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Christmas Creature

Reyna Young

The Christmas Creature

A Black Bed Sheet/Blue Bed Sheet/

Diverse Media Book

December 2017

Copyright © 2017 by Reyna Young

All rights reserved.

Cover by Jason Dube/Colors by Andy Tiu

and Copyright © 2017 by Reyna Young

The selections in this book are works of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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The Christmas Creature

A Black Bed Sheet/Blue Bed Sheet/Diverse Media Book

Antelope, CA

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The Christmas Creature

Reyna Young

Chapter One

Jimmy Snickens was a boy who loved to receive gifts, presents, and surprises. As long as it was about him, no one else mattered. Each year during the holiday season, he became worse and worse, wanting Christmas to be about who received more presents, he or his big brother Tim.

Tim was 9 years old, a respectful boy and loved the holiday season because that’s when Grandma came to visit.

Jimmy, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to see what she would bring him. Being 7 years old and the youngest in the family, he felt that he should receive more than Tim.

Jimmy wrote Santa a long list of toys that he wanted. The list was so long it ended up being four pages. When his parents took him to see Santa at the mall, he spent almost 15 minutes telling him everything he wanted…holding up the line and making all the other kids angry. He didn’t care though, because he wanted to make sure Santa knew exactly what to bring him.

He pouted and screamed when his parents asked him to help decorate around the house; he would rather sit in front of the television set and eat all the cookies his mom made.

Tim would help put up all the ornaments on the tree and Jimmy would watch. Tim would help Mom cook the Christmas Eve dinner and Jimmy would walk by the kitchen and grab whatever he wanted to eat, even though he was told to wait.

Tim knew that Jimmy was out of control and spoiled, and he didn’t like it one bit. But it didn’t matter how many times his parents told him no, he didn’t seem to care.

There were plenty of times he stole Tim’s toys to play with and broke them, but with Grandma coming over he knew that Jimmy would be getting the talk from her, just like she talked to him before.

Tim couldn’t wait to see Grandma today. She always showed up on Christmas Eve and the first thing she did was give him a great big hug.

Chapter Two

The doorbell rang. Tim looked over at his Mom with a big smile on his face.

“Guess who’s here?”

Tim dropped the mixing bowl and followed his mom to the door but Dad beat them to it. He answered, and Grandma was standing there with a big bag full of gifts and a light-up Santa in her hair. She always got into the holiday spirit.

Grandma!” Tim yelled out loud, running up and wrapping his arms around her.

She held onto him tightly with a big smile on her face.

Where’s Jimmy?” she asked.

Jimmy came running up. “Hi Grandma! Did you bring me a bunch of presents?”

Tim gave him a dirty look.

She started laughing. “How about a hug first?” She opened her arms.

Jimmy gave her a hug and then grabbed the bag out of her hands. “Are my gifts in here?”

“Well someone’s ready for Christmas morning already.”

When is he not? Let me take your suit case Mom.”

“Thank you dear.”

“How was your trip?”

It wasn’t bad…the flight felt longer than usual.”

I bet you’re tired and want a nap?”

“I’m okay for now dear, but I’ll let you know if I get a little tired sooner.”

“Sounds good.”

Dad grabbed her luggage from her, along with her coat, to place in the guest room. “We were just getting dinner ready for tonight and the ham is in the oven cooking away.”

She gave Mom a kiss on the cheek. “I can’t wait,” she said to them both.

Jimmy was going through the bag in the living room, counting how many gifts she brought him. He counted two, threw the presents under the tree and rolled his eyes. “I thought I would have gotten more,” he said to himself. “Well this sucks!”

Mr. Snickens walked into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of carrot. “Your room is ready and your things are in there.”

Thanks hon,” Grandma smiled over towards Mrs. Snickens. “How’s it going with Jimmy, if you don’t mind me asking?”

He’s a brat. It’s getting worse and I don’t know what’s going to happen with him tonight,” she whispered back to her. She didn’t want Tim to hear anything.

Well we shall see tonight, maybe everything will work itself out. You never know.”

“Thank you for being here.”

“Of course, whatever I can do to help.”

It’s just…I don’t know how to deal with him and you may be the only solution left.”

“Well I will do my best.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Jimmy walked into the kitchen. “Grandma?”

“Yes sweetie.”

You only brought me two presents. Is that it?”

Grandma smiled at him. “Christmas isn’t about how many gifts you get sweetie, it is about being with family.”

Jimmy had a blank look on his face. “I was afraid you’d say that.”

He walked out the door and back into the living room.

Grandma looked over at Tim and then Mrs. Snickens. “He will come around.”

“I hope so.”

Well what I’ll do is tell him tonight the story and see if that gets into his brain and gets him thinking.”

I sure hope that’ll work. It does for some kids and it doesn’t for others.”

It’s a 50/50 shot, dear.”

“Hopefully it’ll lean toward more good than bad.”

“Have some Christmas faith and it shall.”

Tim had a faint idea what they were talking about. He already knew there was no hope for his little brother, and he was too much of a spoiled brat.

Tim looked over at his grandma. “Will you be telling Christmas stories tonight?”

“You bet I will, and also tonight we will be doing the traditional opening of one present while having hot chocolate with marshmallows.”

Tim’s eyes lit up. “I can’t wait!”

You go ahead and clean up. I’ll help your mom finish up.”

“Are you sure?”

Yeah go ahead. You’ve been working all day.”

Thanks, Grandma.”

Chapter Three

Tim walked into his bedroom to see Jimmy there playing video games.

“Mom asked you to clean up your side of the room before dinner.”

“I know.”

“Then how come you haven’t done it yet?”

“I’ll do it when I want.”

You can’t do it when you want too….you have to do it before dinner. You should just do it now.”

“Leave me alone.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

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