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Dandi Palmer

Published by Dodo Books

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Lola loved to splash about in her pink wellingtons.

Whenever she came to a puddle, she would jump into it and drench everyone.

So her mother hid Lola’s wellingtons.

Lola was angry.

She tied her mother’s best silk scarf round the neck of Sally, their dog.

Then Lola put on her best shoes and found a very deep puddle.

She jumped as high as she could and landed in the middle of it.

Instead of sending water everywhere, Lola kept falling.

Down and down she went and landed with a ‘bump’ underneath the puddle.

Lola looked up to see the sun gazing down at her through the puddle.

The sun had a wide smile.

“It’s not funny!” Lola said angrily. “I fell through a puddle.”

“Perhaps that’s where naughty girls belong,” said the sun.

“I’m not naughty!”

Lola would have to get home before her mother found Sally wearing her best silk scarf.

She would be very annoyed.

It was almost bedtime and her mother would be looking for her.

But Lola had landed in a very strange place full of quirky houses.

How could she get back up through the puddle?

There had to be a way.

Lola explored the narrow streets.

Strange animals peered from windows and some hid as they saw her coming.

Then a friendly dinosaur came out to meet her.

“Are you lost, little girl?”

“Yes,” said Lola. She didn’t like being called a little girl by adults, but it was probably all right when a dinosaur did it. “I need to get back home. Do you know the way out through that puddle?”

“This is the impossible land. The way out will be impossible.”

“Why is everything here impossible?”

“How many dinosaurs do you have as neighbours?”

Lola thought. There was a large dog several doors up who could be fierce, but this dinosaur was friendly.

“You’re not much help, are you,” said Lola. “You’re like all the other adults.”

The dinosaur just smiled and went back into its house.

Lola continued to look for a way back.

She came to a garden overgrown with bizarre flowers and brambles which tore her sleeves as she went in.

There was no one about so she picked handful of huge berries and ate them. They were delicious and the juice stained her dress.

A mouse who was eating blackberries looked down at her.

“You don’t belong here, little girl.”

Lola was annoyed. “Why not?”

“This is the impossible land.”

“Why is it impossible?” demanded Lola.

“Do the mice in your world speak to you?” asked the mouse.

That was just as impossible as the friendly dinosaur.

“As you are impossible, you must know the way back.”

“I don’t, but the crocodile might.”


Lola didn’t want to ask a crocodile. “It might eat me!”

“He only eats water lilies,” said the mouse.

Of course. This was the impossible land. Why should anything make sense?

Lola picked a flower. “Will he eat this?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” The mouse pointed to the lily pond with its tail.

When Lola offered the crocodile her flower he dropped the water lily he was about to eat and took a nibble from it. “This is very rich for my supper.”

Oh goodness! It must have been Lola’s bedtime as well!

“Please tell me the way out of here,” she asked desperately.

The crocodile took another nibble of her flower, and then swallowed it whole. “Climb the toadstools.”

“Where are the toadstools?”

The crocodile splashed the pond with its tail and an archway appeared in the fountain of water. “Through there.”

Lola went through the archway and saw different types of fungi towering up to the ceiling of this impossible land.

Lola scrambled up the toadstools until she was able to touch the puddle in the sky.

Suddenly Lola was sitting in deep water, soaking wet.

Sally the dog was licking her face.

She was still wearing her mother’s silk scarf. It was torn and dirty.

Lola could hear her mother calling her.

She came out and saw what had happened to her best silk scarf.

Her mother was very annoyed.

“You are going to bed right away!” she scolded.

The moon had risen and was smiling down at Lola.

“Sleep tight,” he said.

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