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The real face of Kashmir

By Chanchal

A short story

The real face of Kashmir

“Tied his hand, tied his hand, tied his hand, hurry” Ahmed, a man with an AK 47 in his hand tell to his other four partners.

Ahmed “hey you lieutenant Fayaz, don’t try much to untied yourself”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “who are you people? Why you abduct me from my home?”

Ahmed “We are the revolutionaries, freedom fighter of Kashmir”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “Freedom fighter of Kashmir? Kashmir is already free”.

Ahmed “No, it is not free. We are slave here”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “someone has made you people fool. We have freedom”.

Ahmed “no, someone has made you fool. We have no freedom. We are slave here”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “no, you are wrong. See, we have elections here. We chose and give vote for electing the chief minister of state. We have the schools and education for kids”.

Ahmed “stop your bullshit. They are just tolls for making us fools”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “then, what you want? Do you want to give guns into the hands of the Kashmiri’s children, instead of books?”.

Ahmed “but we are not free. It is our land. I want my nation. We want our nation, a different nation, so we should do, what we want to do”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “it is our nation. It gives every freedom to do what we want. Look at me, I have cracked the NDA exam (National defence Academy), and I have become the officer in Indian Army. Anybody can do anything in my country and I am proud of it”.

Ahmed “you are coward and gutless. You should fight with us for the freedom of our country. But, you have joined Indian Army and fighting for them against us. You should feel ashamed of this. How can you forget that, these Indians attacked us in 1947 and occupied our land?”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “listen, first I am proud Indian Army soldier, and second is, I am proud Kashmiri. Because, I am not blind and deaf like you people. They were Pakistanis, who attacked on beautiful land called Kashmir. They were Pakistanis, who raped our women and looted us in 1947”.

Ahmed “you are lying”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “I am not lying. It is truth and you know that very well. You know this too, that it was India who came for saving us, when our King Hari Singh called India to save us. Then Indian Army saved our women and our family from these Pakistanis”.

Ahmed “No, it was Pakistan, who saved us and it is Pakistan, who is helping us in this war”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “haaa, how fool you people are. I cannot imagine. If Pakistan really cares about you. Then why, it gives weapon in your hand?”.

Ahmed “it is helping us to free our land and it raises the voice of Kashmiris in United Nation”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “ha ha ha”.

Ahmed “why you are laughing?”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “because, it was India, who went to the United Nation for us. Pakistan is making fool of you people”.

Ahmed “We are not fool. You have heard the wrong stories. It is the only country who has given our rights”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “that’s why, I had told you, go and study. Because this is all lie. Roam all the world and ask anybody, they all will tell the truth. And the truth is, they were Pakistani Pathans, who attacked us and looted our property, raped our women and occupied our land. Indian Army had fought against Pakistanis and saved us. Then, Mr. Nehru, that time Prime Minister of India, went to the United Nation for our rights and some part of our land. Which is still occupied by the Pakistan”.

Ahmed “you are in Indian Army, that’s why you are saying this”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “no, I am saying this because, I know the truth”.

Ahmed “so you know this truth also that, India gave the promise to give us one chance for voting (Plebiscite), to decide, we want to live with India or live as an independent Country. Why it has not given us yet?”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “Because some part of our land is still in Pakistan, which is called Pakistan occupied Kashmir. India went to the UN for this and UN has told the Pakistan to withdraw its troops. So, then, both side of Kashmir will become one. Then, voting will happen but Pakistan does not want this. It just wants to destroy the India by using you people, that’s why, it has never withdrawn its troops from here”.

Ahmed “they have brain washed you”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “are you mad? How can you say that? You tell me, “it is India or Pakistan, who has given the promise to give us voting right”.

Ahmed “India”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “so, What Pakistan is giving you? Have you ever think about this? hmm only guns, no education. Has it ever give any opportunity to any Kashmiris for growing? Hmm tell me, don’t look me like this, tell me”.

Ahmed “Their people are supporting us. Pakistan is caring those people in Pakistan occupied Kashmir”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “really? If it really cares about us. Why it has given Shaksgam valley and other lands, which are part of our Kashmir to China? Has it ever asked to any Indian Kashmiri or Pakistan occupied Kashmiris before giving us our land to third country? If it is really cares about us or our land, why it has given our land to someone? But it is India my dear friend, who has gone to the UN against this for our land and rights.

Now, tell me this, you know well, China is making road under OBOR (One Road One Belt) in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, without asking Kashmiris or India. Am I right? Has Pakistan ever asked you or anybody before letting China to building roads?”.

Ahmed “what? I…… I”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “you don’t have any word, because you know that. It is not the fight for freedom. It is the fight between two religion people”.

Ahmed “I am Muslim and Pakistan is Islamic country. We should unite with it. We will be safe there and we will get the more Islamic rights there”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “a country called Pakistan, will give you rights, where Muslims are killing other Muslims, just because other are Shia Muslims, not Sunnis. People all over the world call it, terrorist nation. Pakistanis are killing their own people in Baluchistan. They are killing Muslims in Sindh. Sunni Muslims are killing Shia Muslims. Osama bin laden is their hero. What will it give you?”.

Ahmed “that is the other matter. Kashmiris are raising their voice for independent country and Pakistan is helping us. we know this only”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “some people are raising this issue because they don’t know the truth”.

Ahmed “it is not about truth or lie. It is all about people. If some people are not happy, and they want independent country, then they should have”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “Country does not run like this. Don’t divide yourself in the name of religion. Don’t ask a different country in the name of religion.

Some people asked and got the land, now see their condition, I am talking about Pakistan.

We have everything here. We have schools, educations, sports, government jobs and vast opportunities in business world. People are becoming singers, artist and actors. People recognise us and our great country India as an emerging super power. We have respect, otherwise go to any country in middle east and they don’t have any future. We have the great future. What else we want? hmm”.

Ahmed “so, you know everything”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “ya, I know”.

Ahmed “that’s why, we have kidnapped you. You are risky man. you are not good for us. I have tried to convince you to left the Indian Army, but I have failed in it”

Lieutenant Fayaz “so, you were playing game with me? not only with me, but you people are playing game with all Kashmiris”.

Ahmed “if Kashmiris join the Indian Army. We will not achieve our goal. You are educated. You know everything very well. This is jihad not fight for freedom.

You have to die Lieutenant Fayaz. If you live, others will follow you, they will ask the Pakistan to follow the UN’s words, they will get their land back and Kashmir will become the heaven. I hope you have understood”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “don’t make fool of Kashmiris. Your leaders’ children are studying in Europe and driving the Audi. Try to understand. They are using you. Don’t make this heaven a hell…… hah…. Don’t be the puppet”.

Ahmed “I am giving you last warning, accept my proposal, I will leave you, join us”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “it is war front for me. I am ready to die. I am not afraid of it. I am a soldier and I will die happily. But remember one thing, my death will not go in vain. My death will be message for all Kashmiris to know the difference between you people and me”.

Ahmed “Stop it, shut your mouth. Join us”.

Lieutenant Fayaz “Jai hind (Long live India)”.

Lieutenant Ummer Lieutenant Fayaz Parray was the 23-year-old Indian Army Officer in 2nd battalion; Rajputana Rifles, he went to his home in Kashmir for attending the relative’s weeding. He was on his holidays and unarmed, at the time of abduction. He was shot twice by the terrorist on 9th may 2017 in Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir. He got the guard of honour on his home town. India salutes his bravery and will not forget his sacrifice for the nation.

Jai Kashmir, Jai Bharat, Jai hind.

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