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I enjoy reading; writing, not cooking, but working in the garden relaxes my mind body and spirit.


Amy, the magician, watches the grey skies get some colour. Clouds bring thunder first and then rain. She closes her blue eyes and imagines a big rainbow and when she opens them a watercolour one was visible.

It shines into her windows, creating works of art against the white, dull walls. She entertains herself with cheap plastic tea cups, lifeless baby dolls and epic wallpapers. They are meaningless but somewhat inspiring in adventure mode.

And she watches all the toys in her small uncomfortable room come alive, awake after the raindrops splatter on the round window. She plays, dance and sings with a dead clown, join in fighting games, included run away chess horses and magical fairy wands.

Afterwards Amy dresses her dolls, in different styles, look at her photographs with mommy and daddy. They look happy – like a family should be. But mommy is gone and daddy abandoned me, long ago … very long ago.

On the heaven bed, Amy shares many tears and it turned into pretty glowing diamonds. She picks them up, put them in her shoebox. The poor mice will come and collect it, in return give her candy. So many, she can dream about to count.

Another wish stuck in her disturb mind; the will to go in the closet because it is scary, dark and cold. There were the gold and silver lies. And she opens the closet door, see a ghostly face and slam it close again.

Then look out the small round window again.

A big puffy cloud blinks an eye in her direction, so she does the same. Risk her short life to touch the softness. And wish it would bring the sunshine with sparkling golden rays – sparkling blue skies.

But Amy wants more. She closes her dark eyes, imagine snap, crackle and pop. Once she opens them up, rice crispiest pours down like sweet rain.

All she can see is all she can eat, hearing the whispers of lost souls in her cold, uncomfortable room. When she turns around, the toys are silenced – no longer awake or playfully alive.

Suddenly repeated knocks on the steel wooden door, inspires her to listen, carefully listen, she walk and knock back. (368 words)

An hour later, she looks at her small hands, their bloody red stinging with pins and needles. The sharp splinters of yellow wood are shadowing, burning like a camp fire’s horrific story tales.

She blinks her eyes, sit on the edge of the single bed; in surprise by the suspicious faces, voices. Fell backwards and repeatedly stare at the cracked white ceiling. It is the only thing she can really do. Since mommy and daddy are gone, her hopes and dreams are too.

Only her wishes remain inside the scorpion mind. Empty do her past memories feel, as she creates them in the open air straight into the future. Everything shines differently in her eyes, only her wishes become real and the worse of nightmares turn to colourful miracles.

Slowly, distinctly Amy got up from the bed. Glares around, nothing exciting seems to startle her now. After that she notices her hands are back to normal again.

She sights relieved, bolts her fists and rip, store bed linen, cushion slips and then the duvet apart with her uncut dirty nails. Hearing confused, angry voices close by and quickly she pressed her ears close, laugh sinister at them.

“Leave me alone!’’ She screams and cries. “Leave me alone!’’

But the voices are getting louder the more she demands them to stop. When she lifts up her head slowly, see many unclear face’s appear with monstrous hands, bloodshot red eyes and dressed in old-fashioned clothes.

"Just let me go,'' She said aloud, "please let me go!''

Their dirty hands try to grab her tiny body, but they are not able to only her blonde hair stand on end in fear. Amy closes her big eyes; see the light shine through the dark. Slightly she opens them up once again. Look around at her quiet surrounding.

The room's light is shining strong white and burning her eyes, and then she leave the nook corner, as the shadows scare her now. Even her childish, mind is overwhelmed with the haunting of the past.

So she wonders? Where is mommy? And where is daddy? She thought alone, feel the unwanted tears of today streams down her cheeks, into her polka dot dress and where my faith is.

She walks to the cabinet. Open it up and take out a painted picture. Imagine making waves, blue skies and a family. Enjoy their picnic on the beach.

A few minutes later the pictures are alive with happiness and everything else she so desperately wished for. She widens her eyes and her sweet smile fades away just like her pictures. Notice a big shark in the water, killing the girl in the shallow waters near the shore.

Shortly, she throws the picture on the carpet, watch it turns red and the happy moment’s dies. “Why … Why am I in here, forever.’’ She hesitates and shrugged loudly. After that, she opens the window, touches the security bars, and then takes the time, inhale the fresh air, breath heavily, as big clouds came together, become greyish and create a thunderstorm.

Why is this happening now? This is not what she wished for at all?

So let the thunderstorm go away because it is time to play more games. She told herself and closed the window again. Lightly, before the rain falls down and blue thunderstruck, soon Amy curiously stares outside when the first thunderbolt came.

She jumped on the bed, grabbed a smelly brown teddy bear close by, hide underneath the thick covers. And she tries to close her eyes, but it widens instead.

"Mommy,'' she murmured, "Is that you?'' Slowly she lifts up the covers. See the weak smile of an old lady; openly came closer, whisper something in her ear that made her prickle a smile. Then the woman vanishes again. And now everything is quiet, so quiet that it starts to fear her.

She sights relieved, throws the covers off and the teddy bear. Walk to the window, open it up wide. Realize that the thunderstorm has ended. But the rain still remains, the air smells like fresh mud, mixed with jasmine flowers; tears of joyful in her eyes, as she notices the colourful rainbow coming out of its hiding.

There is nothing worse than lost memories, no parents nor safe playgrounds. So she makes another one, two more three wishes since it is the only thing she is capable of doing in her life.

Suddenly she hears the heavily repeated knocks on the door. Her face turn pale, heart beats faster and inhales oxygen. She could not imagine who it could be, but hope it is her daddy … is it really her daddy or mommy?

And she lowers her shoulders, asks who it is, but no one answers. As she unlocks the door, her eyes widen, a young lady stood in the hallway, smiling friendly at her. She is holding a platter with big cupcakes on the platter. “Go ahead,’’ the lady said in white and blue, “take one, it is delicious.’’

Amy came closer, almost took the pink and one when it turned into a bottle of mad pills.

She immediately throws it on the floor and ran for the hallway. But the more she ran, the longer the hall become. And the same wooden doors are visible. As she takes a sharp turn around the corner, her door with the carved out flower opens and the same nurse stares at her in suspicious now. “”What is wrong Amy?’’ The lady asks her slowly and distinctly. “What you need is a nice cupcake.’’

Exhausted Amy backs away slightly, when she sees the platter, she shakes her head bewildered. She refuses to eat any of them, they are not cupcakes, but poison. Shaking her head, she continues to turn in the hallway; even though she has nowhere to go she kept on imagining things. A red door with a welcome home mat in front of the door appears.

As she stops at the place, decide if it would be a great idea to open the door. Her mind is busy but emptier than before.

Minutes later, she finally opens the big door. Inside a friendly clown approach her. He blows up balloons, got creative with them. The first one he gave her is a dog, afterwards a flower she has never seen before. He wants to do another trick, but she does not want to see anymore, they seem all the same to her.

In her mind she knows she trusts this clown, neither any of the other people around this mad place. Don't you want any more balloons little girl,'' the clown asks her smiling. Amy shakes her head slightly and said no to him. She does not want to complicate her escape plan, even if all the details are stuck in her mind; at least she knows where it is.

Outside the room, she crawls to a shadowy corner, hides with all her hunting alone. While watching one after the other nurse pass her by, she came out of hide, this time ran in a different direction. Hearing footsteps behind her, they seem to follow her everywhere she goes now. And disturbed voices also continue close by.

Amy run and run, but the more she ran, she keeps ending up at the same place. Suddenly the hallway feels uncomfortably warm and no longer looks colourful. Everything seems different in black and white makes her feel safer, but only if she can find an exit sign to leave this horrible place, go live where she have the desire too.

While she spends the time figure out what to wish for, she rather wasted a bit time to pick other directions before it is too late – before they try to catch her again. But just when she gets her head straight, unknown hands lifts her up from the tiled floor. Amy kicks and screams to be released from the monster trying to lock her again.

Unfortunate she is too weak, at least could wink her eyes through the fear. The bed is like an octopus curling up her hands and feet so tight she can’t release herself, not know – not ever notice many different faces around her and she screams louder now. “Leave me alone! Leave me alone!’’ She repeats and tries to loosen herself from the octopus’s tangles; she feels the tears of unhappiness roll down her sweet face. As she could feel the prickle of a sharp needle goes into her tiny arm.

Her rose lips continue to speak, but her eyes close faster in seconds that passes by on the ticking irritated brown and yellow clock on the brick wall. "Don't worry, sweetie,'' a nurse said, wipe away her lonely tears with a two fingers. When her eyes are closed, everything in the psychopathic ward is quiet, stable again.

The haunting dark; dark shadows and voices all are of the past dead and gone. Even the awful weather conditions have changed, from grey clouds and thunder to a perfectly, sunny afternoon. The birds are chirping outside and finish building their nests in thorn trees – everyone inside the ward are spreading the good news with laughter about Amy, because she finally received her medication today, after hours of struggling to catch her in the hallways.

Thankfully the other kids' toys are no longer alive and awake, playful now. They are taken aback by their long victory; pleasantly enjoy the warm sun rays on their tired, pale faces.

Amy, on the other hand, can still see and hear everything around her. Well as their happy moments. They seem to be glad that she is fast as sleep, stuck in her own nightmares, but not for long. She knows she will awake again and continue her plans to escape this hellhole once and for all. This time, she will not allow any of the nurses’s to catch her or even give them the opportunity to try.

So when she moves her fingers slightly, rolls her eyes. She made her final wish – to be awake and to be alive … forever, for her to sleep is nothing compared to what she believe she is capable off.

In the lunch room, Becky went to sit on a steel chair, still can't believe they overpowered Amy. "Poor Amy,'' she said, slightly shakes her head, exhausted after the ordeal.”The dead bodies the police discovers in her parent's backyard, the more she is being haunted by them.''

“Who did they found this time,’’ the security guard asks now. Becky bit her lower lip, before speaking further. “Another nanny she murmured months ago.’’ They both shake their heads, wondering how many more bodies will be discovered soon.

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