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Dessert First

When Petals Fall

Trail Tail

Captain Dallas Cooper: Richard

Research report 'Flash' fiction

The Blood Files: The Case of Arnus Mortem

Midnight Lounge

The Game Room

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Valentine’s Day. A day for roses and stuffed animals and those cardboard heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. A day for construction paper cards with cheesy puns and stuffed animals dyed red and pink. A day for three-hour dinner reservations and bottles of wine. Never mind having to work tomorrow. Never mind having to walk across a parking lot with a foot of snow on the ground in heels. We’re supposed to be mushy and gushy and full of oh so many warm fuzzies.

Not exactly my favorite time of year.

I’m not anti-love, mind you. I’m anti-having-to-work-late-because-everyone-else-felt-it-necessary-to-primp-for-dates-all-afternoon-or-take-long-lunches-with-their-lovers. Yeah. I’m anti-that.

Love, though. That I can handle.

I smile as the word shifts my thoughts into overdrive, picturing the tall, broad-shouldered man who shares my life – and my bed.

Yeah, love is fine. But none of the cutesy teddy-bear stuff for me. Give me a man willing to work out my aches and pains, one who reminds of exactly what I want, who gives me exactly what I need. Give me that guy instead.

In other words, give me Jake.

I tap a rhythm out on the steering wheel on my drive home. It’s slow going, and I’m impatient, but I turn the radio up as loud as I dare without risking hearing damage. I tilt my head to the side as far as I can, then to the other side, trying to stretch out the knots that have been gathering there all day.

Maybe if I’m very good, though, Jake will give me a neck rub. It is Valentine’s Day, after all.

Finally, after inching along, I get on the main road that will take me home. I speed a little, thinking of kicking off these damned heels, thinking of my couch and maybe a glass of wine, thinking of putting as much distance between myself and work as possible.

Thinking of Jake.

At long last, I pull into the drive of our home. Small, grey with white trim and a white picket fence. I insisted on that fence when we were house-hunting, and Jake and a buddy built it that first weekend, while I was inside unpacking boxes.

I walk up the short steps to the house, fit my key in the lock, and all but fall inside.

“Thank god,” I murmur, kicking off my shoes as I dreamt of doing in the car. I let my oversized purse fall from my shoulder, and lean appreciatively against the door, unzipping my parka and letting that drop to the floor, too.

I shove them away from the door so Jake won’t trip over them when he comes home, and head to the kitchen to figure out what to start cooking for supper.

It is Valentine’s Day, after all. I should at least cook the man a decent meal.

I’ve just finished prepping the food when I hear his key in the lock. A shiver weaves its way through me, just as it does every time I know I’m about to see him. Ten years together and he still has that effect on me.

The door opens as I sprinkle pepper one more time over the stuffed chicken breasts. It’s not fancy, but for a weeknight it’s not bad, and I know he likes it.

I hear his briefcase drop to the floor, and smile, picturing it nestled in beside my purse.

“Babe?” The question in his voice speaks all those things I know he’s wondering. Where am I? What am I doing? What’s for supper?

“Kitchen!” I holler, opening the oven door and sliding in the casserole dish. I turn back to the counter, shutting the door with a check of my hip, when he turns the corner and finds me, hair coming out of the bun I’d pinned up this morning, washing my hands at the sink.

“Supper?” he asks, my back still to him.

“Chicken, if that sounds okay. It’s in the oven.” I haven’t turned around yet as I dry my hands on the hand towel I keep by the sink. I dry my hands and hang the towel back up, and turn to face him.

“How was your d – ”

He cuts me off, stepping to me before I even completed the turn. One step, another, his hands grabbing mine. He backs me against the stove, then slides me to the left, so my back is flat against the wall. His hands on my wrists are tight, but not painful.

In one movement, he pulls my hands above my head, lowering his mouth to mine, kissing away my air and whatever question I’d been asking a moment ago.

He transfers my hand over to his, claiming both in his grip, keeping them raised above my head as he pulls away and grins at me.

“My day was fine.” I didn’t know before meeting him that eyes could look so damn mischievous, but sure enough, his do, dark brown gleaming with promise and warning. He raises his eyebrow. “But I think I know a way to make it a hell of a lot better.”

His mouth is on mine, then, again, and I’m carried away by him. I know this man, his lips, his tongue, now exploring my mouth as though it was the first time. I let my tongue meet his as he kisses me, deeply, nipping at my bottom lip as he allows me to come up for air. His mouth trails to my jawbone, my ear, my neck, all while my hands are firmly fastened above my head.

He uses his other hand to pull at my top, opening buttons with just his fingers, until my blouse is hanging open, and his grinning face is kissing my breasts, his free hand snaking around to unclasp my bra.

“Nice moves,” I say, breathless. “I’m impressed.”

“Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” he mumbles into my skin as my bra opens. “This isn’t my first rodeo.”

I smile, remembering briefly when he used to need two hands to take off my bra. Now he can do it one handed, through clothing, with me giggling and wiggling.

I’m not giggling now though, with my shirt open from the front and my bra open from the back, my arms secure above my head and Jake’s tongue circling my nipple. He swipes across, around, before latching on for a kiss, a soft bite. His free hand rolls my other nipple, pinching it between his fingers before pulling slightly, then rolling it. Pinch, pull, roll. Pinch, pull, roll. He repeats it again and again, stopping only to switch hand and mouth.

No, not giggling at all. I am starting to wiggle a bit though, against his mouth and hand. Warmth flows through me, gathering at my core. He knows it too; I can feel him smile against my breast.

“Getting tense there, Babe?” he asked, his hot breath against my skin making me shiver.

“I – I’m okay,” I sigh.

“Good.” He lifts his head, tilting it to look at me. “Because I have plans for you.”

Plans? I don’t get the chance to ask, though, before his free hand is at the hem of my skirt, sliding beneath it, up to the center of my warmth and wetness. He rubs me over the material, my panties and stockings not providing much barrier, but too much for my liking. I want his hands on me, on all of me, and I want him inside me. I want to feel full of him, used up by him, heightened and lowered and all those conflicting, crashing sensations, by him. And as much as I love these touches, these kisses, as much as I love the feeling of my stockings and his hand on them, it isn’t enough.

Apparently he shares the same thought as me, because he growls at me, “Are these expensive?”


“I asked you a question. These.” He runs his hand from my knee to the top of my thigh. “Are they expensive?”

“My stockings? No…”

The word hasn’t even fully formed on my lips before he’s pulling me forward with his hand that had been holding mine above my head. He pulls me, then turns me so my back is up against the kitchen island, then lets go of one hand, turning me again so I’m facing the island. He pulls my hand behind my back and grabs my other one, pulling my blouse down further in the process. My bra, too, is pushed up, and his hand on my back propels me forward, until I’m fully bent over the island.

“Don’t move.” There is no joviality in his voice now, only the sternness of a man expecting obedience.

His hands leave mine, and I feel my skirt pushed up.

I try to see what he’s doing. “What – ?”

His palm comes down hard and sharp on my ass, the sound and surprise of it making me jump.


“I told you not to move. You moved.”

I shift, but say nothing.

His hand caresses where a moment ago it punished. It’s warm and tender and altogether exhilarating. I close my eyes, enjoying the contrast of hurt and the comfort.

“Will you move again?” Jake asks, trailing his fingernails over the red warmth of my ass cheek.

“No.” I whisper, almost wanting to move again to feel the same sensations.

“Good girl,” he says, and the words pool within me. Good girl. My knees weaken at the syllables, and I’m thankful for the table to hold me up.

He moves again, and I don’t. I feel him though, between my legs, and then there is a ripping sound, and I realize why he wanted to know why my stockings were expensive. He’s torn right through them.

Then he’s back, pressing against me to whisper in my ear. “They were in the way,” he says, as he once again grasps my hands, twisting them behind my back.

I’m so wet I’m surprised I’m not dripping. I arch against him, and he chuckles, low and deep in his throat.

He lifts himself off me, but keeps holding my hands. I whimper at the loss of his weight against me, and he brings his hand down to my other ass cheek in response. It’s lighter this time, but still stings, still warms, still sends that shock to my pussy.

“You have no idea what a sight you are right now, Baby,” Jake says. I hear the unmistakable sound of his pants unzipping, his belt unfastening, cloth falling.

And then he’s back, a finger sliding along the center of my panties. “Kind of damp here.” He moves the flimsy material aside, running his finger against my cleft, making me jump and tremble.

“So wet. You’re so wet.” He doesn’t expect an answer, and he doesn’t get one.

His finger dips into me. He asks again, “You wet for me, Baby?”

A sound escapes from me then, something between a plea and a groan, and he chuckles without a trace of humour.

“Yeah you are.” I feel him against me, the hardness and heat, and I shift, trying to wiggle onto him.

Another smack from him. Another whimper from me, both for the punishment and the futility of my efforts.

“What do you want?” He whispers to me, as though he doesn’t already know.

He wants an answer now. I can tell by the lift in his tone, the hesitation in his touch. Something constricts my throat, stopping my voice. Some want, some need, far beyond anything I can articulate.

His breath is on my neck as he leans against me again. I shift back, barely, and he pauses, an unspoken warning to stay still.

I bite my lip as I feel his mouth on my neck, my shoulders. “You have to tell me what you want.”

My cheeks flame. “You know what I want.”

He chuckles at the whine in my tone. “Nope. You’re going to have to tell me.”

I moan, risking another smack to push back onto him.

He shifts away. “I told you.” There is lightness in his voice, but a straightforward sincerity as well. “You have to tell me.” I know he won’t give in, won’t give me what I want until he gets what he wants.

“You,” I finally acquiesce. “I want you.”

“Good girl.” The words send a shock through me again, and then his hands are on my hips, and I feel him pressing into me. I push against him, opening for him, wanting him so deep it almost hurts.

He slides in slowly, purposefully, steadily, and I gasp at the intrusion, opening for him, wanting him deep. He knows this, and obliges, pushing forward until he can’t push any further. I groan as he hits my inner walls, stretched and so deliciously full.

He pauses. “That what you wanted?”

“Oh yes.” I breathe the words out more than say them, and he pulls back, almost all the way out, then slides back in even slower, inch by inch. “Yes,” I say again, and he repeats the slow slide out, then pushing back in. I’m impatient, though, and push my hips back. I don’t want him away from me. I want him inside. I want to be full of him.

He smacks my ass, stinging and searing. One hand, warm from the smack, presses into my back, crushing my breasts to the island. He slows further, allowing me to feel every inch of him as he fills me, his cock stretching me as I accommodate him. Another time, and another, that slow, steady withdraw and onslaught.

I’m whimpering and trembling. “Please,” I finally beg.

“Please what, Baby?”

“I need…”

“What do you need?”

I bite my lip as he withdraws again, this time hovering, just his tip at my entrance. I’m aching with need, every nerve taught and ready to snap.

“I need…”

He begins to slide forward, then pauses and retreats again.

I cry out.

“You have to tell me. What do you need?”


“You have me.” He doesn’t move.

Oh god. The words tumbled in my head, incomprehensible, lost in the clouds of desire drawn out and tipping on the edge. But I had to find the words. “I need more. Please. I need to come.”


“Yes please.”

He shifts forward, then pulls back again, apparently not quite satisfied with my answer.

“Tell me again.”

The words are there now. “I need to come. Please. Make me come.”

He grunts, and pushes all the way in, and I’m caught somewhere between a cry and a sigh. He pulls out, then thrusts forward. His hand presses me down again, his other hand snaking around my hips, exploring between my legs as he slides forward and back, in and out. Then his fingers find that button at the center of my pleasure, and he rolls it and rubs it, still moving into me, each movement bringing me closer to that edge out in the darkness and chaos.

Then, in one breath, everything within me flies into the air and crashes down again, tearing me apart and putting me back together as I spasm against his hand and around his cock.

I’m gasping as I come down, and he slows only a minute, letting me settle back into my body and consciousness. “Okay, Babe?” I know the huskiness in his voice, know he’s teetering on that control he’s been exercising so well.


“Good.” He grips my hips, digging his fingers into my skin. “Because I’m going to fuck you now. And I’m not going to be gentle about it.”

I moan again, my desire already climbing again. “Yes. Please. Yes.”

My last sound of that last word hasn’t even left my lips when he thrusts forward, impaling me on his thick shaft. I arch against the onslaught, and he drives forward, so deep it almost hurts. If the island wasn’t beneath me, I would collapse.

My balance is lost, my consciousness slipping away again as he pounds into me again, and again. I grasp the edges of the island, desperate to hold on. He doesn’t let up, and I howl and shout and gasp and scream into the air as the intensity washes over me, wave after wave rising up and over and through me, all chaos and incoherence, rooted deep in my core. I am tethered to the man thrusting into me, and as my orgasm collides within, Jake groans and exclaims, forcing forward once more, pressing deep and shuddering into me. I’m trembling, spasming around him, and he stills, letting the aftershocks shudder through me, holding me until I, too, am still.

He leans forward, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me back to rest against his chest, supporting me so my knees don’t buckle. He nuzzles my neck, kisses my ear, and I sigh in contentment, the bliss of my orgasm leaving me in warmth, like melted chocolate.

“You okay, Baby?’

“Mmhmm.” I tilt my head back so I can look up at him.

He lowers his head and kisses me. “Good start to the night?”

“Start!?” I blink.

“The night is long, and it’s Valentine’s Day, you know.”

“I’d heard something about that.” I rest against him again. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

“Excellent. Though I think we already had our dessert.”

I roll my eyes at the lameness of the joke, and he chuckles, as though he can see.

“We’ll eat,” he continues, “and then I want to celebrate today with you. In as many ways as possible. Over and over again.” He hugs me tighter, and kisses my neck again. “That sound okay?” he murmurs into my skin.

I grin. “Hell yeah.”

The End

When Petals Fall
A Tale from The Black Rose

By Mara Reitsma

“What are you reading?” Her voice crept through the darkened room, and she felt the hands float up her bare legs.

“The latest mission reports!” She replied, giving in to the soft, sensual caress of her mate.

It wasn’t easy, having four, incredibly ravenous mates, but it was so worth it; especially in times like these. Heartbreaking, and confusing times.

“Are these, classified, mission reports?” The words were accompanied by a giggle, and she couldn’t stop the pad from falling to the floor as the shudders took over her body.

It had been a long, hard day. A day filled with chaotic battle simulations and stellar drift calculations. There was nothing she wanted more, than to find herself in such loving embrace as she did now. To forget about the war and the countless people who struggled to survive the enemy’s wrath. Lost, in her Witch’s arms, she let the sin wash over her.

“You distract me!” She whispered into the long, black and blue streaks as they fell about her, feeling the heat from each kiss upon her skin.

“You have been deciphering these transmissions for days now!” Her lover’s words were toying with her senses, drawing out her need. “Let me, distract you, if only to help clear the fog from your mind!”

“You are wicked, I tell you!” She grinned, as the fingers pulled at the straps that held her blouse in place.

“It is in my nature, my love!”

How could she resist? The pleasure that called to each of her Petals, called to her now. She needed to feel the love that they shared, and her Witch was more than willing. To give up that which made them feel alive, well, it was downright insane. She had been studying these logs, since the moment the Angel had dropped them in her lap. She’d given no time to her own needs, her own wants; but that was how it has always been. She was the Rose, and her Petals would always come first…

“Not, right now!” Her Witch smiled, as if plucking her thoughts from her mind as she slid into her lap. “I am your Witch, and you are my Queen; but even a Queen needs to be told to relax once in a while!”

She was right. Her Witch, was always right, and she couldn’t help but give in to the love that enveloped them both like a security blanket. It was warm, it was inviting, and it helped to quash the chaos of war; even if for a moment. How could she deny the itch that burned within her? She couldn’t, and those transmissions would just have to wait, a few more minutes.

Stardate 18:22.4

Location: Unknown

Begin transmission…

My dearest, most loving friend, Rose,

Oh, how I would love to see your beautiful fucking face, as I wrap my graceful fingers around your bloody neck! Do you have any idea, what the hell it’s been like over here? Holy shit, female! You said Aozorath was troubled, you said nothing about it being an outright shit show. I mean, really, what did you get me into?

‘Find her!’ You said. ‘Bring her back to me!’

Ha, if I had any inkling as to the chaos I was subjecting myself to…

Now, I sit here, in a broken ship, hoping like hell this thing is actually recording what I’ve said so far. I mean, the lights are on, and the thingy is doing its thing… Ugh, this is so not my area of expertise. Where the hell is Nyx when you need him? Don’t you dare tell him I said that, bastard’s ego will rise a few notches.

Still, I could totally use his edge for the techno gibberish right now. Computer says… Access Denied. Seems we’re having a disagreement. Had a lot of those these past few days. The Commander. His wife. The High Council…

Shit, how was I supposed to know the male was mated? And talk about a scandal. They tried to pay me off, well he did. She, on the other hand, is a cold-hearted bitch!

Ow! Note to self, do not, touch the blue conduit. Blue, is bad. Red… Shit, nope, that one’s no good either. What about the bl….

Transmission Ended.

The transmissions were scattered, but she had to know more. If that was really Belvaya, then she had to hear the rest of the message. She had to know what was happening in Aozorath. Last they’d heard, Earoth was under attack, and the Regime was pulling out all the stops on their invasion of Gavani Prime.

There had been no word from Belvaya, or any of the others, and these data logs were all that remained of her shuttle. Wherever her friend had ended up, she hoped she was safe.

“You still going over those logs?” His voice sent shudders down her spine, as yet another of her mates walked through the door, his scent sending even more shivers beneath her skin.

“Yeah!” She sighed, and felt his kiss upon her forehead.

“We’ll find her!” He replied, and made for the shower, and she went back to the logs. “She’ll, find her!”

“I hope so!”

Stardate: 18:25.2

Location: Unknown

Begin Transmission…

Alright, lights flashing, and we seem to be good!

Computer, are we recording?


Wicked! That only took, what, two, three days? Anyhow, we’re back. Or rather, I’m back! Yup, just me, and this shit hole of a moon I’ve landed on. Guess what, Rose?

It’s fucking raining! A star system full of tropical planets and sandy beaches, and I land on the only moon where it rains. Nothing, but fucking rain. I guess it’s not all bad, I could be back on Regulus, with the asshole and his wife.

Ugh, but I should probably report something, since this is technically, a report, from me to you. Whether or not you’ll receive it…

Let’s see, it’s been, two months, three weeks and four days, since you sent me on this Gods forsaken quest, and so far, I’ve managed to piss off the Regime, and get my ass blasted halfway across the galaxy. Bastard’s are powerful, more so than we thought. They have ships, even bigger, than the one’s we first encountered; and when those guns are trained on you…

I didn’t even see them coming. Mind you, I thought the twelve chests of gold coin as a payoff was their way of sending me off, quietly; but it would seem the Commander’s wife had other plans. She wasn’t too impressed when he brought me home, nor was I. He said he had lovers, I just didn’t think he mated them all, or that there was one that sat above them all, reigning him in.

Gods, we landed on Regulus, and he turned into some runt that needed her to do it all for him. Keria, I think her name was. Tall, dark haired, and beady little eyes that followed the Commander’s every move. It was like he flipped a switch, and that amazing, muscular man with the passion of a mighty stead, turned into a frivolous little worm with no will of his own. Keria beckoned, and he groveled at her feet.

She didn’t like me much, and ensured that the Commander and I would spend as little time with one another as possible; and without the Commander, I found myself getting bored. Now, we all know what happens when I get bored, I explore. How was I supposed to know that the corridor outside my room, led into a study, and in that study, would be a hidden door?

Who hides a door, anyway? That’s like asking for me to find it. A gust of cool air, the lack of dust outlining the secret crawl space… It was the most fun I’d had since I’d landed on that blasted planet. So many corridors, so many, peepholes. Someone in the palace was quite naughty, and had to have secrets on everyone. How couldn’t they? I spent an hour hidden in the walls, and learned that the cook was stealing food from the pantry, some noble lord was screwing said cook’s daughter while he was sneaking away with said food, and oh, the Commander’s wife preferred females; and lots of them.

While the cat is away, the mice, will play? Is that how that goes?

Shit! Someone’s coming.

I gotta go!

End Transmission.

So, her Commander hadn’t been all that she’d hoped. Pity, considering he’d been so helpful in the beginning. And he had a wife, interesting; but what made her mind spin the most, was that last line. Shit, she had to go. Go where? And why?

Gods, it was so late, and everyone was already asleep, but she couldn’t seem to follow suit. The questions kept coming, and with each transmission she deciphered, another appeared beneath it. There was no telling how many of Belvaya’s logs were recovered, she just hoped like hell that one of them told them where her Petal was now.

Stardate: 18:30.7

Location: Unknown

Begin Transmission…

Hello, Rose,

Well now, that, was an interesting little jaunt through hell. A rain soaked hell. There’s mud, knee-deep, and it’s everywhere. Keria’s troops are too close for my liking and it seems, she didn’t like the fact that the Commander learned her little secret; but that’s what you get for trying to kill me.

To think, I actually tried to be nice to her.

Anyhow, where were we? Oh, right, I, am on the run. Well, hiding, actually. In a cave. It was all I could find in a hurry. It should be daytime soon, and I have just enough power left to last until I can return to the ship, but I have some time to kill. So, I bet you’re dying to know more about the secret passageway, and the study, in which I found Keria. It wasn’t really who she was doing, but more, what she was doing, before she started in on her little love fest, that’s got the Commander all up in a huff.

Now, before you start, I did disable the array, and she won’t be making contact with her people anytime soon… but I overheard her talking to someone called, Tal’min? She wanted orders, and was quite infuriated that she was being made to wait. Whoever Tal’min is, she doesn’t want anyone knowing she’s been talking to them.

Next thing I knew, there were guards in the room. Three of them, and all female. It looked as if they’d busted her, but before I could blink she had them in a sinful embrace. Clothes were lost and legs spread wide, I couldn’t help but watch as she seduced them. If she wasn’t such a cunt, I would have thought her a Petal, the way she used her body to get what she wanted.

Regardless, she was doing everything she could to keep them away from the array, and when they left, she did too. That’s when I entered the study, and let a small charge take hold in the array. That pissed her off, and she started a search for the intruder, four days later, her guards surrounded me, and that particular bath ended in bloodshed.

Now, she hunts me, as I hunt my own target, and let me tell you, this shit is getting old. This is not what I signed on for, Rose. This quest of yours requires danger pay.

(Power levels are reaching critical levels)

And that’s my cue! Guess I’ll be signing off for now, and here’s hoping I make it back to the shuttle soon.

End Transmission.

“You’re still up?” His voice called to her from the hall, and she turned from the fire to see his bare chest, glistening in the light.

“I didn’t mean to wake you!” She replied with a smile.

“Uncovered anything new?” He entered the library, and she felt her heart flutter. “When I woke from our bed to find you gone…”

“I couldn’t sleep!”

“I could have remedied that...” He growled, drawing closer. “…had you woken me!” She felt him nuzzle into her hair as he took in her scent.

“I needed to go over the logs again, I wanted to decipher some more!” She told him, but it was hard to ignore his lips upon her neck.

“Your Witch tells me you were caught in a rut!” He chuckled and pulled away, taking the pad from her hands. “Let me look!” He smiled, and took a seat on the couch.

She watched for a moment as his muscles rippled with each sweep of his hand, and before long, she found herself snuggled in beside him, his arm around her as the pad worked its way through each decryption.

“Now we wait!” He told her, setting it down on the table before him.

“Now we wait!” She sighed, and felt him kiss her again. “She is more than capable of caring for herself. She will survive…”

“You need not try to convince me! I know what that female is capable of!” He chuckled, “And that our hunter will return with news!”

“I just wish you had gone with her!” She let out, and turned into his chest. “She needs you!”

“You, need me! There is only one other to survive the wrath of Sha’dai’ah, and he too had to trim the charred feathers from his wings.”

He was right. She was in no shape to go anywhere, and without the others…

“You are too good to me, you know that right?”

“Just make sure you tell our mate that when she returns!” He winked at her, picked up the pad, began reading off the next log.

Stardate: 18:52.1


Begin Transmission…

I hope to the God’s you can hear me, or this whole trip has been a waste of time. The things I do for you, Rose, do you know what it’s like to spend the night in a monsoon? I do, and it’s wet! Cold and wet. My hair is never going to be the same and it’s all your fault. You’re probably laughing right now, with the image of a drowned rat in your head, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

I’m covered in mud and muck, there are twigs in my hair, and one of Keria’s hunters, damn near stuck an arrow in my thigh. He missed, obviously, but arrows? Are you fucking kidding me?

(Flight controls, initiated)

Fucking finally! There are Gods in this hell hole.

(Thrusters, initiated)

Ha ha, it’s alive! Now, if we can get navigation to respond, we should be able to take off from this rock!

(Navigational control, offline)


So, we can take off, we just won’t know where we’re going, but fuck, anywhere is better than here. Who knows when Captain Cranky-pants and his band of barbarians are gonna show up again. That bitch is some pissed off.

(Take-off, initiated. Thruster, engaged)

Sorry, Rose, I’m gonna need all the power I can get to hoist this bird into the air, so I’m signing off, and here’s hoping I can make it to…

End Transmission.

“Where is the pad?” She asked, as she got herself dressed. “The Vampire claims he’s unlocked another transmission!”

“On the desk, next to the shimmer wine.” He called back, as the steam rolled in through the bathroom door.

She had to see it, had to read it. With each transmission, the Guild drew closer to finding their lost Petals. Belvaya had been close to uncovering the truth behind the destruction of the new chapterhouses in Aozorath, close enough, she could taste it. Five had fallen in the last two weeks, seven in the month before. Someone, was trying to prevent the Guild from gaining ground in this new Verse, and they had to be stopped.

“I’ll be in the library!” She popped her head in to the bathroom, and caught sight of his back, so smooth and glistening as the water fell upon it.

She could see his long, black hair, and those muscles that quivered beneath his honeyed skin, but that butt…

‘I can hear your thoughts, my love, and they will only keep you from the library, and that pad!’ He warned her, and she shivered as his mind joined with hers.

‘Who am I to deny mine own eyes, a sight so glorious as this?’ She replied with her eyes closed.

She wanted to read his reaction, feel the sensations of his reply as they washed over her like the water from his shower did to him. Each and every droplet…

The water stopped, and the Demon stood a midst the steam, his body dripping as his eyes danced over her.

“And you said the Witch, was the wicked one!” He grinned, and before she could stop him, he had her pinned to the wall.

“I can’t help that, which is in my nature!” She mumbled, as the weight pressed against her and the moisture seeped in to her leathers.

“Your mind is easily distracted…” He groaned, as her hands fell down to his waist, and then between his thighs.

“Of those I love, two have taken leave for another realm on diplomatic standings, and another has taken it upon herself to hunt down the scourge of the galaxy, alone, I might add…”

“While the last, is standing right before you, naked as the day he was born, and his body burns beneath your touch!” He whispered into her ear, before biting her, hard. “Your mind is useless, when your body is filled with such need!”

“You are a monster, my love!” She purred against his lips, her hands working away to strengthen his resolve.

“No, I am Demon, and there is a very, big difference!” He told her, toying with her leathers in an attempt to free her from her bonds; and lifting her leg, his grip tight about her thigh, he entered her.

“Be gentle, for I am but a Petal…” She whimpered, feeling the pressure, and the pleasure, as he slid himself deeper.

“I know a thing, or two, about your Petals…” He growled, his lips sliding up and down her neck as he took her against the wall. “They love it, when the storm is upon them…” He shuddered, as she wrapped her leg about his waist and leaned back into the wall. “…they do not tremble beneath its might, but rather blossom…” He was losing control, and she braced herself, for both his release, and his words. “…when the tides of war come crashing in.” He let out with labored breaths, pulling her closer, thrusting deeper.

“A Rose, will always, survive the storm, for her Petals will never, give up, on her…”

He was panting against her lips, his body now covered in a gleam of another kind, and she shuddered as he filled her.

“My Petals, have faced many a storm…” She moaned, arching her back as she neared the edge, rocking her hips as he held her tight.

“…and they are stronger, and more beautiful than ever!” He laughed, pulling her close once more, pinning her against him as her body began to shudder uncontrollably.

Stardate: 18:56.8

Location: Unknown

Begin Transmission…

Looks like the locals had themselves quite the little war on, what I’ve been told, is Inok. Another small ass moon, but there’s no rain here, thank the Gods. Finally got my hair dried out, but my leathers, are ruined; so, add that to the list of things I’ll need replaced. And I want the good ones, too. Not that fake ass pleather bullshit that some idiots think is real.

Well, shit! Guess navigational control is fried, no thanks to another round with the Regime. Took a hit near Gavani III, which threw me in to the wake of someone’s slip stream? I’m going to assume you and the others will know what the hell that is? Cause it fried my sensors and the navigational array. I’d just gotten the fucking thing working again too.

Note to self, Angel-boy, needs to upgrade the shuttles. The shit I have encountered over here… Where do I even start? I guess first up, would be the multi-phasic shielding. There’s a race out here, and their weapons seem to rotate on some kind of, shit, what was that word?

Locals called it a quantum rotation, or maybe it was something else? Fuck, I just fly the things. Would be easier if I could just blink, but uh, yeah, where the fuck do I go? I’d wind up in the middle of some ocean planet, or worse...

Nope, can’t think of anything worse than that right now, and so far, the company is bearable. Not sure how long I’ll be stuck here for, but I’m told the Regime has already left this world for another.

Who knows how many others will feel their wrath, and why, because we set up a few safe houses and I pissed off a female? No, there has to be more, Rose, that bitch has her hands in something, if not the destruction of the chapter houses themselves. She knows something, and I’m dying to know what it is. Speaking of, I gotta go and see if I can reconfigure the sensors, maybe I can get a reading on this place? Find a hanger bay filled with random parts and a mechanic who could fix my ship? Could I ever be so lucky? Only if he was hot! Damn, that’s all this mission needs. Eye candy, and tunes. I’d kill for a radio right about now.

But, I must… Owe, fuck!

End Transmission.

So, there was another enemy on the horizon. As if the Enot’ai were not bad enough, now she could add the Regime to her list. They were supposed to be the good guys, but as it turned out, they were nothing more than pawns in a bigger game. An army to guard the Verse against the other side, and slaughter the innocent. They were no better than the Eno’tai. No, they were just like the Eno’tai. Perhaps they too, had strings attached like little dolls, but who was pulling those strings? Couldn’t be the Ghora, they had their own problems, and there was no way for them to gain access to that Verse. At least she was safe from that line of chaos, for now.

“You look worried!” Her Lord appeared behind her, and she nodded her head. “Any news from my daughter?” He inquired, moving to the seat across from her.

The library was cold and dark, just how she liked it when she was thinking. Cold, dark and alone. “She is still searching!”


“And nothing!” She snapped, instantly regretting it.

The male had been like a father to her, the great Lord of Darkness, and yet to her, he was more like a giant teddy bear. He laughed, just as normal people would, but he was no normal male.

“I’m sorry!” She sighed, “My mind is tired, and the Petals we have lost will forever haunt me!”

“No, don’t apologize, while you work tirelessly to bring them home; and know, the lost will be recognized for their sacrifice, I swear it!”

“I know!” She smiled up at him, “I just wish I could have gone with her!”

“My daughter would never have allowed it. She’s come too close to losing you once already, she would never forgive herself if anything were to happen to you!” The Dark Lord shook his head with a chuckle. “She is the best hunter the Null could ever hope to have, and she is your mate. She will return soon enough, and she will bring news of your Petals.”

“I am not used to being…”

“Contained?” He finished for her. “I know, it sucks, doesn’t it?” He chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest. “But you need to rest, the energy will dissipate in due time…”

“I feel like a lightning rod!” She shook her head. “I can’t even hold my own daughter.”

“Shall I send for your Demon?” The Dark Lord asked, as he rose from his chair.

“No, let him sleep!” She laughed. “I’ve almost deciphered the next set of algorithms. I’ll be able to read the next transmission in a few moments.”

“Belvaya will return. Euphamia will find her, it’s what she does!” Her Lord smiled at her and made his way to the door. “And then you, will do what you do best!”

“And what is that?” She cocked a brow at him.

“Lead my armies, of course!” He laughed, and then vanished from sight.

Right, because it was that easy. Her world felt as if it were falling apart. She’d sent the Petals to the new world, and she’d ordered them to set to the new establishments. She’d had no idea that the Regime would have such problems with it. Belvaya was right, there had to me more to this than meets the eye. There had to be more in those transmissions.

“Hey?” His voice was filled with excitement, and she jumped as he wrapped his arms around her. “She’s back!” He whispered into her ear.

Thank the Gods, her mind raced as her heart threatened to leap from her chest. She had returned, and hopefully, she brought with her, more news on Belvaya.

“Tell her, I will be with her soon!” She smiled and felt the kiss upon her cheek.

Euphamia, was home.

Stardate: 40:1.5

Location: Tonari II

Begin Transmission…

Hello, Rose!

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to report, but things were pretty touch and go there for a while. Communications were down and I lost the shuttle somewhere in the Tonari system. As of now, I’m sitting in the palace of the To’ri. Kind of spiffy, and the Prince has been quite informative.

Shit, who am I to kid, he’s been an outright doll, and I can assure you, that he has been well trained. The To’ri are a peaceful people, but you don’t want to cross them. Talk about traps, I fell into one, myself. Ankle’s still a bit sore, but the medicine they gave me, and the Prince’s extra special attention has more than made up for it though.

I think he likes me. Too bad I can’t stay, I’d make one hell of a Queen; but I have this mission, for a friend…

Dammit, Rose, it’s been three fucking months since I’ve seen a moon pool. Three months, since those sinful waters have touched my skin. Fuck!

On that note, the mission is going as slowly as it can. I’ve spent so long dodging the Commander’s wife, I don’t even know where the hell I am. All the computers here say it’s the Tonari system, but I couldn’t tell you how to get here. Wherever here is, though, the Regime will not follow. I’m told they fear it, though none will speak as to why. I have a meeting with the council in the morning. They want to ensure safe passage through their system, and have offered me a shuttle. We shall see where this leads us, and hopefully, I can get back on track.

I miss you, Rose, even if you piss me off!

End Transmission.

Her scent filled the room, and a moment later, she felt her mate’s hands on her shoulders. That soft, intimate caress that could only have come from one person.

“You have been worried for far too long!” The words circled in her mind, as she felt the lips against her own, and the hands in her hair, holding her in place.

“Then you should stop leaving me as you do!” She replied, only to inhale that sinful mix of Vanilla and Moonflower, and groan into a kiss of her own.

“Then who, would find Belvaya for you?” Her mate grinned, slipping lower and taking a strap of leather between her teeth, and she worked to pull it loose.

“I would find Belvaya!” She hissed, and ran her hands through the long, black and white streaked hair before her.

“No can do, my love!” She heard the whispers, and felt the cool air against her chest as the corset fell away. “For that…” She moaned, and nestled her nose between her breasts. “… would take away from my hunt!”

“It should be my hunt…” She growled, but her mate’s fingers came to her lips, as she slid her tongue down across her belly. “Gods, Euphamia…” She squirmed, as those sinful lips nipped at her leggings.

“We are the Gods. It is our voice that makes them, tremble…” Her mate whimpered against her skin, tickling, and enticing her with her tongue. “…your, voice!” She finished, and pulled the legging from her hips. “You, give commands that we all are to follow. You are our Queen, our Rose, and we your Petals.”

She couldn’t hold back, as the feel of her mate’s lips dipped down between her thighs, and the wave took hold. There was no fighting it, no protesting the pleasure that ripped through her. Her wife was home, back from the hunt, and she wanted to feel every inch of her, before she left again.

“Euphamia…” She shuddered beneath her, and those deep, devilish purple eyes stared back at her, unwilling to stop as she reached the edge. “…please?” She begged.

“Am I to be left out of this pleasure?” They heard the voice, louder and deeper, and they knew what was to come.

In a heartbeat he was beside them, a hurried race to remove his leathers ensuing. “We could never…” Her mate moaned, as she climbed into the male’s lap, and he growled, sending shudders through them both.

“Indeed!” He let out, as one rocked her hips about his waist, and the other nipped at his neck.

An intimate distraction. One of many, during these long, hard months. There was nothing more welcoming, more relaxing, than having her mates here with her, even if it was not all of them. There was something about her Demon, and their dark lover, something that held on tight and wouldn’t let her go.

Even now, in the clutches of madness, they freed her. Their bodies were hers to command. She, was their Queen.

Stardate: 41:3.7

Location: Kolak V

Begin Transmission…

Rose, I don’t know if you’ve been receiving my messages, or if the To’ri have been blocking my transmissions, but we have a huge problem on our hands. Seems they’ve made a deal with the Regime, for me. I don’t know what I caught that bitch doing, but she wants my head, something fierce.

She has hundreds of ships scouring the system for me, and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay here for, they’re closing in, fast. I’ll have to ditch this shuttle as soon as I’m done here, I swear they’re tracking me. I just hope this message gets to you, I think I found her, Rose. I think I’ve found your…

Transmission Ended.

No Further Data Acquired.

“Get her back!” She shouted at the pad, but there was nothing more to see.

That had been the last transmission Euphamia had collected, and she couldn’t believe that it. There had to be more. It couldn’t just cut off like that.

“I can’t!” Her Demon told her, and hung his head.

“The ship was too badly damaged!”

“When do you return?” She looked at her mate, all that long black and white hair hanging in her face, and those sinful amethyst eyes.

“I leave in an hour!” Her mate replied, “And I go, alone!”

“Like hell you do!” She snapped. “I’ve laid low, long enough, and my wings have been healed!” She added, letting them unravel behind her.

“You can’t!” Her Demon growled, but there was no stopping her.

“I am Malice, Queen of the Valkyrie, and I will not stand by and watch as my Petals fall from grace!” She was growling now, her wings fluttering and her eyes taking on an eerie glow. “I thank you both for all the care and attention you have shown me, but I must rejoin the fight. Sha’dai’ah was a magnificent victory, but at what cost?”

“Malice, you are the light that guides us…” Euphamia started.

“And you are the darkness that embraces us as we walk the shadowed roads ahead!” The Valkyrie replied, her eyes closing as she kissed Euphamia’s forehead.

“Then it is settled!” His arms came around them both. “Tisiphone, will stay with Madrina, and we all, will bring Belvaya home.”

“Not without us!” Came more voices, and the room began to fill.

The Angel, Nissa, and his Vampire friends, Markus and Lync, stood beside Eroch, Lord of the Void, and the twins Navina and Marena. Even Ellaria was there, dressed in leathers of white and sporting a set of swords that Euphamia had never seen before.

“Mother?” She let out with a furrowed brow. “What are you doing?”

“We are family, and from this day forth, we fight together, my daughter! Times have changed, and if Aozorath is to join with us against our enemies, we will need everyone to help!”

“But you…” Euphamia paused, but her mother let loose a dagger from her sleeve that zipped past her, slicing the leather against her arm. “Well, I’ll be damned!” She let out with a grin, and retrieved the dagger from the pillar behind her.

“For Belvaya!” Lord Eroch held up his fist, and the others fell into line with shouts and battle calls.

“We will find her, and we will bring her home!”

Ellaria smiled, and summoned her guard. “Bring me the mapping crystals, and inform the council of Elders, that their Sovereign has called for aid.”

“Mother?” Euphamia was confused yet again.

“When I said we were family, Euphamia, and that we would fight together, I meant all of us. Skyfolk, Kor’Mhia, Valkyrie and…”

“The Realm of Magic!” Bathsheba announced, as she entered the room with even more people. “We stand together, to show our enemies, that we will not fall to our knees before them!”

By the Gods, they were all here…

‘We’re coming, Belvaya!’ Malice’s mind reached out, and she felt the pull as their allies arrived in the Null, and all, were declaring her, their rightful Queen.

They’d follow her anywhere. She was their Rose, and it was time to bring this fight to the Regime, once and for all.

The End

Trail Tail

By Rebekah Jonesy

Mary cursed loudly as she slapped the tree branch out of her way. She hitched her bulging back pack up on her shoulders, for the thousandth time. Hiking in the mountains was not her idea of a good time. Especially when she was doing it alone. She couldn't see how any one would think it was a good time. But somehow her lame ass roommate Bethany had talked her into coming out here anyway. Mary swore again as she thought about what she could be doing right now.

Finals had just ended and Mary had managed to do really well. She had planned on drinking and partying the whole weekend to celebrate. She wanted to spend the weekend relaxing and working off some of the stress she had been under for the last two weeks. She had run her plans by Bethany, expecting her to want to join in on the party plans. She had thought she was being nice, inviting her quiet friend along to finally have some fun. She had even offered to introduce Beth to some of her guy friends, who would be willing to show her a good time. Instead, she had gotten a long talk about finding herself, and quiet reflection. Somehow, she still wasn't sure how, she had been talked into a "relaxing hike" in the woods.

Bethany was supposed to have joined her; it was her plan after all. However, just this morning she had bailed. She had said repeatedly how sorry she was, something had come up at the last minute. Bethany had shoved the backpack and her own car keys into Mary's hands and walked her out the door. Mary didn't even have a chance to ask any questions, while Beth rushed her through everything.

As her stomach grumbled, she remembered she also hadn't had a chance to grab breakfast. She cursed loudly and kicked at a stick on the path. Why the hell am I even out here? This was all Beth's idea. She's not even here. I should just head back to the car. There are plenty of parties going on tonight. I've got her car, I could just head straight to one and she would never even know. I could tell her I spent all day on the hike. Mary checked the map she had picked up from the trail head. If she was reading it right she was about halfway up the trail already. Just a little higher up, there was supposed to be a scenic overlook. I'll go to that. Grab a snack, take some pictures, and then leave. There is no way I am wasting my afternoon on this. This is not the kind of workout I like.

Mary kicked another rock and kept walking. She knew Beth only had her best interests in mind when she suggested the hike, but this just was not her style. She preferred her workouts to be the sweaty kind, hopefully on silks sheets. Though she wasn't opposed to the back seat of a car or the alley behind a bar either. She needed to get her rocks off, and all this quiet time was just making her even more frustrated. She should be doing body shots right now.

Finally, the scenic overlook came into view. The trail sign showed that it was a small loop off the main path. Mary took the loop and was rewarded with a cool breeze. She quickened her pace a little and was soon walking on flat bedrock instead of pine needles. After a slight crook in the path, she was looking out over the mountains. A steady breeze was blowing up the rock face, and the view was stunning.

Mary dropped her bag and walked right to the edge. She pulled out her phone and started taking several pictures. Once she thought she had enough to satisfy Beth, in case she asked, she walked back to where she had left the bag. She unzipped the main pocket, looking for the snacks she was sure Beth had said were in there. On top she found a thin blanket. She pulled that out and spread it out over the rocky. smooth surface. It had weights along the edge, so it stayed where it was placed. Mary sat down on it and pulled the bag to her. She found two chocolate chip granola bars, and two bottles of water. At least this proved to her that Bethany had actually planned to come.

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