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A Prince Among Men

John truly enjoyed meeting people around the country. He used to watch the news to see what was wrong with the nation, but at the age of twenty-two, he began talking with the citizens of his homeland. He was learning first-hand what was wrong with the government, the economy and everything else that mattered to the people. Each time he ventured out to meet the people, he wore different clothes and he wore disguises so that he would blend in, and wouldn’t be recognized.

John was not just an ordinary citizen of the country. He was royalty. He was a prince, the son of King Robert and Queen Sarah. He was their only child and the future king of the nation.

John had been mingling with the common folk of the nation for over two years. He got to know them and learned what the true problems of the country were. He then relayed the information to his parents and the parliament. Because of this, the government made improvements in the living conditions of the people, along with boosting the morale of the people as well.

For two years, everything had gone smoothly. Then one day, that changed. Prince John was eating lunch in a local diner in a city where had never visited before. At another table, a woman was eating lunch with her two teenage sons. When she received the bill, she realized that she didn’t have enough money to pay. John was sitting at the next table and realized her predicament. He walked over to her table and told the woman that he was impressed by how well behaved her sons were and what good manners they had. He told her that he had just received a nice bonus from his employer, and that he would like to pay for their lunch.

As John looked into the woman’s eyes, he saw a look of relief. She was a single mother who didn’t want her sons to think less of her because she couldn’t pay for their lunch. She graciously accepted John’s offer and thanked him. Then, John turned to the boys and told them what a wonderful woman their mother was and that they should thank her for everything she did for them. As the woman and her sons left the diner, John shook the woman’s hand, and in doing so, he slipped her a nice sum of money.

A waitress saw what John did and she told him that it was a nice thing that he did for that family. She brought him another cup of coffee and he invited her to join him for a few minutes. John definitely felt a connection with the waitress.

Over the next several days, John ate lunch at that same diner, so that he could see Anna, the waitress. After two weeks, John asked Anna out for dinner and dancing. She accepted and they had a wonderful time. As the night came to an end, John told Anna that he would be traveling around the country on business, but that he would love to see her the next time he was in town. In the meantime, he gave Anna his cell phone number, and told her to call him whenever she wanted to. She gave him phone number as well. John did ask Anna to keep his number to herself and not share it with anyone else. She promised.

Over the next six months, Anna and John, or Johnny, as Anna called him, talked daily, and they were together whenever John was in town. During that time, they had fallen deeply in love. John decided that it was time to tell Anna his true identity. When Anna learned that John was actually Prince John, she told him that it never mattered who he was, or what he did for a living, because she fell in love with who he was on the inside, and prince or no prince, he would always be her ‘Johnny.’ Anna agreed to keep John’s secret, so that he could continue to do his undercover work to learn more about the people who would one day become his royal subjects.

Over the next four months, John and Anna grew closer, and they kept their romance a secret from everybody. Everything was perfect, until tragedy struck one day. King Robert was almost fifty years old when John was born. Twenty-two years later, he was not in the best of health, but it was a shock to everyone when he had a massive heart attack and died.

After the royal funeral, Prince John was officially pronounced King John. His mother helped him learn his royal duties. King John had just turned twenty-three. The day after his coronation, Parliament informed him that his father’s vast fortune would not be turned over to him until he got married. They also informed him that his father had set certain conditions for him to claim his inheritance. First, he had to be married before his twenty-fifth birthday, and second, he had to marry a woman of royal blood, and the marriage must be approved by Parliament.

King John was very upset. He didn’t want to marry anybody of royal blood. He wanted to marry Anna.

It was harder for King John to find time to meet with Anna since his coronation. One day, he changed into one of his disguises and exited the royal palace through a hidden passageway. He met Anna at the diner. Anna had heard of the conditions that King John must meet to get his inheritance, and she didn’t want to be the reason that he didn’t get the wealth that was rightfully his. She came up with what she thought was a great plan. She asked John to meet her behind the diner and once they were alone, she told him that she had fallen in love with someone else, and that it was for the best.

John insisted that Anna look into his eyes and tell him that she didn’t love him. When she couldn’t do it, John told her that he would give up everything he had, if she would marry him, because she was the only woman that he truly cared about and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Right then and there, King John got down on one knee and proposed to Anna. She accepted immediately.

The next day, King John met with his mother and Parliament. He told them that he had fallen in love with a woman after knowing her for several months and that he had proposed to her and she had accepted. Then, King John told them that Anna was a waitress who worked in a diner. He asked Parliament to approve the marriage and let him have his inheritance.

Parliament told the king that they could not change the rules, and that he could not marry Anna. King John surprised everyone in the room. He told them that not only would he be marrying Anna the next day, but since Parliament wouldn’t budge, that he wanted nothing to do with them, and he told them that he was renouncing the throne, and he stormed out of the palace.

The next afternoon, John and Anna were standing in front of a clergyman in a small church, ready to exchange their vows, when a constable entered and stopped the ceremony. He told King John to wait, because his mother, Queen Sarah was on her way, and she had something to say to her son.

King John told the constable that it didn’t matter what his mother had to say, because he and Anna planned to get married that day, but he agreed to wait until his mother arrived.

When Queen Sarah arrived at the church, John introduced her to Anna. The queen asked her son if he truly loved Anna. John replied that he loved Anna more than anyone he had ever known and that even if it meant giving up the throne and his inheritance, he would marry her.

Queen Sarah told John that she and his father had known about him and Anna for quite a while, since they had been secretly had him followed for security reasons. They wanted to make sure that John truly loved Anna and would be willing to give up everything to be with her. That is why they tested him by telling him of the conditions. She told John that she now truly believed that he and Anna were very much in love, and therefore, he would receive his inheritance. She begged him to remain king, as the people loved him and that he had united the country and made the nation stronger.

King John said that he would remain king because he truly wanted to serve his royal subjects and he cared very much for them. He also agreed to postpone the wedding for a few weeks, until the arrangements could be made for a royal wedding in the palace.

The royal wedding was the wedding of the century. It brought the nation closer together, and King John became known as King of the people, as he dearly cared about his royal subjects. He would go on to rule the nation for the next seventy years and when he died peacefully in his sleep at the age of ninety-four, he left behind five children and dozens of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, who would follow in his footsteps of always putting the needs of the people ahead of their own needs.

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