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9 Minute Books Presents

N9NE Teen Ghosts

Volume 7

Written by Ron Knight

Published by 9 Minute Books

Here’s a recap of what happened in N9NE Teen Ghosts, Volume 6.

  • Nikki, Shelby, Trina, and Dagan were killed.

  • Nikki remains as a red ghost.

  • Her friends supposedly moved on to the afterlife.

  • A year later, we are introduced to Teens Investigating Paranormal Situations (T.I.P.S.)

  • They solve a case of Boy Ghost Throwing Stones.

  • Milo sent Brooke to Millington where she met up with Ben.

  • Ben informs Brooke that Nikki is haunting him and haunting others in town, especially teenagers.

  • Brooke stays at Ben’s house and is now being haunted by her green ghost.

This book is dedicated to all the teenagers who had to overcome the horror of having their own ghost drag them to the grave.

All names have been changed in order to protect their identity.

Part 1

When Brooke woke up, she felt like she’d still hadn’t slept in days. Her nightmares were filled with green horror, something she couldn’t avoid.

Brooke eased up from the bed, went to the bathroom and splashed water on her face. She headed back to the nightstand, grabbed her phone, seeing that Jesse had called twice this morning.

She sat on the bed and called him back.

Jesse: “About time! You on vacation?”

Brooke rubbed her eyes. “I’m at Ben Thurston’s house.”

Jesse: “Nice. When can we come?”

Brooke: “I don’t know. It’s up to Milo.”

Jesse: “You sound horrible.”

Brooke: “I feel horrible. All night I’ve been hearing clicking sounds and had nightmares of…

Jesse: “What?”

Brooke: “The color green. It’s like, haunting me.”


Jesse: “A lot of people think red or black is evil, but green is the worst.”

Brooke: “How so?”

Jesse: “In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Evil Queen had these freaky green eyes. The evil potion she brewed was green with the apple bobbing. When the Evil Queen disguises herself as the old witch, her eyes are a freakier green. If anything, her eyes become even more unnaturally limey after she disguises herself as an old witch.”

Brooke: “You have officially ruined Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for me.”

Jesse: “It’s not just that movie. In Cinderella, Lady Tremaine has an evil green gaze. Her cat Lucifer also has green eyes.”

Brooke: “Maybe Walt Disney viewed green as evil?”

Jesse: “It would make sense. Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty has an evil lime green glow, which also surrounds her castle. Later in the movie, Sleeping Beauty is encircled by a green haze. And the dragon’s fire is green.”

Brooke: “Next you’re going to tell me The Little Mermaid is haunted by green as well.”

Jesse: “Actually, Ursula conjures green lightning in her hands when she performs a spell that will steal Ariel’s voice.”

Brooke: “Oy.”


Jesse: “In The Lion King, Scar has evil green eyes along with his lair filled with green smoke and green fire during his song, Be Prepared. Oh, and Hercules has to swim through the lime green river of souls to save Meg’s life.”

Brooke: “Nice.”

Jesse: “In the movie, The Princess and the Frog, that voodoo guy Dr. Facilier says, ‘But freedom takes green, it’s the green, it’s the green, it’s the green you need, and when I looked into your future it’s the green that I see.’”


Brooke: “I’ll never look at Disney movies the same way again.”

Jesse: “It’s not just Disney. Green is a common color for villains. Think about Comic villains such as Joker, Green Goblin, Riddler, Dr. Doom, Sandman, and even the Hulk who couldn’t control his emotions…all had green as a main color.”

Brooke: “Are you done?”

Jesse: “I guess. I’m just bored. Can we come there?”

Brooke: “I told you, it’s not up to me.”

Jesse: “Fine.”

Brooke smelled coffee. “I gotta go.”

Jesse: “Okay. Call me twice a day so I know-”

Brooke hung up.


In minutes she unpacked her suitcase and quickly dressed, tossing her green underwear and green t-shirt to the side, wearing white instead. She hurried downstairs, following the smell of coffee.

Ben wasn’t in the kitchen, so Brooke searched the cabinets, found a mug, poured herself a cup of coffee, splashed in some milk and took a healthy sip.

She then made her way outside, seeing Ben at the cemetery gazing at a headstone.


When Brooke arrived still holding her mug of coffee, she said, “You staring at what used to be Nikki’s headstone? I told you, let it go. You have to move on.”

Ben turned, eyes red as if he’d been crying. He pointed to the headstone. “Look.”

Brooke stepped forward, took a sip of her coffee and looked at the headstone. Her name was etched into the stone, along with the day she was born and the month, but the year was missing.


Brooke felt a hot sting on the web of her thumb, realizing she was tipping her mug of coffee. She placed the cup down on the grass and examined the stone. “Did you do this?”

Ben: “No. Of course not. The last time I was blamed for something like this, it was when the nine teenagers were here. It’s not me.”

Brooke sighed, looking around the area. “The dirt isn’t disturbed, which means no one placed a new headstone here. The markings seem fresh.”

Ben rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s like déjà vu. My worst fear was this would happen to you and sure enough it did.”


Brooke dumped out her coffee on the dirt next to the headstone. She looked at the other eight stones. “I need the rest of my team here to help.”

Ben: “Why? You want to see their names on the headstones?”

Brooke began walking. “Actually, yes. We need to find out how this is happening.”

Ben grabbed Brooke by the arm and forced her to look at him. “You’re not grasping the reality of what’s going on. Your ghost is now coming after you and it won’t stop until it puts you in the grave. If you bring your friends, the same thing will happen to them.”

Brooke snatched her arm away from him. “It’s my job.” She took in a deep breath. “Also, there are other teenagers claiming their ghost is haunting them. It’s spreading. They claim their ghost is a certain color and the number nine is attached somehow.”


Ben locked his eyes on her. “I just realized something.”

Brooke looked back at him, seeing the blood drain from his face. “What?”

Ben: “Did you hear clicking sounds?”

Brooke: “Yes.”

Ben slumped his shoulders. “What color ghost is haunting you?”

Brooke headed for the house. She said to herself, “Green…”

To be continued…

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Part 2

“I can’t risk it,” Milo said over the phone. “In fact, I want you out of there. You have more enough to write a story for the magazine.”

Brooke was pacing outside. “Leaving won’t help. The Thurston Cemetery isn’t the problem. My green ghost will follow me wherever I go.”

Milo: “Last year, nine teenagers went to the Thurston Cemetery and their ghost began haunting them. All of them ended up dead. It’s an evil place and I want you to leave.”


Brooke: “I believe certain colored ghosts have been haunting teenagers for hundreds of years. Most cemeteries are like a porthole for releasing the ghost.”

Milo: “Why haven’t we’ve heard anything about this?”

Brooke: “Two reasons. First, most teenagers don’t hang out at graveyards. Second, if their ghost began haunting them, who would believe them? The teenagers probably kept it to themselves and then became labeled as troublemakers, ADHD, depression problems, eating disorders, or anxiety issues. No one understands that many of those teenagers are being haunted by their ghost.”

Milo: “Why has it become a bigger problem? Are more teenagers visiting graves?”

Brooke: “No. I think the book, N9NE Teen Ghosts has made teenagers more aware, along with opening their imaginations.” Brooke paused. “They are receiving a Waking Suggestion.”

Milo: “Are you saying they are being hypnotized? They made their ghost real?”

Brooke: “Yes.”


Milo sighed through the phone. “You know what happened to Nikki and other teenagers, especially at Ben’s house. You can’t risk staying there.”

Brooke: “It would be a risk if I stayed here on my own, but if you sent the others on the team, I could-”

Milo: “It’s out of the question. Plus, we have other cases that I need you to investigate.”

Brooke: “There’ll always be other cases. I need them here. This is important. It’s effecting teenagers all over the world like a plague.”

Milo: “I’m sorry, but I just can’t send them there. Also, I’m going to email you a waiver to fill out and send back to me.”

Brooke: “A waiver? For what?”

Milo: “If you insist on staying, I can’t be held responsible. Your parents could sue me, or sue the Paranormal Teen Magazine which I own and you work for. I can’t be liable if you won’t listen to me.”


Brooke was mortified. “Fine. Send the waiver. I’ll sign and stay here on my own. But just so you know, the story I write will cost you ten times more, because you’re ditching me.”

Milo: “I’m not ditching you. I’ve asked you repeatedly to leave and work on other cases. As a result, Jesse, Skyler and Titan have to work cases without you, which is putting them at risk. You’re the leader, but certainly not acting like one now.”

Brooke: “Who’s going to write the stories when they investigate cases? I’m the writer!”

Milo: “Jesse has honors in science and Skyler honors in history. I think between the two of them they could write an article for the magazine.”

Brooke: “You’re implying what I do is simple. It’s not easy to write stories.”

Milo: “No it’s not. I didn’t say they could do a better job. I’m saying they could get by writing the articles for now.”


Brooke: “Fine.” She paused, feeling the sweat drain down the back of her neck. “Do I have still have a job with you, or am I fired for not listening?”

Milo: “You’ll always have a job with me. I value you’re talent, which is why I want you to leave Ben’s house and get on a plane home.”

Brooke: “I’ll update you when I can. Goodbye.” She hung up before he could respond.


Brooke called Jesse back, but it went straight to voicemail. She realized he was in school right now.

Ben: “So what’s going on?”

Brooke began walking with Ben at her side. “I’m staying.”

Ben: “I tried helping Nikki and the others, but failed. There’s nothing I can do for you.”

Brooke: “What about Eden Wade?”

Ben: “She tried as well, but also failed. Once these ghosts start haunting, there’s nothing that can be done.”

Brooke had an idea. “Where’s the closest cemetery?”

Ben thought for a moment. “There’s a cemetery called Unknown Friends about twenty miles from here. It’s owned by a church.”

Brooke: “Why do they call it, Unknown Friends?”

Ben: “All the headstones are blank. No one knows who’s buried inside there.”

Brooke: “Perfect. Take me there.”


Ben parked his truck in the small dirt lot. Clouds had rolled in, followed by a strong breeze. It was mid-September, but the threat of an early fall had crept upon them.

They opened the rusted gate, seeing a small white church to the right with a brick path leading to the church steps. To the left was a dirt path, leading to the cemetery.

As they approached, Brooke counted twenty-seven headstones.

Ben: “What did you want to see?”

Brooke gently took Ben’s hand and began walking him up and down the rows. All the stones were crumbling and overgrown with moss.

As they made their way down the third row, Brooke suddenly stopped. Ben had stumbled into her. “What’s the matter?”

Brooke pointed at the headstone. “Look.”

The headstone had a name, day of birth and the month, but the year was blank.


Ben: “I don’t understand? Did we cause this?”

Brooke: “No. Every cemetery has a headstone linked to some poor teenager who is being haunted by their ghost. When they die, the year will be filled in.”

Ben quickly scanned the rest of the headstones in the row, then jogged to look at every headstone in the cemetery. Sure enough, two more had similar engravings.

Ben: “I can’t believe this.”

Brooke: “Have you been here before?”

Ben: “Sure, but only to see how they had their cemetery setup and get ideas for my cemetery.”

Brooke: “Did you make these carvings so it would be more realistic for your cemetery? Also it would be easier since no one checks these stones unless they are paranormal enthusiasts.”

Ben: “Stop asking if I carved dates into the headstones. I didn’t.”

Brooke: “Well then, the only other explanation is the ghost of each teenager did this, but no one noticed. It’s just now becoming national attention after what happened with the Nikki and the others, not to mention the N9NE Teen Ghosts book.


Ben gazed at the cemetery. “And now a ghost is coming after you.”

Brooke: “Yes, but I wanted you to know it wasn’t your fault.”

Ben looked at her. “I’m not going to let you die. We’ll think of something.”

Brooke smiled. “Thanks.”

To be continued…

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Part 3

Brooke walked away from the house, past the cemetery and barn, to a field where she could think. What was she going to do?

She thought about the conversation with Milo. He specifically said she should get off this case and join the others. Also, Jesse, Tyler and Titan are assigned to a different case and were not permitted to join her.

Despite all that, Brooke had a feeling this was the most important paranormal case of her career. The T.I.P.S. crew could work together and save millions of teens who might read the N9NE Teen Ghosts book and/or visit a cemetery, then become haunted by their own ghost.

Eventually teenagers won’t be able to defend themselves and lives will be lost.


“Screw it,” Brooke said to herself. She had reached a point of no return.

Brooke text Jesse, asking that he call her back when he had a moment. Her phone rang two seconds later.


Jesse: “What’s up? You coming to meet us?”

Brooke: “Where are you?”

Jesse: “Rose Water, Ohio, investigating a Chutes and Ladders case.”

Brooke: “Chutes and Ladders? Like the kids game?”

Jesse: “Yep. There’re some teens claiming that the Chutes and Ladders game is like a Ouija board.”

Brooke: “Really? That’s interesting.”

Jesse: “We really need you here.”

Brooke: “I know. And I want to be there. It’s just…I need to solve this case.”


Jesse: “Maybe I can come there? Skyler and Titan can handle things here.”

Brooke: “Absolutely not. Milo would freak. Plus, I don’t want to break up the T.I.P.S. crew more than it already is.”

Jesse: “But you’re all alone.”

Brooke: “Not really. Ben is here; the guy who runs the cemetery.”

Jesse: “Isn’t Ben the one who wanted to help those teenagers, but they all ended up dead? Also, isn’t Ben’s parents haunting him? Doesn’t sound like he’s the best person to have your back at the moment.”

Brooke sighed. “Good point. Even so, you stay there.”


Jesse: “Okay. Was there a reason you wanted me to call? Did you need something?”

Brooke took a moment to debate what she was about to do. “I need you to read N9NE Teen Ghosts and see if anything happens.”

Jesse: “Sure. I’ll do it right away.”

Brooke: “No, you need to think about it. If you read that book, it’s possible you may be haunted by your own ghost.”

Jesse: “Yes, I understand. It’s paranormal. Isn’t that what we do for a living?”

Brooke smiled. “I suppose you’re right. Just…well…be careful. If my theory is correct, then millions of teenagers who read N9NE Teen Ghosts will be haunted until their untimely death.”

Jesse: “So we need to find a way to stop it.”

Brooke: “Precisely.”


Jesse: “Why don’t we just have the book banned? Restrict it to people over the age of twenty.”

Brooke: “First of all, restricting the book will only make teenagers want to read it more. Second, the book is just a way to bring the ghost to the attention of teenagers. There’s been a much bigger problem going on for many years.”

Jesse: “Okay, then we need to find a way to help teenagers who read it. Why don’t we find the author?”

Brooke: “I thought about that, but he’s in hiding.”

Jesse: “I bet he’s still collecting a royalty check twice a year. Maybe we can track him down that way.”

Brooke: “Good point. Let me think about it.”

Jesse: “I can have Skyler help me.”

Brooke: “No, let’s not get her involved.”

Jesse: “Why not? She’s part of our team.”

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