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Chapter 1: Let’s start: what is this “illuminati”

Like most people I came across this name over and over again in various websites and speech givers here and there. There are many good reasons to consider these guys conspiracy theorists with wild claims and accusations that are mostly impossible to prove; so it’s easy to ignore them and their theories. If someone chooses to not listen to them then this book is over right here and I gladly thank you for your patience so far. But there are people who find some reason in these theories and conclude that there must be some reality to them after all; in that case I’ll discuss the rest of this book for them, assuming that some or all of these claims about the illuminati are true.

First thing that defines illuminati is that it is a secret organization. Therefore everything you hear or read about them is revealed by third parties; and here it goes:

As god’s prophets came and gone, there were always authorities like Nimrod, pharaoh and others, that opposed them. They didn’t accepted god’s massage and kept worshiping deities; it is most commonly said by the theorists that they worshiped Satan. As time went by and these satanic forces clashed with god’s prophets and their followers, some of the followers reached a conclusion that maybe the Satanists and infidels were right; after all they usually had the power and upper hand and the prophets usually relied on their beliefs and help of god through miracles and of course sacrifices of most devoted god believers. One way or other, these small groups (mainly at the time of the prophet Moses) started following the ways of those who opposed god and god’s prophets.

They kept their presence throughout history (starting with leaders like Samiri) and caused problems for prophets (like David, Solomon, Jesus Christ and Muhammad). Although they existed for thousands of years, they were very secretive and usually in hiding and generally didn’t directly control a major power or empire. They mostly tried to have influence from behind the scene.

when European crusaders took over Jerusalem, the discussed group (most probably infiltrated the ranks of the crusader knights) found the secrets of prophet Solomon. According to Quran, Solomon had the ability to control demons through the allowance of god. Naturally, the Satanists who infiltrated Templars took this as opportunity to control these demons for themselves and gain the same power once Solomon had. Little they knew that without the allowance of god, only evil demons would respond to them and of course consume their chance of salvation in the process.

Even if all this seems far-fetched, it was enough reason for the king of France to order the capture and execution of these satanic Templars for getting in touch with demons. The satanic Templars were disbanded; most of them fled and disappeared. They later got their revenge by beheading all French royal figures through orchestrating the French revolution.

About 300 years ago, the modern lodges of freemasonry and illuminati started in Bavaria; with more or less the same goals as the satanic Templars. They later started their new world order campaign and conquered every existing empire and country up until now.

Chapter 2: The illuminati now:

Judging by what is available online on the subject, this group controls literally everything under the sun and possibly beyond planet earth. While some theorists might argue that there are still countries that defy them, the conspiracies they talk about prove otherwise. Just imagine an organization that has been completely active for at least 300 years, has all major powerful countries under complete control, has staged every war, revolution, assassination, false flag operation and so on…; such organization can’t have that many rivals left.

There is a saying by Ali-ibn-abi-talib (the first imam of Shi’a Muslims) that says: the dajjal (Antichrist) rides on a donkey with ears stretching to the west and east of the earth and a morning star on its forehead. According to Shi’a belief, antichrist is not a single person but a group.

Through time, the illuminati has done every conceivable act to seize all the power, wealth and social influence. They control every aspect of what goes on this planet; as most conspiracy theorists believe it. I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t just destroy any power or group that has offended them by now.

The illuminati and their known figureheads are usually described as power hungry control seekers who want nothing but total dominance over everything. It is important to notice that as most theorists imply: power, money and influence are not their goal but a means to an end. Their end goal is to make an empire not unlike pharaoh or nimrod with Satan on the actual throne, ruling on an earth that is devoid of anything related to god and god’s worship. As a matter of fact, I believe that they have already established such global empire, but it is not yet fully revealed to the masses.

One could say they’re in the process of readying people year by year and decade by decade for their values. Like a frog that doesn’t feel it is being boiled because the water temperature is rising slowly.

at this point you might ask that what else is about to happen to earth under the rule of the illuminati; well we should look at how they see themselves in this: from a practical point of view, the illuminati as described by the conspiracy theorists, is the most successful organization in history of mankind. Think about it: they have maintained their group through the test of time, hardships, being hunted for ages and finally managed to seize any and all authority on earth. Most importantly, they know how to keep it and have the best thinker and advisors to guide them through any upcoming problem. They literally have no enemies. (Those countries who seem to oppose them are probably are just for the show; to make it look like the game of concurring is still going on) not considering their evil goals, one would say that they are the best of humanity at achieving goals.

Chapter 3: so what is the problem?

I really doubt that the core leaders of this grand organization aren’t aware of what god really is. After all, if you serve Satan, you must be aware of his creator and his clear massage on punishing all who serve Satan and his goals. Then why they do it? I think the simple answer is “for spite”. That’s why Satan disobeyed god for the first time. Let’s see this trough their eyes: <we serve Satan, defy God, destroy humanity to spite god and we don’t care if we are sent to hell afterwards. The important thing is that we stood up and rebelled.> some of them might even have plans to overthrow God, who knows?

So the illuminati as their leader (Satan) is basically a suicidal and fanatical organization at heart; because when you know you’re going to hell and you keep going (according to Churchill) there is no other explanation. This is why the illuminati is dangerous for all human beings, including themselves. As I said, their end goal is not just the rule of Satan but to corrupt the human race and making God’s plan ruined in the process. They don’t care if their souls are sent to hell in afterlife and neither they care for any human being’s life and/or afterlife ruined as well.

Therefore, although the illuminati seems like a well-oiled and efficient machine and some might even consider it able to sustain itself for thousands of years, the nature of their goals is self-destructive. In simpler words, they are actually and efficient and powerful time bomb for the human race.

Chapter 4: what can be done?

Unless you don’t care about yourself or anyone else, you might ask: that what can be done to prevent our doom? To answer about what we can do to stop illuminati, I’m afraid I should say: “nothing”. Yes I know most conspiracy theorists say that by spreading the truth about illuminati and knowing them well, we can expose them and make all humanity aware of their existence and evil deeds; I know it. But what we can do beyond that? Start a rebellion? A global revolution? I don’t think it’s that simple. There are several reasons that the common human being is not able to start any physical fight with the illuminati: first of all you should know that all revolutions to this day (the successful ones) were conducted by the illuminati itself. You can’t simply beat them at their own game.

Let’s just assume that through some miracle, every non-illuminati human being on earth takes an arm and goes into full war with the illuminati; who would win? The illuminati controls all military, police and armed forces, underworld crime families and last but not least, all secret services and intelligence agencies. Even if the rebellion takes control of a city or even a country, they will not stand against a nuclear bomb.

The belief among many people from various religions is that when the messiah of the end time comes (mainly Jesus Christ and imam Mahdi), God believers would win the fight against the anti-Christ and inherit the earth. If every time the anti-Christ pushes a nuclear missile launch button, some miracle doesn’t stop it from destroying a city on earth, that battle would be won over a pile of rubble and ash, with billions dead. I’m not saying that the God almighty isn’t able to take back earth from the followers of Satan, but I’m absolutely sure that it will be a very costly victory with very little number of people left alive to celebrate it.

Chapter 5: the other option:

Up to this point, the only power that can stop the illuminati is a miracle or series of miracles from God; But there is another power that can stop the illuminati from its path of destruction and self-destruction; the illuminati itself.

The core leaders of illuminati are all purely dedicated to their cause and no one can possibly talk them out of it. It is as though they believe in Satan and obey his commands a lot better than most of us would believe in God’s words and follow God’s path. But are all illuminati members Satanist fanatics? The multiple murders of the illuminati family members and programs like the Mk-ultra prove otherwise.

Most lower ranked freemasonry and illuminati members are treated as minions. They won’t object to the organization end goals because they’re not aware of them; those who do oppose will have no place to hide and no one to help them. The illuminati isn’t run entirely on love and devotion to the cause; it is like any other power system run by fear.

Even the higher circles are kept in line through various psychological and mind police programs. Members know this very well that their departure from the illuminati would only be through death. Since the illuminati is a very old organization, almost all of the core members are born in it. From birth, they have only one option and it is obeying orders and giving orders to lower rings and echelons.

Since the only way out of this madness is death, it is natural and understandable that illuminati members (like most human beings) want to stay alive above anything else. I don’t intend to name anyone, but you can search conspiracy theorists websites for those who didn’t want participate and were killed; even though they were close family members; Just Like pharaoh’s wizards that were killed for defying him and acknowledging Moses’ miracle and God.

Most conspiracy theorists don’t want to put themselves in these illuminati members position for a second and see that they really don’t have a choice and are mostly forced to fit in with the evil in order to survive. Unfortunately, the idea of all these forced members standing up and rebelling against the core leaders is not practical; because fanatic leaders always have fanatic enforcers and executioners that will stop any potential uprising from within the illuminati.

The only peaceful option that doesn’t involve massive wars, Armageddon and global or internal rebellion against the illuminati is transforming. This would mean that the core leaders of the illuminati betray devil once and for all and become loyal to God. There would be many benefits for everyone out of this, most notably for themselves.

Remember that pharaoh asked for God’s forgiveness while he was drowning in the Nile (according to Quran) and as the prophet Mohammad told a woman who asked him about the extent of God’s forgiveness about someone: “even if he has killed 70 prophets, he would be still forgiven by God if he asks for forgiveness and stop doing evil.”

By turning to God, the illuminati leaders would stop the biggest evil organization known to man and that in itself is the biggest good anyone can do. This will definitely ensure their place in the high levels of heaven. On earth, they would get to keep their power without hiding from the public and without the constant stress of going to hell. It’s clear that the power available from God is magnitudes higher than what Satan falsely promises.

At the end it is a question of sanity; would they follow the path of self-destruction, dictated from their ancestors blindly and out of injected spite of God, or would they build a courageous conscious and start changing the most successful evil organization on earth into the most holy one ever recorded in history? It’s up to them.

If only the Satanist Templars and the ones before them realized that the great power of Prophet Solomon was because of his obedience to God and he didn’t control it all on his own. It’s not too late yet; there’s still time to consider the options. Should the illuminati choose to be illuminated by God and not by Lucifer, we would witness the ultimate power ever existed on earth; because to be honest, they have managed to make an empire, unmatched in history, all on their own with false promises of Satan and a will to sacrifice their soul for it and knowing they are going to hell. Just imagine if they put the same effort and dedication with new methods on the path of God and salvation; receiving real help and power from God. It will be the turning point of humanity; and unlike the prophesized Armageddon, it will be done with no bloodshed and suffering with no losing side except Satan himself.

At the end I must add that all information about the illuminati and freemasonry in this book are based on the information given in various websites, run by the so called conspiracy theorists. All conclusions and suggestions are based on assuming the correctness of these theories. Furthermore I would like to apologize for any content that might seem illogical or far-fetched, but if the illuminati is what the conspiracy theorists believe them to be, they are not strangers to these concepts and phenomenon.

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