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First Edition

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The Game

It was a simple game. The Big Sister on the Wall sent a picture of the guy. You found him. You got him to fuck you. How She stipulated. If you had to get him in the bathroom, you went for it. Sometimes there was even a price pot for a guy nobody could land, but it seemed to be a rumor. Nobody ever saw Her either. Yeah, it was sick in a lot of people’s eyes, but it was fun way to spend the weekend.

What made tonight’s game so special was that Tasha actually knew her mark for the night. She spied him from across the gala as the evening was winding down. She knew him from a few classes, and smirked to herself as she thought of how easy it was going to be. It was easy to sweet talk him into coming out on one of the balconies with her—as instructed. He cleaned up nice, and she knew she was killing it that night. Sporting her new black dress, that hugged her curves just right. Mocha D cups pushed to presentation. Thick hips swaying every step. Wide, round ass jiggling with her tits as she walked.

She was all over him once they were alone, and he was more than happy to return the sentiment. She pinned him against the railing, running her hands up between his legs, smiling to herself as his thick cock greeted her. He moaned deeply as her lips danced along his neck, nibbling on him as she squeezed his cock. He squeezed her fat ass roughly, groping and squeezing her, the rush making her wet. He graciously accepted her playful tongue into his lips, moaning deeply as he gripped her cheeks harder.

She rushed to get to work, dropping down to her knees, and fishing his thick cock out in the evening air. He looked like he was already at the point of bursting, his head engorged and already beading thick droplets of precum as it peaked at her from beneath its skin hat. He wasn’t the most endowed, but his thickness made up for it.

“Look who’s excited.”

“This doesn’t happen a lot,” he groaned.

“I thought a guy like you would be beating girls off with a stick,” she giggled as she kissed the shivering tip of his cock lightly.

He almost melted under her lips, bracing himself on the railing as she closed her lips around his fat cock head slowly. She glanced up at him, watching his eyes roll back as he threw his head back moaning as she worked toward the base of his cock. She didn’t hesitate to deepthroat him, his cock pulsing harder and fast in her loving throat. She buried him down to the base, feeling his knees grow weak against her.

She pulled away from him slowly, drinking in his louder moans. She closed her lips around his head, lapping at his glans playfully. He rewarded her with more thick droplets of his surprisingly sweet precum. She swirled her tongue around him firmly, feeling him tense up all over as his nutt approached. She fished his heavy balls out, massaging them gently.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!”

She closed her lips firmly around him as he blasted her tongue with a thick wave of hot, sweet cum. She raced to swallow it down, moaning sweetly as he rewarded her with so much. She rushed to worked her dress straps down as he flooded her mouth, forcing her to snatch back to avoid choking on the sheer amount of cum. She wrapped her hand around his girth as another wave of cum blasted her in the face and chest. She swallowed hard, and closed her mouth around his geyser quickly, milking him in her mouth as his cum dripped down her chin and tits. After the second, powerful wave, his orgasm staved off quickly. She milked him firmly, eager to suck down the last thick drops.

She pulled away with a smile, a bit shocked to see him still rock hard. Usually when a guy came so quick, he was limp dick for the rest of the night. Not him. She hopped up, hiking her dress up and dropping her soaked panties. She bent over one of the patio tables, wiggling her ass playfully in the cool night air. She expected him to run off in her, but felt his tongue working between her cheeks instead. He spread her cheeks and found her puckered hole quickly, suckling on her gingerly. Normally, she would have never let any guy’s mouth near her ass, but tonight was an exception.

She worked back on his tongue as it entered her, his lips suckling on her hole as he tongue fucked her, making her pussy wetter with every stroke from the muscle. She felt him moan into her, burying his face between her supple cheeks, working his tongue deeper into her as her pussy pulsed pleasantly, waiting for his attention. When he pulled away, he wasted no time plunging into her, his girth shocking her for a moment. She yelped as his girth stretched her tight hole. She felt a few drops of his cum still dripping from her chin, and scooped them up into her mouth, almost biting her fingers off to try to muffle her moans.

He gripped her hips firmly as he worked his hips, pounding her harder and deeper. She moaned into her hands to keep from alerting anyone too close to balcony, but it only lasted for a few seconds. She moaned and groaned and yelled as he fucked her, working her toward orgasm quickly. She felt his heavy balls slap against her, the plump head of his cock curved just right to ram pleasantly against her g-spot.

Her knees buckled as she felt herself squirt from the thorough pounding on her g-spot, her pussy contracting tightly around his cock as she came all over him. He gripped her hips tighter, holding her flush against him as she felt another powerful wave of cum pumped off into her. Filling her to the brim with his warm spunk as her body shook from climax. She silently hoped his dick went limp because she didn’t know if she could handle anymore as much as she’d love to.

He pulled out of her slowly, sending a few last shivers of pleasure through her tender pussy. She felt globs of his thick cum leaking out of her as her muscles fought to cling to what they could of it. She stood up slowly, her knees still weak. She breathed a sigh of relief as she spun to face, bracing herself on the table. They smiled at each other, and her eyes immediately were draw to the sight of his now only semi-hard cock bobbing awkwardly before her.

Winning had never been more satisfying.


She had to make this quick. There was no way she could afford to be stopped now. She dropped to her knees, fishing the officer’s throbbing cock out quickly. He gazed down at her hungrily, his cock rock hard in the summer heat. He was far from the most, but she was in no position to judge. She faked a smile, kissing the tip of his prick gingerly, letting loose fake moans and hums as she cradled.

She closed her lips around his pent up, swollen, almost purple head, swirling her tongue around it firmly. He leaned back against the car, groaning deep in relief. She cupped his heavy balls gently, massaging them as she worked his length back along her tongue ignoring the stale musky aroma coming from his junk. You’d think sitting in an air-conditioned car all day, you wouldn’t smell bad?

She ignored it, working all the pig’s cock into her mouth, barely enough to tease the tip of her throat. She worked her mouth off to the side, nibbling and suckling along his cock. She glanced up to see his head thrown back, groaning louder on the side of the deserted road. She rolled her eyes. At least he was enjoying this. The whole, “side of the road blowjob” was exciting, but doing it to keep from getting thrown in jail kind of killed the mood.

She reached down, unbuttoning her blouse, letting her tits sway in the summer breeze. She worked her lips up and down the sides of the cop’s cock, making her way gingerly back to his balls. She worked her tongue around them in long, slow circles. He grabbed her hair, pushing her away, and shoving his musky cock back into her mouth, thrusting his hips roughly. She worked her tongue out on the underside of his length, flicking it across his balls while he fucked her face.

Good! She thought. Hurry up and get off!

She spread her legs, massaging her clit under her skirt as the cop worked his hips faster, his grunts speeding up and getting louder as the first thick globs of his precum splattered her tongue. He might have smelled bad, but at least his cum wasn’t as unpleasant. She made a show of playing with her tits, moaning like a porno starlet as he rammed balls deep into her mouth over and over, his swollen balls slapping against her chin roughly. She could feel his eyes all over her, watching her palm and massage her perky double Ds. She hoped they looked good from below—she’d paid good money for them! They were still a bit sore, but her honey brown milk jugs were ready for the showing. She just hated the first to get a good gander at them was this horny pig.

That did the trick!

He was unloading his balls right down her throat in a few moments once that show started. He held himself flush against her chin, throbbing and squirting all over her tongue. She moaned playfully as she worked the stuff down. God, he was pent up, but she refused to give him the satisfaction of spilling all over her chest. She pushed him back against the cruiser, milking his shaft firmly, lapping at his quivering glans while the last drops squirted out.

With one last grunt, his orgasm was spent. The last of his spunk sputtered out. She swallowed, making another small spectacle of gazing up to him lustfully while licking her lips. He leaned against the cruiser, sighing in relief as his cock drooped disappointingly.

“Will that cover everything, officer?”

“I believe it will, ma’am,” he grunted, tucking his package away gingerly. “Thank you for your cooperation.”

She rose to her feet, scowling as she turned to make way for her car. She could feel his eyes watching her round, bubbly ass, partially exposed as her shorts rode up her crack. She halfway expected him to stop her again, to see if he could keep the show going. However, to her relief, she really was free to go, and hurried back into the driver’s seat to be on her way.

The cruiser roared to life behind her, and the satisfied pig was on his way. She glanced at herself in the rear view, fixing her hair, ruined by his selfish face fucking. Her attention went to the soda in the cup holder, and guzzling it to wash away the taste of his spunk. She watched as the cruiser faded into the opposite direction, scoffing as she fixed her hair up in the mirror. It was just a minor hitch in her plans, and she was sure more were to come up. She just accepted she had to take them in stride.

Back Alley Dessert

He pushed her against the wall, groping and spreading her massive cheeks with a hungry grunt. He buried his face in her valley, filling his lungs with her musk, pressing his nose flush against her hole. She wiggled her hips gingerly, her ample cheeks smacking him gently. He groaned louder, rubbing his face along the length of her valley, his lips dancing close to her puckered opening.

She felt the motions of him tugging his cock out. She pushed back onto his face, her giant, chocolate ass almost enveloping his head. He groaned louder, taking another deep breath of her aroma, the bitter, earthy scent of her ass mingled with the tang of the day’s work driving him wild. She moaned softly as his lips brushed against her hole, suckling and nibbling around the opening.

“Why don’t you get you a little taste, daddy?”

His lips immediately closed around her puckered hole, suckling on her hungrily. His tongue followed, delving deep into her. she felt him working his cock faster, keeping time with his deep, broad tongue strokes. It sent tingles through her. He muffled his moans into her, suckling and nibbling on her hole while he tongued her deeper. She felt him tense up, groaning loudly as he popped all over the ground at her feet. His lips danced all over her cheeks, kissing and nibbling and suckling on her flesh as he emptied his balls on the ground. She swore she felt a drop or two splash on her ankles.

She smiled, shaking her ass for him as he let out his last few moans. She hurried to fix herself up, tucking her massive ass back into her tight dress while he clumsily tucked his half hard, still dripping cock away. There was no telling who already got and eye full of their romp, but at least no cops had swung by.

She hoped he got his money’s worth as they parted ways. Hell, he popped the second he actually managed to get her wet. She rolled her eyes and gave a little scoff as she headed they parted ways. He was a good tipper at least, and the night was still young.

No One to Bother

He could almost feel her heart beating through her chest as he pinned her against the wall, her lush pillowy breasts jiggling free as he snatched her blouse open. He hiked her leg up, cupping her small, tight backside. Their lips clumsily ventured over each others bodies. Her lips were soft and delicate, muffled moans and gasps escaping through her kisses as she suckled and nibbled his neck. His were firm, full, and ravenous, dancing over her skin clumsily, but ravenously.

He fished his cock out, and waited only a moment before plunging into her tight opening, a deep sigh of relief escaping as he sank into her slowly. She hopped off the ground, wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into her. He groped her tight ass, thrusting his hips steadily as he balanced her weight. She bit down harder on his shoulder, muffling her moans and yelps as he fell into a steady pace.

He moaned into the nape of her neck, pounding her harder and faster. She hiked her other leg up, wrapping herself around his waist as she pulled him deeper into her snug embrace. Her gasps and moans were music to his hears, her breath hot in the cool night air. He worked her along his length, her tight, round ass filling his palms pleasantly. Her breasts bounced pleasantly as he sped up. Inch by inch he sank deeper into himself, her creamy juices dribbling down his balls.

He melodic gasps and moans egged him on. He worked her along his length harder and faster, his cock finally pounding into her g-spot. Her wrapped herself around him tighter, her cool skin tingling against his. Her nails raked down his back as he slammed deeper into her, her sopping wet tunnel trembling around him. She drenched his ears with her moans, driving him mad.

She yelped as she felt her weight shifted and settled on still warm car hood near them. She smiled, reclining as he hiked her legs up to his chest, and buried his pleasantly thick girth back into her. He worked his hips meticulously, her snug tunnel now accommodating all of his thick length, slamming down to the hilt with every methodic thrust. She balanced her weight on her elbows as her breasts jiggled wildly under his efforts. Her puffy nipples were taught from the excitement and the cool air’s steady tease, goosebumps prickling her flesh all over.

The first wave of orgasm hit her like a Mack truck. It was something that she hadn’t felt in so long. It started at her core, mounting quickly, and irrupting through her. Her moans grew into ecstasy laced screams. He didn’t let up, thrusting his hips faster, his cock pulsing harder as her tunnel contracting in a second round of climax. She felt the last spasms as he finally reached release. His hot spunk flooded her tight tunnel as he joined her in bellows of relief.

She reveled in the warmth of his seed filling her as their echoes of lust faded. It was then she took a moment to get a good look at him. He wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but he wasn’t hideous either. He was a great fuck, but she was sure that after this long, any sex would be good sex.

The Hung Hour

Ava couldn’t help it. Even though he was worn out from work, she couldn’t just not be turned on by him. She hoped a long, cold shower would calm her nerves, but her libido could only be slated by his body. She could tell he was sore all over when he came in but, god, his ass was always so enticing. She’d been thinking about him all day, barely able to keep her mind off of touching herself. She wanted to save all of her spunk for him. She hadn’t had him in so long with his new job, but now, he was all hers.

She ran her hands down his side slowly, cuddling up close to him. He groaned lightly as he pressed against her on impulse. He pressed his weary head back into her supple breasts, and subtly grinded his backside into her bulge. She leaned in, moaning softly into his ear as she throbbed in the valley of his tight backside.

She kissed his earlobe lightly, tracing her tongue around the edge of his ear. She smiled to herself, feeling him come to life slowly. He grinded his hips into her bulge, moaning a bit louder as she stiffened between his cheeks. She gripped on gently, his flesh filling her hand pleasantly as she spread him. Even in such a worn-out state, he was still willing to serve her.

She worked her panties to the side, freeing her throbbing cock, thick beads of precum leaking under her touch. She wiggled his underwear lower, exposing his soft, brown cheeks. She spread him gently, tracing a finger around his opening to relax him. She leaned in closer, nibbling his earlobe as she teased his opening. She prodded him gently with her cock, squeezing a few thick beads out and rubbing them in with the plump head of her cock. She teased him, prodding him with her fat head, easing him open gingerly. She felt him pressing back against her gently, engulfing the tip of her trembling cock.

She almost popped right then, under the gentle milking of his tight entrance, thick streams of hot spunk dribbling out of her trembling girth as she worked her hips slowly.

She couldn’t wait. She hiked his leg up, easing into him with a deep moan of relief. He grunted, tensing up for a moment as she entered him, stretching his tight tunnel. She panted into his ear, thrusting her hips slow and steadily, her thick girth sinking into him fully. He groaned louder, his tunnel tightening around her, milking hot strings of precum from her.

She gritted her teeth, thrusting her hips faster, burying her girth balls deep into his tight embrace. He worked her hips harder, ramming her cock into him deeper and harder, plowing into his g-spot with every deliberate thrust. She pressed flush against him, reaching around to his rock hard cock, throbbing stiffly in her hold. He arched her back, angling his hot spot to relentless pressure from her massive cock. She stroked him in time to her own thrusts, racing her own orgasm as her balls tightened.

She felt him gush all over her hand as she pounded his g-spot, his cock erupting like a geyser all over the sheets with a loud groan. She sped up even more, ramming his tender opening harder as he milked larger streams of hot precum from her heavy balls. Her climax hit her like a brick wall, her spunk overflowing his tight ass in moments. She buried her cock down to the hilt in him, kneading his exhausted cock as pumped him full.

Shivers of pleasure ran up and down her back as the last of her spunk spewed out, her cock falling limp as she withdrew from his loving embrace. He always took the energy out of her, but she knew she’d be ready again for his body in the morning. She just hoped that he was.

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