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Daddy’s Beach House


Timothy Spears


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Daddy’s Beach House

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Adult Reading Material

Having just completed his regular early morning swim in the bay, Dan walked up from the water and up onto his own small, private beach. The cool, crisp Southern California water left him invigorated and he felt ready to begin his day.

After walking the short distance up through the sand to his house, he stripped off his clothes, dried off, and was now sitting naked in his comfy armchair-recliner, scanning through the porn sites on his one major extravagance, a ninety-inch screen smart TV.

Living alone in this rather large beach house, it had become a sort of an early morning ritual that after his swim, he’d find a video he liked and slowly stroke himself to orgasm before carrying on with the rest of the day’s activities. He liked to take his time and edge a little, letting the feelings build up in time with the action on whichever video he was watching.

He had found one he hadn't seen before, involving a guy in his forties gradually persuading and seducing his shy eighteen-year-old babysitter. His pre-cum was already flowing over the glans and lubricating his foreskin as he moved it up and down with slow strokes, alternately covering and uncovering the bulbous, blood-filled head.

As the video progressed to its inevitable conclusion, he continued to get himself closer to his own; his breathing increasing along with the stroking of his hand. Then the damn phone rang. He thought about ignoring it, but he was expecting an important call from the office concerning a lucrative real estate deal he was trying to put together and he couldn't risk letting it go to voice mail.

Keeping one eye on the action on the TV, but having muted the sound, he picked up the phone.

“Hi Dad, it’s Jessica”

He hadn't heard from his step-daughter Jessica since he had split up with her mother some months ago and was now in the process of divorcing her for adultery. He wasn't sure what her feelings were about the situation, or how she felt about him.

“Hello sweetie,” he said, not hiding his surprise, “it’s great to hear from you.”

“You sound a bit odd and out of breath Dad, are you okay?”

I’m glad this isn't a video phone call he thought, still absently stroking his very hard cock and trying to control his breathing.

“Yes, I’m fine…err… just came in from my swim,” he stuttered, watching as another stream of pre-cum dribbled out of the end of his cock.

“How are you holding up, Dad?”

I guess I’m holding up fine, he thought, but he knew that wasn't what she meant. He hadn't anticipated chatting with his eighteen-year-old daughter naked and with a very hard erection, but it sort of had its erotic side to it, although perhaps slightly perverted.

“I am doing all right, just the usual things, you know, working, swimming, eating, drinking, not much else to do here on your own.”

“Sorry Dad, maybe I should have called you sooner, but I’m so glad you’re doing well, it’s really good to hear your voice.”

His erection refused to go down, in fact, hearing her very silky, feminine voice, seemed to have made it harder if anything. It wasn't good to be talking to her like this; it’s not something he had ever thought about before.

“You too, so how are things at school, have you finished all your exams now?” he replied, feeling the sensation increase as his hand continued to move slowly up and down the shaft.

“I only have two finals left now Dad and I know I've done really well on the two I've taken so far.”

“That’s great, I am sure you will do well, you always did work hard.”


“What is it, Jessica?”

“I have something important that I need to ask you.”

“Err…okay, … I’m listening, but you know your mother fairly stripped me clean.”

“Dad, I’m doing fine and I don’t need any money, it’s not that,” she said quickly.

Hmmm not money, then what?

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that’s what you were calling for, it’s just a raw subject at the moment sweetie.”

“I know what Mom is trying to do to you financially. I feel bad for even asking this but, would it be okay if I spent the summer with you?”

He stopped stroking his cock. The thought of her actually coming to stay made him focus more on the conversation. It would put an end to these morning sessions, but a bit of company would be a welcome change.

“Jessica, of course, you can come and stay, but you know it's just me and there isn’t a lot to do here except swim and soak up the sun, we’re fairly remote here remember”.

His heart was beating faster for some reason, maybe it was just the thought of some company or that she actually wanted to come and stay with him. He waited with bated breath to see if she was going to change her mind.

“I know what Mom has been putting you through and I just thought maybe you’d like a little company, but I’d never want to inconvenience you,” she added.

“No, really, I would love it. When do you want to come?”

“I hate to even ask this Dad, but some friends of mine are going on a road trip to the east coast and they asked me if I would give them a ride to San Diego. I was wondering if they could stay the night with us when we get there. We’d probably arrive sometime Saturday afternoon and they’d probably leave first thing Sunday morning.”

“Ehmmm… yes I guess so, I have enough room and I am sure it will liven the place up a bit.”

“Are you sure that’s not putting you out?”

“No, it’ll be fine Jessica, look forward to seeing you… all.”

“That sounds great Dad, I’ll see you on Saturday, bye bye.”

“Okay, drive carefully, I only have one daughter you know!”

“Bye Sweetie.”

She felt so much better after she got off the phone with her father. Actually, he was her step-father, but since he had raised her since she was two, he was the only father she’d ever known. Slowly, she’d been able to pick up the pieces after learning that her mother had been having an affair for the past year and her parents mutually decided that their marriage was over.

Dan was very successful. He had built one of the largest real estate firms in southern California from the ground up, so she knew that her mother would be well taken care of. Probably better-taken care of than she deserved, especially after cheating on him. She couldn't even stand to think about her, or what she did to their family. Luckily, being an only child, there were no other lives ruined besides hers and her father’s. He had given Jessica’s mother everything; a huge house in Beverly Hills, a new car to drive every year, God, that woman wanted for nothing and this is how she repaid him! Why her mother even needed to look for another man was beyond her understanding. Her father was a handsome man, and her mother’s apparent need to look outside her marriage was something that Jessica just couldn't understand.

Jessica’s mom wanted for nothing, but truth be told, Dan’s hard work had made her life very easy as well. She didn't like to admit it, but he spoiled her too. A closet full of clothes, a brand new Mini Cooper convertible sports car, and he even paid her education expenses. Jessica had it all, and she was so terrified that because of her mother’s actions, her relationship with her father would be forever changed. Would he hold what her mother had Done against her? It seemed as though it had already created a chasm in their relationship, and she wasn't sure what she’d do if her father wasn't in her life.

Jessica had planned on spending part of the summer in Beverly Hills with her parents, but now, her father had moved out of their home and moved into their vacation house on the beach in San Diego. She could barely stand to even talk to her mother, much less be around her for the entire summer. She was so relieved that her Dad was okay with letting her stay with him and letting her friends hang out and spend the night.


The sun felt so good on Jessica’s face as she drove down the Pacific Coast Highway south from the campus of the University of Southern California towards San Diego. Her friends Alyson and Kelly were romantically holding hands in the back seat and it made her feel like a ‘third wheel’ as she sat in the front seat by herself.

Watching her best friends in the rear-view mirror made her consider changing her mind and embarking on the road trip with them. However, she knew her dad needed her more than they did. She could tell he was lonely and needed some company and after everything he had done for her, being there for him, was much more important than spending the summer with her friends on the east coast.

The girls had stayed up late last night, partying with their friends and celebrating the end of finals and the beginning of the summer break. Jessica had a fun time and even let a couple of guys chat her up, but she found it really difficult to get into the festive spirit. Her thoughts were on her father, especially after she had spoken with him.

The closer Jessica and her friends got to San Diego, the more uncomfortable she felt that she had invited herself over to her father's house for the summer. The last thing she wanted to do was make an already bad situation worse. She really hoped that when she saw him face to face, she’d be able to convince him that she really did have good intentions and that all she wanted was to spend some time with him and renew their relationship.

She pulled off the main highway and turned down the small street that led to their vacation beach home. Feeling the warm sun on her face, and smelling the cool, crisp salt air, brought back many wonderful memories of her childhood when she and her parents had spent many amazing summers on the beach. Life seemed so simple then. It was before the time of infidelities, lawyers, and divorce settlements. Like a child, she longed for those simpler times; times that she didn't know if she'd ever experience again.

“My God Jessica, this is your summer home?”

Kelly’s voice broke her out of her deep reflection.

“Yeah Jessica, spoiled much?” Alyson said, gently teasing her.

“I told both of you about this place,” Jessica said, smiling at her friends in the rear-view mirror while pulling the Mini-Cooper into the driveway.

“You told us your dad had a house on the beach, not a mansion on the beach,” Kelly said.

“This isn't a mansion guys,” she said, laughing.

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