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The Return of the Bitch from Hell

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Authors note: This story was originally to be entitled The Harvesters, as advertised; however, I later decided that the present title was more appropriate.

The Return of the Bitch from Hell




Chapter One: The Arrival

Chapter Two: Another Mission for Rob Hinds

Chapter Three: Plans are made

Chapter Four: They are Satanists, just Extra Terrestrial Ones

Chapter Five: Kidnapped

Chapter Six: Moira Bourbon

Chapter Seven: Moira wants her Revenge

Chapter Eight: Rob Fights Back

Chapter Nine: The Fight to the Death

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Moira Bourbon was the archetypical Hollywood villain, three times she had been given the chance of killing the Special Intelligence Service Agent, Rob Hinds. Three times she had captured him, and each time she had chosen to devise a very painful and long winded method to kill him, rather than just shoot him there and then. As any dead Hollywood villain would say, if such a thing was possible, this is where they all went wrong, for each time Rob Hinds had escaped and had turned the tables on her, and in the second of those episodes he had actually killed her. However, by then Lord Asbaritch, a powerful demon lord, had fallen deeply in love with her, and using his powers had set her death aside by turning her into a demon human hybrid, one who was the most powerful Satanist that ever walked upon the Earth, or anywhere else. She was at the height of her powers, having slain two Greek gods and had even been about to best Lord Lucifer himself, however at the last moment Rob Hinds had stolen her victory from her so that he and his friend, David Pritchard, could escape from Hell. The result had been spectacular and unplanned, even by Rob Hinds. In the final battle back on Earth, her black evil heart had been wiped clean and she had become pure of heart, for the moment anyway, and she chose to live and study theology in a convent with no memory of her immense powers or of her evil past.

With the world saved yet again, Rob Hinds had returned to his normal life, and he and his wife had decided that the time had come to begin their family; all he now desired was a peaceful life, one without any satanic episodes.

Unfortunately, for him, in defeating Moira Bourbon he had of course angered Lord Asbaritch, who ruled over the Dreamscape and the Netherworld. One year later and he still grieved over the loss of his consort and would do anything to see her returned to him. Fortunately, for the world, he was bound by a treaty signed by Lord Lucifer and the all-powerful god worshipped by the Christians, amongst many others, so anything he did would have to be covert.

Chapter One

The Arrival

Rob Hinds was about to endure a couple of very bad weeks, beginning now, and if he was not careful he could end up being killed, or tortured, or both. At the moment, he was playing in the garden with his two children, they were twins, Gerry and Julie, and they were just three months old. However, as he smiled down at them, the scene suddenly and inexplicitly changed from the sunny warm day that it had been, to a cold wintery one. Now a cold wind was blasting through his light cotton shirt to attack his rapidly cooling body, and he was no longer in his garden, now he found himself running through the streets of London. He could not think why, and he was about to stop when he saw three ill kept men reflected in the large shop window before him, they were chasing closely behind him, and each of them was carrying a large knife. Rob felt instinctively for his automatic pistol before remembering that he was not carrying it, not to play with his children, suddenly the scene changed again and he found himself in a dark forest, and a deep sense of evil folded around him. His mind was in a turmoil as he attempted to explain what was happening to him, in fact it refused to work, one thought did come to him though, that it was time to increase the space between him and his pursuers. It was now that he tripped over the leg of a fourth man and went sprawling painfully to the ground. Before he could do anything the four men pounced on him, and turning him on to his back, they held him down. One by one, they smiled at him and then opened their mouths, and he saw their long sharp teeth, they were vampires. I t was now that a strange thought entered his mind, where was David, why was he not here to save him?

“Do not worry Rob Hinds you will feel nothing, not after we have drained your blood, but we want to thank you in advance for the tasty meal that you are about to provide us with, for we are going to eat your brain as well my friend.” The largest and ugliest of the vampires said with his smile seemingly fixed to his dirty pock marked face.

Just as their teeth sank painfully into his body he woke up, his body was covered in sweat, his mind still in a turmoil, it was now that he realised that he had only been having a nightmare. As he looked about him he heard faint laughter that slowly faded away, and it was only then that a frightening thought occurred to him, what if his nightmare foretold his immediate future, was he about to be pulled into yet another black magic case? Instinctively his hand went to his neck to check to see if he had been bitten, but of course, he had not, for it was only a bad nightmare.

Beside him was his wife, Christina, and he saw fear in her eyes. “Rob, it cannot be happening again, not now!” Christina exclaimed fearfully.

Rob instantly squashed his terrifying thoughts and strove to reassure his wife that all was well.

“No sweetheart, it was just a dream, maybe Lord Asbaritch just wanted to remind us that his world is so very close, do not worry, I am not going to get involved with another coven of Satanists, that I promise you.” Rob promised.

He just hoped that he could keep his promise, for his life was filled with the times when he found that he had no say as to what he would become involved in, or with whom. This past year had begun well, and with the birth of the twins everything seemed to be as near to perfection as is possible, he only had December to get through to complete his best year ever. Please, Rob begged silently of the Fates, let peace prevail.


It was early December, and just days after Rob Hinds` nightmare, one that still haunted his waking and sleeping hours, when the Fates turned against him. To the east of London was a new religious cult, the Church of the Second Coming, one who believed that the Messiah was due to return to Earth in the spring of 2018, the Messiah they say having left Earth after his crucifixion to journey to other worlds that needed his help. They had purchased a disused church, one built in the late seventeenth century, and had restored it to its earlier architectural beauty and it was now ready for his arrival, should he choose to return to Earth. It was set within its own large meadow, which was also owned by the Church, a large and mostly empty warehouse was set on the edge of the meadow, the Church used it as a storeroom and a workshop, however soon it would be put to another use. They had added a cloister to the rear of the church, and this was where the Elders of the church, and any family members who chose to do so, now resided.

Their leader, Jeremiah Jones, was a tall heavily built man who ruled over his flock with a will of iron, his twelve disciples were of a similar breed with little tolerance for those that followed a different road. They had converted a number of people to their cause, ones who were faithful to Jones and his Church, and who put in a mass of voluntary work for their Church. The Church was different from other Churches, for it had spent the last six months sending a message into space; one necessary if the Messiah was to return, for without it he might think that the people of Earth had forgotten him. The message stated their devotion and their readiness to serve the Messiah, when he returned to create a new kingdom on Earth, one where peace and goodwill would be the norm. This their message said and much more, enough to provide someone who received the message with more than enough information to enable them to reply, be they good, extremely evil or just plain hungry.


Unknown to the people of Earth, a lightly armed starship from the planet Amaymon was approaching the Sol solar system, their people, the Amaymons, known by worlds who had met them as the Harvesters, had sent them on a reconnaissance mission to find out what sort of defences they could expect to encounter, if they decided to call en masse. They were termed Harvesters because that is what they did to the inhabitants of the worlds they called on, they harvested them, but not as normal cannibals uses to do, no they drunk the blood of their victims and ate their brains.

Through his dreams, the leader of Amaymon had been seduced into planning this mission by Lord Asbaritch, he wanted something to occupy Rob Hinds and David Pritchard`s time while he attempted to seduce Moira Bourbon away from her theological studies and back to the side of the demons, and more importantly back to him.

“Magnus One, I have intercepted a message being broadcast from the planetary system that we have been ordered to investigate.” Linguia, the communications officer, reported to the commander of the vessel.

Linguia was the youngest member of the coven Walpurgisnacht 12, the designation of their coven, and he had been so very proud when he had been selected to join the coven for this deep space journey, he knew that his family had felt this too and that they expected much from him.

“Put it through the translator and then play it back Linguia.” Magnus One ordered.

After the message had been played, Magnus One smiled. “Timoni, I require a slight change of course when we enter the planetary system ahead of us, follow the signal that we just received to its source.” Magnus One ordered his helmsman.

Soon the alien starship was in a geostationary orbit above south-eastern England. Magnus One has decided to go down to the land mass directly below them and visit the sender of the signal, seeing it as a way to blend in while they looked into the possibilities of the planet, with this plan in mind he contacted the Church.

“Timoni, plot the exact coordinates of the earthman when I contact him, then see if there is a suitable landing site close by.” Magnus One instructed the helmsman.

Magnus One was now ready to speak to Jeremiah Jones.

“Jeremiah Jones, hear me, for my vessel has come in answer to the message that you have sent to the Messiah, the Chosen One, are you ready to receive his answer?”

Jones, who was sitting at the radio preparing to send another message out into space, almost fainted with shock after he had heard the voice coming through on their radio, and what it was saying. For a long moment he was unable to form a reply, however, finally he mastered his emotions and turned his radio transmitter over to the send mode.

“This is Jeramiah Jones, yes I hear you, please give us the Messiah`s reply to our message so that we can pass it on to our followers.”

“I am called Magnus One; I sit on the left hand side of the Chosen One. He has asked me to tell you that he is happy with the work that you have done so far, that he has sent us on ahead to prepare the way, for we must determine whether Man is now worthy of his return.” Magnus One said. “However, no one must know of our coming, no one except for your closest followers.”

“I understand Magnus One; tell me what can I do to assist you in your work?” Jones asked while trying to contain his jubilation.

Magnus One ignored this question for the moment; instead, he asked one of his own.

“Tell me Jeremiah Jones, is there a suitable area where we can land in our shuttlecraft, one where we can conceal our craft?” Magnus One asked.

“Yes there is Magnus One, follow our signal to our church; you can land in the meadow that surrounds it. We have an empty building that should be large enough to suit your requirements.” Jones replied in barely contained excitement.

“Thank you Jeremiah Jones, please await my next call, I will tell you then how you may assist us.” Magnus One replied and then cut off the transmission.

“Scientia, this planet has a rudimentary radio scanning system, as we need to land unnotice, create a powerful electrical storm around the south east coast of the land mass where the signal originated from, ensure that the storm encompasses the entire sector so as to hide our arrival from the authorities.” Magnus One ordered his scientific specialist.

The scientific specialist now began to create a massive electrical storm that soon raged around the coast of the south east of England and North Western Europe, and when Magnus One was satisfied that it would suffice, he ordered his helmsman to take them down through the planet`s atmosphere. Hidden by the storm the alien starship dropped down through the atmosphere and disappeared beneath the North Sea. There were thirteen humanoids aboard this vessel, a coven as the Amaymons term such a group, and they took their starship down to the seabed, from here their leader, Magnus One, would contact the Church again when his preparations were complete.

Magnus One now researched many things, such as the most suitable dress that his people should wear so that they would be able to fit into their adapted parts. He read about the Messiah, the Bible, and finally the English language, which the message was sent in, within the planet`s internet system. They also found the website of the Church, and the photographs and the information contained within it gave the aliens enough information to ensure that they did not make any errors as regards their supposed parts in the coming drama. Learning the English language might have presented an alien race with another problem, but one the Amaymons easily overcame. Any of the Amaymon race who was sent to a new planet carried a portable translation device linked mentally to their brains; the device translated what was said to them in English and sent the translation to their mind. To reply they only had to form each sentence in their mind and the correct words in English would be sent to them, again mentally. Their starship`s main computer soon had both the English language and the Aramaic language uploaded into its memory banks, for Magnus One had decided to use Aramaic so as to impress the members of the Church of the Second Coming, it being the language of the Messiah. Their new attire was soon ready, for they had the technology on board their specially fitted out vessel to make clothes to suit every occasion, and so he was now ready to speak to the Church of the Second Coming.

“Jeremiah Jones, this is Magnus One, we will be arriving in our shuttlecraft in one hour. However, when we do arrive it must be in secrecy, for the Chosen One was most insistent on secrecy until the time comes when we are ready to tell your world of his imminent arrival, only then can they know of his coming.” Magnus One declared solemnly.

“We will be waiting for you; and fear not, we will have everything prepared for the arrival of your craft.” Jones replied, his excitement having returned and it was still making speech very difficult for him.

“Goodbye for now Jeremiah Jones.” Magnus One said turning off the radio.

Over the next hour the followers of the Church of the Second Coming were busy making room within their old barn of a warehouse, it was so that it could be used to garage the shuttlecraft, assuming that their warehouse was large enough. When they were finished, they waited alongside it, looking into the night sky for their first sighting of a craft from not only another world, but also one sent to them by the Messiah.

Half an hour after their last message, a small shuttlecraft left the starship and headed towards the Church of the Second Coming. The followers of the Church did not notice the thick fog drifting towards them, although it was a mile in diameter and completely hid the shuttlecraft. They only became aware of it as the shuttle craft approached the meadow, the craft finally hovering silently just feet above the meadow. The members of the Church were ecstatic on seeing the small craft shrouded in its veil of fog, for everything they believed would now be vindicated. Jeremiah Jones could just make out their guests through the forward windows of the shuttlecraft and he too was awed by the arrival of the Extra Terrestrials. Knowing the need for stealth, he pointed silently to the open doorway of the mostly empty warehouse and waved them forward. The shuttlecraft silently moved forward into the old building and here it finally came to a rest.

A door in the side of the craft opened with a quiet hiss and a figure appeared, in his hand he held above his head a foot long metallic tube, his Lampada, from which a red plume of smoke slowly curled upwards. The other Amaymons now appeared, they too held a Lampada from which a plume of red smoke slowly curled upwards giving off a smell that resembled Jasmine. The Amaymons were all dressed in a religious habit, a white tunic covered by a long, hooded garment with wide sleeves, and brown in colour. The hood covered their heads and the followers of the Church could not see much of the wearer`s features, however this did not stop Jeremiah Jones from rushing forward to greet their guests.

“My Lords, I am Jeremiah Jones and these people are the Elders of the Church, we, your devoted friends, welcome you to our Church.”

The alien did not immediately reply for he and the other aliens were all chanting as they left the shuttlecraft, slowly they encircled the humans. Their chanting filling the minds of the people, dulling their senses, the plumes of smokes having joined together to form a small cloud that hovered over the heads of the humans until it slowly drifted down covering their heads and shoulders, and also the upper bodies of the taller people. The humans did not realise that their minds were partly under the control of the aliens, a control that stopped many of the questions that formed in the minds of the humans, but were never spoken. Only Jones seemed capable of independent thought, and his face suddenly filled with wonder, for he had recognised both the words of the chant and the language in which it was sung.

“My people, they are chanting in Aramaic, the language of the Messiah, they are truly his messengers.” Jeremiah Jones exclaimed and fell to his knees before the aliens. “It is a chant composed by our lord Jesus Christ!” Jones exclaimed in awe.

His words seemed to break the spell that the rest of the followers were under, actually, the Amaymons had returned most of their mental faculties to them, and suitably impressed by what Jones had said they too fell to their knees before the aliens. However, the aliens still controlled part of the humans` mental faculties, for the aliens feared that they might be exposed as frauds if they were subjected to too many questions about the Messiah. It was now that Magnus One spoke.

“Followers of the Chosen One, I thank you for your greetings and I think it apt that we meet in a building much like a barn, for was it not in such a building that our Lord was born here on Earth.” Magnus One said and then carried on before Jones could reply. “I am more than impressed that you recognised the Messiah`s own language, the one that he uses when he speaks daily to us.”

“My knowledge of it is poor my Lord, but I will persevere now that you have come to us.” Jones replied.

“Come my friends, get off your knees, such gestures should be kept for one man alone, the Chosen One, the Messiah, Jesus Christ.” Magnus One said gently admonishing the followers of the Church who immediately got to their feet and moved closer to their guests.

“Do you require food, or something to drink perhaps?” Jones offered graciously.

“Thank you no; we have eaten, perhaps though you can show us to our sleeping quarters, for we are tired after our journey?” Magnus One asked.

The aliens were led to the cloister where they were given rooms, some formerly occupied by the Elders. Early the next morning the aliens awoke and they soon washed and dressed, and after breakfasting with Jones and the Elders, Magnus One spoke to Jeremiah Jones.

“I need for you to hire for us two large vehicles so that we may travel into the large city nearby, we saw it from space. Only when we are totally immersed within the city will we get some sense of the sort people who now rule over Earth, and of course their citizens, only in this way and after many such trips will we be able to fulfil the task given to us by the Chosen One.”

“Of course Magnus One, I will immediately send two of the Elders of the Church to do this, we will be only too happy to be your guides.” Jones replied graciously.

“No, we need to do this task alone, so that we are not swayed by your company, your ideas, but thank you Jeremiah for your kind offer.” Magnus One replied graciously.

During the rest of the day Magnus One, when he was not talking to the followers of the Church, was on the internet researching the defences of Earth and in particular, those whose task it was to defend the people of the city, what he found made him smile for he saw them as archaic.


That night the thirteen Amaymons boarded the two large MPV`s that the Church had hired and they then drove towards the bustling city of London, parking their vehicles on the road in front of the church of St Luke in the Fields. Magnus One had decided on using a church for their feast for this one night only, for it appealed to his warped sense of humour. He even wished that he could be there when their own unique donations were found the next morning, but he knew that he would have to be content with merely watching it on the news programs shown on the Church`s quaint television set.

Magnus One led one party of six Amaymons around the old streets of the ancient city of London, while Scientia led the remainder. It had been late by the time they had parked their vehicles, now only the serious revellers were left and when the rain began to fall they too began to leave for home.

The first targets the Amaymons came across were two young men who were staggering home along the wet London streets; they were heading for the late night tube at Liverpool Street station. There were plenty of CCTV cameras along their way, but as the two men approached Bishopsgate, all the cameras ahead of them recorded, was static, and it was here that they saw seven people who looked to them to be monks, and very tall ones at that, and each of them carried a small metallic tube resembling a lightsabre.

“Jim, those fellows up ahead, they look like something out of a horror movie.” The younger of the two men said anxiously.

“What are you going on about Bob, they are probably in fancy dress, or maybe they work at a theme restaurant.” Jim replied scoffing.

“Maybe Jim, but let`s cross the road anyway, OK?” Bob said for the closer they got to the monk-like figures the worse his feeling in the pit of his stomach became.

“You`re not scared of them, surely, they are just walking on stilts, they are not really that tall.” Jim replied contemptuously, however he followed his friend across the road for there was something decidedly weird about the monks.

As the Amaymons drew nearer to the two young men they too crossed the road and they then began to chant, however the words sounded foreign to the two men. A plume of red smoke now began to rise from the tubes that were now held high above the heads of the monks, the smoke snaking lazily upwards before flattening out, almost as if it was a sentient being. The Amaymons slowly encircled the two men, blocking their way, even Jim was now a little anxious about their immediate future. However, he decided that a show of bravado was the best way out of what could turn out to be a nasty situation, so he edged forward towards Magnus One who was immediately in front of him.

“Look guys we`re cold and just a little wet, and if you are after money then you are out of luck, we blew what little we had on a couple of drinks, so how about you move out of our way and let us return home to our beds, OK?” Jim said with Bob moving up beside him in what he hoped was a show of strength while he tried to wave away the red smoke that had sunk down over the heads of himself and his friend.

However, the protests from the two men were ignored for the Amaymons continued to chant and when the two men looked into the red blazing eyes of Magnus One and the team`s third in command, Technic, Jim and Bob became automatons, zombies with no will of their own. Behind their eyes, they silently screamed out in pain, for this time the Amaymons mind control also allowed the two men to see the thoughts of the aliens, and horrifyingly they saw what the aliens had planned for them, but however much they tried, they could not break free from the mind that was now controlling them. Glazy eyed and fearful, and now fully under the control of the aliens, they meekly followed Magnus One and his six Amaymons along the dark wet streets of London. Magnus One was pleased with how things were unfolding on Earth, if it continued this way then this planet could become a new home world for his people, and one that would last far into the future.

As the early morning grew ever colder and wetter the two teams of Amaymons had accumulated seven people in this fashion, and as agreed, they met up at the church of St Luke in the Fields to feed upon their victims. Magnus One easily unlocked the doors of the church and entered first, with the victims and the other Amaymons following him inside the dark cavernous building. He then had his coven set up tall black candles around the centre of the church, and when lit they provided enough light to enable the aliens to be able to see by, but not enough to bring any unwelcome attention to them. The seven victims, five men and two women, were then lined up against the wall, and even though they were under the control of the aliens, this mind control did not stop their fear from reaching new heights within their hearts, especially when Bob saw their eyes looking directly at him, and he again noticed the colour, red. When he had been taken, the part of his mind that registered such things had not conveyed this information to his cognisant mind, now it did. He recalled various Draculas movies and his fear went through the roof, however next to him was a young woman and Bob could see that she too was scared, and even through the combination of mind control and fear he managed to speak.

“Stay close to me; I will make sure these goons do not hurt you.” Bob promised although he knew that he would not be able to do as he had promised, for he had seen the end planned for them in the minds of their captors.

The woman turned to him and managed a weak smile, she knew that he could do nothing to help her, for she too had seen their end, but even so, his words did comfort her, a little.

It was now that seven of their captors took off their outer garments, for it was not thought proper to kill their sacrificial victims while clothed in anything but the lightest of garments, and the humans got their first glimpse of the aliens. What was revealed to them were seven tall gaunt people, four men and three women, all with pallid complexions and red eyes that glowed whenever they looked directly at one of their captives. These seven aliens now pulled out their Satan energy weapons, named after a powerful mythical figure from their planet`s distant past. Bob saw that they held what looked like Star Trek Phasers to him, and he almost freaked, for he realised then that his death was imminent, he just hoped that it would be painless. The others must have also reached this conclusion, for the fear of imminent death allowed them to break through the mind control, and the first, and only, thing to enter each of their minds was to escape their nightmare deaths. However, not one of them managed to out distance the powerful energy bolts that screamed through the air and tore into their bodies, lighting up the church for a moment before the dim light of the candles returned, for the aliens had anticipated their victims attempt at escape, they had even looked forward to it.

Magnus One then had the bodies of the humans strung up by their legs using specially anointed rope that they had brought with them, the ropes being tied to a long thick wooden beam that crossed from one wall to the other. Their victims` heads dangled six feet from the floor for easy access, and large sacrificial buckets, ones superbly decorated with sacrificial scenes, were put beneath the humans` heads. Under the central bucket, unnoticed by the humans when they had entered the church, was a pentagram which formed part of the church`s floor decoration. The Amaymons had noticed it though, for it was a holy design on their worlds, although few of them remembered the way that their distant ancestors had used it or the reason why.

Those humans who were not quite dead watched as the life slowly ebbed away from their fellow victims and cried for their own rapidly diminishing life-force. Magnus One now stripped off his own outer garment, and he went to each of the victims to check on their condition, those still alive cried out weakly as their personal angel of death pulled out his Satan energy weapon and used it on them, killing them this time. The time had come for the sacrificial part of the night’s gruesome activities, and he now cut all of the seven humans` throats. All the while he called out to his gods, gods that very few of his people now believed in, however they all enjoyed the ritualistic part of this sort of meal and so they continued to practice them.

“Oh mighty ones who rule over the universe, please look favourably upon this gift, a gift comprising of these unbelievers` life-force, and that we dedicate to you.” Magnus One cried out.

The blood from the humans dripped down into the buckets, quickly filling them as the aliens looked on in anticipation of drinking it. As the last drops of blood fell into the buckets Magnus One ordered the seven men to once again use their Satan energy weapons, this time to cut off the top of each victim`s skull and then to take out the brain. With this grisly task done the remainder of the Amaymons removed their hooded garments so that they were not soiled by their meal. The Amaymons now slowly walked around the line of bodies, chanting as they did, their words were thanking their victims for their blood and their brains, and once again, they each held above their heads their Lampada that looked so much like a lightsabre except that only a red plume of smoke came out of it.

From outside of the church the red glow coming from the Lampadas shone through the windows, luckily no one investigated it, for had they done so they would surely have been killed, citizen and constabulary alike.

It was only after the ceremony was completed that the Amaymons cleared the top of the altar and placed four pewter plates upon it, they had found these within the church itself. The plates were laden with the seven brains and it was now that the aliens dined on the brains of their victims, for even as advanced as they were they still clung to the barbaric idea that eating their victim`s brain would in some way increase the power of their own brain. It was not that they did not like the more normal forms of food; it was just that they liked to munch on a brain when they could find a supply of them. Finally, they washed their dinner down with the blood that they had collected in the large buckets, another idea left over from their own very dark ages, which still seemed to be with them, for to them blood was equated to life itself. Any blood remaining would be drunk over the new day, the Amaymons, their nights work done, now returned to the Church of the Second Coming and their beds.

The aliens planned to enjoy many more nights such as this one, they would always arrive in London late at night, and each time they would take seven victims, and drink their blood and eat their brains. During the day, the Amaymons would content themselves with the normal food supplied by the Church, and in this way, they would not slight their hosts, not yet anyway.

Chapter Two

Another Mission for Rob Hinds

It was a cold and windy December night, however Rob Hinds was feeling good, for he had just arrived home, and the first thing that he had done after kissing his wife was to look in on their twin babies, Julie and Gerry, and at the moment they were asleep in their cots. At this age, they needed a lot of looking after, luckily for Rob, his wife Christina bore the brunt of this work, with a little help from her sister Cassie. Rob had just walked into the kitchen when his mobile phone rang, it was Sally Chambers on the phone, she was the secretary of Sir Willoughby Brown, the man who led the Special Intelligence Service and she had a message for Rob.

“Rob, Sir Richard wants to see you here in the office at seven tomorrow morning, he asked if you can also arrange for your friend, David Pritchard, to come along as well.” Sally Chambers informed the senior agent of the SIS.

Rob`s stomach now did flip flops, for Sir Richard to want his friend along meant only one thing, another black magic case, he hoped that Moira Bourbon had not reverted to her previous state, where she was the most powerful Satanist on or off the planet. Ms Chambers now interrupted his thoughts.

“He said to assure you that it has nothing to do with the Bourbon family, in fact it will probably prove to be a non-case as far as we are concerned. Rob, the Yard want you to look into the massacre at the church of St Luke in the Fields early this morning, they want you to find out if this is the work of a satanic cult or not.” Sally Chambers said.

“Tell our lord and master that we will be there, goodnight Sally.” Rob replied.

“Goodnight Rob, give the twins a kiss from me.”

Rob now called his friend David Pritchard, up until a year ago, he had been a catholic priest, albeit one who was frowned upon by the Church, however his former Archbishop had been a friend and had always looked the other way when he had involved himself in cases involving demons and all things to do with the devil. Then David had met Rob Hinds and he had been thrust much deeper into the satanic world, one that included amongst other things travel to two hell dimensions. In fact David Pritchard had been involved in all of Rob`s black magic cases, which was just as well for Rob, because initially he knew next to nothing about Satanism, he had learned about it on the job. When David`s friend the Archbishop had died, he had been replaced by one not willing to overlook his apparent eagerness to go against the will of the Church, and just six months ago he had been told to leave the Church or face being officially defrocked. David Pritchard had bowed to their wishes and now worked full time for the SIS, as a consultant into all things to do with Satanism. Rob Hinds had been responsible for this, he had demanded of his superior, Sir Willoughby Brown, that as his friend was out of work because he had assisted them in stopping the most powerful Satanist ever from becoming even more so, that it was only right to employ him now that he was out of work. In any case, Rob argued, they should hire him to ensure that he was always on call should another satanic problem come their way, and now it had, and that evening Rob was in luck for his friend answered immediately.

“David, how are you?” Rob asked rather than dive right into his reason for calling.

“Fine thank you Rob, are the family well?” Dave replied while waiting for Rob to tell him why he was calling when they had seen each other just the day before, for David had stayed the weekend on one of his periodic visits to meet up with his favourite family.

“David, Sir Richard`s secretary has just called, he wants to see the two of us in his office at seven tomorrow morning. I can assure you that it is nothing to do with the Bourbons, it seems that the Yard want us to look into the massacre at the church of St Luke in the Fields, the Yard wants to know if it could be the work of a satanic cult.” Rob said.

“I did wonder myself when I first heard about it Rob.” David replied thankful that Rob had not become involved in another black magic case that could see both of their lives endangered and have them both whisked away to yet another hell dimension.

“David, do you know of any way to tell if a satanic mass has taken place in the church of St Luke’s over the last couple of days?” Rob asked.

“Yes there is a way Rob, I came across it in one of the volumes we confiscated from the Bourbon library, after Ulysses Bourbon died. Luckily, I have all the necessary items that I need to conjure up the past for you; I will bring them along with me. Is it OK if I drive over to your apartment now, so I do not have to get up too early tomorrow morning to beat the traffic?” David asked as he lived in deepest West Sussex.

“You know that you are more than welcome David.” Rob said.

“In that case I will be there in two hours, three at the most.” David replied.


Moira Bourbon was sitting in the small library of the convent that she was residing in now, she was reading a large leather bound book about the life of St Paul when she heard the faintest of whispers, and strangely enough, she could have sworn that the voice that she heard was her own.

“He killed our father Moira, Rob Hinds killed him.”

Moira immediately stood up and searched the large room for the owner of the voice; angry at being the victim of such a wicked joke, however she found that the room was empty save for herself.

Lord Asbaritch had now commenced on his seduction of Moira away from the ways of the righteous and back towards the ways of Lucifer. He had spoken to her from the Dreamscape, known to some as the astral plane, a dimension that Lord Asbaritch used as his own personal larder. He would visit a dreamer and turn the individual`s dream into a nightmare, and the dark lord then fed off the emotions given off by the dreamer.

This time he had simply used the Dreamscape to literally fly to her and so was able to speak to her mind without the need to materialise in the room and thereby warn her of the presence of one of Lucifer`s dark lords.

“Moira, remember that your dark lord loves you and only you, he is so very sad and lonely now that you have forgotten him. However, you must keep his love a secret for now, but do not fret for later you can scream it from the rooftops.” A soft tenor voice whispered from the very walls of the room where she sat.

She searched for the owner of this new and no less mysterious voice, a voice she decided she liked very much, but try as she may she could not find him. She should have been afraid, for a man in this part of the convent was forbidden, but she was not, in fact the knowledge that somebody from her past had feelings for her made her pulse quicken and her temperature rise. She wished that David Pritchard would tell her about her old life, however he had always said that it would be unwise for her to look into the past, however he would not say why.


At exactly seven o`clock the next morning Rob and David entered the large office of Sir Willoughby Brown.

“Sit down both of you. David, good of you to join us. I have a new case for you both, one in which you will be working on with Inspector Humphreys.” Sir Willoughby Brown said introducing the elderly detective who looked tired and rather annoyed, and who was slouched in a chair that was in front of the large mahogany desk behind which Sir Willoughby Brown sat.

After the usual greetings, Sir Willoughby Brown explained why he had sent for them.

“The case that Scotland Yard has asked our assistance on is the one involving the deaths of seven people near to the city of London. You must have heard all about it both on the television and the radio, the victims` corpses were left hanging from one of the beams in the church of St Luke in the Fields.” Sir Willoughby Brown said grimly. “This morning’s newspaper headlines have likened the city of London to a war scene featuring those murdering bastards the Daesh, and they have all demanded instant action. What I am going to tell you now was not mentioned on the news or in the newspapers, and it is not very pleasant.” Sir Willoughby Brown said. “It is believed that they were killed with what can only be described as some sort of energy weapon. Then the top of their skulls was cut cleanly off with some sort of laser and their brains were removed, and finally their bodies were drained of blood. All seven victims died over one night, leading the inspector to believe that the murders were carried out by a cult.” Sir Willoughby Brown said and once again indicated Inspector Humphreys.

“His view is similar to the ones voiced by his colleagues; one scenario thought out by Scotland Yard is that it might have been carried out by a Satanist cult, for some grotesque ceremony known only to them. This is why they asked for our help; well your help as you are the only men we have who have been involved with the real thing.” Sir Willoughby Brown said.

“Sir Richard, surely this is the work of psychopaths, even Satanists are not that sick.” Rob protested as his stomach did flip-flops again at the thought of being involved with more Satanists.

“I agree Rob, but the commissioner is very worried, so many horrific deaths with no leads means that if the newspapers got hold of the whole story, it could see questions being asked in the House and heads rolling.” Sir Willoughby Brown argued. “The Yard is looking into all the other more mundane theories and they will keep us fully apprised, however after your success in battling real life and very powerful Satanists, the commissioner has asked for your personal assistance in this case, but only on the satanic angle.”

Minutes later Rob led David and the detective back to the office he shared with the other agents of the SIS, and where they could talk at length about the case and any evidence that the murderers had left behind. The first thing that Humphreys showed them was the scene of crime photographs, which included the grisly pictures of the topless and very empty skulls. Rob looked at each of the grisly photographs but saw nothing that offered even a partial answer except the one that he had already given, namely that it was the work of a group of psychopaths. Rob started the discussion.

“Inspector Humphreys, you may have heard some weird stories about me and David, and how we are both loopy, well at times we both wished that that was in fact true, but it is not. However, for the sake of those who believe that we are loopy let us get the usual Hollywood villains out of the way. First up is the vampire, now if the perpetrator was found to be some sort of an actual vampire why have we not come across it until now, and in any case Vampires do not cut the top of their victim`s skull off. No, it is much more likely that the sick bastards behind it are a bunch of psychopathic killers, and it could be that they want to make out that this terrible crime has been committed by a vampire.” Rob said. “As for the empty brain cases, some aboriginal people had been known to eat their enemies’ brains, but if some lost Amazonian tribesmen are behind it then why have they suddenly appeared in London? That just leaves our friendly neighbourhood Satanist, the one your chief has asked us to look for, and in the time that I have spent chasing such people I have never heard of them committing such large scale barbarity, what about you David, you have been fighting them for much longer than I have?”

“No, Rob, this is something far removed from your usual devil worship.” David replied grimly. “They go in for the odd virgin sacrifice but nothing like this.”

Inspector Humphreys was surprised to hear Rob and David talk this way, he had expected the two men before him to twitter on about vampires and black masses, not to poo-hoo the very idea.

“I agree Mr Hinds, Mr Pritchard.” Humphreys began as he tried to get his mind away from Dracula. “Unfortunately we have not found a single witness to any of the seven murders, and as yet we have not found anybody who even saw the back of a group of men acting strangely, or seen any large low flying bats come to that.” Humphreys complained and adding the last as a way of breaking the ice with the SIS agents. “Even the CCTV cameras came up empty handed, and that should have been impossible unless all of the murderers live very local to the murder scene or found their way down into the sewers, and without passing a single camera. In fact Mr Hinds that is not quite true, a number of the cameras did record something, static, but only for a short time, however not one camera recorded the static at the same time, which might give us one lead, of a sort. The static only affected each camera for the time it took for a small group of men to walk past it; my colleagues are following this static trail to see if it will lead us to our madmen. In my opinion this one fact, regarding the cameras that is, it proves that the men behind these sick killings have money and very up to date technology, to be able to mess with the CCTV cameras in such a way is beyond the normal Sicko. More of my colleagues will be out tonight talking to any late night revellers to ask them if they saw anything unusual early yesterday morning. A request for help is also being broadcast on the main television channels.” Humphreys said.

For a moment Moira Bourbon came into the minds of Rob and David, for they knew that when she had been a powerful Satanist, she could easily have managed to make the cameras eat static, however they both quickly pushed such thoughts away, the thought that Moira could be back was too scary for words. Instead, Rob spoke of things that were more mundane.

“I would be surprised if you find that the men behind these grisly killings actually do live nearby, no; as you say it is much more likely that the killers were able to get their hands on some hi-tech equipment to temporarily take out the cameras. I take it Inspector that the Yard have now moved men into the surrounding areas to ensure that another seven murders do not happen over one night?” Rob asked.

“Yes, but not over the whole of London, we do not have the manpower or the money to pay for the overtime to cover such a large area, or for any extended length of time.” Humphreys replied defensively. “We need to come up with something, anything, and soon, or it might just happen again, and with it the chance that the full facts are leaked onto the internet, that would cause panic and shut done London and the nearby towns during the hours of darkness.”

“What did you do to draw the short straw then Inspector?” Rob asked Humphreys, “Being sent here to spook central?”

Humphreys smiled. “I am what they think of as a dinosaur; they sent me here to get me out of the way while they dash round in ever decreasing circles in their hunt for whichever poor deprived souls committed these terrible crimes. After they are caught, the psychiatrists will find reasonable excuses as to why they committed such a crime and advise that they should be treated sympathetically. The bastards will live out the remainder of their lives in the lap of luxury, with Sundays off so that their human rights are not infringed in any way.” Humphreys replied bitterly. “Sorry about that but of late I have begun to wonder if it is worth staying in the job. Oh! And I am Joe to my few friends who still acknowledge that fact.” Humphreys finished with a weak smile.

“Well Joe, I am Rob and this is David, and to seal our new friendship why don`t you take us on a tour of the crime scene, maybe something will inspire us?” Rob said and smiled at the detective, who seeing someone who he thought he could relate to, smiled back.


They arrived at the crime scene a little after 9 o`clock that morning, the city was now fully awake and was beginning to fill with a myriad of people hurrying to work, beginning their shopping trip or sightseeing. The first thing that Rob noticed on entering the church was a priest, for this was his church, with him were his bishop and three other men of the church. They were standing at the rear of the church, and each of them looked very pale and they looked to be in various stages of shock. For never could any of them have imagined in their most terrible of nightmares that their church would be used so blasphemously and in such a violent way.

The next thing that Rob noticed were the bloodstains on the floor, he immediately noted that there was not that much blood for seven people, but then unknown to him most of the blood had either been drunk by the aliens or taken away for use later. Rob knew they were lucky to arrive here after the crime scene had been partially sanitised, after the removal of the seven bodies and the remains of the horrific meal, and the smell of blood had mostly been vented into the atmosphere through the open doors of the church.

They were also lucky to meet one of the scientists, who was part of the forensics’ team, just inside the doors, and he went through all that they had found up until that morning, which was precious little.

“The rope used to hang the poor sods is not your usual stuff, although it is made of a manmade fibre, unfortunately we have not decided which one as yet. This means of course that we have not attempted to track down the manufacturer or supplier. One thing that I can tell you about it though, it is very strong and very thin. There is an abundance of shoe prints of various types and sizes, however we narrowed it down to one type, an assortment of prints found on the many small patches of dried blood, we might be able to come up with some sort of a lead there, in time. They were killed here, that we know, but the lack of blood means that the killers must have used some kind of receptacle to collect the blood, maybe to make us think that this was the work of some want-to-be vampires, but whatever the reason the Yard are checking up on that particular lead. The receptacles they used to collect the blood did leave their own marks, one under each victim, but apart from the width of the base of the receptacle they offer us no leads to follow. Finally there are thousands of finger prints which means it will be some time before they will be of any help to us.” Alan Powers said, who was the scientist leading the forensics’ team.

“What about the pentagram itself, did you find anything on it to show whether the murders might have been part of a ritual of any kind?” Rob asked pointing to the design under the rafter used to hang the bodies.

“You think that they could have been satanic murders, well we did search the area thoroughly, however we found nothing to point towards such a thing, except that the central receptacle was set on it.” The forensics’ man replied.

Rob now turned to Humphreys. “Joe, the pentagram is directly beneath the murder scene, this fact increases the chances of it being a satanic killing, however having said that I still think that the Yard will find that the killers are some sort of sick bunch of psychos.”

Rob noticed the five men of the church leaving, so he spoke again to the detective. “Joe, David might be able to answer the question the Yard asked of us, and very quickly, namely were Satanists behind the atrocity committed here.”

Humphreys turned to David. “And just how are you going to do that David, hold a séance?” Humphreys asked facetiously.

“Not quite Joe, although I am no longer a catholic priest I still would not do such a thing.” David replied sternly although he then smiled to show that he did not take the question seriously.

“If it means that we can draw a line under this nonsense David, then please do whatever you like inside of the church and I will OK it.” Humphreys replied.

“Joe, can you clear the area around the murder scene of people, just for ten minutes while I try my experiment?”

“Yes I think that will be all right, they have just about finished anyway, but this thing that you are about to try, it will not destroy any of the evidence that they have found here, not that they found that much.” Humphreys replied.

“No, nothing like that, probably nothing will happen anyway.” David replied while strangely hoping that he was correct in this.

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