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The Medallion Chronicles:

The Vanishing

By: C.A.Jarest

The air was chilly that morning, cool with the freshly fallen snow. The clouds whisked by his face as they flew through the sky. It had been a long, tiring night for them both; they had flown for so long and so hard. The coolness of the air was refreshing, it woke their senses. The warm breath from his dragon graced his face as the dragon exhaled, causing moisture to form and freeze on his rosy cheeks. They still both wore their battle armor from the battle the other night, many had lost their lives that night. The Grelin had them out number and Zathiria knew the Dragoniers could not hold off that many of her forces. Their silver armor was tainted with blood from the Grelin they had slain and from their brethren. The dragon pumped its large, mighty wings as a gust of wind carried them higher into the morning sky. The sun had started to rise into the cold mountain sky, a bright, deep rosy red sun colored the white clouds. The mountain leaped from the ground into the sky, its massive size made them look small. The site of the mountain made them both feel better, fell like they were going home. The mountain was their home, it was the birth place of the giants and the home of the Dragoniers. The dragon tucked his wings in as he angled his head for a steep dive. The giant gripped the side of the dragon with his strong, large, muscular legs as he breathed deep and they started their free fall. How they loved to fall to the ground, with nothing between them but the clouds and the air. The other Dragoniers called them crazy for doing such things, but they enjoyed it.

The mountain raced towards them as they fell from the sky. Closer and closer the rocky side of the mountain came to them. At the last possibly second the mighty dragon expanded his wings, the air growling violently as it was caught within the fleshy membranes of the dragons wings. The dragon opened his mouth and roared as he stretched out his legs, grasping the rocky ledge before him; landing in a brown cloud of dust. The giant sat straight up in the saddle as he pulled his battle ax from the saddle, the dragon lowering his head, ready to fight. They proceeded into the mouth of the cave entrance which was carved into the stone on the ledge they had landed on. They had been contacted during the battle to leave and return to the Dragoniers home at once. They were the only ones that escaped, all others had been killed. The cave was dark, no lanterns were lit and there was no noise. The giant slide off the dragon and stepped forward as he surveyed the area. The dragon smelled the air, his tail sliding from side to side on the cave floor. The giant walked over a ledge that over looked a conference room in the cave. There was once a large, oval table placed in the middle of the room; the table was shattered and the chairs scattered through out the room.

“I fear we are too late.” Grumbled the mighty brown dragon as he looked down a corridor, the dead filled the small space. The giant placed his ax against the wall as he looked about, his eyes now better adjusted to the dim light. There were dead littered everywhere on the cave floor. He could see dragon scales covered the floor as well, but no dragons.

“I see no dragons.” He replied in a deep, raspy voice as he reached down and plucked a red scale from the floor. He keeled down.

“This is not the only entrance into the mountain my friend. I smell death, it fills this place.” The dragon said as he raised his head, touching the ceiling. The giant stood, sighed, grabbed his ax and looked at his friend.

“Come, we need to search the mountain for survivors.” He said walking back out onto the ledge. There the two of them stood, silent for several minutes.

“Where else would they have gone?” The giant spoke out loud, strapping his ax to the saddle.

“The elves.” The dragon replied as he gazed out onto the white snowy valley.

“We will search the mountain and then we will go to the elves.” The giant jumped back up into the saddle. The dragon spread his wings as he jumped from the ledge. They circled around the mountain many times before they saw the second entrance into the mountain, it was located by a waterfall on the base on the mountain.

“I do not like this Argenos.” The dragon said as he landed next to the waterfall. The giant placed a hand on his friend as he stood beside the massive dragon.

“We must see Ragronk.” Argenos spoke as he grabbed his ax. Ragronk snorted as they started towards the cave mouth. The mouth of the cave was monumental; it was so large it could have fit three dragons of Ragronk's size. As they approached the cave the wafting smell of death brushed against their faces, Argenos knew what they would find in there; death and decay.

The two of them vanished into the darkness of the mountain, a mountain that no longer welcomed life but it sheltered death now. Argenos held tightly to his ax as he stepped through the archway carved into the rocky mountain side. Ragronk craned his muscular neck, glancing about the balconies that warped around the side of the cavity they stood in.

“They are all dead.” Argenos grumbled loudly.

“I do not think we will find what you seek Argenos.” Ragronk told him. There, in the corridor to Argenos's left was a dim glimmer of light.

“I do not think we should venture down there.” Ragronk told his friend.

“How could you ever hold your head high again knowing we did not look, we did not seek who ever lit that light?” Argenos asked as he started down the corridor, Ragronk followed. The ceilings in the mountain had been carved to allow massive dragons like him movement within the mountain.

“The smell of death is much stronger down here Argenos.” The brown dragon said. Argenos did not care, he wanted to see where this light was coming from and who had lit it. He wanted to see if there were survivors, though he knew there was none. The corridor was vastly log, straight and filled with dead bodies along the side of the walls. Ragronk looked at the dead closely.

“These are Grelin.” He pointed out.

“Yes.” Argenos replied as he draped his ax over his shoulder.

“If these are Grelin, then who were they fighting?” Ragronk spoke, a little concerned now.

“I don't know but we are about to find out.” Argenos roared, he was getting annoyed by Ragronk's hesitance. They closed in on the light at the end of the corridor now. There was an archway at the end of the tunnel, carved into white stone with elvish writing on it. The light was bright, as it leaked out into the darkness. There were more dead here than they had seen yet, piled into large heaps by the archway. Ragronk could not go in, the archway was to short for him to fit through.

“Stay here my friend. I will but be a minute.” Argenos told his friend as he touched the battle worn metal on the dragon's hid. The giant grasped his ax with both hands now as he stepped over the archway into the light.

The room he walked into was what looked to be a holy place, a place of worship; the temple where people would pray to the gods. The shrine had been destroyed, stone lay on the ground, the ground torn up and blood was smeared all over. Though he did not see one dead body in there. He looked to where the light was coming from. There off in the far corner of the room was a round glowing orb. The orb sat on a patch of green moss which lay next to an elf. Argenos went to the elf. Several arrows were protruding from the elf's body and he had many cuts from swords all over his damaged body. Argenos keeled next to the elf as he placed his ax down next to him. He placed a hand on the elf's shoulder. The elf inhaled so quickly, twitching, and yelled violently; scarring Argenos so much that he fell to the ground.

“Argenos!” Ragronk yelled from behind the archway.

“I am fine.” He shouted as he recovered, looking at the elf. The elf, slowly breathing, peered at the giant before him.

“Why are you here?” The elf asked him.

“What happened here?” Argenos asked his own question.

“Death, the end of it all.” The elf replied. “Why are you here?” He asked again.

“We were told to meet the dragoniers here.” Argenos told him. The elf laughed, coughing up blood as he did so.

“They came and when they saw what was happening they fled.” The elf told him.

“Fled? Fled to where?” Argenos had to know. The elf's head slipped to the side, he was dying.

“Tell me elf, where did they go?” Argenos asked again, the elf looked at him with his dull eyes.

“Aronlu.” The elf told him. Argenos sat back.

“I'd be quick if I were you giant. They leave at dusk.” The elf told him again before his eyes closed and he exhaled, what little life remaining in him now gone.

“Aronlu, we will have to be quick about it.” Argenos said softly as he jumped to his feet, racing back to Ragronk.

“Where did they go?” Ragronk asked his friend.

“Aronlu.” He told the dragon.

“Why?” Ragronk was confused by this.

“They will all be leaving this place at dusk. Come we must rid you of your armor, you will fly faster without it.” Argenos said as he started to unstrap the metal from the dragon's body.

“Very well.” Ragronk said as he ripped the heavy silver from his drown scaly body. Once the armor was off the two of them made their way back to the cave mouth and took off into the chilly mountain air. The sun had already ascended in to the sky, they would have to fly very fast if they were to make it to Aronlu in time. Ragronk flew the fastest and hardest he had ever flown before, they had very little time. The scenery below them changed drastically as they flew. From snowy mountains, to raging rivers, green valleys and battle fields engorged with the dead. Argenos watched as the sun had started its descent from the sky.

“Quickly now Ragronk, we don't have much time.” Argenos said to him. Suddenly out of what nowhere a forest of trees exploded below them.

“We are here my friend. Look there they are.” Ragronk yelled as he tucked his wings in and zoomed through the air towards the large field before them. In the brilliant green field sat hundreds of Dragoniers. They all roared wildly as Argenos and Ragronk landed. Argenos slide off Ragronk and went in search of the leaders. He walked by the dragons they sat on the perimeter of the field to the center where he could hear shouting. He pushed his way through the people to the center where the leaders of the Dragoniers stood.

“Argenos, thank the gods you made it. We were worried you had been killed.” Spoke another giant as they shook hands, an elf, a dwarf, and a human also greeted him.

“Thank you Toten. What is going on?” Argenos asked them.

“We are discussing leaving this planet.” Calvin, the human told him. Argenos was a little shocked.

“Why? Are duty is to help protect the people of Yugerith, not to leave them to this fate.” Argenos spoke.

Argenos, look about you. There is very little we can do for these people, so many of us have already died fighting her off. I feel leaving Yugerith is the only way we can preserve our way and what we stand for. What good will we do if we are all dying here?” Ragronk spoke to his friend through their mental bond.

“I see Ragronk agrees with us.” Stiveen, the elf addressed him.

“Yes he do I.” This was the hardest decision Argenos had made ever. He loved Yugerith and the people he protected and cared for, that was his duty. He did not see the use of all the remaining Dragoniers dying under the wrath of Zathiria just to be erased from history.

“This is all that remains of us.” Vier'Rid, the dwarf spoke.

“We leave at dusk.” Calvin said, it was almost dusk as they spoke.

“Where will we be headed?” Argenos asked them. The leaders looked amongst themselves for a minute.

“We have a planet in mind, Dalgot will guide us there.” Stiveen told him. Argenos nodded his head.

As the sun grew darker ad dimmer the Dragoniers mounted their dragons and waited, waited for their father god.

“This was the right decision Argenos.” Ragronk told his friend. Argenos placed a heavy hand on the dragon's brown neck.

“I know it was.” He paused. “It is hard to say good bye to our home, to the people that we are responsible for protecting, keeping safe.” Argenos replied as he looked to the forest behind him.

“They will have to find their own way now. This is the way of all things; it is the cycle we must all go through.” Ragronk explained.

“Those people have killed us too, do you not remember?” Ragronk asked him.

“No, I remember.” Argenos patted the dragon, warm on his legs.

“Come, my brothers, sisters and friends alike! We leave to find adventure elsewhere!” Toten shouted as he raised his battle ax into the sky. All the dragoniers raised their weapons, the dragons raised their heads, and in one astronomic battle cry the Dragoniers vanished from the face of Yugerith in the brightest, godliest light ever witnessed. Emptiness now claimed the place where the mighty Dragoniers once stood, no more would there be dragons, and would there be the hope of peace and safety. It was up to the people of Yugerith now to defend themselves, to ride their planet of Zathiria. They were on their own now, not even the gods wanted to interfere with the fate of Yugerith. Lonely were the people of Yugerith. Their last protectors had left them.

More to come in Bloodlines

The First Page of Bloodlines:

“Sir they have smashed through our barricade, we can’t hold them back for much longer!” The young man screamed over the explosions of cannons and the cries of dying men.

“Do what you can! They must not be allowed to get through!” Yelled the commander at the young man. The commander couldn’t give up; his army had lasted for half a year so far. He had to hold the city; if they lost the city then they would forever be defeated. He couldn’t let that happen.

“Yes sir!” Shrieked the young man as he ran off to inform the troops; leaving the commander alone. The commander looked over his map of the battle field again as he knew there was no way they were going to win. He had lost too many men, they were outnumbered. Minutes later the young man returned to the commander to inform him that the city was lost. They had been overrun.

“Sir!” the young man said as he rushed into the commander’s chambers.

“They have swarmed our troops; they are in the city now. We must draw back.” The young man was covered in blood and he had the look of fear in his eyes. This was a fear the commander knew all his troops held in their eyes and hearts. The commander knew he had to retreat.

“All right tell them to pull back.” The commander said sitting back in his old beaten chair.

“Yes sir.” The young man said turning to leave the commander once again.

“Wait, before you go I want you, I need you, to do something for me.” The commander looked the young man square in the eyes.

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