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A young woman was walking through a modern forest of technological material. The tree snake branches glowed old memories. She had short brown hair that touched her shoulder. Her green eyes reflected innocent life. Wearing a green and blue slacks with a black vest. She thought to herself. Woman: why did I do it? Why didn't I do it? Which way was right? She looked at a branch as she warped to another time. She was in a blurry house with a fireplace. A black laboratory retriever dog came up to her and jumped on her.

She pushed her off as it kept coming back. Suddenly the dog turned into a young man. The house turned into a glowing beach shore. Young man: I love you reelee more than love itself. She stared at him with a thousand thoughts going through her mind and heart. That love was right in the middle. The edge of desire and fate. She tried to say something but nothing came out. The man shedded a tear. The young man grabbed her. Young man: please. I know you do deep inside! He looked at her with certainty. he walked away. reelee screamed but he couldn't hear her. She shedded a tear that landed on top of her head in the forest.

She clinched her fists. Reelee: I will not let it happen no more! She ran into the bustling town of her childhood. She met her old white and blue house with a garage. She walked inside. She heard a dog bark. She ran to it. She stared at the dog she saw in her memories jump on her. She bagan to shiver with sorrow. She brused out crying as she hugged her. Reelee sobbing. Reelee: i'm sorry dogo! I never wanted to leave you alone! The dog barked and shedded a tear. Reelee: she petted her over and over.

She stood up and smiled. She ran out the door. A car came towards her. She spun around it. The shore was in sight. Glistening a oncoming sorrowful rebirth. She looked around but saw no one. Suddenly a bottle floated to her. She picked it up as it shined. The young man appeared. Wearing a blue shirt and jeans that matched his long blonde hair and brown eyes. Reelee stared at him with fear. Reelee: I love you len! She hugged him hard as she cried. Reelee: I'm sorry I let you go. Len shedded a tear. He caressed her hair. Len: its okay reelee. I still love you forever! Like the sun chasing the moon, it will never die! She lit up with joy.

Reelee reappeared back into the forest. Reelee: I will never regret anything anymore as it was meant to be and will come back. Don't forget the things that touch your heart. Let the love overcome it all.

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