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Sam enters his local pool break room. He was just on duty for 3 hours in the heat and finally got his break he is drenched in sweat and feel the sweat running down his neck and passing his nipples, following the lines and curves and his pecs and abs and finally slowing down as it gets to his cum filled hairy balls. Sam didn't really know how to trim his ball hair so it just let it grow.  As time passes Sam heads to the back of the break room and goes into a room that has all the lockers and since it was a Monday not many people were working or at the pool today he was alone for awhile. In the middle of the room there is a table that the workers play cards on when they are on break. And to the left of him is some rope that is used to the floaties that separated the lanes in the pool. Sam's pulls out his phone and starts to open Grindr, he recently got the app and was in love with being a sissy. You would not be able to tell by his wild blonde hair and bulging biceps and pecs. But he loves to be punished. He isn't very vocal but will never say no to some good ole pain.  Anyway he notices that  a young slim tall black guy is 20 ft away. He goes out of the room and peeks outside to find this guy. He sees him by the blue slide on the east side of the pool. He messages him and tells him to sneak I to the break room. The black guy sneaks past the other life guards and gets Inside the break room without being spotted. Sam instantly takes the black guy to the back room and pulls downs the his shorts.

(Point of view of black guy ) So my shorts are off and my dick is still throbbing. You're right nipple is red because I've been biting it.  Your dick isn't hard and that makes me mad.

So i start to notice that you have your legs opened wide enough that I can see your balls and your ass is grinding and rubbing up against my BBC. I chuckle as I reach down and grab your dick and before u can move I squeeze your balls so hard you can't help be scream in pain.  You're yelling fuck!! I laugh louder.

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