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The Hotwife Adventure - A Wife Sharing Romance

A hotwife’s passion for adultery strengthens her marriage!

When Andrew discovers his wife has been cheating on him, the experienced Private Investigator struggles to comprehend how he missed the signs. Specialising in helping his wealthy clients trap and expose their cheating partners, Andrew kicks himself for missing the obvious telltale changes in Priscilla’s behaviour.

On the night Priscilla confesses her infidelity to him, Andrew becomes intrigued in his sudden attraction to his wife’s adulterous behaviour.

The married couple’s relationship evolves into a new reality as Priscilla offers to help Andrew in his latest case, exposing a cheating millionaire. She uses her seductive charm in a honeytrap, as she intends on trapping the millionaire providing her husband with sufficient evidence for his latest client.

But when Andrew covertly films his wife sharing her body, losing her inhibitions in the arms of another man, he finds their marriage edging past the point of no return………

A sizzling hot 30,000 word romance novella featuring wife-sharing, a private investigator specialising in catching cheating partners and a hotwife intent on sharing her tantalizing body in front of her husband to help strengthen their marriage and further his business!

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Andrew Southerland, PI

Though not the only private investigator in this big city, I am among the best. At least, that’s what many of my former clients have said on multiple review sites online. I take a certain amount of pride in the way I do my job, and I think that it shows in how detailed my reports are to those who need my help. A recent client, Stephanie Danielson, practically broke down into tears as I handed her the photographs I had taken of her former husband working behind a bar in a town not too far from here. The issue? He was refusing to pay child support for their three children based on his so-called disability. The former Mrs. Danielson was told repeatedly that money would eventually be coming from social services to help her feed her kids, and she went along with that promise for more than a year before hiring me to investigate her ex-husband’s daily activities. What I found shocked her.

“He’s got a very nice job,” I told her when we met last week.

“Jerry told me he couldn’t get one, that he’s waiting on his approval for disability payments.” Her eyes watered as her heart tried to convince her brain that he would never intentionally leave her children without money. “He can’t be working.”

I slid the photographs to her, one at a time, so that his lies could begin to sink in. “He’s a bartender at Albert’s Place five nights per week. I have it on good authority that he brings in about five-hundred dollars per night with tips and wage. That means he’s making a hundred-thousand yearly now.”

“But…” The young woman began to cry at that point, so I gave her a Kleenex and allowed her time to compose herself. After several minutes of conversation, I convinced her of the need to take what I’ve given her to her attorney to get things ironed out in court. The ex needs to pay up what he owes, as well as any child support. He’s a fucking asshole with no conscience who needs to be held to account. It’s this sort of thing that makes my work very satisfying.

Her case is not the only sort I have at my office. I also take cases that involve marital intrigue, particularly adultery. Most of those cases are started by a scorned woman, and though I sometimes find nothing to report, there is the occasional doozy. As a matter of fact, one of those is before me today. “Miss Williams,” I say into the phone to my receptionist, “Could you please reschedule any appointments I have today? I’ll be out working the Jeffries case.”

“Yes, sir,” she replies in her usual, chipper tone. I have a great staff of eight employees who work hard for me, sometimes putting in hours that don’t see the sort of recompense they deserve. Over the years, I’ve promised that as larger cases come along I’ll pay out bonuses to everyone. Though we’ve had some interesting ones, there just hasn’t been one yet that helps to balloon the bank. The Jeffries case, though, is one that although it doesn’t pay well, is a good one.

“Thank you.” I hang up the phone and look over the file on my desk.

“Daryl Jeffries, what have you been up to?” I open the folder and look through the notes some of my associates have made on the man’s day-to-day dalliances. His wife, Nancy, believes a woman has caught his eye and then he’s having a sideline fling with her. There’s been nothing concrete to give his wife the ammunition she needs to go after her husband, but women often have a sixth sense about such things.

As I turn a page in the investigation notes, I see something that gets my attention. “You’re a baseball fan?” It’s not uncommon for someone to be a fan of the sport, but from what Mrs. Jeffries has told me, Daryl dabbles more in hobbies like rebuilding motorcycles. He’s a busy man with his construction business, with little time to have any other interests. Nancy even complained to me that she couldn’t get him to watch anything on television with her that vaguely resembled athletics, though she is an avid professional basketball fan.

“Where has your sudden interest in baseball come from, Mr. Jeffries?” I pull the folder together and get out of my chair. I had thought that I would tail him today, but now I think I might take a different approach with my investigation. A visit to the minor league ballfield today might be in order, considering a game is scheduled to begin this afternoon. Though it’s a workday, my gut tells me the cheating husband could be there. We shall see.

On my way from the office, I give a few final instructions to associates working other cases. Though I’ve taken a personal interest in Daryl Jeffries, I can’t afford to have any slack in the other cases. “I’ll be back in the morning,” I tell them. “Please have a report on each for me.” They’re a great bunch of people to work with, so I know they take their jobs seriously. I expect the best from them and that’s what I always get in return.

The late morning traffic is light now that rush hour is over, so it takes only a few minutes for me to get to the stadium on the other side of town. At sixty or more years old, Greystone Stadium is still in great shape and serving the community proudly by housing the minor league team we have here. Though not the best team in minor league baseball history, they have had their share of winning streaks, and the recent rout of a major competitor has brought renewed surges in ticket sales.

“May I help you?” a security guard near the entry gate asks as I walk up to the stadium.

“Maybe,” I reply with a smile. I pull a picture of Mr. Jeffries from the file folder and ask, “I’m investigating this man. Have you seen him around here?” There’s one thing I have learned in my line of work that has been more valuable than anything else. When I tell someone I’m an investigator, I don’t necessarily tell them that I’m a private investigator. Many will assume that I’m the police, and that’s fine so long as I don’t purposefully lie to anyone. If I tell someone I’m with the police department, I commit a serious offense that would cause me to have my license stripped and be prosecuted. Nothing in the statute says that I must clear up someone’s confusion over their own assumptions.

The guard looks at the picture and then back at me. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Kidding?” I look at the photo myself and then back at the guard. “Why would you say that?”

“That dude works here,” he replies flatly. “Didn’t you already know that?”

“Um, no, actually, I didn’t.” My mind races to the thought that I’ll have to have a strong conversation with the two associates I had working this case up until now. They should have discovered that Mr. Jeffries was working here instead of assuming he was just going to ballgames. “Any idea how long he’s been here?”

“Two or three weeks,” he replies. “Is he in trouble?” I watch as the security guard puffs up as if he’s ready to take down a serial murderer. “I can drag his ass out here if you want.”

“He’s here now?” The man nods. “No, I don’t want him to know I’m here, if you don’t mind. That would spoil the investigation.”

“Understood,” the guard says as he winks at me. “What sort of help do you need, then?”

Enjoying thoroughly how cooperative he is, I reply, “What does he do here?”

“Maintenance. He’s a part-time guy, so I guess he just keeps things up and running during games. So far, he only shows up a couple of hours before games and then leaves and hour or so after. From what I’ve heard so far, he’s a hard worker. The boss really likes him.”


“Mr. Richards. He’s the park and stadium manager and in charge of all hires here. Would you like me to get him on the phone for you?”

“Oh, no, that won’t be necessary. Besides, the fewer people know about my presence here, the better, okay?” I wink at the security guard in very much the same way as he did before. “Just point me in the right direction, if you would please.”

“I can do that.” The guard turns and walks toward the open gate and I follow, the two of us going through a security entrance to the stadium and then into a long tunnel beneath the stands. “He works along the breezeway, just beyond the double metal doors.” The man points toward some aging doors that look like they’ve seen better days. “Sometimes he even works the skyboxes, getting everything ready for our VIP’s.”


“You know, local people who pay way too much to watch a minor league game.” We both laugh as I pat the guard on the arm.

“You’ve been incredibly helpful. I’ll let you know if I need your help.”

The guard reaches into his pocket and pulls out a business card. “I’ve got a few of these made up for people who may need quick access to me. Just call the number on the card and I’ll pick up pretty quickly. I have pepper spray and a baton ready to go if you need help with that guy.” He nods his head, and after tipping his oversized black hat, the security guard walks back down the long corridor.

“Holy shit,” I say to myself quietly as I go through the double doors. “What a fella.” I spend the next half-hour searching underneath the stadium seating for any signs of life and find nothing. There’s no sign of Mr. Jeffries or anyone else just a couple of hours before the first pitch of the game. “Where can he be?” I ask myself. After a moment of thought, I decide to make my way upstairs to the skyboxes.

“Easy, Janet!” I hear a man’s voice just inside the first skybox as I get closer. “You’re going to get us in trouble!”

“Settle down, Daryl. We’re fine up here.” I move very slowly to get into position to see what’s going on as I look through the partially-closed door. “Just lie back and let me work on you baby, okay?”

“Your dad; he could see us.”

“He won’t.” I can see a very attractive young woman, maybe twenty years of age, sitting between the legs of a naked man. “Does this feel good?” Her small hands move up slowly along the man’s hard cock.

“Shit, Christy, you’re going to make me pop.”

“Isn’t that the idea?” The young woman pulls her top off quickly, her perky B-cup breasts springing out as she does. She has no bra, so her pert, puffy nipples are instantly visible as I scramble to get my cellphone out of my pocket. Quietly, I begin to take pictures and video of the two of them together.

“If that security guard comes in here…”

“He’s lower level, Daryl. He won’t come up here because I’ve told him I’ll get him fired for it. He knows this is my place up here.”

“People will be coming in soon.” Christy pulls up on Daryl’s cock again, causing his toes to point as she does. The young woman is a spinner, maybe five-two or so and a hundred pounds. Her little hands barely reach around the larger man’s penis and I feel myself get hard as she tugs on him. “Oh, fuck, girl,” he groans as she gets a little pre-come to come out of him. Using it to lubricate the head of his manhood, Christy runs her hands over the tip. “Shit, Christy…slow down!”

“Maybe a little something better?” The young woman stands to her feet and pulls her shorts off, her bottom half as free of underwear as her top half. I shake as I see her waxed snatch and wish that I were the one on the floor with a hard pecker for her to play with. “You like me, don’t you?” She bends down and slowly allows the eight inches of her lover to slide into her small mouth.

“Oh, Christy…I love you.”

Giggling, she pulls off him and uses one hand to keep pumping him as her other hand fondles his balls. “I’m glad you took the job for me. I’ve been having a great time.”

“If your dad finds out that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to, I’m fucked.”

“I’ll deal with Daddy,” she replies before going down on Daryl again, this time allowing his phallus to glide all the way to the back of her throat. She gags just a little as she bobs up and down on him.

“Christy, holy fucking shit!” Daryl’s hands go to her head and he guides her along his cock. His body begins to tense as he gets closer to shooting into her mouth and I reach into my pants to feel of my own hardness. How I wish that when I document these sorts of things I could join in.

The young woman lifts her head from his crotch and then gets up to reposition herself over him. “Wait, Christy. I don’t have a condom this time.”

“I don’t care,” she says with a short laugh. “Do you want me to get dressed and run out to get one?”

“But, you could get pregnant or something.” The cheating husband’s eyes looks wildly up at his lover. There appears to be genuine concern on his part that the younger of the two lovers doesn’t share. “We have to be careful.”

“I’ll pull you out before you come, okay?” she promises. “It’ll be fun, sweetheart. We’re both clean and we both want this.”

“I guess,” Daryl replies as she lowers herself down on him.

“I love the way you feel inside of me.” The young woman wriggles around as she slowly allows his swollen cock to slide into her wet cleft. “Oh, I love the way you split me open.” Though petite, her small pussy swallows every inch of the large penis Daryl sports. I get several still pictures as well as a complete video of the event as she settles down on him. “You rub me just right, you know.” Christy leans forward and begins to rock up and down on the married man’s manhood.

“Oh, Christy,” he moans as he puts his hands on her small tits. “You feel so soft inside.”

“Softer than your wife?” she giggles as she bends down and kisses the tip of his nose.

“Much softer,” he answers. “You’re so tight and soft that I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out for long.”

Christy begins to rock a little faster on top of the married man. “Daryl, you’re so big.” As she moans, the young woman reaches down and massages her clitoris with one of her hands. “That’s it…uhhhh…”

“I’m almost there,” Daryl says as he opens his eyes and looks up at his young lover. “You should get off me.”

His sex partner moves faster as she replies, “I want you to come inside of me, Daryl. Give me a cream-pie.”

“That’s not good,” he says as he tries to hold back. “You could get pregnant.”

She grinds hard on top of him. “Give me your jism, sweetie. Come inside me.”

“Oh, Christy,” he groans as his toes point. Daryl won’t be able to continue fighting back the inevitable. “Please get off me.”

“No,” she replies with a wicked grin. “Give it to me, Daryl. Give me your spunk.” Her small ass works around on top of the man as she adds, “I’m ovulating, sweetie. Hit me good so that we make a baby.”

“What?!” Daryl’s face turns bright red as he begins to lose his load. “No, Christy…NOOO!!!” His back arches as he begins to ejaculate into his much younger lover. “UHHHH!!! OHHHH!!!” He bucks around a little as his hands squeeze her small breasts hard. No matter the consequences, once a man is so close to orgasming he won’t stop, even if to prevent the conception of a child. “Christy…uhhhh!!!”

“Daryl…ooohhh!” Christy suddenly lurches and drops to her lover’s chest as she begins to come. “Give it all to me!” she shrieks as she humps him hard, their two bodies slapping as they crash together. “Uhhhh…mmmmm…”

“Christy, fuck.” The young woman is still writhing with her own orgasm as Daryl pushes her off him to the side. “Damnit, woman!” His wet pecker slides out of the young woman and he rolls away from her. For a moment, my eyes meet his as he suddenly realizes someone has been watching the two of them together. “FUCK!”

“What is it?”

“We’re fucking caught!” Daryl grapples for his clothing as he gets up from the floor where he’s just spunked into his mistress. I back away from the door and begin to make my way down the steps from the skybox to the corridor below.

“Wait!” I hear the woman’s voice say behind me. I turn to look, but I don’t stop. “Please, just let me explain. It’s nothing, okay? Just a fling. We didn’t really do anything!”

I stop and turn to see the young woman running up to me with her shirt and shorts back on, but no shoes on her feet. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I need to go.”

“Please don’t tell Daddy!” she begins to wail. “What’s he paying you to spy on me? I can pay you too! Even more!”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’ll pay, I swear!” Christy begins to cry as she looks around the corridor. “Holy fuck, if you tell him what we’ve been doing up there, he’ll flip out. Please don’t do this.”

“Your father?” I realize that she believes that he put me up to spying on her. The real subject of my investigation is nowhere to be seen and probably none the wiser. It will make my job easier if the ruse continues. “He’s worried about what you’ve been up to, you know.”

“I know,” she replies as she begins to cry. “Please, it was just a thing, that’s all.”

“A thing?” I say with a cruel chuckle. “That was more than just a thing. You want him to get you pregnant, don’t you?”

Christy’s eyes grow wide. “He won’t leave her without a reason, mister. I need Daryl in my life and he says he can’t afford to divorce his wife. He fucks me more than he does her, but he won’t leave her. That’s not fair!”

As she cries, I reach out and rub her shoulder. “Look, the guy’s a prick for stringing you along like this. You should really just dump his ass and move on to someone closer to your age who will give you what you want.”

“I want him,” Christy says as she wipes her eyes. “He’s the man of my dreams.”

“He’s cheating on his wife, young lady. Shouldn’t you at least consider that he might do that to you eventually if he does leave her?”

She shakes her head. “I don’t care. We live in the here and now, Daryl and I.”

“I could see that,” I say sarcastically. “Look, I can keep this under my hat for a while, but you have to promise to stop screwing that guy without protection. If you get pregnant, you know what your father will do.”

“Fuck,” she replies as she shakes her head. “He’ll have a couple of guys beat the hell out of him.” Shaking her head again, Christy asks, “Will you be quiet about what you saw today? Please don’t tell Daddy.” She comes up to me and puts her soft hands on my chest. Though the urge is real and I can feel my cock become hard, I back away from her.

“No, this isn’t happening. Just try to be more careful when you’re with him, okay? If your father finds out…”

“Thank you!” She jumps toward me and puts her arms around my neck. Ecstatic with the belief that I will keep her secret, she kisses me on the cheek before running back down the corridor to the stairs that will take her back to the skybox and likely back to the worried married man who was just recently fucking her.

“You are beyond stupid,” I say of Mr. Jeffries as I leave the stadium. The pictures and video will soon be in the hands of his devoted wife, and the man afraid of being found out will have to answer for his infidelity. Though I have some sympathy for his young lover, I refuse to be a part of the whole equation other than the report I’ll be giving to his wife soon. I’m not the one who has decided to put my marriage on the line by chasing pussy on the side. I’m not the one willing to fire off my DNA into a woman’s vagina even though it could very well produce a child. I’m just a private investigator hired to catch assholes like Daryl Jeffries in the act with the wrong woman. Today I have been successful in that endeavor and now I go to collect the reward for my diligent efforts.

Priscilla Southerland, Animal Lover

“Over here,” I tell the builders as they work the ground near the side of the current animal rescue mission. “I was told that the foundation for the new addition would have been finished already. I don’t see anything in this ditch yet.”

“Lady, just hold on,” the old construction foreman says to me as he ambles over to where I’m standing. “The concrete is on the way, they just had to do a couple of other projects before this one. They’ll be here.”

“You told me that yesterday.” It was contrary to my advice that Rebecca decided to hire these guys to do the project. With a fifty-thousand-dollar donation, the new room is needed for the animals we bring in every day for care and adoption at our nonprofit facility, but using guys who botched the last addition doesn’t seem like good common sense to me. Rebecca is the head of our little organization, so fuck me for trying to give her any idea as to how to do something better. “I want this damned ditch full of concrete by four this afternoon, Seth. If it’s not here, I’ll go straight to the board of directors and see what I can do about getting someone over here who can get things done a little faster.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes become wide just as a scowl crosses his face. “Are you kidding? We’re making up nearly all of our lost time today.”

“Lost time because you brought faulty equipment in,” I pan. “It’s not our fault that you don’t have the materials you need to do the job correctly.” I can see that the construction foreman is getting tired of dealing with me.

“Look, it’s getting done,” he says calmly.

“I hope so.” I turn and march away, I’m certain with a nasty look following me. I don’t have time for Seth or his day laborers, though. There’s plenty of work to be done to adopt out the animals we have right now.

“Mrs. Southerland,” Cassie says as I walk in. “You have a phone call from a guy across town. He says we adopted a German shepherd out to him a month or so back?” Cassie Smith is eighteen and fresh out of high school. She asked to volunteer with us so that she could gain more hours of public service so that her application to a special program in her chosen college will accept her on more than a provisional basis. Glad to offer her the opportunity to serve with us, I brought her in on the same day, just two weeks ago. She’s been a big help since then, though she’s still learning the ropes at the animal mission.

“What does he want?”

Cassie picks up a note from the front desk. “He says he’s having problems with the dog and that he’s going to bring her back if she doesn’t chill out.” The teenager looks back at me and asks, “Do we even take animals back?”

“No,” I reply plainly. “And in the future, it’s fine to take messages, but you should relay that fact to the new owners. Sometimes there’s frustration because they are getting used to each other, the owner and the animal, and it takes time for them to bond. I’m sure that’s what’s going on here.” I take the slip of paper from Cassie and look at the name. “Justin Boyd?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Cassie replies. “He says he wants someone to come over and look at the dog to tell him if there’s something wrong. Apparently, the German shepherd was fine at first, but something must have happened to make her grumpy.”

“He should take her to the vet if he’s worried about her,” I comment.

“Do you want me to call him back and tell him that?” Cassie asks.

“No, I’ll call him,” I tell her. “Just, in the future, please tell them to take an animal to the vet. We really don’t have time to deal with animals we have already adopted out.” Cassie nods her understanding and I walk over to my desk to make the call to the number on the small slip of paper.

“Hello?” I say into the phone as someone picks up.

“Hello,” a man answers. “Who is this?”

“Priscilla at Animal Mission Rescue. Are you Justin? I was given a message asking to call you.”

“Um, yeah, I’m Justin.” He clears his throat and continues, “She’s getting really aggressive at certain times of the day and I think it might be the food I’m giving her.”

“The food?” I shake my head. “I don’t think food would cause that sort of thing in most dogs.”

“Well, it all started when we switched types of food.”

“What did you switch to?” Justin begins to describe how he found a better deal for dog food online and that they have purchased a large amount that was delivered to their door. Although there could be something to the idea that the dog food would be spoiled, I’m not sure what I can do about it. “You should call a veterinarian.”

“I have,” he replies. “They say I’m nuts.”

“Well?” I joke as I giggle a little.

“Okay, maybe I’m a little nuts,” Justin jokes back with me. “But only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today is Friday and I’m completely competent to stand trial.” We both laugh as I look at the file on the German shepherd he adopted from us. “She was a rescue, you know. A house fire killed the old couple that owned her previously.”

“I remember being told that,” he says into the phone.

“Look, that means that if you bring her back, she will be even more traumatized. She might even end up in an animal shelter that euthanizes animals that cannot be adopted out. Is there anything we can do to make this easier on the both of you?”

“Well, I don’t want to get rid of her, but I need some help here. Is there anyone there that could come over and help me get her under better control?”

There is only one animal behavior specialist here, and that’s me. Though I don’t hold a college degree in animal behavior or any other animal-related science field, I have been through extensive training in how to modify animal behavior. “I’ll come by around two this afternoon, if that works for you.”

“Yeah, that will work,” the man on the phone replies. “I’m off work today, so Laney and I will be here.”


“The dog,” he says with a laugh. “We live alone together, so I sometimes humanize her when talking about her. At least, when she’s not trying to tear a hole in my pants leg.” We both laugh again as the dog barks in the background.

“That’s her?” I ask.

“That’s her. She’s hungry for something, so I guess I need to get off the phone. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

“I’ll be there,” I reply before hanging up the phone. Looking over at Cassie, I say, “I’m going over to Mr. Boyd’s house later today. Maybe I can figure something out to keep the dog with him. If not, we might have to make more room for Laney.”

“Okay, Mrs. Southerland.” Cassie smiles at me as I turn to walk out of the room. I’ve told her that she can call me Priscilla, but she’s too respectful to do that. Everyone here who is above her on staff she calls by some respectful prefix. It’s sweet that she’s so deferential to those she works with, but sometimes I get tired of the Mrs. in front of my name. It’s not that I don’t love Andrew, I really do. But sometimes I get tired of the whole arrangement.

The drive from the animal mission to Mr. Boyd’s home takes about half-an-hour with all the afternoon traffic. At first, I can’t find the exact address along a quiet residential street, but after turning around and driving by once again, I finally see the mailbox address. As I pull into the small driveway, a tall man about my age walks out of the house and makes his way to my car. “Priscilla?”

“That’s me,” I say with a smile as I step out of my car. He offers his hand to shake and I can feel myself blush. His large, strong, hand envelopes mine as I smile back at him. Though I’m all of five-seven in height, the man’s six-feet-four or so frame towers over me. “I’m Justin.”

“I recognize your voice,” I say as I follow him toward his front door. “Nice street you live on.”

“Yeah, I like it here,” he replies. “I have good neighbors and the crime is really low. It’s almost a shame with a dog like Laney.” We both have a bit of a laugh as he closes his front door. “Here she comes.” I turn and see the beautiful black and tan German shepherd Mr. Boyd adopted from us just a short time ago. “She’s happy to see you.”

I bend down to pet the dog as she wags her tail. “She seems good-natured. Can I see the food you’re giving her?” Justin nods and leads me through the kitchen to a small pantry where he has stored the dogfood. As he opens the door, I smile. “It’s a name brand food. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.”

The man shakes his head. “Well, I can’t find anything else the matter with her. Every night she gets excited and sometimes growls at me. Then she just lies on the floor on her stomach and whines like something is bothering her. It’s getting to the point that I can’t stand to have her walking around the house when I have guests over.”

“Do you have any other dogs in the house?”

“Oh, no. Just like I answered on the adoption application, she’s the first dog I’ve owned since I was a kid. There are no animals at all around the house.”

I look at the dog again and notice that she stares through the living room window occasionally. “Who lives across the street?”

“Oh, that’s a guy named Chad Irwin. He has a nice-looking retriever he calls Gabe.”

“Gabe?” I walk around and take another look at Laney. “I would have sworn we took care of this.” Her tail high in the air, I notice what the problem must be. “Do you have her paperwork around here?”

“Yeah, I’ll go get it.” Justin walks out of the room for a moment as I bend down and look at her backside. The dog looks to be in heat, ready to have a male dog mount her if there’s an opportunity. It’s a nice theory, but the biggest issue with it happens to be that we neuter and spay all the animals we adopt out. Laney should have absolutely no ovaries with which to go into estrous. “Here you go,” the young man says as he passes the adoption and health papers to me.

I flip through them, searching for anything that could give me a clue as to what is causing the problems Justin is having with the dog. “Oh, wow,” I say as I look at a sheet from the veterinary who performed the health evaluation on Laney. “This is weird.” I point to a comment made on the paperwork. Return for spay – low blood iron. “Sometimes, if an animal is not quite healthy, they wait to do the spaying after the animal is healed. It appears Laney was anemic and they wanted to wait for surgery. I didn’t catch this.” I shake my head as I add, “She’s in heat and she wants the dog across the street.”

“What?” Justin looks over the dog and asks, “How do you know?”

“Here.” I gently push aside Laney’s tail. “She’s swollen right around her female parts. That happens when a bitch is receptive to breeding.” Though a technical term, it causes me to blush as I say it to the man who adopted the German shepherd.

“I don’t know much about dogs, so I’ll have to take your word for it,” he laughs with his own red face. “Swollen, huh?” He looks back down at the dog’s hindquarters again. “That’s weird.”

“Yeah, it’s sort of like baboons and some other mammals. They do the same.” I don’t know why I offer such strange pieces of information, but I do and I wish that I had kept it to myself once it has hit his ears.

“People?” he says jovially. “Now that would be strange if that happened to a woman.” We laugh nervously at the level of college humor we are employing. I don’t know this man, but I’m beginning to find him oddly attractive and the sort of guy I would enjoy spending time with. Andrew, my husband, would never joke with me this way.

“Well, I’ll let you know if I get puffy down there when I’m ovulating, okay?” I giggle just a little, but the look on Justin’s face causes me to become self-conscious. “I’m so sorry,” I offer quickly. “That was completely out-of-line.”

“No,” he says with a smirk. “I was just thinking that I wish you were in heat now so that I could compare you to Laney.”

My heart thumps hard in my chest as Justin makes the comment. On the one hand, I’ve been far too quick to employ crude humor in his home. On the other, he has taken it to a new level, suggesting he would like to see my pussy so that he can compare it to the dog’s back end. What do I say to something like that? “Um, I just…” My mind begins to fumble with what to say in response. Then it hits me. I don’t know what it is, but I decide to do the unthinkable. I reach out and pull Justin toward me and lock my lips onto his. Fearing that he will simply push me away in abject rejection, I am surprised to find him kissing me back.

“That’s some kind of home visit,” the young man says to me with a smile. “Are you in heat, Priscilla?”

The question is so crude, so dirty, that I can’t help but answer. “I am ovulating right now.”

“So, if you had sex right now, the chance of getting pregnant is there?” I nod and he pulls me to him this time, his lips finding my neck.

“Justin,” I moan as he tastes of me along my neck. I feel his tongue enter my ear as he begins to nip at me.

“Here,” he says as he takes me by the hand. I get the sense that he doesn’t want to do anything near Laney. We walk down a short hallway to his bedroom and he guides me in just before closing the door. Justin pulls his tee shirt off to reveal a chest and stomach that are both well-toned. He’s an athletic man and takes care of himself, and the bottom half is even more impressive as he pulls down his shorts and briefs.

“You’re big,” I say as he helps me to unbutton my blouse. “You’re so fucking big.” At this point, I figure that whatever I say and however I say it really doesn’t matter. I’m horny and the two of us are heading toward a very sexual encounter. As my breasts pop out from behind my bra, I look into the young man’s eyes and wonder what he thinks of me.

“Your eyes,” he says as if he’s reading my mind. “They’re so green that they’re mesmerizing.”

“I like yours too,” I say as I try to smile. The man goes to his knees and pulls at my jeans as he opens the top of them up. They come to the floor quickly along with my panties and soon a man who I only just met several minutes ago is looking straight at my waxed biscuit. “Justin,” I moan as he puts a finger between my puffy labia.

“I guess you’re swollen a little, aren’t you?” He smiles as he looks up at me, my little lady getting stiff as he rolls his index finger along her.

“You’re driving me nuts,” I say to him as I begin to quake where I stand. Sensing that I might be about to lose my footing, he turns me around on the bed and I get on all fours. “What are you doing?”

“I want to know what it’s like for a dog to find his bitch. To wander the neighborhood and see Laney and want her. I want to know what it’s like to take her from behind, Priscilla. I’m going to take you from behind.” I suddenly feel his large cock push against my wet hole.

“Justin, fuck.” I’ve been married to my husband for several years and not one time have I thought about screwing anyone besides him. There has been little reason to fuck anyone else since Andrew was at first so attentive to me and so willing to experiment with me. That time has gone, however, since he became such a wonderful professional as a private investigator. It’s odd, isn’t it? That success could bleed a marriage dry of the sex it once held?

“Easy,” Justin says as he pushes all the way into me. His shaft is large and curved in just the right way that I can feel the end of it rub along my G-spot as he goes in and out of me. The young man reaches around and cups my breasts, playing with each one as if they belong to him. As he pinches each small, puffy nipple, I drop my back a little to get his cock to rub my special place even better.

“Fuck, Justin…fuck!” He thrusts long and hard into my wet void, causing my legs to shake underneath me as his balls slap into me. “Justin…ohhhh…” I feel like an orgasm is fast approaching, my nipples now hard and my pussy so wet that I can feel small dribbles of my juices rolling down my legs.

“You feel so nice, Priscilla. You feel…GAHHHH!!!” Justin lurches forward so hard that I almost fall off the edge of his bed, his sweaty body clapping against me as he wedges his penis deep into my hole. “OHHHH!!! FUCK!!!” I can feel each of his manly spurts rocket against my cervix, and I wonder if this man will get me pregnant. I doubt it because I’m on the pill, but it’s still that time of the month and the pill is only about ninety-nine percent effective.

“SHIT!!!” By body crashes into its own orgasm as Justin continues to pound deep into my wet pussy. “Uhhhh…OHHHH!!!” Each long stroke of his cock makes me quiver as I feel myself squirt a little on my temporary lover. I grind into him as his hands tighten around my hips. “Fuck…fuck…”

Justin pulls out of me and races to the bathroom adjoining the room, locking the door behind him. “Are you okay?” I ask as I roll over on the bed.

“I’m sorry. Please go.”

“Go?” I look at the closed door in disbelief. Does he really want me to leave right after we’ve fucked? “Okay,” I say quietly as I put my clothes on. I open the bedroom door and see Laney sitting and staring into the room. “He’s all yours, girl,” I say as I leave the bedroom.

“What did I do?” I say to myself as I get back on the highway in my car. “Did I fuck him wrong? Did he fuck me wrong?” Thoughts rush through my mind and I realize that this was only an animalistic bout of sex; nothing more. Justin and I connected for a brief time to screw each other for the pleasure of it, not to become full-time lovers or to be there for each other emotionally. It was a fuck, that’s it. Plain and simple. As I drive, I begin to like the idea more and more. “Just a fuck,” I say to myself with a smile. “Just a lovely fuck.” It’s something I can get used to.

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On the night Priscilla confesses her infidelity to him, Andrew becomes intrigued in his sudden attraction to his wife’s adulterous behaviour.

The married couple’s relationship evolves into a new reality as Priscilla offers to help Andrew in his latest case, exposing a cheating millionaire. She uses her seductive charm in a honeytrap, as she intends on trapping the millionaire providing her husband with sufficient evidence for his latest client.

But when Andrew covertly films his wife sharing her body, losing her inhibitions in the arms of another man, he finds their marriage edging past the point of no return………

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