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Physical Hazards

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– Yeah, – said I, – you’ve got a very interesting theory. But… I don’t know… It doesn’t work for me now, I guess. I’m a kind of… I’m not sure.

– Well, I told you, – Kolya looked at the table. – It’s just my opinion.

– It’s not about that, – quickly added I, – I mean… I want to say, that now we have an absolutely different situation and me personally not going to do anything like that. And I can’t do that.

Kolya kept quiet. Some metal wheels, caterpillars, steel sheets and spinning turrets were still glimpsing on the screen of the television set, that hung on the wall opposite us, and I’ve already realized, that it’s some programme about tanks or other kind of armored vehicles, but I couldn’t get, why it was being shown here, where we are, and now, at 2 or 3 a.m., or what time it is. And it was pretty interesting too, because I had just watched a similar TV-programme, well, not just, of course, it was about a month and half ago, but that show was also about tanks, and about modern tanks in particular, and, what was the most important thing, about modern tanks participation in the First War, just like for me, and literally a few days ago, on Saturday, cause today’s Thursday, rather, Friday already, but that’s not the point, so, several days ago I was watching a talk show, and its guests were also discussing the First war! That’s just!.. Okay, like I know the topic of our conversation now.

– Look, Kolyan, weren’t you watching a show called “A Tank Dance” on the tenth of May? – blurted I.

My neighbor turned to me:

– Yes, I was. About tanks, right?

– Well, if it was a “tank” one, of course, it was about tanks, – habitually clarified I, – but I mean, what do you think about it? Did you like it?

– Yes. It was a good one, – my former classmate grinned.

– I’m asking because, you see over there? – I moved my chin. – They’re showing some same stuff on that Ti-Vi… Don’t you know, by the way, what it is?

– No, I don’t, – Kolya gazed at the set. I followed his lead, and we were sitting like that for a few seconds.

– That is something… – murmured I. – I just like things like that very much, and you know it, I told you many times, but this is a kind of… Cool, right? As if it’s specially for us, yeah?

– Hmm, – uttered my companion. – Maybe.

– That’s what I’m talking about, – I continued, raising my eyebrows, – who broadcasts a programme about tanks in the middle of the night… Thought it might be a tape… Listen, – I perked even more, – and were you watching an outlet of the “Freedom Of Speech” on Saturday?

– No, – answered Kolya firmly. – I don’t like this show.

– Well, me either, they cry there very much, really, but, – I pointed to the ceiling by my index finger, – they were talking about the First War, again, about the assault of Grozny, and that was very… you know… fascinating in patches.

My interlocutor contracted the brow in his turn:

– And what were they telling about?

– Shorter, somebody there, I don’t remember, who he was, – I resumed firing it out with readiness, – was saying, that on the seventh of January some airborne regiment was surrounded, and… how they were offered to surrender then, sure, they didn’t accept that, but after that they, in the show, began to talk about something else, or I’ve just missed a part of the outlet, because I was frying potatoes… no, really, why are you laughing? I was really frying, and I was going to the kitchen several times, so I couldn’t see the whole programme, you see?

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