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Fiendish Lover

How did I end up here, in this dark motel room? The curtains are tightly shut so that no light could ever think of entering the room. Afterall, God is the light of this world and it’s best if he doesn’t witness the dirty things I’m about to do. I don’t want him to judge me for following my urges-- the need to satisfy my body. I don’t want him to see me for what I am, especially not in this dark motel room in the middle of nowhere.

I stood beside the end of the bed, between its edge and the window. Staring at the window, hoping for some light to shine through, but it never will, I’ve been forsaken from it.

The white king size bed takes up about most of the room’s space. I mean it makes sense for this motel’s purpose. A big mirror stuck on the ceiling wall, on top of the bed. I especially like this kind of set up. It's much more intense when you get to see all of the hot stuff that's taking place.

“Sorry for the wait,” a deep voice whispered from the bathroom entrance “What are you staring at?” he smirks.

I turn towards the source of his voice “Nothing”, I answered with a grin. The dim light emanating from the bathroom embraces the shape of our body, enough so that both of us could still see. He’s a 25 years old guy who I just met on one of those online dating app. He is handsome. Blue eyes, brunette hair, and straight nose. His jawline chiseled like one of those marble statues. He also stood about 6 feet tall, body nicely carved out as well. But unlike those Greek statues his thing was big, 8 inches to be precise. Looks like I’ve made the correct choice. He stood tall, chest out and proud with his naked body. I can tell that he has lived a pretty happy life, everything going as he pleases. His eyes peered with the great blue sky, with future and hope. Guys like him are easy to spot out. There is this distinct smell to them -- like mint, cookies and cream-- and the aroma is strong with this one. I take a few steps towards him, keeping our eyes contact.

“Wow-” he spoke underneath his breath.

He meets me up at the bed, celebrating every step in his heart. His pulsating eyes show me everything I need to know. The reflections of his eyes show his bewilderment with my charcoal hair. He’s probably also admiring the sight of my almond onyx eyes. By his reaction, I can tell that I’m the most beautiful thing has ever seen. It pleases me to know.

I slip down my silk rope, revealing the curves of my body. His eyes pulsate again as he scan through the glistening skin of my figure. He is charmed, I’m sure. Well, enchanted to be correct. I don’t blame him though. If his body were made from marble, mine were of ivory.

We began kissing as I slowly push him down onto the bed. I gradually increase the intensity of the kiss. Entangling my tongue with his. He is really feeling it now. Judging from his expression, my saliva has done its job. I push his chest down as I throw myself on top of his belly. He lifts his right hand up and gently ruffled my hair, still fascinated with its silkiness. I took his right hand and licked it. Those kind of gesture always excite them even more and -- I must admit-- it’s the same for me, too.

No more fooling around though. I need to start the main course soon. I reach my head down again, colliding our heads with one another. This time a whole level of intensity. I could taste the sweetness of his soul, his essence. His vitality seeping into my tongue with every breath. I couldn’t help myself. I reached for more, and more and more. Then, finally, I reached my limit. His overwhelming spirit has aroused my tails. And arouse they did. Four black whip-like tentacles sprung from my tailbone, sporadically move in the air. His eyes began to focus again trying to make out the black shapes swirling across the room, but it’s too late now. My tails quickly fling to his wrist and ankle, wrapping them so he couldn’t resist. Resistance is futile; he has been weakened thanks to my saliva during our previous kiss. I rose up.

“I’m sorry, I truly am…” my voice whimpers with both pleasure, and pain. What am I saying honestly, none of those matter now.

I grab his head with my hands, claws digging deep into his skin. My mouth reaching for his, connecting us again. I begin absorbing his life force with extreme suction. His body begins to shake as the life force start draining out of him. He’s shaking, tears falling from his eyes. This gesture, however, just increase my thirst, as his extreme sorrow only give much more depth to his taste. I couldn’t control myself at this point.

A couple of minutes has passed. His body is now limp, frozen, devoid of any life or movement. I stood across the room, staring at the lifeless corpse. The guilt and pain finally hits me. This person had a life, a great one, and I just took it all away within a few moments.

“Congratulations on your 10th kill! You must be used to it by now.” A low raspy voice produces from the TV in front of the bed, follow by a slight chuckle.

“Shut up” I retort.

I slipped the silk rope back on. It’s cold. My heart. It’s only going to get colder from here.

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