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Brock Landers

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Tommy Harper is the kind of man every other man wishes he could be.

A 13-time All-Star shortstop who spent 20 years in the big leagues before retiring, he’s worth over $200 million dollars and spends his days trotting the globe playing in celebrity golf tournaments and hob-knobbing with the stars at high-class social functions.

If that wasn’t enough, Tommy is also an attractive man, blessed with movie-star looks, a 6’2” frame with a wiry, muscular body that didn’t take much maintenance to keep up, and a full head of hair even as he climbed his mid-forties. And just to top things off, he has a natural charm with the ladies, which, combined with his perfectly proportioned 8-inch cock, allows him to not only land the hottest chicks in the world with ease, but satisfy them in ways that very few other men can. He has a gift for getting otherwise normal women to do the nastiest things possible in the sack with just a wink and a suggestion; in fact, most of the time they initiate the escalation on their own accord.

He’s been a bachelor his whole life, much preferring to spend his nights with a bevy of different women, free from the emotional attachments that are the bane of so many previous and current professional athletes. He likes to keep things simple, partying all day with powerful people and then spending the night having filthy, nasty sex with an incredibly gorgeous woman, or two, or more, depending on the night.

Tommy is living the ultimate dream, the life that all men long for. All us mortal men can do is sit back and watch and imagine it is us in his shoes.




This evening, Tommy is in a suite at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. He’s sitting on the white leather couch with a woman on each side of him, all three in Tommy-cloth bathrobes with nothing on underneath. To his left is Bailey, an exotic-looking 21-year old with black hair, tan skin, and a full-bodied figure that comes with a pair of perfect, natural tits. To his right is Hannah. Slightly taller and a bit thinner than Bailey, she has full lips and brown hair and smaller but perkier tits, not to mention an ass that lasts for days.

Both girls are 21 years old and gorgeous, with mixed-heritage backgrounds that give them an exotic look that is unlike Tommy has ever seen. They aren’t sisters, but they easily could have been, and Tommy chooses to pretend that they are. Neither one is overly talkative, nor particularly playful, but that’s fine with Tommy. He didn’t bring them up to his room because of their personalities. He’s far more interested in their looks and obvious willingness to get freaky.      

Tommy came across them at the bar an hour ago. He had been on his way to the Poker Room to play some Texas Hold ‘Em but  once he saw them he changed his plans on the fly. They were simply too good to pass up. A few shots later, all three of them were heading up to his room. After two more bottles of wine and half an hour in the hot tub, they each slipped into a robe and made their way to the couch. Which is where we come in.




Bailey and Hannah get things started, slipping out of their robes simultaneously, then leaning over Tommy and making out directly over his midsection. He sits back and just watches, a glass of wine still in his hand, letting them do their thing, knowing that they’ll get to him eventually.

They explore each other’s mouths for a while before Hannah starts going to work on Bailey’s tits, licking and sucking on her nipples.

While Hannah plays with her tits, Bailey’s hands wander down to Tommy’s groin area. She unties the belt of his robe and pulls it open and starts jerking off his cock, getting it nice and hard.

Once Hannah sees Tommy’s cock, she pulls her mouth off Bailey’s nipple and drops her head down and takes Tommy’s cock in her mouth. She attacks his cock, taking him deep in her mouth right from the get-go, bobbing her head up and down with enthusiasm. She’s an electric cocksucker, moving quickly, aggressively, gagging noises coming from her throat while saliva flies everywhere.

Meanwhile, Bailey leans forward and sticks her tongue in Tommy’s mouth. They make out slowly and passionately while Hannah continues going to town on his cock.

After a short while the girls trade places, Bailey going down on Tommy’s cock while Hannah brings her head up to swap spit with him.

Bailey sucks cock like she kisses, taking her time, using her tongue in a variety of different ways and to different effects, moving slowly but forcefully. Likewise, Hannah kisses like she sucks cock, quickly and intensely, not staying still for more than a moment, her hands touching him all over, sounds of pleasure constantly coming from her mouth.

All in all it’s a nice combination of styles, and the variety between the two women keeps Tommy on his toes.

A couple minutes in, Tommy is ready for something different. He climbs to his feet, picks Bailey up and drops her on the couch, face-up. He grabs her legs and pulls her towards him until her ass is hanging just off the front of the couch and the back of her head against the rear cushions, right near the top of the couch.

Tommy spreads Bailey’s legs wide, then dives in and starts licking her pussy. Hannah takes the opportunity to climb onto the couch and straddle Bailey’s face. With one leg over the back of the couch and the other foot on the seat cushion, Hannah drops her pussy right onto Bailey’s mouth.

Tommy inserts two fingers into Bailey’s pussy and starts sliding them in and out. He moves them faster and faster, until Bailey is moaning in pleasure, her cries muffled by Hannah, whose pussy is still planted firmly on Bailey’s mouth.

Hannah lifts herself up, giving Bailey a chance to breathe. Bailey gulps in some air, her cries more audible for a moment, before Hannah drops her ass right back down on her face. Tommy starts licking Bailey’s clit while still working her pussy with his fingers, his eyes turned upwards to watch as Hannah rides Bailey’s face with the same enthusiasm she’d used when sucking his cock. Hannah see him watching and flashes him an evil little smile.

Tommy pulls his fingers out of Bailey and uses them to beckon Hannah over. She climbs off of Bailey and sits down on the couch. Tommy picks her up and flips her over so she’s on her knees, her ass in the air right in front of him.

Tommy licks Hannah’s pussy from behind for a few seconds before sliding his cock into her. She immediately starts bouncing back against him, as energetic as always. Loud moans of pleasure escape from her mouth with every thrust.

Bailey sits up on the couch alongside Hannah, but facing the opposite way, her chin lying on top of Hannah’s ass. As Tommy fucks Hannah doggy style, Bailey grabs one of Hannah’s ass cheeks with each hand and spreads them apart, opening her up even further, showing off her little pink asshole.

Bailey licks Hannah’s asshole, then spits on it, getting it nice and lubed up. While Tommy continues pounding away at Hannah’s pussy, Bailey sticks her index finger in her mouth and then straight into Hannah’s asshole. Hannah yelps but doesn’t protest. In fact, she starts bucking back even harder against Tommy.

Bailey slips another finger into Hannah’s asshole and works both of them around, keeping things nice and lubed with healthy amounts of saliva. Once Hannah’s asshole is sufficiently warmed up, Bailey grabs ahold of Tommy’s cock and slides it out of Hannah’s pussy. She takes his cock in her mouth and gives it a couple of quick pumps, getting it nice and wet. Then she guides it towards Hannah’s asshole, which is practically gaping from the work Bailey did with her fingers.

Gripping the base of Tommy’s cock, Bailey places the tip of it against Hannah’s asshole. Tommy glances down at her as if to ask, are you sure about this? Her face deadly serious, (she hasn’t so much as cracked a smile all night) Bailey nods. That’s good enough for Tommy. She pushes his hips forward, forcing his cock into Hannah’s ass. 

It slides in with relative ease. Hannah’s ass is tighter than her pussy but not too tight. It’s obvious she’s taken cocks in the ass many times before.

As louder but still pleasurable sounds come out of Hannah’s mouth, Tommy fucks her asshole, starting things off nice and easy, giving her his cock in long, slow strokes. Bailey is watching closely, her head poised directly above Hannah’s ass while Tommy fucks it.

After a few pumps, Tommy pulls his cock from Hannah’s asshole and slides it into Bailey’s waiting mouth. She sucks his cock clean of Hannah’s ass juices while continuing to hold Hannah’s ass open.

After a couple of pumps, Tommy pulls his cock out of Bailey’s mouth and slides it back into Hannah’s asshole, which is still wide open thanks to Bailey’s help. Tommy pushes Hannah’s hips down, lifting her ass higher up into the air, giving him more leverage and allowing him deeper access to her asshole. He starts working Hannah more aggressively, pumping his cock in and out of her asshole while she bucks back against him with her patented intensity, her hair flying everywhere and her screams of pleasure filling the room.  

Needing a little break, Tommy pulls his cock out of Hannah’s ass and again slides it into Bailey’s mouth. He pumps her face couple of times, keeping his cock nice and slippery with her saliva, then pulls it out of her mouth and slips it back into Hannah’s asshole.

Tommy gives Hannah his cock balls deep one single time then pulls it out and sticks it back into Bailey’s mouth. He then pumps Bailey’s face a single time, giving it to her balls deep also before pulling it back out and returning it to Hannah’s asshole.

He continues with this pattern, going back and forth between the two girls, trading off between Hannah’s asshole and Bailey’s mouth, giving each a single thrust only before returning to the other.

Mixing things up a bit, Tommy slips his cock into Hannah’s pussy while Bailey goes to town on her asshole, licking and sucking and tonguing it with aplomb. Tommy pulls his cock from Hannah’s pussy, sticks it in Bailey’s mouth, pulls it back out, slides it into Hannah’s asshole, pulls it back out, and sticks it back into Bailey’s mouth.

Needing to give his legs a little break, Tommy pulls back and sits down on the couch. Hannah immediately plants herself on one side of him and Bailey on the other.

Hannah starts making out with Tommy while she jerks him off. Meanwhile, Bailey takes Tommy’s cock in her mouth and starts sucking on the tip. Hannah releases her hold on Tommy’s cock and transfers it over to Bailey’s hair, holding it back, keeping it out of her way.

With her hair no longer a concern, Bailey goes all the way down on Tommy’s cock, taking the entire thing in her mouth, and holding it there for a couple of seconds before coming up for air.

While Bailey catches her breath, Hannah licks the excess saliva off of Bailey’s face. Then she sticks her tongue in Bailey’s mouth and they make out. A couple seconds later, Hannah breaks off the kiss and drops her head down and takes Tommy’s cock in her mouth.

She too takes him all the way down, deepthroating him for a few seconds before coming up for air herself. While she gasps for breath, Bailey takes the reins, wrapping her lips around Tommy’s cock and going down on it.

This goes on for a full minute, Hannah and Bailey alternating between each other, one deepthroating Tommy while the other one recovers, taking turns like good little girls until Tommy is ready to go again.

He lightly smacks Bailey on the ass then lifts her up off the couch. She gets the hint, throwing one leg on to the other side of him, straddling him. She puts her feet on the couch and lifts her knees up so she’s squatting, her dripping wet pussy poised directly above his cock.

Facing him, her eyes locked onto his, Bailey grabs ahold of his cock and slides it into her pussy. Bailey proceeds to bounce up and down on his cock, moving slowly and deliberately as always, taking him balls deep with every thrust and holding him there, deep inside her, for a couple of seconds before lifting herself back up to do it all over again.

Hannah climbs off couch and makes her way down to the floor. Crawling on her hands and knees, she slides in between Tommy’s legs and starts licking his balls. As Bailey continues riding Tommy’s cock, Hannah grabs ahold of his sack and pinches it up at the top, right at the base of his shaft, creating a tight little pocket around his balls. Then she takes both of his balls in her mouth and sucks on them.

Hannah releases Tommy’s balls from her mouth, grabs ahold of Tommy’s cock, slips it out of Bailey’s pussy and slides it into her mouth. Hannah sucks Bailey’s pussy juices off of Tommy’s cock, then spits them on Bailey’s asshole. Tommy holds on to Bailey’s knees, helping her balance as she reaches back and grabs ahold of her ass cheeks and spreads her asshole wide.

Gripping Tommy’s cock tightly, Hannah sticks her tongue into Bailey’s exposed asshole, getting it wet and loosened up for Tommy’s cock. Once it’s ready to go, Hannah pulls her tongue out of Bailey’s asshole and replaces it with Tommy’s cock.

Hannah goes back to work on Tommy his balls, licking and sucking them while he fucks Bailey’s ass.

Sticking with her M.O. for the night, Bailey moves slowly but surely up and down on Tommy’s cock, letting him feel every centimeter of her asshole with every thrust. Barely making a sound except for her labored breathing, Bailey stares directly at him, her expression deadly serious as always. She puts her hands on his chest for balance and starts bouncing a little more quickly, still under complete control but hammering down on him with more force than ever before.

Trying to get something out of her, Tommy slides two fingers into her pussy while she fucks him, but Bailey just takes it in stride. Even as he starts banging her with as much force as he can muster, her expression doesn’t change. Her breath rate increases just a tad but that’s all. Whatever pleasure she is taking from this she’s keeping it to herself.

Eventually Bailey lifts herself off of Tommy’s cock, puts both feet on the floor inside of his spread legs, and turns around so her ass is facing him. While Bailey changes positions, Hannah sucks Tommy’s cock, taking it all the way down her throat and holding it for a couple seconds before releasing it.

Once Bailey is ready to go, Hannah holds the base of Tommy’s cock in place as Bailey lowers her asshole onto it. Impaling herself on Tommy’s cock, Bailey drops her ass down until it completely engulfs his cock. Using the floor for leverage, she starts to bounce, a little quicker now but no less forcefully, her body slamming down into Tommy as the bottom of each thrust.

Hannah climbs to her feet and slips two fingers into Bailey’s pussy and starts banging away. A short time later, Bailey pulls Hannah’s fingers out of her pussy and guides them into her mouth, then sucks her pussy juices off of Hannah’s fingers.

Hannah pulls her fingers out of Bailey’s mouth, then steps forward and replaces them with her tongue. They make out aggressively while Bailey continues bouncing on Tommy’s cock, more forcefully than ever.

Bailey utters her first real sounds of pleasure all evening, cursing repeatedly under breath before tensing up for a moment and then releasing in a flurry of movement as an orgasm racks her body.

A short time later, Bailey climbs off of Tommy’s cock, steps up onto the couch, and backs her ass directly into Tommy’s face. While Tommy goes to town on Bailey’s soaking wet pussy with his tongue, Hannah straddles him cowgirl style and slips his cock into her asshole.

Bailey rides Tommy’s face with her ass, bouncing up and down on it so his tongue alternates between her pussy and asshole while Hannah bounces up and down on his cock. Bailey leans forward, grinding her ass further back into Tommy’s face, forcing his tongue deeper inside her pussy and allowing her to make out with Hannah over Tommy’s chest.

After trading spit for a bit, Hannah drops her head down and goes to work on Bailey’s tits, licking and sucking at her nipples. Hannah’s hand flies to Bailey’s pussy and starts rubbing her clit while Tommy continues eating her out from behind.

A short time later, Bailey stands up on the couch and turns around so her ass is now in Hannah’s face. Hannah immediately grabs her ass cheeks and spreads them wide, making Bailey’s asshole gape. Hannah slides her rigid tongue in and out of Bailey’s asshole while continuing to ride Tommy’s cock, bouncing around with just as much energy as she’s had all night, which is saying quite a lot.

Sensing that Hannah is close to cumming and wanting to be a part of it, Bailey  climbs down off couch and comes around so she’s between Tommy’s legs. She pulls Tommy’s cock out of Hannah’s asshole and sucks on it. Hannah leans forward and starts making out with Tommy, her tongue flicking around everywhere, her hands moving over his chest, playing with his nipples.

Bailey lets Tommy’s cock slide out of her mouth and slips it back into Hannah, this time putting it in her pussy instead of her ass. After just a couple pumps, Bailey pulls Tommy’s cock out of Hannah’s pussy and licks her juices from it.

Bailey then slides Tommy’s cock back into Hannah’s ass. A couple more pumps, and Bailey again pulls Tommy’s cock out of Hannah’s ass. Bailey deepthroats Tommy, then spits access saliva onto Tommy’s cock and jerks him off before slipping his cock back into Hannah’s pussy.

Hannah’s breath is rapid and labored but she’s screaming louder and more consistently than ever. And she reaches a whole other level after Bailey sticks two fingers into her mouth to get them wet, then slides the fingers into Hannah’s ass. Bailey finger bangs Hannah’s ass while Tommy hammers away at her pussy, each rising in intensity together, instinctively working as a team to get Hannah over the top.

And then she’s there. Ashley lets out a final shriek which tapers off into an avalanche of moans and groans and gasping breaths as the orgasm washes over her.

Once it’s passed, Hannah climbs off of Tommy’s cock  and joins Bailey between his legs. They go to work on his cock, taking turns sucking on it and occasionally swapping spit, both maintaining eye contact with him the entire time.

A short time later, Hannah turns over so her back is to the floor and slides underneath him. Bailey straddles Hannah and drops her head on Tommy’s cock. She deepthroats him while Hannah sucks on his balls. Saliva drips out of Bailey’s mouth and travels down his sack and into Hannah’s mouth.

With both of the girls having cum already, it’s Tommy’s turn. He’s pretty close to cumming but needs a little something more to get him over the top. With this in mind, he slides his hips forward so his ass is hanging off couch.

As Bailey continues sucking his cock, Hannah slides further beneath him, instinctively understanding what he’s asking for. She spreads Tommy’s ass cheeks with both hands and goes to work on his asshole, licking it with no shame whatsoever, her tongue flicking in and out of her mouth with the same enthusiasm she’s had all night long.

Bailey pulls Tommy’s cock from her mouth and slaps it against her face a couple of times, still staring directly at him with the same harsh expression as before. But far from annoying him, this just turns Tommy on even more. Sex is serious business for Bailey, and he liked that about her. Especially combined with the playfulness of Hannah. They were a great combination. But like everything else, all good things must end. And they were just about at the end of the evening. Tommy was ready to cum.

As though sensing his thoughts, Bailey taps Hannah on the leg. Hannah climbs up from underneath Tommy until they’re once again side-by-side, their faces mere inches from Tommy’s hard cock. They make out for a moment, then Hannah leans over and takes Tommy his cock in her mouth and starts sucking on it. Meanwhile, Bailey puts her hands underneath Tommy’s thighs and pushes on them, lifting his hips up and making his asshole more accessible. While Hannah goes to town on his cock, sucking it and working the shaft with her hand while gagging sounds escape from her throat and her head bounces around everywhere, Bailey sticks her rigid tongue in his asshole, pushing it as far as it will go. And once it won’t go any farther, she grabs ahold of his asscheeks and spreads them, opening him up even more and allowing her even deeper access to his insides.

Tommy can’t take it anymore. Between Hannah giving him the sloppiest, more energetic blowjob he’s had in a long time and Bailey’s tongue planted so far up his ass he can practically feel it in his stomach, he’s ready to explode.

Just as they’ve done perfectly all night, the girls sense his predicament without him having to say a word, and silently prepare themselves for the inevitable explosion.

Hannah pulls her mouth off his cock but continues jerking him off as Bailey slips her tongue out of his asshole and rises up so her face is next to Hannah’s. Tommy climbs to his feet to facilitate the impending explosion.

As Tommy’s body tenses up in that final moment before cumming, Bailey takes control, just as she’s done all night, grabbing ahold of his cock and stroking him perfectly; not to quickly and with just the right amount of pressure to extract the maximum amount of pleasure from his orgasm.

Tommy utters a low moan and allows his body to release.

Bailey takes the first blast from his cock, the thick, white sperm splashing against her cheek. She then turns Tommy’s cock towards Hannah, spraying her face with his second stream. Most of the third ends up on Hannah’s too, before Bailey turns his cock back towards her for the fourth stream of cum.

Laughing, his body quivering, Tommy stares down at Bailey as she moves her hand slowly towards the tip of his cock, milking it of every last drop. With her face covered in cum, she licks the tip of his cock then releases it.




Thirty minutes later, the girls have showered and cleaned themselves up. Tommy sees them to the door and lets them out, handing each a couple of $1000 dollar chips to help them enjoy the rest of their evening. He closes the door, opens up another bottle of wine, and hops in the shower. The way he figured it, the night was just beginning.
































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