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Two Sleepy People


Mario V. Farina

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"Are you awake?"


"Yes you are! I want to talk!"

"Why did you turn on the lights? I'm sleepy, Honey!"

"I want to talk!"

"OK. Talk!"

"Sweetheart, you sound like you're still asleep! Wake up!"

"Darling, it's the middle of the night!!"

"That didn't used to bother you before!"

"I was young then."

"That was less than a year ago!"

"What time is it?"

"I don't know. Five-ish.

"Dear, I'm so sleepy!"

"Do you remember?"


"Before we were married, how we'd linger in the hall."

"Your father didn't like that! He didn't like that at all!"

"He'd walk in on us winding an old-fashioned alarm clock."

"Maybe he thought that was funny!"

"I guess you got the hint."

"We had a date almost every night."

"And we didn't hurry getting you home."

"We cuddled in the car."

"In our secret hiding place."

We didn't care how late it got."

"Yeah, we'd talk all night, two sleepy people!"

"Then you'd take me home. I swear, you'd be driving with your eyes closed."

"We married in the fall."

"And rented this little nest!"

"To get a little rest."

"And now we have that cozy little chair."

"Love that chair!"

"We're still the same."

"Sleepy little fellow!"

"Drowsy little dame!"

"Still, just two sleepy people. Even today, sometimes we talk all night."

"Yeah, too much in love to say good night."

"Sometimes you'll get some food out of the fridge."

"Your parents gave it to us as a wedding present."

"We're just the same as we were before."

"Two sleepy people, talking through the night."

"Too much in love to say good night."

"Do you remember that night it rained and we got caught in it?"

"Yeah, we ran to the car and got all wet."

"Your folks were still up."

"They didn't believe a word of what we said."

"My dress was a mess!"

"I had lipstick on my collar!"

"I guess we gave them a lot to wonder about."

"Remember that time about the flat tires?"

"You tried to tell them that's why we were late."

"They didn't believe us at all!"

"Who would believe two flat tires in one night?"

"Well, at least you knew it was true!"

"How about that time we went to the all-night movies?"

"Well, we saw at least a few of them!"

"Wasn't "Tarzan's Great Adventure" one of them?"

"But then we fell asleep."

"Both of us!"

"The usher needed to wake us up."

"Everyone else had left."

"We were so embarrassed."

"Two sleepy people."

"Honey, why did you wake me up? Look, that's daylight coming through the window."

"I just wanted to reminisce a little."

"At five o'clock in the morning?"

"Do you remember how we met?"

"Of course! It was snowing. I was supposed to pick you up at your house for a first date."

"By the time you got there, the snow had gotten so deep, we decided not to go out."

"Were you disappointed the first time you saw me?"

"I thought you were beautiful enough to be a movie star!"

"I thought you were good-looking, too."

"You put on your heavy coat and we went out into the storm. You helped me guide the car into the other stall of your garage."

"I didn't want your car to be buried in snow. I knew the truck would plow us out after the storm."

"We got back into the house through the back door."

"You were as cold as an icicle!"

"You rubbed my hands until they got warm. That was so sweet of you!"

"Then we sat, in that rickety sofa and began talking."

"And we talked."

"And we talked."

"It got very late. Then it was midnight. You made some sandwiches. We talked some more."

"We laughed a lot!"

"At times, we just sat!"

"I began to fall in love with you."

"And I, with you."

"Two sleepy people."

"I won't forget what you did then."

"I took your hand and walked you into my bedroom."

"By the dawn's early light."

"And I said to you, this is my room. Get in bed and go to sleep. I'll use the spare room."

"You trusted me."

"I knew I could."

"I didn't fall asleep right away, thinking of you."

"I thought about you, too."

"We both slept for a long time."

"I heard the truck outside in the morning. I got up and began making breakfast."

"It was afternoon. You made blueberry pancakes for me."

"You loved them!"

"You insisted I walk outside and take a short walk in the snow with you."

"It was a fairy wonderland outdoors. So white; so peaceful; so quiet! I'll never forget it. We went back inside shivering."

"We held each other in our arms until we warmed up."

"Then, you asked me to marry you!"

"You said yes. I couldn't believe it!"

"Two sleepy people, by dawn's early light, too much in love to say good night."

"And here we are now, the same two people. Still sleepy!"

"Darling, I'm wide awake now!"

"Oh I'm so sorry dear! I'm the one that's sleepy. Let's turn out the lights and go back to sleep!"

"Kiss please! Good night!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Author's Note: This story was inspired by the song, "Two Sleepy People" by Hoagy Carmichael and Frank Roesser, written in 1938. Find it on Youtube. A good rendition is by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross.

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