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This Wasn't Supposed to Happen!


Allister Remm

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Chapter 1:

"Ah, welcome back to the world of waking, Kimberly. I'm Catherine, or as you will soon be calling me, Mistress Catherine."

"How do you know my name?"

"Oh I know a lot about you Kimmy. I've been occupying my time studying you these past few months. I've been interested in the human mind for a long time dear Kimmy. I won't go into detail yet, but I will say that by morning you are going to become my needy submissive slave, and I will be filling your needy ass and cunt with some of my favorite toys."

Kimberly looked at her wide eyed. She started shaking her head.

"Uh, first off, um, Catherine was it? Yeah, first off I'm not a lesbian. Secondly even if I were you're not my type, and thirdly I have a boyfriend and a family who'll come looking for me."

"Kimmy, let me try to explain it less subtly. I have brainwashing technology that will make you do whatever I say. This includes making you leave your boyfriend, disown your family, and serve me as my glassy eyed slave!"

Kimberly burst into tears. "Please let me go! I won't tell anybody! I love my boyfriend and my family! Please let me go!"

Catherine closed her eyes and smiled. "Oh I love it when they beg..."

She stepped out of the room and slid the door shut. She frowned, slid the door back open and tried to shut it again. She repeated this several times. The door wouldn't latch.

"Lifetime warranty magnetic lock huh? Fucking hell! Hm. Oh Rufus! Come here Rufus!"

Kimberly heard a dog approaching, then heard a very loud, very deep bark. The door opened and Catherine walked in, followed by a Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound mix that was easily 7 feet tall.

"Kimmy, this is Rufus, one of my more successful experiments with genetics. He's my baby aren't you Rufus!"

Rufus barked once, as if acknowledging her.

"Rufus, guard my new friend Kimberly here while I go and prepare my lab for her. Make sure she does not leave this room!"

Rufus barked again. Catherine left the room, and Rufus sat down in front of the door, blocking it.

Catherine input the final code sequence into the computer. She hit the enter button, and a wide grin broke out on her face.

"Oh Kimmy, I can't wait until you're begging me to fill that hungry, needy submissive pussy of yours. And I'll do more then that. I'll fill your mouth and your ass too. You're gonna get so used to being full that you won't feel right unless you have a dildo and a big fat butt plug stuffed up inside you."

She exited the lab. "Yes Kimmy, and I'm going to make you beg, girl... beg to cum, to cum for me."

She slid open the door and saw Rufus lying on his back. Kimberly was scratching his belly. His right hind leg was lazily kicking in the air.

"Oooooh you're just a big ol teddy bear aren't you Rufus?" Kimberly asked.

"ArooRooRooRooRoo!" Rufus replied in response.

Catherine looked at this and shrugged. "Well she didn't leave the room so uh, good dog I guess?"

Catherine tightened the last strap securing Kimberly to the chair. Kimberly looked at her. She was on the verge of tears.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"See that chair dear girl? That's where I'll be sitting. To put it simply, my fetishes, my knowledge of what pleases me, and my sexual preferences will be pounded into your little subbie brain. Your willpower will be bent to my ends, and by morning, you'll be all mine."

She sat down in the chair and placed the helmet over her head. She tapped the screen next to her, and the computer came to life...

When the process ended, Catherine felt different. She sat there, casting timid glances over at Kimberly, who had lost consciousness. Catherine got up and looked around. Something inside her felt really wrong. That confident, in control part of her was gone. She felt timid, unsure of what to do. Kimberly was coming around. She looked at Catherine, and something was definitely different. She could see it in her face.

"You, Catherine. Let me out of these restraints, now."

Goddess, her voice was so different, so commanding. She looked at Catherine, and Catherine suddenly knew where the missing part of herself had gone.

"I said let me out of these restraints now! I know how to wriggle free and if I have to trouble myself with that, I'm going to punish you."

"O-okay." Catherine timidly walked over to her and started undoing the straps. Kimberly looked her over as she undid the restraints. When she stood up, Catherine's heart leapt.

"I, uh, I, uh Kimberly, I think something went wro--"

"Shut up."

Those two words were a verbal blow to Catherine. She stood there looking at Kimberly, unable to form words to say.

"Judging by what your machine forced into my brain, you set the buffers wrong, essentially making us swap some personality traits with one another. Your fetishes, your knowledge, and..."

She smiled. "Your sexual preferences..."

She walked around Catherine, eying her like a piece of meat.

"You were right about a few things Cath... I am going to leave my boyfriend and sever ties with my family. However, you will serve me as my glassy eyed slave."

"N-No! This isn't right! I--I" Kimberly locked her eyes onto Catherine's, and whatever protests she had drained right out of her mind. She stood in front of Kimberly trembling.

"Cath, surely you've wondered what it's like. With each girl you've dominated, you've secretly wondered what drives them to submit to you. What gives them that little tingle in their cunt when they say 'Yes Mistress'? What drives them to allow you to humiliate and degrade them? Why, when you tire of them and let them go, do they take it so hard, considering the things you did to them?"

"I--I--I don't know..."

"Well dear Cath, now you're going to find out. Oh yes dear Catherine. You got all obsessed over me and turned your mind control technology on me with unexpected results."

She ripped Catherine's shirt and gave her breasts a hard squeeze, causing her to cry loudly.

"And now you're going to find out."

"N-no! This wasn't supposed to happen. Let me fix it. I can put us back to normal and I'll let you go, and you can go back to your boyfriend and I'll forget you ever existed!"

Kimberly gave her a nasty look, and Catherine's words just dried up.

"I don't want my boyfriend anymore. Just as you intended, I now want you”

Chapter 2:

"Oh Cath, you look so sexy in latex. Now I know why you have such a fetish for it."

Catherine was on her hands and knees, bound helplessly. A large black rubber gag filled her mouth. She was totally helpless, and most embarrassingly the dildo had slid in easily because her pussy was practically leaking by the time Kimberly had forced it inside her.

Kimberly knelt in front of her. She held an I.V. bag on front of Catherine's face.

"You know what this stuff is right?"

Catherine nodded.

"Yes, you've used this drug on girls before. It drives them insane with lust. You were going to use it on me after the brainwashing. Well Cath, I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine, but you have a choice. As you know, the drug can be administered intravenously, or through the plug in your ass."

She removed the gag. "Which do you prefer?"


Kimberly gave her a sinister smile and showed her the biggest I.V. needle she had found.

"No I changed my mind! Butt plug! Please Mistress!"

Kimberly's smile grew wider. "Okay Cath, butt plug it is."

She re inserted the gag into Catherine's mouth. Knowing right where to go, Kimberly left the room and came back with an I.V. stand and a hose adapter. She connected the tube to the plug embedded in Catherine's ass. She was about to release the clamp to start the flow of the drug when she heard a deep whining noise outside the room. She went to investigate.

Outside the room stood Rufus. He wagged his tail at Kimberly and whined softly.

"Aww, you need to go outside Rufus?"

He barked and wagged his tail faster in acknowledgment.

"Okay, I think I know where the door to let you out is at."

Rufus' doggy door looked like a regular door, only with a big lever handle on it. Rufus pawed at the handle but it wouldn't move.

"Hm, oh I see. Catherine locked the door to stop me from escaping. Guess she forgot that you need to go out and pee. Um... lets see I think this is it."

She punched in a 5 digit code and the door unlatched. Rufus pawed at the lever and pushed the door open with his head. Kimberly raised an eyebrow at him.

"You're smarter then the average dog aren't you?"

He barked once in acknowledgment then walked outside.

Back in the play room, Kimberly ran her fingers over Catherine's ass, startling her a bit.

"As you know Cath, administered this way the drug's effect is less intense, but it lasts for hours."

She opened the clamp, and the drug started to flow. She waited a few moments until Catherine started squirming, then she started rubbing her stomach.

"Once you're filled up I'm going tease that naughty pussy of yours."

Catherine whined in protest, but the hand slowly, sensually rubbing her stomach quieted her protests. She could feel herself being filled up... A painful cramp hit, and she started squirming again. Kimberly started rubbing her stomach again, and the cramp subsided.

"It's okay baby. Just relax and it won't be so uncomfortable, but of course you know this sweetie. Yes, you're doing very well. It's almost all in now... There we go..."

Kimberly disconnected the tube. The plug allowed liquid in, but not out. Catherine's stomach had a slight bulge to it now, which Kimberly started rubbing again. Catherine started to feel a warmth-the drug, radiating from her stomach. It was too late for her to do anything. This woman was going to sexually torture her. Already her pussy was craving more action then the dildo inside was giving it. As if answering, Kimberly activated the vibrating motor inside the dildo.

Catherine could feel a climax building. She was almost there when the vibrations stopped. She struggled and yelled through her gag. She had never been denied orgasm before and she found it to be intolerable. The drug was working its magic now, making her crave release that much more. Kimberly made her wait, made her wait until the craving had subsided just a bit, then hit her with the vibrator again.

Again Catherine came so close to release only to have the vibrator turned off at the last moment. She screamed through the gag in frustration.

Almost two hours passed. By now, Catherine was willing to fuck anything, anyone. Drool leaked from the gag in her mouth and her exposed skin glistened with sweat. The smell of sex and rubber filled the room.

Kimberly pulled the dildo out of Catherine's pussy. Her love juices started leaking onto the floor. Her pussy was wide open and starving for more attention.

She removed the gag from Catherine's mouth. "Do you want me to make you cum, Cath?"


"Please, what?"

"Please, Kimberly?"

Kimberly shook her head.


Kimberly smiled. "Say it again."

"Please Mistress, make me cum!"

"Say it again."

"Please Mistress, make me cum!"

"Say it again, louder!"


"Very well..."

Kimberly left the room and came back with a large double ended strap on dildo. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply as she pushed her end inside. She buckled and tightened the straps, then walked behind Catherine and forcefully thrust the dildo inside.


Kimberly reveled in a post orgasmic bliss. It took her a few moments to realize that Catherine was crying. A look of concern came over her face. She walked around in front of Catherine.

"Aww baby, was I too rough on you?"

Catherine looked up at her, tears streaming down her face. "Y-yes..."

"Aww, I'm sorry baby. I guess I got carried away. It was my first time doing this you know."

Catherine looked down at the floor and sobbed quietly.

"Here, lets get you cleaned up and put to bed."

Catherine offered no resistance as Kimberly led her to the shower room. She docily sat down on the floor while Kimberly started cleaning her up.

"You know Cath, you're a very beautiful woman. I'm surprised you spend your days alone in this compound, working on ways to get women to do your bidding. I wonder why you never found yourself a fine girl to settle down with, hm?"

Catherine looked down at the floor and didn't answer.

"Oh well, you got a girl now, only it's you whose doing my bidding sweetie."

Several moments passed in silence. Catherine didn't move as Kimberly cleaned her with a loofah.

"All right, time to get you to bed."

Again, Catherine offered no resistance as she was led to one of the holding cells. She entered, sat down on the bed and looked at the floor. Kimberly closed and locked the door.

Having only bits of knowledge copied from her would be Mistress, Kimberly started exploring the compound. She found several laboratory areas, a garage with several cars, a room with a cluster of computers, likely a render farm...almost certainly a render farm since Kimberly had never heard that term before, and several empty rooms. The compound/lab was unfinished, or the rooms were meant to house more experiments.

She then came across what had to be Rufus' room. A large dog bed lay in one corner of the room, above a poster of a Border Collie. An HDTV tuned to CSPAN was mounted on the wall across from the dog bed. Two large food and water dispensers were at the opposite end of the room, and near the back wall she saw Rufus, lying on a padded blanket, looking at a large computer monitor. When she entered the room, his tail wagged but he didn't stop what he was doing.

Kimberly looked closer and saw that he was pawing at an oversized keyboard and mouse touchpad. On the screen was a Facebook page.

Kimberly laughed. "I've heard of dogs with their own Facebook pages but you're the only dog I've seen who can update their own page!"

She looked closer at the screen.

"Wait! You have 391 friends on Facebook?! That's more then I have!"

Chapter 3:

"It's nothing that you did Tim, and don't you dare blame yourself for this."

"It just doesn't make sense. Two days ago we were in love, and now, BAM! Just like that, 18 months together, just over with? Why Kimberly?"

"I wish I could tell you why Tim. All I can tell you is that I had a life changing experience. Had that not happened, we'd be walking down this sidewalk holding each other."

A tear ran down Kimberly's cheek. "I gotta go now."

She hugged him, then turned and walked away. Tim watched her get into her car and drive off. He stood there for several minutes before finally turning around and going back inside his house.

Kimberly walked through the front door of Catherine's compound feeling very depressed, on the verge of crying. She wasn't upset about leaving Tim or her family. It was the realization of just how much she had been changed. She was aware that she did care deeply about Tim and her family before Catherine had gotten ahold of her. Saying goodbye to them and Tim made the truth of what had happened sink in...

She had wanted to have children with Tim... Not anymore...

Something wet and cold jolted her out of her thoughts. Rufus had pressed his large, cold, wet nose against her shoulder. He looked down at her and whined softly.

"Oh, hey Rufus. You can tell I'm upset can't you."

He barked softly in acknowledgment.

"Yeah. It's sinking in how much I've changed because of this. I cut ties with my family and boyfriend this morning, and that didn't bother me at all. But it bothered me a lot that it didn't bother me. Does that make any sense?"

Rufus laid down so she could pet his head.

"It's not right what happened Rufus, but it's done now. The funny thing is I'm sure I could get Cath to change me back, but I have no desire to go back. That's how much her machines changed me."

She continued to pet Rufus while talking.

"She changed me, but I could prevent other women from being changed like this. Hm, saying that aloud, I guess I didn't get all of Cath's predatory desires. That's good because what happened to me was wrong and shouldn't be allowed to happen to others. It's good that I'm aware of this and can admit it."

She looked down at Rufus. "Does everyone just spill their guts in front of you like this?"

He barked and wagged his tail in response.

Catherine, dressed in a gaudy pink ballerina Tu-Tu experienced a brief flash of anger when Kimberly ordered her to do what she was now doing.

"Cath, you are going to delete all files related to your brainwashing research, and don't try to save any. I know where they all are and I will be watching you."


Kimberly grabbed Catherine by her hair and forced her to bend over a nearby table. She got a glorious view of her ass, clad in pink spandex. She brought her hand down and started spanking Catherine.


And now she sat in front of the computer, her pink clad ass radiating heat from the punishment it had taken. Kimberly was making her delete the files one at a time. There she sat, in a pink Tu-Tu she would have never worn before, deleting years of research one file at a time. It was almost as bad as the spanking.

She came to a particularly large database file and hesitated.

"I spent 5 months making this..."

Kimberly leaned down and put her lips next to Catherine's ear.

"Let it go..." she whispered.

Whimpering, Catherine deleted the file. After that she offered no more resistance. Within an hour, all the research was deleted. Kimberly took over and started a hard drive wiping program.

"You look so cute in your Tu-Tu Cath. You're my sissy girl."

Catherine tugged at her restraints a bit, looked down at the floor and muttered something.

"What did you say?"

"I'm not a sissy girl." Catherine replied in a barely audible voice.

Kimberly ran her hand up one of Catherine's legs and started rubbing her spandex covered crotch.

"Yes you are. You like being my sissy girl, don't you?"

"Ohhh, no... nooohhh..."

Kimberly picked up a vibrating wand and activated it. She brought the tip close to where Catherine's clit was, then pressed it against the sensitive spandex covered flesh, causing Catherine to jump and jerk against the leather straps that bound her.

"Tell me you're my sissy girl."

"Ahhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh, nooooo!"

"Tell me or I'll stop."

"Noooooo! Noooooohhhh!"

She withdrew the vibrating wand just as Catherine was on the verge of climax.

"Arrrgh!" Catherine struggled with her bonds despite knowing the straps wouldn't give.

"Tell me you're my sissy girl." Kimberly briefly pressed the vibrating tip of the wand against Catherine's clitoris.

"Ahhh! I'm, I'm...'

Kimberly turned the vibrating wand off, then gently pressed the tip against Catherine's clitoris.

"Tell me you're my sissy girl."

"I'm your sss..."

"Didn't quite catch that, Cath."

"I'm your siii, noo!"

"Tell me you're my sissy girl." Another brief dose of the vibrator.

"Tell me."

Another brief buzz from the vibrator.

"Tell me."


"Tell me."


"Tell me."


"Tell me!"


"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Okay! Okay! I'm your sissy girl!"

"That's my good sissy girl..." Kimberly turned the vibrating wand to its highest setting and pressed it against Catherine's swollen clit. She bucked and jerked and cried out as she finally came.

With Catherine tied up at the moment, Kimberly went back to the garage to check out some of the cars. Two of them were ordinary cars, very plain, very nondescript. One was a large van with tinted windows. This was likely what Catherine used to transport unconscious girls to her compound. The 4th car was an odd one though. It had no manufacturers logo on it, and it was designed very oddly. It looked like a convertible with no roof and a very tall windshield. Instead of regular door handles, it had door handles made out of thick rope.

The interior was very different from a normal car. The steering wheel was placed much higher then normal, and had several recessed areas where two small hands, (or two large paws?) could fit and easily control it. The drivers seat was very low to the ground and placed so far back that it was almost where the back seat would have been. It was also shaped very differently then normal. The passenger seat looked normal however. The buttons for the radio were very large and situated on the top of the dashboard. The gas and brake pedals were not exactly pedals, but more like cups where dog like hind feet could fit into.

"No way..." Kimberly said as she examined the car. She pulled down the sun visor and saw the vehicle's registration and a drivers license attached to the other side. Rufus' picture was on the license. Where the signature would normally be, there was a digitized paw print.

"No fucking way!" she said as she stared at the license.

Back in the play room where Catherine was currently bound nude, Kimberly removed the rubber gag from her mouth.

"Okay Cath, I need something explained to me. Rufus knows how to fucking drive?!"

"Uh, yeah. He does, mmmmm... I, uh, I had the car custom built for him and spent three months teaching him, oohhhhh."

Kimberly tweaked one of Catherine's nipples as she spoke.

"How did he get licensed? Surely there's some law prohibiting your dog from driving."

"Um, not here, ohhhh. After I taught him I found a road tester who agreed to test him, thinking it was a joke, and, oh, ohh, and he passed, mmmmm..."

Kimberly moved from tweaking Catherine's nipples to full on fondling her breasts.

"Mmm, yes he passed and he ruined some girl's day, because, ohhh, because she flunked and cried 'the fucking dog did better then me!'. He's, ohhh, he's really good at driving now, but I don't let him do it anymore."

"Why not?"

"Well, ohhhh, ohhhh, um, it's hard to explain. Go with him and you'll see why."

"I think I'll do just that tomorrow morning. In the meantime, does my sissy girl need to cum?"

Catherine looked down at the floor. The blush on her face became very noticeable.


"Didn't quite hear you Cath...


"What do you say then?"

Catherine's blush grew more intense. "P-please mistress, make your sissy girl cum..."

"Come on now Cath you can do better."

"Please Mistress! Make your sissy girl cum!"

Catherine's head lolled back as Kimberly went to work with that incredibly skilled tongue of hers. Goddess, if only that tongue was serving her instead of rewarding her for humiliating herself. She wasn't supposed to be the sissy girl, but ohhhh goddess did that tongue feel good!

Chapter 4:

Kimberly watched in fascination as Rufus opened the car door by pulling on the rope handle with his teeth. He gingerly climbed in, then flipped and contorted his big canine body until he was sitting up in the driver's seat. Kimberly just stood there staring as he pressed a big button on the dashboard, and a seat belt automatically buckled him in.

He turned his head and barked at her. She slowly nodded and climbed into the passengers seat.

It didn't take long before Kimberly realized why Catherine had prevented Rufus from driving. Oh he drove quite well, better then many people. But he made those other people's driving habits worse because they just had to stare at him instead of keeping their eyes on the road. They came to a red light. A guy rolled down his window and just stared at them.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!" Kimberly said.

He grabbed his phone and did just that. Then he sped off when the light changed.

Not long after that, a cop car peeled out of a parking lot, followed them for a bit, then put on his lights and sirens. Rufus pulled over and immediately flipped down the sun visor with his paw. This had apparently happened before. The cop approached the vehicle.

"That's one heck of a costume you got there. Let me see your license and registrat--, oh, cute, let me see your real license and registration."

Rufus barked and pointed his nose at the visor. The cop was startled by the bark.

"Lady, what the fuck is going on here." he asked Kimberly.

"My friend Rufus is trying to show you his license and registration like you asked. He'd hand them to you, but he doesn't have thumbs."

"Uhhh, okay I need to go run this. Stay right there until I come back."

He reached up and grabbed the license and registration off the visor. Then he went back to his patrol car. Kimberly could faintly overhear him on the radio.

"I think someones fucking with my computer, can you run a license for me? Yes License number.......... What?! It's valid? Are you sure? Run it again, license number ............. Mary, this license belongs to a giant dog and you're telling me it's valid? All right all right, I'm taking your word for it."

He went back to their car, took a good long look at the vehicle and at Rufus.

"Everything seems to be in order. Uh I'll just put this back for you." He put the license and registration back on the sun visor.

"You can go now. Drive safe."

After Rufus drove away, the cop went back to his patrol car and picked up the radio mike.

"Mary, please tell the Captain that I'm quitting the force."

Apart from the gawkers, things were going well until Rufus decided to do something that could be considered hellish ear torture. He turned on the radio, found a station playing some kind of upbeat song, then, at first it sounded like he was yelping and howling in pain, then Kimberly realized that he was trying to sing along with the music.


Rufus turned off the radio and whined.

"Rufus, sweetie, you're good at a lot of things I can see that, but singing is not one of them!"

He made an annoyed grunting noise and continued to drive in silence.

"Let me guess Cath, he started singing and you made him quit driving."

"No. Some old lady slammed on her brakes to stare at him and caused a pileup. Now you see why I don't let Rufus drive?"

Well yeah but I think it's their problem, not his. I'm gonna let him drive more often, just as long as he doesn't try to sing." Kimberly replied.

"What? No you're not!"

"Oh really Cath?"

"He's my dog not yours..."

"And I'm your mistress. And it looks like you need another reminder of that."

The kitchen track lighting reflected off the shiny latex that now covered Catherine's body. Apart from the catsuit, a latex skirt and maids hat completed the outfit. It was what was under the latex second skin that had Catherine hot and bothered. The short tube sticking out between the curves of her ass hinted at the secret sexual torture she was undergoing. Kimberly had given her more of the drug, just enough to make her horny but not enough to drive her insane with lust. Still, there on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor, she felt like a cat in heat. She wanted sex and she wanted it NOW!!

To get any hope of release, she had to clean. She scrubbed and scrubbed, every now and then feeling a buzz from the vibrator. She couldn't stop to masturbate because the dildo inside her had remote electro shock as well as vibration capabilities.

Scrub, scrub, scrub, bzzzzzz! Scrub, scrub, scrub, bzzzzzz! Scrub, scrub, scrub, bzzzzzz! Scrub, scrub, scrub, bzzzzzz!

"Oh goddess stop this! Let me cum!"

"Goddess you say? Nice of you to address me like that, mmm but that's too pretentious for me. Mistress will do, sweetie."

"Fine, whatever. Mistress, please let me cum!"

Kimberly walked around Catherine, giving her a displeased look as she passed in front of her. Catherine's heart sped up a bit.

"Mmm, you don't sound like you're ready yet. Perhaps you need a bit more..." Kimberly picked up a large plastic syringe.

"No! Please mistress! No more! I can't take it!"

Kimberly connected the syringe to the end of Catherine's "tail". Catherine whimpered softly as she felt the liquid entering.

"That's it pretty girl...take all your medicine."

" more...ohhh..."

Damn that drug! It was never meant for her! Damn that bitch Kimberly! That bitch! That bitch she fucking horny... That bitch!... So fucking horny... That bitch! That bitch!... So god damn fucking horny. That bitch! Bitch... Bitch in heat... That bitch in heat... such needy, submissive heat! It was her... She was the bitch in heat! She was the horny bitch in heat thanks to that damn drug!

Kimberly started running her hands down Catherine's trembling legs. She moved her hands up to her ass and pushed on the base of the plug, causing Catherine to squeal needily.

Bzzzzzz! Catherine jumped as Kimberly played with the vibrator's settings. She couldn't take it anymore and began furiously attempting to masturbate, only to earn a nasty shock from the dildo. This stopped her for all of two minutes, then she started masturbating again, earning her another shock.

Finally she couldn't take it anymore and burst into tears while helplessly masturbating and fondling herself. Kimberly activated the vibrator and watched in amusement as Catherine writhed, cried, panted and moaned, desperately clawing at her crotch. The combination of the drug, her frustration, and the sudden intense stimulation brought forth an orgasm like she had never had before. Sadly she passed out in the middle of it.

Catherine expected to wake up alone in one of the holding cells, maybe with those things still stuffed inside her. Instead she came to find herself in the jacuzzi. A wonderfully nude Kimberly was pouring water over her hair. The drug was still active in Catherine's system and she found herself just staring at Kimberly's breasts as they bobbed up and down.

"Getting a good view down there my pet?" Kimberly asked.

"I...I...yes..." Catherine replied.

"Did you enjoy your cum?"


"Good, because now it's your turn to make me cum..."

Kimberly got out of the jacuzzi and fetched a familiar strap on dildo.

"NOO!!" Catherine backed up against the jacuzzi wall. Kimberly could see her starting to tremble.

"Don't worry my pet, it won't be like last time."

Catherine continued to tremble.

"Come on, get out and get on all fours, head resting on the jacuzzi."

Catherine very reluctantly complied. Kimberly came up behind her and spread her legs apart.

"First lets get you ready."

Kimberly started probing Catherine's pussy with her tongue, then slowly worked her fingers inside. Thanks to the residual effects of the drug, Catherine's pussy became swollen and moist very quickly.

"Such a good girl, now just relax. Don't try to fight it, it'll hurt of you do..."

Catherine felt the cold tip of the dildo pressing against her pussy. Fear overcame her until she realized it was only slowly going in this time. A couple inches in and Kimberly paused for a moment.

"That's it Cath, just take it bit by bit... Just like that... Such a good girl...It's almost all in now... There we go honey."

The dildo was fully inside her now. Kimberly started caressing Catherine's back, then moved onto her breasts. Needy lust had now replaced where the fear had been in Catherine's mind.

Kimberly started slowly withdrawing the dildo. When it was almost all the way out, she started pushing it in again. She was a bit quicker this time. A needy moan escaped Catherine's lips.

Kimberly slowly increased the tempo, the goal being to let her subbie get used to it before outright fucking her. Last time she had taken her anger out on Catherine's pussy. In hindsight that was not the best course of action given how fragile Catherine had become, and besides, that was stooping to the pre brainwashed Catherine's level.

She knew she could do better then that.

Chapter 5:

"Uh huh... okay... bye Deborah..." Catherine hung up the phone, looking visibly distraught.

"What's wrong Cath?"

"That... That was Deborah... She's coming over later today to discuss our plans for enslaving a group of women."

"Whose Deborah?"

"Heh, I guess you didn't get that part of my mind. Think of me before the brainwashing, make her worse and you have Deborah. She was starting to concern me before. Now I'm terrified! She can't see me like this!"

"Mmm are you afraid she might try to dominate you if she knows you're now a sub?"

"More like she'll have both of us captured and taken to her lab and likely brainwashed into her slaves." Catherine replied.

"Oh really? Cath, this sounds like an eat or be eaten situation. Here's what we're gonna do..."

Deborah was a woman who looked like she oozed power and beauty. Her platinum blonde hair was done up in a tight bun. She wore a very conservative business suit. Kimberly thought she was trying too hard. To keep up appearances, Catherine was dressed in the dominatrix's outfit, while Kimberly tolerated wearing a bikini and collar. Deborah gave Kimberly a cold, menacing look, which almost made Kimberly laugh.

"What a fine bitch you have there Catherine. How well is she trained?"

"I'm, uh, still training her." Catherine replied.

"What's wrong dear? You sound a bit, meek."

"I'm not feeling very well today. Perhaps we should meet at another time."

"No can do Catherine. I have a bitch of my own that I need to get back to and start brainwashing. So lets discuss the plan then."

Kimberly dropped the act right there.

"You aren't brainwashing anybody, bitch."


"Um...K-Kimberly... you're being very bad..."

Deborah turned to look at Catherine. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"No joke here bitch. I'm Catherine's mistress now, and you will not be brainwashing anybody."

"Is that so dear? Well we'll see about that!"

Deborah quickly pulled out a dart gun. Kimberly tried to run but the prick in her thigh told her it was too late...

She woke up pretty much where she expected to be, nude and in some kind of holding cage. Catherine was next to her, wide awake and staring at the floor. A smiling Deborah stood outside the cage.

"Catherine told me everything. What a naughty girl! Stealing Catherine's domme traits. Well, no matter. First I'll brainwash you two into my subbie slaves, then I'll deal with that piece of fluff I found earlier today. Mmmm, she's being warmed up now with the aid of some of my toys."

She walked around the cage, examining them.

"It's a shame Catherine. It's a shame you ended up this way, but don't worry dear. You and your friend Kimberly will soon enjoy being my slaves!"

While Deborah was speaking, Kimberly grew angrier and angrier. She started visibly shaking, which made Deborah quite pleased. Suddenly her shaking stopped, and it was Kimberly who was smiling.

"You won't be brainwashing us."

"Oh really? Dear, you are in no position to stop me!"

"Mmm, no I'm not, but he is."

Just then a very large paw landed on Deborah's shoulder. She jumped, then slowly looked up.

"Heh heh, h-hi Rufus! Heh heh... how big you've grown... Eh heh heh...heh..."

"Here's the deal Debbie, you're going to let us out of this cage, or Rufus here is going to do some bad things to your internal organs."

Rufus looked down at Deborah and barked once. Deborah immediately ran over to the door control and opened it.

"Okay! You win! I'll let you go! Just call off your giant dog!"

"Not yet, dear! I want you to have a seat in your brainwashing chair."

Deborah nervously looked over at Rufus, who was now blocking the only exit.

"Try it, and you won't leave this room alive." Kimberly whispered into her ear.

Very reluctantly, Deborah sat down in the chair and allowed Kimberly to strap her in. Kimberly then took a step back and looked over her captive. Then she went over to Rufus.

"Ooh you did such a good job following us Rufus! My plan worked perfectly!"

Rufus made an annoyed grunting noise.

"Okay okay our plan worked perfectly! When we get out of here I am going to go and buy you the biggest steak I can find!"

Rufus barked excitedly then lowered his head and started licking her face.

"Ah ha ha ha! Okay! Okay enough! I gotta go take care of our new friend."

After wiping off the dog slobber, Kimberly went over to the console that controlled the brainwashing chair.

"Hm, lets see, where are the instructions for this?"

"Um, unless she moved them, C:\Brainwash\Documentation. Should have instructions, tech specs, and brainwashing templates." Catherine replied.

"You designed this one as well?"

"Yeah, and put all the documentation in that folder as she's... well, a bit technically inept." Catherine replied.

"Ah, I got it. Ooh, nice instructions! A 5 year old could operate this."

"Heh heh, yeah, um, very technically inept..." Catherine replied.

The brainwashing machine while simple to use, did its work slowly. It was an older model, one of Catherine's first designs. It didn't rely on a secondary mind for extra processing power. While that prevented accidental brainwashing of the controller, it made the machine slow as hell. While it went to work, slowly pounding away at Deborah's mental defenses, Kimberly and Catherine started looking for the woman that Deborah had mentioned.

They found her by the weak moans she was making. Kimberly paused for a moment to take in the sight. God what a sexy body! Nearly nude, covered in sweat, twitching and moaning helplessly, and that auburn hair was to die for. Still, she knew what she had to do.

She removed the gag from the woman's mouth.

"Please... let me go..."

"Eh, okay." Kimberly replied.

She removed the blindfold, and the woman looked at her with puzzled green eyes.

"You're not that crazy bitch."

"Nope. She's detained at the moment. Come on, lets get you out of here."

"Oh thank you! Um, do you happen to know where my clothes are?"

"No clue, you're on your own there."

Deborah came to and found herself nearly nude apart from a glistening pair of rubber shorts, with her arms bound around another woman wearing a similar pair of rubber shorts. It was as if she were hugging her. She soon realized it was Catherine. She felt some kind of squishy bulb taped to one of her hands. Out of curiosity she squeezed it, and felt some liquid entering her bottom, followed by a pleasurable electric tingle in her cunt, which made her jump a bit.

"Catherine... w-where are we?"

"In one of my... mistress' holding rooms. She's bound us together and hooked us up to an I.V. bag filled with the hyper aphrodisiac I created. Each time the bulb is squeezed, more of the drug is pumped inside you... and it rewards you..."

Deborah blinked a couple times, looking confused.

"Why am I not angry at this?"

"Because you're brainwashed now, just like me."

"Did she brainwash Rufus too?"

"No, he just likes her for some reason."

"...Remember when we first met in the park? You were walking Rufus and he was just a little puppy, no bigger then a German Shepard."

"Oh how could I forget? You were wearing those track shorts that showed off every curve of your ass, and you were hot and sweaty and I could smell you and...ooooohhhh."

Catherine squeezed the bulb and moaned softly as a wave of pleasure radiated from her needy pussy.

"You were dressed so proper, a proper lady, and after I saw you I wanted to dress proper for you, ooohhhh." Deborah also squeezed the bulb, her growing need for sexual release overpowering her fear of the drug.

"You looked better in the shorts, like you do now. Oh Deborah, I want to... I want to..."

She bent down and started sucking on Deborah's breast. Deborah moaned and started squeezing the bulb more. She was quickly rewarded with a very satisfying orgasm.

"We're in it now... No way out. This wasn't supposed to happen!" Catherine said.

"Well it's happened now. Goddess, I don't even care anymore... You've seen me cum, now I wanna see you cum!"

She started kissing Catherine passionately, who in turn squeezed the bulb more, and experienced wave after wave of raw sexual pleasure. The drug was affecting them both now, and it wasn't long before they were groping each other, kissing and cumming repeatedly.

From a one way window, Kimberly watched all this with delight. Two beautiful women, clad only in rubber shorts, tubes in their asses pumping in a drug to make them helplessly aroused. She felt delightful and victorious. She'd have her own sexual fun with them, later...

She turned to look at Rufus, who was busy gnawing away at what was left of one of those huge 72 oz Texas steaks.

"Isn't it nice when two repressed lovers come out to each other and have sweet passionate drug fueled sex?"

Rufus looked up, barked and wagged his tail, then went back to gnawing on his steak.


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