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The Legacy of the Hero

A Hero’s Hope

The Struggle For Survival

By Link_Rulz_HyRule/Jonathan White

Build a man a fire, and he will be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life.” –TunaBomber

Credits: To my mom, Jennifer, who read my entire book series to me for the first half of the series, then had me read for the last half. She also helped me a lot with editing it.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game where you are put in a block world with no objectives. There are two main game modes: Survival and Creative. In survival mode, you have to try to survive in a world that changes with the time. By day, you must go out, find resources, and build a shelter before night comes. Because by night, the world begins to fester with monsters that want to kill you. In order to survive in survival, you must build a shelter, find food, make your own weapons, and begin to mine for resources within the first couple days.

In a creative world, you have access to limitless resources and can no longer die(unless you dig deep enough to fall into the Void(an unexplorable chasm beneath the bottom layers of the world that will kill you without fail if you fall in)). You can also fly. In this game mode, you can build whatever your heart desires without fear of dying or losing supplies, ranging from cool roller coasters to statues of your favorite Minecraft Youtubers to a scale model of real life structures like the Eiffel Tower to inappropriate lewd buildings. If one takes enough time to learn about redstone(basically the game’s equivalent of electrical circuitry and wiring), one could even be able to build cool systems with it, such as arrow traps and giant faces with expressions.

In conclusion, Minecraft is a game where your imagination is the only limit.

Do you sense it?

Yes, I do…

The Reader has opened up the document, and now the story will shortly begin…

Or perhaps it has started again, depending on if this is the first time the Reader has opened this document…

Yes, this being outside of our knowledge is one of the many unfortunate limitations of being the product of an inspiration…

Nonetheless, I’m sure they must be confused as to who we are…

Or perhaps they are not… Perhaps they already have begun to suspect who we are… Many of the readers have read the poem, you know…

Yes… but allow me to explain ourselves just in case…

Go ahead…

We are what makes up the universe… We are what makes up humans…

We are what dwells in your mind. In a way, we are what you are. But we are not you, you are us…

We are what you think we may be, and at the same time we are what you suspect we are not…

We are not the same as those who speak of the End Poem, rather, we are imitations of them…

Yes, and we exist alongside the fictional universe that contains a world called Minecraftia… A world with quite a history, both positive and negative…

Yes… It is a troubled land indeed…

And you may want to pay attention, Reader…

Agreed… For there is a story beyond the story of the document you currently possess…

If you do pay attention, you might be able to learn something knew…

This story may change something within you…

You might view Minecraft in a different light…

Of course, these are just mere predictions… This story may change the way you see the game, or it may not…

That is up to the Reader…

We were also instructed by the Author to deliver a message…

Yes, he wants the Reader to know that he did not bring this tale to life for money or for fame…

He has written this story to give back to the community of Minecraft for all of the fun and friends he has been given by it…

And yes, we are being forced to say this by the Author, but he does not want the Reader to have any ill will towards him…

He has been quite nervous about how the community will accept this tale…

Remember, the Author is an average person, just like you…

Yes, although us calling him the ‘Author,’ using it as a title, may not emphasis that well…

Then we will call him the author…

Reader, you may think we are droning on, and we must apologize… That is always looked down upon-especially when this is but the first installment of the series… But please have a little more patience, we are nearly complete…

Reader, there will be some parts that you might not enjoy. That is to be expected in a fanfiction novel…

Yes, many humans view various concepts of the game differently… Such as Steve and Alex being either siblings, or the game’s top/only shipping between characters…

In this tale, Alex was the sister of our hero…

How much more shall we speak? I sense the Reader may be growing impatient, but then again, they may be fascinated by us speaking as the author’s voice or for another reason. They may be getting annoyed at our flawed beliefs, however, there is no way of knowing for sure…

There is so much more we wish to tell you, but alas, we must wrap this up before the story begins, and then we’ll allow the Narrator to take it from there… Do you wish to share it?

Yes… Reader, there is one more thing the author would have us tell you before the story officially begins… The author, he wishes for you to enjoy the story that he has prepared for you. He spent four years on this tale alone, and he gave up a lot in his life to piece it all together. He gave up too much, in fact, the foolish man. But if you, the Reader, do not enjoy this tale, then he insists that you do not read anymore of his tales if you do not wish to…

Of course, you probably would not have anyways. But keep in mind that the author has put everything he could into this novel, and he has tried as hard as he could to go through the story in the eyes of another reader so that he could perfect it. And that is very difficult to pull off when you are the all-knowing creator of the story…

Okay, I think the Reader has heard enough about the author for now…

One final thing, we will make quite a few appearances throughout the story. Our purpose is to either reveal hidden events, or inform the Reader or hero, or just offer the author an excuse to change the perspectives of the characters throughout the series…

And yes, he is not ashamed to have us tell you this…

Though, that will not be within this document…

Just remember to pay attention to the story and its series if you wish, so that you may unlock the true backstory of Minecraftia…

Now, we shall speak no more. It is time for the Narrator to have their chance to explain the setting…

Have fun, and turn to the next page to begin the tale… of Steven, the New Hero…

Chapter One

Just A Typical Day…


It was an average morning in the land of Minecraftia. The sun had just risen. The chickens were letting out their usual morning calls to signify the arrival of dawn. Clouds floated lazily across the sky. And in a house in a particular plains biome, Steve was just waking up.

Steve let out a yawn as he sluggishly crawled out of bed. He then began to stretch his arms and legs, then his neck. The bones in his body crackled as he stretched them out. He had a nice sleep last night, along with a pleasant dream. What that dream had been about, however, he had forgotten. Something to do with sheep and iron ore

Steve’s stomach rumbled and he realized he was starving. He had not eaten anything last night; he had been too tired after the long day of mining for resources. Steve headed over to his food chest and went through it, looking for something that might make a good breakfast. Steve wasn’t in the mood for any bread or vegetables, so he pulled out an already-cooked steak, along with a slice of watermelon. Then, he sat back down on his bed and began to eat his meal, starting with the steak first.

Steve’s belly filled drastically once he had finished off the meat, then he bit into the watermelon slice, tasting its sweetness in his mouth. Within a few bites, the melon slice was consumed, being made into fuel for his body to function.

Steve felt stuffed and wondered if he should rest for a few hours so he didn’t get a stomach ache. But he ultimately decided to instead do something for today that wouldn’t require a lot of effort.

After a couple minutes, Steve got back up and headed over by his farming supply chest. He opened it up and started looking the chest, taking out a couple seeds and potatoes to bring with him to his farm. Steve went outside and his pet pig ran up to him from his shelter, oinking happily at the sight of him. Steve smiled as the large pig came to him.

“Good morning, Joey.” he greeted, and the pig nuzzled his leg affectionately. Steve gently moved his leg away from the pig and proceeded to head towards the farm.

“Let’s see if any carrots are ready to be harvested” Steve said to Joey, who squealed in eagerness.

Steve and his pig got over to the farm. It was pretty big for a farm-he believed it was an eight-by-seven, but Steve was glad he invested the time in making it. The farm provided him and Joey with just enough food to survive on a daily basis. A lot of the crops were ready to be collected and replanted, but he immediately noticed a lot of the carrots he had planted a few days ago were missing. Steve knew that Joey couldn’t have uprooted them because the pig’s feet weren’t good at digging through soil. But there was one animal that was. Rabbits. Steve instantly recalled that rabbits lived around his house and he groaned. He knew that he should’ve put up that fence!

Four out of five of the carrots he had planted were gone, causing him to groan once more. Rabbits were a huge nuisance to him and Joey. He would’ve gotten rid of them one way or another, but whenever he tried to kill one, it would bound away too quickly for him to catch up. And if Steve had chased them off, they would come back the next day. At least Steve finally found out what he was going to spend the day working on.

Thankfully, the last carrot had grown enough to be harvested. Steve grabbed the plant and pulled it up, plucking the carrot out of the ground and two others along with it. He placed two of the carrots back into the ground at different soil blocks then squatted down and held the third one in front of Joey.

“You want it?” Steve teased, grinning. The pig oinked impatiently, putting his front feet on Steve’s legs in order to get closer to the carrot. Steve let the pig steal it out of his hand and the pig munched on it. Joey snorted with contentment as he downed the vegetable, then gave Steve a face of joy. He gave the pig a warm smile and patted Joey on the top of the head.

Steve turned to look at the nearby oak forest. He knew he would have to cut down a lot of trees to make enough fences to surround his large farm. He also didn’t want to leave his newly planted carrots unattended for the rabbits to steal.

“Joey, I’m going to need you to keep watch over the crops.” Steve instructed, “If any rabbits approach, just squeal really loud and I’ll come right back to chase it off.” Joey nodded in understanding and trudged over the vulnerable vegetables.

Steve headed over to the forest, pulling out his stone axe. Upon arriving at the first tree, he swung the axe against its bark. Cracks formed and he continued to swing. Within a couple seconds, he had destroyed the tree’s first bark block, then grabbed it with his second hand and put it away into his inventory, and then went to work on the rest of the tree. He had cut the tree into pieces in less than a minute.

Eyeing a second tree, Steve went over to it and began chopping it down to pieces, then moved on to a third. He destroyed the third one as well, taking the raw wood blocks with him, and felt something land on the top of his head. Upon reaching up, he grabbed the object and took a look at what had fallen onto him. It was an apple.

Steve could feel his stomach getting empty just by looking at its red surface shining in the sun-even though he had just had breakfast earlier. Chopping down trees did require quite a bit of effort. And the apple was as fresh as one could get. So, Steve put the apple into his left hand so he could eat it while he worked. Steve was planning to stop at twelve trees.

As Steve was striking a ninth tree, he heard the sound of panicked squealing. Instantly, he knew what that meant and put his axe away, replacing it with a stone sword. He turned back and sprinted to the farm as fast as he could. He could see Joey chasing a white rabbit around the place, squealing with outrage. The rabbit had a carrot in its mouth. Steve ran faster, frantic to keep the rabbit from getting away with their food. The pest didn’t notice Steve until it hopped right in front of him. He tried to hit it with his sword, but the bunny leapt to his side and bounded past.

Steve took off after the animal, sprinting at the fastest pace he could manage. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Joey running as fast as the pig could manage to the left of the bunny.

An idea formed in Steve’s head and he pulled out something at random to throw. Steve got out an egg and threw it at the rabbit. The egg landed to the right of it, startling the creature into jumping to the left-directly into Joey. In that moment, the pig snapped at the carrot in its mouth and the two wrestled over it for a moment before the full-grown pig managed to pull the food out of its mouth.

Steve came in and grabbed the animal by the ears and lifted it into the air. The bunny tried desperately to break free, but he had a tight grip on it. Steve raised his sword, ready to kill the animal, when Joey’s squeal grabbed his attention. He noticed Joey was repeatedly pointing one of his feet ahead. He wanted Steve to look, so Steve tried to see what the pig was pointing at. And then, he saw.

Shivering in a patch of grass were two snow-white little bunnies, staring straight at him with their redstone-red eyes. Fear was visible in the tiny animals’ eyes. And that was when he realized that he was holding their mother. A third bunny hopped into sight next to them-this one a creamy yellow, making it three babies. Steve wanted to kill the rabbit he was holding on to while he could. He hated how much of a burden they were to their lives, and plus the rabbit could’ve made a pretty tasty stew. But knowing that he’d be indirectly killing the three baby rabbits as well, he just couldn’t make himself do it.

Steve lowered the mother rabbit to the ground and she tried to bolt away, but with cat-like reflexes, he grabbed the rabbit by the foot. Steve pulled out a lead and attached it to her, removing the rabbit’s ability to escape. He pulled out more leads and went over to the younger bunnies, getting ready to tie them to himself as well. They did not flee, which made things a whole lot easier for Steve.

“Joey, go back to the farm and replant that carrot, then watch over it.” he ordered, “I’m going to relocate these bunnies.” The pig snorted and went back in the direction of the farm. Steve gazed at the bunny family. Each of them eyed him fearfully as they huddled together.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” he assured in a calm tone, but his message didn’t register with them. Steve realized they were wild animals-they didn’t understand his language. It wasn’t like Joey’s case where he had learned to understand Steve’s language over the course of years.

Steve headed off in the direction of where the birch forest was. The forest was pretty far away-it’d probably take half of the day to get there, and the other half to get back. But if he hurried, then he might’ve been able to get back home before the mobs came out tonight.

Steve stopped himself and realized he might as well kill two chickens with one cobblestone. He needed to map out the area around the forest, so Steve made a quick trip to his house and grabbed his unfinished map, along with an ink sac and a feather. He didn’t grab any dyes-he would color in the map at a later time.

Once he was ready and set, Steve made his way towards the birch forest, tugging the animals along with him.

After much traveling, Steve finally arrived outside the forest. He unleashed the four rabbits. They were much more docile than earlier this morning, having learned their own way that Steve had no intentions of harming them. Upon being released, the animals steadily hopped around passively for a minute before the mom headed into the woods, the youngsters following close behind. Steve watched as the mother looked back at him a final time, then disappeared within the foliage. Hopefully, he had moved them a far enough distance so that they wouldn’t return to his house. He looked up for the sun, and found it starting to head towards the horizon. Time was beginning to be a concern.

Steve took out his feather with one hand, an ink sac with the other. He put the feather with the sac and then crafted them into a feather with ink. Then, he brought out his map and began to walk back the way home, drawing the layout of the land as he went. He would have to color in the landscape at a later time.

By the time Steve made it back to his farm, the moon was appearing on the far end of the horizon. He could faintly hear the moans of the undead limping around him along with the hissing of spiders, but he couldn’t see any mobs yet, which somehow made him even more nervous.

Joey was still standing guard over the carrots, which impressed him. Even though he had tried hard to teach the pig to obey him, in the end it was always Joey’s decision. And Joey never liked to be out in the dark by himself. When the pig spotted Steve, he squealed with joy.

“Shhh!” Steve hushed quietly, “Joey, how about you go to sleep.” Steve said to the pig, keeping his voice quiet to avoid attracting the attention of any mobs nearby. The pig grunted, slightly hurt, and went into to his small house Steve had built for him, pushing open the door, then kicking it shut to go to sleep for the night. Steve would’ve normally had a happy reunion with Joey, but this late at night was when mobs would appear. Steve placed down a crafting table and got to work, putting raw wooden blocks down to make planks, then making a ton of the planks into sticks.

All of a sudden, Steve heard a growl from in the woods behind him. A zombie emerged from the trees and slowly stumbled towards him, moaning with an animalistic groan. Steve started to panic, but reminded himself to stay calm and work. Zombies stumbled very slowly, so he still had some time to craft. He steadily arranged the sticks and planks in the correct order.

As the lurker of the night approached, Steve crafted the ingredients into fences. Then, he placed them in his off-hand. Steve drew his stone sword and swung the weapon to his right, the force of his movements turning his body around, and he knocked the zombie back before it could attack. The zombie flashed red and grunted with pain, but steadied itself and continued to limp closer to him.

Steve swung his sword again, this time hitting the undead being at its head, and the mob was knocked to the ground. He then finished it off with a stab of his sword down at it, causing the mob to disappear with a final grunt into smoke.

Steve knew it was only a matter of time before the next mob or mobs found him, so he quickly went to work and placed down fences around his farm. His farm was so large, and fences required a ton of wood to make, so Steve was not expecting to have enough.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of a bow firing, followed by a projectile whistling through the arrow. And then, his arm was filled with pain as he felt an arrow penetrate through it. Steve had a difficult time keeping himself from crying out. He looked over to the edge of the forest and spotted the skeleton that was responsible for the arrow, and quickly placed the last fences he had, which turned out to be just enough to block off the entirety of the farm. Steve ran back towards his house, narrowly avoiding being hit by a second projectile. He had begun to hear the moaning of even more zombies when he had bolted inside and slammed the door shut.

Within seconds, there were zombies at his door. He could see them through the notches in the door as they pounded their fists against it, moaning their haunting defeated voices persistently.

Steve went away from the door and over to the crafting table by his bed. He sat down on the bed and set his injured arm onto the table, then braced himself. As fast as he could, he pulled the arrow out, wincing a little in the process, and then set the arrow down.

Steve laid back on his bed and sighed. His arm still hurt, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when that arrow was in. Feeling exhausted, he decided to skip dinner again and go straight to sleep to rest off the troubles of the day. He didn’t even need to cover himself under the blanket. Within moments, he fell right to sleep.

Chapter Two

Closed Wounds Reopened…

Steve’s POV

It was the day before my eighth birthday. I was in my home village. People interacted and went about their business. Alex and I were buying some bread from Farmer Bill like Mom had told us to. He gave us six loaves of bread in exchange for the one emerald Mom gave us. He smiled and put the shiny gem away.

Tell your mother things will work out in the end.” Bill requested, his voice sympathetic.

Yes sir!” we both innocently replied and turned around to head back towards our house.

I can’t wait until your party.” Alex smiled.

Yeah, I’m gonna get a lot of presents!” I grinned. I could only fantasize about what I might be getting.

Well, I can’t wait for the cake.” she pointed out. “Mom says it’s gonna be the best cake she’s ever made!”

I know!” I cheered, and then I walked right into a hard surface with a loud thud. “Ow…” I moaned, rubbing my head and looking at what I had ran into. It was the shining white body of Bob the Iron Golem. Bob looked down at me, studying me with his dark red eyes for a moment, and I heard Alex laugh.

You ran right into him!” she giggled. I scratched my head out of embarrassment. “Stevie, you can be so death sometimes…” she chuckled as we continued to head back.

Um… First off: Don’t call me Stevie. Second, it’s deaf, not death. And third, I think you meant blind.” I corrected.

Are you sure?” she asked.

I think so…”

Oh… I thought they were pronounced the same way…” she murmured, suddenly self-conscious, then straightened herself. “But who cares? You just ran right into that golem!”

So?” I nervously muttered.

Aww, don’t get upset. I didn’t mean to laugh at you…” she apologized.

Thanks…” I replied.

Just kidding! Sorry Stevie, but that was hilarious!” she laughed.

You know what else was hilarious? The time you fell down a hole and landed in that cave.” I recalled the memory with a smile. “You were crying like a baby while I went to get Dad!”

You promised me you would forget about that!” she protested. I blinked in confusion.

No, I didn’t. When did I ever say that?” I questioned.

Well… I’m pretty sure I remember you saying something like that…” she struggled to recall, “Or was that the other kid with you…”

You mean Johnny?” I recalled.

Yes.” Johnny’s parents had decided to move away to some other village about a year ago and took him with them. We hadn’t seen him since.

Yeah, you made Johnny promise. Not me.” I smirked as we arrived at our house and went inside.

As a joke, I closed the door before Alex could enter. She tried to open the door, but I kept it closed.

MOM!!! Steve won’t let me inside!” Alex whined from the other side.

Steven, let Alexandra into the house.” I heard Mom’s voice order in a motherly tone.

Fine…” I groaned and let go of the door handle. Alex opened the door and entered as I went to sit down on a chair block. Mom was putting some fish into the furnace, which blazed fiercely. Alex gave Mom the bread we got.

Thank you two for getting me the bread.” Mom thanked.

You’re welcome!” Alex beamed.

Dad burst through the door. He was covered in sweat-even his clothes were drenched. In his arm, he held his iron helmet he always had with him.

Hey family.” He grinned. Immediately, Alex bolted to him. I got out of my seat and ran to join him as well. He embraced us in a hug.

Hey Alex, hey Steve.” Dad greeted.

Hey Dad!” Alex replied, “You stink.” This made Dad laugh a hearty laugh.

Yeah well, training in the sun with my fellow knights all day can be really tiring for your dad.” He responded. “Especially when he’s wearing armor all that time.” Dad let go of Alex and me, then turned to me.

How was my boy doing today?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around my head and gave me a noogie. I tried hard to break free from the noogie, but was unsuccessful.

Steve was just fine today. He helped around the house a lot.” Mom exclaimed. Dad let go of me and grabbed onto Alex next, making her the next victim of the dreadful noogie.

And how was my little girl?” he chuckled. I could see part of Alex’s face under Dad’s arms-she was just as annoyed as I had been.

Alex was… alright. A little hyper, but she wasn’t too obnoxious.” Mom explained.

That’s good to hear!” he chuckled, then freed her and stood up. “Anyways, I gotta go bathe. I’ll be back in fifteen to twenty minutes.” He said to Mom.

Okay, don’t forget to use a sponge this time. We’ll smell your stench if you don’t.” Mom reminded, a smile on her face.

I know, dearie…” Dad assured.

And Notch knows we can’t take any more of your noxious fumes…” she joked. Alex and I both laughed at her funny sense of humor.

Well, that’s disappointing…” he chuckled. “Alright, I’m gonna go.” Dad went out, but not before Mom sighed and threw a sponge at the back of his head, knocking Dad’s head forward a bit. He turned around and picked up the sponge. “Oops.” Dad muttered and put on a cheeky grin, then stepped out.

Honestly, your dad can’t seem to do squat sometimes.” Mom sighed, “He’s pretty much only good about thinking with his muscles, not with his brain… Dad is lucky he has Mom to keep him from getting into too much trouble.” She murmured to herself.

I suddenly realized what this was. This wasn’t reality-this was a dream. And one with my parents, as well as Alex, when in reality, they were all dead…

Mom, I love you.” I said, rushing to her side and hugging her waist. I could feel tears beginning to form at my eyes. Mom appeared to be surprised by this, but she looked away from the furnace and hugged me back.

I love you too, Steven.” she said warmly.

Whoa, Stevie, why are so clingy to Mom all of a sudden?” I heard Alex ask, but didn’t respond. I kept hugging my mom until I felt my consciousness begin to slip away. And then the dream faded to white, and whether it was because I changed the memory dream or by timing, I didn’t know.

I woke up to see the rays of the sun shine through the windows of my house. I also noticed a large pig standing over me, a large grin on his face. No doubt Joey was excited about today, but I felt horrible after the dream I just had. It had reopened a fresh wound that I had tried to close.

“Hey Joey” I tried hard to keep a straight face, but the pig must’ve noticed I was upset. His smile disappeared and he oinked in concern.

“I had a dream about my family” I explained to him. Instantly, Joey’s face took on a sad and sympathetic look. I sat up and tried hard not to tear up, but after a few seconds, it was clear that I couldn’t suppress my sorrow. I wrapped my arms around Joey and buried my face in his neck, sobbing deeply.

“I miss Mom…” I mumbled, “I miss Dad I miss Alex” Joey snorted pitifully. I still remembered the day my parents died. It was easily one of the worst days of my life-comparable to only the last day that I saw Alex.

After a moment, I lifted myself off of my pig friend and jumped out of my bed.

“Thanks for supporting me, Joey” I sniffled and wiped away the tears. He grunted, and I imagined he was trying to tell me a comforting message, like how he cared about me or something like that.

“Alright, I think I’m going to go mining for today.” I said as I went through the chest that contained my mining equipment. I heard Joey groan with boredom while I pulled out a clock and stuffed it away into my inventory.

“I know, it’s a long and boring job, but only one of us is capable of doing it.” I reminded him, “And we need the iron. My sword’s almost busted, and I want to go back to using iron weapons.” I found half a stack of torches and my trusty iron pickaxe and stowed them into my inventory with me. Then, I grabbed a few blocks of cobblestone. I had learned a while ago(the hard way unfortunately…) that it was always a good idea to have some kind of blocks with me so I could block off any lava pools I dug into.

My stomach growled rather viciously and I realized I didn’t eat again last night. Going through my food chest, I pulled out several loaves of bread. Bread was always good for mining(not nearly as good as steak, but I was starting to run low on them).

I turned to Joey, “Alright, I’m gonna go. You can let yourself out using that entrance that you have that you never show me so that I can keep baby zombies from getting into the house.” I told him, then headed into the stairway that went deeper underground. I stuck my head out from ground level before I went down further. “Even though I could just stop them from getting in by placing slab blocks so that you could still be able to squeeze through-” Joey squealed in strong protest to this, and I took the hint. “Alright, see ya later tonight.” I said and went underground.

“Poor Joey…” I muttered as I jumped down each block. He must’ve really wanted to play with me for today. I probably would have played with him too, if it wasn’t for that really emotional dream I had. I knew that would’ve been all I could think about while I played Potato Toss with him. Better to push a play day for some other time when we both can enjoy it than on a day when only one can.

I made it to the bottom layer to where my strip-mine was and headed down the corridor.

After about two minutes, I made it to the end and went through my inventory, putting my trusty pickaxe in one hand and my torches in the other. And then, I proceeded to mine.

It took several minutes before I struck a patch of coal. But I didn’t need any more coal, so I just mined straight through(I still picked up the excess coal anyways).

A moment later, I came across a strain of lapis lazuli. Excitedly, I mined away at the dark blue mineral chunks. I knew that lapis was useful for enchanting objects with an enchanting table, and although I didn’t have an enchanting table, I planned to get some diamonds soon so that I could make one. And even if I couldn’t find any diamonds today, I could still use the lapis as dye. Taking out my clock, I could see that it was still around midday. Sighing, I pocketed the lapis and dug even more.

Much later, I uncovered a cluster of redstone. The red material glimmered in the light of my torch. I didn’t have any current use for redstone, but I always saved resources for whenever a time might come when I would need it-such as brewing. But unfortunately, I still needed to find a way to craft a brewing stand. Once that happened, then I could finally put all the redstone to good use. I mined away at the pretty red powdery ore blocks and stuffed them all away in my inventory, then went back to mining through the interior of the underground, thinking about the last time I had a brewing stand as I went along.

It was when I lived in my last home. I missed that place; it had been a cozy little hut that faced an enormous round lake. The house had sat right at the foot of a huge mountain, too. Even more, it had been right next to the ocean, and every morning I would wake to the crisp scent of salty seawater. I remembered that I had actually gotten the blaze rod for my first brewing standing in a really weird way; I had actually hooked it while I was out fishing one morning.

I wished I had never dug into that large cavern under my home and accidently flooded the house with creepers and zombies. Joey and I lost so much of our belongings that day. We had to start from scratch with getting resources all over again.

My pickaxe clanked as I struck gold-literally. I scowled at the sight of the precious metal. Years ago, gold had some value in the village that I used to live in. But ever since the world went downhill, gold became a lot more of a nuisance. I just couldn’t use it to make anything useful other than a clock.

I had heard a long time ago that gold blocks were used to craft mythical Notch apples, but they were no-longer craftable immediately after the Diamond War ended years ago. According the priest, it had been because too many people were creating Notch apples and becoming unkillable and dangerous. But where were the diamonds? Today, I had come across just about every mineral that formed deep underground(except for emerald and surprisingly, iron), and I still hadn’t found a single diamond.

Just then, my pickaxe bit into a slightly pinkish ore. Definitely iron. I prayed it was a large patch too. I could finally make a new set of iron armor again. I continued to mine as much of the iron ore as I could find.

Unfortunately, the cluster wasn’t nearly as big as I wanted it; it was only five blocks instead of nine like I needed. But on the bright side, at least I could make one or two articles of armor. And I planned to make at the minimum a chestplate.

Taking out my clock once again, I cheered at the sight of the moon covering huge portion of the clock’s surface. It was nighttime, and that meant that the day was over. I placed down a last torch on the wall and then turned around headed back.

After a few minutes of backtracking, I made it back into my house. Looking out one of the windows, I could see a creeper staring back at me, silently wishing for me to take a step outside. My body shuddered and I went away to one of my furnaces.

Taking out my five iron ore blocks, I stowed them inside the furnace. Instantly, the stone oven ignited with blazing fire as it got to work smelting away at the ore.

I went over to the chest that contained all my mined goodies and took out the three iron ingots that I had. Then, I went back and waited for the ore to finish smelting.

Once the five ores were ingots and the fire was out, I reached into the furnace and pulled them out. They were still very hot, but not enough to burn my hand. While carrying the metal bars to my crafting, I pondered whether I really should make a chestplate. If I did, I couldn’t make a new iron sword like I direly needed. I knew I could’ve just made some boots or a helmet instead and got to make a sword, but I really wanted a chestplate to cover my chest.

Ultimately, I decided to go ahead with the chestplate. I set one ingot in each position on the crafting table until they were ready to be transformed into the piece of armor. Then after a second, the eight iron ingots shot together and an iron chestplate materialized. Excitedly, I grabbed the armor part and equipped it, feeling less weak and vulnerable and more confident.

I felt my stomach rumble and began to feel famished. I went through my food chest to look for a meal and found a cooked chicken and quickly took it out, then ate it. The delicious poultry filled my belly up to full and I finally went over to my bed, feeling the exhaustion begin to settle in. Then, I passed out on the surface of my resting place.

We were at the dinner table. It was my eighth birthday. Alex and I were sitting eagerly in our seats. Mom was getting the cake ready to bring to the table, and Dad was bringing my present from outside.

What do you think you’re going to get, Stevie?” Alex asked.

I don’t know.” I answered, “I hope it’s something cool though!”

You’re about to find out.” My mom said softly as Dad opened the door, carrying a big chest in his arms. “Daniel, you ready?”

Yeah, just let me set this thing down…” he grunted, and lowered the chest to the ground with a thud. Then, Mom began to sing the birthday song, which confused me. Normally, we opened the present first before singing. Dad took a moment to join her and looked surprised too. Mom lifted the cake and slowly came over to us with it while singing. Alex joined in on the song.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.” they sang. I felt an uncontrollable smile cross my face while listening to them. “Happy birthday dear Steven-” Alex still said ‘Stevie,’ which slightly threw off the melody, “Happy birthday to you!” Alex then yelled “Cha, cha, cha!” and Mom set the cake in the middle of the table.

Hey, Maria. Shouldn’t Steven open his chest first?” Dad pointed out.

Oh, I’m surprised I forgot…” she stammered.

Hey, don’t worry about it.” Dad assured her with one of his grins.

Dad turned back to me. “It’s time to give the birthday boy his present!” he cheered gruffly as he went back to the chest and lifted it up. Mom moved the cake to the side just in time as Dad dropped it right in front of me. “When you’re ready, just push it open!” He grinned and I knew instantly whatever was in the box was going to be a great gift. I grabbed the chest and shook it lightly, hearing something thud from within the container, but was unsure of what sound it was.

You might not wanna shake it too badly,” Dad suggested, “you don’t want to damage whatever’s in there.” I pushed the lid open and tried to get up higher so I could see what was inside, but was still too low. And then I heard a tiny oink. Suddenly, a large pink block popped out from the chest and turned to look around. No, not a pink block, a pink head. I gasped. It looked like… a pig.

The pig jumped out of the chest and looked around. It looked to be a baby pig. The pig looked at me and I couldn’t speak. I was so excited! The pig went over to me and nuzzled my cheek, snorting a lot. I wrapped my arms around it and hugged it closely.

Thank you so much!!!” I felt tears form at the corners of my eyes. I had wanted a pet for so long now!

Your welcome, Steven.” Dad smiled warmly. Then he looked over to Mom. “The village butcher found him in one of the pig pens. He was reluctant to put a baby pig in the slaughterhouse, so he contacted me.” he explained. “So I decided to get you a pet, since you’d always wanted one. I even bought it at a pretty cheap price-only three emeralds!”

Just three!?” Mom gasped in shock.

Yeah, he wanted to get some money by selling the pig, but he really didn’t want to have to kill it, so he put it at a really cheap price.”

I love him!” I cheered as I kept the pig in my arms. “I love him, I love him, I love him!”

He’s so adorable!” Alex agreed. “I want my own pet for my birthday! I want a doggy!”

Well, maybe we can do something about that for your next birthday…” Mom grinned.

Yes!” she cheered, raising a fist in the air.

Here’s a carrot.” Dad said, holding a carrot out for me to grab. “Pigs love to eat them a lot.”

Thanks!” I let go of the pig and took the carrot, then held it out for the pig to eat. He let out a joyful squeal and yanked the food out of my hand, then munched on it. I laughed giddily.

What do you want to name it?” Dad asked. I stared at the pig. He stared back at me, still chewing on the carrot, and I knew instantly what I wanted to name him.

Joey!” I shouted, “Joey the pig!”

Steven, that’s a wonderful name!” Mom praised.

I know!” I grinned.

Okay, I’m really hungry. When are we gonna eat the cake?” Alex asked, rubbing her rumbling tummy.

I suppose we can get started right now, while Joey hasn’t noticed the cake yet.” Dad assured, “Since we already sang the birthday song.” Mom lured the pig off the table with another carrot and we proceeded to grab slices of the cake and eat. It was the most delicious thing I had tasted in a year. The cake was so sugary and sweet that I craved for the next bite. My mouth filled with juicy flavor whenever I bit into a red piece.

Before I knew what had happened, I had already finished off my first slice. Then, I grabbed my last slice and began to eat it.

When we were done with the cake, Mom looked outside, which I noticed was dark.

Wow, it’s already night.” She noted. “Alright, I think you two should get ready to go to bed. Tomorrow you can have fun playing with Joey.”

Aww man…” we both moaned. I had really wanted to play with him now, and I was sure Alex did too. But reluctantly, we both got up and went into our own rooms for the night.

Once I was in my bed, I covered myself in my red sheets and tried as hard to go to sleep. It was hard after all the excitement, but after several minutes, I managed to clear my mind. Moments later, I drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, I was awoken by someone shaking me and realized it was Alex. “Steve, wake up!” she whispered. She sounded scared.

What?” I groaned, rubbing my tired eyes.

Steve, it’s Mom and Dad… They sound really upset-like really upset.” she revealed.

Why?” I asked.

Just come with me!” She yanked me out of bed and brought me over to the door. “Listen…” I tried to listen.

There’s a lot more of them than I’ve ever seen Daniel…” Mom’s faint voice stammered. “We need to take the kids and get out of here…”

Maria…” Dad’s weak voice called, “we can’t leave now… It’s midnight… and besides, I love this house…”

Daniel, I know this house means a lot to you. I know it’s where you’ve grown up your whole life. But I’m telling you, there is practically an entire army of mobs out there…”

Maria, it’s okay. They don’t know how to use doors, so they can’t get in…” Dad protested.

Did you not hear what that person from the village just said? He said that creepers… exploding… to break through… other townsfolks’ houses… as if something is telling them to do it…” I couldn’t hear part of what she said, but I got the gist. “This house won’t last…”

But honey… This house has more than just memories… It also has an underground… that holds a very valuable artifact from the age of the Great Hero…” Dad argued, “My father told me never to abandon this house… not under any circumstances!”

Daniel… we’re running out of time! The village has already been overrun! Notch knows how much longer we have!” Mom was starting to raise her voice.

Maria, I promise you, no matter what, I will protect you and the kids with my life…” Dad promised. My heart was beating out in fear. Something bad was about to happen-I just knew it… as if I had already gone through this before…

Damn this, Daniel! You can’t protect us from an army of those… things!” Mom’s voice began to get closer, as if she was approaching our room. “Either you come with us-” Suddenly, the door opened and she was standing there, “-or I’m taking the kids and leaving without you!”

Mom? What’s going on-” Mom cut me off.

Hush. Mommy is going to take you two somewhere safe…” she said and grabbed me and Alex in her arms with some effort. She brought us into the living room, where Dad and Joey were. When Dad saw us in Mom’s arms, his face turned angry.

Maria, you’re being hysterical! I won’t let those mobs get anywhere near you or the kids!” he shouted. “I’m a veteran knight, I know I can protect you!”

Daniel, your arrogance is the one thing I don’t like about you! You’re always too cocky, you think you can defeat anything and everything that threatens our way of living! But you’re wrong! An entire army of monsters that want to kill you, me, our son, and our daughter is on its way. There’s more than of them than you can ever fight. The rest of village doesn’t stand a chance, so what makes you think this place is going to!? I want to leave with my babies before we are forced to see what those mobs will do to you!” Mom hollered.

Suddenly, I heard the faint sound of a hiss outside our house. Mom and Dad froze instantly, and Joey ran away from the wall, squealing in fear. Then, a deafening explosion rocketed the home. I cried out in shock and fear of the of sudden explosion, as did the pig.

Where the blast came from, there was a large hole in the wall. I started to see through the hole different creatures in the distance, growing closer.

See, Daniel? This house is done for! We have to go now!” Mom pointed out.

But…” he stammered. I looked back at Dad.

Dad, please come with us!” I pleaded.

Yeah, we don’t want to lose you!” Alex agreed. He looked very conflicted. Then, after a moment, he shook his head.

Fine… We need to go now!” he declared, “Give me Alex, I’ll get the pig as well.” Dad ordered as he scooped up Joey. Mom nodded and let Alex run over to him.

Let’s go.” Mom said as she threw the door open and ran out. Dad followed close behind. I started to hear moaning and hissing somewhere to our side. My heart was pounding in terror. I was scared for my life.

Mom was running towards a forest, panting as she carried me. Dad sprinted close behind.

Mom… I’m scared…” I whimpered.

Mommy is too, Steven…” she panted, “But neither Mommy or Daddy are going to let anything happen to you or your sister.”

Just then, a spider appeared from out of nowhere and lunged at us. Mom barely jumped out of the way. I heard Dad yell angrily behind us at the spider. Then, I saw a skeleton walk out from behind a tree and ready its bow, aiming it straight at me. I wanted to scream, but couldn’t. I was too scared. The skeleton shot an arrow and the arrow flew straight towards me.

Mom suddenly turned me away and I saw her entire body flash dark red as the projectile pierced into her. She winced but didn’t cry out. Instead, she put me down and drew a bow, then readied an arrow and shot the arrow back at it, causing the skeleton to fall to the ground, writhing in pain. Then, it died and turned into smoke.

I heard a hiss before I was smothered in darkness. My body filled with pain for a second before the blackness was lifted off by my mom. I realized it was a spider that she quickly killed with another arrow.

Are you okay?” she asked, lifting me and holding my head up to her shoulder. “I shouldn’t have left you like that…”

Maria!” Dad’s voice called out. He appeared from behind a tree. His body had three arrows all over it. Thank goodness, he still had a very much panicking Alex and Joey. “We shouldn’t have gone into the forest! We need to get out of here now!”

I agree. Let’s head this way-” Suddenly, a zombie lunged onto her and knocked her down. I fell away from Mom.

Maria!” Dad roared and dropped the two, quickly drew his iron sword, and slammed the monster off of her. It growled and limped towards him, and he swiftly struck it two more times, ending the monster. The entire forest seemed to shake as faint moaning echoed all around us. Dad went over to us.

Are you okay?!” he stammered. She groaned in pain and got back up.

Yes, I’m fine…” she assured.

Good, ‘cause now every zombie in this forest knows where we are. Help me carry the kids.” he ordered. Mom grabbed me again while he went to grab the other two. But as he was going back to them, I saw a bright green creature approach him.

Dad!” I screamed and he looked back to see the creeper swell up and explode.

I heard him cry out in pain and when the sulfurous smoke cleared, there was a massive smoking crater. Thankfully, Dad was knocked away and wasn’t hurt that bad. He got up and began to run for Alex and Joey when suddenly a spider lunged onto him. Alex screamed in terror at the sight as a second spider jumped onto him, knocking him to the ground. Dad struggled to push each away with each of his hands.

GO!” he roared through his strained groans as the spiders hissed eagerly. “Maria, take the kids and go on without me!” Mom held me and sprinted over to Alex, lifting her up to her other shoulder. Then, Mom began to run back the way we came from, away from Dad. Joey followed us, his big eyes were filled with just as much terror as I was sure mine were.

What about Dad!?” Alex yelled, her voice completely desperate.

Daddy’s a tough man. Those mobs stand no choice against him…” Mom answered, though I knew with daunting certainty that she was lying. Mom continued to run past all the oak trees of this forest of evil monsters.

All of a sudden, a green zombie appeared from behind one of the trees, holding its arms out weakly. Mom jumped out of its reach, nearly launching me. Another zombie appeared from another tree and grabbed onto my arm.

I screamed in terror and desperately tried to yank my arm away from the groaning monster. She kicked at the zombie’s legs and knocked it down. Then, a spider pounced at us and slammed against Mom, taking the three of us to the ground. I groaned, dazed and disoriented for the moment, and Alex pulled me to my feet. Together, we pushed the spider off of our mom. She quickly got up, but a zombie grabbed her from behind and pushed her to the ground. Then, another went down onto Mom. She began to flash red and cried out with pain as the spider joined in.

Steven… Alexandria… RUN!!!” Mom ordered as the mobs viciously attacked her. “Run and don’t stop running until dawn!” Scared for our lives, I grabbed Joey and we took off with Alex, sprinting at full speed through the forest.

I love you both…” was the last thing I heard my mom say.

I shot up immediately from my bed. The sun was shining through the windows. My body and chestplate were drenched in sweat. And I remembered my dream. Instantly, I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke down into tears. I had just relived my second worst memory I had ever had. Why was I being put through this? I couldn’t take all this grief. For the past couple weeks, my sleep consisted of nothing but reliving memories-good and bad.

After several minutes, I got out of bed and headed outside, ignoring breakfast since I already ate last night before sleeping.

The warm sun shined, lighting up the world around me. Joey ran up to me, excited to see me. I looked down at him with a sad smile. Out of everyone in our family, he and I were the only ones to live this long. And Joey was the last gift my father had ever given me, which made me more depressed, but at the same time, it made me feel a bit more blessed. Without Joey, I don’t think I would have had the will to live through all these hard times.

“Hey Joey… You wanna go exploring today?” I suggested. He grunted happily in response. “Great!” I pulled out my unfinished map and looked at where we were, then lowered it to Joey’s height so he could look at it. I showed him an unfinished portion to the northeast. “We should go that way. I got a good feeling that we might find something cool over there, like maybe a jungle or large spruce tree biome!” Joey squealed in excitement.

We started to head off to the northeast, but I changed course and headed for our farm. It was completely sealed off by fences and had no gate, so I just broke through one of the fences. I was happy to find that two of the carrot patches had grown fully and harvested them, getting six whole carrots! Planting four of them back into the ground, I left my farm and closed it off again with the fence. I knew I should’ve just went inside and crafted myself a fence gate, but whenever we went exploring we always got back home just as nighttime was setting in. We had to waste no time.

“Hey Joey, here buddy.” I grinned and tossed him one carrot. He grinned and caught it in his mouth, then crunched down on it, snorting out loud with content. We headed out.

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