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As a single dad in his early 30’s, Matt Montgomery rarely had any time to himself. His ex-wife was a junky piece of shit who couldn’t stay clean and hadn’t been in his or their daughters life for over two years now. Sometimes it felt like all he did was work and take care of his daughter, Katie.

Except Wednesday nights. That was the one night all week he had to himself. Matt and his college buddies got together to play poker and then usually ended up at some bar downtown, getting drunk and hitting on women like the old days.

The reason he had Wednesday nights to himself was because one of the young women in his complex came over to baby-sit Katie. Her name was Nikki and she was a hottie, 21 years old and a college student at the local community college. She didn’t have school on Thursdays, so every Wednesday night she came over after Katie went to sleep at 9pm and kept an eye on things for Matt.

Nikki was the kind of girl that Matt had chased around when he was younger. She was tiny, barely over 5 feet tall and just north of 100 pounds. She had long blonde hair, a cute face with a bit of a hard edge, and an incredible body. And if Matt could believe what he’d heard around the condominium complex, she was on the slutty side, with different young men coming out of her condo on a regular basis.

As ashamed as he was to admit it, this last part was the main reason he’d asked Nikki to watch Katie instead of someone else. He’d caught himself fantasizing about her numerous times over the past year but didn’t know how to approach her romantically, or what she would do if he did. He hoped that one night he’d come home from his night out and be drunk enough to make a pass at her and see where it led. So far, he hadn’t gone there, but he figured it was just a matter of time until he did. It was wrong, and he knew it, but it was the truth, no matter how much he tried to convince himself otherwise.

Nikki knocked on the door right at 9pm, just as she did every Wednesday night. She was always punctual, among other things. And one of those other things was she was always sexy as hell, but especially on this evening.

Matt answered the door to see her standing there wearing a pink t-shirt that was tied off just below her small, perky tits and a pair of tiny jean shorts that barely covered her ass. It was the perfect outfit to show off her tight, tiny, tanned body.

“Come on in,” Matt said after admiring her for an uncomfortable length of time. He just couldn’t take his eyes off her.

If Nikki noticed, it didn’t bother her. In fact, she seemed to revel in his gaze, far more so than ever before. She even flashed him a little glance as she entered his condo, looking over her shoulder to see if he was still looking at her.

Which he was, of course. How could he not with that much flesh showing?

“Sorry about my outfit,” Nikki said, smiling at him. “I was running late and had to come straight from work.”

“Where do you work?” Matt asked. He didn’t even know she had a real job.

“Shooter’s, over by the college,” she said.

“Ahh,” Matt replied. “That explains the outfit.”

Shooter’s was a local bar that hired only the hottest woman around as waitresses, then dressed them up in skimpy outfits just like the one Nikki had on to lure in the male customers.

“Yes it does,” Nikki said.

“I didn’t know you worked there,” Matt said.

“I just started a couple weeks ago,” she replied.

“Does that mean you won’t be available on Wednesday nights any more?”

“Of course not, silly,” Nikki said, flashing him a sweet smile. “I wouldn’t do that to you. I told them I needed Wednesday nights off.”

Matt let out a (slightly) exaggerated sigh. “Thank goodness. I don’t know what I’d do without Wednesday nights to myself.”

“Oh, I’m sure you could think of something,” Nikki said, her smile morphing from sweet to sly.

Matt didn’t know what to make of that, so he just pressed on. “Okay, nothing different about tonight. Katie is already asleep, as usual, but just like always, make sure you follow the rules. No drugs, don’t drink any of my booze, don’t break any furniture, and most importantly, don’t bring any boys over here, okay?”

“I wouldn’t dream of doing any of those things,” Nikki said, flashing Matt her pearly whites, giving him her most innocent look.

“You promise?” Matt said, half-jokingly.

“I promise,” Nikki replied.

“Okay, then I’m outta here,” Matt said, heading towards the door. “I’ll be home around two o’clock.”

“Have fun tonight,” Nikki said. “Don’t get in too much trouble.”

“I’ll try no to,” Matt said. He closed the door behind him and heard Nikki lock it. After a long sigh, he turned and headed towards the parking lot.




As soon as Matt parked the car in the lot, he knew immediately something was wrong. He couldn’t put his finger on it specifically, but the closer he came to his condo, the more his gut started to burn.

He’d had a really good night, won a couple hundred bucks playing cards, bought a few rounds of drinks, hit on a few women. But even though he could have easily gotten in the pants of one, he’d held off. He knew why, even if he wouldn’t admit it aloud. He wanted to keep open the possibility of making a move on Nikki tonight, even though he was pretty sure he wouldn’t have the balls to actually follow through on it.

But now, as he approached his front door, hitting on Nikki was the last thing on his mind. He could hear two voices through the door, one male and one female. And it was too loud to be the TV.

Fuming, Matt opened the door. And sure enough, there they were, a young man and Nikki, curled up next to each other on the couch, the young man’s arms wrapped around Nikki and her legs intertwined in his.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Matt said, talking forcefully but not so loud that he’d wake up Katie, who was sleeping in the room on the other side of the condo.

“Oh shit,” Nikki said, bouncing to her feet. “What are you doing home already?”

“Already?” Matt said. “It’s two o’clock. Exactly when I told you I’d be home.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” Nikki said, a scared look on her face.

“You know the fucking rules,” Matt said, pissed off just as much about seeing a punk sitting on the couch with Nikki as the fact that she’d broken the rules. “No boys allowed in my house.”

“I know, I know,” Nikki said. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it,” Matt said, still pissed.

“Relax, dude,” the young man said. He was still lying on the couch, apparently unfazed by the situation, or at least acting like he was. A smirking grin was planted on his face. “It’s no big deal.”

“No big deal?” Matt said, turning towards the young man. He was having a difficult time keeping his voice low enough that Katie wouldn’t hear. “I’ve got some fucking stranger in my fucking house with my daughter asleep in the other room and you think that’s no fucking big deal?”

The young man just shrugged and continued looking at Matt with a little smirk.

“Alex, cut it out,” Nikki said, shooting him a glance. Then, turning back towards Matt, she said, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

Matt looked back at Nikki and could feel his anger starting to slough off. She seemed genuinely remorseful. Maybe it was all an act, but still, it was working. And then her friend chimed in again.

“Fucking get over it, dude,” Alex said, chuckling derisively under his breath. “Quit being such a fucking douchebag.”

“Alex!” Nikki said, horrified. But Matt didn’t hear her. His focus was on the punk still lying on his couch.

“Douchebag?” he said, staring Alex down. “Did you just call me a douchebag?”

“What are you,” Alex said. “Deaf?”

And just like that, Matt’s anger came back tenfold. He stepped forward and grabbed Alex by the shirt and yanked him to his feet. The young man tried to brush him off but Matt was ready for it and pushed him back against the wall and held him there.

“Now listen up you little shit, and listen up good,” Matt said. “You’d better walk out of that front fucking door in the next five seconds or you’re gonna get your ass whipped. Do you understand?”

For a moment, Alex looked like he was going to spout off again, but then he thought better of it and just dropped his eyes and nodded his head.

Matt released his hold on Alex and the young man headed towards the door, walking silently, as though he was on his way to the electric chair.

“And close the door on your way out,” Matt said. “Softly.”

Matt watched Alex leave then turned back towards Nikki.

“What the hell were you thinking?” he said to her.

Looking down at the floor, Nikki just shrugged her shoulders.

“Do you not remember what I told you about having boys over? I said it three fucking times.”

“I know,” Nikki said, still not looking at him. “I just . . .”

“You just what?” Matt asked.

“I just got bored,” she replied. “Katie was asleep, there was nothing on TV, I was starting to fall asleep—”

“So you called up Alex and invited him over,” he said.

Nikki glanced up and caught Matt’s eyes and nodded again. “I know you’re pissed off,” she said. “But I’m sorry. I really am.”

“I’m sure you are,” he said. “And I am too.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because now I have to find someone else to watch Katie on Wednesday nights.”

“What?” Nikki said, looking crushed. “No! Why?”

“Because I can’t trust you anymore,” Matt said. “Not when you’re bringing strangers into my house when my daughter is asleep.”

“It won’t happen again, I promise,” Nikki said.

“I don’t know why it’s such a big deal anyway,” Matt said. “It’s not like you need the money that bad. You have a job now.”

“It’s not the money,” she said. “It’s just . . .” She trailed off, suddenly looking embarrassed.

“It’s just what?” he said.

“It’s just that I like coming over here,” Nikki said. She dropped her eyes to the floor again and started to blush. “I like seeing you.”

This threw Matt for a loss. But he quickly recovered once he realized what she was saying and how he could use it to his advantage. A dastardly move, to be sure, but one he wasn’t above taking, especially after what she’d done to him on this night.

“I like seeing you too,” he said, pouring on the guilt a little more than necessary now. “But it’s just not a chance I can take with Katie in the next room. I’m sorry, Nikki, but I just can’t do it.”

“Please?” she said, walking over towards Matt until she was standing just a couple feet away from him. “Isn’t there something I can do to change your mind? Anything?”

“I don’t know,” Matt said, giving her an admonishing look.

“Come on,” Nikki said, dropping to her knees now and looking up at him with puppy-dog eyes. “There has to be something I can do.”

Seeing Nikki kneeling in front of him like that turned Matt on like no tomorrow. His cock hardened up immediately and within seconds it was pressing up against his jeans.

Nikki caught the movement too and glanced at his crotch for a moment before turning her eyes back up towards his. But she was looking at him differently now. Gone was the remorseful look. It had been replaced by an evil little half-smile.

“Yeah, there’s something I can do for you, alright,” she said. “Isn’t there?”

Matt didn’t answer her. He just continued staring down at her, trying to look annoyed, even though it was growing increasingly difficult now that he saw where the situation was headed.

“Yeah there is,” Nikki said, crawling towards Matt until she was directly beneath him. She tilted her head further upwards, so her cheek was lying atop his thigh and her eyes were locked on his. Her grin had grown wider and her eyes were sparkling with excitement. “I just know I can get you to change your mind.”

Matt hard-on was raging now, his cock bulging in his pants mere inches from Nikki’s pretty little face. But still he didn’t say anything to her, letting her draw whatever she wanted from his silence.

Still looking up at Matt, Nikki started to rub his cock over his jeans. “This is what you want, right? This is what you’ve always wanted from me?”

This time Matt nodded. He just couldn’t help himself. It was exactly what he’d always wanted from Nikki. And he couldn’t believe he was going to actually get it.

“That’s what I thought,” Nikki said, sliding his zipper down and reaching her hand into the hole it created. She grabbed ahold of his cock and started to play with it, rubbing it softly but not pulling it out yet.

Matt took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He was trying to keep his cool and was mostly succeeding. But he was certainly enjoying himself too much to let this opportunity pass. This night looked like it was going to turn out even better than he could have ever hoped.

With a little effort, Nikki negotiated Matt’s cock out of his pants. It was rock-hard, sticking straight out, as solid as a 2X4.

“Oh my god,” Nikki said, admiring his cock with wide eyes. “It’s so big.”

Matt had heard that a lot. He didn’t know how his cock compared to other men, but every woman he’d ever been with had marveled at its size, so he figured it must stack up pretty well.

“Do you want me to suck on it?” Nikki asked, looking up at him with puppy-dog eyes. “If I suck on it will that makes things all better between us?”

“No,” Matt said. “It’s gonna take a lot more than just sucking my cock to make us all better. But it’ll be a good start.”

“Just tell me what else I need to do,” Nikki said, jerking him off while she talked. “I’ll do whatever you want.” She licked the tip of his cock with her tongue. “I’ll take whatever punishment you want to dish out on me. Do whatever you feel like you have to do to make things right with us.”

“Don’t worry,” Matt replied. “I will. Now stop talking and hold your mouth open for me.”

Nikki nodded and did as she was told, opening wide, staring up at him the whole time. Her eyes were dancing with excitement.

Matt was excited too. As excited as he’d even been in his life. Here he was, with a ridiculously hot young woman willing to do whatever he told her to without hesitation. It was, quite literally, a dream come true.

“That’s right,” Matt said, not letting his excitement come through in his voice. “Just like that.” He didn’t want his exhilaration with the situation to overwhelm the anger he felt at Nikki’s betrayal. He wanted to take full advantage of the situation, and therefore, Nikki herself, and the best way to do that was the channel his anger and use it to give her the punishment she deserved.

Matt grabbed a handful of Nikki’s hair with one hand and ahold of his hard cock with the other. He smacked her face a couple of times with the head of his cock then stuck it into her open mouth.

“That’s perfect,” Matt said as he started pumping her mouth with his cock. “Don’t fucking move. Just sit there while I fuck your face.”

Keeping a handful of her hair with one hand, Matt moved his cock in and out of Nikki’s mouth, only giving her half of it in the beginning, to make sure she could handle it.

Nikki took it like a champ, not gagging despite his size, keeping her mouth open and her big blue eyes turned up to his while he pumped her face.

“Not bad,” Matt said. “Not bad at all. But let’s see how you do with more of my cock.”

Matt grabbed another handful of Nikki’s hair with his free hand and started pumping her face with more intensity, pulling her head towards him as he came forward, giving her more and more of his cock with every thrust.

Matt slammed his cock into Nikki’s mouth as wet, sloppy sounds escaped from her throat and tears began to leak down her cheek, smearing her mascara. But still she didn’t try to pull away. And somehow she maintained eye contact the entire time.

“That’s right,” Matt said, staring down at Nikki’s pretty face. “Take my cock in your mouth. Take it like the slut that you are.”

And she did, keeping her mouth open even as saliva started pouring out of it, down her chin and onto the floor. It was quite impressive.

Matt gradually increased the depth until he was giving Nikki his entire cock with every pump, making it disappear into her mouth before pulling back and slamming it into her again while she gagged and coughed but still didn’t close her mouth or try and pull away.

Matt pumped Nikki’s mouth with his whole cock a couple more times before jamming it in one last time and holding it deep inside her, forcing her to deepthroat him. With his hands on the back of her head, Matt held Nikki in place for nearly five seconds before releasing his hold on her.

Nikki’s head flew back and she coughed and gasped for breath as a river of saliva streamed out of her mouth, adding to the reservoir of spit on the hardwood floor from earlier.

Matt looked down at the pool, then back at Nikki, who was staring up at him expectantly. It was time to see how far she was willing to go to please him.

“You’re making a mess,” Matt said, pointing down at the pool of saliva. “Clean it up.”

Nikki immediately dropped to her hands and knees and bowed her head forward and used her tongue to lick her spit off the floor, pausing every once in a while to make more room in her mouth by turning her head up and swallowing some saliva.

“That’s a good girl,” Matt said. “Keep this up and I just might let you back into my house after tonight.” He watched her clean the floor with a combination of excitement and awe. It was obvious from her actions and attitude that Nikki was willing do whatever he wanted. It was time to more fully take advantage of her willingness.

Matt grabbed ahold of Nikki’s hair and dragged her over toward the couch. Once there, he sat her down on the floor and spun her around so her back was up against the base of the couch. Then he pushed her head back until it was lying flat on the cushion. Her face was pointed towards the ceiling and her butt was on the floor.

“Have you changed your mind yet?” Matt asked, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from Nikki anyway.

She shook her head. “Do what you have to,” she said, looking up at him, her face still glowing with pleasure. “I’m game for whatever you have to offer.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Matt said.

He dropped his knees onto the couch, one on each side of Nikki’s head, straddling her face. Grabbing ahold of his cock, he smacked her face with it a couple times, then stuck it into her mouth. Staring down at her, Matt began to pump her face, jamming his entire cock into her mouth and holding it there until she started to gag before pulling away.

Matt let a stream of spit drop from his mouth and onto Nikki’s face, then used his cock to rub it in, pressing down on his shaft and rolling it along her face, covering her features in saliva.

Once he’d had enough of that, Matt crawled forward on the couch until his ballsack was hovering directly above Nikki’s mouth.

“Open up,” he said.

Nikki did as she was told without hesitation.

Matt took a moment to again marvel at the control he had over her, then dropped his balls into her mouth.

Nikki knew exactly what to do, working his balls like an expert, mixing things up, sucking on both together then one at a time, constantly varying the pressure from light to nearly painful before lightening up again.

Matt was staring down at her, nodding slightly and taking deep, measured breaths to maintain his composure. But it was difficult. And it became even more so after Nikki reached up and grabbed ahold of his cock and jerked him off while continuing to work his balls with her mouth.

Staring down at Nikki as she sucked on his balls and worked his cock was getting Matt a little too excited for his own good. What Nikki was doing to him right now just felt too incredible. He still had lots of things he wanted to do to Nikki before wrapping the night up. So he decided to get on with them before it was too late.

Matt rose up, popping his balls out of Nikki’s mouth.

“Is everything all right?” Nikki asked, sounding genuinely worried that she’d done something wrong.

“Yeah,” Matt said. “Everything’s great. I’m just mixing things up a bit.”

“Oh, good,” Nikki said, smiling. “I just want you to be happy.”

“And I am,” Matt said, pulling Nikki’s shirt off over her head, showing off her firm, perky tits. “But I’ll be happier soon.”

And with that, he turned around like he was going to sit on the couch, but instead of dropping onto one of the cushions, he plopped his ass directly atop Nikki’s face, smothering her.

“Get that tongue in there,” he said, grinding atop her face. “Lick my asshole. Like you mean it.”

Nikki did, working her tongue in and around his asshole as best she could with him putting all his weight on her face.

Matt stayed there for a full ten seconds before rising up a bit, giving Nikki a chance to breathe.

“Do you like that?” he asked. “Do you like it when I smother you with my ass?”

“I love it,” Nikki said, grinning up at him as her chest heaved up and down to get air into her lungs.

Matt shook his head and laughed under his breath before catching himself. Forcing the smile off his face, he said, “You’re damn right you do. Now stick your tongue out. I want to ride it.”

Nikki did as she was told, sticking her tongue out as far as it would go.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Matt said, squatting down again. This time he kept his ass a little above Nikki’s face, not sitting on it, allowing him to move his hips back and forth and ride her rigid tongue with his asshole.

Nikki got into the act too, reaching up and spreading Matt’s asscheeks with her hands, allowing her deeper access to his anus.

“Holy shit,” Matt said under his breath as he rode Nikki’s face. Her tongue running along his asshole felt ridiculously incredible, so much so that he had to do something to take his mind of it.

With that as the goal, he leaned forward and grabbed ahold of her tits and gave them a rough squeeze. While Nikki continued tossing his salad, Matt pinched her nipples and gave them each a little squeeze and a twist, causing Nikki to gasp deeply.

Matt took advantage of this, dropping his ass further down, smothering her again and muffling her cries as he tweaked her nipples further, causing her to squirm and shimmy beneath him.

When Matt eventually climbed off of Nikki, her face it was red and her eyes were watering and she was breathing in deep gasps but amazingly she was still smiling.

“I take it you like being treated like this?” Matt said, standing over Nikki, looking down at her.

Nikki offered him a sheepish nod, like she’d been caught doing something wrong.

“You’re one nasty little whore, aren’t you?”

Again, Nikki nodded, pretending to look sheepish but not quite pulling it off.

“Then I guess I’d better keep giving you what you want,” he said.

Without waiting for a response, Matt grabbed Nikki under the shoulders and lifted her up onto the couch so she was facing him. Once she was in position, he grabbed her shorts and black g-string and roughly pulled them off, revealing her soaking wet pussy. Then he grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart so her pussy was wide open to him.

Matt spent a moment looking down at Nikki’s tight little body on the couch beneath him. She was so small and frail it was hard to believe that she could take a serious pounding. But what she’d shown so far, she could. Now he was going to see if she could handle his cock inside her.

“Are you ready for my cock?” he asked.

Biting down on her bottom lip, Nikki nodded.

“Are you sure?” Matt said.

“Positive,” Nikki said. “Give me all you got. Punish me. I deserve it.”

“If you insist,” Matt said. Releasing Nikki’s legs, he grabbed ahold of his cock and smacked her pussy with it a few of times before sliding it inside her snatch.

Nikki was even wetter than she’d appeared. Even though her pussy was small, it took his cock with ease, offering up just a hint of resistance. It was a snug fit but she was so turned on that it didn’t matter. And Matt was so excited that he knew he didn’t have any time to waste, so he started moving against her with intensity right from the beginning, not being gentle at all, giving her more than half of his cock with every thrust.

“Holy shit your cock is so fucking big,” Nikki said, her excitement painted on her face.  Her words came between deep, gasping breaths. “It feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Fuck me with it!”

Nikki’s pussy grew more wet with every pump, opening up to him further with every thrust. And Matt took advantage, slamming his cock deeper and deeper inside her until he was giving her the whole thing, balls-deep.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Nikki said, her eyes wide and full of pleasure. “Hammer me with your cock! Pound me as hard as you can!”

In order to give Nikki what she wanted, Matt again grabbed ahold of both her ankles and pushed her legs back until her feet were next to her head, one on either side of her face. Holding her legs in place against the back of the couch, Matt put one of his legs up on the couch to give himself more leverage and laid into her with everything he had.

“Take my pussy,” Nikki said, staring up at him. Their faces were only inches apart. “Take my fucking pussy. It’s yours. Do whatever you want with it. You can have it. It’s your fucking pussy! Pound it. Pound it!”

Hearing Nikki talk like that fueled Matt even further. “You want it rough?” he said. “You want me to punish you?”

“Fuck yeah,” Nikki said. “I need to be punished.”

“Fine,” Matt said, barely able to talk himself because of the heavy breathing he was doing. “Then take this.”

He released one of her legs and wrapped his newly freed hand around her throat.

“Is this better?” Matt said, glaring at Nikki. “Is this what you want? For me to choke you while I fuck you?”

Her eyes wider than ever and her mouth slightly open, Nikki nodded vigorously.

Matt laughed under his breath and shook his head in disbelief. He’d never fucked a girl this roughly before. But if that’s what Nikki wanted, if she thought she could take it, then he’d certainly give it to her.

Squeezing Nikki’s throat tighter, Matt stared down at her while he fucked her and choked her at the same time, waiting for some sign that she wanted him to stop, that he was taking things too far, but Nikki did nothing but look back at him, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy as he restricted her breath and hammered away at her pussy, which was growing wetter and wetter by the second.

Half a minute later, Nikki came in a rush, shaking and trembling as an orgasm rushed through her. The orgasm made her pussy even wetter, swallowing his cock even further inside it, engulfing it to the point where he was right on the edge of cumming himself.

Cursing under his breath, Matt released his grip on Nikki’s throat while yanking his cock out of her pussy at the same time. As she smiled wickedly, Matt grabbed ahold of her hair and lifted as he climbed to his feet, pulling her up off the couch. He grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over onto her hands and knees so her tight little ass was sticking up in the air right in front of his face. He didn’t have long before his own orgasm arrived, and he wanted to fuck her doggy-style before it did.

“Spread your ass,” Matt said, smacking one of Nikki’s asscheeks with an open palm to punctuate his demand.

Nikki did as she was told, putting one hand on each ass cheek and pulling them open, making her pussy gape. This new position showed off her gorgeous asshole too, all puckered up and just begging to be played with. But Matt knew better than to go there. He was way too wound up already to bring Nikki’s asshole into play. At least right now. Maybe when he was closer to cumming, he’d take advantage of it, but for now, he left it alone.

“That’s a good girl,” Matt said. “Now keep holding it open while I fuck you from behind. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Nikki said.

Matt gave her another smack on the ass for good measure, then slipped his cock into her waiting pussy.

Nikki let out a deep gasp as he entered her and turned her head around to look back at him. Matt went right after her from the beginning, hammering away at her from behind, jamming his entire cock into her pussy without mercy and pounding away at her with serious aggression.

“Right there, right fucking there!” Nikki said, her voice low but urgent as Matt slammed his cock into her. “Give me that cock, give it to me! Punish me with it! Fucking punish me!”

And Matt did, grabbing ahold of Nikki’s waist and working his hips like a jackhammer, slamming into Nikki’s tiny little ass so hard that her body jumped forward every time they came together. His balls were slapping against the underside of her stomach and his cock was completely disappearing inside her pussy.

Nikki arched her spine and tilted her chin towards the ceiling, throwing her hair onto her back in the process. Matt took advantage, grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking back on it while continuing to pound her pussy from behind.

“That’s right,” Nikki said. “Pull that fucking hair while you fuck me. Make me pay for disobeying you. Make me fucking pay!”

Matt gladly did as Nikki asked, yanking back even further on her hair, forcing her to arch her spine even more, changing up the angle of penetration and allowing him deeper access to her insides. He was giving it to her balls-deep now, his huge cock filling up her pretty little pussy, pressing against the walls of her vagina, the head bumping up against something deep inside her.

“Holy fuck it’s so big!” Nikki said between deep, gasping moans. “Fuck me with that giant cock of yours! Fuck me with it!”

Nikki’s voice was getting louder and louder with every passing moment, which just wouldn’t do, not with Katie still asleep on the other side of the house. So he yanked on Nikki’s hair again, this time hard enough to lift her upper body up and back towards him, so the back of her head was directly in front of his face.

Keeping one hand wrapped around her hair and his cock deep inside Nikki’s pussy but not actually fucking her for the moment, Matt put his other hand over her mouth.

“Shut the fuck up,” he said into her ear, not really angry but sounding like he was in order to maintain the mood of the evening. “You’re making too much noise.”

“Sorry,” Nikki whispered, turning her head so that she could look back at him.

“Don’t be,” Matt said. “Just keep quiet from now on. No more words. No matter what happens, no matter what I do to you, no matter how good it feels, keep your mouth shut until we’re through. Understand?”

Still looking back at him, Nikki nodded. Her eyes were full the need to please him. Matt wasn’t sure how much of it was genuine but he didn’t really care. The illusion was enough for him.

He hammered her from behind for another full minute, Nikki doing her part and not saying a word, barely even making any sound at all despite obviously wanting to, based on the look on her face.

Matt had settled into a nice, solid rhythm, pounding Nikki’s pussy in long but fast pumps which gradually brought him right to the edge of orgasm. And now that he was there, he didn’t have to worry about holding out any longer, so he slid his thumb into his mouth to get it lubed up, then slipped it into Nikki’s asshole.

This brought a gasping cry to her lips, which she muffled by burying her face deeper into the cushions of the couch. Matt was far too occupied to care that Nikki had broken his rule of not making a sound. He was too busy trying to prolong his enjoyment before cumming, a futile exercise now that his thumb was inserted in Nikki’s asshole.

He lasted no more than 5 more seconds before his body rebelled, bringing him over the edge of orgasm. Cursing under his breath, Matt yanked his thumb out of Nikki’s ass and his cock out of her pussy. Gripping his cock tight with his hand, he held on for dear life as Nikki quickly spun around so her face was right in front of Matt’s cock.

“Cum on my face,” she said, staring up at him with needy eyes. “Spray your seed all over me and make me pretty.”

So Matt did just that, releasing the vice-grip on his cock and jerking himself off to completion, a process that took no time at all.

“There you go,” Nikki said as Matt shot white seed out of his cock and all over her face. She laughed as his cock continued squirting cum, spasming at least eight times before finally running dry. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Matt let out a deep, shuddering breath and flopped down to the couch next to Nikki. Looking over at her, he said, “I still can’t believe you brought a boy into my house.”

Her face still covered in his cum, Nikki just laughed.

“What?” Matt said. “It’s not funny.”

“Actually, it is,” she said.

“Why’s that?”

“Because I can’t believe it actually worked.”

“Worked?” Matt said. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I only brought Alex over so that something like this would happen.”

“Seriously?” he said. “That was all just a ruse?”

“Yep,” Nikki said. “I invited Alex over solely so you would catch us together. And then, hopefully, one way or another, we’d end up here. Although, for a second, I thought you were just going to kick his ass and kick me out right behind him.”

Matt laughed and shook his head. “Why the elaborate plot? Why not just approach me and ask me?”

“Why didn’t you ever approach me and ask me?” Nikki countered.

“Because I just figured you would reject me,” he said. “And then things would be awkward.”

“There you go,” Nikki said. “I figured the same thing.”

“But what if I just kicked you out for bringing Alex over here?”

“That would have been easier to accept than the other thing,” she said.

Matt thought about that for a minute. “Fair enough,” he said. “What about Alex? Was he in on it?”

“Nah,” Nikki said. “He just thought he was getting lucky tonight.”

“So you were willing to risk Alex getting his ass kicked to get what you wanted out of me?”

“Yep,” Nikki said. “In fact, I was hoping you’d kick his ass and then we’d end up in the bed together. But I would have been happy with just one of those things happening. Preferably this one.”

Matt laughed some more. “Well, I’m glad it worked out the way it did,” he said.

“Yeah, so am I,” Nikki replied. “So am I.”

Matt stared at her for a few more seconds before shaking his head. “I still can’t believe you did that.”

“What?” Nikki said. “Lied to you?”

Matt nodded.

“Don’t tell me you’re mad. It all worked out in the end.”

“Oh, I’m not mad,” Matt said. “But now that I know you lied to me, I’m going to have to punish you for that too.”

Nikki smiled when she saw where this was going. “Oh, undoubtedly,” she said, her eyes brimming with excitement.

“And this time, I’m not going to take it easy on you,” Matt said. “Especially since you obviously didn’t learn anything from this punishment tonight.”

“I agree,” Nikki said. “Next time you’re going to have to make sure it sinks in.”

“That’s right,” Matt said. “So what do you say you make your way over here Friday night. Katie is spending the night at her friend’s house, so we’ll have the whole place to ourselves. We can make as much noise as we want.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Nikki said, smiling like a demon. “I can’t wait to see how you’re going to make sure I learn something next time.”

Matt matched her grin. “Oh, you’re going to like it. I promise. I’ll make sure of that.”

“I’m sure you will,” Nikki said, leaning over to give him a quick peck on the cheek. “I’m sure you will.”






I know it’s a huge cliché, but on nights when I really need to get fucked by a stranger and I’m just not feeling like doing any real work, I’ll end up at the Irish Pub near my house around closing time.

It’s a popular place with the local college kids, and while most of the time I’m looking for a more mature lover, there are certain times when I feel like teaching a young man a thing or two in the sack.

Like tonight, for example.

I’m bored, a little buzzed, and my vibrator just isn’t doing it for me. And while I could pick up the phone and have one of my regular hook-ups over here in half an hour, I’m in the mood for a little adventure. So I tease my hair up, slap on some makeup, throw on a pair of black fishnet leggings, a short skirt, and a t-shirt that barely covers my stomach and head out the door.

Five minutes later I’m walking into the pub. It’s not super-crowded, but it’s pretty busy for a weekday night, and just as I’d expected, full of college boys.

Walking up to one and convincing him to come home with me is just too easy, so I decide to conduct a little experiment. I grab a glass of red wine from the bartender and head to an empty table in the corner and sit down.

I take a sip from my glass and survey the room, an indifferent but not standoffish look on my face. Anyone that makes eye contact with me I give a little head nod and a smile. None of the college boys out there know it, but the first one that comes up to me is going to get the night of his life.

Ten minutes later I’m on the last of my wine and still nobody’s had the balls to come up and say a word to me. I’ve seen a couple groups of guys whispering amongst themselves, as if daring the others in their group to give it a shot, but so far, none have.

And then, just as I finish my last sip of wine, a young man breaks off from his group of peers and starts over in my direction. He’s a good-looking kid, barely twenty if he’s a day, with a mop of blonde hair and an open, honest face. Simply due to the fact that he’s on his way over here means he’s obviously not shy, but he doesn’t seem like a cocky asshole either. He carries himself like a confident, cool customer. It looks like I got lucky tonight. But not as lucky as he’s going to get.

“Hey there,” he says as he arrives at my table. He’s a shade over six feet and around 175 pounds with a thin but muscular body. An athlete, no doubt, maybe a surfer. “I see that you’re out of wine. Can I buy you a drink?”

“No thanks,” I say. “But there is something else you can do for me.”

“What’s that?” he says, giving me a quizzical look.

“Sit down and I’ll tell you.”

He casts a glance back towards his friends then takes a seat across the table from me.

“What’s your name?” I ask.

“Troy,” he says.

“Okay, Troy, here’s the deal,” I say, leaning forward and smiling at him. “I came over here tonight to find myself a good college boy I could take back to my place and take advantage of. And since you’re the first one that came up to me, you win.”

Troy laughs and shakes his head. “You’re just fucking with me right? Did Scott put you up to this?”

“Nope,” I say. “Nobody put me up to anything. I just need to get fucked by a stranger tonight. Nothing more, nothing less.”

He eyes me sideways. “No shit?”

“No shit.”

“What’s the catch?” he says.

“There isn’t one,” I reply.

“Nothing at all?”

“Nope. Unless you consider getting super freaky a catch.”

“I call it a bonus,” Troy says.

“Then we should get along great,” I say.

“It sure sounds like it.”

“Of course, I have to warn you, I’m not like all those petite and demure college girls you’re no doubt used to banging. I like things a little rough. And I tend to take control of situations.”

“I’m fine with that.”

“What about sticking your cock in my ass?” I say. “Are you fine with that too?”

“Fuck yeah,” Troy says, his excitement palpable.

“Great,” I say, standing up and taking his hand and pulling him to his feet. “My house is just a couple blocks away. Wave goodbye to your friends as we leave.”




I lead Troy back to my place, open the door, and let him in. After closing the door behind him, I stride over to him, staring directly at him with a serious look on my face. Before he knows what’s going on, I put my hands on his waist and squat down.

With my head at the same level as his groin, I undo Troy’s belt, pull it off and drop it to the floor. He pulls his shirt off, revealing his six-pack abs and allowing him a better view of the proceedings.

He watches intently I undo the top button of his jeans and pull down his zipper, then slip his pants and boxers off, dropping them around his ankles, freeing up his cock. It’s rock-hard and sticking straight out with no sag whatsoever.

“Pretty impressive,” I say.

He mutters a thanks and offers me a little smile.

“Let’s see if you know what to do with it,” I say.

Troy lets out a soft sigh as I grab the base of his cock and start slowly stroking while cupping his balls with my hand. Staring up at him the whole time, I stick out my tongue and lick the underside of his cock, starting at the base and working my way towards the tip.

After I’ve run my tongue up the length of his cock, I spit on it and work the saliva in with my hand before taking it in my mouth. Still jerking him off, I suck on the tip of his cock, my head bobbing in short, quick strokes.

While I suck his cock, I run my hands over Troy’s chest, touching his washboard stomach and pecs, my fingers brushing his nipples. He takes a quick breath and I realize he likes this. So I tweak his nipples a little more, squeezing them with my fingers, our eyes locked together the whole time.

“You like that, do you?” I say, pulling my mouth off his cock for a moment. “You like it when I play with your nipples.”

Troy nods quickly.

I smile. “I’ll have to keep that in mind for later,” I say. “But right now I have more pressing business at hand.”

I run my hands back down his stomach and grab ahold of his cock. After slapping it against my tongue a couple of times I take the head of it back into my mouth.

After concentrating on the tip for a bit, I release my grip on his cock and drop my head further down, taking his cock three-quarters of the way into my mouth and holding it there for a few seconds before pulling back off.

As I’m coming back in for more, Troy puts his hands on my head.

“Oh no you don’t,” I say, grabbing his wrists and gently pushing them back to his side. “I’m the one in control here, buddy. And don’t you forget it.” I glare up at him and shake my head, then go back to work.

Troy’s cock is glistening with my saliva as I grip the base of it with my hand and again start jerking him off. I drop my head down a little bit and lick his sack with my tongue before taking one of his balls in my mouth.

Still jerking him off, I suck on one of his testicles, pulling on it, stretching his sack out until it pops out of my mouth, resulting in a low groan from his mouth.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” I say, looking up at him.

Troy nods. He doesn’t look like he could speak even if he wanted to.

Laughing, I move over to his other testicle, giving it the same treatment. After popping it out of my mouth, I release my hold on his balls and lift my head back up and go back to work on his cock.

Still staring up at him, I run my tongue up the entire length of Troy’s shaft, starting at the base and finishing at the tip. Then I slap it against my cheek a couple of times before slipping it in my mouth again, bobbing up and down on it, taking it halfway down every time. After blowing him for a good thirty seconds without pause, I pull my mouth off, gather up some saliva, and spit on his cock.

“You like your blowjobs nice and wet, don’t you?” I say, using the accrued saliva to jerk him off forcefully.

He nods again.

“Yeah, I can tell,” I say. “The sloppier the better right?”

“That’s right,” he says.

After jerking him off a little more, I push Troy’s cock up, pressing it against his stomach and holding it there, sticking straight up, pointed at his face. Knowing from earlier that he enjoys getting his sack played with, I start sucking on his balls again, this time taking them both in my mouth at the same time.

I suck on them and bounce them around in my mouth for a little while before wrapping my lips around his sack and yanking down on it hard enough that he utters a little moan of discomfort.

I know that moan, I’ve hear it many times before. Yes, there’s discomfort, but there’s also pleasure. More of it than usual actually, as it’s magnified by the level of discomfort.

Laughing to myself, I release Troy’s balls with a pop and they bounce back up.

“Holy fuck that felt good,” he says, his breath ragged and huge smile on his face.

“Yeah?” I say. “You liked that?”

“I loved it,” Troy says.

“So you like a little bit of pain with your pleasure, huh?”

“Apparently so,” he says. “I never knew until just now.”

“Well, you’re in luck,” I say. “Because that happens to be what I specialize in.”

“Is that right?” he says, his eyes lighting up in excitement.

“It certainly is,” I say. “Do you want to experience more of it?”


“Then step right up,” I say, climbing to my feet. “And learn a little bit about the relationship between pleasure and pain.”

I grab ahold of Troy’s cock and use it to lead him to the bed. Once there, I turn him around so his back is facing it, then push on his shoulders, dropping him down onto the bed, face up.

Standing over him, looking down at Troy lying there, I play with my pussy, rubbing it until it’s nice and wet. Then I climb onto the bed and crawl up the length of his body until my pussy is hovering right above his head.

With my knees on the bed and my calves tucked beneath my thighs, with one leg on either side of Troy’s head, I drop down, straddling his face. At first I didn’t move at all, content to simply smother him with my flesh, my pussy right on top of his mouth, digging in, forcing his tongue inside me.

“That’s a good boy,” I say. “Get that tongue in there. Show me how good you are at eating pussy.”

I sit there for a good 15 seconds while Troy struggles for breath beneath me before finally lifting my body up for a couple seconds to give him a chance to breathe.

Sitting on his chest, staring down at him, my eyes locked onto his, I flash him a dirty smile. “You like that too, don’t you?”

Smiling back, he nods emphatically.

“Good,” I say. “Because so do I. Do you mind if I do it some more?”

“Please do,” he says.

I lean down and stick my tongue into his mouth, tasting myself on his lips, then grab two handfuls of his hair and scoot forward and drop my ass back down onto his face.

Holding his head flush against the mattress, I grind my pussy on Troy’s mouth, pushing down with all my weight, forcing his head deeper into the mattress. Even though he can hardly breathe, it’s obvious Troy is loving it. His tongue is active, licking and tasting my insides with enthusiasm.

As I continue grinding away on his face, Troy sticks out his tongue as far as he can, forcing it deeper into my pussy. I lets out an excited little moan and start riding his rigid tongue, moving forward and back quickly, my pussy getting wetter and wetter with every pass, soaking Troy’s face and covering it in my juices.

I let go of Troy’s hair and start working my pussy with my now-free hand. It isn’t long before I’m aggressively rubbing at my clit while continuing to ride his tongue. My moans and groans fill the room as I approach orgasm. A few seconds later I let out a loud screech and my body shudders. I rise up just a bit as the orgasm arrives.

I smack away at my clit as I cum, squirting a steady stream of juices out of my pussy, making a mess of Troy’s face.

“Holy shit that’s so fucking hot,” he says after my stream has run dry. His head and face looks like they’ve been dunked in a barrel full of water. But his smile is wider than ever.

“You like that too, do you?” I ask, still squatting over him, my pussy mere inches above his face.

“I fucking love it,” he says. “You’re fucking incredible.”

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I say.

“Shit, I haven’t even done anything yet,” Troy says. “You’re the one doing all the work.”

“Well, let’s change that then,” I reply.

I climb off of Troy’s face and scoot down his body until I’m straddling his midsection. With my ass pushing back against his still hard cock, I lean forward and use my tongue to lick my pussy juices off of Troy’s face.

Once his face is clean, I lift my body up and scoot my butt back so my pussy is hovering over Troy’s groin. Then I grab ahold of his cock and slide it inside my soaking wet snatch. I take things quickly right from the start, riding him cowgirl, slamming my body down onto his, not showing him any mercy at all.

“Is this how you like it?” I ask, my head tilted slightly as I glare down at him, trying to keep my excitement from showing. “With me on top, riding you until the sun comes up?”

Troy nods, his face a mask of concentration. He’s wincing every time my body slams down on him.

“The pain is good,” I say. “It makes the pleasure that much better.”

To illustrate this fact, I put my palms flat on his chest for leverage, which allows my to pummel him even more aggressively. His winces turn to flinches but he doesn’t complain one bit. In fact, his cock is harder than ever inside of me.

After impaling myself on his cock for thirty seconds, I slam down onto Troy one more time and hold my body there, his cock deep inside my pussy. I lean forward until my chest is touching his head, his face between my tits. Then I shake my upper body from side to side, smacking him in the face with my tits. After I’ve beat him up pretty good, I wrap my arms around the back of his head, smashing his face against my flesh between my tits.

I hold Troy’s head in place, smothering him for a full 15 seconds before letting go. Then I shift my chest sideways and push one of my nipples into his mouth. With his eyes turned up towards mine, Troy sucks on my nipple. Once it’s hard, I shift again, giving him my other nipple. He licks and bites down on that one, working it aggressively.

After both my nipples are hard as rocks, I grab a handful of Troy’s hair and yank his head back. Then I lean in and stick my tongue in his mouth and explore around for a little while before pulling back.

Looking down at Troy with a little snarl, I once again start to bounce up and down on his cock. After a while, he runs his hands up my stomach and cups them underneath my tits, pushing up on them. I lean back, shifting my weight to the rear and putting more pressure on his balls as I continues pounding away at him.

“Holy fucking shit,” I say under my breath while he grunts away below me. “Your cock feels so good in my pussy. I love riding you like this.”

I continue riding him like an cowgirl for another minute or so before I’ve had enough. Keeping his cock firmly inside my pussy, I spin around so I’m facing the other way, my ass to him, in the reverse-cowgirl position. I immediately pick up where I left off, riding him intensely, pounding my pussy down onto his cock so hard that it’s almost painful.

I reach back, grab one of my ass cheeks in each hand, and spread my ass. Holding my ass open, I ride him some more before releasing one of my ass cheeks and sticking my index finger into my asshole.

I work the tip of my finger around for a little bit then pull it out and bring it to my mouth. Turning my upper body so I’m looking back at him, I suck the ass juices off of my finger.

I see Troy’s eyes light up.

“You like that, do you?” I ask. “You like watching me taste my ass?”

Troy nods. “It’s nasty as hell,” he says.

“You’re damn right it is,” I say, adding my middle finger into the mix, getting them both lubed up. “Do you know what else is nasty as hell?” I add after pulling my fingers out of my mouth.

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