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A long and empty tunnel of dark stone swallowed up the enclosed prisoner hallway underneath the main castle within the Land of Scotta where a row of exposed and naked lamps on top of the matching ceiling illuminated her forward footpath. She wore a lavender tinted outfit consisting of numerous speckled splats of brightly red tinted blood proteins, which was not her blood, on the sleeveless top and the high collar that protected her naked throat muscles from harm. The short circular skirt matched her sleeveless top in both lavender tint and red stained blood proteins also, coming from the same dead victim. She swiftly strolled ahead in a pair of thigh-high matching boots, wearing a black colored ratty and torn long cloak that dragged behind a few inches from her clicking boot heels over the dirty floor. Her eyelashes cut side to side into each prison cell looking for that captive. She toted a lavender tinted scepter that was cradled inside the elbow crook of her fighting arm.

A prison guard who was a representative from the Land of Scotta swiftly followed behind the edge of her black cloak with a sour frown in silence.

She spotted the captive inside the prison cell and stopped, standing in place with a stern face without spinning around to see the sour-faced prison guard. The guard had stopped a few inches from the edge of her cloak with a low grunt and did not speak a single word. She said with a smooth timber. “I wanna inspect that prisoner inside that cell block.”

The guard exhaled with annoyance and then scooted around the edge of her black cloak, stopping beside the control panel that existed on each prisoner cell block for the safety of the guard and the security of the prisoner. He reached up and slapped the red tinted button with a low grunt.

The prisoner door slid open.

She spun around with a stern to face an open archway swiftly moving inside the tiny room. The room was a perfect square-shape of matching dark gray stone on the floor, the ceiling, and each wall without a single window to see the bright sunshine or escape from the prisoner hallway.

A small upright lump of black tint posed on top of the dirty floor that exhibited a ratty thin blanket which covered the prisoner, who continued to crouch on the dirty stone and huddled inside the forward wall corner without movement or speech.

She stopped with a sigh and then knelt down in front of the prisoner, reaching out, flicking off the upper portion of the blanket with a smile.

I continued to huddle inside the wall corner blinking both of my eyelashes from the row of harsh overhead bright lamps while focusing on the face of my new visitor, which wasn’t a prison guard.

She leaned over into the semi-dirty face of the girl with a smile in silence.

I gasped in alarm with a soft whisper at the familiar face. “You…you look like me.” I possessed a head of black tinted long curly head that really needed some good shampooing after leaning into the dirty wall inside my prison cell. I displayed a pair of aqua tinted eyeballs that continued to stare with confusion at the female which was an exact reflection mirror of my face. I exhibited a peachy-pale skin tone which itched from the dirt inside the nasty black tinted blanket. I was tall with a set of slender body muscles.

She nodded with a smile. “I am your twin sister Thea…”

“I…I am named Thea.”

She softly chuckled with a wink at her twin sister. “That’s both wonderful and convenience for me! I’m here to rescue you from…”

“How…how is this possible?” I gasped in shock. “How do you know about me?”

She chuckled. “But first, you must look exactly like me.”

I frowned. “I do.”

She nodded in silence and reached down, sliding out an object from the pocket of the cloak next to her wicked grin, flicking the wrist bone in a circle. The object produced a shiny knife blade underneath the row of naked bulbs inside the single prison within her cupped hand. With lightning speed, her hand with the blade leaned over and then sliced a curved design into the smooth naked cheekbone on her twin sister Thea.

I gasped in alarm and then slapped a dirty hand over the face wound with a low grunt of pain.

She leaned over and slapped the free hand over the mouth of her twin sister, where a cascade of individual blood proteins dropped down from the vicious cheekbone cut over the hand of Thea and the jaw line of her twin sister. She whispered with a worried brow into the same face, “Shush, Sister! The prison guard must not hear your distress. Now, we’re ready to leave the prison cell and the Land of Scotta. You look good, just like me.”

I exhaled with a puff of pain on my cheekbone and studied my newly discovered twin sister. She possessed an old scar in the color of pink tint on the bottom curve of her left cheekbone, where I, now, possessed the same fresh scar. Thus, we both looked exactly alike.

She slowly stood upright with a worried brow and then leaned down with a set of rushed words in soft timber into the bloody cheekbone of her twin sister. “Let me help you to stand and then bend over, acting like you’re sick to your stomach.”

I released the face wound, feeling nervous, and then swiftly stood upright from the floor, still wearing the nasty smelling black tinted blanket over my hair roots with a sour frown into her smile. She and I were the same height and about the same weight with a head of long black tined curly hair that wiggled side to side at the edge of the fanny and a pair of blue eyeballs. I whispered with a sour frown. “That isn’t going to work.”

She winked. “I know that. But do it anyway!” She swiftly swirled both of them around to face the open archway.

I slightly folded down at the waistline and moved ahead with my sister in silence, performing a fake cough, cupping the bloody wound on my cheekbone, feeling the wet blood in my open palm.

The prison guard stood in place in front of the control panel and stared at the two female with a confused brow. “Hey!”

She reached down into the pocket of the black cloak and pulled a tiny object that fit into her cupped palm tossing it into the side wall of the prison cell. The object hit the stone wall with a soft ting and then immediately ejected a puff of white smoke into the air. The tiny sliver object dropped down through the drifting white smoke and then landed down on top of the stone with a tiny ping. She swiftly moved ahead with her twin sister covering the tiny object on the floor, shouting out loud with alarm. “There’s smoke in here. The prison cell is on fire. Get the other prisoners out of the cell blocks! I got this one.”

“Release that prisoner!” The stationary guard gasped in alarm and stared at the drifting tiny plume of white smoke, spinning around with a worried brow, reaching up and smashed the orange tinted button on the prisoner’s control panel.

She scooted out the prison cell with her twin sister and rapidly turned to face the entrance archway, reaching down into the black cloak, grabbing a different tiny object. She lifted up and tossed the silver tinted object into the side wall as it entered into another prison cell.

The prisoner stood next to the prison bars with a worried brow and watched the two females while seeing the slight hand movement of the female in the lavender outfit. He followed the tiny object as it hit down on the floor inside his prison cell, releasing a puff of white smoke also. He back stepped and waved both arms in the air, “Hey, you! Hey, guard! She tossed a hand-bomb in here at me. Hey, you! Get me outta of here now! There’s a hand bomb in here with me! Help me! Help! Help over here…”

The stationary solo prison guard continued to stare at the entrance archway while watching a team of running guards. Then he spun around with force and accidently slammed into the female prisoner. The prisoner swiftly tumbled backward and shuffled away from the twin sister, losing the dirty black tinted blanket, landing on top of the dirty floor and revealed her pretty features to the eyeballs of the guard.

The guard was stunned in silence while staring in confusion at two females that looked alike in appearance. “What’s this? You, two look like a set of twins.”

“Run, Sister!” Thea continued to stand and dropped back the hood on the ratty cloak with a lady sneer, grabbing the lavender tinted scepter with one hand and jumped into the air, slamming her body into the stunned guard. The guard and Thea collided and then danced upright in several completed circles with a set of snarls.

I slowly stood upright from the floor with the blanket and dashed ahead with fear and worry for my sister and my person, slipping around the dancing couple, moving ahead toward the open archway. The plan was to escape with my sister to some other place.

During the circular dance with the prison guard, Thea slid a free hand down into another hidden pocket on her black tinted cloak and grabbed, lifting up three tiny silver tinted objects in a cupped hand. She tossed each one into the adjoining prison cell as each object landed with a ting and produced a plume of white smoke. “Twirl, Thea!” She swirled around to face her twin sister and then tossed the lavender tinted scepter into the air with a growl while fighting with the prison guard.

I stopped with a gasp and spun around, reaching out with both arms and captured the flying scepter. My body continued to complete the circle and then smashed my upright body into the huddle of running prison guards. Each guard stumbled away from the dancing female prisoner in shock and confusion. Some of the stunned guards dropped down and landed on top of the floor with a set of ugly words. Some of the guards titled sideways and then halted in place staring ahead at the second female in the lavender outfit.

She continued to fight with the single prison guard and shouted out loud. “Run, Thea!”

I continued the twirl and completed a second circle with a tilted body of pain, fear, and dizziness holding the dirty blanket and the smooth scepter, advancing alone toward the open archway that led into the open street of the town. I had lived in the Land of Scotta my entire life without knowing that I had a twin sister. I reached the open archway feeling the bright sunshine and the warm temperatures, spinning around to see my twin sister with a gasp of alarm.

Near the open prison cell, the other sister, who was also named Thea in the pretty lavender outfit, rested on top of the dirty floor with a set of loud grunts. The solo prison guard had overpowered her smaller body and then rested on top of her back spine without releasing her body. Some of the upright guards from the open archway had advanced and the body slammed down on top their fellow prison guard, also, entrapping Thea in the lavender outfit.

I stood inside the archway of bright sunshine with the ratty blanket and the shiny scepter while sobbing with a set of fearful tears for my only living relative that I hadn’t known existed until a few moments ago.

Near the open prison cell, Thea couldn’t move but stared at her twin sister, who had been finally found and permanently freed. She lifted up an arm within the pile of guard bodies and then wiggled a set of fingers with a smile, a head nod, and a set of tears in silence to her twin sister. A signal to leave the prison cell now!

The three tiny objects that had come from Thea’s black cloak exploded into a set of numerous metal parts coming from each tiny bomb in three separate loud booms. Each set of prison bars, each side wall, and the poor trapped prisoner inside each prison cell exploded into numerous pieces also. The prisoner hallway rumbled with a roar and then the floor shivered with angry underneath the feet of prisoner Thea. The stone ceiling shook violently and then released down a pile of massive loose flowing boulders that crashed down over the floor and on top of the huddle of prison guards and the other twin sister Thea in the lavender outfit.

Thea smashed a face down into the broken stone and then wiggled a bloody hand down into the hidden pocket of the cloak and grabbed, sliding out, rolling a cupped palm of additional numerous hand bombs. Each hand bomb slowly rolled ahead across part of the smooth floor and part of the broken floor immediately exploding into numerous metal bits. Each bit soared through the air and slammed into a set of numerous body parts of each prison guard as well as penetrating one eyeball on Thea.

Her face swiftly smashed down onto the smooth stone in silence death.

At the open archway, I continued to stare in horror at my dead twin sister and sobbed with tears for my permanent loss.

Then, the prisoner hallway floor rumbled again and the ceiling shook in violence. An array of more loose stone boulders fell down and then landed on top of each dead or dying body on the hard stone floor, inside the prisoner cells, and finally over injured Thea in the lavender outfit.

I spun around with tears and swiftly raced out the open archway with my new freedom, moving through the crowd on the street without confusion, sadness, and puzzlement.

1:01 pm

Open street setting

Cool temperatures and warm sunlight with blue sky and white clouds

In front of a grounded black tinted non-describe airship, a tall and skinny seventeen-year-old young male stood in place with a set of crossed arm, wearing a naked chest of dark tone, a tan colored turban, a pair of dull tinted tan colored sandals, and a pair of matching loose-fitting matching knee-length trousers with a sour frown. He spotted the female as she dashed away from the opening. He shouted out loud. “There, you are! Thea, come over here to me!”

I slowly stumbled forward with the crowd coming from the opening of the prisoner hallway in safety while wearing the dirty prison blanket over my dirty body, holding the lavender tinted scepter between my bloody hands with a pair of blurry eyeballs of tears.

The skinny male slowly moved ahead with a sour frown and then collided into the female, hugging her body with a smile. “I was worried, Thea. But, now, I’m not. Where have you been, Thea?” He pulled back with a worried brow and stared at her tears in silence.

“I…she…” I stood in place and stared at him with a face of tears and worry, thumbing back over to the entrance of the prison cell.

His eyelids darted up to see the opening of the prisoner hallway and as he was familiar with the layout of the city street in the Land of Scotta. He huffed in annoyance and looked back down at her red tinted face. “O! I see clearly now. You were annoying all the sealed and entrapped prisoners here at the Land of Scotta inside their bolted cages, again. I told you not to do that, girlfriend,” he sniggered with amusement.

The loud boom echoed throughout over each city street and up into the puffy clouds first before the second floor on the red tinted stone royal castle collapsed down and then crashed inside the underground prisoner hallway killing the rest of the alive and entrapped prisoners without mercy.

“Time to go! Someone got really mad, after the fight event.” The young male cuddled Thea with a smile and then swiftly twirled them around, dashing ahead toward the grounded airship and stopped while hugging her for protection. He reached out and pressed the button with his finger print providing safety of thief from his person and Thea. The rear door slid open. He gently shoved her into the rear seat of vanilla tinted bench seat with a chuckle. “In ya go, girlfriend! I’ll be swift and get us home before suppertime.”

I folded down at the waistline with sobs and then slowly slid across the soft material with a heavy heart in silence, stopping in the middle of the bench seat, staring at the front cabin, where the pilot sat and steered the airship. The interior of the airship held two compartments, the steering section and the passenger part. The steering section comprised one thickly padded oversized vanilla tinted chair for the pilot with a horizontal black tinted console of numerous colorful buttons, levers, and switches above a curved wind shield for visual flight. There was a visual monitor which was powered off in the center of the console to see another person, place, or property from inside the airship during cloud travel.

The rear of the airship contained a long bench that cradled the sides and the rear of the air craft for comfort without a viewing glass window which prevented a flying object from slamming into the side cabin and the passenger for safety.

I had never been seated inside a luxury airship like this one before and reached down, touching the smooth bench seat of soft material with a sad face and a heavy heart. I wished that my dead twin sister had survived the escape plan and then had explained my or our or her origins.

The young male back stepped from the open door and swiftly scooted around the rear bumper of the airship, sliding down into the pilot chair, reaching out and pressed an array of button.

All the side doors on the airship closed shut with a soft hiss.

Inside the pilot chair, he lifted the airship up from the designated parking spot into the air and then soared into a lane of slow-moving traffic with a smile. “Are you going to detail the fight match to me, Thea? Since, I couldn’t attend, like usual.”

“I…” continued to sit in the middle of the bench seat and reached up, wiping off the tears with a heavy heart. “No. I…”

“Why do I bother asking?” He exhaled with a sour frown and continued to fly the airship through the sky traffic, leaving the Land of Scotta. “You always tell me the word, no. Fine! I’ll see the taped recording back at home, like always. So, relax and enjoy the ride, Thea!”

I leaned back into the rear seat with a heavy heart and a confused mind closing my eyelashes in silence worry as the airship swiftly soared through the white puffs of clouds toward my new unidentified home, without my newly discovered twin sister.

Land of Tross

Center building location

Airship parking space setting

3:03 pm

Hot temperatures and sunbeams

The airship smoothly landed on top of the smooth surface with a soft thud. The young male pilot reached over with a smile and pressed the button. All the doors of the ship slid open. He shouted out loud before exiting the cabin. “Time to awaken, girlfriend! We’re back home.”

I continued to sit on top of the soft bench seat and slowly stirred awake from a short nap with more confusion and a heavy heart while remembering the set of violent events about an hour ago.

Yeah, my body can tell time.

The short nap had recharged my energy and activated my mind into caution. I stared out the dirty windshield. The new city held a skyline of candy pink hue with a set of mint green tinted clouds, where bright waves of yellow sunshine beamed down onto the landscape. The airship parked inside a common docking lot with other silver tinted airships that faced a tall and lonely glass building.

Outside on top of the red tinted hard surface, the young male pilot scooted around the rear bumper of the airship and stopped, standing in front of the open archway, leaning down with a smile and an open palm. He assisted Thea to stand upright from the bench seat onto the hard ground surface, cuddling her into his shoulder with a smile in silence.

I continued to stand in place and felt his heated nakedness brushing against my body with a set of mixed and confusion emotions. I had never touched another male that was my age, especially one without a shirt.

He slowly moved ahead with Thea and away from the ground airship, swiftly entering a curved archway within an extremely tall building of solid glass and wore a worried brow in silence.

I had to shade my eyelashes from the bright sunlight coming off the tall building of glass, which had to be the home of my twin sister Thea.

He moved ahead with Thea down a long hallway of two solid glass windows that showed an interior court yard of row of colored flowers inside a manicured blue tinted lawn. The other window displayed green tined dirt with numerous small groves of golden colored mushroom shaped shade trees.

The young pilot continued to move ahead with a worried brow. “Girlfriend, I’m worried. You…you seem both weak and fragile than normal from this round.”

“I…I…” continued to move ahead and then gasped in shock.

Ahead in the middle of the hallway that consisted of two wall of solid glass, a tight huddle of young females stood and stared at Thea, wearing a variety of different types of clothing. Some females were dressed in a colorful ankle-length gown. Some of the females displayed a colorful short skirt, a matching sleeveless vest with a pair of matching knee boots. And some of the females exhibited a colorful jumpsuit with a different colored belt around the waistline.

Behind the tight huddle of young females, a single row of young males was dressed in the same outfit consisting of a short-sleeved green tinted shirt, a pair of green tinted trousers, and a pair of matching green tinted knee boots. Each male carried a silver tinted scepter that had been clipped onto the waistline but wore a variety of different skin tones, hair styles, and eye color.

In front of the tight huddle of young females, a single tall and slender young male stood alone and stared with a smile at Thea.

The young male and the huddle of females continued to smile and stand in place blocking the footpath inside the empty hallway of solid glass from Thea. The male wore a sculptured upper torso underneath a white long-sleeved shirt, a pair of tight black tinted trousers that were tucked down into a pair of polished black tinted knee boots. A shiny green tinted scepter had been clipped onto his fitted waistline. He possessed a head of shoulder length wavy black tinted hair, a jaw line of dusted black tinted whiskers, a pair of green tinted eyes, and a tone of pale tinted skin looking healthier, hot, and available. He lifted a palm near his smile, staring at Thea, saying to the huddle of girls. “Young females, go away and leave me, now, please!”

The huddle of females sounded with a soft moan of disappointment and then each one slowly swung around, departing from the back spine of male, moving down an empty hallway in a loose row, except for a young female in a long green dress.

The young pilot and I stopped in place as we could not scoot around the male and huddle of shuffling females. The young pilot released Thea with a snigger and then quickly slid away, stopping and stood next to the solid window while staring at the young male.

The young male advanced ahead with a smile and then stopped, leaning down, hugging the body of Thea and pulled back with a wink. Then he leaned down again and kissed her lips.

I gasped in sour breath feeling the touch of his soft lips on top of my chapped lips, staring with a pair of open eyelashes at each one of his pale tinted cheekbones. I closed my eyeballs and parted my lips, tasting his essence of honey inside my mouth with a soft moan of pleasure.

This was the first time that I had kissed a male of my age, who really belonged to my dead twin sister. But I was not feeling guilty but heated.

He continued to stand and pulled Thea tighter into his body enveloping his lips around her mouth while smelling the stench of her bad body odor without fleeing or flinching in disgust.

His facial whiskers were course around my jaw line while scratching into my cheekbone cut. I gasped in pain for a second and then felt pleasure again. His pair of hands was slender and soft on top of my naked arms. I rotated my chapped lips around his soft tongue with a slight giggle of warmth and fun smelling his body of sweet vanilla scent into each nose hole.

He leaned down deeply into her lips and played tongue tag with her, sounding with a set of moans. Then he jerked back with a smile and a chuckle, seeing her dirty face. “I love you, Empress! You have succeeded again. I’m so proud. But I wished that you would bathe before hugging onto my good-smelling body,” he continued to caress her naked arms with a laugh and a smile.

I gasped in embarrassment as I was not a royal person but a simple house servant in the Land of Scotta.

The young male airship pilot advanced ahead from the glass window with a sneer and then stopped, reaching out, slapping a hand on the naked arm of Thea with a laugh. “Behavior, Lord Erat!”

The young male, who was really named Lord Erato, looked up with a sneer to see the young pilot. “I only warn once, Tofool!”

The young pilot laughed with a grin. “My name is Tofur, Erat!”

The unnamed and remaining young black haired and pale skinned female continued to stand and smile, posing slightly diagonally behind the back spine of Lord Erato, watching him with her eyeballs. She knelt down in a green tinted gown and bowed a chin to see the floor, lifting up both arms even with the floor, presenting an open black tinted box. The open box held a pinky ring in golden tint with an emerald stone. “Lord Erato, I present this elegantly pinky ring with my love. Please, marry me!”

Lord Erato smiled at Thea while talking to the young girl behind his back spine. “No! I will not marry you, girl. Go away, permanently!”

She softly gasped in alarm and dropped down the box with the ring on top of the smooth floor with a sad face and a heavy heart. The floor exhibited the green tinted dirt through the clear glass. She reached down into the hidden pocket of the gown and pulled out a tiny spray bottle, lifting the bottle near the lips and opened the mouth. She sprayed out the mist into her mouth and closed the lips while feeling the cool mint flavor on her tongue. Then she swiftly collapsed sideways and fell down onto the glass floor without breathing a set of air molecules and as her face started to turn into a blue tinted of death.

I looked down with a worried brow and stared down at the unconscious girl.

He wiggled the hand near the smile, staring at Thea, talking to the row of quiet man-servants. “Get rid of that now!”

The row of stationary man-servants swiftly advanced ahead in a semi-crooked line and then stopped, squatting down about the same time, gathering up each limb of the dead girl and lifted the dead body into the air with a set of heavy grunts. They slowly toted her dead body ahead down the glass hallway and passed Erato, Thea, and Tofur, moving toward the open archway on the front entrance of the tall building in silence.

I covered my mouth with a sad gasp and stared down at the dead girl, who had been rejected by Lord Erato in the hand of marriage. I had so many fearful and scared questions that I needed to ask my dead twin sister, but maybe, my biological set of parents could answer for me.

Tofur gently tugged forward on the arm of Thea with a smile at Erato. “Thea, you must leave now and get ready for the upcoming meeting within the hour. You are not allowed to miss the meeting for any reason and that includes you, also, Lord Erat,” he swiftly shuffled around upright Erato with a laugh and moved ahead with a smile with Thea like an assigned guard.

I slowly shuffled beside Tofur in silence and held onto his naked arm feeling a bag of mixed emotions of worry, caution, numbness, and terror, staring down at the glass floor.

In the middle of the empty hallway, a tight huddle of young males and females blocked the footpath again. Behind the huddle of young persons, there was a solid line of upright stationary females, who were all dressed in the same uniform consisting of an orange tinted short-sleeved shirt, a pair of orange tinted pants tucked down into a pair of orange tinted keen boots. A golden tinted scepter had been clipped onto the fitted waistline of each female. Each female exhibited a varied set of different skin tones, heights, weights, hair styles, and colored eyeballs.

In front of the loose huddle of both young females and males, an extremely tall and muscular young eighteen-year-old male wore a bright smile, a pair of blue eyes, a tone of dark tinted skin, a bald skull, and a red tinted goatee. He was dressed in a brown tinted sleeveless vest without a shirt and with a set of ripped biceps and triceps, a pair of matching tight trousers that were tucked down into a pair of unpolished knee boots. A red tinted scepter hung on the fitted waistline. He lifted a palm near his smile. “Please leave me, young people!”

The huddle of males and females softly moaned and then slowly turned around, moving away from the upright stationary tall male, except for one young male in an orange jacket and matching trousers.

Tofur and I slowly advanced ahead and then stopped, staring at the male. Tofur again released her arm and quickly shuffled to the side glass window, standing out the way with a snigger and a grin.

The male advanced ahead and then stopped, kneeling down in front of Thea with a smile, reaching out and touched her pair of dirty hands with a nod. “My empress has returned safety. I’m so happy,” he leaned over and then halted with a worried brow, “Awe, my poor empress! You have re-opened the healed scar on the left cheekbone. The fight was vicious. I can mend that ugly wound for you, Empress,” he released her hands and reached down the side pocket of the vest, grabbing, pulling a set of maroon tinted tiny leaves. He crumbled the leaves into both open palms with a smile, looking up to see her face with a nod. He lifted one finger pad with the maroon stain from the set of crushed leaves, smearing the cheekbone cut with a gently touch.

I gasped in pleasure. His finger pad touch was both gently and tender. The crushed leaves felt cool on the raw skin, where my twin sister had marked my face with her permanent matching scar.

He pulled back with a wink and a smile. “Does my empress feel better?”

I giggled with a silly grin, “Yeah!”

He leaned over and smeared the maroon stain with the same finger onto the other cheekbone that was not injured, pulling back with a smile. “Now, my empress possesses a set of two rosy apple tinted cheekbones that match so lovely. The leaf stain of maroon will leave for about three days, but it is the healing properties that change the tint from maroon into pink. You like cute, my empress.”

I smiled. “Thanks!”

He stood upright with a grin and slapped both palms down onto the trouser wiping off the stain with a smile, leaning over and gently grabbed her arms. He leaned down and kissed her lips with a pair of chapped lips.

I leaned into the rough kiss with a soft moan of contentment. His goatee whiskers felt silky soft against my tender skin. His pair of large hands gently caressed my naked arms and then shifted down, landing on my back spine while making my body tingle with girly emotions of delight.

My nose holes smelled a woody pine scent coming from his tall muscular semi-naked body and as my tongue tasted a ting of citrus on his lips.

He gently pulled back with a wink from her face and continued to career both of her arms. “Thank you, my empress!”

I gasped in shock at his gentlemanly manners and then nodded with a smile when I compared my emotions to Lord Erato.

Tofur rolled the eyeballs and then stared at the male swiftly moving ahead from the side window and stopped, reaching out, grabbing her arm with a smile and a nod to the teen male. He back stepped and then forcefully removed Thea from the cupped hands of male with a laugh, stopping a few feet from the teen male. “See you later at the meeting, too, Nasty Chump…”

“My name is Nastchill, ya little fur-face,” the tall teen male turned and sneered at Tofur.

“Tofur, my name is repeated and repeated over and over and over again and again for my amusement as Tofur,” he laughed.

The single male wore an orange jacket and a pair of matching trousers and continued to diagonally stand with a smirk slightly behind the back spine of Prince Nastchill, kneeling down on one leg, presenting an open box to the back spine of Nastchill. The box held a golden wrist bracelet with a ruby stone. “Prince Nastchill, will you do me the honor and marry me, today?”

Nastchill sneered while staring at Thea, without seeing the young male. “No. I will not do the honor of marriage. Be gone from me, now, permanently!”

The male exhaled with a huff of disappointment and reached down into the pocket of the trousers, pulling out a tiny green tinted pill. He opened the mouth and then placed the tiny pill onto the tongue, closing the mouth and then swallowed. His body shook side to side and as both hands slapped onto the chest. He tumbled sideways and fell down landing on top of the floor in a silence death.

I slapped a dirty hand over my open mouth with a loud gasp of horror, staring down at the dead male on top of the floor.

“Removed that thing from my sight!” Nastchill did not bother to see the dead male and flipped a hand into the air with a sneer while signaling the row of stationary and quiet female-servants.

The row of females advanced ahead with a stern face in silence and stopped, squatting down, lifting up the dead body from the floor and into the air between a set of biceps and loud grunts. They silenced moved ahead and passed Nastchill, Thea, and Tofur toting the dead body toward the open archway of the building.

Tofur shuffled ahead and away from Nastchill with a stern face. “Let’s go, Thea! Don’t be late to the meeting, Nasty Chump,” he swiftly moved ahead with a laugh down an empty hallway.

I moved ahead with Tofur and looked back over my collar bone with a stern face.

Nastchill moved ahead and away from Thea in silence toward the open archway without attacking servant Tofur. His team of female-servants had exited the open archway while toting the dead male body, moving ahead toward another place in heavy grunts.

Inside the hallway, Tofur stopped and stood at the end of the hallway which was decorated in a solid wall of glass window.

I stopped with Tofur and turned back to face a solid wall of glass window with a smile. “This is…”

“It is.” He reached up and touched the glass.

The wall smoothly slid to the side revealing an empty carriage of solid glass also. He moved ahead inside the glass carriage with a stern face.

Glass elevator carriage setting

“We’re wasting time, Thea. Get inside!” He spun around with a sigh and faced the long hallway of glass without seeing the back spine of Nastchill.

I continued to stand in place and pointed at the glass carriage with a confuse brow. “But it is…”

He reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling Thea into the same carriage. The single door slid closed shut in silence. The carriage vaulted up toward the heavens in high speed.

I shuffled ahead and halted at the square shaped glass window inside the glass elevator with a smile studying the new terrain.

The landmass was flat that extended for miles and miles within my acute vision as I continued to ride upward inside a flying glass elevator.

My stomach sailed up and stuck inside my tight throat as it tickled my esophagus. I was not afraid but excited. I seemed to pass the personality and appearance test like my dead twin sister Thea. Now, I had to figure out what my purpose was here in the Land of Tross and why my twin sister tragically died while freeing me from my captivity of a working girl.

The landmass was split into two types of terrain which parted down the middle of the landscape. One side of the landscape appeared in flat layer of solid light blue tinted grass with a set of numerous short rows of colorful flowers that outlined a single winding green tinted walkway that touched each tall and slender glass building. The opposite side of the split landscape held a solid sheet of green tinted dirt with a set of scattered huddles of short golden tinted trees that curved around a single winding lavender tinted walkway, where a set of short glass buildings stood. There were numerous men, women, children, and pets strolling on the walkway and the grounds looking happy and content.

The skyline held a faint tint of pink hue that glistened within the bright rays of sunshine, where each cloud burst glowed in dull mint green hue.

I gasped in beauty at the pretty scenery. “Does it rain here?”

Tofur frowned at the closed elevator glass door which displayed each floor level as the elevator swiftly moved upward from the ground floor. He only saw a blur of shimmery faint color tones. A naked person could stand directly in front of their protective glass door on their personal floor level of the common elevator shunt as the elevator jolted upward and then bypassed the naked person. Then, each elevator passenger would only see a blur of color, not the silly naked individual.

He frowned at the next floor level of blurred tone. “What?”

The carriage smoothly halted. The single solid wall of glass slid open.

He moved ahead with a sour frown into the bedroom chamber of Empress Thea.

I spun around away from the solid wall of glass with a smile and slowly moved ahead with a gasp of beauty exiting the glass carriage and then stopped. I spun around and stared at the glass carriage. The door of solid glass closed shut. The carriage silently ascended upward. I smiled at the unique design with a smooth timber. I spun back around with a wicked smile to see the room.

18th floor level

Bed chamber setting of Empress Thea

The room encompassed the entire eighteenth floor creating a wide rectangular shape with two sides of twenty feet in height of solid walls that met in the middle of a flat ceiling. Each side wall or the ceiling did not present a single lamp of powered light. A single ray of bright sunlight shone through an individual peak of painted particles coming through the wall where each tiny bit of sunlight greatly illuminated the entire room with visual light.

Each side wall was constructed of solid glass. On each side glass wall, a single gigantic portrait had been etched out of glittery colorful paint particles.

I veered toward one of the side walls with a smile and stopped in front of first individual portrait, reaching out, touching the paint and felt only the glass and as my eyeballs saw a glittery twenty feet tall gigantic wall portrait.

The shimmery portrait contained my dead twin sister Thea. She stood alone upright on top of a flat mountain peak of golden sand holding a sword in a two-fisted gripe above her black curly hair roots with a smirk while staring down at each invited guest who had purposefully or accidentally wandered into her private bedroom chamber for a social or non-social call. She wore the same lavender outfit from the prisoner hallway and in her death, consisting of a sleeveless top and a high collar that protected her naked throat muscles. The short circular skirt matched her sleeveless top in lavender tint and a pair of thigh-high matching boots, without the long black colored ratty cloak. Her long curly black tinted slightly waved side to side as each sunbeam shifted making her alive again on the wall portrait. Her pair of aqua colored eyeballs bore down on each invited or uninvited guest. Her lavender tinted scepter glowed like a prism of colors through the real sunlight beams.

I gasped in shock at the posed scepter in the wall portrait and looked down, feeling the smooth silky finish on the shiny lavender tinted scepter, where my dead twin sister Thea had tossed to me, before her death. I twisted the smooth weapon in both hands and whispered for my eardrums only, “This is her sword. The scepter hides a sword blade as a weapon of protection.”

Tofur stopped with a huff and then swiftly twirled around with a sour frown staring at Thea and her set of ugly brown ratty attire. “Why are dressed like a poor peasant, Thea? You look hideous. Where did you acquire that ugly loose-fitting one-piece jumpsuit of ratty dark brown that badly clashes with your beautiful black hair roots? And where did you get those pair of scruffy ugly dark brown knee boots also? Where are your other lovely clothes?”

I looked back up and studied the first shimmery portrait of my dead twin sister. We looked exactly alike in height and weight and all body features. I softly sobbed holding back the tears at the brief introduction of my twin sister, who had died to release me from my imprisonment.

I didn’t understand my new situation or location in her home land, but I was very grateful. I wanted to be alone and sob with my great victory and my permanent loss at the moment. However, the young pilot Tofur was watching with his set of keen vision and sharp neurons my every facial and hand movement like a spying servant.

My twin sister must a princess of this pretty landscape as I had met two other handsome and hunky prince males that ignited my set of girly hormones into the edge of my young adulthood at the age of seventeen years old.

But I felt both happy and sad while staring at the painted portrait of her, not me, with our shared terrible set of events a few hours ago. However, I will continue on with my live in the same name and the same body likeness for my dead twin sister Thea. She had found my person and then released me with a special purpose.

Thus, I will continue to hide my true self and my sad feelings for the moment, until I have figured out who I am and where I am and what I am. So, I will not waste the opportunity of both freedom and luxury that had been given to me by my dead twin sister. And I will find out who she was and why she did it also.

I continued to stare and smile at the single portrait of my dead sister Thea. “You said it first, Tofool. I had been visiting each prisoner underneath the castle. Thus, I must present my person like a prisoner also. Or the prison guards might have suspected me otherwise.”

He sneered at her nose profile. “I don’t like it when you use my wrong name. Tofur, my name is repeated and repeated over and over and over again and again as Tofur. Why are you glaring at each wall portrait, Thea? You are acting like you haven’t seen that painting before. What is the matter with your neurons or your emotions or your mind or your ‘something’ that I cannot see?”

I looked down with a smile and twisted the shiny lavender tinted metal on the smooth cylinder device within my palms trying to unlock the hidden blade.

The scepter measured in length coming from the edge of the wrist bone down into the crook of my elbow, which was a perfect match within my interior forearm. My dead twin sister and I was a perfect match also. On one end of the cylinder, there was a hollow outlined symbol of a sideways number figure eight. I continued to turn and pet the smooth metal in different directions trying to open the closed tip of the scepter. “I’m enjoying a moment of vanity.” My hand moved down and then touched the symbol of a sideways figure eight, twisting the delicate metal.

The other end, a tiny flap slid open with a soft ting, releasing a long sharp blade over the air waves. I gasped in shock and then giggled at the real weapon. I had never held a real fighting weapon, only the handle of an electric cleaning tool.

“Why are you acting…?” He gasped in shock and then back stepped with a sour frown. “Why are you playing with that deadly sharp blade? Don’t you know this? Of course, you do. You’re not supposed to banish a weapon anywhere inside the Center. Slip it back into the cylinder cone, right now, Thea! What’s wrong with you today?” He continued to stare with mystery at her odd behavior.

“Nothing!” I slowly lifted the weapon with one hand while feeling the heavy metal of the scepter, drawing the other hand into a two-fist gripe at the symbol, which acted like a handle, with a gasp of alarm. I slowly whipped the twelve inches of blade and the lavender tinted cylinder around the air waves for fun while attacking each harmless beam of yellow tinted sunlight with a giggle. The weapon felt good in my hands. My small biceps of muscles flexed and worked the weapon above my hair roots and down below my kneecaps. “I’m having some fun, Tofool!”

He stomped a ratty sandal with a sneer. “Tofur, my name is repeated and repeated over and over and over again and again as Tofur.”

I looked up with a wicked smirk to see Tofur and then swiftly slid over the empty floor toward the side wall with a giggle, cutting the blade of the weapon through the air waves for fun. Tofur back stepped with a hiss from the silly and dangerous Thea in silence. I stopped and stared at the side wall, where a second shimmery portrait gleamed through the individual beams of bright sunlight in every possible hue on the color wheel.

My dead twin sister Thea faced the hallway with a smile wearing an ankle-length yellow tinted ball gown of satin with a set of black and white horizontal lines on the bottom of the swirling skirt. She was twirling around in a dance move with the tall and slender black haired handsome Lord Erato on her naked arm as both smiled in happiness.

Erato wore the outfit of a long-sleeved white shirt, a pair of black tined trousers, a black tinted sleeveless vest, a pair of black tinted knee boot, and his green tinted scepter weapon on the fitted waistline.

The rest of the colorful and shimmery background displayed numerous paired young and older couples that twirled in a circle and danced at some type of happy celebration. The moment was beautiful that reflected a point of time in her life of happiness and fun.

My neurons were curious at the fun dance party, but my instincts were cautious about Tofur. The man-servant named Tofur continued to stare into my face while studying each one of my body motions in silence.

I reached down and twisted the symbol at the end of the cylinder. The blade sucked back down into the devise with a soft slurp. I tucked the scepter into the crook of my arm like a princess and slowly moved ahead with a smile like a queen and then stopped, staring at the next shimmery wall portrait like a newbie person. I didn’t know what my new duties as an empress included, so I continued to pretend to act like an empress while wasting my time.

On the wall portrait, my dead twin sister Thea sat with a smile on top of an orange tinted blanket which rested on top of the blue tinted grass with another female. The female did not appear to resemble my dead sister Thea either. The female was very petite with a long back spine braid in blonde color, a pair of blue eyes, and a tone of dark skin. My sister Thea and the unnamed young female were eating the food at a picnic on the ground with laughter and smiles.

In the background of the portrait, there were other shimmery paired young and older couples with a colorful picnic basket and plates of various food items, where all rested on top of a colorful blanket in the blue tinted grass around rows of colored wildflowers.

The painter artist was very talented as each glittery painted particle shimmered within the bright sunlight like the picture was alive and moving in motion.

I was so intensely curious with the newest solo happy event of a picnic, but I could not ask any questions to the spying servant Tofur.

I slowly strolled ahead another twelve feet with a fake smile like a princess. Each shimmery colorful portrait measured twenty feet high up into the edge of the flat glass ceiling by twelve feet across into the next portrait, without interfering with the next glittery painted scenery.

The next wall portrait, a black tinted horse stood sideways in pose, where my dead twin sister, of course, sat sideways on the bare back spine of the tall and handsome steed. She wore a smooth wide dark red tinted skirt showing off a pale tinted naked neck and the collar bones. One hand held the scepter in shiny lavender hue which was posed lengthwise down on top of the skirt. Her other free hand gracefully stroked the black tinted hairline near the earlobe exhibiting a casual pose, instead of a painted portrait. She wore a relaxed face with a pair of dancing aqua eyeballs without a smile.

The upper background was graced with a faintly pink tinted skyline and a string of mint green fluffy clouds high on a cool bright sunny day that was located above her curly black hair roots. The bottom of the portrait showed a set of four legs on the black tinted horse standing in dark brown dirt with sets of scattered tiny wildflowers.

I smiled at the shimmery painting and reached up, touching my hairline at the exact spot, gasping with alarm at the wall portrait and then quickly spun around with a stern face, swiftly dashing across the hallway and skidded to a stop, seeing the third shimmery portrait on the opposite wall.

My dead twin sister sat on top a gray tinted rock surface and then slightly bent forward at the waistline, wearing the lavender outfit of a sleeveless top, a circular skirt, and a pair of matching thigh-high boots. The upper background showed a red angry skyline with a set of back tinted clouds and dancing yellow bolts of lightning. The bottom of the portrait displayed a flat soil of yellow tinted sands that had been marred with individual tiny splatter of red tinted stains.

One hand held her lavender tinted scepter with the blade extended down towards the yellow sand. The other hand gently touched a new bloody wound on the left cheekbone.

I gasped in alarm and pointed at the portrait, “She…Sheese! I have a scar on my face there in that portrait.”

He clapped with a laugh and a nod. “Now, I can show-off my weird teenly behavior pattern, too,” he stopped clapping with a stern face and stared at the portrait. “Yes, you acquired your cheekbone scar, after your second battle match. You were so sad, mad, angry, and upset. See? I can act weird, odd, crazy and loco, too.”

“I’m crying in this solo portrait. Why am I crying?”

He exhaled, “Geez! I just told you, Thea. You had acquired your face scar after your second battle match.”

I pointed at the portrait on the glass wall. “No! Why is this portrait symbolizing my sadness and tears? Isn’t a portrait supposed to be happy and joyous at all time? Isn’t a portrait supposed to recall all the fun and happy times of your life?” I exhaled with a puff of sadness. I had never had a happy moment within my short life of eighteen years old. I had previously served and serviced as a common and overworked house maid inside a grand house, since I could walk, without talking to the family of wealth.

Inside the bed chamber of Thea, Tofur exhaled with a huff of puzzlement and stared at her nose profile. “You’re acting so strange, Thea. You had requested the painter to paint that thing on your empty space of the glass side wall at your moment of grief and sadness and injury wound and vulnerability.”

I gasped in shock with a nod. “O! I see it now. This wall of shimmery paintings and all the other portraits is like a visual diary of my life,” I spun around and studied each painting within my limited vision. The floor space was narrow but very, very long. I couldn’t see the end of the hallway as the bright rays of light blocked my acute vision.

My dead twin sister had commissioned an artist to paint a moment of her life on the glass wall. The lovely creation was clever, beautiful, and heartbreaking.

I felt fortunate that she had left a reminder of her precious life at eighteen years old for me to admire and study.

On top of the glass floor inside the bed chamber of Thea, Tofur turned and frowned at the forward row of shimmery portraits, returning back to see her nose profile. “Yes, I guess so, if you view it like that. Why are you acting so weird, now, Thea?”

I side stepped and spun around with a gasp to see the presented portrait. I had viewed the first portrait which was coated near the single glass elevator at the end of the floor, where Thea stood on top of a golden tinted mountain peak with her scepter blade.

The new portrait exhibited a new dance party. My dead twin sister Thea danced closer into the nose bridge of Prince Nastchill within the middle of the dance floor and surrounded by the other dancing couples. She wore a pink tinted fluffy skirt of row of thick ruffles that prevented her lips from kissing on his lips as she smiled with laughter in the still painting.

The rest of the background displayed a set of other shimmery dancing couples at another fun gala event.

Nastchill wore his sleeveless vest without a shirt and the set of ripped muscles, a pair of brown tinted trousers had been tucked down into the matching knee bones and a smile. He enjoyed the dance also with Thea.

I felt happy viewing the art work with my dead sister and her dance partner. I reached up and touched my lips, tasting the lingering citrus tint from his soft tongue with a giggle.

He crossed the arms with a sour frown and stared at her nose profile. “Are you going to stand and admire your selfie self for the rest of the afternoon in front of that wall? I would like to remind that you stink and have suffocated all the fresh air molecules inside hour room?”

“All right!” I swiftly moved down to the next portrait while trying not to react with shock. I was the pretend Empress Thea also, but it was not my image on the glass wall.

The next portrait showed a round upright dark wooden short table with a tall white colored cake of four tiers on top of the flat surface. Each cake tier was surrounded with a set of tiny bright green colored candles that were lit into a tiny flame. My dead sister Thea stood beside the tall white colored cake while leaning down to the second tier of flaming candles with a pair of pouted lips. She wore a short dress of neon green and her hair long in black tint trailing down the back spine. She was shorter than the first portrait and looked a little younger. And she didn’t wear the pink tinted scar on the curve of her left cheekbone, where that smooth and unharmed cheekbone had been exhibited in the portrait. Her lavender tinted scepter had been posed on top of the flat surface next to the cake.

I didn’t analyze the painting too closely at the moment. I could do that this evening after the servant had retired to bed.

I continued to shuffle down the glass wall in a steady pace and quickly examined each portrait.

My dead twin sister, in pose, rode a blue tinted solar bicycle seat with a smile.

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