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Tanya Carter, a stunning blonde with a thin, lithe, rock-hard body honed in the gym on a daily basis, is standing in the living room talking to her husband Derek, an equally fit, ex-college athlete with a full head of brown hair and an angular, attractively rugged face. Both are in their early thirties and both look great for their age. They’ve been married for 11 years, each of which has been better than the last.

There are many reasons for their continued marital success, including a complete openness with one another and an us-against-the-world attitude. But the biggest factor is their willingness to engage in deviant, perverted sexual acts; not only with each other, but involving third (and sometimes even fourth or fifth) parties.

Over the years, they have participated in many types of different sexual scenarios, sometimes setting them up themselves and sometimes letting others do the planning. But recently they have stumbled upon a game they like to play more than any other, the specifics of which they are discussing at this very moment in the living room of their immaculately furnished 3-bedroom house in the suburbs.

“Are you sure Megan’s up for this?” Tanya says.

“Positive,” Derek replies. “I’ve been setting it up for weeks. She’s totally into me. I’ve had to fight her off with a stick for the last couple of days. She’s just waiting for you to leave.”

“And you’re certain it’ll go the way we want?”

“Positive,” Derek says. “You know me. I have a knack for these things.”

“You do indeed,” Tanya says. “That’s why I love you so much.”

She steps into him and sticks her tongue into his mouth. He returns the kiss and they make out, each more excited than usual. They’ve done this sort of thing before, of course, but that didn’t make it any less exhilarating.

Tanya breaks off the kiss and grabs Derek’s cock, gripping it beneath his pants. “I see that you’re already hard with anticipation.”

Derek runs his fingers under Tanya’s skirt and rubs her pussy over her panties. “And I see that you’re already wet.”

“You know I like the sort of thing as much as you do.”

“Which is why I love you so much.”

They smile at each other, their faces conveying genuine emotion.

“Now go,” Derek says, slapping Tanya on the ass. “Let’s get this show on the road.”




Five minutes later, Tanya pulls her car out of the garage and closes the garage door behind her. Two minutes after that there’s a knock on their front door. Derek looks through the peephole, just to be sure.

It’s Megan. She’s wearing a slinky, lacy, black top and a jean skirt, with lots of makeup and her hair done up. Her intentions are obvious.

Derek answers the door, opening it and hustling Megan into the house and quickly closing the door behind them, acting like they’re worried about getting caught.

Megan is a 20-year old girl college student that lives down the street who’s home for the summer. She’s a cute little long-haired brunette with a thin frame, small but perky tits, a great ass, and legs that didn’t quit. But more importantly, the word around the neighborhood is that not only is she a total slut, but that she just adores older men. Which is why Derek and Tanya chose her for their little game.

“Are you sure your wife is gone for the whole day?” Megan asks Derek as he leads her up the stairs to the bedroom, not wasting any time.

“Positive,” Derek says. “We’ve got at least three hours until she comes home. And I’m planning on using all of them.”

Megan giggled and grabbed his ass as they climbed the stairs.

“Are you sure you can last that long?” Megan asks.

“I’m like the energizer bunny,” Derek says, looking back at her. “I keep going, and going, and going . . .”

“I certainly hope so,” Megan says as they come to the top of the stairs. “Because I’ve haven’t had a good fucking since I’ve been back from college. All the boys around here are lame.”




Thirty seconds later they’re in the bedroom. Derek’s pants are around his ankles and Megan is on her knees, with one hand gripping the base of his cock and her lips wrapped around the tip.

“Do you like how I suck your cock, baby?” Megan asks, taking a moment to slip it out of her mouth.

“I fucking love it,” Derek says, his head cocked a little sideways, listening.

And sure enough, a few moments later, the sound of the front door opening and then closing is audible throughout the house.

Megan quickly pulls her mouth off Derek’s cock and looks up at him.

“Who’s that?” she whispers.

“It must be Tanya,” Derek says, acting surprised.

“I thought you said she was gone for the day?” Megan whispers desperately.

“She was supposed to be,” Derek whispers back. They can hear the sounds of Tanya rummaging around downstairs. Marks pulls his boxers and pants back up and buttons them.

“What do we do?” Megan asks.

“Nothing,” Derek replies. “She probably just forgot something. She’ll be back out the door within seconds.”

But immediately after the words leave Derek’s mouth Tanya calls out to him.

“Derek? Derek, honey, have you seen my cell phone?”

“I think it’s downstairs,” Derek calls out. Megan is still on her knees on the floor, looking frightened and nervous.

“I can’t find it,” Tanya says. “I think I may have left it in our room.”

Megan curses under her breath and starts to climb to her feet.

“No, it’s not in here,” Derek calls out.

“I’m pretty sure it is,” Tanya says. The sound of her footsteps on the hardwood stairs is audible. “I’m coming up to check.”

“What do I do?” Megan says, panicked.

“Go hide in the closet,” Derek says quickly.

“But what if she looks for her phone in there?” Megan says.

“She won’t,” Derek replies, forcing himself not to smile. He gives Megan a little push in the direction of the closet. “Now go! Hurry!”

Megan quickly moves to the other side of the room and scrambled into the walk-in closet and closes the door behind her.

No more than five seconds later, Tanya enters the room. She has a curious little smile on her face and she gives Derek a wink. He winks back and returns her smile.

“Are you sure you haven’t seen it in here?” Tanya asks Derek, her tone not reflecting her knowledge of the situation.

“Positive,” Derek says. “I’ve looked everywhere.” He flicks his head towards the closet.

“Is she in there?” Tanya mouths without saying the words aloud.

Derek nods.

“I think I left it in my pants yesterday,” Tanya says aloud.

“In the bathroom?” Derek asks.

“No,” Tanya replies. “In the closet.”

“They’re not in there,” Derek says, grinning widely all the while.

“Of course they are,” Tanya says. “I hung them up yesterday after I wore them.”

“Are you sure?” Derek says. “I thought you put them in the laundry already.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Tanya says, moving towards the closet. “I know right where I put them.”

“Wait,” Derek says, more loudly than necessary, still playing the part for Megan’s benefit. “I think I saw your phone downstairs.”

“Why are you acting so funny?” Tanya says, putting her hand on the closet door handle in an attempt to ramp up Megan’s anxiety. “Is there something in the closet you don’t want me to see?”

“No,” Derek says, barely able to keep from cracking up. “It’s nothing like that.”

Tanya lets the silence build for a few moments, then says, “Bullshit. What the fuck did you stash in there? Your fucking girlfriend?”

“No,” Derek says, his smile larger than ever. He’s practically giddy with excitement. “Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“If I’m being ridiculous, then it doesn’t matter if I open this closet, does it?” Tanya says, turning the handle but not opening the door yet. She wants to make Megan sweat it for a little while longer.

“If that’s what you want to do,” Derek says.

“You really don’t care?” Tanya says, opening the door just a little bit.

“Not at all,” Derek says.

Tanya closes the door and lets go of the handle. “Well, in that case, maybe I should look somewhere else for my phone. I don’t I left it in my pants anyway.”

“Like I said, whatever you want,” Derek says.

“I think I may have put my pants in the bathroom after all,” Tanya says. “Can you go take a look for me?”

“Sure,” Derek replies. “Which pants did you say they were in?”

“My black jeans,” Tanya says.

“Okay, I’ll check,” Derek says, not making a move.

“Go!” Tanya whispers, waving Derek away. She wants the situation to play out as real as possible to fool Megan. If she realizes it’s a setup that’ll take some of the fun away. “And wipe that smile off your face!” she adds, whispering that too.

Derek turns and walks into the bathroom, trying unsuccessfully to stop grinning. Meanwhile, Tanya again grabs ahold of the door handle and opens the door to the walk-in closet.

“Let’s see what you’re hiding in here,” she says under her breath, flipping on the light to reveal two legs protruding from the bottom of Derek’s shirts.

Tanya spreads the shirts apart, revealing Megan. She’s got a scared look on her face and tears are dripping down her face.

“Well, what the fuck do we have here?” Tanya says, staring down at Megan. “You’re that girl from down the street, right?”

Megan nods.

“Megan, right?”

Megan nods again.

“Care to tell me what the fuck you’re doing in my closet?” Tanya asks, her voice harsh.

Megan shakes her head.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you would,” Tanya says. She grabs Megan by the hair and uses it to pull the younger girl out of the closet. “Come on, you little slut. Time to pay the piper.”

Tanya drags Megan out of the closet and into the bedroom.

“On your knees,” Tanya says to Megan. “Right here, in the middle of the floor.”

Megan does as she’s told.

Two seconds later, Derek walks in. “Uh-oh,” he says, trying to look and sound dismayed.

“Uh-oh is right,” Tanya says. “What about you, Derek? Do you feel like explaining what’s going on here?”

“Well, uh—” Derek starts.

“Just shut the fuck up,” Tanya says. “Nobody has to explain anything. It’s pretty fucking obvious what’s going on here.”

“Listen, Tanya,” Derek says. “It’s not what you think.”

“Sure it’s not,” Tanya replies. “Don’t treat me like I’m stupid.”

“I thought you were out for the day,” Derek says, dropping his head.

“You thought wrong,” Tanya snaps back.

“Listen, I just—”

“Zip it,” Tanya says, pointing at Derek. “I’ll deal with you later. First I’m going to deal with her. She turns her attention to Megan, who is still sitting on her knees on the floor, sniffling, trying to stem the tide of her tears. “What about you, Megan? What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry?” Megan says, framing it like a question.

“You aren’t yet,” Tanya says, still holding onto Megan’s hair. “But you will be. You’ll be very sorry.”

“You’re not going to tell my parents, are you?” Megan asks.

“I guess that depends,” Tanya says.

“On what?”

“On you.”

“What do you mean?”

“The choice is yours,” Tanya says, “I can either drive you back home and tell your parents exactly what happened here, or we can dole out your punishment right here, right now.”

“What kind of punishment?” Megan asks.

“Whatever I deem appropriate,” Tanya says.

Megan nods her head. “Okay.”

“Okay, what?”

“I’ll accept your punishment.”

“Are you sure?” Tanya says. “Once we get started, you won’t be able to change your mind.”

“I’m sure,” Megan says. “Do you worst to me.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Tanya says, smiling like a demon. “We will. But first I want to get a few things straight in my head. Who started this whole mess?”

“It was all her,” Derek says.

“Is that true?” Tanya asks Megan

“No,” Megan says.

“No? So you came over here to fuck my husband against your will? Did Derek force you to come over here?”

“Well, no,” Megan says. “But he started it. He approached me first.”

“Of course he did,” Tanya says. “He’s a man. They all think with their dicks. That doesn’t mean you can’t tell him no.”

“I tried,” Megan says.

“Obviously not too hard,” Tanya says.

“She practically begged for it,” Derek says. “She came over here every time you left the house, trying to get me to let her in.”

Tanya looks at him for a moment before turning her attention back to Megan. “Is that right?” she asks.

Megan just shrugs.

“Yeah, I bet you did,” Tanya says, her attention still on Megan. “You’re just a filthy little slut, aren’t you?”

Megan shrugs again. A defiant little smile has worked its way onto her lips. She’s obviously given up trying to play the innocent girl.

“You love cock, don’t you?” Tanya says.

Megan nods.

“And you want my husbands cock, don’t you?”

Megan nods again.

“That’s what I thought,” Tanya says. Pointing at Derek, she says, “You, drop your pants and pull your cock out.”

Derek does as he’s told, trying to act dismayed even though his rock-hard cock is betraying his true feelings.

“So you want my husband’s cock, huh? Then here,” Tanya says, pushing Megan’s head towards Derek’s cock, which is harder than ever. “Start fucking sucking on it then you little slut. Show me what you can do.”

Still holding onto Megan’s hair with one hand, Tanya circles around so she’s behind the younger girl. With her free hand, she yanks Megan’s arms back and holds them in place behind her back.

“You like it when men use all your holes, don’t you?” Tanya says, pushing Megan’s head forward and back, forcing her to suck Derek’s cock. “That’s right, you little slut. Suck my husbands fucking cock.”

Tanya gets more aggressive, pushing and pulling Megan’s head off of Derek’s cock with more force and speed with every passing second. It isn’t long before Megan is gagging and coughing, with spittle running down her chin and onto the floor. But Tanya doesn’t let up, pushing Megan’s head further and further forward until she’d nearly taking all of Derek’s cock with every thrust.

After a good thirty seconds of constant sucking, Tanya holds Megan’s head in place with Derek’s cock deep inside her mouth for a few beats before letting off, giving Megan a chance to breathe.

“You’re pretty good at that,” Tanya says to Megan. “What do you think, Derek? Does she know what she’s doing?”

“She sure as hell does,” Derek says.

Looking up at Derek, Tanya says. “What do you say we see how good she is a deepthroating?”

“I say that sounds like a great idea,” Derek says, smiling.

Tanya smiles up at him. “Yeah, I think so too,” she says.

“What do you think about that?” Tanya says to Megan. “Does that sound like a good idea to you?”

Still controlling Megan’s head with her hand, Tanya forces Megan’s head to move up and down as though she’s nodding.

“Yeah, I thought you’d like that,” Tanya says. “Now open wide.”

Megan does as she’s told.

Tanya spits in Megan’s mouth then pushes on the back of her head, forcing Megan to take Derek’s cock in her mouth once again. But this time, instead of pulling it back Tanya continues pushing until Derek’s entire cock disappears inside Megan’s mouth.

Releasing Megan’s arms, Tanya uses both hands to push on the back of Megan’s head, holding her in place with her nose against Derek’s belly and his cock deep in her throat. Megan coughs and gags but Tanya doesn’t let up. Megan gags again and tries to pull away but Tanya doesn’t let her, continuing to hold her in place, forcing her to deepthroat Derek.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Tanya asks mockingly. “I didn’t say you were done yet.”

Megan gags yet again, deeper this time—a deep, ragged sound—and her chest heaves as she desperately tries to pull away. But Tanya still isn’t done. She holds Megan in place for another five seconds before finally letting go.

Megan’s head snaps back and she gasps for breath while saliva drips down out of her mouth and onto her chest. Her eyes are watering, making her mascara run.

Tanya still has a hold of Megan’s hair and uses it to yank her head around in loose circles before pulling sharply on it, forcing Megan’s chin towards the ceiling to alleviate the pressure. Megan lets out a sharp yelp.

“Oh, the poor little slut can’t handle playing with the big boys,” Tanya says, laughing. She bends down until her face is directly above Megan’s. “I guess you should have thought about that before you decided to start blowing my husband you stupid little cunt.”

Tanya slaps Megan in the face, eliciting a flinch and another yelp from the smaller, younger girl.

“Oh, you didn’t like that, did you?” Tanya says, laughing some more.

Megan shakes her head from side to side.

Tanya slaps her again. “Well, now you know how I feel when I saw your slutty little ass in that closet.”

Tanya releases Megan’s hair and spins her entire body around so she’s facing away from Derek. Looking up at Derek, who’s still standing above both of them, Tanya says, “What do you say? Should we let her off the hook with just a warning?”

“It’s up to you,” Derek says.

Tanya pretends to think about it for a moment. “Nah,” Tanya says. “I don’t think she’s learned her lesson yet.” She pushes down on Megan’s shoulders, forcing the smaller girl onto her hands and knees. “Now you’re going to see what happens to bad little sluts when they fuck the wrong man.”

Tanya drops down to her knees directly behind Megan She flips Megan’s skirt up over her back, revealing Megan’s tiny little ass, covered up only by a black g-string. Tanya yanks the g-string to the side, putting Megan’s shaved pussy on display.

“Holy crap,” Tanya says to nobody in particular. “You’re pussy is soaking wet you dirty little slut. You love this shit, don’t you?”

Megan reluctantly nods her head.

“You actually enjoy getting treated like shit, right?”

Megan nods her head again.

Tanya smacks her on the asscheek. “What about that?” Tanya asks. “Do you like that too?”

Megan nods.

“Say it,” Tanya says, smacking her other cheek. “Tell me how much you like it.”

“I love it,” Megan says, although not all that convincingly.

“I don’t believe you,” Tanya says, smacking her again, harder this time. “Say it again. Like you mean it this time.”

“I love it,” Megan says, louder and more vigorously.

“Close,” Tanya says, smacking her ass yet again. “But you’re still not quite there.”

“I love it!” Megan says, practically screaming the words as Tanya continues smacking her ass, one cheek and then the other, making them shine bright red while Derek looks on with a vague little smile on his face. “I love it! I love it! I fucking love it!”

“That’s better,” Tanya says, smacking Megan’s ass one last time before stopping. “Do you think you’ve learned your lesson yet?”

“Yes,” Megan says between deep breaths as she tries to recover.

“Do you?” Tanya says. “Because I don’t. Not even close. We’ve still got a long ways to go, missy.” She points her finger at Derek. “You. Over here. On your knees in front of her.”

Still smiling, Derek does as he’s told, his hard cock mere centimeters from Megan’s mouth.

“Now fuck her face while I work on her pussy,” Tanya says.

“Gladly,” Derek replies, grabbing ahold of Megan’s head and holding it in place as he thrusts his hips forward, slipping his cock into her mouth.

Tanya drops to her knees and slips two fingers into Megan’s shaved, dripping wet pussy. They slide in easily, with very little resistance.

“You really do love this, don’t you?” Tanya says, laughing under her breath. Sitting perpendicular to Megan, she works her fingers into Megan’s pussy without mercy, slamming them in and out as quickly as she can while Derek continues to fuck Megan’s face.

“Answer me,” Tanya says, sliding a third finger into Megan’s pussy.

Megan mumbles something as best she can with Derek’s cock still working in and out of her mouth.

“I can’t hear you,” Tanya says, slamming her fingers even more aggressively into Megan’s pussy.

“Yes,” Megan manages to somehow say even though Marks cock is still in her mouth.

“You can take even more, can’t you?” Tanya asks.

“Yes,” Megan manages again.

Tanya slips a fourth finger into her pussy, forcing it in despite the tight fit, and continues banging away.

Megan lets out a deep groan but Derek just takes the opportunity to jam his cock deeper into her mouth. He holds it there, deep in Megan’s throat, while Tanya holds her fingers as far as they’ll go into Megan’s pussy, also holding them there.

Megan shimmies and shakes from the double-ended deep penetration but there’s nowhere for her to go.

“Take it,” Tanya says, punctuating the words with another slap to Megan’s ass. “Take it like the dirty little slut you are.”   

  And take it Megan does, still gagging and moaning behind Derek’s cock but not fighting so hard to get away.

“That’s a good girl,” Tanya says, sliding her fingers out of Megan’s pussy just as Derek slips his cock out of her mouth. “You’re ready for the next step.”

As Megan fights to recover, Tanya grabs her by the hair and spins her around so that her ass is now facing Derek. Megan still hasn’t fully caught her breath when Tanya jams her fingers into Megan’s mouth.

“Do you know where those just were?” Tanya asks, taunting Megan. “They were jammed into your pussy.”

Megan gags, but whether it’s from the thought of tasting her own pussy or because Tanya has jammed her fingers so deep into her throat that’s causing it. Not that it matters all that much, because Tanya has her own ideas on the matter.

“Oh, you don’t like that, huh?” Tanya says. “Well too fucking bad, bitch. You brought this onto yourself. Now lick those fingers clean of your juices while by husband fucks your pussy from behind.”

Tanya looks up at Derek and nods her head. Derek’s smile widens and he scoots his body forward until he’s sidled up to Megan. Then he slips his cock into her pussy.

Derek hammers away at Megan, fucking her from behind while Tanya continues to hold her fingers in Megan’s throat.

“Fuck her good,” Tanya says. “Pummel that pussy with your fucking cock. Give it to her deep and hard, just like she likes it.” Tanya slides her fingers out of Megan’s mouth. “That is how you like it, right?”

Megan nods.

Tanya gives her a mildly threatening look, tilting her head and narrowing her eyes.

“Yes,” Megan says between moans of pleasure. “That’s how I like it. Hard and deep.”

“See?” Tanya says, looking up at Derek. “Straight from her own mouth. You heard the girl. Give it to her like you mean it.”

Derek’s grin grows wider and he starts pumping his hips harder and faster, his groin slamming up against Megan’s tight little ass, pushing her body forward every time they come together.

The sounds of sex fill the room—the wet smacking of flesh, grunts and groans and moans and heavy breathing.

“There you go,” Tanya says to Derek. “I always knew you had it in you. It just took a dirty little slut to bring it out of you.” She rises up and leans forward and sticks her tongue into Derek’s mouth and the two of them make out while Derek continues fucking Megan from behind.

After breaking off the kiss, Tanya positions herself so she’s on her knees in front of Megan. “Are you ready for the next stage in your punishment?” she asks Megan.

“Yes,” Megan answers between deep, gasping breaths.

“Very good,” Tanya says. “You answered without even being told this time. You’re progressing nicely.”

“Thank you,” Megan says.

“Now it’s time for the master class,” Tanya says, pulling her own shirt and then bra off, revealing perfectly round, incredibly perky tits which are obviously fake but tastefully done. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Megan answers.

Smiling, Tanya grabs ahold of the back of Megan’s head with both of her hands, and simultaneously pulls Megan’s head forward while leaning in towards her, smashing Megan’s face up against Tanya’s flesh, right in between her tits.

With Tanya’s arms wrapped around Megan’s head, she hold Megan in place against her, smothering the younger girl with her flesh while Derek continues hammering away at her pussy from behind.

Ten seconds later Tanya releases Megan, giving the younger girl a chance to breathe. Tanya allows Megan two deep gulps of air before pushing down on the younger girl’s shoulders, forcing her head to the carpet.

“Get your head down,” Tanya says, angling Megan’s face so half of it is pressed up against the carpet before climbing to her feet. “Right there. That’s right. Just like that. Stay right there.”

As Derek continues pummeling Megan relentlessly from behind, not letting up at all, Tanya slips her sandals off then puts her foot on Megan’s head, pressing down on it, keeping flush against the carpet.

“Slap her ass,” Tanya says to Derek. “Punish that dirty little slut while you fuck her.”

Derek obliges, smacking Megan’s ass cheek with an open palm until it’s bright red.

“Okay, I’m sick of being on the outside looking in,” Tanya says, slipping out of her jeans, revealing a red g-string. “Time to get more involved.”

“Go for it,” Derek says, pausing for a little break but keeping his cock planted deep in Megan pussy. “Show her what it’s like to play with the big kids.”

“I’m planning on it,” Tanya says, dropping down to her knees with her shins on the floor. She drops her pussy on Megan’s head and rubs it back and forth. But that’s not enough for her.

“Something’s missing,” Tanya says to Derek. “We’re still taking it too easy on her.” She thinks for a moment, then sees her shirt on the floor. “Aaaahhhh,” she says, reaching over and grabbing the shirt. “I’ve got it.”

Still sitting atop Megan’s head, Tanya lays the shirt across Megan’s shoulders, then grabs the younger girls arms and wrenches them backwards until they’re folded behind her back, her wrists crossed over at the small of her back.

Megan lets out a little yelp.

“Oh, you didn’t like that?” Tanya says mockingly. “Well too fucking bad. You should have thought about that before you decided to try and fuck my husband. Now shut up and take it.” Tanya turns her attention to Derek. “Hold her arms there,” she says.

Derek does as he’s told, keeping his cock inside Megan but not moving for the time being.

“Did I tell you to stop fucking her?” Tanya says.

“No,” Derek replies. If he’s bothered by being bossed around like that he makes no indication. In fact, from the little smile perched on his face, it seems like he enjoys it.

“That’s right,” Tanya says. “I didn’t. So start up again.”

Derek obliges, working his cock in and out of Megan’s pussy more aggressively than ever while continuing to hold onto her arms.

“That’s better,” Tanya says. She grabs the shirt and wraps it around Megan’s wrists in a complicated pattern, binding them together behind Megan’s back, incapacitating them.

“There we go,” Tanya says, obviously satisfied. “Now we can get to work on this little slut for real.”

Riding Megan’s head once again, Tanya leans forward and starts making out with Derek while he continues fucking Megan from behind.

“You like fucking this little slut, don’t you?” Tanya says after breaking off the kiss. Her face is mere centimeters from Derek’s.

Smiling, Derek nods.

“That’s good, because I like watching you fuck her,” Tanya says. “But I can’t help but think we’re still being too easy on her.”

“I agree,” Derek says.

“What do you think?” Tanya says. “Should you stick your cock in her tight little asshole?”

Derek nods vigorously.

“Yeah?” Tanya says. “Do you want to fuck her ass?”

“Very much so,” Marks says.

“I’d ask Megan if that’s okay with her,” Tanya says. “But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Because we’re going to do it anyway. But first, we need to get it ready.”

Keeping her pussy on top of Megan’s head, Tanya leans down further, takes one of Megan’s asscheeks in each hand, and opens them up, exposing her tight little asshole.

“You hold these open,” Tanya says to Derek. “I’ll get her warmed up.”

Derek takes over, spreading Megan’s asscheeks with his hands while Tanya sticks the middle finger of her right hand into her mouth. Once it’s good and lubed up with her saliva, Tanya slides her middle finger into Megan’s asshole.

Megan lets out a little shriek.

“Again, I don’t care,” Tanya says while working her finger into Megan’s asshole while Derek continues fucking her pussy. “If you play with the bull you get the horns. Next time maybe you’ll think about what you’re doing before you play with another woman’s husband. Now shut your mouth and take it.”

After Tanya loosens up Megan’s asshole with one finger, she lets a trail of saliva drop out of her mouth and into the crack of Megan’s ass and watches it run down the edge of her ass and into her anus. Tanya uses this extra spit to slip her index finger into Cindys asshole, making it two total.

Megan doesn’t shriek this time, instead her moan reveals more than a hint of pleasure.

“Oh,” Tanya says to Derek. “I think she likes it.”

“Then I guess it’s time for my cock,” Derek says.

“My thoughts exactly.”

Tanya pulls her fingers out of Megan’s asshole and grabs ahold of the base of Derek’s cock. She pulls the rest of his cock out of Megan’s pussy, then nestles it up against Megan’s asshole, which is gaping and ready to accept it.

Derek pushes his hips forward and lets out a low groan as his cock slides into Megan’s asshole. Megan takes in a sharp breath and lets out a high-pitched moaning whine. But Derek pays no heed, continuing to push ahead, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into Megan’s asshole, one inch at a time while Megan squirms moans beneath him.

“There you go,” Tanya says, her smile wider than ever. “Give her the whole fucking thing. Don’t stop until your cock has disappeared inside her.”

Derek’s hands have migrated to Megan’s hips for leverage and Tanya replaces them with her own, holding Megan’s asscheeks open, giving her a clear view of her husbands cock disappearing inside Megan’s asshole.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Tanya says once Derek is balls deep inside of Megan. “Now pummel her fucking asshole like there’s no tomorrow.”

So Derek does, pulling his hips back before pushing them forward, fucking Megan’s asshole with his entire cock with every thrust. He takes it slowly at first, getting her nice and loose, but it isn’t long before he’s hammering his cock in and out of her, his balls slapping up against her pussy while his cock slams in and out of her asshole.

“Holy shit that’s so fucking hot,” Tanya says. Her head is lying on top of Megan’s ass, her face mere inches from the younger girls asshole. Tanya looks up at Derek with gleaming eyes. “She takes that cock good in her ass, doesn’t she?”

Derek nods.

“Yeah,” Tanya says. “Something tells me that she’s been fucked in the ass a few times before.”

While Derek continues pummeling Megan’s ass, Tanya climbs off her head so she’s sitting on the floor in front of the younger girls face.

Tanya grabs ahold of Megan’s hair and lifts her head until they are face to face. Looking deep into the younger girl’s eyes, speaking only loud enough that she can hear, Tanya says, “Have you learned your lesson yet?”

Megan nods. She’s biting down on her bottom lip and a grunt escapes from her throat every time Derek slams his body into hers. From the look on her face she appears to be in distress but her eyes tell a different story. They are positively gleaming. She is enjoying this.

“But you like it too, don’t you?” Tanya says. “You like getting dominated and fucked by relative strangers, don’t you?”

Megan nods again.

“Yeah, I can tell,” Tanya says, still holding Megan’s head up by her hair. Her tone is measured, calm, as though they were having a regular conversation that didn’t include one of them getting fucked in the ass as they talked. “I can see it in your eyes.”

Derek lets out a low moan and starts to speed up, fucking Megan even more aggressively, hammering her so hard that her body is pitching forward every time he slams into her.

Tanya looks up at Derek and smiles, then returns her eyes to Megan. “Well, fortunately for you—or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it—Derek is just about done. Isn’t that right, Derek?”

Derek just nods. From the look of pure intent on his face he couldn’t talk even if he wanted to.

“Which means,” Tanya continues, returning her gaze to Megan. “We are almost done here today. But if you truly enjoyed yourself as much as I think you did, there’s no reason why today can’t be the only time we do something like this.”

Megan opens her mouth to speak but Tanya clamps it shut.

“No need to say anything now,” Tanya says, her tone still as calm and measured as earlier. “Just go home when we’re finished here and decide what you want to do. No hurry. And if you decide you want to continue along this path we’ve started here today, then come on over sometime and we’ll pick up right where we left off. And next time we’ll start to get real filthy.”

From above them, Derek mutters “shit, shit, shit,” under his breath.

“Well, that’s his cue,” Tanya says. “Just a few more seconds now. But remember what I said. We’re game for more of this if you are. Anytime. Just come on over. Okay?”

Megan nods between grimaces as Derek slams his cock into her asshole harder than he has all night. Tanya flashes her a smile and gives her a playful little smack on the cheek, then turns her attention up to Derek.

“Are you ready?” Tanya asks.

Derek nods vigorously.

“Then let her have it,” Tanya says.

Derek pumps his hips a couple more times, then groans “holy fuck,” and yanks his cock out of Megan’s asshole and jerks himself to completion, shooting stream after stream of cum all over Megan’s back.

Tanya laughs softly and shakes her head in amazement. “That was pretty impressive,” she says to a smiling Derek. “I think you even got some in her hair.”

Derek laughs goofily while Megan remains in the doggy position, her back arched and her ass sticking up in the air. Her back is painted white with Derek’s cum and her chest is heaving but there is a huge smile on her face.

“That’s a good girl,” Tanya says, matching her smile. She leans forward and slips her tongue into Megan’s mouth. They make out while Derek stands over them, watching and smiling.

After a few seconds, Tanya breaks off the kiss, then stands up and helps Megan to her feet. “Now you get cleaned up and get yourself home,” Tanya says. “And maybe we’ll see you again soon.”




Ten minutes later, Tanya closes the front door behind Megan then heads into the kitchen. Derek is sitting at the dining room table, drinking a soda and staring through the window at Megan as she makes her way across the lawn and down the sidewalk, towards her house.

The younger girl has a spring in her step that has her practically bouncing. She looks back at the house, smiling, and gives a little wave. Tanya waves back then sits down across from Derek.

“Well, that seemed to go well,” Derek says.

“Yeah, even better than I thought it would,” Tanya says.

“Not me,” Derek says. “I had her figured all along.”

“And you were right,” Tanya says, leaning over to give him a kiss. “As always.”

“How long do you think it’ll take before she comes back?” Derek asks.

“Tomorrow at the latest,” Tanya says. “Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes her way back here tonight some time. She was that into it.”

“So were you,” Derek says, grinning.

“Me?” Tanya says. “You’re the one that had the best time of all. I just got to mess with her a little bit. You got to fuck her brains out.”

“There’s always next time,” Derek says.

“You’re damn right,” Tanya replies. “Next time I get to have all the fun.”

“All of it?”

“Well, most of it, at least,” Tanya says.

“Yeah, I guess that’s fair enough,” Derek says.

“And speaking of fucking,” Tanya says, “How long until you’re ready to go again?”

“Give me a few more minutes and I’ll be good to go again.”

Tanya smiled. “That’s what I like to hear. Do you think you can give it to me as hard as you did to Megan?”

“Hell, I took it easy on her,” Derek says. “I didn’t want to break the poor girl the first time we had her.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about breaking me,” Tanya says, rising up from her chair and taking Derek by the hand. “If anything, you have to worry about me breaking you.”

“It’ll never happen,” Derek says with a grin, allowing Tanya to pull him to his feet.

“We’ll see about that,” Tanya says as she leads Derek out of the kitchen and up the stairs towards their bedroom. “We’ll just see.”





It was just after 11PM on December 31st when Henry Smith saw Jenny’s car pull into the parking lot of the apartment complex they shared. He was on the front porch, listening to the sounds of The Mars Volta coming from his living room speakers, a pack of cigarettes on the table in front of him and an ice bucket with two bottles of Blue Moon by his feet. All around him were the sounds of partying, as multiple gatherings of drunken fools used the last day of the calendar year as an excuse to make as much noise as possible.

He lit a cigarette and sat there smoking as he watched Jenny’s car pull into a spot near the rear of the lot. She climbed out, looking even hotter than usual (which was saying quite a bit) and started towards the entrance to the complex, which was right next to his patio.

Jenny was all dolled-up, wearing a pair of high heels and a short green dress that showed off her perfect body—sculpted arms, large, firm breasts, incredible legs that just wouldn’t quit and a washboard stomach. He noticed right away that she was walking with more urgency than usual, as though she was either in a hurry to get somewhere or pissed off.

As she got closer, he could see that her hair was a mussed up and her face was fixed in a scowl. She was pissed off, all right. That was certain. He found himself wondering what had happened but knew he wouldn’t ask. While they had spoken a few times in the six months since he’d moved in, it wasn’t like they had anything even resembling a friendship. A couple of words in the laundry room, a nod in the hall, that sort of thing. Not enough to pry into her personal life as she passed by his patio. Not by a long-shot. Hell, he didn’t know if she even knew his name.

But, as it turned out, she did know it. And not only that, but she made the first move, even though he didn’t recognize it for what it was at the time. It wasn’t much really, just a glance in his direction as she approached the entrance to his left. A glance, followed by a longer look, then a question.

“You’re Henry, right?”

He nodded, ignoring the butterflies in his stomach.

“I’m Jenny.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Jenny’s scowl softened into a shy little smile, as though she was flattered that he knew who she was. “You got any more of those smokes?” she said.

“About half a pack,” Henry replied.

“You mind if I join you for a couple?”

“Not at all,” he said, trying to play it smooth despite the surprise and excitement coursing through his system.

“Cool,” Jenny said, climbing through the bushes towards his patio. “I could really use something to help me unwind.”

She made her way through the bushes and sat in the empty chair on the opposite side of his little patio table. Henry shook a cigarette out and handed it to her. He flicked his lighter open, lit her cigarette and then his own. Then he grabbed the last two beers from the bucket, opened them, and offered her one.

“Thanks,” she said.

“My pleasure,” Henry replied.

Jenny took a long pull of her beer and followed it up with a drag from the cigarette. She leaned her head back and made a circle with her lips and blew the smoke into the air. Henry didn’t want to stare at her but found it exceedingly difficult not to. She was just so damn gorgeous, from her silky black hair to her big brown eyes to her petite little nose to her full lips and flawless skin. And from the way she held herself, it was obvious she didn’t mind being stared at; in fact she seemed to encourage it.

Henry’s dick was getting hard just from looking at her. “I didn’t know you smoked,” he said, trying to steer his mind out of the gutter.

“I don’t,” she said. “Not often, at least. Only when things are going really bad.”

“I take it tonight is one of those nights?”

“It certainly is.”

“Guy trouble?”

“Something like that.”

“You want to talk about it?”

“Not particularly.”

“Fair enough.”

Jenny took another drag, held it for a moment, then blew the smoke out. “So why aren’t you out and about tonight? You know, it being New Year’s Eve and all.”

“It’s just not my thing,” Henry said. “Don’t get me wrong, I like a good party as much as the next guy, but I just don’t get the whole holiday craze. To me, tonight is just another night. No different than any other.”

“Well, that’s a shame,” Jenny said. “I mean, here I was, all dressed up, looking to have some fun—” She finished the rest of her beer, set the bottle down and started to stand up. “But since you’re not interested, I guess I’ll just go back to my place and get my vibrator out.”

Henry nearly spit his beer all over the table.

“Oh, did that get your attention?” Jenny said, acting all innocent despite the look in her eyes that said she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Maybe just a little,” Henry said, trying to play it cool but failing miserably.

Jenny’s mouth turned up in a little smirk. “Yeah, I thought it might. So what do you say?”

“About what?” Henry replied, careful to not presume too much. After all, he barely even knew her.

“About coming back to my place,” she said as though it was nothing at all. “I mean, I know you don’t really care if it’s New Year’s Eve or just another random night, but I do. And I’d rather spent it with an actual live person instead of a plastic battery-powered toy.”

Containing his excitement behind a wall of feigned indifference, Henry said, “Well, I guess if it means that much to you . . .”

“It does,” Jenny said. “So grab your smokes and let’s go.”


Five minutes later they were in Jenny’s kitchen. On the granite counter in front of them was a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pair of shot glasses.

“I’d like you to meet my good buddy Jack,” Jenny said, extending her hand towards the bottle.

Henry nodded towards it. “Hello there, Jack.”

“Have you two met before?”

“Once or twice,” Henry said.

“Jack’s one of my best friends,” Jenny said, picking up the bottle. “He’s helped me through many hard times over the years. Most of my friends are into heavier stuff, but not me. Not often, at least. I prefer my good friend Jack. He always treats me right. Unlike most of the men I know.” She held the bottle up to her face and gave it a kiss. “Ain’t that right, Jack?”

Henry eyed her wearily, wondering what he’d gotten himself into. And whether or not it was too late to get himself out of it. Or if he even wanted to. He’d been with his share of women over the years, but they’d mostly been traditional hook-ups; co-workers, friends of a friend, the occasional drunken one-night stand, that sort of thing. Nothing like this had never happened to him before, not even close. And while he wasn’t opposed to it, he certainly didn’t feel real comfortable right now.

But before he could settle on a course of action, Jenny took matters into her own hands. She filled the shot glasses, then grabbed the nearest one and held it up for a toast. Henry grabbed the other one and clinked it against hers.

“Bottoms up,” Jenny said, effortlessly shooting the Jack.

Henry did the same, grimacing a bit as it went down.

Jenny laughed. “Are you all right?” she said, grabbing the bottle and filling the glasses up once again as she talked.


“You sure? It didn’t look like Jack treated you all that nicely.”

“I’ll be fine,” Henry said. And to prove it, he grabbed the glass and threw another shot down, grimacing only slightly this time.

“Not bad,” Jenny said. She shot her glass and started filling them up yet again. Her eyes had a psychotic little tilt to them. Henry wasn’t sure if the butterflies in his stomach were due to excitement or fear. Or perhaps both.

Oh well, he thought, nothing a few more shots couldn’t cure.


Six shots later and Henry was starting to feel the effects of the Jack. Nothing too serious yet, but he knew from experience that it took a little while for shots to fully kick in. Within a few minutes he would undoubtedly be buzzing hard, if not outright drunk.

Jenny was feeling it too. He could see it in her eyes, could smell it on her breath, could taste it on her lips when she suddenly stepped towards him and clamped them onto his. Her tongue darted into his mouth and he replied in kind, all the while trying to keep from thinking too much about what was going on.

Just go with the flow, he told himself. And he did, following Jenny’s lead on everything, from the rapidly increasing intensity of their kissing, to touching, to groping each other. He was just starting to wonder if he should take the lead into the next phase when Jenny pulled back, grabbed the bottle of Jack, and took a swig straight from the bottle.

“So what do you say, Henry? Do you think you can give me what I need?” she said, handing the bottle over to him.

“That depends on what it is.”

“I need to get fucked.”

Henry took a drink. “I think I can help you out with that.”

“You think you can?” she said. “Or you can.”

“I can.”

“I’m not talking about making love, or having sex, or any weak shit like that,” Jenny said. “I’m talking about getting fucked. Hard. Aggressive, rough sex. Can you handle that?”


“Are you sure? It may get pretty crazy.”

Henry took another swig of the Jack, then said, “Positive.” And he almost believed it.

Smiling, Jenny said, “Great. Then hold on tight.” She grabbed the bottle out of Henry’s hand and took one more swig, then set the bottle on the counter and dropped to her knees, right there in the kitchen.

“Whoa,” Henry said. “Wait a second—”

“It’s too late now,” Jenny said as she yanked his jeans open and pulled them and his boxers down to his knees without any hint of gentleness. Henry’s cock was already hard; it had been since they’d started screwing around. “I tried to warn you,” she said. “Now it’s too late.”

Henry started to say something but Jenny wrapped her lips around his cock and took the whole thing in her mouth, shutting him up instantly except for the soft, wordless sigh that came from his mouth.

Jenny held her position—deepthroating Henry’s cock, hands gripping his ass, nose touching his stomach—for a full 5 seconds before backing off to catch her breath. One of her hands went to the base of his shaft and grabbed on tight while the other cupped his balls. She spit on his cock and started aggressively jerking him off.

Looking up at him, she said “You like that? You like it when I take your cock down my throat? When I swallow the whole fucking thing?”

Henry nodded, afraid of what his voice would sound like if he tried to talk. But Jenny was having none of that. She knew she wanted, and she was going to get it.

“Say it,” Jenny said, the evil little glint in her eye more prominent than ever. “I want to hear you say it.”

Henry wasn’t sure when she’d flipped from a relatively normal girl to a dirty-talking slut, but it was freaking him out a little bit. He’d had his fair share of sex over the years, but nothing like this. Not even close. It was disturbing. Not disturbing enough to actually try and stop the proceedings, but disturbing nonetheless.

“I love it,” he said.

“Say it like you mean it,” Jenny snapped.

“I love it,” Henry said, more forcefully this time.

“Damn right you do,” Jenny shot back, her hand still working his cock, her eyes still locked on his. “You want me to deepthroat you again, don’t you? You want me to swallow your cock, to stick it down my throat as far as it will go. Don’t you?”

Henry nodded without thinking.

“Say it,” she said again, more impatiently this time.

“Yes,” Henry replied.

“Tell me what you want,” Jenny said.

Henry was buzzing pretty hard from the Jack Daniels but not quite hard enough to completely get over his discomfort. So he reached for the bottle and took another swig from it. Even though he knew it wouldn’t effect him immediately, just the idea that in a few more minutes he’d be drunk enough to no longer care what came out of his mouth gave him enough courage to say the words.

“I want you to deepthroat me,” he said. But apparently it wasn’t forceful enough for Jenny.

“Not very convincing,” she said.

Henry took another swig of Jack. “I want you to take my fucking cock all the way down your throat.”

“Close,” she said, the psychotic look in her eyes now having spread to the corner of her mouth. “One more time and I might actually believe you.”

Fuck it, Henry thought. No reason to hold back now.

One more swig of Jack, then, “Choke on my cock you fucking slut.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Jenny said, smiling like a demon.

She slapped his cock against her face a couple of times then went back to blowing him, her lips moving up and down his shaft in time with her hand, sucking and jerking in unison with each other, choking noises coming from her mouth as she took his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. And then her hands were again gripping his ass cheeks and his cock had again completely disappeared.

“Ho-ly shit,” Henry said as Jenny held his cock in her throat for what felt like an eternity.

Her tongue flicked out and licked his balls and her eyes started to leak tears, causing her mascara to run. She gagged once, then twice, before finally pulling off his cock.

Jenny took a couple of deep, coughing breaths then spit on his cock and started jerking it some more. Copious amounts of saliva covered Henry’s cock, making it slippery as hell.

She shifted positions, sliding her body further beneath his, until he was practically straddling her face. She held his cock against his stomach with one hand while cupping his sack with her other, trapping them in a tight, little pouch. She then proceeded to go to work on his balls, licking, sucking, gargling them, one, then the other, and finally both together.

The pressure was practically unbearable. Henry’s legs were jelly, forcing him to grab ahold of the counter top with both hands to keep from crumbling to the ground.

And then, right when Henry thought he couldn’t take it anymore, Jenny was climbing to her feet. She put her hands on the counter and bent over at the waist, her legs perfectly straight, muscles taut, her tight little ass sticking out towards him, taunting Henry with its perfection. She reached back and lifted the bottom of her dress up, revealing a black g-string, which she promptly wiggled out of. As Henry watched, transfixed, it dropped to the floor. Jenny stepped out of it, her heels clicking on the hard kitchen tiles.

“Well?” she said, her head turned to look back at him. “What are you waiting for? Time to return the favor.”

Smiling, Henry sat on the floor, grabbed one of Jenny’s ass cheeks in each hand, spread them apart, and buried his face in between them.

“That’s right,” she said, pushing back against him and wiggling her ass. “Get in there. Bury your face in my pussy.”

Henry went to work on Jenny’s pussy, lapping at it like a cat drinking milk, running his tongue up and down her snatch, sucking on her pussy lips, sticking his rigid tongue inside her. She started to ride his tongue, lightly at first but then picking up more speed, her moans growing louder with every bounce.

Reaching back, Jenny grabbed a handful of Henry’s hair and pulled his face deeper into her, practically smothering him, forcing him to breath her into his lungs. He did so with pleasure, relishing in the helplessness, getting lost with desire as her wet, musky sweetness intoxicated him further.

Then she was pulling his hair, lifting him up from the ground.

“I need you inside me,” she said, looking back at Henry while she rubbed her ass against his rock-hard cock. “I need you to stick that fucking cock inside me and fuck me like I deserve to be fucked.”

Wasting no time, Henry did as he was told, his cock sliding into Jenny’s soaking wet pussy with no resistance whatsoever. The moment he got it inside she slammed her ass back into him, causing him to lose his balance and nearly knocking him off his feet.

“So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh?” he said, grabbing her around the hips and leaning forward to better balance himself against her thrusts.

“You’re damn right,” Jenny said, pushing against the counter with her hands to provide more leverage. “Now shut up and fuck me like you mean it.”

She slammed back into Henry again, but this time he was prepared for it, and drove his cock into her at the same time.

“There you go,” she said, slamming back into him again. “There’s some hope for you after all.”

Laughing softly, not used to having his sexual prowess questioned and not really liking it, Henry decided to take more control of the situation. If Jenny wanted it hard, he’d give her all she could handle.

He grabbed the back of her shoulders, pulling her back towards him with every thrust. It took them a few pumps to get their timing down, but pretty soon their bodies were pounding together in a mass of frenzied flesh, Jenny’s upper half bent over the counter, her ass slamming repeatedly back against Henry’s hips, her hair flying everywhere, Henry’s cock going in and out of her pussy in long, aggressive strokes. Grunts of exertion came from both their mouths, filling the empty apartment with the sounds of raw, animalistic sex.

“Fuck yeah,” Jenny said. “That’s what I need. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me like the dirty little slut I am. Slam that cock into my pussy. Punish me. Make me pay!”

She threw her right leg up on the counter, opening herself up even more to him. And Henry took advantage, shifting his body to give her every inch of his cock. His left hand drifted up and grabbed ahold of her hair and yanked her head back, eliciting a sharp yelp from her throat as she arched her back to alleviate the pressure.

“You like that?” Henry said, the effects of the alcohol combining with the oblivion of sex to completely obliterate his inhibitions. “You like it when I pull your hair?”

“I love it,” Jenny moaned, her voice a guttural growl.

Henry spanked her ass. “What about that?” he asked, still fucking her like a madman all the while. “You like that too?”


He spanked it again, harder this time. “What? I can’t hear you.”

“Yes!” she screamed.

He spanked her ass again, even harder this time. It sounded like a gunshot in the small kitchen. Slap!

“Louder,” he said.

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