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Shameful Confessions


By Gina Candy

Copyright 2017 Gina Candy

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My name is Joel. My cock hardens out to about ten inches, and it gets as thick as a large banana. I’m not bragging. It’s really nothing to brag about. Only really fat chicks want a cock that large, generally speaking. Most of my life has been lonely. I hope that’ll make you understand the shameful thing I did.

I’ve got ocean front property. A lot of times, my buddies will come visit me. It’s a free place to stay on vacation. I like the company.

My friend Nick came down for a few days. He brought with him his new wife, Dandy. Dandy was a petite blonde, but she had big boobs and a bubble butt. She was a good ten years younger than my buddy. I thought Nick had really done well for himself.

Dandy was polite but mostly quiet. I caught her staring at my pants a few times. That was no big deal. Both women and men stare there. It’s an oddity to them. They wonder if I’m really packing that much.

I didn’t think much of it.

The first night they were there, I was lying in bed with the TV on. That’s how I fall asleep.

I wasn’t asleep yet, though, when I saw Dandy standing in the doorway. The way the light from the TV was, she’d be able to see my shape, but not that I was awake. I could see her shape pretty good too. She seemed to be wearing a long night shirt. And she was just standing there.

I stayed quiet. I left my eyes open just a crack. I wondered what she was doing there, but didn’t want any awkwardness. I figured she’d just go away.

“Hey,” she whispered. “Are you awake?”

I don’t know what she would have done had I answered. But I did not.

She waited there a little longer then came in. She walked up to the side of the bed and just stood there for a little while.

Then she removed her shirt.

I wanted to open my eyes more. I could just make out the shape of her breasts. They were so big and perky.

I was afraid of what was about to happen. But I figured I was still in position to effectively deny any wrong doing. After all, she thought I was asleep. If Nick came in, I’d just continue to fake it.

She pulled the covers down off me.

I don’t sleep with anything on. I mean, I have to keep that monster tucked all day. At night, I let it go free.

She stared at it.

And I did open my eyes all the way. She seemed captivated by the monster, so she wasn’t looking at my eyes. I got to stare at those amazing tits. The only thing she had on was what looked like an extreme pair of cutoff shorts.

For a little while, she only stared. When she turned her head to look at me, I shut my eyes again.

Then I just waited for a little while.

I felt her hand. It felt so dainty on my huge cock.

It felt like she was exploring it. She rubbed slowly up and down it. She made circles around the head. She gently caressed my balls too.

I wanted it to last forever. I was nervous about my friend finding out, but it was hard to care too much. My huge cock rarely got female attention.

I was so hard.

She stopped rubbing for a little while.

I wanted so bad to beg her to keep going, just for a little while longer.

Then I felt her breath, and I thought I might get a little more.

Then I felt something damp and tender and knew it was her tongue. That beautiful woman was licking my cock.

She did that nice and slowly too. It was like she wanted to get every inch, and she wanted to savor it.

And she licked my balls.

I was overwhelmed by an intense urge to cum. And it wasn’t like I could warn her. I couldn’t stop it.

And I thought we were finished.

Then she did what might have been the weirdest thing of all. She started lapping up that cum off my belly.

I wondered if she really believed I had slept threw all of that.

She left without speaking a word.

Author Bio

Gina Candy has a very checkered past. She’s kept company with shady people and met many strange characters. She’s developed an unusual and usually perverted fascination with all things erotic. She hopes her fiction will please and possibly offend you.

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