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Dakota Rain

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Good men are hard to find. Even harder to find are good fucks. Most men are way too worried about pleasing themselves and not their partners. That’s just a fact of life.

Like most women, Sarah Bonner learns this the hard way. Her first few relationships in college are long-term ones, and she has no idea how lame her boyfriends are in bed until years later when she finally runs into a man who knows what he is doing.

Upset at all the years she’s wasted with men who have no idea how to perform in the sack, Sarah decides to make up for the lost time. But she quickly learns that the odds of finding someone who knows how to treat a women in bed are long. Plus it’s impossible to tell just by looking at a man, or even spending a little time with him, whether or not he is a decent performer.

No, the only true way to find out if a man knows what he’s doing is to get him in the sack. Test-drive him, so to speak. Sure, you’re going to get your fair share of duds, but better to waste just one night with them then weeks, or even months.

With this in mind, Sarah sleeps with pretty much every man she can find. Which isn’t hard at all, considering she is a very attractive young women with a killer body honed from spending almost all her teenage years as an Olympic-level gymnast.

Getting laid is Sarah’s goal, and she is damn good at it. And if she stumbles across a man who can handle himself in the sack? Great, she’ll just add him to her list of regulars. Which is pretty small at the moment. Non-existent, actually. She’s had a couple but they are no longer available, which means it’s time to reload.

She’s been trying to find a couple more regulars for over two months now, but has so far come up empty. Tonight, however, her luck is about to change.




“Do you like what you see?” Sarah asks, spinning in place.

Walt nods, trying not to look too excited.

Sarah is wearing only a g-string and a bra and is standing in the middle of her living room while Walt sits on her couch, drinking a beer. She met him in a bar a couple hours ago, and after sharing a few drinks with him, has invited him over to her place to get nasty.

Walt is a pretty good looking guy in his early 30’s, ten years her senior (which is how she likes her men) with the well-maintained body of an ex-athlete. Dark hair, brown eyes, a nifty little smile. He’s well-groomed, which is a must in Sarah’s book, but not too perfect. It looks like he spends the appropriate amount of time making sure he’s presentable and clean but isn’t in love with how he looks. All in all, from what Sarah can gather, he stands a decent chance of being pretty good in the sack.

“It’s the result of twelve years of gymnastics,” Sarah says, proud of the way she looks. As well she should be. “I’ve got some other things I’ve been doing for a few years,” she adds, offering him a wry smile. “Do you want to see what they are too?”

“Absolutely,” Walt says.

Sarah flashes him a dirty little smile and drops to her knees. She starts crawling towards him with her ass up in the air, her eyes locked onto his.

She comes to a stop a couple feet away from Walt then sits on the floor, facing him with her legs spread wide. After pulling off her bra, she yanks her black panties to the side, freeing up her freshly-manicured pussy, then sticks two fingers inside her snatch. Sarah fingers herself for a few seconds then pulls her fingers out and sticks them in her mouth. She cleans them of her juices then sticks them back into her pussy.

“Do you like watching me play with myself?” Sarah asks.

“Hell yeah,” Walt says.

“Good, because I love touching myself,” she says. “Of course, at some point, I’m going to want you to join in, but for now, you can just watch.”

“Sounds good to me,” Walt says, his cock getting harder by the second.

Smiling, Sarah goes back to work. Fondling her breast with one hand, she fucks herself with the other, slamming her fingers deep into her pussy. Juices are pouring out of her, drenching her hand and pooling on the floor beneath her. Her head is thrown back, showing off the slim hollow of her neck.

While Walt watches, Sarah slips her fingers out of her pussy. She smacks her pussy a couple times, sending her juices spraying and forcing little gasps of pleasure out of her mouth. Then she turns her attention to Walt.

“Before we move on, I have to ask you something,” she says.

“Be my guest,” Walt says.

“Are you an ass man?”

“Very much so,” Walt replies.

“So if I started playing with my asshole, that wouldn’t weird you out?”

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