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Neighbor Cums A-Calling

Written by Gabriella Vitale

Copyright © 2018 Gabriella Vitale

Published by Vitale Publishing

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Neighbor Cums A-Calling

Ever since Michelle could remember, her stepmother gets a visit every Saturday afternoon from the next door neighbor. The only thing is, Mr. Vitale never comes when Michelle’s father’s at home. He only comes when Tracys home alone watching young Michelle, her second husband’s only child.

Naturally, Michelle was way too young to know whats going on. Little girls like her didn't know about sex, especially when she’s sent to her room to play with her toys while her father's new wife and the visiting neighbor each played with the other’s personal toy.

As Michelle got older, and her father spent more and more time at the local bar, Tracy and the neighbor came up with a new method to hide what they were doing: theyd send the young girl to the store to buy groceries, something that always took at least an hour. The odd thing was, when Michelle returned, Tracy was wearing something different and her hair was combed in a slightly different way. Something very strange was going on and Michelle just knew it.

By the time she turned eighteen, her father was a bona fide drunk and she had a social life of her own.

Yet, despite her suspicions about the neighbor and her father’s wife, Michelle could never catch them in the act. They were always a bit too smart for her. Then one day, the lurid couple slipped up. Or maybe we should say, Michelle came back earlier than they were expecting.

It was just past three in the afternoon on a Saturday when it happened. Her father had already been gone since noon and Mr. Vitale had been there since one. Michelle left right after, saying she was going to a friend's house to study, but the fact is, Michelle was lying too.

The suspicious young girl was going to see a friend all right, but she and that same friend weren't exactly doing any schoolwork. Their time together was meant to be much the same as Tracy and Mr. Vitale at Michelle’s house. Yeah! The two young kids were going to fuck just like the older folks.

Or at least they thought they were.

Unfortunately, Jimmy's mother came home earlier than expected and the unsuspecting Mom nearly caught them in the act. But, luckily for the two teens, Michelle was able to scoot out of there long before Jimmy’s Mom found the two kids playing hanky-panky together.The only thing was, because of their intense making out, and Jimmy fingering her real hot pussy, Michelle was all charged up when she arrived home much earlier than expected. To put it another way, the young teen was STILL quite horny and STILL looking to fuck . . . for anyone. Happily for her, this wouldn’t be a problem because inside her house there was all the cock she'd ever need.

As young Michelle entered the house, the first thing she heard was Tracy's loud moaning voice. The second wife was obviously getting laid and Michelle could tell by the sound of the woman’s moaning voice. As for the man’s groaning voice, Michelle knew right away it wasn't her Dad who way laying Tracy.

It was good ol’ Mr. Vitale and his visiting dick. “Fuck for me, Trace baby! Spread those beautiful legs wide and fuck for me!”

“Yes, Vic, yes!” Michelle heard Tracy's voice coming from the living room and couldn't believe her ears. They were doing it right out in the open, not caring if they were caught by anyone. “Fuck me!” Tracy yelled as Michelle listened from just outside the door, wondering whether to walk in on them or just go to her room and play with herself.

More than likely, Michelle should have gone to her room. If she had, she wouldn't have done what she did, and that was peek into the room. What this did was catch Mr. Vitale's eye as he fucked the moaning Tracy from behind. This is when the young girl knew she had sealed her own her fate. She wasn't going to her room. In fact, the young hottie wasn’t going anywhere.

Michelle knew this because of the smile on Mr Vitale's face. The seductive smile from the old man told her in no uncertain terms that the man fucking her mother wanted to fuck her too. Michelle shouldn't have wanted that, but because of her time with Jimmy, she wanted it very much. It didn’t matter that he was an old man, and that he was already balling her father’s wife. If he wanted to ball her too, Michelle wouldn’t say no.

So, as soon as they both finished coming, Mr. Vitale slipped his cock out of her Mom's pussy and turned her way. What Michelle saw shocked her very being. His cock was limp from coming and wet with come but still had to be at least eight or nine inches long. As he held it in his hand, he smiled at Michelle again.

“This is for you, little girl!” he told the petite one while jerking on his dick, getting it even bigger right before her very eyes. By then, Tracy had looked up and was smiling at her husband’s daughter too.

“Take it, Michelle honey!” Tracy told the girl while standing. “You're really going to love it inside you honey!” she said, then moved right up to Michelle. “I love it sweetheart, and so will you! Take it, Michelle honey!”

It was then Tracy shocked the teen all the way up to High Heaven. Before Michelle could even say anything, Tracy reached down between her legs and touched Michelle’s sopping wet pussy.

Not long after, the petite Tracy was opening the kid’s shorts and fingering Michelle right between her legs. Needless to say, it was a move that totally stunned young Michelle.

“Mom, w-w-w-what are you doing?” she asked, but didn't stop Tracy from doing it. No! She didn't stop Tracy’s fingers from sliding up and down her juicy cunt lips, exciting Michelle as much as Jimmy excited her. She also didn’t stop the old man from taking her hand and placing it right on his big hard cock.

“Go ahead, Michelle, honey!” he told the kid as her young fingers wrapped tightly around the old man’s big hard cock. “Give it a real good jerk, little thing!” he told the tiny girl and Michelle did just that, playing with Mr. Vitale's cock just like she did with her boyfriend's cock an hour earlier.

This time though, no one was coming home early to stop Michelle from really fucking. And if that wasn’t wild enough, no one was going to stop Tracy and Michelle from doing something the young teen had never done with any woman.

Before she could stop it from happening, Tracy was kissing Michelle on the mouth with her tongue surging into Michelle’s mouth. Then, to make a crazy situation even more insane, the petite Mom got her fingers inside of Michelle’s panties. The young girl had all to do to keep from coming. Michelle was so excited by then, she’d have done anything they wanted. Then, she did.

All of a sudden, she was on the floor with both the adults undressing her as quickly as they could. Before the young tart knew it, she was totally naked with Tracy’s face going right between her held-opened legs. What happened after that was the active tongue of the older woman attacking her cunt lips with aggression and extreme passion. If Michelle thought she was excited before, she didn’t know that the best was yet to come.

What Tracy was doing to her was the most exciting thing ever to happen to the young girl. Not only was her stepmom’s tongue licking wildly on her cunt lips and clittie, she was fingering her too, getting several of her fingers deep inside Michelle’s hot and juicy cunt.

The young thing couldn't help but cum like never before. “Ohh, God, God!” she moaned loudly as her body shook and shook, giving her the most awesome feeling ever. It wasn’t a cock inside her, but it sure felt just as good. Michelle didn’t thing she could feel any better. Then she did.

While still gasping for her breath, Michelle felt the man’s body lowering onto hers. When she opened her eyes and looked up, she saw his cock entering her body. Want to or not, the next door neighbor was going to fuck Michelle, his neighbor’s daughter. And the best part was, Michelle wasn't going to stop him.

“Ahhhhhh,” he sighed loudly as his giant cock moved inside the young girl, taking over her entire insides. “Yes, yes! YES!” he called out, and then started moving his body, fucking the daughter just like he did the mother.

Michelle was a very horny young lady with a big hard cock inside her super horny body and he was the husband of the next door neighbor. The son of a bitch should have been home fucking his own wife instead of the neighbor’s wife and the man’s young daughter. Yeah! He should have been, but he wasn’t.

He was fucking an eighteen year old girl, a horny tart who was more than happy to return the favor and fuck for him too. So, with that, Michell’s tiny muscular legs moved tightly around Mr. Vitale and she held him close. Her arms did the same, holding him tight while pressing her big tits to his chest.

As for her cunt and his cock, they were getting along nicely too as their bodies moved together as one. Morally right or not, Michelle and Mr. Vitale were fucking just like she wanted with her boyfriend. As it were, Mr. Vitale got the hot pussy Jim would have gotten if his mother hadn't showed. As for Michelle, she got even more than she wanted. She got her pussy eaten and a big hard cock too. After that, she got even more.

After fucking the girl, Mr. Vitale didn't waste anytime in having her blow him too, and he did so by having Michelle kneel on the floor in front of him while he sat on the couch kissing Tracy on the lips.

Michelle had already sucked a cock before so it was no big deal. Even though it was the cock of the older neighbor, she took it inside her hand, closed her eyes, and wrapped her wet lips around like she really wanted it. A moment later, she was licking the hard head and loving it no matter whose cock it was.

Naturally, Mr. Vitale just loved that. “Jesus, little girl! You’re sure pretty good at this!” he told Michelle while holding her head with one hand and Tracy’s face with the other. “Almost as good as your Mama!”

Michelle’s suck of him was so good it made him want to fuck her again. So, without further ado, he bent her over at the waist. His plan was to fuck the kid from behind. This plan changed, however, once he saw the closeness of Michelle’s face to the veritable feast between Tracy’s open legs. It was something he just couldn’t pass up, and all it would take to get the girl’s mouth right where he wanted it was a quick movement by him. This wasn’t what Michelle wanted, but the once straight girl clearly had no choice in the matter.

“You take good care of Tracy, little one, and I'll take good care of you.”

So, as his big dick moved into Michelle, Mr. Vitale took the girl from behind. And as he did, Tracy took hold of Michelle’s head and guided her mouth and tongue right to where she wanted. The teen may have been her husband’s daughter, but this no longer mattered to a horny woman eager to have her cunt licked and sucked by anyone. As it were, the young girl had never ever eaten a pussy before this day, but as it was with cock-sucking, she learned to love eating pussy just as much as she loved sucking cock.

So did Tracy. She loved the girl’s sucking too. “Oh yes, sweet baby! You lick me real good honey! You keep doing me ’til I cum!” she told her husband’s daughter with her legs wrapped tightly around Michelle and her cunt moving wildly to the young girl’s face, fucking her mouth if you will. “This is definitely the start of a something good.

Michael agreed with her mouth, but not by speaking. For the next hour or so, she licked and sucked Tracy's pussy, getting her off a few times while Mr. Vitale got himself and Michelle off too.

When they finished, the old man went home and Tracy went in to make dinner for Michelle’s drunken father. When he staggered in ten minutes later, the fool didn't eat what his wife made for him. He just looked at the two scantily dressed women kissing right in front of him and went right to bed. He’ll wake up the next day with a severe hangover and no memory of his kissing ladies.

Tracy and Michelle will wake up with a severe case of the hots for each other’s petite, but very hot bodies. Right after Michelle and Tracy ate the delicious pork chop dinner Tracy made, they too went to bed, but it wasn’t to sleep. Tracy and Michelle went to bed for some real tasty dessert.

When they wake up the next day, dessert will be waiting for them in the same place it was the night before.

When the morning came, Tracy sat her stepdaughter down for a very personal mother/daughter chat. In that talk, she told Michelle her entire bisexual history and how it all began with an older aunt when she wasn’t more than Michelle’s age. And while the new Mom emptied her heart and soul, and the two kissed and hugged, Tracy told Michelle just how much she enjoyed what they did together and would love to continue doing it, but only if Michelle felt exactly the same.

“As much as I enjoyed it, honey, I won’t force you into doing something you don’t like. You have to love it just as much as I do.”

“But, I DO love it! Let me show you,” Michelle said before kissing Tracy’s mouth, first lightly, then with her tongue pushing its way into the Mom’s mouth. They stayed this way for a good five minutes before Tracy broke away to speak.

Wow! You sure do! You kiss so nicely. Am I the first woman you ever kissed”

“Yes! But what about you? Tell me about that lady who kissed you.”

“Later, baby!” Tracy said before kissing Michele’s mouth, her own tongue slipping between two lips to take over the teen’s wet mouth. In the process their tiny hands each found a juicy pussy as two sets of very firm large breasts.

“Gosh! You have such a beautiful body!” Tracy told the eighteen year old girl the truth. Michelle’s petite body was built like the proverbial brick shit house. Despite being just four-foot ten, her enormous breasts required she wear a 38DD size bra. The young teen was truly a rare beauty in miniature form.

The fact is, the kid wasn’t alone when it came to the proverbial house. The tiny one’s stepmother also had a body to die for. Tracy was twenty-five years older at forty-three, but her extra large tits couldn’t be dismissed so easily.

She was two inches taller at five foot even, but Daddy’s new wife also wore a 38DD size bra and had short, solid muscular legs too. If one didn’t’t know better, you’d think theses two bisexual hotties were truly a mother and her daughter.

But, as it were, they weren’t blood-related at all, which was good because the hot sex between them was far from over. This fact became abundantly clear once the kissing continued in between the touching and talking.

Tracy lips moved to Michelle’s face cheek and she spoke: “This is so nice, honey! I really like doing it with you. I can be your mentor if you like.”

Michelle kissed Tracy’s mouth, then came to rest on her other cheek before speaking: “Yeah, I would! You can show me everything. I’d really like that!”

As their lips came together again, their hands slipped inside the elastic band of the other’s panties. While each one found a juicy hot pussy for rubbing, they each found the other’s lips parting and a tongue for their own to play with.

What had started out as a supposedly intimate chat between a woman and her new stepdaughter, had suddenly developed into those same two women having incredibly hot sex together. This wasn’t what Tracy wanted when it began, but now that it’s happened, she went right ahead and enjoyed it.

“Whew!” the Mom said after they both came to overpowering orgasms merely from the touching of fingers and the kissing of mouths.

“I’ll say!” the daughter expressed her feelings. “You’re hot! Real hot!”

You’re not so bad yourself, little one! Makes me kinda glad I met your father even if he is an inept drunk. Which reminds me, he must never know about us! Who knows how the old drunk will react to his daughter with another woman?”

“Don’t worry, Mom! I won’t say a thing! It’s our little secret. Like you and Mr. Vitale. I never said a word about him and I knew it all the time.”

“You’re so sweet, baby doll! Please kiss me! I think I love you.”

And so, Michelle kissed Tracy’s lips like she asked. It was a long sensuous kiss that lasted last least ten full minutes before the two came up for air. Once their lips parted, Michelle felt the need for more questions.

“But, what about your aunt? Tell me about her? Was she hot too?”

Hot? Indeed!

All it took was a quick phone call for Tracy and Michelle to be invited to the upstate farm of Tracy’s Aunt Nigella, the British widowed wife of her mother’s brother, the long departed and quite dead Uncle Charlie. From what Tracy’s aunt told her back in the day, old Charlie was dead long before his actual passing, the main reason why she became a bisexual housewife.

When they arrived late at night, Aunt Nigella was wide-awake and clearly eager for some good hot pussy. It didn’t matter whose pussy it was. It had been a long time between drinks and the fifty-eight year old woman was exceptionally horny when the two younger women arrived. She’d take Tracy’s or Michelle’s, maybe even both if she so desired. That wouldn’t be a first for the buxom lady whose face has spent a lifetime between the legs of other women.

Drooling with delight, the older woman greeted her guests with hugs and kisses before speaking: “Let's get real sexy first and then we’ll go into my bedroom for a real nice talk,” she said before handing both the women sexy baby dolls. “I'd love to see the two of you in these sexy outfits. Makes a beautiful body look real sexy, you know.

“Sure!” Michelle answered cutely before going into the bathroom to change. In the meantime, Tracy and Aunt Nigella went into her bedroom and got undressed. Oh, yeah! They kissed too with Nigella getting a real nice feel of the younger tart’s real wet pussy, a move that couldn’t help but bring a comment.

“Still like it, huh?” she asked while her long nimble fingers teased a wet pussy.

“Yeah! I like it a real lot! How ‘bout you, Aunt Nigella? You still like it too?”

Of course she did. So, the aunt answered Tracy by kissing her mouth, letting their tongues do all the talking for several minutes before breaking their mouths apart. “Yeah! I like it, honey! I like it a real lot! But let’s dispense with the aunt part. For the rest of the weekend, your lover’s name is Nigella.

To be Continued . . . part 2:

Neighbor Cums A-Calling:the Saga Continues / Weekend with Aunt Nigella

About the Author

Gabriella Vitale is a pseudonym for the still-young and vivacious sixty-year old writer of smut so vile, she needs to keep her real name a secret.


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