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Sonu, who works as a cook for Rakesh, get into taking drugs. Rakesh is unsuccessful in stopping him from drug abuse. The next morning, he remembers his past. He along with his friends ran a hotel. One day they see an advertisement in the television about a cooking contest being held in the city. They go to the cooking competition and win it and Rakesh invites Sonu and his friends for dinner that night. After deciding that Sonu represents them, his friends send him for the dinner to the bungalow of Rakesh. While returning from the dinner, Sonu gets kidnapped and injected with the drug. Rakesh admits him to the hospital after he finds his way to the bungalow. This paves way to drug abusing habit of Sonu. Rakesh then goes to press meet about variety 11, a genetically combined variety of rice to prevent damage even without being polished. The meet was hosted by his father, Karan. They then go to the ship in which variety 11 is being made and see its sophistications, the red light, blue light and C4 mechanism. The next day Rakesh takes Sonu to a factory which processes and packs variety 11. He himself goes with the truck that is going to deliver goods as a part of inspection. The next day Rakesh, who goes to save his workers from trouble is killed in an accident and Karan is informed of the same after he lodges a complaint in the police station. Sonu then leaves for the hotel he earlier ran, to be welcomed by his friends. He narrates to them about the incident except for the addiction. Sonu works less as his addiction takes a toll on him. His friends, who are unaware of his condition, are worried about him. Vikram, a cop, steps into the hotel to ask Sonu about his work, Rakesh and an important incident. On being asked who he was, Vikram explains that he was after a gang who ran drug racketeering. He failed to catch them thrice even though the incidents had similar signatures. Sonu then explains about his addiction to Vikram, who in turn takes him to de-addiction centre and relieves him of it after a rigorous therapy. After the therapy, Sonu and Vikram witness a drug deal occurring, through which they trace it backward to a location related to the drug racketeering gang. Vikram records everything in the location including a photo. Hiding after hearing footsteps and waiting for some time, Vikram learns a drug deal is about to take place. He follows them and learns how they transport the drug and sell it. They get an address on the back of the photo snapped earlier, find it out and reach the place. They reach a flat and get the belongings of the scientist, who has been missing. After figuring out that laptop they collected from the flat is coded, Vikram hands it over to his friend for cracking it and starts to read a diary they found in the apartment. They learn that the gang earlier used to steal the drug from the place of manufacture and sell it. The gang later faced problems due to its members being shot by the police. After learning that the factory that produces the drug is under heavy security, they figure out a way to produce drug. They recover their business after overcoming a problem caused by the potency of the drug by performing an experiment in which Sonu was involved after getting kidnapped. They expand the business in waterways. They find a location, which is in the sea, in coordinates, where the drug is produced. After faking an attack on Karan, Vikram joins Sonu as Karan’s security to get into the sea. Sonu is taken by Karan into the sea, not before Vikram gives him the required gadgets. After searching for the place in the square, Sonu and Vikram doubt that ship might be involved in drug preparation as the ship is in the square. Vikram gets a recording of a masked man who tells that he followed Vikram and that Sonu is in trouble. Vikram leaves on a chopper. Sonu, unaware of the threat goes on to the ship and comes across Ratan who after revealing he followed Sonu, forces him to jump into the sea and orders mercenaries to fire seemingly killing Sonu. Vikram lands on the ship after killing the mercenaries, only to find out that Karan is lying down on the floor in the lower deck in delirium. After interrogation, Ratan reveals that he, Karan, Rakesh and the scientist were involved in the drug trade. At the end, Sonu asks Vikram about how he would handle the scientist.

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