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An Inconvenient Life

God’s Logic vs. Worldly Logic

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Originally published in 2004, this work was designed as a teaching instrument for mid-week studies. In the beginning there were only eight chapters with lots of little rabbit trails marking many other avenues of exploration for discovering our true selves. Since 2004 the author has converted those rabbit trails into chapters of their own. May this new work bless you and bring you hours of reflection and self growth. It is this authors fervent hope that you find a greater awareness of God and His Son on every page.

January 11, 2018

A Note from the Author

Understanding the Logic of My Life

Many people would call my lifestyle inconvenient for their own purposes. Some would acknowledge that it takes a special call to live the life I have chosen. Others would dismiss me as a fanatic or a nut. The truth is, my life is inconvenient to the things my flesh wants to do. It does take a special calling or vision of life to live like I do. And I believe I am a sold out fanatic to the things of God. The difference is that I believe God has called all of us to live according to His precious Word and most people have convinced themselves, or let someone else convince them, that it is a special calling, reserved for the few, and not a universal one.

Many Christians talk about living out their faith. They do this very well while at church or in the company of other Christians. This book is dedicated to addressing our lives outside of Christian venues. Who are we and what do the lives we lead say about us when we are not at church or trying to impress those other Christians we associate with? Who is the person that God really sees? And, are we happy with that person? Are we truly satisfied with the person we have become or our walk with God? Both are very dynamic dimensions of who others see us as. Are you ready to evaluate your life? Are you up for the challenge?

Each of us lives out our life according to a system of logic. We adopt and agree to live within the limits of that logic. The logic system we choose will be the one we decide is best for us. We use that logic system to make decisions. We also use it to see the events of our life through.

The logic style we adopt defines the lifestyle we live to a great extent. Of, course, within each logic system there are individual variations. For the most part, generally speaking, there are two major logic systems, the world’s logic and the logic of God. Each is based upon a preferential estimation of the values held by that system. The same situation can have different results depending upon which system of logic is used and by which individual.

Choosing which logic system a person will apply in their life (and to what extent) is a life and death situation. That is the reason for this book. I believe many people, having accepted wrong ideas and flawed truths, choose the system of logic they are going to follow for their life out of convenience. My intent is to show how the convenient decision is not the best one. When convenience becomes a factor in our decisions we forget the real truths of life, even the ones we have learned the hard way.

I am a pastor of a small church and I admit my opinions are biased concerning the logic of God. However, I was not born as a baby pastor who one day matured into an adult one. I was not even born in a church and raised up in one. I had some church education as a child but quickly turned my back on all the church teaching as the logic of the world called out to me. Later, as an adult quickly learning that there are many false claims in the world’s logic, I returned to the church. First I turned to the church for comfort and safety. Then I found great truth in the logic of God. A truth that goes beyond my personal comfort and makes me a valuable part of the entire world population. God’s logic not only changed my life but gave me new hope for all those around me. A hope founded on truth and not just idle dreams of fancy.

I had an anger burning inside of me back then. For years the logic of the world had lied to me. It substituted theories of half-truths and “personal experience” for real truth. There was no person I could blame. I had chosen my own path as do so many millions each day. All who follow the world’s logic have been lied to just as I was. It was a strange anger that boiled my blood. It was not the kind of anger that lashes out to hurt and kill. It was the kind of anger that urges (no, demands) action to stop the useless advance of the world’s faulty logic. It was an anger aimed at century long abuses by the world, and by some church people themselves, of God’s true logic. I felt cheated, and in some ways still do, by the world’s logic.

The logic of the world had taught me to substitute things and situations for real happiness. Power, money, and big boy’s toys became the measurements of my life. Each time I achieved a measure of success I still needed more. The happiness was eluding me each time I gained greater success. One day I sat down and evaluated why happiness was not part of my success. I had a great family, a great job, a great life with all the benefits. So, why was I not happy?

Something was missing. The fact that something was missing could not be denied. I know if I make a cake and put all the ingredients in the mix, that it will taste a certain way. If the taste is different then something has to be missing. My life, for all its worldly success was missing something. I went looking for it. I wasn’t sure what it was but I knew it was the one thing I had been looking for all my life.

My youngest memories as a child include wanting to know what truly made people happy. I had seen happy people living in cities and living in the country. I had seen happy people who had money and those who were so poor they needed help just to make it through the week. I had seen educated people who seemed happy and uneducated people who seemed happy. There was, I concluded, no physical stimulus for being happy. Physical stimuli may cause an expression of happiness, like opening Christmas presents, but happiness was something inside a person, not regulated by the natural environment.

I left the Catholic church I had attended most of my young life at the age of fifteen and went searching for some answers. I looked in many of the world’s religions avoiding Christianity and found no happiness. They all offered a measure of success. Most just offered suffering with some glimmer of a hope on the far horizon. They asked for me to put my faith in things that did not give repeatable results and serve a purpose that was dubious at best.. I could not be happy unless I felt I had contributed something. I felt I was designed for some purpose and any hope of happiness would have to allow me to find that purpose.

As I searched all around me I tried the normal things of life, money, politics, power and some of the not so normal things, eastern religions, witchcraft, karate. But nothing satisfied all the criteria for happiness. Successes came and went. Failures were many and varied. But true happiness eluded me.

I was invited to go to a Pentecostal church by a distant relative. I relented and dragged my family into the church. My kids loved it. My wife enjoyed it. I was still searching for happiness so I was mostly indifferent. But I did feel like there was something there that needed further investigation. I saw happiness in some of those people like I had never seen anywhere. They described their happiness as love. I thought I knew about love but I understood immediately that this love they knew was different from mine.

I knew love as a thing we expressed to one another. It was strong and permanent in my mind. But I had never known about a love that entered into a persona and transformed them into a totally different person. The love these people knew bathed the individual in a sweet presence of love, not just a thing they did. They loved without any reservations. They loved unconditionally. They taught me that the source of their love was God. They assured me the only real happiness in life was found in the presence of God.

I thought I had inspected Christianity and given it all the attention it needed when I was a young boy. Now I was sure I had missed something or maybe the church where I was going had missed something. When I gave myself over to the search for God, I felt His love. I bathed in it. I understood true happiness and I also understood I needed to make some changes in my life. The world’s logic system of “serve yourself” had failed me and now I was going to discover the truth about God’s logic system of serving the true and mighty God who created the universe.

God found me in my angry state and offered me His love. Not some mystical, untouchable love, but a reality that goes far beyond anything I’ve ever known in my life. It is an unexplainable love, by human terms, which He gives without respect to anything I’ve done. He loves me because of what He has invested in me, not any action I’ve taken. God loved me enough to send His only begotten Son to die for my wrong doing, for my sin.

Like many people I have discovered the logic of the world is based upon material greed and power. While I have nothing against material wealth I no longer want it to be my main goal in life. The world’s logic of greed and God’s logic of love gave me two distinct choices. I realized life was composed of good and bad, evil and holy for every person on this earth in some form or fashion. I could not ignore the rationale of so many millions who had gone before me and discovered answers for their life.

When I was in the world I followed the money, sought out the power and discovered the success it could bring. But I was not satisfied. It was not my answer to life. God’s Word and the logic of that Word are based upon His love. When I realized there must be a God (who else could inspire love like I felt at that church?) I went looking for Him. I followed the signs of His love and found Him waiting for me. It is that love that leads me to write this book. A love for God and a love for the people who have been lied to by a faulty logic the world represents as the real truth. God is real. That is the real truth. If God is real then the world’s logic, which denies God, is founded upon lies.

What I’ve learned may not be startling or even earth shattering. But they are heartfelt lessons of life and founded upon the true and lasting logic of a God who has rescued me from my own false concepts. I write this book out of gratitude for a God who never quit on me no matter how often I failed Him. No matter how far away I got from Him He never let go of me. I owe everything to My God, who created all I can see and not see, to the plan of rescue carried out by His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and to the daily, guiding hand of the most Holy Spirit.

Herein is an attempt to reason out the vagaries of our very human, religious lives. Without trying to beat the reader into a sense of shame or guilt, which we can all claim a share of, I desire to discuss and reveal the logic of God’s plan for His creation, mankind. The only goal of this book is to show the friendly face of God and uncover the logic of His Word against the backdrop of a world that despises the inconvenience of God. We have been told by many sources throughout the ages that God is dead, God is irrelevant, and God is not legitimate.

Painful and saddening as these accusations are to one who knows better, the church world has done a dismal job in answering these accusations. We spend too much time creating additional irrelevant, illegitimate programs and steps leading to a dead religion when we should simply share pointed discussions revealing the majesty and magnificence of a truly worthy Lord. Let this book serve as a pointed discussion and honest evaluation.

At one time I was one of those who laughed at religion. Truth is, I still laugh at “religion.” It is dead. It is irrelevant. And it certainly is illegitimate. But religion is not God. God did not send us a religion. He sent us “the way” or His logic. God did not create denominations, man did. God did not use doctrine to separate His people, man did. Today’s religions attempt to win people over to their side. But the logic of Jesus Christ (the logic of God) was simpler than that.

Religion has a shaky foundation whose source – a man or woman – is unstable. But Jesus called for relationship, not religion. He called us all to come to the Father through His sacrifice and by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Religion seeks to supplant even God’s design to make us come to God through the religion.

That, I believe, is part of the problem. It is easy to see the failings and shortcomings of religion. So, why do we continue to push religion? I believe it has become convenient for the church member to push their particular brand of Christianity. Religion has become a convenience to the church community but it is still an inconvenience to the world community. Until both communities become more interested in truth rather than convenience they will continue to be at odds.

Today’s biggest problem and the greatest excuse for not worshiping the one true God is convenience. Plain. Simple. Straight forward. It requires no big, twelve step plan to over come. It takes no more brain power than a child possesses to understand. (Jesus said so) It asks no deeper question than, “Who do you serve.” Convenience is an idea indoctrinated into the youngest of our children when mom says, “Go play in the other room while I’m talking on the phone.” It is further rooted in the child psyche when a father teaches his child about relationships by saying, “Not now, I’m too tired.”

The goal of convenience is really self-satisfaction. Whatever would make me happy right now, becomes what is most convenient. Worshiping God has never been convenient. It never will be convenient. And the more our lifestyles depend upon – no, demand – convenience, the more our society will drift away from worshiping God in a true form. Convenience will be the death of the USA if the church loses her voice of warning.

So, let this book be about doing away with our unmanageable ideas of acquiring convenience. Instead, let our lives be about doing what is right, convenient or not. Let us revel in the love and closeness of God through His way and not struggle in the day to day world living out our way. Convenience is nice. But the goal must be what is right, not what is convenient. Inherent in God’s logic is the happiness I have always searched for.

Chapter One

A Growing Discontent in My Soul

Do you want to really know the truth about God? Are you no longer content to take the world’s opinion for what it thinks it knows? Have you never been told to get both sides of the story before making a decision? In my heart of hearts I desire to completely lay bare the logic of God, without religious format, without fanatical raving, without typical, easy answers. There are no easy steps to this process of uncovering the truth of God’s logic in our lives. There is no easy way to lay it out for the reader to grasp. It is a complete evaluation of every area of our lives, every day. The simple truth is that God has a way of doing things. His way. And it will cost you something to learn of them. Are you willing to invest in yourself?

One day, thoroughly discontent with the direction of my life I despaired of all things and called out to God to show me a better way. Now, I did not receive some ghostly visit or tune into some ethereal voice to receive my answer. In short, what happened was very natural. Some people (who happened to be relatives) showed up at my door and asked me to come to church. At first I refused and begged off with one excuse after another. Then the thought occurred to me, what did I have to lose? So we started attending church.

That decision began a long journey which I am still on today. The first thing I discovered at the church was a love I had no definition for. It drew me in like a fish following a minnow. I could not control this love. I could not define it. I could not even describe it. But I had to have it. I could see how it affected others and I wanted to see that effect in myself.

From the beginning I found a safe place for my family and a calm atmosphere that was helpful in today’s stressful world. My eyes were opened to a different lifestyle, one that offered hope instead of strife and a continual scrambling for success. All my problems did not go away, to be sure, but I received a hope that they were not only manageable but beatable. I felt like a winner again or at least one who was on a winning team.

As a family we eventually accepted Christ into our lives and acknowledged Him as Savior and Master over our lives. For those who do not understand making God Master and Savior over their lives, it means a total commitment to the way of God. Some may ask, “Why do we need to make someone Master over us?” Some may ask, “Why do we need a Savior, because we feel just fine?” The truth is similar to good health. We never miss it until we no longer have it. A relationship with God is like good health and living a lifestyle that keeps us away from disease. As an apple a day is to good health, so a relationship with God is to a good life.

There is an afterlife and God is in charge. As good health allows us to live and enjoy natural life, a good system of logic, or truth, will help us live an eternal life with the Creator of all things. To debate an afterlife is reckless in a world that has so many explanations for the paranormal. These many explanations seek to explain away the inconvenience of acknowledging God.

Commitment as a family to Christ and to God’s way of doing things gave us a new focus. Unlike previous encounters with religion, I discovered a relationship with God was all about helping me get my life in order according to a plan that was bigger than me rather than just telling me what to do. God revealed to me, through His Word (the bible) as I read it, and through the preaching I heard weekly, that His logic was designed to build my life according to a plan that was larger than I could dream. I watched as my life and the life of my family progressed and grew into what by all relative estimates was a happy life.

Several years went by as we continued to mature in God’s way. My days were filled with normal enough events, work, hobbies, even some ministry. But they were still not bringing me the kind of total satisfaction my heart craved. As good as the turn around in my life had been there was still something missing. I could feel it.

The peace Christ that had settled upon my heart several years earlier was growing restless again. Not the same restlessness I knew before accepting Christ as my Savior but a frustrating restlessness all the same. The calm was erupting into mental discord. I was always on my toes waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was to the best of my ability to explain it, “just downright unhappy with the boredom and sameness, day after day, of my life.” I needed something more. There had to be something more.

God never sets any limits of how far we can go with Him. The Apostle Paul tells us, “With Christ, all things are possible.” (I was about to discover God’s greatest characteristic, in my humble opinion. He will let us grow as far as our “desires” will travel with Him.)

I had a great wife who supported every boneheaded plan I concocted. I had three great children who were the envy of my neighbors for their politeness and respect. (Really, I’m not making this up.) I had a good job that promised a bright future. So why did I give up that great job one day and move my great children many miles away from their home and subject my great wife to what otherwise seemed another boneheaded move on my part? Because, something still wasn’t right. Or, to be more correct, something wasn’t finished. There had to be more to it than just what we had. I wasn’t sure what it was. I just knew that whatever I was understanding at the time could not be all there was. A lifetime journey can not end and become stagnant, or else it is not a journey any more.

Maybe today, you are like me then. Maybe you are searching for something more. Maybe you have found God to be a peace in your life. Maybe you have not yet accepted Him as Lord and Savior. Maybe your life is just a massive collection of maybes. Whatever your condition or social position, if the desire to explore God’s logic for His creation draws on you like the moon draws on the tide then this book is for you. Maybe you just don’t know. Maybe you’re skeptical of my motives. That’s okay too. I am a former skeptic who has found my answers. May you also find your answers in the pages of God’s holy Word. Even more, may you meet the Lord Himself. He is real and it is totally possible. Remember, with God all things are possible.

Logic Convenience Comfort Zone

Commitment Respect Honesty

Integrity the Media Weakness

If any of these subjects are sacred to you, you will not enjoy this book. Put it down and run, just like you always do. Go and hide your head in the sand and hope that reality is not going to bite you, you know where. Otherwise, sit back and expect a revelation of a truly better way of life, unlike anything man has ever devised on his own. Yes, I am being intentionally challenging. We need more challenges in our lives. Or, better yet, we need the mental constitutions to face more challenges in our lives.

I want to challenge the popular logic of the world today with the eternities old logic of God. I want to erase people’s dependence upon convenience as a goal instead of merely a nicety. I desire to move everyone from their current comfort zone to experience the fullness of life that lay just outside their door. With regards to personal commitment, respect, and honesty I intend to reveal the false commitment of the world’s logic and replace the circumstantial respect of society with a truly honest look at God’s way and the logic behind it. As for the media, I wish only to point out that it serves a motive of worldly logic that does not serve the greater good of mankind but, instead, its weaknesses. The only weakness we should fear is the weakness that causes us to avoid facing our weaknesses.

Now, you can choose to return to your self-satisfying, worldly logic and dismiss my argument out of convenience and crawl back into your comfort zone if you desire. Or you can summon up your courage and integrity and hear me out to the end. In that case I will depend upon your commitment, respect and honesty to do the right thing. Or maybe you’ll just put this book down and go buy a video with some smash ‘em up, blow ’em up action in it. The truth is, the choice is yours.

Face your weaknesses or continue to deny them while you watch Sylvester Stallone do all the righteous things you wish you could do. Maybe I should add vicarious living to my list. If you prefer to live your life through what others are doing while doing nothing yourself, then this book is probably not for you. Neither is the logic of God. God is a personal being who desires a personal relationship with His entire creation, not just the pastors or the Sunday school teachers.

What will it cost you to continue? Just some of your precious time. What will it cost you to live a life patterned after Godly logic? Well, that will cost you everything. I do not mean to scare anyone, but instead to intrigue them. What could be so precious and dear as to be worth anyone investing everything into it? Read on!

Chapter Two

A Clear-Cut Answer

A non-church person once told me, “The belief in a God, who created and now rules over the universe is just not logical.” To which my immediate response was, “Is it logic which bothers you or the inconvenience of the whole thing?” I was not trying to be irreverent. Nor was I attempting sarcasm, although I admit that both were in my mind. Instead I was voicing a clear cut answer that the world seems to avoid at all cost, even at the cost of their soul. In today’s culture, especially in that of the United States of America, that which has not become convenient is labeled no longer logical, as though logic has become the big, “new” god we all serve. This logic serves our best interests based on whatever is easiest and most comfortable for us.

Having a personality that tends toward the sarcastic, if not the irreverent, forgive me ahead of time for what I am about to say if this offends you. Most people go through life seeking their own convenient conclusions. Most people are not loners. The main reason people like to work things out alone is because they wish to look for the easiest answer in private without any repercussions of society’s influence. We desire the easy answer as proof that we have somehow evolved or are greater than those who have to revert to the old, hard way of doing things.

It occurs to me that not every convenience is necessarily better. (Surely, this thought has occurred to you, too.) Microwave food is faster but the food is not better. It is just simpler to take that prepackaged food out and zap it. It is not so much about logic or even what’s necessary. It is about convenience.

As human beings we like to think of ourselves in control of our planet – yet we continue to lose many species to extinction every year. We determine our own source of what is logical and we decide what is necessary based on our comfort zone. Controlling the environment, the thought processes, and our own comfort gives us a feeling of authority and lordship over life. However, these are subjective factors in our lives with no solid foundation.

The human logic can be changed by any new discovery that the human mind chooses to embrace. For years the world accepted the story of Noah’s ark as truth because the story is not only contained in the bible but in historical writings and even in Muslim traditional stories. There are no less than 270 separate cultures with a story of a great flood with one family surviving. Then the scientific community grew up and learned to test and probe different things until it determined that the story was not really possible due to the parameters and scope of their equipment, geological models and theories. Then science and its abilities grew to a point where it could prove that maybe the story of the ark was more than just possible but entirely likely and even by many scientists today considered a reality. The logic of man’s science keeps evolving and it keeps changing the results. That is not a good sign. It does not make me want to trust them.

There is another factor of the world’s logic that bothers me too. Why then, if man’s scientific instruments and historical stories now show that the ark story is likely, is the logic of the God who delivered such an event considered a fake? The answer is that human logic only wants to go so far. It is not a design of perfect answers but of limited ability based upon the desire to control power and wield authority. The convenient conclusion of the world is to accept what man’s science can prove, (The same science that was proved wrong once already) while still denying what it can not prove no matter that the additional evidence is enough by our system of law to get a conviction. If 270 witnesses came forward to tell about a murder do you think for a minute that the murderer would go free? Well, 270 cultures claim the flood was real, but somehow the logic of the world denies the witnesses any validity.

Man’s science has yet to evolve to the level of intuitive thought in anything except its own theories. They will intuitively believe that man jumped from ape to mankind (without a missing link) because it fits their theory of evolution. But they will not believe intuitively in a God who created a flood that covered the world even though there is overwhelming evidence. I believe the word that best describes the scientific community in the USA and elsewhere is “uncomfortable.” The scientific community is uncomfortable because it has the ability to prove the existence of God and that would change the authority structure of the world. So science must go as far as is good for careers but not so far as to upset the status quo. That's convenience.

Thankfully, there are now many creation scientists who are revealing the truth of their scientific research. It is interesting to note that many of them were not believers in God when they began their research many years ago. But as they uncovered truth after truth they were honest enough to admit what they found. There is much evidence for the support of the bible and God found in history, geology and archaeology.

I believe there are two reasons scientists of every field are frustrated people. First they can not find the evidence they desire to disprove God. And second, they lose all credibility with the logic of the world if they prove God. Scientists are caught in a perfect field of study but are given imperfect rules by which to play. Whatever joys or successes they receive are not the true answers to life’s true mysteries, just second best. True scientists search for truth, not just convenient facts.

Maybe you don’t believe the logic of the world, a system of decision making etiquette, has that kind of power over the events of the world. I would dare submit that even now you are judging and evaluating the tone of my words with respect towards your own comfort zone, whatever that might be.

Our comfort zones are designed by the opinions and logic of the world’s system or by God’s system, and thus controlled by one or the other. Because I have chosen to follow the logic of God I am incensed when I hear someone mention evolution like it has been proven, which it has not. Conversely for the world’s logic, one eye is on my words and where they are leading, the other is on a very personal life and the logic used to operate by. Each of us views information based upon the logic we choose to accept.

Sometimes it is easier to ignore an argument than to enter into it. Convenience is an issue even in how we choose what we will believe. If it is easier to just go along then we will be controlled by whatever group we associate with. It becomes convenient to be like everyone else. Therefore, if someone declares that they are the majority they can win acceptance from those who do not wish to argue the facts. It happens constantly in American politics.

There is one inescapable barrier to rising up above our dependence upon conveniences. That which tears away at our conveniences also reveals our weaknesses. We desire comfort and status. We are scared because we don’t even tell ourselves all our weaknesses. (we justify them) If you are not afraid to unveil your conveniences and weaknesses then read on. You are exactly the person God is looking for as He goes through the earth looking for whom He may bless.

Chapter Three

Worldly Logic

The dependability of the world’s logic is suspect because it stems from multiple sources which are on shaky foundations at best. Worldly logic uses the theory of natural selection to describe evolution and then we condemn the big guy who beats up the little guy. If natural selection is real and relevant should we not let nature take its course? As a matter of fact, can a force as big as nature even be subverted to fulfill our own desires? (Wow! Talk about a power kick.) Are we not standing in the way of the big guy’s chance to evolve still further or to be all that nature has made him to be? The worldly logic creates rules and then breaks those rules within the same breath. I can not trust the duality of the world’s logic. It is too flaky for me. I require more substance.

Worldly logic says there is no god and then it turns around and creates multiple mini gods overnight to sell, promote, and tempt the population. If there is no god who deserves respect and worship then why do we respect certain people above others? Why do we pay homage to certain individuals if we do not need to worship? Worldly logic demands that everyone obey the principles, ethics, morals and laws that it generates but then changes them as public opinion changes. If opinion is the driving force behind principles, ethics, morals and laws then why does one person’s opinion count more than someone else? Who’s to say that serial killers are not carrying out their own opinion of how life should go? (Please, don't quote this out of context to make your disbelief easier to prove.)

Can we not see? The logic of the world is built on quicksand. It never has and never will stand on its own. It needs a personality, a power and authority to hold it up. Do we not deserve better than that? Should not the law of truth hold us up? Should not the logic we embrace enhance our lives rather than just regulate it? How can something we have to hold up help us at all? The truth is it can not. God told His people to not serve the gods of the foreigners. They are wooden gods built by fleshly hands. They neither see nor hear and they most certainly can not help when needed. The logic of this world is just another foreign god built by human invention. It can not see what is necessary. It only responds to what people tell it to.

Jesus warned us about building on shifting sands, meaning foundations that change with the times. Governments send out reports intended to solve problems and just create greater bureaucracy with all of its inherent problems. People create laws of convenience to regulate an aspect of life only to repeal the same law later as an inconvenience of that “evolved” life. It used to be against the law to sell alcohol on Sundays in many places, which honored church life and ultimately God at least one day a week. But because public discontent with the law was raised the lawmakers served convenience by erasing the law and allowing society to do whatever it wanted. The world’s logic can create a law one day and repeal it the next. God’s logic is fixed for all time, unmovable. (There is a clear choice to be made.)

Jesus taught that only bible logic – that which is gained from the Word of God – is true and unshakable. That which stems from man can never achieve perfection because man has never achieved perfection. Perfect logic must be derived from that which is perfect.

Some might argue that God is not perfect. Others would argue that man can never achieve perfection because he is always evolving therefore his logic should always be evolving too.

First, if God is not perfect, upon what information does the accuser of God base this claim. In the book of Job the main character seeks to accuse God and can find no one able to stand up and level the charges in line with man’s perceived inconveniences. No one was there when God created the earth. No one was there when God hung the stars and the planets in space. No one can search out the depths of the seas except God. No one knows the intricacies of life except God. Job’s conclusion was that, because there was no one equal to God, therefore no one had the right to question Him. That fact holds true today.

Man can be questioned because he is still seeking perfection. Questions are a way to search out and draw near to perfection. God is already perfect. He does not need nor is He required to answer man’s imperfection to justify His perfection.

The logic of the world says that it is inconvenient to not be able to question everything and everyone. Not being able to question means that we must admit that something or someone is out of our reach. God says it best when He tells us, “My ways are higher than your ways. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.” The logic of God demands that everyone submit to Him.

The logic of the world refuses to accept that anything does not submit to it. Wow! For Christians that is a description of the devil. Satan fell from heaven – was kicked out really – because he tried to exalt his throne higher than God’s throne. Satan was a created angel of God, beautiful and talented beyond all the other angels. But his glorified status among the angels caused him to desire to be higher than the highest, God. The world’s logic follows the same pattern. The people who are in charge, who have the authority and influence in this world, seek to exalt their glory above that of God by denying the logic of God. It is the rare leader, outside of the church community, who acknowledges that God is the supreme authority in everything.

If God’s people could grasp the importance of holding God in a perfect light then they could begin to grasp the immense impact His logic could have on life. It is not necessary we understand everything God tells us. After all, imperfect people may never be able to understand the perfection of God. What is necessary is that we understand He is perfect and has our perfect life built into His plan for the whole world. Worldly logic will never grasp that because it demands to be the leader and not the follower.

A new phrase for the American people has come along with our newfound desire for convenient things. It is “comfort zone.” We not only have a desire for comfort but we have a target for that desire, a threshold, a window even. When a situation gets outside that target then it is uncomfortable and soon fault will be aimed to identify the cause of our unhappiness. Like the comfort zone itself, our identification of the problem is not the source of the problem but merely a surface symptom relating to our changeable desires. What we identify is usually something that hinders our convenience. Then the goal becomes a need to reinstate the convenience, not deal with the actual problem surrounding a need.

What a glorious relief it is to know that my life is made better by only releasing all the things that I worry about into God’s gentle hands. God’s logic tells us not to worry about the things of life because God is the provider of all things. That doesn’t make sense to the world’s system of logic because the world’s logic says, “No one will look out for your interests better than you.” Those who are blinded by their dependence upon conveniences and are mired in their comfort zones of inaction will never see God’s pure design which benefits each of us individually even while benefiting all of mankind together

A man who drinks or does drugs knows the damage such activity can have in his life. Yet, he risks the damage because he believes the effects on him will be minimal. While at the same time he rationalizes the reward to be far more comfortable so as to substantially outweigh the risks. Whether it is the comfort of peer pressures, the feeling of release, the drowning of sorrows or whatever, the comfort becomes the goal. The risks are weighed against the comforts and lose every time. Why? The comforts become a goal or measurement of success. Personal growth or development is not considered because they are not counted as goals. The decision, made by worldly logic, is based upon a convenience rather than a truth.

The real problem, though, is not the comforts. It is the root problem which surfaces as a desire for comfort. Giving in to peer pressure is a desire to have real friends that help us to grow and even grow with us as we all mature in life. We share each others lives and each of us acts as is beneficial to the others. God’s logic explains that true friends add to our overall lives and does not detract from them. A friend who is only your friend when you are willing to risk damaging yourself is not a true friend. I should not have to prove my worthiness as a friend by risking my health.

A worthy friend is one who is there when things go wrong and helps lift us back up. That is all that is required of a friend to prove they are really a friend. Anyone can be a friend as long as you are up. It’s easy to be a friend during the party. A real friend is there to help with the clean up afterward.

The world’s logic mandates that the one who is different is the wrong one. If you don’t go along then you are the misfit, the outcast, the strange one. If you don’t go along with the majority then you are, by your position against it, denying their authority and ability to set the rules. You become the problem by your refusal to submit. You become an enemy to their chosen course. The world’s logic system has always seen the real people of God as their enemy.

The release we feel from drugs or alcohol is temporary and false. When we straighten up and come to ourselves again the underlying problem is still there. The world’s answer, drugs or alcohol, can never adequately answer our real needs.

God’s release is in the truth of dealing with the problem. The truth will definitely make you free. Being afraid to face the truth is what causes most people to hide. The truth is that life is hard. Relationships don’t always work out. Situations don’t always work out as we would like them to. There are no quick solutions to intricate balances of life. We must become accustomed to seeing everything through eyes of truth and not eyes of convenience. Believe it or not, true happiness is in seeing the problems for what they really are, barriers to our fulfillment of God’s plan, not in always making them work out our own way.

The idea of drowning our sorrows is actually a perverted biblical method of dealing with problems. The world’s logic says use alcohol (just one pleasure) to forget for a little while. Use alcohol to get away from the pressures for a time. The world’s logic says seek an excess of pleasures (by whatever means) to drown your problems. God’s logic says be washed in the cleansing waters of life and be free from the results of the problem forever.

Freedom in the sense of the world’s logic means never dealing with it. Hoping it will go away. Isn’t that convenient? Freedom, according to God, means dealing with the problem, growing stronger through the experience, overcoming the problem with God’s victory, not hiding from it. The world’s logic requires nothing but a commitment to the easy way out. (Rest assured, it does require a commitment to the easy way out.) The logic of God’s way requires integrity, fortitude and personal resolve to finish it, not just hide from it. It is not convenient nor is it easy to follow God’s logic. But the world’s logic does not overcome the problem. God’s logic does.

Comfort zones do more to keep us from experiencing life than they ever will do to help us enjoy life. Comfort zone is just another word for rut to my way of thinking. Maybe it is a big rut, but it is still a rut. If I stay within my comfort zone I don’t have to experience any uncomfortable stretching of life as I perceive it. Comfort zones define my space and keep those things or people which “might” hurt me out of my way, or at least define their limits to interact with me. Comfort zones also allow me to enjoy my collected conveniences.

This bothers me. How can I enjoy the full experience of life if that life is determined by the boundaries of my comfort zone? Here are my thoughts on this. If the world’s logic promotes my acceptance of these comfort zones then the world’s logic is responsible for creating barriers in my life, howbeit ones I choose for myself, but barriers all the same. God says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” God does not create any barriers in my life. I have to choose to live within barriers. This is a revealing aspect of the differences between the logic of the World and the logic of God.

People will never explore the full scope of life if they never leave the comfort of their own neighborhood. I once worked with a man who had never been out of the town we lived in. I found this out while I was describing a shopping experience my wife and I had in the next town over from us. While I was talking he asked where I had found this place, so I answered him. His face got funny looking as I told him where the store was. “Oh,” he replied. “I’ve never been out of town before. Never needed to.” I thought about what he said a minute and then told him. “You still don’t really need to unless you want to save money, receive greater service, experience more variety and have a better time all around.” He smiled and said that maybe he would venture out to this place someday.

To my knowledge he never went. I think with sadness that many people, not just Christians live the same kind of life. Maybe they travel to further and further distances in physical space, but they are retreating into deeper and deeper ruts of spiritual comfort zones. Denominations which once espoused the full relationship and experience of the gospel life are now limiting the experiences of their people with rules that tighten up decade by decade to hinder full expressions that once were deemed essential to their relationship with God.

The sad truth is that if I tell my friends that from now on they can only talk with me under certain circumstances and then when only certain persons are around or certain music is playing I will eventually lose those friends. How can we not see that we are doing the same thing to God? The more we restrict His access to us because of our comfort zones the further we push His precious presence away. But, in order to achieve and maintain our comfort zones of convenience that is exactly what we are doing.

Most of us define the limits of our comfort zone by the conveniences we collect. The kinds of food we will eat will determine where we will shop and how hard we have to work for the money to purchase it. The kind of entertainment we embrace determines the company we keep. I’m not likely to have many Christian friends if my favorite entertainment is found at strip clubs or in watching pornographic or filthy movies. (I could think of no more extreme an example.) We balance the results of our wrong choices by saying that the friends we collect are people who understand us “the way we are.” The convenience of that statement is a trap in itself. Convenience is entrapping the soul of America. I do not want people around me who like the way I am but rather those who are examples of what I want to become. I am interested in growing, not just maintaining.

The whole basis for the usability of the world’s logic is contingent upon what people will believe or understand. Change the belief or the understanding and then the system of logic used is naturally changed too. Make the change fit into the desires of the majority and the perceived value of the change increases.

When a former rule or law becomes inconvenient it only requires a change in the thought processes of the people who control the right to make a change in the law. (In the USA that is the majority) Thus the word perfection in the world’s logic is constantly changing in dynamic definition to keep up with the new level of perfection “discovered” by the latest majority.

Theoretically, any socially acceptable behavior today can seemingly be unacceptable tomorrow or vice versa. A rapist today may be just a misunderstood individual tomorrow if we allow sexual appetites to rule our decisions. Who’s to say that rape is any worse than an aggressive, leveraged buyout by a corporation? Someone wins and someone loses. Is it not the animal kingdom way, survival of the fittest? Is it not the American way, extreme competition makes for a better life? Well if women have the right to say no shouldn’t they be able to back it up? Well, too bad when they can not back it up?

If that example seems a bit rude and extraordinary (and I hope it does) we only have to look at all the other moral standards we have pushed into decay in our country in the last few years. How did it happen? A majority of those who cast votes got together and declared the thing acceptable denying centuries of moral standards and God’s own perfect logic.

Abortion, though socially unacceptable, was voted in by a minority faction who showed up at the voting booth in majority numbers because those who opposed the law stayed home thinking that they needed to do nothing. All that had to be done to create a new morality was to justify the action by today’s “more innovative and modern society” and to dismiss God entirely.

Those who did not vote did not realize that their inaction dismissed everything that God placed in their hands. By not caring enough to get involved in the voting process they told God He did matter in their lives. The wrong law was approved by society because no opposition was forthcoming. Someone said that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. That is God’s logic, too. God never called us to sit and do nothing, secure in our comfort zone surrounded by all our conveniences. Instead, Jesus said, “Take up your cross and follow me.”

The Christian is asked everyday to give up their beliefs as part of the world’s logic of progress. But it is politically incorrect and socially unacceptable to question the beliefs of any other class or category of people. I have never seen a TV report lamenting the decline of Christian morals. Sure morals are lamented, but only after separating them from the God who created them. No one has ever stood up in congress and asked what about the Christian’s rights. (at least not with any authority or results of stronger legislation enforcing God’s logic) To declare the Christian God legitimate would invite a source of correction and logic that eats away at the world’s desired conveniences.

I do not fear competition with God’s enemies and detractors. God, placed side by side with all comers, will always win out. But in today’s society it is near impossible to get a true competitive encounter. The Christian God is not allowed in schools yet schools regularly have satanic and Wicca festivals of Halloween and Winter Solstice because someone gave them a new, acceptable name. Well how about we call prayer “private time” and we ask everyone to please bow their heads and repeat after me. Horror of horrors the world jumps to it feet. “That’s still prayer,” they yell. Of course it is. I agree one hundred percent. And so is a Halloween or Winter Solstice program where students portray the gods of this world in celebratory fashion as directed to do by their teachers still a religious observance. See it is not God’s logic which has anything to lose by competition but the world’s logic.

Who are the god’s of the Winter Solstice or the Halloween celebration? They are not the God whose logic I proclaim here. They are the gods of the world’s logic which I denounce here. It is not religion which the public fears as they claim, but God’s logic, which demands action that inconveniences them.

Whenever I bring up the Halloween example someone undoubtedly tells me that they do not observe the evil side of Halloween, just the fun side. They say the celebration has changed. They claim that in the changes, which they embrace, I should feel no threat or danger. They wave away my complaints as the ranting of a fanatic. They dismiss me because my value system, God’s logic, inconveniences them.

Let me ask a question. How about I start a new celebration tradition? From now on let’s display the German swastika and celebrate with parties and spirited drink and loud, joyous music. Let’s each take turns going in and out of make believe death camps as we go from death camp decorated house to death camp decorated house. Let’s do this on some special anniversary like the day Auschwitz was ceremonial opened. Let’s take “innocent” travelers unaware and invite them to join us as we celebrate the fun party we are throwing.

Does any one believe that the world would not be in an uproar at such a celebration? Jewish people would recoil as would most of the rest of the world, and rightly so. Even those who are not particularly fond of Jewish tradition or Israel’s political stand would be uncomfortable for their conscience sake. Why then is it acceptable to make fun of that which is pointedly against the values of Christian life? Simple, it is more convenient to tell the Christians to get over it than to give accreditation to their concerns. After all, it is very important to the world’s logic that the Christian value system and ethics are not given any credence anyway. The convenience of the world’s logic must protect their comfort zone.

When it is convenient every fact of history is forgotten and mankind stumbles into the same mistakes once again. I believe, if history goes on long enough, eventually the Nazi death camps will someday become a thing of the past and not carry the stigma of society’s hatred upon them. Someone said that the society that does not learn the lessons of history is destined to repeat them again and again. Conveniences work that way. In order to do the easiest thing we will repeat many mistakes by not learning from previous experiences.

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