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By Mike Chukwu

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This book is dedicated to all women; especially all victims of rape.


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Chapter 4: The Beast with Three Limbs / 22

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Chapter 6: True Confessions / 44

Chapter 7: After Rape / 48

Chapter 8: Your Conscience Your Watchdog Your Judge/ 52

Chapter 9: To Kill the Beast / 54

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“We are driven to this. We are determined to go on with this agitation.
It is our duty to make this world a better place for women.”



It’s not a free world we all know, especially when it comes to the welfare of women and girls. And we cannot claim to not know why. We live in a world where we hear, see and feel the impact of our good and evil deeds. And we know the difference between the two. We also have a choice between the two: To remain as we are and keep watching things go down the drain or stand up and begin to address issues the way they deserve. I chose the latter about nine years ago. That’s why you are reading this book now. I’ve seen the impact of the evil, the beast called RAPE. I sure know that many persons and organizations have been involved in the fight to address it over the years. I salute their courage, efforts and resilience. I put this little book, Free Women together in my belief that it will help in the campaign. I have not been able to capture all that everyone needs to know to help this campaign succeed. But I sure believe that the information herein (some of which you’d find elsewhere) would help further in achieving good success. But this will happen only when you believe in the campaign and join the train. Your gender, rank, social class, religion, etc. doesn’t matter; the effects of rape affect us all. Therefore I implore you… help talk about it, act against it, identify with victims, and strive hard to prevent it. You would be doing the world (and this includes you) a lot of good.


Putting this book together has been much painful delight. After nine years of working on it and struggling to see it published in print, I’ve decided to publish and share it first as an Ebook. Sincerely, I anticipate more delight; not for me but for you, though I won’t be awestruck if I hear of more pains. That’s the way of the truth; it is always accepted by some and rejected by others. It bites, stings and hurts… most painfully oftentimes. It destroys… and even kills. But it also gives life to far more than it kills. The truth remains unchanged; never to be subdued. Let’s all accept it. It’s the succour we seek and the saviour we need against the global threat, rape. So let’s live the truth henceforth. And spread the news.



“Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves?
Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.”


Exhausted from the steep ascent up the slope that led to his hamlet, Mike paused to catch his breath. He was famished to breaking point. It was Friday, about two o’ clock in the afternoon. He loved Friday and always anxiously awaited it. It was the beginning of his brief weekends at home. Every Friday was special to him. Because it always gave him another time to unite with his dearly cherished mother. It was another time to bond with her. Mike had come to value Friday more than other days. Though he spent many hours every Sunday serving God more than other days, over time he had started to become apprehensive with its approach.

Sunday evening saw him separated from his mom, his best companion ever, for more days than he could imagine. Actually, it would be till the next Friday unless something kept him from returning. And it must be something very important, very unavoidable. Whenever his weekend ended and he was due to leave, his heart would leap and bounce in anticipation of his mother’s embrace. It was a very deep, engrossing farewell, which usually stuck to him like leech.

And he had always done one thing. He had always embraced his mother with his chest bare. That way he believed that her scent stuck to his skin and permeated deeply through his skin pores to seep into his blood. It was at such moments that he believed they bonded again blood for blood, heart to heart; their oneness renewed.

It seemed as he gasped for breath that the fresh air from the dense green foliage lining the path bore a song. He felt it strongly. Then he heard it, “Who sat and watched my infant head, when sleeping on my cradle bed…” Instantly he sprang up and with renewed vigour, hurried home; the song spurring him on. Closer home, the tin roof of his father’s house came into view. He broke into a trot.

“Mama!” he called out as he rounded the corner of the house, and burst into its compound. “Ma…” he started calling again but halted… his mouth agape. His mother was sprawled on the ground, unkempt, her face sullen.

“Mama…” he muttered. His bag slipped off his shoulders. Naturally, his distaste for dirt wouldn’t have allowed his bag to touch dust but with the sight before him, who cares? He hurried to her, and stooped instantly to help her up. Rather than rise to stand, she sat. What again?

How angry he was to behold his pearl in such demeaning, unwelcome state. She had been weeping, had wept herself dry. Mike accepted her cold hug. No! This wasn’t his mother. This surely wasn’t Oriaku!

“Nwa m kedu?” (My child, how are you?) She asked him looking deeply into his eyes. She knew he shouldn’t have met her in that pitiful state.

“Mama, I’m fine. O gini?” (What is it?)

“How was your journey?” she asked, carefully avoiding his question. Holding him close, she caressed his head in an attempt to soothe his shocked nerves.

“It was good. Why are you like this?”

Oriaku managed a smile baring a set of immaculate teeth which accentuated her beauty whenever she smiled. Mike sat beside her.

“Mmm gh mmgh, kunie, nwa m,” she objected and took his hand. She wouldn’t want him to sit on the bare ground with her.

“Not until you tell me who or what it is.”

It was more of a vow.

“Hmm…” she grimaced. Slipping an arm across his shoulders, she drew him closer and nudged his head onto her shoulder. “It has happened again.” She sighed. Jolted by her words, the young man sat bolt upright.

“What happened? Mama, what has happened again?”

“Nwa m biko, maybe I shouldn’t tell you this now,” she pleaded, “You need to eat and rest. We’ll talk later.”

“No mama, I’m sorry but you have to tell me what it is now.”

Oriaku knew it was no use arguing with him. She knew her son too well. On his forehead was that rainbow, those hard lines she had come to believe formed a rainbow which contrary to nature signified trouble. Any time she sees those lines, she would experience an instant rush of adrenaline. She always felt… in truth, always believed that her son’s anxiety (which always brought those lines) if not assuaged could make the inner line snap like a dry twig, and end his life.

How terribly she loathed that thought! How badly she feared losing her only child; her invaluable jewel …

“They’ve done it again,” she sighed deeply, tears rolling down her cheeks. Mike was bewildered. Whatever could keep his mother so tongue-tied… whatever could keep her in such a painful state must be worth giving the battle of his life. And if that’s what it would take, then he’d rather go than live and watch his pearl downcast in sorrow. Inward, he swore to conquer her grief once for all time, before it would dominate him.

“This one…” she began, “… was in Agunasaa. They brought her home this morning. No one knows if she would live to tell her story. She couldn’t talk… couldn’t tell anybody what befell her… but the signs were there. She was attacked. Heo! Chi m ooo…” And she burst into fresh tears, weakened as she was, still cuddling her son tightly.

Tears had dropped from his eye before he knew it. Then he began to cry. Mike understood his mother’s concern now. Another woman had suffered a terrible ordeal. Another woman had been sexually assaulted in her farm at the outskirts of their village. Vividly he remembered this was the fourth time, at least from his count, the fourth time he would hear such a report from his mother since by design, he shunned every gist from the village’s grapevine. And he abhorred gossip too.

Oriaku wouldn’t lie. As long as he remained Michael Ogonnia Chukwu, his mother, Oriaku never lied, and would not dare. At least, not to him and not in such circumstance… knowing the very sensitive nature of the matter. A notorious devil... one women hardly talked to their sons about was threatening to make him an orphan. He knew this matter had all the while been adult talk, always communicated in relative silence.

“No!” he blurted out, “I will fight this devil, be it spirit or human.” And he rose swiftly. Oriaku rose too, in panic.

But who’s the devil here? Where is he? How do I know him? And where do I find him? Puzzles were fighting in his head. And he swore again, this time, muttering to himself. Whatever or whoever is the devil threatening to steal his jewel, threatening to rob him of his joy, must not live!

Find it and kill it! Yes! He vowed, vaguely aware of his mother’s arm hooked to his, and guiding him into their house.



“No woman has to be a victim of physical abuse.
Women have to feel like they are not alone.”


Sunday afternoon. Though Mike loathed that moment when he usually left his village to return to school, he sensed he’d heard a clarion call to duty. He felt it heavily in his spirit. Two nights before, on Friday, he couldn’t sleep. One whip had scourged his mother too often. And time was ripe to deal with it. Rolling around in bed that night, he had remembered the lyrics of a song, “Even when times are so bad, they are so cool, calm and collected.” The singer knew about women. He knew their sufferings.

Had he not grown under the loving care and tutelage of his mother, he would not have understood those lines. He wouldn’t have believed that singer. His mother, Oriaku was an epitome of divine motherhood. Though different songs he’d heard portrayed women from different fronts, Oriaku fitted into the most positive, most compelling and inspiring pictures of virtuous women. And if most women, if not all, were like Oriaku, why would anyone think of molesting them?

Even if they are bad, did God assign anyone to be their judge and punisher? He was sure they were created to live. Not just live, but live in absolute freedom! As God’s creation, they have their own rights. What man or other creature has God empowered to modify their divine rights and define rules of existence for them? That night after crickets had begun their nocturnal routine, his mother had given him the details of the attack. It was gruesome, very blood-chilling. Worst of all, the palace still kept mum.

Whatever made Oriaku weep so deeply in emotional distress for days was a cause worth fighting against, even if he would spend all his blood. She hardly wept. But the few times she had had been grievous, too heart-wrenching, and too unbearable.

Far into the night she had slipped out of the room leaving him asleep on their bed. Mike felt he was dreaming until he stirred, turned and felt around for her. But his hand kept touching the straw mattress until he felt the mud frame of the bed. Clearing his eyes, he searched around the dimly-lit room. Then he heard her or so he thought, transiting between her soul-searching monologue and evocative dirge.

He ignored the slowly-dimming flame of their kerosene lamp, and left the room.

Down the last footpath out of his village he went, greatly worried about his mother’s health. He prayed it wouldn’t take a dive into the deep. Oriaku cared for him. She was the only reason why he was still alive. Again, she had tied in a sack some garri, dried fish, abacha and a small keg of fresh palm oil. Though her food stock was fast depleting, she had insisted that he take the foodstuffs. Nobody should ever study under the threat of hunger, she had always warned him. And she had often added that nothing could cause the kind of destructive distraction hunger causes.

Monday morning. He checked his planner. A lecture on the course ‘Nigerian Peoples and Culture’ was in view at 9:00 A.M. Interesting. Nigerian peoples… and their culture… What culture… Is it their culture of indiscipline and impunity or their culture of molesting women? Their culture of sexual abuse, of ignoring victims of sexual abuse like his village’s chiefs had just done again… culture of refusing to protect the vulnerable?

What sane Nigerian culture would the lecturer talk about? Is it their culture of idiosyncrasy and crass complacency with citizens’ welfare in the face of abject poverty, frustration, disillusion and confusion across the land? Culture of… what good culture could the people boast of in such a maximally endowed nation where its indescribably corrupt leaders ignore the truth, where so-called leaders neglect the provision and maintenance of basic mediums to peoples’ joy?

His mother’s dilemma had just made him to recall times past when he had heard about cases of sexual abuse. Too painful was the fact that most of them had rested unresolved, even when they had resulted in the victim’s death. So-called high-profile cases had been thoroughly flushed down the drain and permanently silenced, at least in the eyes of man.

Some executive cases and some which involved their cronies, even some law enforcement culprits’ cases had been shoved under very thick rugs not just carpets; no indictment, no arrest, and no prosecution. No whatever… A case which involved three policemen in Enugu state, south-eastern Nigeria in 2007 had run in court for two years. It had been a mushroom trial, one which the media was virtually denied coverage. And when it ended, the men had gone home free. But in police cells and prisons across the land numerous citizens are languishing in penury, illegally detained without trial. Most of them could be innocent; mere victims of fate and administrative foul play.

This society is crazy! Mike concluded. Even when soldiers seized power calling politicians looters, things worsened. Now, civil rule is back. Yet, no one cares to face the situation with the daredevil tenacity it deserves. And people especially women and children–the most vulnerable group at least in the Nigerian society–suffer continuously, weeping out their hearts each time another one goes down. Oriaku was deeply frightened. She could not attend to her farms again because her safety was not guaranteed. She could be the next victim. Her daily labour under the intense heat of the sun for long hours was perishing. Yet, she always heard tales. The peoples’ representatives, their leaders were always justifying their ‘schooled’ brains by sitting in the assemblies, big conferences and TV, telling the world how peacefully and joyfully their constituents were living.

She considered them irrational and insensitive people, men and women who would stop at nothing even if it meant shedding blood to grab grants and allocations (meant for their constituents but hardly tasted by same) and shift them to God-knows-where. People who think nothing before they drain the blood of citizens, fellow citizens for that matter… Citizens who they are meant to represent and insure their well-being…

His village in particular was in a helpless situation. With no king on the throne fifteen years running, council members that posed as the village’s administrators were without formal recognition. Toothless! The Town Union–a body of concerned elderly men–was trying to oversee the village’s affairs but their activities were without legal backing, without any recognized statutes. All their deeds were based on tradition. And not everyone agreed with tradition.

How many men now respect tradition? How effective were those age-long laws, and how proper were even most of them? Most had been proved to be lopsided, carefully crafted to favour the menfolk. The Town Union was aghast when the first attack on a woman was reported. The attackers were becoming more mysterious. They would strike, succeed and disappear without trace each time. The Union was clearly armless and clueless. And the divisional police officer at the local government headquarters had compounded their woes. No response to their reports, no policemen to patrol the village, not even a failed promise, nothing…

Women lived in gripping fear.

Tick! 9:00 A.M. He sprang to his feet; a mission beckoned. After the class, he would begin his search with that lecturer. He must be well-informed about the devil if he would succeed in the combat that loomed – the very venomous thorns in his mother’s flesh. The journey had just begun; mama must live.

Mike had written for hours before he realized he was hungry. After the lecture which had bored him crazy, he had tailed the lecturer, Dr. Onyiuke, to his office at the General Studies Department. The old man had laughed when Mike had made his request, but he had later given him a lifeline. The rest of the day had been rewarding too, at least from the notes before him, he was beginning to appreciate what he was pitched against. So far, his notes read… THIS BEAST CALLED RAPE… “He who spites a woman has a hole in his heart.”

A social vice called ‘RAPE’ has become the source of my greatest worry lately. And I’m convinced I’m not alone in this bothersome noisy world of silence. Why? Today, I learned that there were people before me who shared, and there are still my contemporaries who share my belief in the general well-being of humanity as man’s foremost basic right. And this same cause bothers them.

Feel free to call it an odd subject, maybe because the world keeps virtual silence to its rampage but remember; it keeps taking its diabolic toll on not just women but everyone; on all of us. Murder, suicide, genocide, fratricide and most other cides have continually showed up in the aftermath of this social evil. So does the fast-rising population of illegitimate children…

I sincerely pray you will view this matter with the seriousness and prompt attention it demands, and join in the campaign to pull it down to rubbles. It deserves a swift deep burial. When we succeed in quenching this disastrous inferno, which has become one of the fastest-spreading scourges of mankind, we would have succeeded in making the world a better place for not just women, but all of us. RAPE – Real Atrocity Plus Evil

“... in practice the standard for what constitutes rape is set not at the level of women's experience of violation but just above the level of coercion acceptable to men.”


Dictionaries define the word, rape, in seeming diverse ways yet with common terms, which still identify it as the evil it is… the beast. Some say it is sexual intercourse with a woman by a man without her consent and chiefly by force or deception. Others view it as sexual intercourse by force or threat other than by a man with a woman; an outrageous violation.

I found the term ‘statutory rape’ to mean sexual intercourse with a female who is below the statutory age of consent. Some online reports show that international human rights organizations have presented various guidelines and recommendations in regard to rape and sexual violence. Some views say that the offense of 'rape' should be replaced with a broader offense of 'sexual assault'. For instance, the Handbook for Legislation on Violence against Women from the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Division for the Advancement of Women suggests the following about legislation on sexual violence:

Legislation should:

  • Define sexual assault as a violation of bodily integrity and sexual autonomy;

  • Replace existing offences of rape and “indecent” assault with a broad offence of sexual assault graded based on harm;

  • Provide for aggravating circumstances including, but not limited to, the age of the survivor, the relationship of the perpetrator and survivor, the use or threat of violence, the presence of multiple perpetrators, and grave physical or mental consequences of the attack on the victim;

  • Remove any requirement that sexual assault be committed by force or violence, and any requirement of proof of penetration, and minimize secondary victimization of the complainant/survivor in proceedings by enacting a definition of sexual assault that either:

Requires the existence of “unequivocal and voluntary agreement” and requiring proof by the accused of steps taken to ascertain whether the complainant/survivor was consenting; or requires that the act take place in “coercive circumstances” and includes a broad range of coercive circumstances; and

  • Specifically criminalize sexual assault within a relationship (i.e., “marital rape”), either by:

Providing that sexual assault provisions apply “irrespective of the nature of the relationship” between the perpetrator and complainant; or stating that “no marriage or other relationship shall constitute a defence to a charge of sexual assault under the legislation.”

Whatever their views, the bottomline is: Sexual intercourse, force, threat and deception are involved.

Now, here’s my take… Rape is a cruel, sadistic, barbaric and sacrilegious inhuman act of people-turned-beasts against mankind. Socially, religiously and otherwise, rape remains the most diabolic act that grossly debases mankind, and places him below the most unintelligent animals. Rape is a kamikaze venture undertaken by foul-minded individuals; kamikaze because it’s a potential self-destructor. A school of thought says it’s an adventure from which players derive immense pleasure. Well, I keep wondering what kind of pleasure such an accursed act would give. When sexual intercourse is lovemaking, it is pleasure. But when it becomes rape, it is pain and no pleasure! Pain for the victim as well as the ‘victor’…

Anyone–man, woman, child–can be raped. The victim–often female–understands that if she says ‘no’ there may likely be serious adverse consequences, some kind of a loss, or pressure of sorts. The offensive brute often only needs to glare at, frown at, motion with the hand or use any other act to signify that he wants sex, without delay.

Many African slaves suffered rape. Countless slavemasters in America were rapists. Their slaves dared not refuse them sex. And most slavemasters saw them as objects fit only for their gratification, and never bothered to make polite sexual advances. The black slave woman was nothing but an ordinary piece of property. It was OK to have sex with her, with or without her permission and with or without the use of force. It wasn’t against the law.

There were possible or real consequences, and the slaves knew. Those who dared say ‘no’ were often tortured, mutilated, and still raped. Some founding fathers of the Americas owned black concubines. In some cases, it looked like sweet relationships, like love affairs, mutual on the face of it. Yet, the slave woman was perceived as an inferior and often dared not say ‘no’. Implied force lived in the slave master’s consciousness. He could have sex with any of his slaves at will, be it an adult woman, a man or a child. In the workforce, they often used this kind of implied force.

Rape is a barbaric crime against humanity. It’s the scourge of the earth. It’s a sin against God and man. It brings psychological trauma first on the victim, and then sometimes, on the perpetrator–the rapist. Rape is evil! Some people think they achieve their evil desire of inflicting immortal injury on their target(s)–the victim(s)–when they rape, but the big question is: Between the rapist and the raped who is safe; who is injury-proof? None!

For rapists to believe that they are injury-proof is to self-destruct. Victims who swear vengeance plan reprisal attacks. They may plan well and succeed. Their attacker(s) could be maimed, inflicted with mortal injury, killed outright, etc. Relations of victims may be involved in this mission of vengeance. A rapist may meet jungle justice–death in the hands of an aggrieved mob. While some convicted rapists may die in jail, others may contract life-ending diseases.

The rapist is as unsafe as the raped!

Determined to start a campaign against rape, Mike thought deeply and smiled. Picking up his pencil, he scribbled on top of the page;


“Love your neighbour as you love yourself.
Do unto others as you would want them do unto you.
Be your brother’s keeper. And sin not against your brother…”




“Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes.
The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape.
Go to the source and start there.”


I learned that rape is a beast with many faces. Here are some of them.


This is rape indulged in by people suffering from severe mental illness; a psychotic disorder. A classic case is that of a patient kept in a psychiatrist’s sanatorium, who was suddenly grabbed in a fit of violence (after the effect of sedatives wore off), then sexual urge, and raped his personal attendant – a young female nurse. Sane or insane, a rapist has committed the world’s most abominable act after murder.


The word, gang, describes an organized group of people who regularly associate together. Criminals – robbers, pimps, fraudsters, cultists, etc. – usually operate as gangs. There are also gangs of vandals, workers, builders, etc., whatever the profession; a group of people is involved.

Gang rape is usually organized and executed by a gang of robbers, cultists, rapists and other miscreants, mostly masculine. Their motives differ, but include:

  • To assert their superiority over a victim;

  • A means of intimidation; and

  • A mode of torture during interrogation.

Gang rape is usually more disastrous than the rest because in it, a victim could be assaulted by all gang members irrespective of their number. And this leaves the victim more devastated than when attacked by a single beast.


Sexual violation happens in the cult and occult underworlds hence the 2 forms of Ritual Rape – Cultic and Occult. It could form part of initiation rites undergone oftentimes by unsuspecting, prospective members of a cult group or an occult family. During widowhood in some cultures, occult rape forms part of widows’ cleansing rites. At night, they are lured or forced into a forest or fetish priest’s abode (it may be a voodoo priest or other fetish custodian of culture) where they are sexually violated by the ‘priest’; a ritual, which supposedly severs marriage ties between the widow and her late husband. This rite is also touted to prepare them for remarriage.

Sexual violation has also befallen some widows who are labelled either ‘adamant’ or ‘stubborn’ by their late husbands’ male successors in the course of the battle for widow inheritance, wealth control and supremacy.


Specialists who are sometimes hired for rape execute this. For the ‘fun’ of it or when hired, such beasts track down their victims in homes, alleys, offices, rest rooms, etc., where they commit the crime. Trained professionals – academics, doctors, lawyers, etc., are involved here. In different professions, there have been lots of cases of teachers and students, superiors against subordinates, employers against employees, etc.

Some women are intimidated by their superiors; others may be so desperate to cling onto their jobs they’ll do just about anything to keep it. Sex bribery has often led to rape. As employers demand sex for employment, teachers demand sexual gratification for exam success. And these sometimes end in rape, conception, abortion, frustration, and sometimes death.


Here, the rapist is someone the victim knows; a fellow student, casual friend, classmate, friend of one’s girlfriend, friend of the family, etc. It’s the most common type of rape.


In this setting, the victim doesn’t know the attacker. The rapist may wear a mask to hide his/her identity. It’s thus, difficult for the victim to identify the attacker. The rapist may emerge from the shadows or other sort of darkness, pull a weapon and with brutish threat and force accomplish their evil mission. The surprised victim often ends up in shock and gross trauma.


People who are in a love relationship – married or dating – may fall victims here. The rapist could be one’s spouse (often the husband) or boyfriend, someone who the victim could swear would never think up such evil.


Some people rape under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. In some situations, the victim has passed out from his or her own drug use, and found unconscious, the rapist, usually an opportunist takes advantage of the situation. A guy raped his close relative. She was out cold in his home, having passed out after drinking too much. The guy just seized the opportunity for whatever reasons.

There was a case where a hospital orderly impregnated a woman in coma. There is usually little or no resistance in drug-related rapes. And the victim’s memory may be clouded. He or she may not know; may not even recall what happened. Such victim’s often lose their case.


This is sex with a corpse. Mortuary attendants may indulge in necrophilia. Even where there are two or more workers on a shift, the evil could happen.


When a victim is considered too young by law to give consent to sexual act, it is wrong and illegal. With or without coercion, because the victim is under-age such sexual act is statutory rape, which can also be called sexual assault, carnal knowledge of a minor or rape of a child.


This involves having willful sex with someone who’s feeble-minded, mentally-retarded or outright demented.


When a person has rape tendencies which may be hidden, they await opportunity. Once it calls, they rape, often without inducement. This is similar to drug rape, just that it’s usually unplanned. There was a case of a burglar who entered a home for the sole purpose of stealing a computer and stereo system. He saw a woman sleeping in the bedroom, then decides to rape her. This is a rape of opportunity, a kind of behaviour which also occurs with some paedophiles.


Though this falls under a few of the faces of the beast already mentioned above, I need to discuss it distinctly. Rape on college campuses is one of the most under-reported crimes. Victims of rape in campus parties often have clogged memories or may not even remember the assault. Furthermore, the stigma of being drunk and then being penetrated by one or more guys is often more than enough to keep the victim quiet.

According to a U.S. Department of Justice Report, 95% of students who are raped never report the incident to the authorities (in The Sexual Victimization of College Women). In addition–as is widely known–but re-affirmed in this study, college women are at an increased risk of being raped on college campuses than in the general population.

Potential rapists in bars and discos are often strangers. College campus parties do not discriminate between students and strangers. Peer group cohorts and fellow students of the same culture (college students), or even the perpetrator may have been introduced to the victim by a mutual friend, male or female. So, the attacker fits in easily.

What an audacity a victim may muster to file a criminal complaint regarding a rape or gang-rape on campus! Dorms and even the entire campus will be agog with the story. An octopus of emotions, empathy, pity, love, hatred… often follows. And the grapevine and newsstands will raise all their heat. The victim is sure to have some hectic time dealing with the inferno. She will be faced with such insolence as disbelief, accusations (like ‘she wanted it’ and ‘she enjoyed it’) and name-calling – slut, whore, bitch… She could be tagged ‘shameless’.

Whatever the face of the beast, moral justification for it will never be found! Rapists must remember that those who traverse the earth’s route with a sour face and a bitter heart got a full cup of vinegar when they thirsted. When they die, the ultimate wage is paid. Sometimes, rape is initiated by lust and desire. But a stern warning goes, “Whatever you cannot afford to a woman twice, do not try to do once.”



“There remains what seems like an impenetrable wall of silence
around violence and we must all play a role in breaking this silence.” ―REESE WITHERSPOON

As I walked out of Dr. John Kay’s office Day 2 of my quest, I couldn’t help but scream, God! Dr. Kay had been amused when I popped my first question at him.

“How old are you, son?” he asked me.


The old man laughed, a bit raucous, throaty and marked by intermittent coughing. It was evident that cigarette abuse was taking its toll on his health. His face was a bit bloated and his skin looked like it would burst with just a light tap.

“You know, son… I’m wondering… you should have better things to do. Why… I mean what sparked your interest in this subject?”

“My mommy… her life is under threat,” I humbly answered, though my patience was under trial.

“I don’t understand,” the Doctor of Psychology expressed. I could feel his innocence. It only took about a minute into my explanation before he saw my zeal, and felt the need to help unburden my collapsing heart. I had hardly slept the previous night. My discoveries so far had been too amazing! And without a proper dinner, I had kept tossing and turning around on my small mattress as I waited for the breaking of dawn. Oriaku had been in the pictures, had been in my brief dreams. She looked so dull and her face drawn with suffering and grief the last time I saw her. With that picture in my consciousness, God!

Dr. Kay asked me to join him in his car, and drove us to a beer joint. With deep sincerity, he made some stunning revelations. And truly, at a time, I felt he had stepped into my shoes. By the time I left him, it was obvious he hated the beast.

Here are the three limbs of the beast called rape according to Dr. John Kay.


Some males prefer sexual intercourse with other males. Sometimes it turns to rape or it is planned that way. A classic case is that of a male make-up artist who lured an unsuspecting young actor into his hotel room, trapped him in and raped him.

Females too, lesbians, who prefer sex with same gender, may violate young girls who refuse their nefarious demands. I will place a report in The Independent (UK) entitled Calais Jungle Refugee Children Being Raped in Camp, Aid Workers Claim here.

Exclusive: Medical volunteers say they have treated seven boys aged between 14 and 16 in the past six months

Teenage boys are being raped in the Calais Jungle, aid workers have claimed, amid concerns over the lack of child protection measures in place in the refugee camp – and the risks of abuse facing thousands of displaced children across the continent.

Medical volunteers helping those camped outside the French town told The Independent they have treated seven boys aged between 14 and 16 in the past six months, who claimed to have been raped. They all had injuries consistent with these claims.

In four cases, the boys required surgery. Only one attended hospital, however, with the others refusing treatment for fear of repercussions or through shame at having been abused.

The Independent has spoken to a GMC-registered doctor to whom the volunteers reported the incidents. He confirmed knowledge of the cases.

Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, has also raised concerns that unaccompanied refugee children across the continent are at high risk of sexual exploitation.

In January, a senior representative of Europol estimated that 10,000 unaccompanied children had gone missing within Europe.

Volunteers in the Calais camp have spoken out about the lack of procedure in reporting serious cases of sexual abuse. They add that the French government’s refusal to classify the camp as a humanitarian crisis is causing major child protection issues.

“If I took one of the boys to the police and said ‘I’m one of the medics and I know this boy has been sexually abused’, I could guarantee they would shrug their shoulders and continue their conversation,” said one of the volunteers.

“I have three boys of my own and this is horrendous,” they added. “These boys would have left their homes and their parents would have thought they were safe and that they were going to a better life, fleeing violence and they end up at 14 being raped in a refugee camp. That it is going on in Europe makes it even more unacceptable.”

The volunteers said they referred the reports to Médecins Sans Frontières, the largest organization operating within the camp.

Aid agencies have largely been absent from the Calais camp, leaving volunteers to fill their place. The UNHCR has a remit to administer care in refugee camps only if a humanitarian crisis has been declared or if invited to do so by the host government.

With the clearance of the southern half of the camp, which includes the women and children’s centre and commenced on 29 February, the plight of the unaccompanied children has reached crisis point.

Concerns have been raised consistently that a lack of adequate alternative provision for the unaccompanied children – estimated to number up to 500 – has left them at grave risk of falling prey to criminal gangs. In most cases, these children have travelled from their home countries with traffickers.

A spokesperson for Save the Children acknowledged that sexual abuse has been carried out against children in Calais, adding that it was part of a Europe-wide problem and calling on the British government to ease the path of entry into the country for children with a legitimate asylum claim.

“We know that unaccompanied children, of whom there are over 400 in the camp and tens of thousands across the continent, are the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. They have travelled hundreds of miles without the protection of adults or families.

“They face exploitation in all different forms, including sexual exploitation, often at the hands of criminal gangs. Save the Children has seen it in Italy, in Greece and in Calais too unfortunately.”

“Many of the children who are in Calais have family in the UK and a right to asylum here but the process is so complex that it can take years... In the meantime they are living in very dangerous situations when they could be safely with their families in the UK.”

A spokesperson for Europol said the organization had declared the figure of 10,000 missing children across the continent to “raise awareness of the vulnerability of unaccompanied minors traveling with the migrant flow”.

“Unaccompanied minors are vulnerable due to their young age and may be especially vulnerable to different forms of exploitation,” he added.

Médecins Sans Frontières was unable to confirm having received the reports of sexual abuse against minors. The volunteers with whom The Independent spoke also raised concerns that a sex trade was operating within the camp, saying that boys as young as 13 asked them for condoms. They added that attempts to distribute rape alarms were largely futile as there “is nobody here to hear them’.

(The Independent, Saturday, 5 March 2016)


This involves people of opposite gender; the most common limb of the beast. Here are some cases:

1. A man (in his forties) against a 12-year-old girl – a goods hawker who he was always patronizing.

2. A female child beggar molested by her trusted male benefactor in his kitchen.

3. A male Youth Service Corps member against a teenage junior secondary school female student in the man’s place of primary assignment.

4. A female undergraduate admitted into a ‘Study Group,’ and later trapped in a male hostel room (which was one of their usual study venues alternated amongst members), and raped by three of her male study mates.

5. Male armed robbers against females, sometimes, nursing mothers.

6. A female university lecturer ambushed and raped by five male students.

7. A 14-year-old female student taken home by her ‘school mother’ (a senior female student) on a weekend visit to the latter’s home, and was later forced into her older male cousin’s room to be raped as planned.

8. The gruesome gang-rape of a mother of two alongside her daughters, which led to the woman’s suicide before dawn.

9. Death of a female night-clubber trapped and raped in the dark by some men.

10. A rich spinster (in her 40s) assaulted by her male driver while she slept.

11. A mother of four, whose first son was ordered by a gang of robbers to sexually abuse her, got shot to death when he refused, and had her second son quickly obey the robbers’ orders in the presence of her other children.

12. A male house-keeper who usually indulged in voyeurism, and ended up abusing his employer’s preteen daughter.

13. A young male chauffeur raped under gunpoint by his rich female boss and her friends because he wouldn’t shift from morality and his Christian faith.

14. A female house-help (in her 20s) who violated her employer’s 5-year-old son because she was never allowed outside their home, and over time like she claimed, became sex-starved.

15. Female gang-rape of a teenage boy who unknown to him, was terribly ‘desired’ by his older female cousin.

16. A young male university freshman forced through sexual assault by a group of female cultists on a revenge mission.


Also described as Beast Rape… “This is sexual activity between a human being and an animal,” Dr. Kay explained.

Rape is such a horrifying and dehumanizing act! Yet, some people have even turned their insanity to animals. I couldn’t help but ponder… why would a sane human desire to have sex with an animal? What gripping propulsion could drive a human being to such insanity? It’s unbelievable! Yet, Dr Kay showed me proof. Penalties for bestiality were recommended in some laws – divine and human. I saw clearly that God hates it!

Beast Rape involves sexual activity with an animal. Animals don’t have the mental or intellectual capacity to truly understand what’s happening during a sexual act with a human being. The human knows better. All sex with animals is rape, with the exception of an animal attacking a human.

There have been cases of orang-utans brutally raping women. Women working with orang-utans need to be careful during their period. Animals become excited from the scent. Male orang-utans become aroused. They are incredibly strong, easily able to scale a tree while holding a woman in one arm. She simply can’t fight back.

An ambition which overpowers and rules a person will soon ruin him also. Fantasy and ambitious tendencies resulting from X-rated videos, books and their kind, result in destructive obsession. And through this, many souls have been lost to the beast.



“He only employs his passion who can make use of his reason.”


Every fruit comes from a seed; every child comes from a father. I spent at least eight hours of Days 3 and 4 hunting for people who would be as sincere as Dr. John Kay or even more. After I left him, my mind was so preoccupied with his blood-chilling revelations that I totally forgot the next lifelines he had offered me in continuity of my quest.

Nine-twenty A.M., I woke with a start. I had been through a terrible nightmare. And it seemed some forces had fought hard to snuff out the breath of life in me. It had been a very bad struggle. Sweating all over, I rushed to the door, quickly slid back its bolt and dashed outside. A dark night with sweet breeze hit me, and I gasped. What a relief!

It was one of those numerous moonless nights when we spent long hours without electricity. My activities the previous day came floating back and I remembered: I had purposed to call Dr. Kay and thank him for his assistance. But I had slept off right there on the floor where I had my meal.

I had spent about ten minutes out there when I resolved it wasn’t yet late to call the doctor. And I did, though he didn’t quite like it. He was busy in his study. I apologized.

“It’s OK,” he answered, “Have you called the matron, Mrs. Jack?”

“Oh my! Yes, em, no… er… sir, I will…” I stuttered.


“Tomorrow, sir, first thing early morning…”

He paused over the line and I almost hung up. Thank God I didn’t.

“You know what, boy?”

I had no answer. I simply waited. He continued. “Just pray you’ll get her attention if you don’t book an appointment today.” And he hung up.

I sensed it was not just an advice; it was an order.

Mommy Jack as I chose to call her turned out to be a strict disciplinarian. Her secretary took my call, booked me to see her on Day 4 but warned me it won’t be fun. And truly, it wasn’t. Mommy Jack was forced to listen to me when she got set for home but found me hanging around her car. It was almost 8 P.M. She was a dedicated counselor, a workaholic whose strength was too amazing for her age.

“What’re you doing there?” she asked me as she peered into the lights and saw it was me. It was almost a scream because she was surprised. Having turned me down around 2:00 P.M. and warned her secretary sternly against such misbehaviour like she termed my appointment, she couldn’t believe I hadn’t gone home.

I was afraid. So I simply stepped away from her car and watched her draw close. At the door, she halted and gave me a hard stare. Slipping her car key into the lock, she instructed me, “See my secretary tomorrow.”

Though I couldn’t understand why at the time, I was overjoyed. I had got or should I say, earned an invitation. As she drove off into the night, I hurried out of the parking lot, smiling at the security who graciously allowed me to hang around against his superior’s orders.

I will now bring forth most of what I learned from Mommy Jack, and more from Dr. Kay. People state different reasons for committing rape. And I consider these reasons to be seeds or fathers of the beast. A child from many fathers would sure be an extra-terrestrial. I learned about…


“He is only a man who keeps his women from harm.”

What a saying filled with wisdom! In the light of the admonition from the Apostle Peter that “Husbands [men] dwell with them [women] with understanding, giving honour to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life…” (1 Peter 3:7, NKJV, emphasis mine), I still can’t understand why gender discrimination would be found in our world.

God created man from dust, and woman from man for his very excellent reason: that the woman should be a helper to the man. Now, a helper deserves everything the one she helps deserves. The helped ought to know that despising his helper is automatically sending himself on a suicide mission. God did not design honour for man alone. Women must be honoured too; it’s part of God’s plan for mankind. I can’t imagine a world without women. If it was possible, God wouldn’t have bothered to create the first one. This is still too difficult for most men to absorb.

Women ought to be treated as ornaments – though strong, yet fragile – but sadly most men consider them to be mere sex objects, created for their satisfaction. Sexists (and even non-sexists but lovers of the beast) see them as sex toys, and claim this to be their justification for interacting with them sexually anytime anywhere, with or without their consent. This has also affected a lot of female children; abused minors. A saying goes that women are God’s partners in creation. I can’t imagine a world without women, I dare say again. How will men (their abusers) be born? God created all for His very good reasons and granted each, rights to be upheld.


Psychology describes mania as a mental illness marked by extreme obsession, excitement or violence. It’s a condition which makes a person to live in an extreme and abnormal desire; an enthusiasm for something, e.g. stealing. Kleptomania, dipsomania, nymphomania and pyromania are different forms of mania. Nymphomaniac is an often derogatory expression for a woman who has an excessive desire for sex. Such person may often indulge in rape.


Dipsomaniacs – people with a strong, uncontrollable desire for alcoholic drinks belong here. Others are people who get drunk any way. Psychoactive substances and ‘Controlled Drugs’ don’t leave people with a normal sense of reasoning. Popularly known as ‘hard drugs,’ their hard effects can lead to recklessness and assault. A female under this effect can expose her body unnecessarily, and call for harm. She can even institute assault on other people. ‘Controlled Drugs’ are mind controllers capable of initiating a crazy urge for sexual satisfaction.

A male under this influence is a colossal risk to his neighbours. He can do unimaginable harm.


“What had human beings become?
Did war make us evil or just activate an evil already lurking within us?


Crisis and war create fertile grounds for sexual abuse. Insurgents, ethnic militiamen and soldiers indulge in extra-gruesome activities ossified in bloodletting, looting, maiming and rape. I was made to understand that rape ranks second only to murder during crisis.

During the gory periods of crisis and war, the scale of rape attacks on women increases in terrible intensity. It could be massive as it could be part of a military campaign, an ethnic cleansing campaign, revenge or a spontaneous series of actions during a rampage. Mass terror-rape is the worst and most grand-scale of all rapes. A case in point involves the rape and in many instances the gang-rape of up to two million German women by the Red Army* (Who were they?). This mass terror-rape began soon after the German Military began to seriously disintegrate and retreat near the end of the Second World War.

Much horrific devastation had been caused by the German Military during that war. Starvation, imprisonment, horrible destruction and rape were inflicted upon the Slavic peoples. Bent on revenge, top brass and the Red Army’s soldiers decided that one way to punish the German people was to rape their women. As they proceeded, hardly a female was safe; females between the age of 8 and 80 were targeted. The rapists included Russians, Cossacks and other Slavs. Alcohol and other unknown drinks were rampant and it brought out the worst in many of the soldiers.

The rapes began in East Prussia, a place in Northern Europe, which was part of Germany for a while, and included land in Poland, too; existed 1525-1947. By January of 1945 the German Military was unable to properly defend the peripheral of its borders. Many of the victims were also beaten, some mutilated and many were spat on as onlookers laughed. Not all the soldiers and officer corps approved of these actions. However, vengeance, anger and victory were in the air.

Soviet revolutionary and politician, Josef Stalin (1878-1953) and his cronies knew exactly what was happening but did little to stop it. Jewish Soviet writer, Bolshevik revolutionary, journalist and historian, Ilya Ehrenburg (1891-1967), then Minister of Soviet Propaganda urged the Russian soldiers to punish the German women, after deliberately ignoring the fact that they weren’t combatants in the least sense. In at least one instance which occurred in Dahlem, Germany inside a maternity clinic and orphanage, nuns, elderly women, pregnant women and new mothers were raped or gang-raped. There was no sympathy in the air.

The Red Army soldiers even had their ‘fill’ in liberated concentration camps, even raping their own kind (Russian women) and Jewish survivors of the camps. Many German women tried to hide. Others disguised to appear ugly and unattractive by pasting their faces and bodies with dirt. The mass terror-rape of Bosnian Muslim women during the Bosnian War (1992-1995) was a calculated move by the Serbian Authorities.

Excerpts from a report on The Guardian (International Edition) state that:

A trial at the Hague and a new report show that women were abused as a method of war across Yugoslavia hears how soldiers brutalised girls as young as 12 during the Bosnian war .

The international war crimes tribunal at The Hague heard yesterday that "unimaginable horrors" including gang rape, torture and sexual enslavement were perpetrated against Muslim women and girls by Serb troops in the early days of the Bosnian conflict.

"This is a case about the women and girls - some as young as 12 or 15 years old - who endured unimaginable horrors as their worlds collapsed around them," prosecutor Dirk Ryneveld said in his opening statement.

It is the first case in which sexual crimes alone have come before the war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

In Bosnia's war, the accused were not "particularly major players", Mr. Ryneveld, a Canadian, told the panel of three judges.

"But make no mistake: there would have been no ethnic cleansing if there were not individuals willing to turn on their neighbours, to unleash terror and hatred and to leave scarred victims.

"Unlike the policymakers who dealt in theories and plans, these were the individuals who rounded up innocent women and girls, then raped them or sexually assaulted them, tortured them, enslaved them and then... exchanged, sold or transferred them to other soldiers."

Videos showed Foca as it was before spring 1992, a sleepy town of red-roofed buildings including the Partizan sports Hall, the high school and the Hotel Zelengora - all later used for rapes.

"This is not just a rape case like those in national jurisdictions," Mr. Ryneveld said. "These crimes were committed during an armed conflict and were widespread and systematic. What happened to the Muslim women of Foca occurred purely because of their ethnicity or religion, and because they were women."

Several women scheduled to appear as witnesses were warned that they and/or their children would be killed if they resisted sexual assault.

Mr. Vukovic, 44, a waiter and driver before the war, repeatedly led gang rapes. Witness 48 was told she would have her throat slashed if she resisted. Mr. Vukovic "bit her nipples until they bled and pinched her breasts until she fainted from pain".

Four of the 72 women held in the Partizan sports hall were raped almost nightly for a month. Witness 186 was raped for six months.

Another victim, described as AB, was just 12 when she was sold by Mr. Kovac, 38, to a soldier for 200 Deutschmarks (£66). She is still missing.

Witness 50 was raped on the night of August 2, 1992 – the night the town's mosque was destroyed – after being taken away by Mr. Kunarac. She was raped by a Montenegrin soldier who threatened to cut off her arms and legs and take her to a church to baptize her.

"Women and children, some as young as 12 years old, were detained and raped, vaginally, anally and orally; subjected to gang rapes, forced to dance nude with weapons pointed at them, and even enslaved," the court heard.

"Unlike many domestic rapes, the offences in this case were often done in the full view of others or in a room were several women were being raped simultaneously," the prosecutor said. "It will be difficult to fathom the depths of despair and the horror that these victims went through."

Up to 10 rape victims are expected to testify at the trial from behind screens or with voice scrambled to protect their identities.

One of the purposes of the rapes was to impregnate the victims. Many of the Muslim women were taken at gunpoint and then repeatedly raped often by more than one person. The Partizan Hall, located in the centre of a small village named Foca, was used as a special rape camp for two consecutive summer months in 1992. Dozens of women were routinely raped and gang-raped by Serbian soldiers, without mercy.

During the war, dozens of rape camps were used throughout Bosnia. The Partizan Hall rape camp in Foca (a sleepy town of red-roofed buildings including the Partizan sports Hall, the high school and the Hotel Zelengora) was located beside the local police station; complaints and pleadings were ignored. It was a horrific civil war. But beside the rape centres there were countless other rapes conducted by Serbian soldiers and paramilitary groups. The victims of these rapes who are still alive are still suffering from the effects, no doubt.

During the Armenian Genocide (1915-1917), a plan by the Turkish Authorities to exterminate and expel the Armenian population within its borders was implemented. Between 1 and 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered outright, died of starvation or exhaustion, torture or from the elements (deportation, long treacherous treks). Many thousands of women were brutally raped and gang-raped. Within many of these rapes were horrific acts of torture and mutilation.

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