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“Mr. and Mrs. Bigshot’s Tale”

Written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit


“Telephone for Mr. Bigshot.” said his receptionist.

Mr. Bigshot answered the phone and the receiver just made out faint breathing noises from the caller line.

“Hello?” Mr. Bigshot asked.

No answer.

“Must be a wrong number.” he said.

He gave the telephone back to the receptionist lady.

The following events may frighten you. Only the bravest among you read on, please.


Mr. Bigshot exited his vehicle at night in front of his mansion.

“Hi Honey.” his wife greeted.

You could say the Bigshots were old fashioned.

“Hi, Mrs. Bigshot!! Had a busy day?” he asked her.

“Swell. The children are all dead from fall out debris and I am next on Death’s agenda.” Mrs. Bigshot replied.

“Anyway, enough about my silly day. How was work?”


“Good. Let’s go answer a few phone calls you should have picked up.” his wife said. “Right this way.”

“Thanks doll.” Herman said.


All of the phone messages were of that same exact faint breathing Mr. Bigshot got at work.

“Strangely familiar.” he said, then went to dinner, had a cold one and a newspaper.

The date read August 6th, 10,000.

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