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Molly and Tammy have been roommates for almost two years now. At first, they were just that, roommates and nothing more. But as the months rolled on and neither one could find a man worth spending more than a couple of nights with (if even that) they started to wonder if men were even necessary.

After all, they enjoyed each other’s company far more than they enjoyed hanging out with men. They understood each other, got along great, and both thought the other was sexy as hell.

In fact, as the days wore on, and they started talking about their feelings towards one another (usually with some alcohol involved) they started to realize that the only thing men had that they needed were cocks. And those were easy enough to approximate.

So they ventured down to the local sex shop and bought a dildo.

And the rest was history.

They quickly realized that men were not needed. Not at all.

Now they spend pretty much every night getting freaky in every way possible. But tonight was going to be special. Molly was going to take things to a whole different level. She was going to take control and push Tammy’s boundaries to places they’ve never been before. And Tammy was going to love it.




“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Molly asks.

They’re on the couch, having just dusted off a couple bottles of wine. They are wearing comfortable cotton robes and nothing else.

“I’m positive,” Tammy says. “I want you to push the envelope.”

“Then take off that robe and get down on the floor,” Molly says. “And let’s get this show on the road.”

Smiling, Tammy does as she’s told, slipping the robe off, showing off her tight, tiny body, then dropping to the floor. She’s sitting on her knees, looking at Molly, smiling widely.

“That’s a good girl,” Molly says. She too climbs off the couch and slips out of the robe. Then she walks towards Tammy until she’s standing above her. Looking down at her roommate, her pussy just a few inches from Tammy’s face, Molly grabs the back of Tammy’s head and pushes on it until Tammy’s face is pressing against her pussy.

“Get that tongue in there,” Molly says, looking down as Tammy eats her out. “Don’t be shy. Tongue-fuck my snatch you dirty little slut.”

Tammy obliges, slipping her tongue deep inside Molly’s pussy.

“There you go,” Molly says, holding Tammy’s head in place, smashing her face against Molly’s flesh. “Just like that. Good girl.”

Molly holds Tammy in place for a full ten seconds before letting go of her head. Tammy pulls back and tries to get some air into her lungs.   

As Tammy catches her breath, Molly turns around. She bends over and puts one hand on each of her asscheeks and spreads her ass wide then backs it up into Tammy’s face.

Tammy starts in on Molly’s pussy, burying her face in it, forcing her tongue deep inside her. She’s still not quite caught her breath, but that turns Molly on even more, hearing Tammy struggling for air while eating her out.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Molly says. “That’s a good girl. Get that tongue in my pussy. As deep as you can.”

Tammy obliges, forcing her face deeper between Molly’s legs. Molly helps her out, reaching back and again grabbing ahold of the back of Tammy’s head and holding her in place, buried deep inside her pussy.

Tammy is making gasping, choked noises. They are muffled by Molly’s pussy but audible nonetheless. After a few seconds, Tammy tries to pull away to get better access to air.

But Molly is having none of it. She holds tight to Tammy’s head, keeping it in place, smashed against her pussy.

“Where are you going?” Molly says. “I didn’t say you could breathe yet.”

Tammy’s feet are banging on the carpet and her body is shaking slightly. She obviously wants out of the situation but there’s not really all that much she can do.

Besides, Molly knows Tammy is fine. If she’s able to fight this hard, she still has plenty of air in her lungs. Her body is just panicking but she’s in no real danger.

“Just relax,” Molly says, still holding her in place. “You’re fine.”

But Tammy isn’t listening. Or at least, her body isn’t. It’s still quivering around like a fish on dry land.

“Five more seconds and I’ll let you go,” Molly says. And she begins to countdown.

Tammy relaxes a little bit now that the end is near.

“Five,” Molly says. “Four. Three. Two. One.”

Once she’s done counting, Molly releases Tammy’s head.

Tammy detaches from Molly’s pussy and immediately starts gasping for breath. Her face is bright red and glistening in the light from Tammy’s juices. But despite all this, she’s got a wide smile on her face.

“Very good,” Molly says. “I’m impressed.”

“Thanks,” Tammy says.

“I take it you liked it?”

“Afterwards, yes,” Tammy says. “But during, I’m not going to lie. I was panicking a little bit.”

“That’s just your body’s natural reaction to lack of quality air,” Molly says. “It starts to freak out. But in the end, that’s what makes the experience so enjoyable.”

“It certainly was enjoyable,” Tammy says.

“Just wait,” Molly says. “That was just the beginning. On your hands and knees with your ass up in the air.”

Smiling, Tammy does as she’s told, her perfect little ass right in front of Molly’s face, her asshole open and beckoning.

“That’s a good little slut,” Molly says. She gives Tammy a little smack on the ass then drops down to her hands and knees too, so her face is at the same level as Tammy’s ass.

Ignoring her pussy, Molly goes straight for Tammy’s asshole, lapping at it like she’s a kitten drinking milk, getting it nice and wet.

Tammy lets out a little yelp of surprise and pleasure. It’s obvious she isn’t expecting this turn of events.

And Molly is just getting started. Now that Tammy’s asshole is warmed up, it’s time to get busy. Making her tongue rigid, Molly slides it into Tammy’s anus.

“Holy fucking shit,” Tammy says, her voice a high-pitched moan. “Jesus Christ that feels fucking good.”

After holding her tongue deep in Tammy’s asshole for a bit, Molly starts bouncing her head against Tammy’s ass, her still-rigid tongue moving in and out of Tammy’s asshole. She bangs Tammy’s asshole with her tongue for half a minute, then smashes her face against Tammy’s ass, hold her tongue deep inside Tammy for a few seconds before backing off.

As Tammy moans and groans in excitement, Molly comes around to the other side of Tammy, so she’s facing her, then grabs ahold of her roommate’s shoulders and pulls them to the ground until Tammy’s head is between Molly’s legs and her ass is sticking further up in the air.

Pinning Tammy’s head between her legs, Molly and goes back to licking her asshole. She runs her tongue around Tammy’s anus then slips her tongue inside it.

Sliding her body forward so she’s straddling Tammy’s upper body, only facing the opposite direction, Molly leans forward and spreads Tammy’s asscheeks. She gathers up some saliva and lets it drip from her mouth into Tammy’s ass crack, watching is it slides down towards Tammy’s asshole.

Once that wad of spit reaches her asshole, Molly uses her index finger to rub it in, loosening up Tammy’s anus and getting it nice and wet. While Tammy moans beneath her, Molly slips the tip of her middle finger into Tammy’s asshole and starts working it around.

Tammy lets out a little squeal and starts breathing more deeply before getting used to the violation and settling in a bit.

Once Tammy relaxes, Molly slips her finger further inside her and works it around in larger circles.

“That’s a good girl,” Molly says. “You’re starting to get the hang of this. Are you ready for another finger?”

“Fuck yeah,” Tammy says, her voice full of excitement. “Give it to me.”

So Molly does, sliding her index finger into Tammy’s asshole alongside her middle finger. It’s a tight fit at first, but Molly works her fingers like a pro, and pretty soon Tammy’s asshole is accepting both of fingers with relative ease.

“You’re doing great,” Molly says. “But now that your asshole is good and wet and loosened up, it’s time to up the ante a bit.”

“I’m ready,” Tammy says.

“Are you sure?” Molly asks. “This is a going to be a pretty big step up.”

“Bring it on,” Tammy says. “I can handle it.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Molly says.

Molly lets  her fingers slip out of Tammy’s asshole and climbs off of her friend. She reaches into the drawer of a nearby desk and digs into it, pulling out a pink, 16-inch long, double-sided dildo.

“Look what I have for you,” Molly says, smiling and waving it in Tammy’s face.

“That’s going in my asshole?” Tammy says.

Molly nods, grinning wider.

“I don’t know about that,” Tammy says.

“Don’t worry, you can handle it,” Molly says. “I wouldn’t be breaking it out if you couldn’t.”

“If you say so.”

“I do,” Molly says. “I do.”

“Then let’s get down to business.”

“Pretty soon,” Molly says. “But first we need to get it all wet. Care to join me?”

“With pleasure,” Tammy says.

“Open wide,” Molly says. Tammy obliges.

Molly takes one side of the dildo and slips it into Tammy’s mouth until almost half of it disappears, then holds it in her roommate’s throat until Tammy starts to gag before letting it slide back out.

As Tammy catches her breath, Molly sticks the other half of the dildo into her own mouth and blows it for a few seconds before effortlessly taking half of it down her throat. Tammy gets in on the fun, taking other end of the dildo in her hand and sliding it into her mouth.

Now with one girl on each side, both Molly and Tammy start sucking on the dildo, bobbing their heads forward and back, gradually making more of the dildo disappear inside their mouths, until finally their lips are meeting in the middle, both of them swallowing half.

They hold the dildo in their mouths, each deepthroating it for a full ten seconds before pulling off. With saliva dripping out of their mouths, they make out, sharing their spit with each other.

“I think it’s ready,” Molly says. “Are you?”

Tammy nods, her eyes filled with excitement and a wide smile on her face.

“Then turn around and get on your hands and knees and grabs your asscheeks and spread them wide,” Molly says.

Tammy does as she’s told. Once she’s in position, Molly sucks on the dildo a little longer to get it nice and lubed up, then pulls it out and slides the wet end into Molly’s ass.

“Ohmygod,” Tammy says, her voice a sexy, high-pitched moan.

“Just relax,” Molly says. “I’ll take it slow. At first, at least. Okay?”

Tammy nods and takes a deep breath as Molly starts working her asshole with the dildo, moving it slowly at first, letting her friend get used to the size. Tammy is moaning consistently and her breath is ragged, but she seems to be enjoying herself based on the nature of the sounds coming out of her mouth.

“You’re doing great,” Molly says. “Just stay relaxed and everything will be fine.”

And with that, Molly  starts works Tammy’s asshole more aggressively, sliding it in and out with a rapidly growing intensity as Molly’s moans turn louder and more guttural.

“Holy shit that feels so fucking good,” Tammy says between deep breaths. “Fuck my asshole with that dildo. Fuck it good!”

So Molly does, giving Tammy more and more with every thrust.

After banging away at Tammy’s asshole for a full minute, Molly say, “Reach back and hold your asscheeks open. I want to see your asshole gape.”

Tammy does as she’s asked, grabbing one cheek with each hand and pulling them apart.

“There you go,” Molly says. “Now hold them there, pulling tight, as I yank the dildo out of your ass. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” Tammy says.

Molly bangs her a couple more times then quickly pulls the dildo out of Tammy’s asshole, leaving it wide open and gaping.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Molly says, staring down at the huge, gaping hole that makes up Tammy’s asshole. “That’s so fucking beautiful.”

Molly slips the dildo back into Tammy’s asshole and starts banging away again, harder this time, making Tammy groans even louder.

“Keep holding your asscheeks open,” Molly says. “That’s a good girl. Here we go again. Are you ready?”

Tammy nods this time. She’s breathing too hard to talk.

Molly yanks the dildo out of Tammy’s ass again, leaving it gaping even wider than before. “There it is,” she says. “You’re fucking incredible.” She leans over and slips her tongue into the hole that it Tammy’s anus, pressing her face against her roommate’s cheeks, forcing her tongue deep inside Tammy. After exploring for a bit, she runs the tip of her tongue around the edge of Tammy’s asshole as deeply pleasurable noises escape from her roommate’s mouth.

“It’s time to get me some of this,” Molly says to herself after extracting her tongue from Tammy’s asshole.

Molly slides the dildo back into Tammy’s anus, then turns around and drops to her hands and knees also and backs her ass up to Tammy’s. Then she grabs ahold of the dildo and slides the free end into her own asshole.

The girls start to hammer their asses against each other, fucking themselves with the dildo.

The sounds of sex fill up the room, Tammy’s high-pitched moans and Molly’s low-feverish grunts combining for a symphony of fucking.

Once this goes on for a bit, Molly feels an orgasm coming on. She lets her hand slide down her body and starts to rub her pussy while continuing to hammer her ass back against Tammy’s ass.

A few seconds later, Molly’s eyes roll up in her head and her body tenses. Her body freezes and she lets out a low, guttural moan and shakes her head back and forth as an orgasm flows through her. She holds her breath for a moment, then lets it out in a rush, her legs quivering and her chest heaving as she cums.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Molly grunts as the orgasm passes through her body. Once she’s finished, she crawls forward, pulling the dildo out of her asshole but leaving it planted deep inside Tammy’s. Molly then turns around. Still on her hands and knees, she wraps her lips around her half of the dildo, sucking her ass juices from it while the other half stays planted in Tammy’s ass.

Once Molly is done licking her ass juices off her end of the dildo, she says to Tammy, “What do you think? Are you having fun yet?”

“So much fucking fun,” Tammy replies, turning her head to address Molly. Her smile is wide and her hair is a mess and her face is red from exertion. “That was fucking incredible.”

“And we’re still not done,” Molly says. “Can you handle some more?”

“Whatever you’ve got,” Tammy says.

“Are you sure about that?”


Grinning madly, Molly says, “Let’s find out.” Folding the dildo over, she slides the other end into Tammy’s asshole too, essentially giving her a double anal.

“Ohmyfuckinggod,” Tammy moans, the words barely audible. Apparently this isn’t what she was expecting.

“Is it too much?” Molly asks.

“No,” Tammy says, barely able to get the words out between deep breaths. “But it’s damn close.”

“Here,” Molly says. “I can help loosen you up.”

As Tammy grunts and moans with barely disguised discomfort, Molly lies down on the floor, her back to the carpet and her head towards the ceiling. She slides her body underneath Tammy’s, facing the opposite direction, her face right below Tammy’s pussy, her feet beneath Tammy’s face.

Lifting her head up, Molly starts licking Tammy’s pussy, running her tongue up and down the length of it.

“Is that better?” Molly asks.

“Much,” Tammy says. There’s still discomfort in her voice but definitely less of it.

“Good,” Molly says before slipping her tongue further inside Tammy’s pussy. After a half a minute of eating Tammy out, Molly’s hand comes up to work her friend’s clit.

Tammy’s moans turn more heated almost immediately.

“There we go,” Molly says. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

As Tammy gets more and more loosened up, Molly climbs out from beneath her. While still rubbing Tammy’s clit with one hand, she uses her free hand to bang the dildo (with both ends still inside) in and out Tammy’s asshole.

“Holy shit, holy fucking shit,” Tammy says, practically screaming now as Molly pummels her asshole and rubs her clit with serious aggression. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

Half a minute later Tammy does just that, cumming violently, her body shaking and shimmying while a loud piercing scream escapes from her throat. Her pussy squirts juices everywhere, drenching the carpet.

Molly abandons her hold on the dildo and flops to the floor, her head directly beneath Tammy’s pussy as she squirts. She’s still working Tammy’s clit, forcing her to squirt some more, this time getting her juices all over Molly’s face.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Molly says, still working Tammy’s clit and leaving the dildo planted in her roommate’s asshole as she cums. “Squirt all over me. Just like that!”

Tammy squirts a few more times, further drenching Molly, before she runs dry.

Climbing out from under Tammy, her face drenched with Tammy’s juices, Molly slips the dildo out of her friend’s asshole and comes around the front of her.

With Tammy still on her hands and knees, Molly drops down to the same level. Then she slips the dildo into Tammy’s mouth, forcing her to suck her own ass juices off it. Molly face-fucks Tammy with the dildo, shoving deep into her throat and holding it there for a few seconds before pulling it back out.

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