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Aaron Smith is at a swanky resort in Newport Beach, at a charity auction for some foundation or another. After spending almost ten-thousand dollars on a couple of items, he is at the bar, drinking and cavorting with some of the other guests, when he’s approached by an incredibly hot brunette woman wearing a short, black cocktail dress. She’s got a slightly Hispanic look, with sensual lips, a rounded jaw, full cheekbones, and arresting eyes.

But while her features were soft her body was hard. Tanned skin, long, fit legs that seem to last forever because of her outfit, slender but toned arms, narrow waist, flat stomach, and an incredible pair of tits.

“Hello,” she says. “I’m Jasmine.”

“I’m Aaron,” he replies.

“I know,” she says, smiling at him. “And I’m well aware of how much you spent tonight. The foundation really appreciates it.”

“My pleasure,” Aaron says, not sure where this is going. He quickly finds out.

“In fact, we at the foundation would love to personally thank you for everything you’ve done tonight.”

“Sounds good to me,” Aaron says. “What did you have in mind?”

“Let’s go back up to your suite and I’ll show you,” Jasmine says, taking his hand and pulling him to his feet.


Two minutes later, Aaron is sitting on the couch in his suite, still fully clothed, when Jasmine comes walking out of the bathroom wearing only her beige shirt, black panties, and the pumps.

“What do you think?” she asks.

“I think you’re fucking gorgeous,” he replies.

“Why thank you,” Jasmine says as she walks towards him. “You’re pretty damn hot yourself.”

Jasmine spreads his legs, and presses forward until her knees are touching the inside of his thighs. She pulls off her shirt, revealing a black lace bra beneath, then leans over as if to kiss him, but stops right before their lips touch. He leans forward to finish the connection but she flashes him a wry smile and shakes her head and pulls back.

“Not yet,” she says. “First I want to play with you a bit.”

“Sounds good to me,” Aaron replies.

Standing tall again, Jasmine slips out of her bra, freeing up her big, perky, amazing tits. They are obviously fake but done well enough that it’s not distracting.

Jasmine runs her hands up the side of her body, starting at the waist and ending at her tits. Pushing on the outside of them, squeezing her tits together, she looks at Aaron, who is focused on at her chest. She turns around so her back is to him, then sits down on his waist.

Moving in slow circular patterns, Jasmine grinds on Aaron’s cock, which is still trapped behind his pants but quickly getting hard. She leans back against his chest until her head is resting on his shoulder, her ass still moving against him the entire time. His left hand reaches out and touches the side of her leg just below her hip but she grabs ahold of his arm and pushes it away. Looking back at him over her shoulder, she shakes her head.

“Not yet,” she says. “For now, keep your hands to yourself.”

As Aaron nods in compliance, Jasmine puts her hands on his knees for balance, and bounces on his groin a couple of times before standing up and turning around to face him.

Bending over at the waist, she leans in towards him. She puts her palms on the rear cushion of the couch, one on each side of his head, and sticks her tits in his face. She grabs ahold of his head and buries it into her chest, holding it there, smothering him against her tits while she straddles his waist.

A few seconds later, Jasmine releases her grip on Aaron, giving him a chance to catch his breath. While he refills his lungs with air, she sits back and undoes his belt. She slips it off and wraps it around his neck, pulling the end through the buckle. She tightens it against his skin but doesn’t latch it.

“Are you ready to get a little kinky?” she asks.

“I can’t wait,” he replies.

Smiling widely, Jasmine leans forward and gives Aaron a little kiss on the lips before pulling back. With her hand still gripping the end of the belt, she leans back, putting more pressure on the belt, pulling the strap taut and tight against Aaron’s skin. She stays in that position for a few seconds, choking him, before once again leaning forward, removing the pressure from his neck.

“Do you like that?” she asks.

“I love it,” he replies.

Dropping the belt, Jasmine leans forward and guides one of her tits into his mouth. Staring up at her, Aaron goes to town on her nipple, licking and sucking and biting down on it until it’s hard. She pops that tit out of his mouth and turns her body slightly, giving him the other one. He gives it the same treatment.

Once it’s as hard as the other one, Jasmine backs off. Dropping to her knees on the floor, she pops the button off Aaron’s pants and undoes his zipper. Leaving his pants on for the time being, she grabs ahold of his hard cock, her hand gripping the base of his shaft, and negotiates it out of his boxers. She gives the tip a single lick while her hand works his shaft. She drops down a little further, runs her tongue up the underside of his cock, starting at his balls and ending the tip. Then she slaps his cock against her tongue a couple of times and then starts to blow him proper, wrapping her lips around his cock and dropping her head down on it.

Jasmine works Aaron’s cock like a pro, her mouth and hand operating in tandem, getting his cock nice and slippery. After a while, she releases his cock with her hand but continues working it with her mouth, taking it all the way down and holding it there for a couple of seconds before pulling off.

“Holy shit,” Aaron says. “You’re pretty fucking good at that.”

Jasmine just smiles in return. After taking a moment to catch her breath, she sits up a little bit taller, so her tits are right in front of his cock. She grabs ahold of his cock and slaps it against one of her tits before sliding it in between them. Gripping the outside of her tits, she squeezes his cock in between them, then starts bouncing up and down on it, titty-fucking him.

Working quietly and intently, Jasmine increases the intensity, smashing her tits on his groin before coming back up. Her tits are so big that they practically engulf his cock. Only the tip is visible and only for a moment when she’s at the absolute lowest point.

Afraid that he’s going to blow his load too soon, Aaron pulls his cock out from between Jasmine’s tits.

She knows exactly what’s going on. “It felt that good huh?”

“Too fucking good,” he replies. “We don’t want this night to be over with before it starts in earnest.”

“I agree,” Jasmine says. “There’s a lot more I want you to do to me before we call it a night.”

“Same here,” Aaron says. He grabs her chin he leans forward and sticks his tongue in her mouth for a moment then stands up, leaving her on the floor. He steps out of his pants and slips his shirt off, then steps forward until her head is right underneath his cock.

Jasmine knows exactly what he wants. She grabs ahold of his cock and starts jerking him off while her mouth goes to work on his balls. She licks his sack and then takes his balls in her mouth, sucking on one of them for a little bit before switching over to the other.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jasmine asks after popping his balls out of her mouth.

“Hell yeah,” Aaron says breathlessly.

She goes back to blowing him proper, her head moving back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm. After a while he pulls his cock out of her mouth, grabs the shaft, and slaps the head against her cheek a couple times. Gripping a handful of her hair, he turns her head sideways and slides his cock into her mouth, pushing it in until the tip is pressing against the inside of her cheek hard enough to force it to stick out, making her look like a chipmunk storing a nut. He smacks her protruding cheek with his palms a couple of times before sliding his cock back out.

Jasmine shifts her head so she’s once again facing him straight on. Then she slips his cock into her mouth once again. Grabbing the back of her head with both hands, Aaron continues pressing his hips forward, forcing Jasmine to deepthroat him. Once his entire cock has disappeared into her mouth, he holds her head in place, her nose pushing up against his abdomen, her chin smashed up against his ballsack. He holds her there until she starts to gag and cough before letting her go.

After Jasmine catches her breath, he helps her to her feet and leads her back to the couch. Aaron sits down while she slips out of her panties. Then she climbs onto the couch next to him, turning sideways so both her knees are on the couch. Sitting perpendicular to him, her ass sticking up in the air just to his right, she drops down and takes his cock in her mouth. He reaches over and slaps her on the ass, then runs his hand around the back of her and slides two fingers into her wet pussy, eliciting a soft groan from Jasmine.

While Jasmine sucks his cock, Aaron bangs away at her pussy, his fingers moving in and out of her more and more quickly. Her groans growing louder, Jasmine attacks his cock with more intensity, bouncing her head up and down to match the speed that he’s working her pussy.

They continue working each other faster and faster until both are ready to blow. At that point, Aaron pulls his fingers out of Jasmine’s pussy and she lifts her head off his cock.

Staring into his eyes, Jasmine says, “Are you ready to get down to business?”

“I can’t wait,” he says.

Her eyes glowing with excitement, Jasmine climbs to her feet her and throws one leg over Aaron’s body so she’s straddling him, facing away from him, her ass right in his face. He leans forward, spreads her ass cheeks with his hands, and starts licking her pussy. She bounces her ass back against his face a couple of times, forcing his tongue deeper inside her snatch. Then she pulls away, putting her feet on the floor in between his spread legs, her ass still facing him.

With her palms on his thighs for support, Jasmine squats down, guiding her pussy onto Aaron’s cock, which is sticking straight up into the air without any help. Once his cock is inside of her, she doesn’t even bother taking things slow, bouncing up and down on him quickly, giving him her entire weight at the bottom of every thrust.

Groaning wordlessly, Jasmine impales herself on Aaron’s cock, hammering away at him without mercy. Repaying her for her aggression, Aaron slaps her ass repeatedly, but that only serves to fuel her intensity.

As she slams herself into him even harder, Aaron slides his hand up to her huge breast and starts smacking away at it. This doesn’t slow her down either, however. She just continues bouncing on him as hard and fast as she can.

Desperate to get her to slow down for fear of cumming too soon, Aaron grabs ahold of her arms and yanks them backwards, locking her elbows out and pinning her arms together at the wrist.

With her arms trapped behind her, Jasmine finally slows things down a bit. Aaron pushes up on her wrists, putting more pressure on her elbows, forcing her to lean forward. She stops bouncing on his cock but continues grinding against it, her ass moving forward and back, shifting the angle of his cock constantly.

“Do you like that?” he asks. “Do you like getting manhandled?”

“I fucking love it,” she cries.

“I though you would,” he says. “You look the type.”

After another half a minute of this, Aaron releases her arms but grabs ahold of her hair and yanks down, lifting her chin to the ceiling and arching her spine backwards.

Jasmine lets out a sharp yelp of pleasure and stops moving against him. She just sits there for a couple of seconds, his cock planted deep inside her pussy. Aaron releases her hair and lifts Jasmine off of him. She quickly turns around and bends over at the waist, keeping her legs straight.

“I want to lick my pussy juices off of your cock.”

“Be my guest,” Aaron says.

Jasmine takes Aaron’s cock in her mouth and sucks her pussy juices off of it, then climbs back onto the couch and straddles him. Leaning forward, she sticks her tits in his face. Aaron latches on to one of them with his mouth while she guides his cock into her pussy. Once it’s inside her, she starts bouncing on his cock, moving more slowly than before in order to allow him to continue sucking on her tits.

Aaron reaches around Jasmine’s hips and grabs ahold of her ass cheeks and spreads them wide then starts doing some of the work himself, holding her in place while he lifts his hips up and down repeatedly, slamming his cock deep inside of her pussy.

Jasmine sticks her middle finger in her mouth to get it lubed up, then reaches back and sticks it in her asshole. Aaron runs his hands back up to her tits and pushes up on them, forcing her to arch her back.

They both hammer away at each other, Aaron moving his hips up as Jasmine slams them down, allowing deeper penetration. She’s practically hyperventilating as she slides her finger in and out of her asshole.

Jasmine hammers down into him one final time and holds her body there, his cock planted deep in her pussy, her finger knuckle-deep in her asshole. Her eyes are turned up to the ceiling as her body tenses for a moment. She bites down on her bottom lip, her face screwed tight, holding her breath for a moment before she lets it out with a burst and a low guttural moan. Her body quivers for a moment as an orgasm slams through her.

Still sitting on his cock, Jasmine pulls her finger from her asshole and sticks it in her mouth. Looking down on Aaron, their eyes locked together, she sucks her ass juices off her finger until it’s clean.

“I love the taste of my ass,” she says. “What about you, big boy? Do you want to taste my ass?”

“I’d love to,” Aaron says.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Jasmine asks. “It’s ready to get licked. But first my pussy needs a little bit of love from your tongue.”

“My pleasure,” he says.

With excitement in his eyes, Aaron lifts Jasmine up and dumps her onto the couch and climbs to his feet. Standing over her, he flips her over so she’s on her back, then grabs her legs and spreads them wide. He drops to his knees and buries his face in her pussy.

Aaron goes to town on Jasmine, licking her snatch, flicking his tongue all around, then sliding it deep into her. She reaches down, grabs the back of his head, and pulls him towards her, smashing his face against her pussy.

Jasmine holds them there, smothering him with her flesh while he continues to explore her insides with his tongue. She releases his head, giving him a chance to breathe. While he catches his breath, she throws her legs back and hooks her arms underneath them to keep them in place, opened wide to him. She adjusts on the couch so her hips are raised, exposing her asshole to him.

After a couple of deep breaths,  Aaron dives back in, this time going straight for Jasmine’s asshole. With his hands on her ass cheeks, holding them wide, he runs  his tongue around her anus in circles, getting it nice and wet with his saliva. While she groans in pleasure, he slips the tip of his tongue into her asshole. Keeping it rigid, he slides his tongue in and out of her asshole, forcing it deeper and deeper, opening her up wider with every pass.

As the intensity of Jasmine’s moans increase, she closes her eyes and throws her head back so her face is looking up towards the ceiling.

“That’s it, that’s it,” she says. “Work that asshole, work it baby.”

Her asshole gaping now, Aaron replaces his tongue with two fingers. They slide in easily, with just a hint of resistance. Jasmine’s head snaps down, her eyes wide.

“Holy fucking shit,” she says. “That’s what I’m talking about. Keep it going. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop.”

Aaron works his fingers in and out of her asshole, moving them slowly but surely, spitting on them occasionally to keep them nice and lubed up. Eventually he slides his fingers all the way inside her asshole until they disappear completely. Holding them there, deep in her asshole, he explores her insides with his fingers.

With his free hand, Aaron slaps Jasmine’s ass a couple of times, then once again starts licking her pussy. Working her asshole with his fingers and her pussy with his tongue, Aaron takes Jasmine to new heights, her legs quivering, her body shucking and jiving, her mouth rattling off a string of obscenities.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screams. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

A few seconds later, Jasmine’s body tenses up for a moment, then releases in a vast, extreme shudder that lasts a full five seconds, drenching his face with her juices as she cums again.

“Goddamn that felt fucking good!” she says quickly. “Now stick your cock in me. I want you to fuck me some more.”

“As you wish,” Aaron says.

He slips his fingers out of her ass and pulls his tongue out of her pussy and stands up. While Jasmine continues holding her legs back, he slides his rock-hard cock into her soaking wet pussy.

Jasmine’s breath catches in her throat as Aaron enters her and starts pounding away. She looks up at Aaron with eyes radiating need, so he turns up the intensity, giving her his entire cock in fast, brutal thrusts.

Leaning forward just a bit, he slides the fingers that were in her pussy into her mouth. Once she’s sucked them dry, he trades hands, giving her the fingers that were in her ass. These he pushes deep into her mouth, causing her to gag and cough.

Aaron pulls his fingers out of Jasmine’s mouth and lightly smacks her cheek a couple times before sticking them back in. He hooks them behind her bottom teeth and pulls down, opening her mouth, putting pressure on her jaw while he continues hammering away at her.

A short time later, Aaron is ready for more. He slips his cock out of her pussy and climbs up onto the couch. Standing above her with his feet on the seat cushions, pinning her legs back by her head with his own, he slides his cock into her mouth.

Holding Jasmine’s head against the back of the couch with his hands, Aaron face-fucks her, giving her his entire cock in fast, deep strokes. Staring down at her, he watches as his cock goes in and out of her mouth, her eyes turned up towards his.

“That’s right,” he says. “Take it. Take the whole fucking thing like that slut that you are.”

Aaron slams his cock into her mouth one last time and holds it there, his cock planted deep in her throat. Once she starts to gag, he pulls it back out and climbs off the couch.

“Are you ready for my cock in your ass?” Aaron says.

With her bottom lip between her teeth, Jasmine nods vigorously. “Give it to me,” she says. “I need it.”

Aaron grabs Jasmine by the ankles and pushes her legs back, tilting her body backwards, lifting her ass further up off the couch. Holding her ankles on either side of her head, pinning them to the rear cushion of the couch, he shifts his hips until the tip of his cock is touching her asshole.

Jasmine grabs ahold of his cock, gripping the base to keep it in place, allowing him to slide it into her asshole without using his hands. A deep, animalistic sound escapes from her mouth as his cock slowly makes its way into her asshole.

Aaron only works it halfway in before letting up on the pressure, sliding it back a bit before moving forward again. He continues giving her only half of his cock at a time, taking things slowly, giving her a chance to loosen up.

“Holy shit that feels so fucking good,” she says. “I love the feel of your cock in my ass.”

Jasmine runs her hand down her stomach and slips two fingers into her pussy. She starts finger-banging herself while Aaron fucks her ass.

The attention she’s paying to her pussy seems to relax her, as her asshole loosens up further to accept even more of his cock.

Aaron takes advantage, planting it three quarters of the way inside her before pulling back. She starts hammering away on herself with more aggression, which relaxes her asshole even more.

“That’s right,” Jasmine says. “Give me the whole fucking thing. I want to feel your entire cock in my ass.”

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