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The unique unicorn

Paraskevi-Christina Antoniou

Copyright 2018 by Paraskevi-Christina Antoniou

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To my children

Once upon a time there was an enchanted forest where many unique creatures such as fairies, elves and unicorns lived. People avoided approaching this forest because they believed that terrible creatures would harm them. In fact, in the enchanted forest only goodness and harmony prevailed as all creatures lived peacefully.

The unicorns were beautiful horses, white like the snow with wonderfully strong wings and could fly high in the sky whenever they wished. Also every unicorn had at the top of his head a magical horn which glinted like it had on thousands of tiny gems. All the creatures of the Woods admired the unicorns because apart from their imperious beauty they also had excellent melodic voice. Each night they sang so sweetly that all the creatures of the forest could go to sleep calmly and serenely.

Among the amazing creatures existed one unicorn that was totally different. Its name was Jason and his wings were so small and weak that he could not fly high like the other unicorns. Its horns were dull and they did not glint even in the sunlight. But the worst of all was his voice that did not fit with the sweet and velvety voice of the other unicorns. His voice was so loud and high-pitched that he never dared to sing. Because of that Jason was very shy.

One day the unicorns were gathered to play Chase. Jason came over and asked the other unicorns to participate in the game because although he could not fly he was very fast at running.

«Can I join you? » he asked.

«I don't think you can play in this game because we will be flying and you are unable to follow us. It is better to stay out of our game» one Unicorn replied.

Poor Jason felt so unwanted and sad and he started running off with all his strength. Dawn realized how much Jason was disappointed and started following him galloping behind him. Jason crossed the entire enchanted forest until he reached the point where the Kingdom of men started. None of the creatures of the enchanted forest ever passed in the Kingdom of men because as people felt fear for what was hiding the enchanted forest the similar fear was in the hearts of all the enchanted creatures for the world of people.

Jason was ready to be immersed in the last dense foliage that separated him from the world of humans when he saw Dawn who had finally arrived.

«What are you doing here? » he asked.

«I know that you were hurt by the behavior of the other unicorns but you shouldn’t have left. We will talk to them and I am sure that they will accept you in the game».

«You should not follow me. I'll be gone forever from the enchanted forest. I have taken my decision but you should go back» Jason said and he left.

Dawn remained a little hesitant but she decided not to abandon her friend. Soon Jason stepped out of the boundaries of the enchanted forest. In front of him stretched a lush meadow and beyond that he could distinguish a long river. He started walking towards the river by observing the new landscape that stretched before his eyes.

«It might not be so scary in the Kingdom of men» he thought and continued to gallop towards the river. He noticed that the trees around were smaller than in the enchanted forest but they were equally beautiful. He had almost reached the bank of the river when he heard the loud whinny of Dawn. He turned his head and saw his girlfriend tangled in a net held by a group of people. Jason began to gallop rapidly towards her as he wanted to help her but then he saw people throwing arrows and spears. It was impossible to get closer as they were going to capture or kill him. In a while, some people started heading towards Jason. The young unicorn started running away and managed to escape them finding refuge behind some big rocks. Humans left without seeing him but Dawn was captured, helpless to escape as they had tied its wings and led her away from the enchanted forest. Jason watched them as they were receding and decided to follow them.

When the night came people arrived in a big castle. The gate opened and they came inside with the captive unicorn. People were very excited and said that the King would be very happy for the gift they brought him. And this was true because the King's daughter was very sick and the horn of the unicorns had the ability to cure any kind of disease. When the gate closed Jason thought he should find another way to get into the Castle but he did not know how. He sat down skeptical and soon a creature appeared in front of him which he had not been seen before. It was a dog with thick brown fur and long ears.

«What is a creature like you doing here? » the dog asked.

«It is a long story. I need to get to the Castle and to help my girlfriend who was captured by people. Can you help me? »Jason asked.

«Ok, I will help you. We will enter from the back side of the Castle where the cooks throw the garbage. Come follow me» the dog said.

Soon they reached the back side of the Castle and the dog walked through a narrow gate.

«Wait for me here» he said.

In a while, the dog came back with a long piece of cloth which he used to cover the unicorn so as not to reveal his wings and horn.

«Come with me, your girlfriend will be kept in the stables of King».

The dog was right. Dawn was locked there. Jason approached the stables, stood in front of the King's guards and threw the fabric from his back. The guards were surprised as they saw another unicorn in front of them. Immediately they pounced to Jason but then he opened his mouth and began to shout with his unbearable high-pitched voice so loud that all guards closed their ears not being able to hear this deafening sound that even brought down the stables. Dawn came out of the barn and ran to her friend.

«I cannot believe that you came for me. Thank you».

«You're my only friend. I would never abandon you, but you have to go now. Here you are in great danger. Fly away and never look back. "

«Not without you Jason» Dawn replied.

Then the King appeared along with a huge army that the two unicorns would be unable to escape. Jason took a step forward and said to the King:

«I'll give you my horn to heal your daughter but promise me that you will let my girlfriend go».

The King agreed and ordered his soldiers to leave Dawn free to fly after Jason’s horn was cut.

«No, you will die Jason without your horn! Don't do it! »Dawn shouted in despair.

«Don't worry about me Dawn» Jason replied.

A soldier approached Jason and with one swift motion he cut off his horn. Jason fell to the ground unconscious. Dawn knelt at his side and started to blub so intensely that all the creatures listened until the depths of the enchanted forest. In a moment the sky became full of flying unicorns that had sensed that their friends were at risk and had come to find them. All the people were surprised by this unique spectacle. As Dawn was bent over Jason lamenting for the loss of her friend a flash appeared over Jason’s head. The glow grew stronger and became so blinding that people could hardly have their eyes open. Then a new shiny horn grew on Jason’s head that had the most blinding light ever. Jason’s wings raised and became larger and stronger while he was wrapped within a cloud of golden glitter. Jason was transformed into a charming, elegant unicorn so beautiful that everybody was amazed.

All unicorns landed on the ground and bowed to Jason. His purity, self-sacrifice and courage made him the most unique unicorn that ever existed. Even his voice changed and was the most melodic they had ever heard in the enchanted forest. The king also bowed to Jason and promised that he would never hurt the creatures of the enchanted forest. The unicorns flew back to the enchanted forest and Jason became their King. He also married Dawn and they lived happily ever after.

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