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Deception Series Book 1

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“Laura, where are you?” I heard my husband of twenty years call from the hallway. He had just returned home from work and from the sound of his voice, seemed to be excited about something. Curious. I walked out of our room and greeted him in the hall.

“What happened?” I asked, unsure if I should smile or not. Many times, when Lenny came home with some “great news,” it was bad for me. The last great news he had involved us going on a trip to Kansas with his family, to see the world’s largest ball of yarn. And while its size was impressive, it wasn’t really something that I found myself getting overly excited about. Not to mention, the 28-hour drive from Maine to Kansas with his family, who were too cheap to fly because driving across the country would save money and bring the family closer—as if, I wanted to be any closer to his family.

“Laura, did you hear me?” He asked, bringing me back to the conversation.

“I’m sorry, honey, what did you say?” I asked, with a loving smile.

He smiled back, “I said, I got the promotion.”

Suddenly a huge smile spread across my face as I leaped into my husband’s arms. Lenny had been working at Top-Mart, which was one of the largest stores in the entire world with branches in every state and around the world. Lenny worked as a manager in the corporate office and for the past year, had been trying to land this promotion. “Congratulations honey,” I said, kissing him.

He kissed me back then picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. It was the only place he would have sex. On our anniversary the year before I had dressed up in a maid’s costume and sat on the table. I wanted him to make love to me on it, but he had said, “we eat on the table why would we have sex on it.” I responded by saying that, “I could be his meal if he started between my legs,” hoping he would agree; sadly, all he said was, “sweetie you know my stance on that.” Of course, I knew. How could I not know? I was sure the whole world knew that my safe husband never ventured between the legs with his tongue and he didn’t want me doing it to him either. Sadly, the only sex we had was missionary with an occasional switching of positions and that night wasn’t any different.

I laid underneath my husband moaning as he moved back and forward between my legs, pushing his manhood inside of me. My own legs were wrapped firmly around his waist pulling him deeper inside as my hands ran wild down his firm back. My eyes were closed mostly due to my poor eye sight, but I could still hear him moaning on top of me--still feel the warm sweat from his brow trickle down on mine as his mouth toyed with my breast.

Despite how outdated I believed his idea of sex only being in the bedroom was, I loved being with him. The way he played with my breast like they were his own personal chew toy and the feel of his hands roaming down the sides of my body, was enough to set my insides on fire and get my pussy wet. I just wished he be more adventurous with that mouth of his.

“Yes,” I moaned, as he began to pick up speed on top of me thrusting like a madman between my legs. His breathing sounded heavy like he had put in a lot of work, but I wasn’t near as close as he was.

I could feel him slowing down as he utter the words, “I’m almost there,” in my ear.

Instantly my eyes popped open and I could make out the burry vision that was my husband. One thing that I had learned from my many years of being married to him, was how to distract him from cumming to soon. So, I lifted my hand and pulled his face into mine engulfing him with a kiss hoping that would work to rejuvenate him and for a while it seemed to work. My body felt as if it were almost at that threshold of an orgasm. Then his kisses got a lot rougher as his hands explored my body.

My climax was there, I could feel it just a few more minutes and I would be there. Then it happened that amazing feeling of release pushing me over the edge and sending my body into cloud nine. He had cum moments later then rolled off me and laid on his back. We laid there in pure bliss for a few moments smiling like idiots until he spoke.

“That was amazing,” He said, drained and breathless.

“Yes, it was,” I agreed happily laying my head on my husband’s chest and draping my arm around him. Though I was growing tired of missionary, I still enjoyed our time together.

He kissed my shoulder then said, “I have one more thing to tell you,” as if suddenly remembering he had news.

“What is it?” I asked, looking at him hoping it wasn't another trip to Kansas with his sister and mother. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find anything in common with them. Their idea of a fun Friday night involved needlepointing and gossiping about Mr. Martin down the street. As where I preferred loud music, concerts and exploring.

“The jobs in Saint Louis.”

“What?” I asked, feeling as if I had just been slapped in the face because this was just like him. He never asked me what I wanted to do just decided on his own, as if I was his servant and not his wife. But at the same time, I felt relieved. Moving meant I didn’t have to deal with his parents, especially his mother who had to control every aspect of my life. They even vetted my friends. I wanted to hang out with a few people who were in there 20's but was told they were too young and would be a bad influence on me. I wanted to say, As if. I’m a grown ass woman, I will do what I want.; however, they were there for me when I needed them the most and they were my husband’s family, so I had to listen.

“I'm sorry I didn't know until I got the promotion. And Saint Louis is not bad. The area that we're moving in is nice,” he said, raising to grab something from his nightstand, as I reached over and grabbed my glasses off mine, so I could see what he was reaching for.

After I put on my glasses, I saw a blue folder in his hands and a second later he opened it. Inside was a picture of a beautiful one and half story house, as he said, “It has more space the mortgage isn't that bad, and it has a two-car garage.”

“It's beautiful, but honey if you just found out about the place, how do we have a house already,” I asked crossing my arms across my breast and glaring at him knowingly.

I expected his eyes to shift as if he were trying to find a lie to please me like he always had; however, he only smiled puffed out his chest as if he were just knighted and said, “The house comes with the promotion. All we have to do is move there and pay the bills.”

“Really,” I asked, dumbfounded and blinking profusely.

“Yes really,” he said, taking my hand then continued, “and this job has better benefits, more pay, I'll get to see you more,” he said, with a smile.

“And maybe have children,” I asked, hopeful. In the twenty years that we had been married, we had been trying to get pregnant but couldn’t. The closes we had come was six years ago; however, in the middle of my second trimester, I miscarried. It was the hardest thing I had to go through and since that day the doctors said that my chances of having any more children, was slim to none.

Lenny took my hand into his then gently patted it, “Honey, I would love for you to have my children. Nothing would please me more than a little you and me running around here, but the truth is we are both in our 40’s I’ll be 50 next year and the doctors said it’s impossible,” He reminded me.

“I know, it’s just that I always wanted children,” I said, glancing down at his hands and remembering that feeling I had when I lost my son. He was my one chance at being a mother. We could still adopt, but it wouldn’t be the same.

“I know,” he said, pulling me into his embrace, “it just wasn’t in the cards for us.”

A tear escaped my eyes as he said those words. I had failed as a wife and a woman, only he was too much of a gentleman to say it. So why not give into his dream, “You’re right, but what about my job?” I asked, as if I really cared. I was a librarian at the local college, and while it was a great opportunity to catch up on some more reading, I wanted to try something else; however, I was in my 40s and it was no time to start over. I would just have to be a librarian for the rest of my life.

“There are plenty of librarian gigs in Saint Louis,” Lenny assured me, pleased that I was on board with the job idea.

“Why not?” I said, with a genuine smile.

“Good because the job starts Monday and I have to be on a flight tomorrow morning to set things up at the house,” he said, nonchalantly.

I got out of bed and reached for my robe feeling as if my world had shattered, “Why didn't you tell me we had to leave tomorrow? How am I supposed to pack up everything and be ready by tomorrow?” I asked, storming out of the room and into the hall with my robe wrapped firmly around my body. It was bad enough that he made a habited out of springing things on me but to force me into packing up my life overnight was going too far.

“You don't. Baby I'm giving you a month advance. That way you can get everything taken care of here,” He said, as he followed me out the room; however, I was too angry to care.

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me,” I said, just as I spotted that ugly vase his mother had given me by the front door. My first thought was to throw it at him, at least it would solve two of my problems; however, his warm hands were on my face before I could reach it. He was about four inches taller than me, average build with a low graying fade and beautiful brown eyes that made me yield to his every will. And to make matters worse, was his captivating smile that made me forgive him, even if I didn’t want to and now was one of those times.

“I'm sorry Laura. I just found all this out today. You know I wouldn't do anything without talking to you about it. This job is just too important to pass up.

“I know,” I said, buying into his lie, only because I wanted to get away from his family and he was my ticket out.

“Come on, let's go back to bed, I have an earlier flight and you have to get ready for work,” Lenny said.

I bowed my head in defeat, then followed Lenny back into the bedroom. That night I couldn't sleep, I was too wired. Finally, I would be able to escape my husband's family and be free to live the life I wanted. On the other hand, I was moving all the way across the country, and the only person I'd know would be my husband. Still, the thought of starting over in a new city without his parents, was just too much of a treat to pass up. Who knows, maybe I would get my husband to loosen up and we could go back to acting like teenagers in love. With that thought, I finally closed my eyes and drifted off into dreamland.


The next day, I woke reaching for Lenny, but he was gone. There was a letter sitting on his nightstand with my name on it. It was something he always did when he’d leave for a few days and each time it would say the same thing, Morning sweetheart, didn't want to wake you, so I wrote a letter. I know this goes without saying, but while I'm gone, please make sure to present yourself as the wife of an exec,” Then he'd go on some long rant about what I should and shouldn't do followed by the words, I love you and I'll see you soon. So, it was no surprise when I opened the letter and saw the same words written on this five-page report. It wasn't until I got to the last line of the paper, that I felt the urge to fly down to Saint Louis and kill my husband because he had invited his parents to stay with me the entire month.

My first thought was to grab somethings and head to a hotel for the month. I had enough saved in my savings account to live off for a few years, if needed, but the moment the thought crossed my mind, my bedroom door swung open and in walked my mother in law, wearing a long flower print dress that did nothing for her figure over a long sleeve white shirt, some thick white socks with tennis, and a green summer hat that went with nothing she had on. Not to mention the fanny pack. That family had so many fanny packs you'd think they invented them. Her name was Julia Kingston she was 74 and a little on the chunky side with light brown skin and short grey hair. She reminded me of Ms. Trunchbull from Mathilda, with the same backwards thinking. Seeing her that early in the morning, meant the rest of the day would be terrible.

“Good you're woke,” Julia said, in that no-nonsense tone that made me want to punch her in the throat.

“Just woke up,” I said, through a plastered smile, and finally rising to my feet.

“What are you wearing,” she asked, as if I had just disrespected her. I, was wearing one of Lenny's shirts which to normal people would be acceptable for someone who just got out of bed, but not Julia. No, in Julia's eyes, I had to be covered up at all times as if I were a Muslim and it was part of my tradition.

“It's Lenny's and I did just wake up,” I said, trying to be as respectful as possible.

“Well it's inappropriate for a woman your age, to wear her husband’s clothes, go take a shower and put on your own clothes,” Julia ordered.

Unwilling to argue, I walked out my room and towards the bathroom. The moment I entered I shut the door behind me and threw my hands on the bathroom sink. There was so much that I wanted to say to that woman but held my tongue because I owed her and I was the type of person who always paid back my dues; however, if I had to stay in that house with them for another month, I was sure I'd kill them or do something I'd regret.

“Calm down,” I said, to myself as I lifted my head and looked in the mirror, an act I hated doing because I didn't like the image of the person looking back at me. My smooth hazelnut skin and my hour glass figure were the only things I liked about myself. My mouth was full of adult braces that due to an accident, I had no choice but to get. And my glasses were so big that they took up my entire face. I had asked my mother in law, why I had to wear what my coworkers considered “bifocals,” but all she said was, “don't they help you see better?” Of course, they helped me see better, anyone who wore them would be able to see an atom with those glasses, but that wasn't the point. I wanted to look beautiful, and feel beautiful, so when my husband showed me off to his friends, I'd believe them when they called me beautiful. Then there was the mop sitting on top of my head, that on a whim I decided to listen to Heather and let one of her friends fix. The outcome was a purple fuzz ball that made me look like Barney. The color had faded after multiple washes, leaving me with unmanageable long curly hair.

Drawing in another breath, I undressed then hopped in the shower. My luffa hung on the shower head next to my shower gel, another thing I was sure I'd have to share with either my mother in-law or sister in-law because they’d “conveniently” forgot theirs. Just thinking about the rest of the month made the warm shower feel like ice, so I cut it short then pulled back the shower curtain, grabbed my towel that was hanging perfectly next to my husband’s and got out the tub.

After brushing my teeth, I made my way back to my room, making sure to close the door. Normally, I would have left the door open; however, my mother in law and probably the rest of her family was there and sense it was only one floor the odds of someone entering my room was high. I would have brought my clothes to the bathroom, but I was too angry to think straight. The control Julia had over my mental state was too much to bare. I needed to get away from there, even if it meant going to the one place I hated the most: work.

“There you are Laura,” my father in-law John said, the moment I entered the living room. John was an older version of Lenny with less hair and more meat in the gut area. He was a retired salesman and looked like Steve Urkle. There was absolutely nothing about him appealing except his clothes. In fact, most people never noticed him. His personality was like that of a kiss ass, and like the rest of his family, he had a problem with mostly everything I did, only he wasn't as vocal about it as his wife.

The living room itself was decorated in pale green wall paper that Lenny’s mother picked out and a sky-blue furniture set that Heather picked out. It was like living in a senior citizen building, the smell of mothballs feeling the entire room and boy how I hated it. The first thing I was going to do before leaving that house, was get rid of that set, because there was no way, it was going to Saint Louis with me. In fact, I would leave everything but the pictures and hop on the next plane to Saint Louis if I could, that's how much I hated that place.

“Good morning dad, Heather, Howard and Bill, what are you doing here so early?” I asked, through that plastered smile.

“I'm sure Lenny told you we were staying the month,” Heather asked, in that condescending tone of hers. She was just like her mother only younger, taller, and smaller, everything else screamed Julia Washington.

“Yes, but that's not what I'm asking, it's 6:30 in the morning why are you here so early?” I asked, as politely as possible.

“Oh, we knew you'd be up, so we came. We are here to help you move,” Bill said, proudly as if I needed their help. He and his brother Howard were a little different from the rest of the family, in that they didn't criticize me that much over my clothes; however, they were still just as annoying as the rest of the family.

I clasped my hands together and said, “Thank you all so much for the offer, but I can do it myself.”

“Nonsense, you are one person, and this is a lot of stuff, we shall help you and that will be the end of it,” Julia declared.

“Actually, I've decided to donate half this stuff, I’m sure Lenny has new furniture at the new house, so all I’m packing are the pictures and…

“Donate?” Howard said, cutting me off. “Heather worked hard picking this out for you, how could you even consider donating it?” They all looked at me, as if I were the bad guy who crushed their dreams, still I wasn't ready to back down. That house and everything in it was an eyesore including his family; however, since I couldn't get rid of them, I decided to settle for the furniture.

“Yes, but I don't have the money to fly this so…”

“Oh, is that all?” John asked with a laugh and cutting me off. “That won't be a problem, just leave it to us and go to work.” He ordered.

I wanted to say, “This is my house and I'll decide what stays and goes, but my mouth stayed closed and I found myself walking away in defeat and out the door.


I stared stoically at the man in front of me. He reminded me of my high school Math teacher. He was over 40 balding with a smile on his face that screamed “brown-nosier” and smelled like my grandfather’s cologne. The man was over 20 years my senior but dressed like he was 80. Which is probably how, I believed he got the job. His resume was good, and from talking to his other supervisors, it was clear that Lenard Washington was a hard worker; however, I wasn’t sure if Lenard’s supervisors really meant it or if they were trying to get rid of him. And judging by that stupid smile on Lenard’s face, it had to be the latter. Still, I needed a new Director of Marketing at my Top-Mart store and Lenard was highly recommended, so what was the point of arguing. Besides, if he didn’t work out, I could always fire him, after all, everyone wanted to work for Gomez Inc. “Mr. Washington, you understand what the job entails?”

“Yes sir,” Lenard responded with that same stupid smile that I wanted to scrape off.

“Good, and your wife?” I asked, only because he kept mentioning a need to be off to get her from the airport.

“Will be here next month,” he assured me

“Great, then all I need from you is to go over this paperwork, sign it, and you can start tomorrow,” I said, handing him a black pen and pushing forward a contract that my secretary had given me before Lenard’s arrival.

“Thank you, sir,” Lenard said, taking the pen, as if it was the most precious thing in the world, and without reading hurriedly signed his name on the dotted line.

I chuckled, amazed at how eager Lenard was to sign. He could have just signed his life away or agreed to pose nude for a commercial; however, he didn’t care, and why should he. Lenard was just like every other idiot in the world, so happy to move ahead in life, that they don’t care about the cost.

Once he had finished, I stood up then stretched out my hand towards his and he did the same, “Congratulations Mr. Washington.”

“Thank you, sir,” Lenard said, nearly bowing as he eagerly shook my hand.

I pulled my hand back then sat back down, and Lenard did the same, “You can go now,” I said, sharply.

“Of course, sir,” Lenard said, scrambling to his feet. “Thank you, sir,” he said, while walking backwards to the door, with that same stupid smile on his face and finally exiting the room.

I sighed then picked up my phone, “Coco hold all my calls, I’m leaving for the day,” I said, dryly. Coco was my secretary. She had been with me for years, and one of the few women I could talk to, without worrying about her hitting on me and vis verse. It wasn’t that I went out of my way to get their attention, it’s just when you look as good as I do, you get used to women drooling over you and trying to get you to crawl into bed with them. Which I can honestly say I have avoided.

“Of course, but sir, before you go, Mr. Lopez and Mr. Pierce called, they wanted to confirm basketball tonight.”

Michael Lopez Sr. and Kyle Pierce Sr. were, my best friends. We had known each other ever since we were babies and like me, each ran their own multi-billion-dollar corporation. “I’ll call them back, just tell everyone else I’m gone for the day.”

“Of course, sir,” she said, hanging up.

I stood up, grabbed my coat that was on the back of my chair, then walked out the door. “See you tomorrow Coco,” I said, with a soft smile.

“Goodnight Mr. Chris,” she called after me.

I stepped on my private elevator and took it all the way down to the private parking lot. It was reserved for the Execs and of course my secretary. There was a V.I.P lounge, valet parking and even a restaurant and spa on that level just because I wanted it.

“Goodnight Mr. Chris,” Jimmy, the doorman said, as I walked towards my 2018 black Bentley Bentayga.

“Night Jimmy,” I said, as I got into my car. The moment I drove off, I called Kyle, who picked up after the second ring. “What’s up Kyle?” I asked, speeding through traffic.

“Did you still want to hoop tonight, or do you have to check with the Mrs.?” Kyle joked.

I snorted. I had been married for almost a year to this beautiful woman named Sandy; however, we had been dating for three years before tying the knot, and ever since then had been inseparable. My friends joked about me going soft since marrying her because I had been spending less time with them; however, that’s what happens when you’re in love.

“Shut up. I don’t need her permission, but I am going to need some green and liquor later, I am meeting the in laws and you know how that goes.” Her parents were the worse people in the world. I could have gone my entire life without ever meeting them. They were arrogant, bougie, blue blooded people, who thought they were better than everyone. I wanted to drop them off a cliff and into shark infested waters; however, they were Sandy’s parents and I couldn’t do that to her. Luckily, Sandy wasn't like that. She was kind and treated everyone with respect.

Kyle chuckled, “I got you, I’ll tell Mike”

“Thanks, I’ll see you tonight around 9,”

“Yup,” With that we hung up.

About 20 minutes later, I pulled up to my house. It was so big that I had to drive past twelve acres of land, four guest houses and a water fountain before arriving at my hotel size mansion. Why it was so big, I wasn’t even sure, anymore. Maybe I was just trying to outdo my friends or my father for that matter? Or maybe I just really wanted a big house? Whatever the reason, didn’t matter anymore, it was something I was stuck with and had no reason to get rid of.

When I finally arrived at my house, the first thing I saw was Sandy getting out her car in her blue scrubs looking just as exhausted as I felt. Her once tightly wound hair was now sticking up through her bun and she was practically leaning on the door. Sandy was a nurse practitioner for Saint Luke's hospital and a damn good one at that. She was also kind and understanding and everyone loved her. Most nights I'd lie in bed and stare at her feeling like the luckiest man in the world. If only she had different parents. Smiling, I turned off the car, grabbed my briefcase and keys, then got out the car and headed straight towards Sandy.

The moment she saw me, her face lit up like a Christmas tree, showing off that beautiful smile “Hi baby,” she said, sounding just as exhausted as she looked.

I said nothing at first only smiled then grabbed her leaning in for a kiss. She smiled back, then closed her eyes and welcomed my kiss. Her lips were sweet, wet, and very wanton and just like that an idea popped in my head, “Why are you home so early?” I asked, as I pulled back from our kiss but continued to hold her while smiling down into her hazel eyes, as she smiled up at me with that sweet smile that had won me over three years prior.

“We have dinner tonight with my parents and I need to get ready,” she said, as if I needed a reminder about my evening plans.

“But you look so tired, wouldn't you rather spend the rest of the night with me pleasing you?” I asked, seductively kissing her lips after every word. The thought of spending and hour with those people was enough to make me feel the need to kill someone.

She pulled back and said, “As nice as that sounds, we already promised my parents we would, and they are excited to see the children,” She said, pushing away from me then turning towards the house and walking inside.

I followed closely behind then once we were inside and past the front door, I wrapped my arms around her waist and said, “Then let's just drop them off and they can have dinner, while we have desert,” while gently nibbling her ear, as my hands wondered down her body. It was a trick that always worked on her whenever I wanted to avoid her parents, or an argument and it would have worked this time too, if my 10-year-old twin boys CJ and Cory would have never ran into the room screaming “no” and looking as if they had escaped a slave ship and afraid the master would catch them and take them back. The boys were from a previous a relationship, and looked just like me, only younger with braids and frightened eyes. I also had a younger set of twins, one boy Trey and one girl Tamira who had just turned five. The boy like his brothers, looked like me with his mother’s complexion, but my little girl, looked just like her mother. Same beautiful brown eyes, long brown hair and a smile that made my heart melt with the same complexion as me bright yellow. Only I couldn’t look at her. She was the one child I always wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my sons, but my little girl was the child I’d pray for, and I got her in the worst way. Her mother left me at the alter then eight months later sent Tamira and Trey to me with a letter that said, “I don’t want anything to do with you, so you keep them.” I never told the children that, they think she’s dead.

“What are you screaming about?” I asked, wrapping my arms around Sandy, “and where are your brother and sister?” I asked, noticing they were missing.

“We are not going to dinner with those people without you dad,” Cory said, looking and sounding as if I had sentence him to death by torture.

I could understand my sons' feelings. Hell, I felt the same way; however, I couldn't allow them to get away with calling my wife's parents “those people” at least in her presences, so I glared down at them and said, “watch your mouth those are your grandparents you are talking about.”

“No, they're not,” CJ exclaimed. His little hand balled into a fist as if he were determined to hit someone.

Inwardly I was smiling, happy that my sons didn't buy into the falseness that were my in-laws; however, they were my wife's parents and the way Sandy's head fell forward when they said those words made me feel obligated to say, “I will beat your asses if you ever say that again. Sandy is your mother that makes her parents your grandparents, now…”

“Dad, those people are insane. Please don’t make us go,” CJ begged.

My heart went out to him. Those pleading eyes, and the way his hands rubbed together as if he were praying for mercy, made me almost say “let’s skip dinner;” however, before I could, Sandy said, “CJ, Cory, we made a promise that we would have dinner with my parents tonight, did we not?” She asked, in her condescending tone. I hated it when she did that, it always made me feel guilty for not doing as she wanted.

“Yes but,” Cory started.

“No buts,” Sandy said, interrupting, “a promise is a promise and we keep our promises, now go get ready,” she ordered.

The boys lowered their heads in defeat and started towards the door.

“Wait, where are the other two?” Sandy asked.

“Trey’s in the playroom, T’s in her room having a tea party,” CJ mumbled.

“Thank you, you may go,” Sandy ordered, looking as if she had just stopped a war. “Now, you go get Trey ready, I’ll tend to our little girl. With that her soft lips brushed my cheeks then she took off up towards Tamira, leaving me to deal with Trey and feeling just as defeated as my sons.


“Chris darling,” Sandy’s mother Melody said, the moment I and my family walked to their table at the Renaissance hotel; however, even if she wouldn’t have waved us over, she would have been the first-person I spotted, mostly because of the leopard print and the fake fur she wore around her neck and that church hat to match that made her fair skin look almost invisible. Then there were the pearl earrings that Sandy had bought her on my dime without consulting me first, a habit Sandy had become accustom to. Not to mention the perform that reminded me of mothballs and burned my nose the moment she hugged me. The smell was so bad, my eyes started to water, and even my children were covering their noses.

“Hello Melody, Frank,” I said, trying not to choke on the perform then turning to shake Frank’s hand. Frank was a few inches taller than me, with skin as dark as midnight and between his wife and daughter, was the more reasonable one. He was the senior accountant at one of the most prestige law firms in the country and well respected by his employers.

“Chris, how many times, must I tell you, to call us mom and dad,” Melody replied, with a soft push and a laugh, though it was clear she was serious.

“I’m sorry, it’s going to take some getting used to,” I replied, apologetically; however, I had no plans to call either of them my parents anytime soon.

They all laughed then turned their attention to my children who were all standing next to me staring at them with their hands over their noses.

“Hello children. Boys you look handsome, in your suits,” she said, as she kneeled to hug my sons, who all gave her that fake church hug as they chocked on her strong perform. “Are you okay?” she asked, in that warm motherly voice.

“Yes,” CJ and Cory replied, through fake smiles.

“No,” Trey said, more honestly than his brothers.

“No? Do you need some water?” Melody asked eyeballing Trey, who moved behind me.

“No, but you need a bath,” Tamira said, boldly, staring down Melody as if she were the child and Tamira was the adult. She then waved her hand back and forward trying to fan away the smell.

“Tamira,” Sandy said, with the same hint of embarrassment.

One thing I loved about my children, were their ability to speak their minds; however, that was not the time and I felt more embarrassed than when I was in high school and I ran away from their mother’s house in nothing but my boxers, while their grandfather tried to run me over with his car. Because they had caught the two of us on the kitchen table with my head between her legs. Talk about a childhood trauma. Only difference was, I was caught between being proud and ashamed, and while all of me wanted to tell her good job, I knew I couldn’t and therefore popped her hand, then said, in an agitated voice, “watch your mouth, apologize to her right now.”

Her little face squished as if she had eaten something sour as the tears began to form in her little eyes, “I sorry,” she said, softly.

“Now, Chris, did you have to do that?” Sandy asked, given me that disapproving smile. When it came to Tamira, I let her handle the parenting. The less time I spent with her the better, but I promised myself that that would all change when she got older and I was able to deal with the betrayal. “Come on Mira,” Sandy said, grabbing Tamira’s hand.

Melody smiled and said, “It’s okay Tamira, I may have put too much on and it’s hurting your nose. Next time, grandma will be more mindful okay?” She said.

Tamira shook her head yes, then took her seat at the table, next to Sandy and her twin, who had joined her, with my oldest two right behind him.

“Well let’s take our seats,” Frank said, gesturing to the chairs in front of them. Everyone took a seat, and as expected, the evening went on with them bragging about their daughter’s accomplishments, as well as their own family. Melody was a debutante; her father was in the oil business and her mother was the daughter of some president and that’s how they were so wealthy. Frank’s father was a judge, and his mother was a senator, his family made it big in the railroad business. These conversations happened so often I could recite them in my sleep. You'd think they'd think of new material but not these people, it was as if this was the only important piece of information in the world and I had had enough.

“This has been fun,” I said, rising to my feet with my children right behind me. They knew the signal, we had practiced it a lot over the years. I’d say, “this has been fun,” and we’d stand to our feet to leave.

It worked most of the time, but this time was different, because just as I was pushing in my chair, Melody said, “No wait Chris, have desert, there is something important I need to talk to you about,” as if she were a mother beckoning her child to listen.

I looked at my children, who were shaking their heads no, and as much as I wanted to listen, I sat back down and waited on their response. “What is it?” I asked, knowing what was coming next.

My sons lowered their heads defeated then joined us at the table, while my two youngest stood their frozen unsure of what to do.

“Sit down T and Trey, I ordered you some ice cream and cake it should be here, now,” Frank said, just as a fancy dressed waiter with a name tag that read Brett, came out with four pieces of chocolate cake and cookie and cream ice cream. Of course, the moment the food was in front of them, the very idea of escape was long forgotten, and I was left on my own to deal with whatever proposition I knew was coming.

“Thank you,” the children said, as they dug into their desert. Melody looked on with amusement and delight as my youngest two, messed up their faces with ice cream and cake.

“You’re welcome,” Frank said, then happily turned his attention to me as if he knew something I didn’t then said, “Now Chris, as you know we are hosting a charity event for our children foundation at the Laminar plaza in two months and we were wondering...”

“If I could make an appearance?” I asked, knowingly. It was always the same with them. Throw a charity event just to make themselves look good, then have me show up to brag about their son in law who according to Forbs magazine was the Prince of the US. Grant it, that was true considering who my father was, still that wasn’t the point.

Melody clasped her hands together and beamed at me. Every inch of me was screaming “No” that it was just another ploy by Sandy’s parents to gain more control over me; however, I knew that if I told them no again, it would lead to a fight with Sandy ultimately leading to me caving. So, instead of going through all that again I said, “If I'm free I will gladly accompany you.” The taste of metallic filled my mouth as I fought back the urge to regurgitate everything that I had just ate. The thought of spending an evening lying about how amazing and selfless my in laws were, was the last thing I wanted. Still it was better than having to go through a huge argument, and there was still a chance that I wouldn't have to go if I was busy the day of.

“Thank you so much Chris,” Henry said, beaming at his wife and daughter. The latter whom wrapped her arm tightly around mine and laid her head on my shoulder, letting me know that the night was going to be enjoyable.

“Of course, that's what in-laws are for,” I replied. “When is it?” I asked, just so I could schedule something that day and say it was important.

“Oh September 19th.” Melody said, grinning from ear to ear as if she had just won the lottery, which considering who I was, she had.

“I will have Coco check my schedule and if I'm free that day I'll be there.” I said, but thought, tell Coco to schedule me something on that day. I looked over at my children, all had finished their desert and I knew it was time to go, “Now if you would excuse us, we must be going,” I said, practically leaping to my feet with my children behind me.

“Of course. Oh, and Chris, see if you can get your parents to come as well. We haven't seen them since the wedding and would love to catch up,” Henry said.

“I'll see what I can do,” I said, while thinking, Never, going to happen. Before walking out the door with my family behind me.


After, a month of condescending statements and being treated like a child, by my mother in law, I finally landed in Saint Louis and boy was it hot. Before I left Maine, I checked the weather and according to the weather man, it was supposed to be 65° so I dressed in warm clothes and a jacket; however, the moment I landed, my hair frizzed up and I found myself stripping out of my coat. I wanted to take off my shirt and walk around like some women did in Miami but decided against it. How the hell could the weather man be 40 degrees off. I thought as I made my way out the door with my suitcase, and a Fannie pack.

“Laura,” I heard my husband call from the side of me just as I walked out the front door. My first thought was to yell at him and curse him for leaving me with his mother and sister for a month. There was no warning, just a note that told me I should remember to behave like a wife of an exec and a P.S that said, my parents and sister will be staying with you until you leave. I didn’t even have time to call them and tell them not to come, because the moment I finished that letter, his mother burst through my bedroom door as if it were her own complaining about my choice of night clothes as if I were her child. I was too pissed to think straight.

Now here I was thousands of miles away from them reunited with the asshole that caused my heartache; however, the moment I see him I say, “hi honey,” then fall into his arms and kiss his dry lips as if they were the best thing in the world.

He then pulled back and looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and asked, “How was your flight,” while grabbing a suitcase and walking towards a pale blue Toyota Prius, and like the doting wife, I followed closely behind him.

“Long,” I said, once we made it to the car. “When did you get this?” I asked, impressed with the new ride. I had been riding around in a 1995 Oldsmobile while he drove a 2003 Neon, so the sight of this car, made my heart melt. It looked new and the moment I opened the door, that new car smell hit me like a brick. I was in heaven, miles away from the hell I had just left and there was no way I was returning.

“Came with the job. And since I had both our cars shipped over, we now have three cars. I was thinking we’d sell our old ones and get you a brand-new car, with a cheap note,” he said, beaming as he placed my bags in the car.

I smiled, and for the first time in a month felt truly happy. The anger I had for my husband melted away as soon as he said, “Get in, I can’t wait to show you the house.” On command I walked to the front opened my door and got in the passenger seat, closing the door behind me. I had so much to say to Lenny, mostly about the stress his family had caused from their extended stay in my house but decided to let that go and focus on the positive. I was almost 1500 miles away from his family and I had landed a job at the main library in downtown Saint Louis. Sure, it wasn’t my dream job but at least the pay was great and there were a lot more books in this library. Suddenly I felt warm lips on my cheek, I looked towards the driver seat and saw my husband smiling back at me.

“You're going to love the house,” he said, as we pulled off.

I just smiled then turned my head towards the window imaging how great my life was going to be, now that I was away from his family as he carried on about the house and how perfect it was.

“This is it,” he said, with a grin as we pulled into the driveway of our new house. It was a nice one and a half story white brick house. It had a two-car garage and long driveway, something I could get used to. It looked just as beautiful as the pictures and I felt at home. A second later, Lenny stopped the car, got out, and opened the backdoor to grab the bags. “Come on,” he said, as he closed the door.

I had hoped he’d open my door for me like he had done when we were younger; however, that didn’t happen. I just chunked it up to him being too excited about the new place, then did as he said and followed him to the front door of the house.

The moment the door opened cinnamon filled my lungs, soothing every inch of me. I paused for a second and closed my eyes to take it all in. I had done it. I was actually, in a new state, in my own home, that had no ties to his family. Feeling refreshed, I opened my eyes and the stress that had left at the airport, quickly returned the moment I saw the inside of the house. The house was decorated just like the one back in Maine, with that stupid statue that his mother had bought me by the front door. Then there was that hideous flowery wallpaper that looked like it stretched into every corner of the house. I had tried to get rid of it back in Maine but was stopped every time by his comment of “what would my mother think if we took it down.” I wanted to say, “this is our house not your mother's so why the fuck should I care what she thinks?” However, as usual I just nodded and conceded. But not anymore, this was a new state. His mother was miles away in Maine; therefore, her opinions meant shit. Even the living room was the same, with that ugly pale blue couch that I always hated in the center, surrounded by antiques that his mother had given us. The scene was so similar, that at first it didn’t feel as if we had moved at all. I felt as if I had been transported back to Maine and at any moment, his mother was going to walk into the house smelling of aerosol and peppermint. The only real difference that I could see besides the stairwell, was the kitchen. It had hardwood floors instead of tile, an island in the middle with the stove on top, and a vent hung above it. The countertops were marble, there were two ovens and the refrigerator had double doors and was stainless steel, like the rest of the appliances. I may not have liked the way the house was decorated; however, I could get used to a kitchen like that.

“What do you think? I kept everything exactly like it was back home,” he boasted, then took a seat in his favorite spot on the couch.

“I noticed,” I said, dryly.

“Isn't it wonderful?” He asked, not noticing the irritation in my tone.

“No, it’s not wonderful,” I heard myself say, before I could stop.

Lenny forwarded his brow, “What’s wrong? It’s exactly how it was back in Maine. Do you feel homesick already? Should I call my mother?” he asked, in his sweet attentive voice.

“God no. Do not call your mother. I do not even want to hear her name for the next year if possible. And no, I am not homesick. I just don’t like the way things are decorated. I want to change it,” I said, startling him.

“Laura? What happened between you and my mother?” He asked, gently pulling me down to the couch and taking my hand into his.

I sighed, “What always happens between me and your mother. She comes over and takes control of my life. I don’t like it. I’ve never liked it. I tolerate it because of everything she has done for me, but honey please no more?” I begged.

He gently kissed my cheek and smiled, “Okay, I won’t call her. But you honestly don’t like the house?” He asked, as if this was news and I hadn’t been saying the same thing for years.

“Can I be completely honest?” I asked, as if I were afraid of what he’d say.


I shook my head no then said, “I hate it. It’s like one of those fun houses that kids make fun of,” I was trying to be as nice as possible. He just laughed and held me tighter. “What’s so funny?” I asked nuzzling up against his chest. The smell of his aftershave sent shockwaves throughout my entire body. It had been a month since we’d been together and even though it wasn’t world shaking, I was horny and needed some release.

You. Okay, I will get rid of all this and we can start redecorating,”

A smile brushed my face. He had agreed. He never agreed. Living in Saint Louis was going to be the best time of my life.

Then he said, “We have to wait until next week though, just until I get my next pay check then we can go shopping and you can decorate however you see fit,” he said, gently kissing my lips. He was teasing me, and I liked it. So, I decided to return the favor and slowly traced my hand down to his already erect cock; however, just as expected he grabbed my hand before it could unzip his black slacks. “Laura, you know I prefer the bedroom,” he reminded me, instantly killing the mood.

“I know, but why not give the couch a try, I mean we are getting rid of it anyway,” I said, trying to take my hand back.

He shook his head no, then stood up, grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom. The moment we entered he kissed me, then pulled my shirt off and my glasses with it, making it hard for me to see. He was a lot more aggressive here than back in Maine, so I was sure, we would do a lot more than missionary; but, I was wrong. As usual I laid there with him on top. Same position, same routine; however, considering how horny I was and how much stress I was in, I took control of the situation, flipping him over riding him for the first time in years. I could feel him looking up at me, with what I assumed was utter shock, but I didn’t care. In the past few years, he had always been the one in control while I laid there taken it but not this time. This time I would be the one with all the power and he would be at my mercy.

Suddenly I felt his hand on my head pulling me towards him as I arched my back to deepen my control. Below me he started to moan, as my cervix contracted. He was already almost there, and I had just begun to feel anything, then before I knew it, he had exploded inside me. I rolled off him, then rolled my eyes and gazed towards what I assumed was the clock as he fought to catch his breath. Normally we would have went for at least an hour. Yes, it was the same missionary style, but at least I was able to get mine off; but this time it didn’t feel that long. Was I too rough. Should I allow him to stay in control? I thought as he pulled me close to him and kissed my hand.

“Damn girl, I didn’t expect that, I should leave you with my mother more often.”

“Try it and I’ll kill you,” I warned.

He laughed and in a few minutes was asleep. I was not tired, nor was I satisfied, so I got up, grabbed my glasses off the table next to me, took a shower, through on some clothes, and decided to go for a jog. “Different city, same result.” I told myself as I jogged down the street into the nearby park, knowing that for now on, this would be my daily routine.


“Christy I’m taking my break,” I said, to one of my coworkers who had just walked in the door. It had been a week since I arrived in Saint Louis, and besides the new furniture, nothing had changed. Lenny still worked long nights and I still was a librarian. The job was cool. My coworkers were nice but kept to themselves, so I had a lot of spare time to read the latest mystery novel that arrived. The library itself was huge with three different levels with a computer room on each and a play area for children, which made putting things away that much harder. But I still liked it, and as I made my way towards my favorite reading spot, I heard what sounded like a little girl crying. Instinctively, I turned towards that sound and a few feet away from me, was this beautiful little girl with a polka dot bow in her hair to match her polka dot dress. She had long curls and beautiful brown eyes that seemed so familiar and my heart melted the moment I saw her. “Are you okay?” I asked, as my feet made their way towards her on their own.

She shook her head yes, then wiped her eyes. “I’m otay,” she said, sounding as if she had just found out Santa clause wasn’t real.

“Where’s your mom?” I asked, kneeling in front of her.

“My real mommy died. My new mommy isn’t here. I’m here with my daddy,” she explained.

On instant I gave her a hug and she wrapped her tiny little arms around me, then I pulled back and looked at her, “Are you lost, do you want me to find your daddy?” I asked, unsure of what else to say.

She shook her head no, then said, “my daddy hates me. He doesn’t want to see me.”

My heart broke for the little girl as I found myself holding her to my chest as if she were my own. She couldn’t have been no older than five with such a terrible thought in her head, “Sweetie, I don’t think your daddy hates you.”

She laid her head on my shoulder then shook it, “He never wants to spend time with me. He always yells at me, and he treats my brothers better. He doesn’t even hug me, or care that I walked away,” she said, sobbingly.

“What’s your name sweetie?” I asked, trying to wrap my head around her story.

“Tamira. But everyone calls me T or Mira,” she explained, sounding a lot more chipper.

“Well Mira, my name is Laura and I can honestly tell you, that your daddy loves you, and is probably looking for you right now,” I assured her.

She shook her head no, “he isn’t looking for me, he doesn’t care about me. No one does,” she sobbed.

“Just because your daddy doesn’t spend time with you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He probably has a lot of things to do. And you said your real mommy died, so you probably look like her right,” I asked, gently brushing her hair back behind her ear.

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