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people were inside a dinner that rattled soul and youthful reconnections. Surrounded by dark poetic veils that swayed classical warmth. Three young guys were at a table. Guy: hey loyd, what is with that whole girls bathroom thing? Loyd: ahh, the famous mystery of self mysterious creation and youthful wonder. You want to tell him joe? Joe sighed. Joe: I guess I will tell him a self delusional rumor and question of imagination. They say when girls go to the bathroom, they are doing many things ren. Ren pondered.

Ren: you mean another world? He closed his eyes. He watched girls walk into a bathroom. They ended up in a beach with guys dancing around them. A young girl spoke. Girl: isnt this fun marla! Marla: I never knew going to the bathroom could be so great jen! Jen hugged marla. Ren woke up. ren: whoa! Loyd: they say, it lead to another dimension. ren closed his eyes again. As the girls walked into a bathroom, a celestial space of another time appeared. Jen: whoa marla! Are we in space? Marla: I guess so.

A ailen spaceship flew towards them and beamed a light. They ended up in a lighted party room. Ailens were drinking green colored beer. Jen and marla stood at them in fear and excitement. The began drinking with them. Jen and marla began stabbing them. Marla and jen laughed. Marla and jen: damn aliens and your dumb futurisitcness! Ren woke up. Three young women were sitting over at a table next to them. Woman: I wonder where guys go when they go to the bathroom? She imagined three guys going into a bathroom. They began stripping and working on cars.

Another girl closed her eyes. She saw them batteling another with pillows. Ren: hey lets go to the bathroom. They walked into the bathroom. The girls peeked through the hole. Ren stood there ata stall. Ren: ahh. I like to pee.

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