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When your mum is a well recognised scientist recognised for single handedly finding the cure to 17.25% of illnesses facing mankind and your dad is a scientist know for all his mind blowing inventions you are expected to be a teacher’s pet, get straight A’s and become student body president, they all sound good but it isn’t what it may seem and you never get to live life to the fullest unless your parents don’t care if you live up to their legacy, well mine do. I am Chloe Price daughter of Dr Melina Price and IT Engineer David Price, I have two younger brothers, Jason and Josh, twins soooooo cute with a pain in the butt sister Angela and this is my family.



Tomorrow is my first day of high school and my mum picked out the dorkiest outfit ever a pair of brown baggy trousers and a long sleeve button up shirt while I wanted to wear a skirt and a small top what should I choose ?
i decided to go with my choice but I did not regret it a bit when i got to



I pretended not to hear school the next day.

I walked into the school halls with style and everyone is staring, everything was going in slow motion to me and that is how I did it BAM!!!!!!!!, Perfect first impression, people gathered me asking where I got my skirt and top. With my head held up high ,I walked into my first class and then I slipped on a spill of water but as I was about to hit the ground the like most handsome boy I had ever seen caught me and helped no regain my `balance. When I regained my balance, he asked for my name but I just stood there looking at his perfect hair, blossom lips, blue eyes, awesome clothes and I couldn’t say a word.
him and walked away. I sat in the middle of a row of three empty chairs and as soon as class started two people occupied the seats at my both sides, one my soon to be BFF and second the boy who had saved me from humiliation bY catching me, who I completely snobbed. I was hating myself for picking the middle seat .The teacher started writing notes and people started talking like they would in any normal high school. The girl sitting next to me firstly asked for my name Oh my name is Chloe Price, I said in a rather shy voice
OMG!!! ,you are the daughter of Melina and David Price, they are like the two smartest people on Earth, I guess I kiss my chance of coming 1st in the class, well runner up is ok too, she said. Btw’s my name is Angelina, Angelina Breeze and the boy at your left is the hottest boy in year one, his name is Bryan and normally when he asks a girl for her name she doesn’t snob him like OBVI. As we both look at the board we find the class quiet and the teacher staring at us and she said, A new student talking on the first day of school, how unmannered. 




What is your name little one? between my teeth I managed to say “Chloe….Chloe Price”
“You don’t mean that you are the daughter of Mr and Mrs PRICE. They ought to be ashamed
Detention for both of you now!!!. As we were about to exit the class Brian stands up and says ‘Mrs. Shvolski what a pleasure to be one of the lucky people to be in your legendary human science classes, as the new girls was telling me that she begged the principal to let her be in your class and I am sure that if you make the mistake of sending her to detention she will surely ask for a transfer which will ruin your no student transfer record.
She turns to look at us and I give her a face that shows that I could do it then she said ” I will let you off with a warning but this has nothing to do with what Brian has just said” we took our seats which was followed with 30 min of boring lectures but it was only boring because I already knew what she was teaching us but I guess this was how it will be all year round.



After class I went for choir practice, I looked around and the only familiar faces where Brian’s , Angelina’s and some other people in my human science class.Immidiately my eyes met Bryan’s he mouthed good luck and I felt shy.
my parents only allow me to listen to motivational songs even though I listen to other types behind their backs, I decided to sing Never say never by J uustin bieber for the auditions

Mr MM – you may begin

You see I never thought that I could walk through fire
I never thought that I could take the burn
I never had the strength to take it higher
Until I reach the point of no return

And there’s just no turnin’ back
When your heart’s under attack
Gonna give everything I have
It’s my destiny

I will never say never (I will fight)
I will fight till forever (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down
I will not stay on the ground
Pick it up, pick it up
Pick it up, pick it up (up up up)
And never say never (ne-never say never)
(Ne-never say never)

As I was about to start the second verse Brian started singing

I never thought that I could feel this power

I never thought that I could feel this free

I’m strong enough to climb the highest tower

Bryan,Angelina and me
And I’m fast enough to run across the sea

The whole choir
‘Cause there’s just no turnin’ back
When your heart’s under attack
Gonna give everything I have
‘Cause this is my destiny

I will never say never (I will fight)
I will fight till forever (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down
I will not stay on the ground
Pick it up, pick it up
Pick it up, pick it up (up up up)
And never say never

As soon as I take a bow everyone applauded, I got accepted into the choir.After choir auditions Angelina and I were talking beside the door of the class then Brian walked up to us and Angelina obviously lied that she needed to use to toilet then there was an awkward silence for about 10 seconds before…

Brian – Chloe,right?
Chloe – Yeah,Brian?
Brian – Yeah,…. by the way you have a very beautiful voice
Chloe – (Blushingly)Umm….thanks
Brian – Umm, (under his voice) well this is awkward
Chloe – What was that?
Brian – Was just wondering if u would like to have lunch with me tomorrow and maybe after school we could practice the song for the choir competition (All of me).
Chloe – ( in my mind – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)9what I said out loud)Maybe,but I’ll have to check my schedule
Brian – Cool
Chloe – BYE I’ve got to go
I meet Angelina on the way and we head to our geometry class.Surprisingly, Brian,Angelina and I were in the same classes throughout that day. After-school Angelina and I swapped numbers and promised to call each other ASAP



When I got home I spilled all the juicy details to my sis about my first day high school ,she may be a pain in the butt, but she is still my sister .She told me that someone asking you to eat lunch with them is a big deal in high school, that it is the closest thing to a date. When I heard that I started to feel nervous.
My mum got back a few minutes after I finished my homework then she gave me a boring lecture on how she wasn’t angry that I did not wear what she picked out for me ,blah blah blah ,she has been to high-school ,blah blah blah, she understands that I want to fit in ,blah blah blah ,that’s pretty much all she said but in bigger words and oh yeah she took like 45minutes of my life giving me that lecture. Bryan called later that night and asked if I had an answer then I rescheduled to next week Tuesday. I realized that I hadn’t told Angelina anything that happened after she left, so I tried calling her but she didn’t pick, she was probably busy.

The week goes by really slowly as I awaited Tuesday. On Monday when I got to class I saw three girls I had never seen before and they were “a bit”(a lot) overdressed for school.

When Angelina walks in I ask her for their details and she said…
Angelina – Oh the only important person there is the one in the middle, her name is Madison the two on her side s are her Hench girls. She is a below average student, all round diva, bullish and one more thing………Oh yeah she is Bryan’s girlfriend.



My heart shattered into a million pieces and tears began to well up in my eyes so I began to run to only G** knows where I ran out of the class room door and I passed beside Bryan which only made the tears come more, I hear two people shouting my name, I turn back and I see Bryan and Angelina running after me then I look front and start running faster ,I see the girls bathroom door and I immediately run inside and I let the tears flow. Then Angelina walks in panting........




Brian - Hey Chloe , what happened back in the class

Chloe stands up and leaves the table expecting Angelina to follow her but she didn't

*at the table where Angelina is*

Bryan - Is she mad........ at me ?

Angelina - (sarcastically) wow!!!!!!......how ever did you guess that (rolls eyes)

Bryan - What did I do?

Angelina - Firstly , hitting on her while you have a girlfriend..... guy , that's low

Brian - I......

Angelina - ....Does it look like I had finished talking?  and also ,your girlfriend coming over here to threaten her kinda adds to it.......... Now I am done...

Brian - Firstly ,I do not remember having a girlfriend......

Angelina - How about Maddison?

TO BE CONTINUED...............



Angelina- What about Madison?

Bryan-Madidison and I broke up a week ago

Angelina- Well that is not what it looked like when she came over here to treathen Chloe

Bryan-She what?!!!!!!!!!!

Angelina- You heard me the first time

Bryan-I can't believe she would do that

Angelina-Well she did

Bryan-I need to go apologise to Chloe

Angelina-Not now, she needs some time alone


Chloe looks over at the table she just left and sees her her so called friend chatting away with Bryan,that son of a pig but then she though "what eat lu if her sister was wrong?, what if he just wanted to eat lunch as friend" she stands up and walks over to the table...

Chloe-Hey Bryan?

As Bryan was about to leave the table when he heard Chloe call him...


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