has an erotic Science Fiction series called The Wife Games. Her work also expands into general erotica with series like The Bedpost Man and Kim’s Boss, plus a couple of stand-alone stories. Arla is an adult entertainer, who truly believes that strange sex is the best sex. She hopes her weird sexual tastes will entertain you.

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