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Recalling the Light

By Nelly Starfields

Copyright © 2018 Nelly Starfields

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Recalling the Light

Recalling the Light

Have you ever felt the coldness of failure? I bet you haven’t really because failing, again and again, is like jabbed for many times, but you got to stay awake. I was standing as a meek pray before falling to the predator’s jaws. A huge building shaped like whipped cream was in front of me, and there was an hourglass emblem at the centre of it.

I murmured. My body trembled slightly by this name.

Cronus… The beginning of our nightmares, the whisperer of our doom. Everything began when he deceived my nation in his campaigns. Just like many other politicians, he swore to bring a brighter future to our country. He looked very sincere at first; however, this changed once he won the elections. My country had enough problems already, and he made us regretful about our choice.

In the 25th century, oil and gas reserves are considered nothing you know? We use a better, cheaper energy. Our minds. Yes, our thought powers. We surf on imagi-net rather than your boring internet. Imagi-net lets us construct everything, communicate and control our dreams by mental powers. But, we paid for this too. Cronus altered this beautiful world of dreams and memories into a piece of hell. Little by little, he prohibited anything about it, and no one couldn’t do anything.

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