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Rick Decker remembered when you used to have to wine a dine a woman to get her to sleep with you. Three dates at the minimum, sometimes more, and then maybe you’d get lucky. But not anymore. These days it seems like all you had to do is buy a young woman a drink or two and you’ve got a fifty-fifty shot of jumping in the sack.

And not only that, but women seemed more willing to get freaky than ever before. And earlier in the relationship too. It used to be that you’d have to make a woman feel comfortable with you before getting really nasty. A couple sessions of regular, straight sex, maybe with a little bit of oral, and then you would get progressively more and more nasty as the weeks and months wore on.

But no more.

Nowadays, chances are the first time you jump into bed with a young woman, she’s going to let you (or better yet, ask you) to do things it used to take years to build up to.

Not that Rick is complaining, mind you. Personally, he liked it much better this way than the old way. Especially after he met a young woman who was a true freak, willing to do the kinds of things you’d only see in porn. And throw in the fact that she had the face of a true slut, the body of an fitness freak and the attitude of a pornstar, and he’d be the first to admit that he’s one hell of a lucky dude.




 Her name was Tori and she was exactly how Rick liked his women. 21 years old, thin and athletic, dark hair, lots of tattoos, tight ass, long, sculpted legs, good sized but not too enormous tits, and a face that just screamed slut. Not particularly cute but still hot, she looked like the kind of girl that would get nasty in all the right ways. A little on the white trash side, but that just turned him on even more.

They met at a bar one night. They were both out with friends and somehow started talking. He didn’t remember the conversation at all but it must have went well, as right before her friends dragged her out to a different bar with them Tori gave Rick her address and asked him to come over the next evening to hang out. He told her he’d love to and then she took off.

Rick showed up at 6PM the next evening not knowing what to expect. But as soon as Tori answered the door it was obvious what was going on. She was wearing a red fishnet top over a black bra, a pair of tight-fitting black shorts that left very little to the imagination, and a pair of knee-high black boots. Nothing else.

His cock immediately started to rise.

“For some reason I feel overdressed,” Rick said, flashing her a little smile as he walked in.

“Don’t worry,” Tori said, closing the door behind him. She leaned up against him and looked him in the eyes. She ran her hand down his chest, over his stomach and settled on his cock. “I’ll take care of that soon enough.”

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” he said, laughing.

“What can I say?” Tori replied. “I know what I want.” She gave his cock squeeze. “And from what I can tell, you want it too. I don’t see why we shouldn’t just get right down to it. Unless, of course, you aren’t comfortable with that.”

“It’s fine with me.”

“I thought you’d feel that way,” she said, undoing his zipper. “Now let’s see what you’re packing down there.”

Tori dropped down to her knees and pulled his pants off while Rick slipped out of his shirt. His cock was sticking straight out, hard enough to hammer nails. Rick had a pretty big cock. It was right around 7 inches long but thicker than most. Plenty big enough for even the sluttiest of girls out there. Which was a list that Tori was near the top of, from what he could tell.

Her eyes widened when she saw it out in the open.

“Well, what do you think?” Rick asked, taunting her just a bit.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” she said. “Of course, size doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do with it.” She pulled her gaze from his cock and looked up at him. “Do you?”

“I do,” he said. “The real question is: Do you?”

She scoffed. “Please. Just watch me.”

Without further ado, she wrapped one hand around his shaft, opened her mouth, and slipped his cock inside. She sucked on the tip and stroked his shaft at the same time, working slowly at first but gradually picking up steam, her mouth dropping further and further down his cock with every thrust.

Tori’s head was bouncing forward and back, moving faster and faster. Her hair was flying everywhere. She took his cock three-quarters of the way down her throat and held it there for a good five seconds, maintaining eye contact the entire time, before gagging and pulling her head back.

Tori took a single deep breath, then gathered up the saliva in her mouth and spit it on his cock. Still staring up at him with an evil little smile on her face, she jerked him off.

“Do you like how I suck your cock?” she asked. “Do you like seeing it planted in my pretty little mouth?”

Smiling back at her, he nodded.

“Yeah, I’m sure you do,” Tori said. “Just wait till you see what else I can do.”

She dropped a little lower and slid her body further underneath his. She pressed his cock against his stomach, exposing his balls more prominently, then proceeded to lick them and suck on them, one at a time.

Rick took a deep breath and let out a little moan.

“You like that, huh?” she said, pulling her fishnet off and then undoing her bra, freeing up her perfect tits. “You like it when I play with your balls?”

Rick nodded again.

Tori snickered, enjoying her control over him, then went back to work. She gripped his ballsack just under the base of his cock, creating a tight little package with his balls as the gift. Then she took the whole thing in her mouth, sucking on it like she was trying to pull his balls out the bottom of his sack.

He shuddered and groaned softly.

She relaxed on the pressure a bit, bouncing his balls around in her mouth while jerking him off for a few seconds before suddenly sucking on them more aggressively than ever, eliciting from him yet another gasp.

Tori was expertly straddling the line between pleasure and pain, keeping him on his toes, not letting him get comfortable, heightening his sensation like a pro.

She played with his balls for a little while longer before releasing them with a pop. Looking up at him with her hand still around his cock, she slapped it against her cheek couple of times .

“Fuck my face, baby,” Tori said. “Fuck my pretty little face.”

“With pleasure,” Rick said.

He grabbed two handfuls of her hair and slid his hard cock into her open mouth. He pumped his hips forward and back, pulling her head towards him in time with his movements, slamming his cock deep into her mouth with every thrust. Gurgled, strained sounds escaped from her throat as he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her mouth before sticking it back in, balls deep, over and over. Saliva dripped out of her mouth and onto the hardwood floor, creating a reservoir of spit.

Seeing the mess she was making, Rick decided to see just how far Tori would go. He wanted to see how much of a slut she really was; just your garden variety freak or someone willing to push the envelope and do things that were just flat-out nasty and deviant.

“You’re making a mess,” he said, pulling his cock out of her mouth to give her a chance to take a breath. “Clean it up.”

Rick released Tori’s hair, and she immediately dropped down to her hands and knees. Leaning over, she ran her tongue over the pool of saliva, licking it up. When that proved inefficient, she sucked it up into her mouth, tilting her head back to swallow it once it was cleaned up off the floor.

“You’re a filthy little fuckslut, aren’t you?” he said, marveling at her nastiness.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” she said, looking up at him with a little half-smirk.

“We’ll see about that,” he said. “But for now just stay down on the floor and don’t move. I want to stick my cock in that beautiful pussy of yours.”

“Be my guest,” she said, arching her back, forcing her impossibly tight ass up into the air while he came around to the other side of her. “But promise me you won’t take it easy on me.”

“That’s the last thing you have to worry about,” he said, smiling.

Rick approached Tori from behind, bent over, and yanked her little black shorts off, revealing her pretty little pussy. Then, with one of his legs on each side of her body, he scooted forward until his legs were even with her hips. He squatted down, letting his cock rest on top of her ass. Then he grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head up until their faces were cheek to cheek, both facing the same way.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” he said.

“I’ve been waiting all day for it,” Tori said. “Get on with it already.”

Rick laughed. He fucking loved her attitude.

Still squatting above her, he slid his hips back just a little bit, grabbed ahold of his cock, and slipped it into her soaking wet pussy. It went in easily despite his size, which spoke volumes about Tori. It was rare that he found a woman that could handle him with ease, yet Tori appeared to. It bode well for their future.

“Holy shit,” Tori groaned once he was all the way inside her.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” he asked, even though he already knew the answer. He just wanted to hear how she’d reply.

“I can fucking handle whatever you can dish out,” Tori said.

With that in mind, Rick gripped her hips for balance and started moving against her. He started slow, fucking her with slow, insistent strokes. But it wasn’t long before he was pounding her more quickly, his cock moving in and out of her in a fast, steady rhythm.

“That’s it, baby,” Tori said. “Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Give it to me like you mean it.”

So he did, hammering her with more aggression. Their bodies bounced off each other, her ass rippling every time they made contact. He slid his hands up her back and grabbed a hold of her shoulders, pulling back on them as he moved into her, forcing his cock deeper inside her pussy with every thrust.

“Just like that, just like that!” she said, her voice louder. “Fuck me like I deserve to get fucked! Treat me like the little slut that I am!”

Tori’s trash-talking turned Rick on even more and left him wanting to up the ante. He saw her hair splayed down her back and reached out and grabbed a handful of it and yanked back. She let out a surprised yelp and arched her back even further, allowing him deeper access to her pussy. Using her hair to manipulate her body and keep the tension at a maximum, he hammered away, her ass bouncing against him with more and more force.

“Right there, right there, right fucking there!” Tori said, growling like an animal. “Keep fucking me, keep fucking me, keep fucking me, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

And cum she did, her body tightening up for a moment and then releasing with a shudder and a deep, guttural moan.

Once her orgasm had passed, Rick slowed down to catch his breath, not pulling his cock out of her pussy, but not moving against her either.

But Tori was having none of that. She slammed her ass back into him, catching him off guard. “Just because I came once you think you can slow down?” she said, hammering back against him again. “Not a chance, mister. I’m not a man. I’m not done after a single pathetic orgasm.”

Smiling, loving every minute of it, Rick let her bounce her ass back against him a few more times before taking control again, grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them wide before pounding away, his hips slamming into her with more force than ever before.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, his voice harsh but still playful. “You want me to open you up and pummel you like a fucking whore?”

“What I want is for you to fuck me like a man,” she said, turning back to glare at him. “Not a little boy.”

Her trash-talking riled him up even further. Smiling like a devil, Rick grabbed her arms, crossed them over each other, and held them against her back.

“That’s right,” she said, her head still turned back at him. “Own me. Make me your bitch.”

With his eyes locked onto hers, Rick did just that, slamming into her with as much force as he could muster. Her moans turned to screams as he pounded away at her pussy, hammering on her so hard that she flinched every time he bottomed out.

Rick pushed down on Tori’s upper body, forcing her head to the floor. Holding her arms behind her back with one hand and her face to the floor with the other, he fucked her with every ounce of aggression he had.

“Is this how you want it?” he said. “Ass up in the air and face to the floor while I hammer you with my cock?”

“That’s exactly how I want it!” she screamed. “Punish me! Fucking destroy me! I deserve it!”

Rick gave it to Tori just like that for another thirty seconds or so before he had to back away. He was too close to orgasm to keep it up for much longer and he wanted to fuck her some more before he finished up. So he stood up and pulled his cock out of her pussy.

“Come taste yourself,” he said, looking down at her.

Being the good little slut that she was, Tori knew exactly what he was talking about. She spun and scooted over towards him rose up on her knees and started licking his cock up and down, cleaning it of all her juices.

“I taste so fucking good,” she said, looking up at him with a nasty little smile on her face and her hand wrapped around his shaft.

“Stop talking and start sucking,” he said.

She flashed him a little smile then attacked his cock again, this time taking it in her mouth and sucking on it with her lips sealed tight, creating a vacuum-like seal.

It felt good; too good in fact. If Rick let her do it for very much longer he was going to cum. And he still had some things he wanted to do to her before they were finished. So he grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked on her head, pulling her head off his cock.

Tori looked up at him with a twinkle in her eyes and a little half-smirk on her lips.

“Almost finished up there, did you?” she said.

“Maybe,” he said, smiling back at her. “I just a few seconds to recover.”

“Fair enough.”

Still grasping her hair, Rick turned and starting walking towards the couch, dragging Tori along. She crawled on her hands and knees like an animal, her ass high and swaying.

Once they arrived at the couch, Rick reached down and picked Tori up. Then he spun her around and dropped her on the couch, so her head was lying on the cushion, her face looking up towards the ceiling and her feet up in the air.

As Tori smiled up at him, Rick climbed onto the couch and turned so he was facing her, scooting forward until his groin was hovering right above her face.

Tori opened her mouth and Rick dropped his balls into it. Staring down at her, he jerked himself off as she sucked on his balls.

“Fuckin-A you’re good at that,” he said.

“Thank you,” Tori said as best as she could with her mouth full before working them even more forcefully.

Rick let out a groan and shivered. A few seconds later he lifted himself up in an attempt to extract his balls from her mouth. But Tori refused to release them, holding on with her mouth, stretching his ballsack to it’s limits before reluctantly letting go with a pop.

After taking a moment to recover, Rick smacked Tori’s face with his cock a few times then stuck it in her mouth. He fucked her face using long, slow strokes, giving her his entire cock each time.

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